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(generated from captions) I swear to God, if I had
something to throw at you, man.

In labour,
Richard gets on my nerves.

Why have you not given me that back?

I'm gonna kick your arse.

I will kill you.


Ooh, don't know angry now.

So she's a lady that has...
has got some disabilities,

but she's lovely -
I've been in bloody tears.

Why is he crying?

'Cause he loves you and he's really
excited about your baby coming.

I love him.

Ahh! The baby's heads out.

Oh, the baby's out.

Well, there we go.

Push, that's the girl.

Why don't pull it?

Honestly, you don't want us
to pull it.

I do.

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This program is captioned live.A new rape comment row threatens the Mitt Romney campaign.I think when life begins, even in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.Syria's ceasefire doubts ahead of the Eid holiday. Mining tax - the billions that disappeared in a hole in the ground. And the extraordinary climax of the Haj pilgrimage.

pilgrimage. Good evening, and welcome to the program. I'm Mariana Rudan. For more than a year, the ailing economy has dominated the race for US president. But tonight, the candidates are focusing the topics of rape and abortion. This follows controversial comments by a senate candidate who has Mitt Romney's public support. Mitt Romney's troubles started when he made this ad.I'm supporting Richard Mourdock for senate.One day later, the senate candidate Romney publicly endorsed dropped a bombshell during a debate.I came to realise life is a gift from God and I think when life begins, even in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen.It is the last thing Romney needs with less than 2 weeks left in this race, especially considering the effort by both campaigns, including his wife, to woo women voters.We need you to get out there and talk to your friends. We're going to ask everyone for your vote.It's a fact Barack Obama was well aware of when he quickly responded during an interview with Jay Leno.This is exactly why you don't want a bunch of politicians, mostly men, making decisions about women's health care decisions.Both candidates are trying to avoid missteps while trying to appeal to as many people as possible. Obama relied on pop star Katie Perry's appeal at a campaign stop in Nevada. And the wider appeal of the first lady in her first campaign ad aimed at women and Hispanics.Make sure every young person has access to good schools.In Iowa, Romney tried to take the focus off of his own problems and put it back on his opponent.So the Obama campaign is slipping and shrinking.While the political pundits are focused on the popularity polls, the campaigns are concentrating on the electoral race. This is a map of the States that typically vote Democratic - in blue and Republican in red. That's why this race comes down to the eight battleground states up for grabs in white. All Obama has to do is pick up just three battleground states where he has a slight lead - that's Ohio, Iowa and Wisconsin and he wins. Romney, on the other hand, is ahead in four battleground states - Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and Colorado. But even if he wins all four, it won't be enough. But Obama doesn't have the minimum 50% support needed to close the deal in any of those battle ground states, which is why you'll find the candidates and their wives in the midst of a 13-day sprint for those all important undecided voters.

voters. Month is to not a cease- fire in Syria may fall apart before began. The Serb regime says it needs more says it needs more time to review the plan. The number of rebel leaders say they do not believe the Assad regime will e the Assad regime will on its original commitment. As families prepare for the three day feast of Eid al-Adha, the calm on the streets of Damascus belies a nation well into its second year of civil conflict. This is what foreign film crews have been allowed to film by Syrian authorities. Outside the capital, it's a vastly different scene. At Atareb in Aleppo province, this man has returned home for Eid but says without water, electricity and enough food the situation is hopeless. Speaking from Cairo, the UN Arab League envoy has promised relief, announcing that he'd brokered a temporary ceasefire deal with the Assad regime. Mr Brahimi also took the plan to opposition groups.

One key brigade rejected the offer.

We have some conditions to accept such a cease-fire. When the regime accepts the conditions, then we can accept and then we can go into a cease-fire. The UN Security Council unanimously welcomed the initiative. And Eid Al-Adha cease-fire could be a first step towards a sustainable cessation of all violence.The UN is taking more concrete action on another front, by requesting a formal meeting in Damascus to discuss human rights violations, alleged to have been committed by forces on both sides of the conflict.We are not a tribunal. We are not a criminal prosecution body, what we do is to build evidence for future judicial initiatives in terms of making accountable those responsible for those violations. The commission has conducted more than a thousand interviews in the past year, but has yet to gain direct access to Syria. Hurricane Sandy is churning across the Caribbean, and has now strengthened and come ashore in Cuba. The Category Two storm is packing winds of up to 175 kilometers per hour and earlier swept through neighbouring Jamaica. One person has been killed so far. Florida and the Bahamas are also under threat. The Federal Government's under fire, after the much-touted mining tax failed to raise any revenue in its first three months. The shortfall puts even more pressure on its budget surplus promise. The tax on mining profits was supposed to raise billions. But in its first three months, it seems it hasn't raised a cent.I've heard of schools with no pupils. I've heard of hosptals with no patients but I've never heard of a tax with no revenue.According to reports, mining companies have no liability for the tax this quarter because falling commodity prices have cut their profits. The Treasurer won't confirm that. But he won't deny it either. He still expects the tax to raise desperately needed cash.You can't take one particular quarter and claim that as representative of the whole year.Tax revenue forecasts have already been substantially reduced. The Opposition says it's damaged industry confidence and investment. This is a lose lose tax.The Greens argue the Treasurer's letting lucrative tax revenue slip through his fingers.The Greens are ready to work with the government to fix the holes in the mining tax before parliament rises.Labor's having other taxing problems. Its business working group has been unable to reach agreement on how to pay for a proposed cut to the company tax rate. The government's already trimmed its forecast surplus back to a billion dollars. With mining tax revenue in doubt, the surplus is more precarious than ever. The Opposition doesn't believe it will ever materialise.The surplus is gone. Stop the charade. The surplus is gone. There is no surplus.The globetrotting Foreign Minister and his wife, Helena, are putting further strain on the budget. She's joined him on almost every overseas trip he's taken, costing taxpayers about $120,000 in mostly business class airfares. His predecessors rarely travelled with their spouses. She's been there talking to groups of women, talking to Australian aid workers and being with me at meetings where I've interacted with diplomats.Bob Carr says she's an asset to Australia and she'll continue to accompany him. Coming up, after the break an exclusive SBS report from Afghanistan, on the preparations for the handover from Australian soldiers to local forces.

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Local security forces will be on their own when Australia completes its withdrawal from Afghanistan in about two years time. Australian soldiers have already begun winding down operations, pulling its forces back from their forward bases to their main hub at Tarin Kowt. SBS correspondent Karen Middleton is in Uruzgan to see first hand just how ready the Afghan security forces are for this momentous change. It's the beginning of the end of Australia's war in Afghanistan They'll be out by 20 14, whether Afghan forces are ready or not.The ANSF is increasingly capable and gets better every day.The commander of the 3rd battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, now deployed in Uruzgan province, has the same message.They are better today than they were yesterday and will continue to get better 36 and work better together.The Afghan National Army's 4th brigade commander's on message too. In an airstrip interview, Brigadier- General Zafar Khan says Australia now officially leads security in Uruzgan but the ANA is running missions, solo. For 5-6 months, we've been taking the lead on security, he says. And we have a lot of improvement so we have no problem. If the Australian forces could provide us some air support, that would be great. Everything is good. We will be moving forward. The Australians don't go that far. Do we think we're putting the pieces in place to give the Afghan people an opportunity for the future? Yes. Do we think it's perfect and without risk into the future? No. At the Tarin Kowt base, they're running their final explosive hazards reduction course. From next week, graduates, including Sergeant Gulum Habib, will lead the course themselves.We have had good teachers and we have good people in Afghanistan, he says. They can manage this now.When a spate of insider attacks led to all coalition forces' mentoring being suspended nationwide last month, the trainee trainers on plant equipment finished off that course without their American advisers. And when I got to assess 'em I had a 98 per cent passing rate. I was taken back by it.Corporal Adams also says the Afghans will cope on their own.I think they'll do good. Obviously, our presence here helps them. But just like a kid, you gotta let them go sometime.I think the security forces will stay, I think they'll be fine. They'll never be at a standard of a western military force but they'll be sufficient to contain the insurgency.Trent Scott believes the Afghan National Army and Police can manage the insurgency together. So I don't envisage the black hordes of Taliban coming across in waves coming across the borders and taking over. That's not going to happen.Others hold a different view. Some Australian soldiers say privately they think security in the province will collapse when the coalition forces leave. And speaking to a foreigner recently, one Afghan National Army officer said, when we're left to fight alone, we'll run away. A vast throng of Muslim pilgrims are flocking to Mount Arafat near the Saudi Arabian holy city of Mecca to take part in the main rituals of the annual Hajj. Many pilgrims had camped overnight in the sprawling plain surrounding the Mount, but the majority began arriving at dawn. The sun rises on a sea of white in Islam's holiest city. Today alone more than two million Muslims will converge here as the annual Hajj pilgrimage reaches its climax. After dawn prayers, pilgrims head to Mount Arafat, also known as the Mount of Mercy. At the foot of this mount the Muslim Prophet Mohammed is believed to have delivered his final sermon. Here, pilgrims spend a day in personal reflection. At sunset, they collect stones to be used in a symbolic ritual known as 'the stoning of the devil.' It's where rocks are hurled at this large cubic structure. Known as the Kaaba, it's the holiest site in Islam. It's being prepared for the millions of Muslims who will circle this shrine as part of the Hajj's final ritual. A ritual that will culminate in the Muslim Eid al-Adha - the feast of sacrifice, where animals, usually lambs are slaughtered. The hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. Every able Muslim must take part in it at least once in their lifetime. For many here, it's the first and last time they'll make such a journey. The Nazi holocaust claimed the lives of six million Jews. As many as 500,000 Roma and Sinti people, widely referred to as gypsies also died in the camps. Their plight has often been forgotten. Now, after years of delay and dispute, they finally have a memorial in Berlin. The memorial is near other monuments to Nancy victims and central villain. It features stone tablets surrounding a pull, the names of the names of Nazi concentration camps on 70 of them. And a poem by a gypsy author called Auschwitz has been engraved on the edge of the pond. Find the recognition for their suffering, decades later. But today, gypsy say they are victims of races them.It is not just far right parties and groups that give voice to the races. It is increasingly becoming a mainstream phenomenon. And a way that politicians deal y that politicians deal with violent far right ideologies is a litmus test. It shows us which are lessons we have learned from the war and the Holocaust. And if we have learned from them.The now sees killed half-a-million gypsies. For a long time after sies. For a long time after the war, Germans overlooked for suffering. It was not until 20 years ago that the German government decided to set up a memorial.By commemorating the victims we are making them a promise, which is how I view our victory to protect minorities today, a duty we must fulfil today and tomorrow an not just because of the horrors of the past.More and more or Rome are coming to Germany from South Eastern Europe. Most are fleeing poverty and discrimination. The test of the promises made by the German politicians today will be how they treat these new arrivals. To finance - and ANZ Bank has unveiled record earnings of $5.7 billion. But it has warned of tough challenges ahead. Five years ago, ANZ CEO Mike Smith set out a strategy to become a super regional bank. It's now paying dividends. Full- year profit rose 6% to $5.7 billion dollars. Underlying cash profit - the measure analysts use to compare bank results - hit $6 billion. It saw growth in retail market share - along with commerical customer numbers - although its wealth management division - weakened. Analysts say its policy of announcing its interest rate decision on the second Friday of every month,thus lagging its major competitors, is a smart move.You really want to be in control of your pricing, and what ANZ has done very cleverly over the past year and what they've done is let their competitors move before they really have to.Tighter cost controls - which included the loss of more than 2000 jobs - also helped its bottom line.Our focus on growth and productivity has delivered a good result, with all parts of our franchise contributing. Some, more than others. While the bulk of ANZ's business comes from Australia and New Zealand, profits in those divisions rose 4 and 11% respectively. Outside of Australia is where it's seeing the most growth. China is now the group's third largest market, helping to drive earnings in its Asia Pacific Europe and America unit by 22 per cent. More than a fifth of group revenue now comes from outside Australia and New Zealand.That was part of a well designed strategy, it also shows Australia has withstood a lot of problems from 2012 and our banking system is very very strong.But Mr Smith warns 2013 will be a challenging year, which could see bad debts rise. There is no question the global economy is softening, with many European economies contracting, and the recovery in the United States, is to be frank, pretty slow.NAB and Westpac will deliver their full year results within the fortnight. In finance - the London Olympics have helped pull Britain out of recession. The UK economy grew by one per cent in the three months to September with Games' ticket sales adding 0.2% to economic growth. To the Australian share market now - which edged marginally higher.

the Australian share market now -
which edged marginally higher. ANZ's result was greeted with caution while the Commonwealth Bank and National both made gains. Wesfarmers was down after reporting quarterly sales for its Coles supermarket business. Woolworths and Rio ended in positive territory. Tokyo's Nikkei closed 100 points higher, taking its year-to-date returns above seven percent. Markets in Europe higher in early deals. Wall Street closed lower as investors remain cautious about company profits. The Australian dollar is stronger against the greenback. It's weaker against the New Zealand dollar. And on the commodity markets, gold is stronger, while oil is down a little.

Some of cycling's biggest name speak out.

Cycling's drugs crisis has overshadowed the official launch for next year's Tour de France. Leading figures put a positive spin on the scandal. The race director insisting the sport will recover. And defending champion Bradley Wiggins led a chorus of those saying the Tour is stronger than doping. The route for the Tour de France is unveiled for its 100th edition. And as world cycling looks to a brighter future, it will never forget its black recent past. Just two days after Lance Armstrong was rubbed-out from cycling's most prestigious and gruelling event, organisers are already calling for a wind of change.

a wind of change. As the reining Tour champion Bradley Wiggins, represents cycling's hopeful future. We are the ones picking up the pieces, very much so. And it's our job to convince people the sport has changed. It's difficult to convince some people - it really is. The because of the President has been set President has been set for so long now.I have my answer for that.The 3-week Tour to be held in July next year will again take in the climbs of the Pyrenees and Alps on its journey over the variable French landscape. But with nine of the last 14 title wins wiped out due to doping, it remains to be seen how much has credibility has been lost.I think we need to draw a line. That is the past. It does not help us now. We cannot forget what happened. It is difficult what happened. It is spared. It was disgusting.People believe the change or when the reward has been taken away. Has been a lot of suffering for the cycling family.Leading the culture shift is the British Sky team which has conducted an internal review aimed at weeding out any rider who may have doped in the past.. The Tour de France is proud of its century-long heritage - the aim now is to act on the fallout from a broken generation to ensure its survival. Anyone with an interest in the media knows it's been undergoing revolutionary technical and cultural change. Now, it's claimed its highest profile casualty - Superman, no less. His alter ego, Clark Kent, has quit the Daily Planet. The mild-mannered reporter is now a blogger.

reporter is now a blogger. It seems that fight will no longer be done from the newsroom. He had has got an tide of the way the American media has stop a train the truth and been more of an entertainment entity.In the latest edition of the Superman series he throws in the towel e throws in the towel after a meeting with his editor and now ex Lois Lane. It is not a bad idea.Some media experts think the issue reflects social media.The Internet for established publishers has been crypt are not. It weakens them.So our newspapers to blame proportion soft news.That is probably because that is what the audiences want. They want to be entertained in . They want to be entertained in distracted.His decision is final. He has left his job it's a report. But despite being the most powerful person on the planet so yes to make money but what is next for Superman.The truth and justice block. Maybe. The comic was released a round Australia today.And SBS has launched its line-up for 2013. It includes the next instalment in the popular series Once Upon A Time. This time it's in Punchbowl - the spotlight on Sydney's Lebanese community. The stars keep coming in the latest series of Who do You Think You Are? And continuing the strong tradition of food programming staples, brand new series of Food Safari and Gourmet Farmer will also be on the menu. To the weather now - and hot northerly winds are expected over inland Queensland.

winds are expected over inland
Queensland. A trough is bringing a cooler change to western and southern New South Wales, while a low will bring cold winds and showers to Victoria and Tasmania. In the major centres, fine in Perth. Thunderstorms in Darwin. Patchy cloud in Sydney and Adelaide. Scattered rain for Hobart. Looking further afield, slightly overcast in Christchurch and Auckland. Showers for Wellington, Tahiti and Nadi. Rain in Apia. In South East Asia, fine and sunny in Phnom Penh. Thunderstorms in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Showers for Denpasar. Further north, drizzle for Hong Kong. A grey day for Seoul, Shanghai and Taipei. Wet in Manila. Slightly overcast in Tokyo. Heading West, a humid day in Mumbai. Thunder for Tehran. Blue skies over Delhi and Islamabad. A grey day in Baghdad. To Europe, a cold start to the day in Moscow and Stockholm. Overcast in Paris. Cool and cloudy in Belgrade and Berlin. Fine in Athens. In Africa, a few showers ahead for Nairobi. Fine and warm in Dakar. Thunderstorms for Johannesburg. Rain in Lagos and Casablanca. In South America, drizzle for Lima, Panama City and Bogota. Clear skies for Buenos Aires. Rain for Asuncion. Some cloud for Santiago. And for North America, cold temperatures in Denver and Chicago. Cloud over New York. Blue skies for Washington DC. That's the world this Thursday. I'll be back with you at the same time tomorrow. Good night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - www.redbeemedia.cby Red Bee Media -