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OK, we've had some fun
in the kitchen today. Ninja just hibernating behind me.
A bit weird. Put your hands together for
our Kitchen Whizzes over here - Matize and Gaby,
going home with a perfect score. Doing a great job. What was your favourite part today,
girls? The walnut...letter...throw. Alphabet Soup?
Yeah. "The walnut letter throwy thingy,
Beau. Loved it." Let's not forget their competitors
over there, Anthony and Dean. Well done there, boys.

It's our thrillseeker
and our soccer player. Did you guys have fun
on the show today? BOTH: Yeah.
That's what we like to hear. Thanks for coming on board. Please put your hands together
for the Kitchen Ninja.

And as always, guys,
thank you for joining us. Till next time. We'll see you later.
High five, girls.

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For the afternoon. For the second time in the same month a disorder has been injured in a truckie accident at Sydney's Holsworthy Army Barracks. Can you tell us what has happened?Paramedics were called to the special forces' training area here at the barracks just after midday. We were told that a 25 euros order was knocked unconscious after falling from the back of a moving truck. By the time paramedics arrived he was a white Les Murray awake and talking. He is being treated in hospital. The nature of his injuries and how all of this unfolded is still unclear. This incident comes after a fatal crash here at the barracks earlier this month. A 24-year-old died in hospital after a truck carrying army personnel role. 17 other soldiers were injured in that crash. The chief of army spoke earlier.I am advised that the injury was to one person. That's sort there is undergoing medical care -- that soldier.This is the second incident here in just over two weeks.More questions to be answered. A former Commonwealth Bank Account manager has been sentenced to 18 months' jail for stealing 200 to $2,000 from wealthy retirees. -- $250,000. We will have more on the story after 5pm. The collapse of Banksia Securities is being felt across much of Victoria. Thousands of investors could lose their entire life savings worth hundreds of millions of dollars. This is devastating news for many locals.And that is certainly right. 3,000 investors through Victoria and Adelaide stand to lose $660 million following the collapse of Banksia Securities. The company was founded here in the 1960s. Everyone you speak to in-town could lose a lot of money. One man I spoke to invested $330,000. He is 85. He was hoping to give them away to his crimes children. Now he will be virtually broke. Another woman was having the his money out for her daughter's wedding in a few weeks. I am in shock. I cannot believe this has happened. I lost my partner five months ago and I did not need this. It is my life savings.The bottom line is that we are very angry.We do not have a lot of money. We trusted them.The receivers are currently going through the company's finances. They have frozen all assets, France and interest payments. It could be quite a while before investors find out where their money has gone. Adelaide Crows Co Steven Trigg has broken his silence as forensic accountants investigate a secret deal between the club and its former ford Kurt Tippett. Steven Trigg insists he instigated the probe.What this situation throws up his doubt. We want to eliminate doubt.Kurt Tippett was not traded before today's deadline. He will now nominate for the pre-season drafted he is granted permission by the AFL. The business park there of Mal Meninga or will fly home to Brisbane tomorrow to face allegations he stole tens of thousands of dollars from the rugby league legend. 52-year-old Gary Greinke de face Launceston court today. Brisbane detectives flew to Tasmania after he was arrested at a casino on Wednesday. Mal Meninga alleges his friend stole more than $60,000 from their fruit shop. A big announcement by Julia Gillard on the Murray-Darling Basin has been overshadowed by a new version of how she became Prime Minister. A book by a former Labor MP, Maxine McKew, is due out on Monday. The OPM is positive today.Julia Gillard was in SA with ambitious plan to pump more water into the system. She had to compete with more internal ructions about the leadership and how she became Prime Minister. This book by Maxine McKew is causing more trouble. It accuses Julia Gillard of disloyalty when she was deputy prime minister. He claims she was in force in a conspiracy to get rid be Prime Minister. Julia Gillard claims she was loyal on to the day she challenged. She is standing by the today.I have dealt with all these issues before on the public record. I refer you to that.Ministers were trying to wave the issue away. As a volunteer firefighter, Tony Abbott was taking part in the world firefighter Games in Sydney. He was adding fuel to the fire.Maxine McKew obviously feels guarded by Julia Gillard. So does Kevin Rudd. Fierce driving people are entitled to feel the same. What Maxine McKew is saying is that you cannot trust the Prime Minister.As you mentioned the book is launched on Monday. There will be more that in the weekend papers taking attention off the launch of Julia Gillard's white paper.Kevin Rudd and his family have lost their beloved pet cat Jasper. The former PM announced on Twitter his cat passed away yesterday. The cat was made famous in a children's book written by Kevin Rudd and Rhys Muldoon. Still ahead - James Packer speaks candidly about his father and his Sydney casino gamble. The tech wars heating up - who's had the latest revamp? And research on dogs that's a big

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This program is not captioned. James Packer's proposal for a casino in Sydney is copping back. The first stage should never have been approved without public consultation. This all comes after a big sell of the Packer Casino dream?James Packer was a guest at a function in Sydney. He was singing the praises of this casino complex, the centre-piece of the next development. He was happy that the decision had been given the nod by the NSW government. He has two hurdles to get over before the deal will be officially signed off in six months time. The decision has upset a few city mayors. People have been jumping up and down, being critical of the selection process. It was appalling that there was no public consultation. James Packer says the hotel and the invite-only casino will bring in $100 million per year to the state. And it be an uth standing complex. This is a great idea. It's great for Sydney. There is nobody anywhere who is going to try harder than our company to build something special. This is more than economic for our company. We will try and build something special. I've lived in Sydney all of my life. This city has been kind to my family for many years.After pulling off the deal of the century. James Packer looked relaxed this morning. The 45-year- old has lost a lot of weight in recent times. He was out doing the walk from Bondi to bronty this morning. The complex will be ready to role in seven years time. They can enjoy their time on the new toy from Europe via Singapore, it will be bound for Sydney and destined to be a stare traction in Sydney Harbour.The family of a 15-year- old Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban says she'll return to her home despite the dangers. Malala Yousufzai's father and two brothers have been reunited with her in the UK where she's being treated. She became a Taliban target after expressing support for the education of girls. The Taliban has again vowed to kill her. Microsoft Windows has undergone one of its biggest revamps. The giant unveiled Windows 8 in Sydneyed to. Retailers played host to hundreds of eeinger buyers from midnight. It will be downloaded on 200 devices. It takes advantage of new and emerging technologies and boasts better security. Scientists believe they have figured out why humans are so close to their dogs. A study of why the yawn has uncovered surprising results and the reason isn't necessarily what you might think. Darcy and little Charlie are on their way to the park. He yawns and she Rahns because he's feeling what she's feeling.I'll get a little lick on the cheek or something if I'm in a tired mood.Scientists at work prove that dog empathise and that's why they find human yawns contagious.Not just yawning but they took on the emotion that yawning usually signifies which is usually sleepyness and tiredness. And it works well, 69% of the

And it works well, 69% of the time yawning is also contagious between us and many animals. Cats couldn't care less if you are tired. But will a dog yawn more for its owner? Our Swedish scientists say no. I say yes because when I tried. When the owner tried. There you go.I'm sureties true about cats. Still ahead - a nanny, the suspect in the murderers of two young children found at a luxury property. Also a day for Daniel Morcombe. Hundreds march in his memory. And a special honour for an Afghanistan hero.

Thanks Brett. Tonight, police and ambulance rush an injured soldier from Holsworthy Army base to Liverpool hospital after another accident involving a truck. Sydney's construction industry dealt a blow with a major company put into voluntary administration James Packer opens up, revealing the worst business decision he's ever made. A warning about supermarket health products - do they really work? Support for western Sydney families with a new $13 million centre in Kingswood And Pippa Middleton's very awkward moment with a little girl at her book launch. See you for or Nine News at 6:00pm.

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'Day for Daniel' in honour of Daniel Morcombe.The work of the foundation is porbt and people get behind it and add to the atmosphere. None of us want to be sad. It's the eight year the event has been held. TwoTwo young children have been found stabbed to death in a New York apartment and their nanny is the prime suspect. The bodies of the mother's children were found in the bath. The nanny has been taken to hospital. Investigations are continuing. Still in the US - it's confirmed 11 people including a 4-year-old boy have been killed by Hurricane Sandy. Communities along the east coast are bracing for the storm which could reach New York City. All eyes are on Hurricane Sandy. Florida has strong winds and rains, shutting down beaches.We are keeping everybody out of the water. We don't want anybody to get hurt.The scope of the hurricane with be found in this image. Sandy made land-fall today in Cuba, sending waves crashing over sea walls.I do get worried a bit but since it's a usual thing here storms and so we are OK.Sandy hit here yesterday, suffering drenching rains, one man was killed and the 300km/h winds took two lives in Haiti.Florida could be under tropical storms before tomorrow morning and on the east coast this weekend.We're afraid that Hurricane Sandy will be drawn northwards as the cooler air comes east. You are bringing tropical air into a cold air mass, allowing the storm to intensify. Conditions are similar to October 1991, the year of the so-called perfect storm when a hurricane combined with a weather system and killed 12 people and caused $200 million in damage. Some of the heroes in the ongoing Afghanistan conflict aren't human. A British army sniffer dog has been awarded the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross. Thoe snifd out 14 bombs during his de employment.

14 bombs during his de employment.
-- sniffed. Still to come - a frmer Commonwealth Bank account manager jailed for stealing money from clients. -- former.

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We all have them lying around the house - an old phone or mobile phone. It be worth a lot more than you think. This family have a cashflow problem - two growing daughters. When you sleep where do your feet go? And not enough money to buy beds that will fit them. What do you want instead of these beds?Beds.They are short $700 but they are about to find the cash they need hidden in plain sight. I'm Sharon. Nice to meet you. Marion is a blogger and Steve works in video. This is Jessica, we called her because she's a blogger who talks about-turning trash into hard cash. Jessica says most families can find hidden dollars in old electronics. Things like cameras, phones, laptops. How do you turn these old gadgets into gold? Jessica offered a few tips. Number 1 - everything's worth something, even if it's broken. You can get a couple of bucks for that. Even with a broken screen?Sell the big stuff - online. We check out the websites who will give you an instant offer. No auction, no waiting. The laptop - $300. And we get $265 for the camera. We just made $565, less than $200 to get the beds. So we get that stuff off in the mail and take the old cell phones and the girls off to the shopping centre. This is called an echo ATM. A self-serve that gives cash on the spot for old mobile phone devices. The machine identifies what kind of phone you have and what its worth. First the old iPhone $146. That's great. On average most of us replace our cell phones every 18 months so it's estimated there are more than 278 million idol cell phones in America and only one in five are reused. Even this broken old iPhone is worth something. Altogether the family made $758, more than their goal. And enough to get these. A good day for the family that led to a great night for the girls.You're watching Nine's Afternoon News. Here's what's happening across the east coast right now. In Sydney - a bank manager has been sentenced to jail for stealing money from clients. Investors are reeling and could lose their entire life savings following the collapse of Banksia Securities. And Queensland firefighters are facing hot and windy conditions with blazes burning across the state. A former Commonwealth account manager who stole money to feed a gambling addiction could avoid spending time in jail. What can you tell us?A trusted bank manager and a friend to many of these clients, some of whom she had served for years. It turns out for 16 months leading up to January this year, she was regularly siphoning money out of accounts and into her own, in total there were 72 different transactions from six clients in all. She took $ 250,000 before the Commonwealth Bank realised what was going on and she ended up admitting the whole thing. One of the clients she defrauded was a oughter although the Commonwealth Bank refunded his money before he realised anything was going on. We heard during sentencing today that despite all of this, she was an otherwise model citizen who had a spectacular fall from grace, losing her job, career and reputation. We also heard that the reason for this enormous deception was a very big gambling problem she's had for years. She tried to undergo counselling before and was never able to get it under control. Her parents had to remortgage their home because she feared for her life because debt collecters were chasing her. We heard that the $250,000 stolen, every cent was spent repaying gambling debts. She hadn't bought anything else. Her lawer successfully argued that her 18 month sentence with a non-parole period would be best served in home detention. Home investigations will be gone through to work out whether that's appropriate. Under home detention she will be able to work if she can get approved work, she will undergo counselling. She won't be able to drink alcohol for that period of time. She can undergo tests for that. She will have regular spot-checks of her home day or night. I've spoken to some of her victims today. She would have liked to see her go to jail. As for the Commonwealth Bank. It has refunded the money to the customers. It has sued her. She applied for bankruptcy so the bank won't get its money back any time soon. We'll have more in the 6:00 news for Sydney viewers. Fires are burning across Queensland as the state swelters through hot and windy conditions. I'm joined by lib Stoner on the Gold Coast hinterland. What's the situation like where you are?

are?Fire crews are expecting a wind change this afternoon. That could fan this bushfire even further. Crews did what they could overnight. They contained the blaze. There is plenty of fuel here and it is steep. That's made it difficult foreground crews. A wind change this morning sparked the bushfire again, they with a number of properties around this area in King Parrot Court. The fire came close to properties. The fire came within meeters of this man's home and they are thankful and relieved with the work that fire crews have been doing here today. They managed to contain the blaze for now.You can look down there, it's virt reat the back door. It's very scary. -- virtually at.This is one of more than 30 fires raging throughout Queensland at the moment. There is some good news - increased humidity and lower temperatures tomorrow which hopefully will help crews I guess maintain the upper hand on these fires. Nine News will be all of the developments at 6:00. The Victorian town of Kyabram is in shock following the collapse of local financial firm Banksia Securities. Thousands of investors could lose life savings totalling hundreds of millions of dollars. Communities are devastated. Banksia Securities Group collapsed owing investors $660 million. Now, the company appointed severes last night. They are currently going through the books to work out how this happened. Many investors say there was no indication the company was in such a dire financial situation.How much roughly do you stand to lose? $50,000.We were hoping to help our family. We are hoping things will turn out alright.3,000 investors have been caught up in the collapse. Many stand to lose their life savings. One woman has said that she stands to lose $440,000. Even a local church hear in Kyabram is caught up in all of this mess.It was a bit of a shock, it's not something that we were expecting. The organisation's been here for a long time and it seemed to be well run. We have to been saving over a long period. We're not a big church and people are very generous. I guess we will he survive.Up to 100 employees may soon lose their jobs, all funds have been frozian. At the moment until severes can work out exactly what has happened. The idea of a second airport for Melbourne has been put forward. The proposed site. What are the details, Andrew? This is one of the locations being thrown up as a potential site for an airport to serve Melbourne's booming south-east suburbs. There's a population roughly the same size as Adelaide. But the drive from here to the Melbourne takes longer than the flight to Sydney, that's on a good day. So there is a potential need for an airport down here. If it happened the Planning Minister says it would have to be built by private enterprise. There's a lot of work needed to make it ready for jets. It's something to think about looking for the future.Some people can the idea of a third airport for Melbourne and say it's not needed. Melbourne will not be a great city into the future if we don't challenge ourselves and keep building a great city. If it can be achieved then we should at least have the debate. Melbourne needs to look at all options to ensure that our city remains liveable.That's the view of the government. What's the reaction of locals?Well, as you can imagine nearby residents aren't thrilled. Although the local council is enthusiastic to smooth the planning process. There's a lot of environmental hurdles to jump through, because of the surrounding wetlands. A third airport may not be needed for decades.We'll have more on the plan for Melbourne viewers at 6:00. An investigation is under way in the US after authorities caught school bus drivers speeding and running red lights. Parents are questioning whether their children's' lives are being put at risk.Parents trust them with precious lives.I never see him speed.So when mums and dads see pictures like this of going through red lights and 20km/h over the speed limit it's shocking. Potentially 50 lives put in danger. This is baultyee Moore where we investigated hundreds of speeding and red light violations on tape.

and red light violations on tape. - - Baltimore. Surprised at the number of speeding drivers all over town. It's scary. Kids aren't required to bear seat belts. This Ohio bus with an intearoe camera captured what can happen in an accident. Saver here than in any parents' car.The school bus is the safest.Back home - a special $2 coin is being released for Remembrance Day. There is a bright red popy for Australians involved in war and armed conflict. 5 million will be distributed as part of an appeal next month. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's sister is used to be the centre of attention. As Peter Stefanovic reports, there was an obvious quard exchange. As you would expect, there were a lot of cameras for this book launch in which Pippa Middleton had a Halloween party for children. She organised a bunch of games and everything seemed to be going well until one of the many conversations turned just a touch obvious Academy Award for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's sister. I bet when you're 10 you will love pink and princesses.I hate princesses.Now, the book is available and reviewers have got stuck n some calling her ideas blindingly obvious. This is a $400- page so-called entertainment Bible in which she offers up her ideas on how to throw all kinds of parties, New Year's Eve or Halloween or children he is parties. On the other hand there have been reviewers who have been quite kind to pippa. At the end of the day, this book will sell like hotcakes so the Middleton family will be very pleased with that. This time tomorrow it will be buzzing where you are.It will be the classic the cocks plate there are some great horses in that. Also - in this afternoon's Phillip Island farewell for Casey Stoner. This program is not captioned. SONG: # Sitting beside you
in school # While we'd paint,
I'd make you laugh # Mine was never very good # Yours looked
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Welcome back. You have to say that he is one of the most influential men in racing. Unfortunately this trophy has alluded him. It's the Cox Plate tre fee, maybe it will be sitting on his mantelpiece. Green Moon will carry the colours and also the hopes. We were given a rare exclusive inside look into the property of loyal Williams where confidence levels are high heading into the race.We've never won a Cox Plate. We've come second and third but never won. We are hopeful that Green Moon can do the job for us.He's a pretty handy horse. Melbourne viewers will see more on that in the news at 6:006789 Kurt Tippett's career in limbo, he doesn't have a club and is the subject of an AFL investigation into allegations of a secret deal with the Crows.The Adelaide football club has its self in a messy situation, that comes with a number of consequences. Today the AFL investigators rolled into Adelaide and straight to the coast head quurters where they are scrutinising the books in the third party deals with Kurt Tippett. 'Em battles Crows chief finally broke his silence threatening to destabilise the club with the possibility of a heafty fine. We are the ones who initiated the investigation and we are the ones who brought on this

who brought on this extra examination. And the extra examination is really because what this whole situation throws up is doubt.Is this the tuest time for you personally?It's reasonably tough.Kurt Tippett is without a club. He could be forced to sit out of football altogether next year. What's likely to happen is that he is put into next month's national draft where the Swans may secure his services. Either way, Kurt Tippett's future is certainly in limbo. To some big breaking rugby league news - referee's bosses Bill Harrigan and Stuart Raper have been sacked by the NRL. After a season of controversial refereeing decisions. We'll be live with all of the details in Sydney's 6:00 news. Casey Stoner is on track for a handy weekend at Phillip Island. Look at this great result. He is chasing his sixth win in a row at the Victorian circuit. He was fastest in both practice sessions today despite a broken leg. Dani Pedrosa was the next best, going into the second last race of the year 23-points behind jorpblg Lorusso. Mitch Marsh's partying may cost him a test spot this summer. He has been overlooked for the team to take on South Africa. Perth's win over the Ace's was a bitter one for Mitch Marsh. There are concerns. I think the concerns are widespread, yes.Dropped after partying too hard during the League he'll find it impossible to break through to the test team this summer.What's happened in South Africa didn't help his cause there.There are a three-day match next week.He's been a good player for a long time and in good form. We like the fact that he's an all-rounder. The best all-rounder is on the bench as his team dominates

team dominates the 2020 world.We can live without him. It's important to win the next two as well.We have a good culture going on at the moment and the boys are relaxed and confident in themselves.

relaxed and confident in themselves.
A new home for Sydney FC today - on a temporary basis. Handy digs. They trained at ANZ Stadium this morning. It's another big game for the bluz and it will be Allesandro del Piero's 800th professional appearance.Probably the expectation around us with Allesandro del Piero here and that, it can be obviously mentally tiring. That's where players have to be able to deal with that.The wanderers are facing a tough test this weekend playing Roar in Brisbane tomorrow night. A giant headache for Giants pitcher against San Francisco. He was floored by a drive on the second inning but was quickly up and about. The team didn't win though, going down 2-0. I'm not surprised he has a headache. There's 3479y of punters scratching

their heads. Nobody's sure who will be taking home this Cox Plate tomorrow night. It's one of the widest fields in years and years with a number of 3-year-olds trying to defy history. Gai Waterhouse would love to be able to take this home herself. John Singleton will be showing us how to ride. He won't be telling him how to ride, he'll just get out there and do T we'll have all of the action live tomorrow looking forward to it. Still to come on Nine's Afternoon News - the latest weather. How is it looking for the weekend?

News - the latest weather. How is
it looking for the weekend?The south is looking good with a high moving in. A trough makes it unsettled and Brisbane could be stormy. I'll have all of the This program is not captioned.

Showers will


And that's Nine's Afternoon News. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red


This program is not captioned. Hello, everybody. Welcome to
the Millionaire Hot Seat tonight. Yep, we're ready to go. 15 questions will get us there
for $1 million. We gonna give away
some big money tonight, gang? (CHEERING, APPLAUSE)
Yes! That's what we wanna do - change somebody's life
in the next half hour or so. Let's meet our contestants tonight. We have - Yvonne Ahrens
did the old switcheroo and sat her twin's algebra test. Doug Van Der Hoef's house
was a refuge for friends and family during the Brisbane floods. In New York without work or a home, Glenys Gates
found a job as a live-in nanny. Taylah Murphy
wants to buy a big Range Rover after her little Pulsar
was vandalised. Trevor Thompson's great-grandmother
was C.S. Lewis's nanny, who inspired the 'Narnia' books. And Dan Clegg tried to overcome
his fear of heights by stage-diving
from a 20-foot speaker tower. Wow.

Here we go.
Yvonne, you ready to play? Yes, I am.
Let's go. Come on.

Hello, Yvonne.
Hi. Lovely to meet you.
You too. That's the way. Yvonne Ahrens is 26,
from Berwick in Victoria. She's an office
and marketing manager with Barry Plant Real Estate. Chris is the boyfriend.
G'day, Chris. How you going, Eddie?
How you going? Yeah, good.
And is a twin. Yes. How do you know? You haven't
mixed 'em up, have you, Chris? No. No, I haven't. But it has happened before,
hasn't it? Yeah.
My sister's...well, now husband.

Just once just me a cuddle.
But that was alright. (LAUGHS) Did you let him in on the secret
that, no, you're the wrong one? Oh, no, he knew.
He just...looked at us from behind. Is that right? You played a bit of a trick
at school too, as well, didn't you? Uh, yeah, actually we did. Back in, um...I think
it was year 8 or year 9, my sister actually asked me if
I would do her algebra maths exam, which I did. But in...obviously, my place,
she needed to do my class, and she did my sex education class
at health and human development. Yeah? And how did you go? Well, I got her an A in algebra,
the rest, I don't know. Doesn't matter. OK. Uh, Yvonne and Chris
have been together for five years. You went to Las Vegas. You were at the Bellagio Hotel. Chris is on the blackjack table. He's dropped $80 -
what happened next? Oh, I just get a bit anxious with,
like, gambling and wasting money... Yvonne, you're in Las Vegas, darl. They're gonna gamble there, OK?
Yeah, I know. I just kind of wandered around,
and yeah. What do you think, Chris,
when she was saying, "Stop"? Oh, well. Just getting ready
for married life, I guess. Exactly. (LAUGHS) Alright. Come on, Yvonne.
$1 million is there. 15 questions.
You ready to play Hot Seat? Yes.
Let's go. Come on.

For $100.


Thanks, Eddie.
I'll lock in B, Python, please. 'Monty Python' is in, and correct. That's it for $100.



(LAUGHS) Um, look, it could be Ferris wheel, but I'll lock in C
for rollercoaster, please. 'Emotional rollercoaster' locked in,
and correct for $200.



Um...Eddie, I'm fairly sure
with this, but, um... Come on, you cheated
on your sister's algebra test. Yeah.
(CHUCKLES) What do you reckon? I think...bit early for me
to take a punt, so I'd like to take this opportunity
to pass, please, Eddie. Pass, Yvonne.
Thank you very much. Cheers. Catch you later.
Hopefully I'll see you soon. Bye-bye.

Hey, Doug.
G'day, Ed. Good on you, mate. Doug Van Der Hoef is an employee
relations manager with PepsiCo from Carina in Queensland. Amanda's your wife. Hi, Amanda.
Hi, Eddie. Welcome aboard.
Thank you. And good luck. 52 years of age. Hey, what happened when you were
walking around Red Square? Well, we took a wrong turn, and were heading towards
Vladimir Putin's place. And half a dozen very angry soldiers
with machine guns persuaded us
to take a different course. Thought it might be a different
idea to go round the other way. Correct.
Fair enough. Come on, Doug. Gonna
have to get this one right, OK? OK.

Uh. I would say it's 3.
So lock in B, thanks, Ed. Lock in B, 3. 3 is correct for $300.

A factor is whole number which
divides exactly into another number. 1 and the subject number
are always factors. Hey, Doug, you had a lot of drama
during the Brisbane floods, and your place became
the local hotel, basically. Yes. Friends and family had water
all through house and in the street. So we had a few spare rooms,
so they came and stayed.