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EU to resume Palestinian aid -

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EU to resume Palestinian aid

Reporter: Tony Jones

The European Union says it will resume aid deliveries to the Palestinian territories now that Hamas
has been removed from power.


TONY JONES: The bitter Hamas-Fatah feud has taken a new twist tonight.

The European Union has promised to resume aid to the Palestinian Authority to sure up Mahmoud
Abbas's new cabinet which completely excludes Hamas. The White House will probably follow suite and
Israel is expected to transfer up to $400 million in blocked tax revenues.

The European Union also plans to deliver assistance to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip via the
United Nations passing the Hamas leadership there.

JAVIER SOLANA, EU FOREIGN MINISTER: We have to continue helping the Palestinian people.

TONY JONES: The EU has been the main donor to the Palestinians, providing almost $US1 billion in
aid last year.

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