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Bomb rips through Iraqi parliament building -

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Bomb rips through Iraqi parliament building

Reporter: Tom Iggulden

A bomb has exploded in the cafeteria of the Iraqi parliament building, reportedly killing two
parliamentary members and wounding at least 15 others.


TONY JONES: First tonight to a breaking story in Baghdad where a bomb has gone off in the Iraqi
Parliament. The bomb exploded in the building's cafeteria as parliamentarians and staff were
sitting down to lunch. Two MPs have reportedly been killed and 15 wounded, although many more
casualties are expected. And there are also reports the explosion caused the building's roof to
collapse. As Tom Iggulden reports, the blast follows another devastating bombing in Baghdad earlier
in the day.

TOM IGGULDEN, REPORTER: The attack on the Iraqi Parliament penetrated the fortress-like Green Zone
in the centre of Baghdad. Earlier reports indicate at least two have been killed, possibly
including a lawmaker, and up to 15 injured. Attacks inside the Green Zone are rare due to extreme
security measures. Last week two suicide vests packed with explosives were found inside the
compound. Eyewitnesses reported today's bomb went off in the vicinity of the cash register at the
parliamentary café, an early indication it could have been the work of a suicide bomber. Earlier
today there was another bombing in the Iraqi capital. This bridge was Baghdad's only functioning
means to cross the Tigris until a suicide truck bomb exploded. The explosion killed 10 including
four Iraqi policemen whose car toppled off the bridge and into the muddy waters of the Tigris
shortly after the explosion. Of the cities three other bridges two have been closed for security
reasons and the other carries high risk for those who dare to cross it. As the security crack down
of Baghdad's most violent neighbours continues insurgents appear to have changed the focus of their
attacks from civilian populations to strategic targets.

TONY JONES: We'll bring you more pictures and details of that story of the bomb in the Iraqi
Parliament as they emerge.

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