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Bikie sought over Melbourne shooting -

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Bikie sought over Melbourne shooting

Reporter: Helen Brown

Victorian police are searching for a suspected member of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang over a
triple shooting in Melbourne which left a man dead.


A massive nationwide police hunt is under way for a suspected member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle
Club after a shooting in Melbourne this morning.

The city was stunned by the rush-hour violence with one man left dead after trying to help a woman
who was being attacked. The woman and another man were also shot and seriously wounded.

Helen Brown reports.

HELEN BROWN: The Monday morning rush in Melbourne came to an eerie halt when gun shots rang out,
leaving three people lying on a city street.

One, a 43-year-old solicitor, died at the scene.

ROSS MURCHIE, WITNESS: A girl came out of the building over the road. She was screaming. And a guy
had her by the hair. She tried to grab hold of a taxi that was going by. The couple of bystanders
went over to ask what was happening. He let go of her hair, pulled out a gun and shot them all and
ran away.

HELEN BROWN: Stunned bystanders watched as paramedics worked for almost an hour to save the man who
was believed to work in a building nearby.

of all investigators to see somebody going about their daily life to be killed in such a tragic
way. Our hearts and thoughts go out to the family of the man involved.

HELEN BROWN: A man in his thirties was shot when he also tried to help and is in hospital with
critical injuries. The 24-year-old woman the men tried to assist is in hospital in a serious

JOANNE, WITNESS: It is very scary. But you know, you just think you wake up in the morning, go in
to work and it's a normal day and it's not.

BRIAN, WITNESS: You don't expect it, especially... I mean, it could have been us. We just walked
around the corner and our van's only like two metres away from where the shooting was.

HELEN BROWN: A gun was found a few hours later near the scene of the shooting.

STEPHEN CLARK: We've located a fire-arm, a hand-gun in the near vicinity and a dark coloured
jacket. Whilst we can't confirm that it is the same fire-arm that was used in the shooting, it is
the same calibre and located nearby. So we are reasonably confident that's the fire-arm that has
been used.

HELEN BROWN: This evening, police issued a warrant for 29-year-old Christopher Wayne Hudson who, it
is understood, is a member of the Hells Angels bikie group. It is believed he was shot during a
brawl at a kick-boxing contest on the Gold Coast last year.

Police are also investigating a link between the shooting and an earlier assault at a nearby
nightclub which they believe the suspected gunman was also involved in.

A witness told me he was in this club just before 8 o'clock this morning when a man charged in,
found a woman and lifted her up by her hair.

She had been performing a lap-dance. The man then left. The woman finished the dance, got dressed,
and left soon after.

The woman was beaten soon after outside the club and is now in hospital with facial injuries.

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