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Aust reinforcements arrive in Dili to bolster -

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LEIGH SALES: Australian soldiers have arrived in East Timor hoping to prevent any further outbreaks
of violence following yesterday's assassination attempts. The United Nations has been forced to
defend itself over its response to the attacks with accusations that UN troops left President Jose
Ramos-Horta lying bleeding on the road for more than half an hour. President Ramos-Horta remains in
a serious condition in a Darwin Hospital and is likely to undergo more surgery tomorrow. The ABC's
Anne Barker filed this report from Dili.

ANNE BARKER: Australian Hercules aircraft began landing tonight in Dili with the first of 120 extra
soldiers sent to bolster security in the fledgling nation. Earlier in the day HMAS Perth sailed
into Dili Harbour. It's all part of Australia's increased assistance to East Timor in the wake of
the latest shootings.

Just a day after the gun battles, the streets of Dili are unusually peaceful, not only because of
the wet season rains but also the widespread fear there could still be more violence.

JOAQUIM CALADO, RESIDENT: Say we afraid maybe tonight someone come to kill us.

ANNE BARKER: The fugitive rebel leader Alfredo Reinado was shot dead in yesterday's attack on the
President. But authorities worry his supporters hiding out in the jungle will want to avenge his

JOSE LUIS GUTERRES, DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER: Some of the people that were part of the attack, they
are at large.

ANNE BARKER: East Timor's Parliament last night declared a State of Emergency, imposing a 48-hour
curfew and bans on public meetings or demonstrations. Security is tight all over Dili, especially
at the presidential house where Jose Ramos-Horta was attacked.

This is where it all began yesterday as the President returned from his morning stroll he walked
straight into the gunfire and was shot two or three times in the upper body.

Since his evacuation yesterday to Royal Darwin Hospital, Ramos-Horta has been in an induced coma in
a serious but stable condition.

LEN NOTARAS ROYAL DARWIN HOSPITAL: During surgery last evening a fragment of bullet plus some
shrapnel was removed from the President, President Ramos-Horta, and too, there remains a piece of
shrapnel in his back. That is likely to be removed the next time he goes to surgery which will
likely be some time tomorrow.

ANNE BARKER: The United Nations police have been accused of leaving the President bleeding on the
ground for at least half an hour before going to his aid.

BRIG. GEN. TAUR MATAN RUAK, EAST TIMOR ARMY COMMANDER: I appeal and encourage the UN to set up an
international inquiry commission to find the circumstance of the incident and the responsibility.

ANNE BARKER: This evening, the UN produced evidence to show police wasted no time responding to the
first emergency calls after the dawn attack and had the President in an ambulance two minutes after
finding him on the ground.

FINN RESKE-NIELSEN, UN EAST TIMOR MISSION: At 7:25, he was confirmed by the attending police at the
scene to be in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

ANNE BARKER: Investigations so far have found about 10 assailants waited in two cars to ambush the
President outside his home. One of them, the fugitive rebel leader Alfredo Reinado, who was later
shot dead. A police report will go to the Prosecutor General's office by tomorrow, the first
arrests could be made soon after.

Anne Barker, Lateline.