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Great stuff! Well done, Mike.
Thanks. Eddie. Mate, you're off to the UK
to see your granddaughter. How about that?
Thank you very much indeed. That seems... You were a cool cat before
but there's a few tears there and the way you and Judith embraced. You're desperate to see
your little granddaughter? Yeah, absolutely.
Well, mate, you're going. How good's that?
Thank you very much indeed. Thank you indeed for being here.
Well done, Judith. You're going to London as well! Mike and Judith are off to London
to see their little granddaughter, who's just one year old, just having won $20,000 right
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This program is captioned live. Tonight - caught on camera at St Marys, and the alleged high-speed police pursuit. Two major factory fires break out in Sydney's north and west. The Treasurer under pressure over his no-money mining tax. First on Nine - the new twist in the Michael McGurk murder case. And how the movie-makers have turned Sydney Olympic Park into a snow-capped Japanese village. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News, with Peter Overton. Good evening. We good gin our broadcast with -- begin our broadcast with breaking news - there's a factory blaze at pad stow. Thick smoke can be seen pouring from the roof of the building. Fire crews are on the scene, trying to bling brink the blaze under control. More on this as it comes into the newsroom. 60 firefighters were called to another factory blaze at North Rocks late this afternoon. The 2- storey building was in an industrial complex on Loyalty Road, thick smoke pouring before the building -- pouring on from the building before the fire was brought under control. A high-speed police chase has ended in a crash. Two men injured in the collision have been arrested, and are now under police guard. It started like this - a car wash robbery at St Marys - and ended like this, a car wreck, 18 hours later, at Cambridge Park. Two men aged in their 30s who'd been in this lime-green Ford V8 were stretchered into Westmead Hospital, handcuffed and under police guard. Caught in a security-camera close- up, one of the suspects in the car wash robbery. The attack fast and frightening for the attendant. Baleed him up in a corner with the knife. They threatened him, told him to give him his car keys.One of the men races for the worker's car, picks up his accomplice, and they flee. It was just the start of a night on the move. Police are investigating if the same vehicle was used in a robbery at KFC in Liverpool, spotted and chased at Cabramatta. Meanwhile, security vision provided police with crucial clues to the car wash robbery. Anyone that's willing to do that stuff must have rocks in their head. Then, this afternoon, the car was spotted at Werrington, chased by police to Tregear, back to Werrington, to Kingswood, and finally coming unstuck at Cambridge Park. It crashed into the back of a truck. Twisted and torn metal, the end of a wild chase.The vehicle has slowed behind the truck, the truck has tried to avoid it, then the vehicle has collided with the rear of the truck. The Opposition says Treasurer Wayne Swan should be sacked, following reports the new mining tax has raised no money in its first three months of operation. The shock result has increased doubts over the Government's promise to get the budget back into surplus this financial year. It's the financial equivalent of the pub with no beer - a tax that yields no revenue. Three months in, and it's reported the Minerals Resource Rent Tax hasn't as yet cost the big mining companies a thing.This is a new benchmark in public policy. I have never heard of a tax that doesn't raise a dollar.There were calls from the Coalition today for Wayne Swan to be dumped as Treasurer. Adding to the embarrassment - Mr Swan blundered over what the tax was forecast to raise in last Monday's budget update.We expect to receive, this year, something like $9 billion from the MRRT.Wrong.We're forecasting, in terms of the MRRT, to receive around $9 billion across the course of this current financial year.Wrong again.We are forecasting over $9 billion in revenue over the forward estimates. Right at last. $9 billion over four years. The estimate this financial year is $2 billion, and without it, Mr Swan's promised $1.1 billion budget surplus will disappear.Stop the charade. The surplus is gone. Mr Swan says the crashing commodity prices has affected mining tax revenue in the first quarter of the year, but that's been factored into Treasury's figures, and he's still confident the surplus will be achieved. Meanwhile, Bob Carr has had to defend taking his wife with him on almost every overseas trip he's made since becoming Foreign Minister early this year. Helena Carr's travel has cost more than $120,000, but Mr Carr says it helped Australia win a seat on the United Nations Security Council. Here was the Australian Foreign Minister saying Australia is a multicultural country, accompanied by his wife, who was born in Malaysia of a Chinese mother and an Indian father. And that alone sent a powerful message. The threat of bushfires on Sydney's hottest day of the year had emergency crews on edge. While the city was spared any major outbreak, a fire is burning tonight in the Hunter. From their tower on Sydney's northern fringe, Rural Fire Service spotters scan the terrain, looking for any hint of trouble.We were checking that bearing for the smoke sighting. All seems clear at the moment.The sign said it all. While Sydney dodged the drama, the upper Hunter region became the danger zone. A blaze near Barrington Tops threatened three properties before water-bombers knocked it out.

Back in Sydney, people were warned to brace themselves. The hottest day of the year was on the cards. For these kids, a school excursion to Darling Harbour was more like a trip to Wet'n'Wild. ALL: Really hot!The beach was another hot spot for the crowds. Visitors to town lapped it up. Beautiful, wonderful, amazing!It was tipped to top 36 degrees in our west, and it almost got there. Penrith and Richmond both reached 34.4 degrees. Camden - 33.2. Parramatta - 33. Bankstown - 33.sophy. While at Taronga Zoo, there were showers to beat the heat. The Michael McGurk murder case took a surprise turn today. Two Sydney brothers who were accused of trying to kill the businessman several times have walked free from court. Police claimed they were the original hitmen - brothers Ahmad and Nizar Samman were allegedly contracted to kill Sydney businessman and standover man Michael McGurk. But in a bizarre twist, the prosecutors today dropped the conspiracy to murder charges against them.I'm just happy that the system has worked and, we're very happy.Feel awesome. The truth finally came out.Michael McGurk was gunned down in front of his son outside his Cremorne home three years ago. At the time of their arrest, police claim the Sammans had tried, and failed, three times to carry out the killing. Prosecutor Jennifer Price said the charges were dropped because a key witness, Haissam Safetli, would not give evidence against the brothers. It's alleged Safetli was recruited by millionaire property developer Ron Medich to murder McGurk. Both Safetli and Medich are still before the courts, charged with McGurk's murder. Former boxing champion Rocky Gattellari has pleaded guilty to organising the killing. Nizar Samman spent five months in jail after his arrest last September. He was also charged with possessing cannabis. But deputy chief magistrate Jane Culver said he had served beyond any sentence she would give him for possessing the drug.It's been a very hard and long road. But there's a process to go through. They went through it. All charges were withdrawn today and dismissed. A man has been charged after a police pursuit ended in a crash on the F3 at Wahroonga late yesterday. Police say the 42-year-old had already been banned from driving for 50 years. An inquest has heard claims the father of missing toddler Rahma El- Dennaoui threw her against the couch in anger the night she disappeared, because she was crying too much. A witness says the child's aunt, Wahide Denyer, told her this the day Rahma was missing. Her aunt denies it. A major leap forward for James Packer's growing gaming empire, with the Premier today giving the go-ahead to plans for a casino at Barangaroo. Reporter Jessica Rich joins us. Jess, this is a step closer to reality?Pete, it certainly is. James Packer's proposal to build a 6 had-star casino here has cleared its first hurdle. Premier Barry O'Farrell today giving the $1 billion plan an initial green light.It is about trying to ensure that Sydney attracts invest.. It is about trying to ensure that we get value for money for the taxpayers. It's about the creation of jobs. It's about growing the tourism sector. Pete, the Government has two conditions on this. Number one - that there are no pokies. Number two - that it can't go ahead until the Star casino's exclusive licence runs out in 2019. Crown today used this as an opportunity to talk up its plans. It says that it wants to create one of the greatest hotels in the world. 60 storeys high, with sweeping views of the Harbour. And Pete, it says it's not just going to build a building - this will be a monument tool rival the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Alright. Jessica, thank you. The ANZ has posted a record profit for the third year in a row. The bank pocketed $5.66 billion, up 6% on last year. The boss isn't making any apologies for not passing on in full recent Reserve Bank interest rate cuts. The lone wolf of the banking industry, the ANZ. The bank that sets interest rates regardless of what the RBA hands down. Customer satisfaction might have slumped, but its profits are way up.You cannot have a well-performing economy unless you've got a well- performing bank.His message is getting through.If they're more successful, then it helps everyone else being successful.If the banks are not healthy and strong, then they're not in business.Since last November, the Reserve Bank has dropped the cash rate by 1.5%. ANZ has only cut its home-loan rate by 1.2%. Most of its credit cards have only dropped by 0.35%. Two have even increased. A reason for complaint, you'd think.We get far more letters of complaint when rates go down from our customers who've got deposits than we do from mortgage-holders.The Reserve Bank meets in early November to decide if another rate cut can be justified. A lot of economists in the city believe a drop may be on the cards. If it goes down, how will the ANZ respond?If they can be cut, we will cut them.If The question -- The question, though - will customers be short-changed again? There's a snow-topped Japanese village in the heart of Sydney. Olympic Park has been transformed for the Hugh Jackman blockbuster 'Wolverine' - and it looks incredible. Samurai swords on snowy Japanese rooftops... Ninjas at midnight... Wolverine rocks up in a limo... What's wrong with this picture? Actually, nothing at all.Film- making is all about illusion.In daylight, the Japanese village set for Hugh Jackman's latest Wolverine movie turns out to be a collection of sheds at Sydney Olympic Park. Australian film-makers, many from the prestigious Film TV and Radio School, weaving the background magic that lets Wolverine rage and roar.We've got some of the best people working on Australian film. They end up migreating to LA. Wolverine is a marvel world - it's an xek Marvel world. So it's an alternative world.There's not much Sydney can't be turned into, from Japan to the 'The Great Gatsby's 1920s America. It really is a very clever thing, the art of set construction. Just look what you can do with a couple of old armchairs and a great big old book - very comfy, isn't it? Even if you've got absolutely nothing else to work with.

Coming up - we're live with the very latest from the factory fire at North Rocks. Plus - the cars where you'll throw good cash after bad - how you can avoid the traps. And the Canterbury Hospital midwife who's brought 10,000 babies into the This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Introducing
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As we reported earlier, there's been a huge factory fire at North Rocks. Reporter Dimity Clancy is there. What's the latest?Pete, the owner of this plastics factory has just arrived here on the scene. He's in quite a lot of shock, and he's talking to authorities as we speak. There are still about a dozen employees from the business next door standing out the front on the footpath. They say at around 5:00 this afternoon, they saw massive flames coming from the factory, and just ran outside to safety. This factory is also just across the road from houses. There were a lot of worried residents here this afternoon. They thought that the fire, and feared that the fire, was going to spread to their homes. They also said that visibility here on North Rocks Road, because of the thick black smoke, was extremely poor. But the fire, I understand, has just been extinguished. It took 12 fire crews to come here and fight this blaze. The situation at the moment, Pete, is under control.That is good news. Dimity, thank you. Australian scientists have made a breakthrough that could help doctors fight pancreatic cancer. They've found more than 2,000 genetic markers which drive the disease. It may allow them to tailor treatment for this most deadly of cancers. Australia's used-car market is taking a battering, and the reason may surprise you. New cars appear to be a better bargain than old ones, but there is a warning - they don't hold their value, and may end up costing you money. Australians love a new car, and right now, we're buying them in record numbers.Always thinking about buying a new car! It's a permanent state of being. (LAUGHS) This is my future retirement car! (LAUGHS) We've got a strong Aussie dollar, which is pushing down new car prices.As we buy more new cars, the prices of used cars are dropping fast.The sales of new vehicles are so high that that's putting a lot of vehicles into the second-hand market.One reason for the collapse in the second-hand car market - vehicles like this one here, the Mazda 3, the top-selling car in Australia. In September, around 4,700 of them were sold. It's a better car than it was five years ago, and it's cheaper. It retails for $22,330. Australian- made cars are under pressure. Glass's Guide says, if you bought a Commodore two years ago, it's now worth 55% less than what you paid - that's $22,000 wiped off its value. A Ford bought two years ago has lost 66% of its value - $26,000. They do represent excellent buying on the used-car market.Buyvers to keep that in mind if they're getting a del good deal on a new car - that may be reflected in the second-hand pass. Just a correction to our earlier story on Michael McGurk - we meant to say Laty Gattellari pleaded guilty to the killing, not Rocky Gattellari. The gentle hands of Elizabeth Martin have brought 10,000 babies into the world. For 50 years, she's been a comfort for young mothers and their newborns at Canterbury Hospital. Being a midwife - the joy of her life. Seeing the look on the parents' face when you put that baby up on the mother's chest is just wonderful.But after decades of doing the night shift, 71-year-old Elizabeth is retiring. Elizabeth, you've done a beautiful job. Time for sport tonight. We welcome Roz Kelly to the desk. Good evening. Good evening, Pete. Tonight we hear from Cadel Evans for the first time since cycling's drug scandal exploded. Also - controversy over the Wallabies' captaincy ahead of the spring Tour. And meet the battler hoping to upstage the blue bloods in the Cox Plate.

.And a beautiful day at the beach, but there is a southerly change on the way. I'll tell This program is not captioned.

Australia's cycling champion Cadel Evans has refused to take questions about the drug scandal which has brought the sport to its knees. Evans joined cycling stars in Paris at the launch of the 100th Tour de France. Le Tour's Mr Popular, Cadel Evans mobbed by fans as the sport took another step towards a clean future. And the race's best riders stepped on stage as next year's route was unveiled.A lot of long road stages. Shorter on time-trial kilometres, but I feel more comfortable the more - I think it suits me a little bit better than 2012.The 2011 champion wouldn't answer questions about Lance Armstrong, and continueded his silence against the drug cheat. But Evans wrote on his website:

Despite its receipt troubles, this was very much about moving on. The message here was that the Tour de France is bigger than doping, and bigger than cheating. Cycling is desperate to repair its shattered image, but it's a long road ahead. Evans will head home for Melbourne Cup week to promote the sport and tell supporters to believe again.

Wallabies coach Robbie Deans has defended his decision to keep the retiring Nathan Sharpe as captain for the spring campaign, despite David Pocock returning to the 30- man squad.Just to be a Wallaby is a privilege, and he's been around long enough now to understand that. The tour kicks off against France next month. Black Caviar's little brother, All Too Hard, is hoping to keep the family's name in lights when he runs in Saturday's $3 million Cox Plate. Owned by Nathan Tinkler, the colt is no -- now so valuable, they're taking extreme measures to keep him out of harm's way. The media gathered at the Hawkes stable this morning, All Too Hard's cotrainer Wayne Hawkes all too ready to front up. But one thing was missing.Where's the horse?In all fairness, the horse is worth $20 million, Tony, and he's not a toy. So he's in his own routine, doing his own thing, because we've got one mission - winning the Cox Plate.His value was assured when he got the better of unbeaten Pierro in the Caulfield Guineas. I'd love them both to have the perfect run and peel away at the straight. That would be a great spectacle for everyone. Let's see who the best horse really is.But the Cox Plate isn't a 2-horse race, and a multimillion-dollar price tag doesn't guarantee victory. Meet Happy Trails. Bought for just $11,000, he's one of racing's bargain buys.Reckon he'd be worried about that?He couldn't care less! The $10 horses run out in the paddocks with the million- dollar horses. They don't know how much they cost. Australia has comfortably won its fourth game of netball's quad series in Wellington, defeating South Africa 68-36. The Diamonds remain undefeated in the tournament. South Africa's cricket team are packing their bags tonight. They leave for Australia tomorrow, Pete. The season is just about upon us. Excite.Roz, thank you.

Amber is next with the weather, live tonight from Cronulla. It was a warm one today?It sure was, Pete. It reached 34 degrees in our west. The temperature is about This program is not captioned. They called.
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This program is not captioned. It was a very warm day today, with hot northerly winds pushing temperatures in the mid-30s in our west. The city didn't feel it as much, with an early sea breeze keeping the temperature lower than expected. It reached a top of 26 degrees in the city late this afternoon.

Tomorrow, hot northerly winds will push into eastern Queensland ahead of a trough, which will cause showers and storms across the interior and southerly winds in NSW.

It will be cooler for us tomorrow, thanks to a otherly change moving through overnight. We will see a few clouds around, and light to moderate winds.

Amber, thank you. That is Nine News for this Thursday. I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have a good evening. accus
s late edition. Tonight ... An t
accused murderer committed to stand
trial, complaints over the behaviou of university students, and parent thei
passing on bad dental habits to Gr
their children. Good evening, I' m been
Greg Thomson. A Canberra man has been committed to stand trial in th murderin
Supreme Court for allegedly P
murdering his mother in their home. Police say the seventy-five-year-ol se
lay dead on the kitchen floor for Midgle
several hours. Reporter Ellena Aran
Midgley has more. Gabor Laszlo murd
Aranyi has pleaded not guilty to H
murder by way of mental impairment. O
He' s accused of killing his mother
Ottilia Aranyi at her home in April by
Her body was found in the kitchen tr
by paramedics, after Aranyi called fact
triple zero. In the statement of a
facts tendered to the court, police lay
allege the seventy- five-year-old seve
lay dead on the floor for almost c
seven hours before an ambulance was st
called. And Aranyi told police, he
strangled her. Officers forensicall befor
examining the Yarralumla house thirty-two-year-o
before charging the Toda
thirty-two-year-old with murder. al
Today, nearly six months since the committe
alleged killing, Aranyi, was S
committed to stand trial in the ACT psyc
Supreme Court. The court heard a Aranyi
psychiatrist has already found menta
Aranyi is suffering from severe
mental illness. Under law, it can b impairm
argued someone with a mental responsi
impairment isn' t criminally c
responsible, because they could not re
control their actions or could not The
realise their actions were wrong. custod
The Magistrate remanded him in appearin
custody and excused him from n
appearing at the directions hearing Court
next month. Also in Magistrates Goo
Court today, was Douglas Geoffrey
Gooding. He' s facing once charge o Au
theft over a robbery at the Italo twenty-eight.
Australian Club on July twenty-three-year-o
twenty-eight. The Bungendore
twenty-three-year-old from Bungendore, is a former employee. H and
wasn' t required to enter a plea thre
and his matter was adjourned for Eme
three weeks. His co-accused, Tayo tomo
Emery, is expected to face court court
tomorrow to apply for bail. The d
court has heard twenty-one thousand dollars was stolen from the safe.

The University of Canberra has behavio
received complaints about the
behaviour of students, participatin celebration
in the annual Stone Week als
celebrations. Shocking vision has also emerged of an on campus party. de
Extra-curricular activities that St
definitely won' t improve marks. bec
Students yelling While students a
becoming rowdy is nothing new, this i
a whole new level. Rival residences involved in an altercation, throwin
and spitting drinks on one another Toi
A minor scuffle also breaks out. bottle
Toilet paper and empty alcohol Stude
bottles littering the campus. grou
Students yelling Students in gue
groups often get rowdy. I mean, I parcel
guess that' s kind of part and durin
parcel. The incident happened during Stone Week festivities, whic are held each year to mark the dat opened
the University was officially opened. This year was really good yeste
I was out here most of the day fun
yesterday and everyone was having a
fun. Maybe not quite everyone. On video
a Facebook page where the party
video was posted one user commented rambunctio
"This is getting a little s
rambunctious for my liking." Others between
seem to be enjoying the clash between dormitories. In an email to co
all students, Dean Michele Fleming confirmed UC has received complaint warned
about bad behaviour. She also in
warned anyone found to be engaging unive
in conduct that could bring the
university into disrepute, will fac y
consequences. Have fun and enjoy kee
yourselves but be responsible and keep an eye out for each other. I universi
a statement to WIN News the university reiterated what it said punishment
in the email, and outlined suspension
punishments, which include