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Insurgency kills top Iraqi general -

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(generated from captions) In another serious setback for security in Iraq, the insurgency has claimed its highest profile military target The Iraqi general in charge of the army in the capital has been killed by a sniper. The chilling message of the insurgency - not even the most powerful and well protected can regard themselves as safe in the new Iraq. Tom Iggulden has this report. And a warning - his story contains images that may be disturbing to some viewers. (Shouts) Allah Akbar! Last month, the 'Sydney Morning Herald' obtained these pictures from a propaganda DVD made by the Iraqi insurgency. A unique, shocking insight into their deadly methods. While the fate of the American and Iraqi soldiers shown here has never been established, there's no mistaking the success of the insurgents latest attack. GUNSHOTS Major General Mubdar Hatim al-Dulaimi was travelling in a convoy in western Baghdad when it came under attack from small arms fire, probably in a manner similar to these pictures. As the 'Sydney Morning Herald's Paul McGeogh says on the newspaper's website, highway overpasses in Baghdad's outer suburbs have become popular with insurgents looking for prey. The difficulty for anyone driving on the roads, on highways like this, is that if you come under fire, there's very little you can do other than put you foot down and get out as fast as you can but either is not a good choice because as you see in this case the gunmen can run from one side of the overpass to the next. General al-Dulaimi was the only casualty, reportedly targeted by a sniper during the attack. The ambush coincided with several bombings across Baghdad claiming 11 Iraqi lives. A cruel irony, given General al-Dulaimi's sixth army, seen as the new Iraq's most successful fighting outfit, has assumed responsibility for much of the city from the American military. (All Shout) Women say, "Troops out!" And as more Iraqi families mourned for their dead, across the ocean, some of their compatriots joined high-profile American war mum Cindy Sheehan in a protest in New York. As the protest marched on UN headquarters, police acted. WOMAN: My son died, he was murdered in Iraq by George Bush. My son was killed in Iraq. Opposition to American involvement in Iraq is, it seems, getting more organised on both sides of the conflict. Tom Iggulden, Lateline.