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Balibo inquest hears Whitlam govt aware of de -

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Balibo inquest hears Whitlam govt aware of deaths

Broadcast: 23/02/2007

Reporter: Virginia Trioli

An inquest into the deaths of the Balibo Five journalists has heard further evidence that the
Whitlam government was aware of their deaths.


VIRGINIA TRIOLI: There is new evidence that the Whitlam government may have covered up the deaths
of five Australian newsmen in East Timor. A retired intelligence officer has told a Sydney inquest
that he saw an intercepted military signal from East Timor to Jakarta in 1975, saying that four
white men were dead and asking what to do with the bodies. Despite evidence that the Prime
Minister's Office would have been told immediately, the Australian Government didn't reveal until
days later that the men had been killed.

Dr Gary Clintworth also said that intelligence officers had known the Indonesians were planning an
attack in the area and the newsmen could be in danger. The inquest continues on Monday.