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(generated from captions) The muskrat is a semiaquatic rodent.

True it is. Name the 1950 animation where the lead character
loses her glass slipper.

Correct. Are there any national
capital cities in continental Africa beginning with...

False. ..beginning with A? 'Yes' is what we wanted. What is 87 - 35?

52. True or false? Typically,
a bald eagle has a yellow beak. Yes.
Yes. True it is. You're inside the time as well
and that could be crucial. Checking scores. Gordon East, 190. Chisholm, 240. Winners today -
Eastern Creek, 270 points. Well done, kids. What does it mean for the week?
It means this. Gordon East have finished on
1,130 points. Eastern Creek 1,200. Gee, they were closing fast! But Chisholm Catholic
Primary School - Bligh Park are our semi-finalists. 1,230 points. Well done, girls. They have held on. We hope you can hold on. We'll see you next week.
Bye for now.

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This program is captioned live. Investors stand to lose
their life savings following the collapse
of a major financial group. Staff and shoppers terrorised
by armed bandits in Sydney. The Adelaide Crows
under investigation for alleged salary cap breaches. And Microsoft gets back in touch
with its new operating system. VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with Mark Ferguson. Good afternoon. Thousands of investors
could lose their entire life savings following the shock collapse
of the Banskia Financial Group. The Victorian based company
has gone into receivership, reportedly owing $660 million. Margaret Dekker has the details.

Mark, some 3,000 investors, mostly from Victoria but also from SA and NSW, have been left reeling and with millions of dollars of funds frozen after the overnight collapse of the Banksia Financial Group. Here in Kyabaram, one of the eight country towns hardest hit, it's been described as a black day as a steady stream of investors, many of them self funded retirees, realise their life savings and all industry payments are now on hold indefinitely.Over $200,000.Just people I've heard of and the last 24 hours that have, you know, just lost everything.A paddy field today?6.I've taken the opportunity to speak to the Prime Minister and indeed with other Victorian ministers. We will remain in close contact with the receivers as more information comes to light. Banksia Financial Group is not con -- commenting today that it believed the company racked up debts from bad loans in excess of $65 million. The administrators, McGrathNicol, say they are working to maximise any returns to investors, some of them had invested six figure-sums in his 44- year-old financial -- in this 44- year-old financial institution. Armed robbers
have been caught on camera terrorising staff and shoppers
at a newsagent in Sydney. Security video shows two masked men
armed with a machete and a crowbar running through the shop
and destroying property. Terrified shoppers run for safety as a butcher carrying a knife
tries to intervene. Sydney viewers can hear
what terrified witnesses had to say in Seven News at 6:00.

The AFL has been plunged into crisis with investigators raiding the
offices of the Adelaide Crows today seizing bank records and documents relating to alleged
salary cap rorting and draft tampering. The club faces massive fines
and draft penalties while star player Kurt Tippett
may be deregistered. Reporter Mark Soderstrom joins us
live from Adelaide headquarters. Mark, these are
extremely serious allegations.

Absolutely. The investigators swooped here at West Lakes around 9:30am and they left about one hour ago. The saga relates back to the contract Lisbon's signed at the end of 2009. It is all about what is not in the contract. It is believed there was a letter of agreement between Kurt Tippett's management saying he could leave at the end of the second round a draft pick and details about third party payments he could receive outside the salary cap. Steven Trigg is under a lot of pressure because this happened under his watch and he spoke earlier.Of this whole situation throws up his doubt and we want to have an innate doubt.Mark, where does this leave a Kurt Tippett? The Trade deadline passed a couple of hours ago and Kurt Tippett is still without a football home. He could end up back in the National Draft all the pre-season draft. He could still find his way to Sydney but many will be sweating on the sanctions the AFL does hand down. We can expect they will come down pretty heavily because they want to make an example of the situation and do not want it to become commonplace so they will set a precedent the air -- they will set a precedent as a deterrent. And a major construction company
in Sydney has gone into
voluntary administration A soldier has been rushed
to hospital after an accident at the
Holsworthy army barracks in Sydney. The 25-year-old
fell from a moving army vehicle early this afternoon. He was taken by ambulance
to Liverpool Hospital where he's in a stable condition. It comes 2.5 weeks after
an army truck rolled on a dirt road at the barracks, killing 1 soldier
and injuring 17 others.

Firefighters in Queensland
are battling a massive bushfire that's threatening homes
in the Gold Coast Hinterland. 11 fire crews
and 2 waterbombing helicopters are trying to bring the blaze
under control. It's one of about 30 fires
raging across the state

fuelled by extremely hot, dry
and windy conditions. Many of the fires are in areas
that are difficult to reach and forecasters warn conditions
could worsen over the weekend.

Prime Minister Gillard
has announced plans to put billions of litres of water
back into the Murray River. Our political reporter Mia Greves
joins me now. Afternoon, Mia.
How has this plan been received? Good afternoon, Mark. When it comes to Murray River,
you're not going to please everyone. The Government has announced
$1.7 billion in extra funding to ensure the river's
long-term future. Most of that money will go towards
water-saving projects on farms instead of buying the water back
from irrigators. The move should be enough to appease
the South Australian Government, which had threatened
a High Court challenge over a national plan
for the Murray-Darling Basin. Mark, it's an ambitious plan to try and find an extra
450 billion litres of water. The environmentalists support it, the Victorian Government
wants nothing to do with it and the Opposition is sceptical, with funding to begin
after the next election.

This is a major national issue and, unfortunately, it has been
put in the too-hard basket for far too long.

This is a promise to 2024. This is a statement about money
they don't have that has to be delivered
by a person who's not there and borrowed off someone
we haven't yet met. And, Mia, we've seen yet another
side of Tony Abbott, the action man? Yes, Mark,
out of the lycra bike pants and budgie smugglers and into firefighters' uniform. Opposition Leader and volunteer
New South Wales rural firefighter Tony Abbott competed in the
Toughest Firefighter Alive relay at Sydney's Olympic Park. He dragged ladders, climbed stairs, and carried heavy containers
through an obstacle course. Mark, all we're waiting for now is Mr Abbott's appearance
in the firefighter's calendar. Thanks, Mia.
Mia Greves there in Canberra.

Drivers will be better able
to track petrol prices with a new phone app
developed by Woolworths. They can also compare the prices
of some competitors but there's a catch. Chris Maher has the details. Mark, Woolworths says
people have the ability to check petrol prices
from the palm of their hand with this update
to its shopping app. Now, the product provides
standard prices and discount prices at any given
Caltex-Woolworths petrol station. It can only be accessed by members of the supermarket's
Everyday Rewards scheme. The app will also give
the average price of competitors within a 3km radius. Now, that average price
only includes major retailers. It doesn't include the prices
of independent service stations. The other limitation is the app can only be accessed
a maximum of 10 times in one week. Now, Woolworths says the prices
are updated every 15 minutes. Woolworths is going to do
everything we can to make sure
we're offering competitive prices and so that our customers
come and shop with us. Thankfully for drivers, the app should be showing
falling petrol prices right now, the price expected to bottom out
by mid-next week.

Microsoft has launched
its comeback campaign with a revamped Windows 8 program.

The US tech giant has also released
its first touchscreen tablet. Seven's US bureau chief Mike Amor
has the details. Mark, Microsoft says this is a complete reinvention
of their Windows operating system, perhaps the biggest change
in 15 years and the immediate differences
that users will notice is the ability
to operate their computer by touching and swiping the screen.

Also, those icons
that we're all become used to being replaced with tiles. A billion PCs run on Windows
around the world so it's a huge market but PC sales have been going down while sales of mobile devices
like phones and tablets are going up. We saw today
some of the 56 different products like tablets,
laptops that convert to tablets, that will use Windows 8. Microsoft is also launching
its own tablet called Surface. Probably no coincidence
that Microsoft's launch today because that's the market
that it's targeting. Let's listen to Microsoft's CEO. Windows 8 shatters perceptions
of what a PC now really is. Now, because of the time difference, Australians will be
among the first of the world to get their hands on Windows 8. Americans have to wait
until tomorrow. Apple, earlier this week,
Microsoft, today - it's been a geek's dream this week,

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - tempers boil as an Australian company
faces court in New Zealand. Also, hundreds turn out in support of murdered schoolboy
Daniel Morcombe. And a top honour for a top dog.

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Up to 1,500 people have turned out
on the Sunshine Coast in memory of murdered schoolboy
Daniel Morcombe. It's one of hundreds of events
organised around the country for the annual Day for Daniel where people are encouraged
to wear red. This morning's sea of supporters
were led by Daniel's parents, Bruce and Denise Morcombe,

who are still waiting to hear when they'll finally be allowed
to bury their son's remains. That's very much in limbo but we're just marking time,
if I can describe it like that, until the Committal hearing
rolls on - which is only a month away -

and once we start moving through
some of the evidence that's come forward, perhaps how the DNA testing
were handled, then we'll get a bit of a guideline
as to if it's sound. Obviously, we're going to request
that Daniel's remains are released. Daniel was 13
when he was abducted from a bus stop almost nine years ago.

An Australian drilling company
has been fined $37,000 for safety breaches linked
to the Pike River mine disaster. Sydney-based VLI Drilling
pleaded guilty to three charges relating to its failure to maintain
and operate machinery. Relatives of miners
killed in the 2010 explosion screamed obscenities
following the decision and had to be forcibly removed
from the court. We were begging them
to send experts over to help get our boys out. I never saw them again until now. There's been no reparation
to the families or anything. 3 of the 29 men who died
worked for VLI Drilling.

Parts of the US are bracing for what forecasters are calling
a 'Frankenstorm' set to hit next week. The monster hurricane, called Sandy, has already killed at least three
people in the Caribbean. Heavy rain has caused major flooding
in Haiti and Jamaica and powerful winds have brought down
trees and powerlines across Cuba. Sandy is now tracking towards
America's east coast Barack Obama has become
the first sitting US President to vote early, casting his ballot in Chicago
overnight. And despite being in the middle
of a hectic non-stop tour of six battleground states, he still had time for a joke.

What's this thing
with Trump and you? It's like me and Letterman. What has he got against you? This all dates back to when we were
growing up together in Kenya. (LAUGHTER)

Donald Trump has long questioned
whether Obama was born in America and is eligible to be president.

The Rolling Stones have kicked off
their 50th anniversary tour with a surprise mini gig
at a theatre in Paris. 350 lucky fans
paid just $19 for a ticket to see the rock legends perform. The Stones are playing four
concerts in London next month with tickets costing over $600 each.

A British army sniffer dog has been posthumously awarded
a medal of courage for his service in Afghanistan. Theo,

the loyal companion of his handler
who was shot dead by the Taliban, wasn't killed in the attack but died from grief
a short time after. They were the guests of honour - army explosives search dogs arriving at
London's Wellington Barracks for a ceremony to honour
a fallen comrade and a legend in the highly dangerous trade that
these 4-legged heroes specialise in. (WHISTLES) Theo the springer spaniel and
his handler, Corporal Liam Tasker, were a remarkable team. Together in Afghanistan, they uncovered a record number
of booby-trap bombs. Their lifesaving work only ended
when Liam was killed in a firefight. Theo wasn't injured
but died a few hours later, many say from shock
and a broken heart. Today, Theo was posthumously awarded
the PDSA Dickin Medal, the animal equivalent
of the Victoria Cross. The medal was collected
on Theo's behalf by Grace, another army search dog. Her handler, who served alongside Liam Tasker
and Theo in Afghanistan, said they were
the best in the business. Liam and Theo were amazing together. From the moment
they were licensed to deployment and then getting on the ground, they were amazing. They found numerous IEDs,
they found numerous weapons caches

and, ultimately, saved lives. Liam Tasker's mum says
her son would've loved today.

He would've been
really, really made up. That's what he would've said.
He'd be made up. He'd just be struttin' his stuff
up there. He'd be so pleased. He actually put pen to paper, wanting to put Theo forward for this
when he was in Afghanistan. Liam Tasker, the human half
of this lifesaving team, has already been honoured
for his bravery. Today, his partner, Theo,
the IED-finding spaniel, received the highest accolade
that can be given to an animal.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - James Packer
on plans for his new casino. Also, what the critics are saying
about Pippa Middleton's new book.

And, in sport, first on Seven - a star jockey's gruelling journey to make the weight
for tomorrow's Cox Plate.

James Packer claims his proposed
$1 billion resort casino in Sydney is his chance to give back
to the Harbour city by making it more appealing
to tourists. Packer has been given stage one
approval for a luxury hotel with an invitation-only casino. This city has been
incredibly kind to my family. My dad is a larger than life... My dad was a larger than life
character and this is my chance
to do something special. The casino will generate
$114 million a year in taxes for the New South Wales Government.

Time to check the financial markets. The ASX 200 has finished the week
38 points lower.

The world's most famous bridesmaid
Pippa Middleton has officially launched her
first book called 'Celebrate'. The Duchess of Cambridge's sister hosted a children's Halloween party
in London to introduce her guide
on how to entertain. Pippa was keen
to pass on some of her knowledge. That's amazing! That's it, that's it.

So you want to glue the edges here
and stick it there. Critics have already panned
the 400-page party planner as boring and mediocre.

Sport with Jim Wilson shortly but, first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00

Hello.. A Rebels
bikie is one of 2 men Hello.. A Rebels
bikie is one of 2 men who've been charged over
the theft more than 400thousand dollars in
machinery in Goulburn. 28 year old Shaun Moffit fronted
court today.. And Strike Force Donnan detectives say they
expect to lay more charges.

A wake up call to local bosses..
as 4 Canberra businesses were forced to pay back their workers
almost 35 thousand dollars in un- paid wages. 250 tourists have hit
Canberra today. . to kick of their free ACT holiday... But
they'll have to work for it. They're part of a local tourism
campaign in which'll they'll have to sell our city and their
experiences on their facebook have to sell our city and their
experiences on their facebook pages or blogs. And the country's first coloured coin has rolled off
the line at our mint to help coloured coin has rolled off
the line at our mint to help celebrate Remembrance Day More at 7.30.

Good afternoon, everyone. Greater Western Sydney has picked up
Hawks defender Stephen Gilham but there was no trade deal for embattled Adelaide forward
Kurt Tippett to the Sydney Swans. The Tippett scandal has deepened with AFL investigators raiding
the Crows headquarters as the club faces massive penalties for salary cap rorts
and draft tampering.

We've invited the AFL to send a forensic men and look Rivenhall lot and make sure that at the end of it so we can sit there and say, "right, everything is good." Tippett now faces
possible deregistration while Adelaide Chief Steven Trigg
is under pressure to retain his job.

To rugby league, and referees boss Bill Harrigan
has been sacked along with his right-hand man
Stuart Raper at the NRL. Harrigan and Raper have both been
under pressure this year for a string of referee blunders. We'll have more
on this breaking story on Sydney's Seven News at 6:00. The Gai Waterhouse-trained Pierro
is the one to beat in tomorrow's Cox Plate
at Moonee Valley. All the talk this week has been
on Gai's other runner More Joyous and Waterhouse's feud
with owner John Singleton. Singleton will fly to Melbourne
in the morning and remains frustrated Waterhouse ignored his instructions
to opt for an inside barrier. More Joyous will start from gate 11 but the experts say
Pierro deserves favouritism.

Is a champion 3-year-old and probably the best 3-year-old running this race in many years. And in Seven News at 6:00, to make the 49.5 kilos
to ride All Too Hard.

The Sydney Sixers are closing in
on a multimillion-dollar payday The Sixers tackle the Titans
in Centurion tomorrow morning for a spot in the final. Some players know exactly
how much they stand to win if they can go all the way.

Got the calculator out the back of the bus and some pen and paper working out some conversion rates and if we win and if we do not.

David Warner's Delhi Daredevils
lost to the Highveld Lions in the opening semifinal. Meanwhile, Mitchell Marsh's
boozy night out in South Africa has cost him selection
in the Australia 'A' side to play South Africa next week.

Casey Stoner has dominated practice

for Sunday's MotoGP
at Phillip Island. The defending world champion
was fastest by almost a second in both sessions. It's Stoner's final appearance
on the Island before he retires. Qualifying will be held tomorrow.

. It happening in AFL and rugby league, more at six o'clock. After the break, whether with

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Good afternoon. David Brown
with your weather update from the Classic Motor Show

It is a magnificent car show featuring over 100 years of motoring. Some magnificent -- magnificent vehicles, well worth a visit if you are in Carlton, in Melbourne. Firstly, in Adelaide, partly cloudy skies. Melbourne, a shocker of an afternoon with heavy showers and hail and thunder and snowing on the Alps as well. Currently, only 15. As we move up the eastern seaboard towards Brisbane, clear blue skies and a rather pleasant 27. What a contrast.

This surge of cold air has bringing -- has been bringing snow down to lower levels. Up north, hot and windy. Some relief as on the way. But change will make its way along the Queensland border tonight and tomorrow so temperatures will start to fall and winds will moderate. Out west, temperatures will rise throughout the southern half of WA with a try, easterly winds streaming across the state. Let us look at the forecast for Perth. Hot and sunny. 35 degrees! That is about 10 above average for this time of year. Melbourne, becoming fine.

time of year. Melbourne, becoming
fine. Sydney, fine and sunny. The odd and shall or two in Brisbane. That his latest weather. More details at six o'clock. Keep those cars on the cover. Goodbye.

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