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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. High hopes - promises of a ceasefire in Syria to mark the holy festival of Eid. Ceasefire could be a first step towards a sustainable sussation of all violence. Republicans jolted - another senate candidate buys into the emotional issue of abortion after rape. That it is something that God intended to happen. Reform - the Tour de France unveils a new season and it hopes a new image. We're the ones picking the pieces up now, very much so. ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. Good evening. I'm Janice Petersen. I'm Anton Enus. Also tonight - the Philippines' President speaks exclusively to SBS about Australia's tricky relationship with his country in the so-called Asian century. I think it was high time that both of us collocated in this corridor - - corner of the world. Later Superman quits his day job - even the world's superheroes aren't immune to the changing media lanune to the changing media
landscape. There are fears tonight that a promised ceasefire in Syria may fall apart even before it begins. The deal would see a cessation of hostilities over the Muslim religious feast of Eid which begins tomorrow. A number of rebel leaders who have agreed to the plan say they don't believe the Assad regime will honour its commitment to lay down arms. As families prepare for the 3-day feast of Eid al-Adha, the calm of the streets of Damascus belie ass nation into its second year of civil conflict. This is what foreign crews have been allowed to film by Syrian authorities. Outside the capital, it's a vastly different scene. Atkinson remember, in Aleppo province, this man has returned home for Eid but says without water, electric di ys without water, electric di and enough food the situation is hopeless. Speaking from Cairo, the UN Arab League envoy has promised relief, announcing he'd brokened -- brokered a temporary ceasefire with TPG Syrian regime and took it to opposition groups.

One key brigade has rejected to offer.TRANSLATION: We have some conditions to accept such a ceasefire. When the regime accepts the conditions then we can accept them and then we can go into a sies fire. These conditions were -- ceasefire. These conditions were known to Lakhdar Brahimi.The UN Security Council welcomed the initiative. An Eid al-Adha ceasefire could be a first step towards a sustainable cessation of all violence. It's not the first such ceasefire. A similar deal was brokered in April. It fell apart almost immediately. Syrian opposition supporters based in Turkey expect the same again. Assad regime are beginning to be weak. And he is not - he is not honest about this ceasefire. At a makeshift camp on the Syrian side of the border, there's no optimism. This woman says her infant child's father was killed by government forces and that his only crime was simply wanting freedom. The emotional issue of abortion has again entered to US presidential election campaign. Remarks by a second Republican senate hopeful about rape and pregnancy have jolted Mitt Romney's momentum. Romney and Barack Obama are continuing their sprint around America trying to shore up support in key states, both men hoping to avoid any costly missteps of their ofpblt while Mitt Romney tried to frame the race for voters in iewafplt So the Obama campaign -- Iowa. So the Obama campaign is slipping. Barack Obama was painting a poor picture of his opponent. It might be Romnesia but -- but don't worry, Obama care covers that condition.Ann Romney was trying to mobilise people in Florida. Mobilise your friends. Michelle Obama was on TV appealing to women and hispanics. Every young person in this country has access to good schools. Welcome to the final stretch in the race where the goal is to visit as many key states as possible and avoid disdrag shupbs such as Trump's so-called big news which was a publicity stunt. He promised to write a $5 million cheque to the charity of the President's choice if the President released records about his college and passport. This can clear up any doubt about the President. Mitt Romney wasn't so lucky because one day after endorsing Mourdock. I'm supporting Richard Mourdock for senate.Murwillumbahrd Mourdock for senate.Murwillumbah said this. I came to realise life is a gift from God and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that God intended omething that God intended to happen. Obama quickly responded. I don't know how these guys come up with these ideas. Let me make a very simple proposition S rape is rape. It is a crime.(APPLAUSE) : - - rape is rape. It is a crime. (APPLAUSE). These distinctions don't make any sense.It's the kind of negative distraction that could hurt Romney and help Obama in the fight over female votes. The campaigns are focused on the electoral map and who will end up with the most delegates on election day. You're looking at a map of the states which is typically democrat in blue ically democrat in blue and Republican in red. It is extremely close. That's why these eight battleground states listed in white are so important. For Obama, all he has to do is win three of the states in which he enjoys a slight lead including iewafplt if d including iewafplt if he does that, the race is -- Iowa. If he does that, the race is his. Romney enjoys a slight lead in four states, including Florida. Everybody if he wins all four of those states it's not enough. But Obama doesn't have the minimum 50% support needed to close the deal in any battleground states which is why you'll find the candidates and their wiefs in a 13- day sprint for those all-important undecided voters. Some of the world -- some of world cycling's biggest names have spoken out about the sport's doping t about the sport's doping crisis for the first time at next your's Tour de France course. Race director Christian Prudhomme says psych llg recover from the scandals and de-- cycling will recover from the scandals and Wiggins, the current champion, say the tour is stronger than doping. The route for the Tour de France is unveiled for its 100th edition. And at -- as world cycling looks to a brighter future, it will never forget its black past. Just two days after Lance Armstrong was rubbed out from cycling's most prestigious and gruelling event, organisers are already calling for a wind of change.

As the reigning Tour champion, Bradley Wiggins represents cycling's hopeful future. We're picking the pieces up now, very much so. And having to, I suppose, convince people that the sport has changed and it's difficult to convince some people, it really is s because of -- it really is, se of -- it really is, because of a precedent that's been set and I haven't got the answer to how to do that other than go out there and keep doing what I'm doing, you know.The 3- week tour Tour -- Tour to be held in July next year will take in the climbs of the Pyrenees and alps on its journey over the French landscape. But with nine of the last 14 title wins wiped out, due to doping, it remains to be seen how much credibility has been lost. I think we need to draw a line, that's the past and just doesn't really help us. We cannot forget what happened, because it's hard what happens, it's bad. It was kind of disgusting what happened. I strongly believe that people change their behaviour when the rewartd is big enough tore suffer Secretary General h tore suffer Secretary General big enough. At this point in -- or the suffering is big enough. At this point it's pretty big.Leading the culture shift is the British SKY team which has conducted an internal review weeding out any rider who may have doped in the past. The Tour de France is proud of its century-long heritage. The aim now is to act on the fallout from a broken generation to broken generation to ensure its survival. Convicted French rogue trader, Jerome Kerviel, looks like spending three years in jail and paying back more than $6 billion. The former Societe Generale employee lost an appeal over his role in the scandal, which made headlines around the world. His lawyer is considering taking the case to France's highest court. Grim but determined, Jerome Kerviel arrives at the Paris court. The ex-trader appealing his 2010 conviction for forgery and breach of trust. Over billions of dollars in risky deals at one of yeerp's biggest banks but the court upheld his -- upheld his sentence - five years jail term, two years suspended and a $6 billion fine.

Societe Generale, which was brought to the brink of collapse by the fraud, says the ruling proves Mr Kerviel's guilt on all charges.

The unwinding of bets worth over $60 billion cost Societe Generale about $7 billion. The bank says it doesn't expect Mr Kerviel to repay the full sum. The 35-year-old, who did not profit personally, has never denied that he made the covert deals but insists is the bank turned a blind eye while he was making a profit. In a radio interview, Mr Kerviel said he holds hopes that bank industry employees may come forward with information.

Jerome Kerviel has become a cult figure in France with his own Facebook sites. Some paint him as an anti-establishment hero. Who made a ent hero. Who made a mockery of the global banking system amid the financial crisis. For others he is a reckless trader, refusing to take responsibility for his actions. French combat troops are readying to pull out of Afghanistan. President Francois Hollande announced in May that soldiers would be gone by the end of the year. After that, only non- combatant staff will remain to help with the training of the Afghan army. Studying a table of the area the military convoy will cross. Their French commander reminds everyone of the dangers ahead. Roadside bombs, ambushs by the Taliban or local anti-government fighters. Afghan officers are helping the French to move out by securing the road. We are where the French -- are starting to withdraw from their last forward operating base in Afghanistan. It's a very delicate mission. In the past few years, dozens of their colleagues have been killed in ambushs or suicide bomb attacks.TRANSLATION: Minesweepers are tasked with disabling or getting idea of IEDs but while they do that my soldiers should ensure their protection. We take every threat very seriously. What's normally a 3-hour drive to the capital took us 14 hours. We are now in warehouse camp in the capital where French troops are redeployed before leaving Afghanistan. Here, all the equipment and ammunition is checked, listed and placed into containers. The logistics the battalion has until May 2013 to ensure that all the equipment, weapons and vehicles are shipped back to France. The very few who will stay are basically medical staff, a few advisors to provide support to the Afghan army and police. It's midnight. Containers are loaded on to an cargo plane. It's a race against time. The French have only a few months before most of their troops and equipment will be pulled out of Afghanistan. Later in the program an exclusive SBS report looking at the readiness of the Afghan forces. Now a brief look at other stories brief look at other stories making news around the world - Pakistani police say they have made a number of arrests in connection with the shooting of a teenage activist who spoke out against the Taliban. The main suspect has been identified as 23- year-old Atta Ullah Khan but there are conflicting reports about whether he's among those arrested or still at large. 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai is recovering in a UK hospital. In Germany, a long- awaited memorial has been unveiled to honour the hundreds and thousands of Sinti and Roma killed by the Nazis. Chancellor Merkel inaugurated the monument in a Berlin park, pledging to fight the discrimination still face bid the minority. She was -- faced by the minority. She was joined by elderly holocaust survivors. Muslims from around the world have circled the Kaaba during the Haj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. Following in the Prophet Mohammed's footsteps pilgrims are making their way from Mecca to Mount Arafat. 'There Will Be Love' they'll spend the night reflecting and -- there they'll spend the night reflecting and praying. At home the Julia Gillard Government has been hit with a barrage of criticism after its mining tax failed to raise any revenue in the first three months. The shortfall puts even more pressure on ven more pressure on its budget surplus promise. The Treasurer still confident that he can deliver a surplus despite falling commodity prices. The tax on mining profits was supposed to raise billions but in its first three months it seems it hasn't raised a cent. I have heard of schools with no pupils, I've heard of hospitals with no patients but I have never heard hof a tax with no revenue. According to reports mining companies have no liability for the tax this quarter because falling commodity prices have cut their profits. The Treasurer won't confirm that but he won't deny it either. He's -- he still expects the tax to raise desperately needed cash. You can't take one particular quarter and claim that is representative of the whole year. Tax revenue forecasts have already been substantially reduced. The Opposition says it's damaged industry confidence in investment. This is lose, lose tax.The Greens argue the treerber is letting tax revenue slip but his depipbgs. The Greens are ready to work with the Government to fix the whole in the tax before the Government rises. Labor is having over problems. It business working group has been unable to reach agreement on how to pay for a proposed grate on the company tax rate. Now with mining tax revenue in doubt, the surplus is more precarious than ever. The Opposition doesn't believe it will ever materialise. The surplus is gone. Let's stop - stop the charade. The surplus is gone. There is no surplus.The globetrotting Foreign Minister and his wife are putting further strain on the budget. She's joined him on almost every overseas strip he's taken reportedly costing taxpayers about $120,000 in mostly business- class air fares. His predecessors rarely travelled with their spouses. She's been there talking to groups of women, talking to Australian aid workers and being with me at meetings where I have interacted with diplomats.Bob Carr says she's an asset to us -- Australia and she'll continue to accompany him. Ecuador says it is worried about the physical and mental health of Julian Assange ntal health of Julian Assange who's been holed up in its London embassy since June. An Ecuadorian diplomat says they have asked Britain to guarantee the Wikileaks' founder safe passage to hospital if he needs medical treatment. The Foreign Minister says Australia stands ready to facilitate access to doctors. We approached the government of aek door and said we stood -- Ecuador and said we stood ready to facilitate the attendance in their embassy of any medical profit that Julian Assange requiredBrirpb's foreign off sis -- Britain's Foreigh Office says it hasn't received any request. Hurricane Sandy has now been upgraded to a category two. upgraded to a category two. It made landfall in Jamaica as a category one, killing at least one person. Hundreds were forced to flee as strong winds and heavy rains battered the capital. After sweeping across gentleman ma ka the storm slammed -- gentleman ma Kay, it slammed into cue -- Jamaica it - Jamaica it slammed into Cuba. Packing winds of 130km/hr, Hurricane Sandy battered the Jamaican capital where over a third of the country's 2.7 million inhabitants live. Felling trees and powerlines, the category one storm crippled the island's international airport. Flash floods and mudslides forcing hundreds to seek refuge in emergency shelters. We have blan -- blankets and cups to make people comfortable and sometimes we have clothes because sometimes they're wet. Neighbouring Haiti was spared the full extent of Hurricane Sandy's brunt al thoi one woman was reportedly kill -- although one woman was reportedly killed. It dumped heavy rain and caused flooding in the country's south- east as it headed north towards Cuba. There, residents reinforced their homes nts reinforced their homes in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy's arrival.

By nightmare, Havana was feeling the first effects. Locals scattered for cover as wind gusts between 150km/hr and 160km/hr lashed the city.

Hurricane Sandy is expected to lose strength as it approaches the Bahamas and it's then forecast to reform as it heads towards Florida.

You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Up next - Victoria's Government apologises for a dark chapter in the state's history. Shortly - Karen Middleton reports on the tough task facing the Afghan National Army as coalition troops prepare to leave, and later quitting his day job - Superman moves with the times right into the blogger sphere.



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A thousand shoes have been laid out on the steps of the Victorian Parliament in recognition of those who were forcibly adopted from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. The Victorian Government has become the latest to apologise for the adoptions. In that state an estimated 150,000 babies were removed, mostly from single mothers. For some, it was an admission which would revive painful, unanswered questions. For others, the apology was overdue but welcome. We know these young mothers were terrified, ashamed and alone. And today we offer them our unreserved apology. We say very clearly, and as one, you were and are not to blame. The grey steps of Victoria's Parliament House have hosted countless rallies but few with stories as heart rent ching as those of young mums, shacklinged, drugged and in most cases coerced into giving up their babies against their will. The only way they got through it was to pretend that it wasn't me, it wasn't in my body. I'd turn it off. I was never held. I was put in an or fannage.Shortly after the apology the Premier announced changes to laws, enabling easier access to birth records for parents and children wishing to be reunited. We need the right for mothers and fathers to have identifying transparent information about their own biological children. But support groups still want more money for specialised counselling. We need resources, really, to ensure rural and isolated mothers and adopted people have access to those services. The parliamentary apology was closely watched by the nurses union, which followed the Premier with its own acknowledge of improper conduct throughout decades of forced adoption. ecades of forced
adoption. As an organisation and as a profession I think we let people down and we're sorry for that.When your baby is taken from you, when you lose your baby, then that grief never, ever goes away. Queensland Government is expected to apologise in November with the Federal Government to follow in March next year. Now to other stories in the news around the country, Melbourne police are on the hunt for a highly sophisticated criminal gang targeting bank customers in the city's suburbs. The criminals follow the victims as they leave before slashing their tyres and robbing them. It's feared to robbers are part of an international crime syndicate and police believe they'll strike again soon. SBS has launch fd its line up for 2013 and includes the next instalment of 'Once Upon A Time'. This time it's in punch bowel, the spot highlight on Sydney's Lebanon niez community. Sydney's Lebanon niez community. The stars -- Lebanese community. The stars keep on coming in 'Who Do You Think You Are?' and continuing the strong tradition Of food programming staples, a new series of 'Food Safari' and 'Gourmet Farmer' will also be on the menu. Across the Tasman now, and the former chief executive of the the Pike River coal mine has plead not guilty to failing to ensure workers safety nearly two years after a series of explosions killed 29 miners. Peter Whittall faces 12 charges in relation to the incident, New Zealand's worst mining disaster in decades. Peter Whittall arriving at court flanked by lawyers. Already inside aweight his appearance a large group of families of the 29 men who lost their lives in the pike explosion. When he was called by the court, -- court. Peter Whittall. He stood in the public gallery, his lawyer entering a plea on his behalf to 12 charges of failing to ensure worker safety at the mine. Your Honour, on behalf of the defendant, I can indicate that we take the charges as read and on his behalf I enter pleas of not guilty to all charges. The charges were laid a year after the explosion. At the time Peter Whittall, who was in the position of CEO n the position of CEO for only seven weeks before the explosions, en weeks before the explosions, said he was being scapegoated for the mine disaster. As his plea was entered, families who were sitting at the back of court muttered quietly, "No surprise." Peter Whittall was just another person to me now. You know, I hold him in no regards. As far as the family's concerned because of what he's done to us, so, you know, he can say all he likes.Despite being just metres apart in court, there was no exchange between Peter Whittall and the families. Well, I think that was the best thing. Myself personally. I have nothing to say to him, so - and I don't think the families have either. Peter Whittall wouldn't comment when leaving the court today but issued a statement through his lawyers saying he was sorry the tragedy ever occurred. "As I have said often in the past, I am deeply sorry for the passes -- losses that the Pike River families have suffer ed. On the matter of the department of labour charges, I am looking to move forward with these are they are taking a huge toll on everyone involved, including me and my family." The next court date, a status hearing, is March next year. Local security forces will be on their own when Australia completes its withdrawal from Afghanistan in about two years. Our military has already begun winding down its operations, pulling its forces back from their forward bases to their main hub at tar rit Kowt. SBS correspondent Karen Middleton -- Tarin Kowt. SBS correspond end Karen Middleton is in Uruzgan to see how ready the Afghan forces are to take over when coalition forces leave. She found that while in some region it is skill is there sometimes the will is not. It's the beginning of the end of Australia's war in Afghanistan. They'll be out by 2014. Whether Afghan forces are ready or not. The ANSF is increasingly capable and gets better everyday.The commander of the 3rd battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, now deployed in Uruzgan province, has the same message. They are better today than they were yesterday. And will continue to get better. And work better together. The Afghan national arm yis's fourth brigade general is on force, too. Brigadier General Zafar Khan says Afghan is in charge. TRANSLATION: For five to six months we have been taking the lead on security and we have a lot of improvement although we have no problem. If the Australian forces could provide us some air support that would be great. Everything is good. We will be moving forward. The Australians don't go that far. We're putting the pieces in place that give the Afghans an opportunity for the future. Yes, we are. Do we think it's perfect and without risk into the future? No. At the Tarin Kowt base, they're running their final explosives hazard reduction course. From next week, -- week gradqaits, including Sergeant Gulum Habib, will -- graduates, including sgtd sergeant, will lead ng sgtd sergeant, will lead the course themselves. -- Sergeant Gulum Habib, will lead the course.TRANSLATION: We have had God feel and good teachers. They can do it now. When blue on red attack led to it being suspended, they finished off the course without their American advisors.e without their American
advisors. When I got to assess them I had a 98% pass rate.He also says the Afghans will cope on their own. I think n their own. I think they will do good. Obviously our presence here helps them but like a kid you've got to go -- let them go some time. I think the security force also stay, they'll be fine. They'll never be at a standard of a Western military force but they'll be sufficient to contain them.This man believes the Afghan National Army and police can manage the insurgency together. I don't envisage the black hoards of Taliban coming across the - in waves coming across the borders and taking over. That's not going to happen.Others hold a different view. Some Australian soldiers say privately they think security in the province will collapse when the coalition forces leave. And speaking to a foreigner recently, one Afghan ner recently, one Afghan National Army officer said, "When we're left to fight alone we'll run away." Some non- government agencies predict a security collapse after 2014. The International Crisis Group warns pressure on the President ahead of elections that year could lead to a delayed poll, could lead to a delayed poll, a state of emergency or even civil war. ISAF will only predict to the end of its mission, no further. There are probably multiple options for the Afghans into the future, and they'll be the key deciders of which future actually arrives. Whichever it is, it isn't far off. The Afghan government stressed it will not accept foreigners on the Electoral Complainteigners on the Electoral Complaints Commission ahead of the 2014 presidential election. This threatens to undermine the credibility of the poll and a smooth transition. Benigno Aquino, the -- Benigno Aquino the third was born to the poll Feins President. His great- grandfather and grandfather were politicians but his father brought the Aquino name to global prom face. Benigno Aquino ak was set to become President when he was assessment -- to become President. It his death pushed his wife into the limelight and the presidency S two years ago their son completed the dynasty, elected to the country's highest office. Mr Aquino is in Australia and spoke to Kathy Novak about the framework for piece in the troubled state of Mindanao. We are focused on transforming them from people who are - an armed force into a political force. We are all committed to enhance their capabilities in terms of generate - income-generating activities. Delivering really ities. Delivering really the services the government owes to the people. Outside the mifplt I -- MIFL there are splinter groups who aren't completely happy and it doesn't take in an al-Qaeda linked group. How concern Road you that those off shoots or other extremists might try to undermine the process? If everybody has a stake in preserving peace, if everybody has a means of maximising their opportunities, then you will have very, very few who will be still adhering to a life of badness and will have less of a support mechanism. And what previously could have been provided them shelter will be the main people tasked to apprehend them, and we expect vastly diminished and marginalised sector of our group will become even less important for us to disrupt the situation. Before you left for this trip to Australia and New Zealand, you talked about the possibility of a strategic partnership on defence with Australia. And also about asking the Australian Government to mobilise international support for the Philippines when it comes to its conflict with China. Mobilising international support, not perhaps just to - just to hell them our case, state our case.Did you do that with the Prime Minister? e Prime
Minister? Yeah, we pass on certain information about the relationship with China. At the end of the Kay and day, Asia is what is driving the world's economy forward. Stability in forward. Stability in the region is a necessary component. For prosperity for everybody let alone for everybody. Hence, it's in everybody's interests to - to come up with the regime or code of conduct that or code of conduct that is operationalised, that ensures stability is preserved and therefore prosperity can happen. So that is - the main - we are not looking for conflict with anybody. We have a lot of our problems back home. We would want to address this problems but we also have to stand up for what is right and what we believe - we have to fight for our rights also. And what about holding your predecessor to account and seeing through corruption trials and that portion of what you've been championing? Well, it seems there is some truth to the fact that if you steal a little you will get incarcerated but if you steal a lot you will be made a partner so. What we want to do... My predses or, we also went off the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who was propagating the same philosophy. I emphasise, it is not enough that we charge. It's not at we charge. It's not enough that we gather all the necessary evidence. The culmination of it has to be incarceration whoever do the crime against the people. If we are not able to do that, then forget judicial reform if you don't have judicial reform, forget all the other reforms. get all the other reforms. People will still gain the system. Those people who are in it - will receive even less unless we are able to correct this system who seem to require those who managed it for such a long time. The Philippines President talking to SBS reporter Kathy Novak. There is an extend version rof -- version of that interview and you can see it at SBS online. Thanks. It's a sign of the times, the volatile media climate has claimed one of its most high profile journalists. Clark Kent, yes, Superman has quit his day job. Like many other journalists, Clark Kent is turning to new media to make the stories that matter while, of course, saving the world. Fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American way. It seem the American way. It seem that is fight will no longer be done from the newsroom. Superman's kind of gotten tired of the way the American media has stopped portraying the truth and really started being more of an entertainment enter mi. Stkpwhrt in the latest edition of the -- In the latest edition of the series, Kent throws in the towel with Perry White and Lois Lane. Knots a bad idea. Some media experts believe the resignation reflects present day issues like the role of entertainment news and new media. The internet, for established publishers, has become trip ton iefplt it weakens them. They can't do what they used to be able to do. Does Clark Kent have a point? Are newspapers to blame for a push in soft news?Well, that's probably because that's what the audiences want. They want to be entertained. They want to be respected -- respected. It seems Clark Kent's decision is final. He's left his job as a reporter but despite being the most powerful person on the planet he has to make money so what is next for Superman? The world doesn't need that. Truth and justice blogs, who knows. Truth, justice and the American way by Kent.The comic was released around Australia today. Up next on World News Australia - all the sport with Craig, and shocks in the Champions League as the lesser lights shoot down the heavyweights. Also, no Mormon ki business - how police finally caught up with -- no

caught up with a furry fugitive.
The bank profit reportling season has started with a record result from ANZ. Australia's third biggest bank unveiled earnings of $5.7 billion thanks to its successful Asian strategy. ts successful Asian strategy. But it's warned of tough challenges ahead. Five years ago ANZ's CEO set out a strategy to become a super regional bank. It's now paying dividends. Full year profit rose 6% to $5.7 billion underlying cash profit, the mesh shirt analysts use to come pair bank results hit $6 billion. It saw growth in retail market share and commercial customer numbers, although the wealth management weakened. Its policy of announcing the interest rate decision on the second week of the month, was a smart move. What ANZ has done is they have allowed their competitors to move before they really need to have to. Tighter cost controls, including the loss of more than 2,000 jobs helped its bottom line. A focus on growth and productivity has delivered a good result with all parts of our franchise contributing. Some more than others. While the bulk of ANZ's business comes from Australia and ess comes from Australia and New Zealand, profits in those divisions rose by 4% and 11% respectively. Outside of Australia is where it's seeing the most growth. China is now the group's third largest market helping to drift profit at its Asia, Pacific and America unit but more than 25%. More than a fifth of the its revenue comes from outside Australia and nuz. That was very parpbt important because it was part of a strategy. It shows Australia withstood a lot of the ithstood a lot of the problems in 2012 and the banking system 2012 and the banking system is strong. But he warns 2013 will be a challenging year which could see bad debts rise. With a softening economic outlook and head winds in a number of air - - areas.NAB and Westpac will deliver their estpac will deliver their full year results within the fortnight. Let's check the figures now. The Australian share market edged higher. ANZ's result was greeted with caution while the Commonwealth Bank and national bank both made gains. Wesfarmers was made gains. Wesfarmers was down after reporting quarterly sales for its Coles Woolworths Brisbane its Coles Woolworths Brisbane. Wool worths and Rio ended in positive territory. Nikkei closed higher. Wall Street closed lower as investors were cautious about company professions. The Australian dollar:

Time for sport now with Craig Foster. What a morning of upsets in the Champions League. Yes, it was. Reel -- big guns Real Madrid, Arsenal, AC Milan and Manchester City all and Manchester City all suffered shock defeats as the group hock defeats as the group stages reached the halfway mark. German side Borussia Dortmund were perhaps most impressive, ending Real's 100% record. Porto and PSG continued their good form in Group A, but in Group B Arsenal slumped to a disappointing home defeat to German side SchalkeAeding -- Porto and PSG continued their good form in Group A, but in Group B Arsenal slumped to a disappointing home defeat to German side Schalke. Olympiakos came from behind to defeat Montpellier. Zenito defeat Montpellier. Zenit, Malaga and Ajax all won alaga and Ajax all won at home, but it was Dortmund's win t it was Dortmund's win against the 9-time champions that grabbed most headlines. But it was dortmupbtd's win that grabbed most -- Dortmund's win that got most headlines. Borussia Dortmund is re-emerging as a top club. They dominated early and a poor pass opened the door. That's a gap. Chance for Dortmund. Brilliantly taken by Lewandowski. Inside two minutes, the-times champions were level. He's caught in no man's land and it doesn't take Ron al do long to equalise. Marcel Schmelzer secured victory for Dortmund. Right through the pack! Marcel Schmelzer is gonna take that.The German champions leapfrogged Real Madrid. Samir Nasri gave the English champions the'd by the Ajax captain got his side home. Another player rose unchallenged to head Ajax in front before another effort secured the three points. Schalke got stronger. The arsenal keeper will be disappointed he couldn't keep his -- 76th minute out. It was wrapped up with four minutes left, arsenal losing at home in Europe for the first time in 16 matchs. Much to the displeasure of their fans. In Spain, Malaga continued their incredit -- incredible bay -- debut Champions League campaign. They could have been Spanished but the Spanish midfielder made amends. Milan could er made amends. Milan could have stole an point but a shot was flashed wide when he should have scored. As we heard earlier, the route for the 100th Tour de for the 100th Tour de France has been confirmed, albeit against the backdrop of the Armstrong scandal.ackdrop of the Armstrong scandal. The race has never incorporated the Island of Corsica and organisers have ensured the race will be entirely on French soil for the first time in 10 years. The recent past has been nothing short of a nightmare nor Tour de France organisers and perhaps that explain it is decision to take the race to the Island of Corsica for the first time in its history. The island start will pose logistical problems for teams and the travelling media but the riders are bracing themselves for more mountains than usually including L'Alpe Dhuez's twice in the same stAlpe Dhuez's twice in the same
stage. I think it suits better than 2012, a mix and variation of stages from the start of stages from the start to the finish. That third week will sh. That third week will be very tough. I think it's a tough route. The Tour is never easy and always something to challenge everybody. Yeah, it's gonna be an interesting one.Given the defending champion isn't noted for his climbing aipblt and he's targeting the Giraldo next year, his team Nate Chris Froome is being tipped to go one better than last year's second place finish. Alberto Contador is also to be in the shake up. For the first time in Tour history, he first time in Tour history, the race finish will take place in the evening. The Wallabies spring tour squad will be led by Nathan Sharpe, his final assignment in an 11-year test career. Despite the inclusion of David Pocock Poh, the 34-year-old sharp will -- David Pocock, Sharpe will lead a group with first time - - seven first-time Wallabies. James Hanson is in after making his debut last night. Higginbotham's 2-match suspension led to his suspension against France, Italy, England and Wales. In baseball news, the San Francisco giants have plead the most of home advantage to take game one. Their slugger hit no less than three home runs in an 8-3 victory. He becomes just the fourth player to achieve the feat in a world series. San Francisco will try to stretch its lead when it hosts game two tomorrow. Don't forget, the Champions League hour later tonight at 8:30 on SBS2 and at 11 on SBS. We'll review match day three but also look at Messi, what an extraordinary - what an extraordinary - he's a genius but in particular about how Barcelona play for him and make space for him in the game. Sounds great. Thanks. Coming up - the weather details and finally nabbed - the hairy miscreant that led police on a 2-year monkey hunt.

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led police on a 2-year monkey hunt.
Updating our story new on Hurricane Sandy, and Cubans are on high alert after the storm made landfall in the country's south. The storm is now packing winds of up to 175km/hr and forecasters are warning it could strengthen further in the coming hours. As we go to the forecast now, hot northerly winds expected over inland Queensland. A trough is bringing a cooler change to western and southern NSW while a low will bring cold winds and showers to Victoria and Tasmania. A high is causing cool winds to cause across south and western Australia. The major centres:

The days of mon kiing around are over for a rogue -- monkeying around are - monkeying around are over for a rogue primate that's been on the run in Florida. The mysterious monkey of Tampa Bay gained notoriety for evading wildlife officials for several years. It has its own Facebook page. It was nabbed after a 5-hour stakout. No shootout but a tranquillising dart spelling the end of its freedom. It was living the life swinging through trees travelling more than 100 miles. We know he's been hanging around the Tampa area for roughly three years. We've been chasing him for three years. He is a very resourceful monkey.At first families were frightened but then they started cheering him only and a legend was born. This monkey has songs in his name. Once announced he was running for mayor on Twitter and just told nearly 90,000 Facebook fans that today, "My freedom has been taken away from me". Norths are thinking maybe a lost pet and tracked him to this neighbourhood. Three weeks ago he pit a homeowner here so they set up a trap and filled it be bananas. He got in and out twice with bananas but today on his third try, authorities were waiting and busted out of the bushes with tranquilliser guns in hand. He looks tired. He's sleeping it off.Florida authorities promise he won't be harmed. We're going to chick him for any microchips or tattoos or anything that may lead that he belongs to somebody. After years on the run he needs a home and fraepbld. Better -- friend. Better cover up the tattoos. Potential adopters should know it attacks a woman two weeks ago. Recapping the stories - a promised ceasefire set to begin in Syria for the feast of Eid but a number of rebel leaders say they don't believe the Assad regime will honour its commitments. Remarks ability rape and pregnancy which a second Republican senate hopeful have jolted Mitt Romney's momentum in the final leg of the US presidential election.Next year's Tour de France route has been shown with their biggest names speaking - - speaking out about the doping crisis S that's the news for today. The next bulletin is at 10:30. You can get the news on our website or follow us on Twitter. Goodnight. Goodnight.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

I'm Peter Kuruvita.

For the past 30 years
I've been lucky enough to have worked in some of
the world's best restaurants. But my passion for food
began in the country I grew up in.

Ayubowan - welcome to Sri Lanka...

..the magical land of my childhood and the reason I love to cook.

Let's get cooking.
I've got heaps of food here.

The cardamom through it is perfect.

The flavour and texture sensation that you're not gonna get
anywhere else.

Over the coming weeks I'm going to
show you this amazing land. From her pristine beaches... (LAUGHS)

Go out and catch some fish
and cook it. What more do you want from life? the stunning hill country...

16 kilos in one day. ..and Jaffna in the north. Loving care, you know,
that's what goes into cooking.

This was my playground
where I used to hang out. I'll be reliving
childhood memories. Hello.
From long time. Long time. I see. Good to see you.
And you.

As long as you keep thinking about
somebody, they never die.

I'll be meeting
great local characters...

That's a shocker.

Oi. What are you doing to me?

..and all the time I'll be
looking for food inspirations. Now, this recipe actually
came off a palm leaf.

That's the sound of
Sri Lanka dining at night.

Thank you very much.

Returning to Colombo is,
for me, a time warp.

This is the place of my childhood.

The city has grown,
the buildings have changed, but, at its heart,
Colombo feels the same.

I played in these streets,
made friends with these families. This was my home at
the most important time of my life.

In the 1950s,
my dad moved to England, met my mum, fell in love,
got married and had me. When I turned four he decided that Sri Lanka was a
better place to bring up the family. So he drove us through England, across Europe, the Middle East and India, to the edge of Sri Lanka.