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. Mr Government that the Gillard Government takes in relation to policy implementation, for example.She's also critical of the Rudd Government by the way, even though she's often described as a Rudd backer she was harsh in parts this book as I have seen in term of the Rudd Government.One example for example in relation to the uncertainty in the Gillard Government was in relation to immigration issues and she referred to a dog whistle slogan that apparently Julia Gillard created when she was part of the gang of four to help out the seat of Lindsay in the Sydney's west where she created the slogan where we will all fit which is all lovely. And polar opposite. It is supposed to be a Labor government. What are you talking about that? How do you justify being a Labor government? How does this government justify being a Labor government.With rhetoric like that being revealed in McKew at book that's a shocker..I don't think it is well sourced.Shet a pretty acclaimed journalist about of she became a politician.You can't go from the talking notes the whole show. What I'm saying exactly. Thank you. How many talking notes there were just sprayed in all directions.You have to say Gillard has not been, on asylum seekers depending on your view. Onshore processing. I don't know what your thoughts are.I used to be. Can I tell you why, this is my thing, is more and more people are dying as they were coming here and I don't know what the answer is. I really don't know.Boats are still coming.We had a kwausy on shore processing up until very recently and people were dying so I don't know what the solution is.Maybe you should take a leaf out of general Morrison's book and concentrate on the denial of the sea air movement of northern Australia because that's the solution.Twt Twitter has been talking about defence. Shane is a self described member of the Greens that doesn't render him irrelevant. He says what is wrong with defence spending we are the 3th highest military spending in the world. That is true we are the 13th largest spender has a downward trajectory in the coming three or four year which is the cuts government has announced take effect. It is important to put the context around that particular figure. One right ringer has made the point that left wing governments are spy spies for China they want to weaken us.This is the gees Peter.Gees Peter your wife is smart, intelligent and witty how did you trick of marrying you? The power of spin.Let's not disend into the personal let's move on.Into your trickster ways. It is important. I want to talk about the mining tax. Now, again, we will have a situation I think where Dee and Ryche will end up disagreeing despite being fellow comments at the left because the mining tax, let me start with you, let's get rational thought before we move to these guys, this is just a mess hasn't it. They went from having a tax that collected so much money that it threatened investment in mining, to dumping that to put a tax in place that isn't even a frigging tax. It doesn't collect any money.The whole situation is an embarrassment to the government. Collecting zero, zero revenue on Monday from the big three, BHP, Rio Tinto and ex strat what are pre -- Xstrata predicted to contribute zero tax is embarrassing.It is a profited based tax and the whole point of that is when commodities price s go down...You are talking about.The whole point guys we are 12 weeks into this. To start calling it a failure now is absurd. They are still calling $2 billion I think over the first year there is no reason to think that won't happen.This is an outrageous failure and Dee seriously, you no emy thoughts.12 weeks in.Owe even though it's only for the first quarter it is an estimate based on the full year. The big miners don't think any will pay any tax based on the latest restructure and what's happened here...Because they wrote the tax themselves.Dee they wrote the tax themselves would you like to write your own tax?No, the whole point of a profits based tax is when commodity prices go down the companies don't suffer needlessly. Yes they don't pay much this time.We missed the boom and the tax revenue we would have rayed. One of Peter's very own family members sat here in Melbourne the other day and said exactly the same thing. He is of the right. Did we miss that tax or not? Is it one of the greatest scandals in Australian modern history we missed the tax on that boom?We could have made more none u out of it, yep.Thank you.-- more money out of it yep.The Labor Party is going to produce to reduced profit and lower export demand but the real reason why there is zero tax is because of the tax concessions in build into the legislation and don't forget.Three big miners.They didn't write the tax.They write the concessions in and of course they have a duty to shareholders to pass that on and it will happen in the next quarter.Here is my next question for De, because I know you and Wayne Swan are good buddies. At the end of day what what's he doing putting in place all sorts of fixed costers where he is pre spending the money. Business tax concessions for small business in particular, superannuation costs, these are fixed cost going forward. If it is a floating profits based tax where you say, it is no big deal it goes up and down, that is a bad way to fund fixed costs pitchEven as far down as it goes they are still predicting $2 billion from this year, and I think $9.4 billion.A At least you know that figure.It will actually pay for what it needs to.Defence money.It is not going to get to $2 billion now we now that. You don't know that. You are guessing.It is obvious and next question why is MYEFO come out so early it just so happened to come out before we found this information out in the first quarter there was no tax being paid on the mining tax.That's a really good point because we are going to dive off the clef even more.--. Cliff a little bit more.The economy is going already.Emergency needs to publish MYEFO in October is ridiculous. It is a classic case, this government, of counting their chickens before they have hatched. And this is what they have done with all projects.Every government has to do that. That's not unusual. That's what you do.And if you try to get a surplus, Wayne Swan is doing whatever he can to get one.We have had a Tweet about Rhys saying, he is absolutely right, he is Sri Lanka right on the mining tax. -- absolutely right on a mining tax. Solid perform annance from a guy who looks like he's on the final leg of a bender.Thank you very much Twitter land. That's very nice of you. We were talking about economic which is is one of your strengths.That's right. Anyway. We will move on.Macro or micro. Which one.What's the difference? Big, little.I won't push you any further that that.OK. Final thoughts on the mining tax. At the end of the day, Dee is trying to say otherwise, but it does mean something, doesn't it the first quarter has come in with a zero return. That does mean that the likelihood is that the $2 billion figure will not be met.That's right. We require a minor mir arcle in iron ore and coal commodity prices for the $2 billion to be met and that is a downgraded forecast. It was actually meant to be more. So, it is in real trouble.Dee you look like you are hankering to keep talking about the mining tax and Wayne Swan's performance.I think there is no reason why the $2 billion won't be met? You really think it will? Yes.Will you shave your head if it's not? No.Alright confident final word on the mining tax from Dears. We will take a commercial -- Dee.We will start by talking about Nauru when we come back. Interesting now Australia is looking to send asylum seekers to Nauru they have suddenly got a special Nauru classiffic occasion visa for people who might be coming -- classification visa for people coming in. It comes in at $1,000 a month apparently. Interesting to see what effect that will have on the budget bottom line. Back in a moment. Welcome back. I'm joined by Ainslie van Onselen, Dee Madigan and Rhys Mulldoon.We have been talking about the mining tax and the disaster. We have been talking about Maxine McKew's book. Dee has been pretty critical of her, doesn't have much time for her clearly. Doesn't think of her ars journalist.I'm sure she is a very nice person.You haven't read the book.I have read bits and I have heard her talking about it.John McTiernan read parts over the phone.Hilarious.Nauru, let me ask you, $1,000 a month this is Nauru taking advantage of Australia isn't it?The Australian Government is doing it a well. They are hiking up their applications fees for visas across the board. Not just for asylum seekers. In a desperate scramble to get to a surplus.If they want to do it that's what happens isn't it.What's good for the goose? I think they will make planning on making $90 million over five years for a country like Nauru.A significant proportion of their GDP.All of it I imagine.James Packer will build a cassine o.The Tracer boys were flying air Nauru to get to a tournament in fill peeps and they looked very concern -- Philippines and they looked concern when they were hitting the plane with a hammer.Before takeoff. Free plug to Air near year.Barry O'Farrell's satisfaction rating it is interesting his government is well up on the opinion poles in two party vote. The Opposition Leader, most people don't know what his name is.--John Robinson. Rhys got it wrong but the interesting thing is,...Unless there is a coup in last five minutes I got it right.Serious question for you Rice, is this a problem for Barry O'Farrell that his satisfaction rating is not very good. He's two party vote is but why isn't he awe bit more popular so soon after a thumping election.This is one of Barry O'Farrell's strengths and weaknesses it is very middle ground and he keeps his head down a bit. He's not very, showy. He's been in the game for a long time.Have you got a lot of time for him.I like him personally, I have political differences but I like O'Farrell and you can do a lot worse than him.As a leader.That seems to be across the board with Coalition governments. You have sort of, with the Federal Coalition where Tony Abbott's personal ratings are nowhere near what the party is. You have Queensland with Campbell Newman, so same kind of pattern there.What are you saying the Liberals are unpopular?I don't know they choose...You have to say Ted Baillieu is struggling a bit in Victoria.He is the one that is truly struggling the most I think.But that's that thing, like the O'Farrell Government, they have been lucky enough, I won't say a name.Say it.No, I won't. Was that... baitsically need four or five solid perform -- basically need four or five solid performers they said four in a state government to be able to run a government. They had four and needed one more. But they have had a little bit of time and because of that thumping win they can find somebody and train them up a bit. With the Coalition Government in Victoria, ow, I'm not sure about Queensland either.Just truth be told.I think Barry O'Farrell has been hurt by some of the announcements by his Education Minister Andrew Piccolo in relation to gaublging out spending on independent -- gauging out spending on independent schools which caused a lot of controversy and Cardinal Pell weighed in before they retreated on that stance and this week they announced cutting concessions for free bus routes for children.That will be a popular one! So Barry O'Farrell I wanted to increase my rating at the moment I would get rid of Andrew Piccolo to start with.Free advice for Barry O'Farrell, sack the Education Minister.Barry please build a tunnel all the way to the blue mountains. All the way.I'm sure that way we can save a lot on cab charges here on Sky News. I'm sure, that Barry O'Farrell has full, his full confidence he has for his Education Minister. Dee Madigan Julia Gillard once had full confidence for the Member for Dobell yet now he's had his house and office raided.We still haven't heard, there is no charges or anything being laid from what's been taken so I have no idea.Why did the police go there so early? Bizarre.Untouchables. Computers and things.We don't know what they have taken.The poor children, the two kids were there as well. Is that necessary? They did it at the crack of dawn. Criminal number one, which please, it's not like... It is hard enough without the police coming to the house.You think he has got rid of anything by then anyway. That's the weird thing.That statement is not exactly doing him any favours. Coming from a lawyer I would listen to that too.A union file that went missing in the archives the last couple of days.Inside 'The Australian'.It was a bit Macabre theatre. You go, dawn raid, Craig Thomson, no need. If they find out something, sure we will find out. I thought it was a little bit over the top.He didn't say that. His first comments to the media were that the police acted very properly.Of course you would say that.You wouldn't say that 23 they acted inproperly.You don't want to say anything. What if they come in again? You don't rile the police. Because the police are tools of the state, ultimately, and get directed to do certain things. Whoever direct them to go in and raid.Tools of state is that your point? What conspiracy are you going on?It is not conspiracy, I'm saying police are paid public servant whose are directed from somebody above them to go and do something. Don't be rude to the police.They are being sent there on some mission? Ment oom II didn't say it was a political direction.That's the truth. We don't know.Dee Madigan big decision today with the Murray-Darling South Australia's very happy with about it. Take us through --.I can't even remember it is a figure, 450 extra gigalitres going down the river which is a big thing and has been a long time coming. Set you up between a Labor state and Labor federal government. They have sold out NSW and Victoria and you know it.Are they trying to send the water down there so Penny Wong will be bumped up to the Senate ticket. Is that why? Penny Wong despite clearly being the more senior figure out of her and dorn Farrel, Don Farrel and his factional skills, some of which include Kevin Rudd fiving in the back is number one on the Senate -- knifing Kevin Rudd in the back is number one on the party took and Penny Wong is number two. It is virtually impossible for anyone on one or two on the ticket from a major party to lose a seat. Who cares if it is one or two, it is all ego?It is not as simple as that. But it is just a certain - what's the way of doing things. You don't do it. Like Penny Wong is one of the great performers, in the Labor Party, in this government. Like that's I think not many - whatever side you are on it is pretty hard to dispute. She's a very good performer.Not sexism.It is stupid O'Farrell. Not O'Farrel. Sorry. They will try to blame the Liberals for everything.I think it comes across as pay bad look but I can understand why they did it, because she will get - I love him. She will get in anyway and it means they will ensure someone else gets in they want and that's politics.You wouldn't want to be number three on any Senate ticket for the Labor Party right around the country.No.With the possible impeption of Tasmania maybe. Probably not exception of Tasmania maybe.Did you love elbow when they said in McKew's book recently he warned Ruddock that Gillard was on the move -- Rudd. She supported lawyery Ferguson.Warned conversation to watch his back.That's politics there and she should all be watching their backs.Is your mate Kevin Rudd coming back. Does he think he's coming back? What do you think?Do I listen to his dreams and thoughts and prayers? Look you no emy thoughts. My thoughts are -- you know my thoughts.they are that Rudd should be back in to get Labor across the line in the next election.There are only two parliamentary weeks left this year, it's a very short end to the parliamentary calendar. I reckon that was originally set up for fear of leadership. Possible leadership tensions. As it turns out the Government could do with more parliamentary silts weeks because it's had a roll lately on a lot of issues whether you agree or disagree with them about it. There is only two parliamentary weeks left before the end of the year. That's the traditional killing season pe will miss his chance.Polling is going up. Why? Did your ear piece fall out?I don't have a ear piece, I can read a bloody poll.No you can't because the Newspoll didn't come out.The ACNeilson poll didn't go up. The primary vote stayed level. Didn't move. Not a inch.Personal? Primary vote.Primary leadership personal polls matter.In terms... Ainsley the reality is he personal numbers went up in the AC Nelson poll professionally because of her attack on misogyny and selfism.Probably. I don't know, I am not privy to that but I would have thought, a serious news organisation doesn't wait to find out what the reaction is to some parliamentary speech over some saga with Peter Slipper. They want to know what the community's reaction to MYEFO and serious matters of state and budget but that's just me.It's surprising I think that's a reasonable explanation to put water between that and see... Let's find out how the public react to I amini budget.How many new -- a mini budget.How many news polls have been pulled? They get moved around to see community reaction. It is not my choice. This is the other thing, everyone knew that AC Nelson was planning to go in the field that weekend. I think somebody Tweeted it. If it were me running Newspoll. You would think why would you throw a poll out probably going to show the same thing, let's get a different reaction.It is floating? No, it is far more consistent than your sort of flakey mates it favm papers --.What? -- Fairfax papers.What? It is the most consistent polling group. Newspoll. It comes out every fortnight. Because we have the advanced word on MYEFO so you can go in the field and they are in the field and I'm sure Newspoll will be out next week to get a reaction, including a specific question about MYEFO. We are down to 50 seconds so no more interrogation about the polls. You're the one saying don't keep talking about the polls there you are.When have I said that? Two weeks ago.That's not true.Final thoughts,s what do you expect at the end of the parliamentary year. Ainslie you have 10 seconds.I thought Paul Keating's quote in McKew's book was interesting when it said it is the job of leaders to protect the country from its preej. I don't know if that is -- prejudice.It means she is struggling.I think every MP should be made to sign a contract to say they will not write a book after 10 years they leave politics.That's outrageous.That is exactly why this government is trying to do the disgraceful media reforms they are. But that's for another show. We are right out of time. That is so bad. Thanks for all of your company on today's show. Thank you for your company. Tune into 'and you agenda' we are joined by Craig Emmerson and Alexander Downer, to discuss the South Australian liberal debacle but beyond that the situation with the China white paper that comes out on Sunday. See you then. Live Captioning by Ai-Media

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