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(generated from captions) The future of this state
depends on it. Our kids are counting on it. But the O'Farrell Government is ripping the guts out of
TAFE colleges and public schools. And ripping off our kids with it. And more cuts to come for sure. When these kids can't get a job, are we gonna say, "We knew what
would happen, but did nothing"? No. No! We're going to take a stand.
(SCHOOL BELL RINGS) Get online and tell O'Farrell
to reverse the education cuts.

This program is captioned live. This morning -
Craig Thomson remains defiant as police step up
their criminal investigation. Exhausted Queensland firefighters
struggle while their New South Wales
colleagues brace for a horror day. And Psy meets Ban Ki-moon but can he get the UN chief
to dance 'Gangnam Style'? VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News
with Natalie Barr. Good morning. Victorian police are considering
laying multiple charges against suspended Labor MP
Craig Thomson after yesterday's raids
at his home and electoral office. Detectives seized computers
and copies of his handwriting, but Mr Thomson's lawyer maintains
it will only clear his name sooner. They came armed with a warrant
and left with carloads of evidence. Detectives from the NSW
and Victorian Fraud Squads spent three hours rifling through
Craig Thomson's belongings at his home, seizing documents -
including samples of his signature. The credit card receipts
that were used in houses of ill-fame will be shown to have been signed
by hands that were not his. They were forgeries.

I think they'll prove
that the receipts ARE his. I've seen his handwriting. By lunchtime, they'd raided
his electorate office too - Thomson insisting
it had nothing to do with him. Today, it was in relation
to the national office of the union that the police were here. REPORTER: Mr Thompson,
this is led by Victorian detectives. Victorian detectives are
specifically investigating YOU and your involvement. As I said, there is an ongoing
Victorian investigation in relation to the national office
of the union... No. Into you! Mr Thomson's trouble at home is also causing trouble
for his colleagues in Canberra - bad timing, as Labor makes
a comeback in the polls. Remember he's got no
criminal charge against him. He's not been found guilty
of anything and we should just let
proper processes be conducted. The Opposition seized
on the development, Tony Abbott calling out
Julia Gillard's earlier defence of the now Independent MP. I've got complete confidence
in the Member for Dobell, I think he's doing a fine job. She now needs to explain
how she could say that. Mr Abbott says Labor should rule out
accepting Thomson's crucial vote. But without any charges laid,
that's not likely. I'm naturally concerned about it
but the allegations have been denied and proper processes have
to be followed by the police. The MP can only be forced out
of Parliament carrying a jail sentence
of 12 months or more. A 12th man has been charged over
last month's violent Muslim protest in Sydney's CBD.

The 26-year-old walked into
Bankstown Police Station yesterday where he was arrested and charged
with riot, assaulting police and animal cruelty. He's accused of punching an AFP
officer in the head outside the US Consulate
in Martin Place. Police also claim he later kicked
police dog Chuck in Hyde Park and punched a police woman
in the chest, causing her to fall to the ground. Strike Force McAlister expects
to make more arrests over the riots. Police are trying to identify
two men who attacked a young woman at a suburban train station
in Melbourne. Security vision shows the pair
leaving Ashburton Station. They'd just sprayed
an unknown substance on 21-year-old Maddie's
hair and clothes after taunting and harassing her. Police are testing
the sticky liquid. Most concerning is that
if it's something more serious, such as a chemical
or something along those lines. We've taken the clothing and that's in the process
of being forensically analysed. Both men are aged between 18 and 25,
and around 185 centimetres tall. The devastated parents
of a 5-year-old boy crushed to death by a television have spoken out, urging people
to make sure their homes are safe. Peter Gelissen was found unconscious
on his bedroom floor. WOMAN: Hello. (LAUGHS) Peter Gelissen was
a feisty kindy student - a much-loved little boy
nicknamed 'Mucka'. Wave to camera.
Hello, Daddy. MAN: Hello, little fella. Just five years old.

The heart-breaking loss
etched on his parent's faces. Cherish every moment you have
with your children because it could be taken away...
just like that... (SOBS) ..and you can't get 'em back.

Mucka was crushed when a TV
in his bedroom, similar to this one, fell and landed on his head. Televisions being like that,
you know? They're front heavy,
that's the problem. Heard a big bang and went in there
and...he was under the TV. (SOBS)

The old-style box TV
was on top of a chest of drawers. It's believed it toppled over while Mucka was climbing up
the drawers to get some clothes. The family only lives a few minutes
away from Collie Hospital but by the time Lee-Ann
had found Mucka and rushed him here it was too late - the doctors could do nothing
to save the little boy. He had a brain haemorrhage
and...taken away from us. Mucka was Lee-Ann and Peter's
first son... ..the fourth of five children. It's not a real good pain to feel. Feel the heart starting
to get colder and colder, but...pick your chin up 'cause you've got other children
to think about. Clutching her son's favourite toy,
Lee-Ann spoke out so other parents don't have
to suffer the pain she's feeling. Don't ever put TVs on things. Make sure that they're secure - if you've got 'em on a table,
secure 'em. Fix 'em, yep.
Put them on the wall if you can. I'd give my heart
to have my boy back.

Drivers involved in high-speed
chases in Western Australia would be automatically jailed under new laws introduced
to State Parliament. It comes after the death of a
British physicist and his taxidriver who were hit by a car involved
in a police pursuit on Friday. If the legislation is passed, drivers will face
a mandatory six months jail for reckless driving
while evading police, 12 months if anyone
is hurt or killed. If there's a car thief
and they then flee from police, people expect that those people
should be behind bars. if their driving
is found to be reasonable.

Victoria's premier
has been left red-faced after a Liberal MP used obscene hand
gestures and language in Parliament. Geoff Shaw denied the allegations but the Opposition Deputy Leader
says he was show a video last night, proving the claims are true. I certainly heard Geoff Shaw use
the word that rhymes with 'banker'. The Opposition wants the Government
to release the tape. Mr Shaw is already
under investigation for rorting his petrol card. The Baillieu government
only has a one-seat majority. Firefighters across New South Wales
will be on extreme alert today. A total fire ban has been declared
across parts of the state, including Sydney. with hot northerly winds. Dozens of fires are already burning
across the state, with the mid-north coast declared
a natural disaster zone. Across the border, exhausted Queensland firefighters
are battling to control more than 50 grass and bushfires. Extra crews are being brought in to
try to get on top of the fires before the weather changes. Extraordinary pictures have been
released of a fire tornado in near the far-western town
of Thargomindah. A local resident captured
the giant column of flame rising 300 metres into the air. The phenomenon happens when the intense heat of a fire
sucks in cold air around it, creating a vortex of flame.

Now for your first look
at Thursday's weather - Canberra will
become windy.

He took 'Sunrise' by storm and now pop sensation Psy
has gone right to the top - the United Nations. with the UN Secretary-General joking that he's lost his title as
the most famous Korean in the world. But it took a little convincing to show the world his take
on Psy's famous moves. Um, I think he probably already
knows how to dance. (LAUGHS)

Um, I am nervous.

He eventually agreed
to one shimmy for the cameras. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - what rising inflation means for
interest rates and your hip pocket. But next on Seven Early News -
health fears for Julian Assange. And the delicate operation to move
some giant fish, into a new tank.

Research shows us that to give
our kids a better education, we need to look
beyond the classroom.

School and community partnerships can have a huge impact
on young people and as the range of people
contributing to student learning increases, their confidence and skills
grow too. That's why over 300 partnerships have been supported
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VOICEOVER: We all know that:

The future of this state
depends on it. Our kids are counting on it. But the O'Farrell Government is ripping the guts out of
TAFE colleges and public schools. And ripping off our kids with it. And more cuts to come for sure. When these kids can't get a job, are we gonna say, "We knew what
would happen, but did nothing"? No. No! We're going to take a stand.
(SCHOOL BELL RINGS) Get online and tell O'Farrell
to reverse the education cuts.

Ecuador's government says it's concerned about the health
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. He's lost a lot of weight
in his four months holed-up in the country's London embassy. Ecuador is seeking
written assurances he won't be arrested
if he has to be hospitalised. Assange is wanted for questioning over sexual assault claims
in Sweden. Britain has vowed to arrest him the
moment he steps outside the embassy. He was the little polar bear
who charmed the world, attracting huge crowds
to Berlin Zoo. But Knut died suddenly last year,
leaving millions heartbroken. Now there's a permanent memorial
to the animal - a bronze statue showing Knut
as a cub. Called 'Knut the Dreamer', it's just outside
the zoo's polar bear enclosure. Some of Knut's biggest fans
attended the unveiling, shedding a tear and leaving flowers. Three grey nurse sharks
have spent their first night in their new home
at Sydney Aquarium. The delicate relocation
took six hours, dozens of staff and a big crane.

(WATER BUBBLES) Getting a shark out of a tank is pretty much like scooping
a goldfish out of a bowl. You just need a bigger plastic bag
to put it in. a massive job
needing a team of 30 experts. Even the neighbours came to watch. MAN: Just bring it up a little bit,
guys. We don't wanna lose him. We've got people
monitoring oxygen levels and the animals' health and
behaviour all the way through. Just wait for a second, Craig.
Can we put that hose in? Once the sharks were caught,
the crane came in, winching them through the city sky
and dropping them into the new tank which has undergone
a $10 million overhaul. A risky operation, but the team
had plenty of practice - they've already moved 50 sharks
into the new tank. The shark has a lot more power
than you so it could get dangerous, which is why we don't
manhandle them. After a 6-hour operation, the sharks can now call the new
1.5 million litre tank home. Oh, all in a day's work.

Your first finance this Early News - Wall Street's trading
slightly higher.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - your first look at Justin Timberlake
and Jessica Biel's wedding photos. But next on Seven Early News -
Cadel Evans gives his take on the doping scandal
engulfing the world of cycling. And Mark Webber shows off
his cricketing skills ahead of the Indian Formula One
Grand Prix.

The stories we're following
on the Early News - Federal MP Craig Thomson remains
defiant after yesterday's raids on his home and electorate office. He insists he's done nothing wrong, despite New South Wales
and Victoria fraud detectives removing carloads of evidence
from the two properties. A 12th man has been charged over last month's violent
Muslim protest in Sydney's CBD. The 26-year-old is accused
of punching two police officers and kicking a police dog.

And as firefighters across two
states battle dozens of fires, amazing images have emerged of
a fire tornado in Queensland's west. A total fire ban is in force
across Sydney today. Now it's over to Mark Beretta
with all the day's sport. Thanks, Nat. Good morning. Cadel Evans has broken his silence
on cycling's doping scandal, urging fans not
to abandon the sport. Speaking at the unveiling of
next year's Tour de France route, Evans labelled the media's reaction to the Lance Armstrong
drug revelations 'hysterical'. Cadel insists cycling has already
moved on from the doping era and says his sole focus
is on regaining full fitness.

Most of all, I just like to return to good health and at least get back to my normal levels so I can hopefully be there to be at the front again and challenge.

Evans says

his meeting with disgraced drug
doctor Michele Ferrari 12 years ago is a non-issue.

Tensions remain high between trainer Gai Waterhouse
and owner John Singleton ahead of Saturday's
$3 million Cox Plate. Singleton has made it clear he'll be telling jockey Nash
Rawiller how to ride More Joyous. Waterhouse earned Singo's ire by controversially selecting
barrier 11 for his star mare. They've been friends for 40 years but after Gai Waterhouse
disobeyed instructions, John Singleton fired off
a series of furious text messages. "Are you mad?" (LAUGHS) I just didn't believe it. When he gets cross with me, I think sometimes
it's best not to ring. (LAUGHS) More Joyous, oblivious to the row. Singo and Gai agree
it's a lover's tiff. No wonder I'm out of lovers
at the moment. (LAUGHS) Pain in the arse. Singo says anyone else
and they would have been sacked. Gai's a genius
and geniuses do funny things. We can still win but it will be because of
Nash Rawiller and despite Gai. But Gai wouldn't budge
about her barrier choice. A mare won it last year. What barrier did she have?
Any of you remember? I'll tell you exactly - number 11. If she and Alan Jones had a kid, it would have be absolutely...
(CHUCKLES) ..absolutely perfect on every
subject at all times. If gate 11 delivers the Cox Plate
for Singo, Gai expects champagne treatment. He might have to shout me
more than the bar. (LAUGHS) I won't shout her anything. But a win's a win and the owner is prepared
to cop it on the chin if Gai's pulled the right rein. I've never been so keen
to look like a goose in all my life. Gatewood's chances of running
in the Melbourne Cup will become clearer today when his weight penalty for winning
the Geelong Cup is announced. The imported stayer's currently 41st
in the order of entry and needs to receive a penalty
of around 1.5 kilos Gatewood announced himself as a
Melbourne Cup contender yesterday by accounting for
a small but strong field of stayers.

What a day, what a race.

The AFL's investigation
of the Adelaide Crows for alleged draft tampering has been widened to include
possible salary cap rorts. The Crows already face
major sanctions for making a side agreement
with Kurt Tippett to trade him to his club of choice. And now there are reports the key forward received an extra
payment at the end of his contract which could constitute
a salary cap breach. Despite the ongoing investigation, Tippett could still be traded
to the Swans before tomorrow's deadline. Senior Wests Tigers players
Robbie Farah and Benji Marshall have endorsed the appointment
of new coach Mick Potter. Potter has signed a 2-year deal and plans to pick the brain
of sacked Tigers coach Tim Sheens.

Tim's a fantastic coach. His longevity in the game just shows what a great coach he's been.

The club's hoping Sheens
takes up an offer to set up
their Western Sydney academy so they can avoid a $900,000 payout. Mark Webber's confident he can win this weekend's
Indian Formula One Grand Prix. Webber endeared himself
to the cricket-mad locals by bowling a few overs
to Indian star Goutam Gambhir. He's determined to do
whatever it takes to notch his third win
of the season. We need to be
at the top of our game

To perform and win and we're prepared to push ourselves to the limit.

Webber also showed off his skills
with the bat.

Nice, he's an all rounder. Can drive too, Nat.Yes, thanks, Beretts, next a closer look at the weather in your part of the country.

There are thousands of ways to enjoy dinner
at Subway restaurants... WOMAN: Tomato, sweet onion sauce.
(LAUGHS) With Old English cheese
and toasted. Lovely. ..and then there's yours. Subway restaurants:

Checking today's weather - a trough is causing thunderstorms
in the Territory and northern WA, with a cooler change
in South Australia. Hot, dry winds ahead of this trough
are affecting New South Wales and western Queensland, leading to a very high fire danger. A low's bringing strong winds and
showers to Victoria and Tasmania. Around the capitals -

And that's Seven Early News
for this Thursday. I'm Natalie Barr.
Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext captions by
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