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Govt MP condemns NT intervention -

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Govt MP condemns NT intervention

Broadcast: 24/10/2007

Reporter: Rick Hind

Northern Territory Government Minister Marion Scrymgour has condemned the Government's intervention
in remote Aboriginal communities and says federal Minister Mal Brough is a "bully boy".


LEIGH SALES: There's a new row brewing between the Federal and Northern Territory governments over
intervention in remote Aboriginal communities.

A Territory Government Minister has condemned Canberra's involvement in the Top End and says the
Federal Minister is a 'bully boy'. Mal Brough has respond by calling for the Minister's

From Darwin, Rick Hind reports.

RICK HIND: In last night's Charles Perkins memorial lecture, Marion Scrymgour started with
accusations of political opportunism.

MARION SCYMGOUR, NT CHILD PROTECTION MINISTER: This was Howard's rabbit out of the hat, the black
kid's Tampa.

RICK HIND: The woman responsible for child protection services in Northern Territory then condemned
the motivations behind the intervention and warned of a vicious new McCarthyism led by the
Indigenous Affairs Minister.

MARION SCYMGOUR: According to Brough, 'if you're not with us', he says, 'you are with the

RICK HIND: Mal Brough has called for her to immediately resign from the ministry.

MAL BROUGH, INDIGENOUS AFFAIRS MINISTER: If she can't support her own government then she should
resign and put someone in place who is willing to protect children.

MARION SCYMGOUR: Look, I think Mal Brough should have resigned a long time ago.

RICK HIND: The Minister was standing by her speech.

MARION SCYMGOUR: We have spent all that money in sending bureaucrats into those communities and
they are doing nothing.

RICK HIND: Mal Brough says it's federal Labor that is morally compromised on its bipartisan support
for the intervention, first voting to scrap the entry permit system the CDEP Indigenous employment
scheme, then promising to reinstate them.

MAL BROUGH: She is just a long list of Labor luminaries who have now walked away from what Mr Rudd
voted for three months ago.

RICK HIND: Kevin Rudd says he continues to support the federal intervention.

KEVIN RUDD, FEDERAL OPPOSITION LEADER: She is wrong because the report 'All Little Children are
Sacred' told us of one set of cases of child abuse after another.

RICK HIND: The Chief Minister was unavailable for comment.

Rick Hind, Lateline.