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This program is captioned live. Closing in - police consider criminal charges against suspended MP Craig Thomson. Heating up - extreme fire conditions tipped for Queensland and NSW. The great electricity rip-off - the ACCC finds we're paying $3 billion too much. Medical breakthrough - the Aussie scientist who has cracked the code of a deadly cancer. Royal romp - Charles and Camilla party with their favourite Aussies. It's free fuel Thursday - your chance to win $10,000 worth of fuel. Rev up your Thursday. Lovely to see you. Lisa, good morning.There's only two months until Christmas. Thank you for that. My shopping is all done.Oh, I hate that. You haven't done yours, have you?No.I did mine in Melbourne one morning. Bang. Out. Continue.That is one thing about blokes I really admire. You just get in there, you don't fuss, you just get it done.I did it a couple of years ago really early and you feel so good. Georgie, you'd appreciate that feeling when -Haven't had it myself. There are two types of people in the world - those who have done it and those who haven't.I haven't.I look forward to sharing my shopping details with you.Good morning to you. It is 25 October, 2012.

Lots happening in the news and here is Georgie. Hey, Karl. Thank you very much. Good morning. Labor frontbenchers have weighed in on the Craig Thomson saga saying the embattled MP should be presumed innocent until proven otherwise. It follows raids on his home and office on the NSW Central Coast yesterday in which computers and other materials, including a handwriting sample, were seized. The raids formed part of an investigation into alleged corruption at the health services union.The nature of the allegations that have been made, of course, are quite disgusting to me, but the allegations have been denied and proper processes have to be followed by the police and ultimately, if there's any action stemming from that, Mr Thomson is entitled to natural justice. Victoria Police says it can't comment this morning on reports that multiple criminal charges are to be laid against Mr Thomson. Queensland firefighters have worked through the night to contain blazes tearing through bushland in the State's south-east. Up to 40 fires are burning around the State, with the worst in Greenbank, Ravensbourne and Crows Nest now under control. It comes as rural firefighters face a personal battle. Hundreds met in Caboolture overnight, to voice concerns about crippling budget debts.We run on the smell of an oily rag. We have done for years. With recent proposals, they've taken away the oil.Under the review, it's feared more than half the service's uniformed officers will lose positions with several branches to be closed across Queensland. There's a high fire danger across NSW today with a total fire ban in place across Sydney, the Hunter and the Illawarra. Temperatures are set to soar into the mid-30s ahead of a cooler change later tonight. Firefighters are bracing for windy conditions. We have some news just in - all westbound lanes of the M7, a major Sydney motorway, are closed after a man was hit and killed by a truck. The accident happened at Kings Park in the city's west. There's no forecast at this stage for when those lanes will be back open. Motorists are being warned to expect delays this morning. A Queensland man has sparked a 4- hour search following reports a gunshot was fired at a home south of Brisbane. Police were called to the Chambers Flat address shortly after seven o'clock, helping a woman and a man to safety. The man fled the house, sparking a full- scale search.The police helicopter was called in from the Gold Coast and assisted us in conducting our investigations around the area.The 36-year-old is helping police with their investigation. Ecuador says it's very concerned about the health of Julian Assange and has called on the British government to allow him safe passage to hospital. The dorkian government says it's worried because of Mr Assange's weight loss. The WikiLeaks boss is wanted for questioning over an alleged sexual assault in Sweden and the British government has vowed to extradite him if he steps outside of the Ecuadorian embassy. Ecuador wants Britain to guarantee the 41-year- old Australian won't be arrested if his health deteriorates further and he needs medical care. Britain is considering the request. Victorian mothers who had their babies taken from them as part of forced adoptions will today be given an apology by the State's Premier. Ted Baillieu says the forced adoptions should never have happened and that, while he can't undo what occurred, steps can be taken to relieve some of the burden. Mr Baillieu accepts that, for some, an apology might not be enough. It follows a landmark inquiry which found tense was thousands of babies were taken away between the 1950s and 1960s. The Philippines president has been forced to leave an official dinner hosted by Prime Minister Julia Gillard after falling ill. The leader made a brief speech before being escorted from the banquet held in a private dining room at Parliament House.If all members of his delegation could note this - that he should be saved from any paperwork during the course of this evening. I know what it's like to be chased around with paperwork when you're feeling unwell and I'm sure it's going to aid his recovery if he's left undisturbed tonight. Ms Gillard yesterday told the president Australia would not take sides in his country's territorial dispute with China. An injured driver has spent the night under police guard in hospital after he crashed his car following a peak-hour police chase on a major Sydney freeway. Police officers began pursuing the man after he was allegedly seen speeding on the F3 near Thornleigh in the city's north just after five o'clock. They called off the chase because of concerns about speed. A short time later, the man ploughed into a set of traffic lights and two other vehicles. He suffered minor injuries. The other drivers were not hurt. More effective treatment for pancreatic cancer may be on the horizon after Australian scientists unlocked the DNA structure of the tumours. The results identified more than 2,000 genetic mutations, suggesting each patient may need tailor-made treatment. Scientists say some of the patients who had their treatment tweaked during the study have already lived beyond expectations. Survival rates of less than 5% for pancreatic cancer sufferers five years after prognosis has not changed in 50 years. An American girl is being dubbed the 'Home Alone' kid by local police officers after foiling a home invasion. The 10-year-old was the only one there when three men broke into her home, terrifying the little girl. I'm 10 years old. I think someone's coming up the drive and I'm scared to death. Not not not was sick and home alone last Tuesday when burglars cut through this window screen and entered her house.I saw it right out that window.Terrified, the Washington fifth-grader hid inside the pantry and called 911.I'm at my house. My mom's at the grocery store and someone's got into my house.Can you get out of your house safely?I'll try.Mock says she could hear the men talking.Now I know they're planning something so I was pretty scared. Following the directions of that 911 dispatcher, she decided to make a break for it. Were you scared they'd hear you?Not exactly. I didn't care. I was trying to get out of the house as quick as I could.Still on the phone, Paityn hid behind this tree in the front yard and spotted her mother. But her mom didn't see her.Mommy! Mommy! No! Don't go in there! Mommy, they're gonna... My mom went inside! I was hoping they didn't have guns or anything they could have hurt my mom with.They didn't and police soon arrived, arresting one of the alleged burglars while two others ran away.How are?Good! Overnight, the 10-year-old who many here now call the 'Home Alone' girl finally met the man on the other end of the phone, an ending she says is far better than a movie. Wow. Brave little girl. Let's look at the markets now:

Well, in a race to the top of the charts, 'Gangnam Style' knew no borders reaching every corner of the globe, so it's only fitting that Psy took his hit song to the United Nations headquarters in New York. The nervous rapper met with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who joked he had been relegated to the world's second most famous Korean. He joked he could sometimes use Psy's help during negotiations. In such a case, I'm thinking of saying 'Gangnam Style' because everybody will stop and dance with me. Maybe you can bring 'UN Style'. Whatever style they go with, Ban Ki-moon is rehearsed and ready to go. It's all about Korea, isn't it? Is it fair to say that Psy has achieved more?Ooh. Controversial. He's probably put more smiles on faces, I think you could safely say. Yeah. He's done some good. Seems like a good fella, that Ban Ki-moon.He does. Achieved a lot. Thank you, Georgie.

Sport time now with Ben Fordham. Good morning. Up next - the latest chapter in the lovers' tiff between John Singleton and Gai Waterhouse. And finally Cadel Evans weighs in on the Lance Armstrong controversy. That's after the break.

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Welcome back to the show. Hope you're having a lovely morning, getting things done. Let's look at the front pages. In the 'Daily Telegraph' - police are a step closer to laying criminal charges against Craig Thomson after raiding his Central Coast home yesterday.In the 'Australian' - Wayne Swan's $1.1 billion surplus has received an immediate blow with news this morning that the mining tax raised zero revenue in its first three months. The 'Herald Sun' says the principal of a top state school has launched a scathing attack on extravagant responding at Melbourne ease elite private schools.The 'Age' reports Victoria's local government elections are in shambles with widespread allegations of tricks and smear tactics St in one of the dirtiest campaigns in years. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' says James Packer wants to push the height limit at Barangaroo, adding up to 20 stories to his planned billion-dollar hotel and casino complex and make it one of Sydney's tallest towers.In the West 'Australian', Perth's new Catholic Archbishop says the Church's shameble history of sexual abuse is to blame for it no longer being heard or respected in public debate. The Adelaide 'Advertiser' features Vivienne Harris who was fined almost $700 yesterday for dumping - - a cup of tea over the head of a fellow cafe patron because she was offended by a conversation. Wow. The 'Courier-Mail' shows young students putting in a mighty effort in the finals of the newspaper-run spelling bee yesterday, making their way through a hiss of words that would challenge the most literate adults. And the Hobart 'Mercury' shows 2- year-old Annabel with her impressive haul of showbags at the Hobart Show yesterday.Sport time now with Ben. Thank you, Lisa. Cadel Evans has pleaded with cycling fans not to abandon the sport following Lance Armstrong's doping scandal. Last year's Tour de France champion has written a diary website on his -- diary entry on his website saying, "Behind the news, hysteria and sensationalism, I hope that people remember that the events being uncovered mostly occurred seven or more years ago and that the sport has already changed and moved on." He added:

It was also a hot topic at the unveiling of next year's Tour de France. It's tough, what happened. It's bad. It was kind of disgusting, what happened. So we cannot forget that we have to learn out of these mistakes. Not only the riders, but people behind. The 2013 race will mark the 100- year anniversary of the Tour de Back home now and horse-owner John Singleton has stripped Gai Waterhouse of her riding instruction duties of More Joyous for the Cox Plate following the trainer's bold barrier selection for the mare. Gai chose gate 11 in the classic, a move John Singleton described as bloody madness. Gai says this is nothing more than a lovers' tiff but sing yeo is adamant it will be him, not Waterhouse, giving final instructions to the jockey.To have your trainer, someone you've loved, grope up with, do that to you and be oblivious to criticism, it beggars belief. This will be remembered, in my opinion, as the Cox Plate that Gai gave away. More Joyous is one of three horses gay has in Saturday's race. New Wests Tigers coach Mick potter says he wants Benji Marshall -- Potter says he wants Benji Marshall and Robbie Farah to keep influencing the side next season. Potter signed a 2-year deal to replace sacked coach Tim Sheens. He reckons he can turn Marshall into a better player, confident Benji hasn't played his best yet.He's an uncanny footballer who can create space for other people and for himself and I don't want to stifle that. I want to, you know, make it better.Meantime, the Tigers insist Tim Sheens has not commenced legal action against them, despite some reports. The club says - the club is reported to still owe him $900,000. David Pocock is one of five players set to make a return from injury when the Wallabies coach Robbie Deans names his 30-man squad for next month's spring tour later this morning. Stephen Moore, Ben Alexander, Berrick Barnes and Digby Ioane will join David Pocock. Deans is likely to include Scott Higginbotham, despite the flanker being unavailable for the next two Tests due to suspension over that incident. The Wallabies will play four matches, starting with France on November 10 in Paris. There you G that's the first hit of sport for the morning. And a good hit, Fordo. Thank you, Sir. I love that sing yeo-Gai Waterhouse. Isn't it fascinating? We don't know it's a bit of bapter.They've got a twinkle in their eye.Singo seems serious.He loves a headline. Gai doesn't mind one. I'm going with Gai. I'm Team Waterhouse.I'm interested they have a different take. She says it's a lovers' tiff and he's not sure.Either way, it's talking the odds down.What team are we on? Singo? Waterhouse?Look, I would back Gai in a scrap so I'm go Waterhouse because I think I know who will win it.You just back the horse, don't you? It's very simple. Let's check in on the weather now for the major centres:

After the break, it's time for a Thursday morning hit of Hollywood gossip. Good morning, Richard. What's going on?Well, they're the wedding pictures we've been waiting for - Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, walking down the aisle and you won't believe her over-the-top dress! It's all coming up!

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Every Thursday, we're giving away a $10,000 BP voucher and if nobody wins, it jackpots. Pick up the phone within five rings and say the magic words, "I wake up with Today."He's a natural, isn't he? To register for the next draw, call:

Welcome back. Coming up on the show - what really happened to Ross and Rachel? You know the alternative 'Friends'? This is an alternative ending. What? An alternative ending to 'Friends'?Do you think we do our own sound here, Karl?The thing about that is - I think I know what was supposed to happen. Yeah, because someone told me. But I'm not going to reveal it right now. That's like 'Sex And The City'. I think they shot three different endings for that as well.Someone told me.That means he doesn't know. He's got no idea.We'll show you later. The alternative 'Friends' ending. We'll remind you how it ended anyway pause it's been a fair while.Shush!You are such a cynic! I can't remember what the ending was but I know there was an alternative.They all died in the end, didn't they?How good a promo is that? I'mness fire!You are, Karl! Good to see.Was that a tease?That's what's known in the business as a tease.I've --What have you got?I've got Richard Reid, how's that?You win. Finally you have your hands on some of the photos much the showbiz wedding of the year.That's right. Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, man and wife. Here's the cover shot on 'People' magazine, who published the photos today. Check out Justin jumping for joy and Jessica Biel in paink wedding dress! Wow! That news was really top secret. I am telling ya! Oodles and oodles of pink chiffon by an Italian designer. He and Jessica helped concoct this confection together. 100 guests. Justin Timberlake actually wrote a new song to serenade his bride. They partied the night away till 5am. 4-course dinner. Steak, lobster, you name it. Jessica and Justin, the last people on the dance floor. We had the photo the other day to prove they were - heads were a little heavy as they headed back to LA.They look on top of the world. That's good. Thank you for bringing us up to date with that, Richard. Meantime, there's a Hollywood divorce happening. What's gone wrong with the Simpsons?It's not Jessica Simpson but her parents. That's right. Joe Simpson and his wife of 34 years, Tina, have called it a day. Joe was Jessica's manager for a number of years. Recently he's been nicked for driving under the influence and I'm just telling you what they're saying here in Hollywood - he might have a little predilection for the boys, that he might be gay. That's what they're saying. It is a scandal in the making. I'll keep you updated. Please do. Richard, we know that Prince Harry had a good time in Las Vegas.Oh, yeah!We're about to get the other side of the story.Well, you know, there is that blonde, that buxom blonde, Kerry Rinehart, who says that she was - she shared a drunken fumble with Harry in that Las Vegas hotel room. Now she is close to getting a deal with a major TV network here in the United States to tell her story. But she also says there's a conspiracy theory coming out of England from their Secret Service to stop her through any means possible. She recently was in jail for bouncing bad cheques, so as a witness she's not really credible.No. And the palace will be doing their best to shut that down. Finally a quickie, Richard - who is officially the world's grumpiest star.Oh, my gosh! Victoria Beckham! She's topped a poll in the UK, the least fun celebrity in the world! She was closely followed by Tom Cruise and Madonna so at least Vicki B is in very good company. Any reaction from David?Oh, I think she's kind of nice.Very good. Sticking up for his girl. Thank you, Richard. We'll see you later in the show.You always get me on that!I reckon behind the scenes she's got personality.She's got a lot on her plate. Bunch of kids, successful fashion design. Philandering husband.Oh!Keep you busy.It's got to worry you! Coming up this hour on Today - police consider criminal charges against MP Craig Thomson. We'll hear if Labor will continue to accept his vote.And the claws are out - we're on the Aussie set of Hugh Jackman's new blockbuster. It looks great.He's in great form. Top of the hour so it's time for the top of the news. Here's Georgie. The lawyer for MP Craig Thomson has called on Tony Abbott to produce evidence of his client's guilt or shut up. Mr Abbott attacked the Government for continuing to accept Mr Thomson's vote in Parliament despite police officers raiding his home and electoral office. But the Government says he hasn't been charged with a crime.The important thing is here is that the proper police investigative processes are followed and allowed to be followed independently and that Mr Thomson is accorded natural justice. Computers and a handwriting sample were among the items seized during the raid. Firefighters in Queensland are facing hot, strong winds today as 60 blazes continue to burn across the State. Overnight, firefighters battled to control three blazes in the State's south-east. Nine reporter Sophie Walsh is at Queensland's fire headquarters. Sophie, good morning. Bring us up to dates. What's the latest there this morning?Well, Georgie, the two biggest fires are burning at Greenbank and Ravensbourne. No homes are under threat at the moment and they are burning safely within containment lines. There are a couple of crews, about three, that monitored them overnight. The bulk of the crews left around midnight but they'll return at 8am today. Yesterday they made the most of favourable conditions, strengthening the containment lines. So they're coming back to quite a good position today. They had to call in three bombers to Ravensbourne and issued a watch message for residents, telling them to prepare to evacuate. That was cancelled around 6:30 last night. Police were called in to control traffic on the highway after a fire blew smoke and it was affecting visibility down there. This morning, we're not smelling that same strong smell of smoke across Brisbane and so it is - it does appear that that haze has lifted. Today in Brisbane we're looking at a top of around 28. There is a major concern, though, a major severe fire danger warning in the Channel country because they're expecting tops of 41 degrees and winds of up to 40km/h.And I understand there's going to be a meeting today in one of the fire- affected areas. Tell us what that's about.Yeah, look, the Department of Community Services are organising a meeting at 7pm for Greenbank residents at the Greenbank community centre. They'll have volunteers for residents to ask any questions and raise any concerns they have.We'll leave it there for now. Sophie Walsh, thank you. Firefighters in NSW are bracing for a horror day today with strong winds and temperatures set to blame into the 30s. A total fire ban is in place across Sydney, the Hunter and the Illawarra. A cooler change is expected tonight. Authorities say fires that break us in conditions such as those forecast can be very difficult to control and pose a threat potentially to homes. The president of the Philippines has been forced to cut short his attendance at an official dinner hosted by Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Canberra after falling ill. The leader spoke briefly at the banquet held in a private dining room at Parliament House but left without eating.Thank you for gracing us with your presence this evening. We are very, very disappointed that you have become unwell but we wish you a very speedy recovery and a good night's rest here in Australia. The night still went ahead, though. Guests enjoyed three courses with pan-fried snapper as their mains. Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu will today officially apologise to mothers who had their babies taken from them as part of forced adoptions. It follows a landmark inquiry which found tens of thousands of babies were taken away between the 1950s and 1960s. 400 people are expected to attend a joint sitting of Parliament. Mr Baillieu says the importance of today's apology should not be underestimated. He accepts that, for some, an apology might not be enough. Now to finance and in the US, the Dow Jones is down by five points.

It's time to get the sport so here's Ben. Thank you very much, Georgie. Good morning to you. The International Olympic Committee says it would be wrong to abolish cycling from the Games in the wake of the Lance Armstrong doping controversy. Meantime, last year's Tour de France champion, Cadel Evans, has issued a passionate plea on his website, urging fans to keep the faith and not abandon cycling, saying the sport has changed and moved on after years of cheating. Back home and English stayer, Gatewood has booked himself a place in the Melbourne Cup after taking out the Geelong Cup. The 5-year-old has now firmed from $51 to $15 for the big race but it's unclear if jockey Glen Boss will stick with him. You need that type of horse in the race, who willing quick on his feet and get you into a spot and out of a spot. They don't run any quicker than that. That was very quick. The race's two previous winners have both gone on to win the Melbourne Cup. Marquee man Alessandro Del Piero will celebrate his 800th career match this weekend against Perth. The Italian import will push for his third goal in as many games but says he still has plenty of improvement left. Sydney are aiming for back-to-back wins on Sunday night in front of a home crowd at ANZ Stadium. He's been terrific, Alessandro Del Piero, in bringing in fans and big bucks. Just another story in terms of big bucks, Rory McIlRoy, world's number one golfer, Irishman, 23 years of age. There's a rumour swirling around that Nike is about to offer him a 10-year deal worth $250 million. What?He's refusing to comment saying it's with his management who deal with all that stuff. $250 million Australian over 10 years! He's holding out for more. You'd round it up to $300 million, wouldn't you?You woo. It's so close.If you're the manager, you would. 20% of that! Coming up on Today - the real reason electricity prices have begun through the roof and what authorities plan to do about it. 'Gangnam Style' fever spreads to the top of UN. We've got more details for you in most clicked. Later, Prince Charles and Camilla throw a palace party for a few lucky Aussies ahead of their tour of Australia. Not too far away now. Right now, lerts get a check of the weather. Good morning, Stevie. You're somewhere very interesting this morning. Yes, indeed. Good morning to you, Lisa. We came from Alice Springs yesterday, 41 degrees, their hottest October day in 10 years. A massive adventure to where we are this morning. We are outside the Big Brother House this morning at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. It might not look like much but we haven't been allowed in yet. The doors are still closed. The contestants are still asleep but we're going to make our way inside. It's like a high-security prison to get in here. There are security guards, guard dogs, fences to get through but we've made our way in and shortly we'll go inside to find out what our mission is from Big Brother himself. First let's see what's happening with the weather around the country. G'day. There is hot weather around, particularly through NSW, with a fire danger for the Sydney, Hunter and Illawarra regions.

Let's look at the rainfall map - most of the rain associated with a front will affect the south coast of South Australia and skirt past southern Victoria tomorrow. A few coastal hours for Queensland's north-east coast and showers in the afternoon and evening in inland areas of WA as well. OK, a very good morning to you. This is it. It doesn't look much from here but on the other side, this is what they call the eye, the main entrance to the Big Brother House. Let's open up and go inside. Pretty heavy security here and this is it! OK. Obviously nobody's awake here at the moment but this is the backyard of the Big Brother House. This is like it's very own television studio with 42 cameras. And these are the microphones. Hello. You're not Big Brother, are you? What's your name?Lisa.Lisa. How are you?Good, thanks.These are the microphones the contestants wear, 42 cameras, the whole house is like a television studio. We don't exactly what our mission here is but I'm sure Big Brother will let us know throughout the morning. VOICEOVER: This is Big Brother. Steve to the diary room. There we go. That's the man himself. Big Brother is up. So we'll - anyone know where the diary room is? OK. That's our first problem. I'm just going to wander around. Yeah, do that.Stay tuned. We might wake the contestants later in the morning. Brilliant, Stevie. Good luck in the diary room. Ahead in the show - $10,000 worth of fuel to give away from BP.Next - calls for Craig This program is not captioned. Sleepovers are great fun
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Welcome back to the show. Victoria Police are considering laying multiple charges against former Labor MP Craig Thomson after seizing several items in a dawn raid of his Central Coast home and electorate office yesterday. Strike Force Karen yarveion is investigating his use of an American Express card and allegations he received secret commissions when he was the union boss. Minister for Regional Australia joins us now. Good morning, Simon Crean. Craig Thomson insists will be vindicated over this. Either way it seems the Government is going to be dragged through the mud once again on this issue. Should Craig Thomson step aside until this is resolved? He's gone to the crossbenches so he's certainly stepped aside from the Labor Party. He's not bound by any decisions we make. The second point I would make, Lisa - and this goes to the fundamental rights of any individual in circumstances - no charges have been laid and people shouldn't be asked to do anything until such time as either they are or are found guilty. Certainly they shouldn't be prejudged. And I think we've just got to let the investigations run their course.Well, the Prime Minister has always said that she has full confidence in Craig Thomson. Given what you've just said, thank does that continue to be the case?No, I don't think she has said that since the point at which he moved to the crossbench. I think she said the line had been crossed. The reference to confidence went some time back and I think, again, if we're being accurate in the reporting of the sequence of events, that point needs to be made. She hasn't expressed confidence in him of recent times. He has gone to the crossbenches.At this stage, though, the Government is still happy to take his vote, though?So is Tony Abbott! I mean it was only two weeks ago the man that's now calling for the Government not to rely on his vote was canvasing it for himself. What sort of hypocrisy is that, Lisa?If Mr Thomson is charged by police, what is the Government's fallback position when it comes to numbers in the Parliament?You're asking me a hypothetical.But you -We've got to let -But you are going to have a fallback position. You must be talking about it.Lisa, is not part of the Labor Party. He sits on the crossbenches. No charges have been laid. What would you suggest be done in those circumstances?I'm not part of the Government, Mr Crean. That's why I'm interviewing you.No, but you are posing questions and I'm putting the same questions back to you and this is about judgment. Whether you're part of the Government or not, this is what the ordinary person has to consider, quite apart from any Government assessment. No charges laid, not part of a government any more, sits in Parliament elected by his constituents - I'm sure his constituents, whatever they might think of these charges, would expect Mr Thomson to be representing them in the Parliament on crucial votes that affect their lives.Alright.That's what he's been elected to do. No-one's saying that he should be out of the Parliament. If he's in the Parliament, he's got a responsibility to his constituents as well.Alright. Let's move on to the budget update. There are reports today that the mining tax has raised zero revenue in its first three months. How is this going to affect the budget surplus? Well, it has - the mining revenues in terms of the figures that were put out yesterday have been shown to have been project - will project less than what we thought. And the reason for that is simple, Lisa - that it is a profpts-based tax. In other words, it is only paid when a profit level is reached. Now, at the moment, that profit left in -- level in the first three months - let's just say the first three months is hardly the basis for saying that this is not going to raise anything - the first three months we've seen a big drop in commodity prices. But I think the other factor about this tax is that it was never projected to raise it in the early part. It's later that it raises it. Why won't it raise it in the early part? Because these mining companies are making massive investments in infrastructure, which is tax deductable. That, of after all is the reason Twiggy Forrest, even during the resources boom and the very high prices, was himself paying no tax, because legitimately, he was investing billions of dollars in infrastructure which is a tax- deductable item. So arguing that this is a failure based on the first three months is just ludicrous. I might say we also announced the other day as a consequence of the future minerals resource tax revenues a commitment to put more money back into regional Australia. The unfreezing, if you like, of the regional development Australia rounds, only there now, another $540 million of Commonwealth money for regional Australia, only there because of the minerals resource tax.Can you still deliver the $1.1 billion surplus, given you don't have any money coming in at this stage? Absolutely. That's what the figures the other day demonstrated. Why is it important to deliver the surplus? Because it helps put downward pressure on interest rates. And for families, the two most important things for them are a job, which we have created record numbers of job increases, and lower pressure on interest rates. So the job, the pressure off in terms of the - well, taking the downward - putting downward pressure on interest rates. And the thing I think that we need to understand here, Lisa, is this - that when people look atrous around the world, they see us having the -- at us around the world, they see us having the best retirement incomes policy in the world, the best health care system in the world and the highest level of minimum wages in the world. This in comparison with the rest of the world is really considered world class. Now, I think that in all the circumstances of the global financial crisis, this is a Government that has performed extraordinarily well when it comes to the economy. Delivering the surplus is part of it. Keeping the downward pressure on interest rates is another part. But significantly improving the disposable income of households is also -- has also been a critical part, not just whilst they're in work, but dignity in retirement as well.Mr Crean, we have to leave it there. We've unfortunately run out of time but thank you for your time this morning.My pleasure. Over to you, Karl. I love the upward inflection on pleasure! Up next - most clicked, including the new fragrance for dogs. Wherever I fetch, there you are. My wag. My treat. My belly rub. This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to the show. Let's look at the most cliblgd items on the net. Raging at number one this morning, pop sensation Psy has met the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon. The head of the UN joked he was no longer the most famous Korean since Psy's video went viral on YouTube.In such a case, I'm also thinking of playing 'Gangnam Style'. Everybody will stop and dance. Maybe you can bring 'UN Style'. He added that Psy was so cool and energetic, that he could help to curb global warming and lessen the energy crisis. And all in a black-and-white played -- plaid jacket. At number two, check out this dog running a romantic forest wedding proposaling. -- proposal.

I don't think it was 'running'. It was 'ruining'.He's ruining it by running.The dog's right. It should be a private affair. Finally look at the new lush fragrance for dogs. VOICEOVER: It's not a walk. Every walk ends but we go on. The stick flies and we chase after it. Training disappears. Instincts take over. But wherever I fetch, there you are. My wag. My treat. My belly rub. Kennel No. 5. Adorable. This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Like these walls,
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Welcome back. You're watching Today across Australia. Coming up - $10,000 worth of fuel to give away thanks to BP.Right now it is news time and here's Georgie.Thank you, Lisa. Good morning. We have breaking news. There's been a bad accident on the Monash Freeway south-east of Melbourne, forcing part of the road to be closed. It's understood the crash involved a car and a bed screen and it happened near Soldiers Road at Berrick just after 5:30 this morning. We understand all inbound lanes of the freeway at Berrick are closed and drivers are being advised to use the Princes Highway. Major crash investigators are now headed to the scene with emergency crews. Labor frontbenchers say it's imperative Craig Thomson is accorded natural justice and presumed innocent until proven otherwise following a raid on his home and office on the NSW Central Coast. Officers seized a number of materials including a compute irhard drive and documents as part of an investigation into alleged corruption at the Health Services Union. Remember he's got no criminal charge against him. He's not been found guilty of anything. We should let proper processes be conducted. Victoria Police says it cannot confirm reports this morning that investigators are considering laying multiple charges against the MP. Queensland firefighters will have to battle hot, strong winds today as up to 60 bushfires rage around the State. Blazes in the south-east at Crows Nest and Ravensbourne are now under control but a community safety meeting will be held in Greenbank today to discuss the current fire danger to residents. It comes as rural firefighters battle their own fight with the State Government over crippling budget cuts.We run on the smell of an oily rag. We have done for years and I think with the recent proposals, they've taken away the oil.In NSW, a total fire ban is in place across Sydney, the Hunter and the ilwar yar-Shoalhaven regions with scorching temple-of- temperatures expected there today. A rural firefighter has been rescued in a Dell crate operation in the NSW Blue Mountains. He fell 8m down a cliff while helping with a hazard reduction burn at Leura last night. He suffered minor injuries to his head and neck.We understand he has sustained some form of neck injury. He has discomfort and pain. It's more precautionary that he be transported out in a secure environment. The man was flown by helicopter to hospital and treated for his injuries. Footage has reportedly captured Victorian Liberal MP Geoff Shaw using obscene language and hand gestures in Parliament. Yesterday, the State Opposition called for the Frankston MP to resign but Mr Shaw was adamant he'd been misheard and never made the lewd hand gesture.I certainly heard Geoff Shaw use a word that rhymes with 'banker'. Anyone who saw it would be in no doubt of what he said and what he gestured.Footage of the alleged incident is believed to have been shown on Parliament's website but won't be released to the public. The father of missing Sydney toddler Rahma El Dennaoui will today give evidence at the inquest into the little girl's disappearance. He will be questioned about coded conversation he had on the telephone with Rahma's aunt during which he repeatedly used the phrase "cut the grass" meaning giving evidence. He made jokes about confessing and collecting rewards money, the court has heard. Rahma disappeared from her home in Sydney's west in 2005. Now to finance:

This is one chimney that won't need sweeping any more, described as a control catastrophe, the 150m tower was brought down with a spectacular bang in Poland. 200 explosive devices were placed at the base of the structure which is part of a power plant. Sirens helped warn local residents to stay pay way before the chimney came tunnelbling down. What is it about a demolition that's so gripping to watch? Away, every time. Fantastic. We love seeing things destroyed, don't we?It's sad, really.I think it's because it takes so long to build, the idea that it can come down in one fell swoop is fascinating.My boys love destroying other people's sandcastles at the beach but Ava hates it.She's a lovely kid, Ava. Come on, boys! What are you doing, Stefanovic boys! Take a good hard look at yourself. The fallout from Lance Armstrong's doping scandal continues. The International Olympic Committee are meeting tomorrow to decide whether or not to strip the American of the bronze medal he won at the Sydney games 12 years ago. Cadel Evans, our Aussie, has taken to his website, writing a bit of a plea this morning to cycling fans to stick with his sport. He says:

To horse racing and John Singleton has taken Gai Waterhouse's instructional riding duties away from her and More Joyous for the Cox Plate. Singleton insists it will be him and not Waterhouse who gives final instructions to the jockey before Saturday's $3 million race. This comes after Gai's controversial barrier draw where she chose gate 11 for what she describes as tactical reasons. In rugby league, the Wests Tigers have found a new coach, Mick Potter signing a 2-year deal to replace Tim Sheens. The former Canterbury and St George fullback says he doesn't want to stifle Benji Marshall and provide too much structure around him. He just wants to make subtle changes not to his game but to complement other people around him. He's got a difficult job ahead of him at the Tigers but best of luck to him. Now some T signs. This is 4-year- old Harry from Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast who clearly has too many golf balls in the backyard but very, very lucky kid. Cool T. Next up - Tobie, tomorrow and Samantha gave us this one while bush walker. That is a naturally formed - what is it? Something in the mud?A former fire. Two half burnt logs.Could be oil. Carolyn from Ulladulla in NSW sent in a very bizarre looking carrot from letter garden.Are you sure that's a carrot?We are sure. I grow my own too and they come out in all sorts of strange -It's one of those 'Simpsons' carrot.They come out in shapes you don't find at the supermarkets.She's growing them too close to the telephone poles. Thanks, Fordo! Coming up - Richard's review of Ben Affleck's new movie. Is it the film of his career? It could be?We're on the set of Hugh Jackman's new technology.And amazing new technology allowing paraplegics to walk again. What an amazing story. Right now it's time for your best local forecast. Here's Stevie. Good morning. Thank you, Lisa. I've made my way into the Big Brother compound this morning at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. Seven contestants are left and we're getting to the pointy end of the competition. They've been locked in here for nearly three months now and they've got a one-in-seven chance of winning $250,000. But the cracks are starting to show this week. Now, I've finally found the diary room this morning and this is the chair where the contestants get their instructions from Big Brother. VOICEOVER: Hello, Steve.Speak of the delve. -- devil. How are you feeling today?I feel claustrophobic. I've been locked in here for 10 minutes. I'm not coping. I miss my family.Hold it together. Sorry, mate.Big Brother has a task in mind for you today.What's the task?That will be revealed.I'm up for it, Big Brother, but I've got a task for you. Will you help me did the national flyaround weather this morning?With pleasure.OK. I'll start off. We'll be in Queensland this morning. This is what's happening at your place today.

It was quite an effort getting through all of the security to make our way inside the compound this morning but we are here and Big Brother, what is the task?Steve, as part of this week's task, housemates were to ignore unwelcome guests. Steve, would you like to be an unwelcome guest.Mate, I'm used to being ignored. It's just another day for me but I'm for it, Karl and Lisa.Steve, housemates are currently fast asleep? The bedroom. That's a good place to start your task - by waking them up.Bring it on! Let's make some noise, gang! Into the bedroom. We'll see you shortly.You haven't been ignored there, have you, young fella? Hey? Hey? Hey?Haven't been ignored in the bedroom, Karl! Thank you, Stevie. Thank you, Big Brother.Movies next.I think I know Big Brother.Do you?No. I made it up. A few films out today. Ben Affleck stars in 'Argo'.You have 72 hours to get them out.You're getting a visitor.

This program is not captioned.

Good morning again. Movies today and there are a couple of crackers fresh in cinemas this week. One is a French film that set box office records atumbling. First up - Ben Affleck is back for his third outing as a director to brings us the incredible story of 'Argo'. Actions in Iran have shocked the civilised world. The film is based on the real events of the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979, when rough solutionaries stormed the American Embassy in Tehran, capturing all but six, who escaped and were hiding out at the Canadian ambassador's residence.If these people die, they die badly. We want the six of them out.With the CIA scrambling to come one a plan to get them out of the country -What we require for this are bicycles. Deliver the six bikes, and maps.Are give them training wheels and meet them at the border with Gatorade.Tony Mendez comes up with a plan to have the six pose as a fake film crew.You want to come to Hollywood and act like a big shot without doing anything.Yes. You'll fit right in.The hunt is on for a suitable product.You need a script.'Argo', a science fantasy adventure.John Goodman is a Hollywood make-up artist and Alan arcin is a producer.If I'm doing a fake movie, it will be a fake hit. These two are hilarious and add a touch of levity as the action heats up in Iran with the net closing in on the missing men.We're asking you to trust us with your lives. This is what I do and I've never left anyone behind.If you know what happened, you'll know what happened. If you don't or even if you do, you'll be riveted. It's an amazing, incredible story and this is a brilliant film. In fact, it's one of the best of the year, with all sorts of Oscar buzz for Ben, producer George Clooney and everyone involved in it. It's called 'Argo'. It's out today. Four stars.You really believe your little story is going to make a difference?I think my little difference is the only thing between you and a gun to your head. Next up is the story of a wealthy Frenchman who is looking for a carer. Phillipe is a quadriplegic following a paragliding accident and someone applies for the job to continue getting welfare benefit. And blow me down - Phillipe decides to take a risk and give the job to the ex-confrom the other side of town. Despite the concerns of Phillipe's friends. So Phillipe and Driss are man and servant and after a period of settling in, tease people from different worlds find themselves forming an unlikely friendship. Look, this film will have you both crying and laughing, sometimes at the same time, which is a little awkward, as this relationship soars. It is, without doubt, the feel-good film of the year. It's hilarious, heart-warming and simply has to be seen. It's called 'The Intouchables' and is simply magnifique in any language. I'm giving it 4.5 stars. Yeah, it's a wonderful movie. I'm not alone in my praise. Events Cinemas have offered a money-back guarantee for that one. Also out today - a fairly dark animated film from Tim Burton about a dog that's brought back to life, sort of. It's called 'Frankenweenie'. There is a futuristic thriller called 'Dredd'. There's a Motown movie about three sisters who form a group called 'Sparkle' with Whitney Houston in it and the Paul Kelly film is on limited release and doing great business. Love our Paul Kelly.Sure do.Can we get Paul Kelly in to the show, Dickie?We're actually talk being that.Great, fantastic. Get him in for half an hour or so for a couple of songs. I don't know if I mentioned that to the boss yet. Check out Hugh Jack man on location last night filming 'Wolverine'. There he is arriving. I've got it all covered. He's shooting scenes for 'Wolverine', a snow-covered Japanese landscape, samurai sword- fighting, all at Homebush Bay in Sydney. There you go. It's all going on at the movies. Cameras everywhere, Dickie.That 'Intouchables' film you put us on to it on the plane coming home and it's the best thing I have seen in a long time.If you haven't seen a movie for a long time, see T I think it deserves five stars.It's got subtitles. Some people don't like that. See it on the big screen. Some of the cinematography wasn't all that great.Oh! It's a beautiful film. Gorgeous. Lovely film. Coming up - how authorities plan to rein in rising electricity prices. Can they do it?Also ahead - Charles and Camilla throw a palace party for all of their favourite Aussies. And on this day in 1999, Lou Bega's smash hit 'Mambo No5' shot to number one on the charts. Sing along. See you after this.

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This program is not captioned. # Down, down # Prices are down # Tomorrow is Down Down Friday. We are giving away a $10,000 Coles voucher. If nobody wins, it jackpots.Pick up the phone within five rings and say the magic words - "I wake up with Today."

Time time now for Ross. Good morning to you all. Now listen though your financial time horizon might not stretch further than the next pay pact, so the inflation number changed opinion again yesterday when it was released. Let's get really short term. Minute by minute on what you can see is quarterly inflation rate 1.4% taking annual inflation to 2%. It was a surprise. This is the dollar. Minute by minute. You can see here - 11:30 yesterday when the inflation number was released. As the market changed, the odds of the raeng cutting interest rates in 12 days time - you can see the dollar started to rise preesh yably. Plenty of economists say that there is room for the Reserve Bank to move interest rates down soon. They will look at higher electricity prices, vegetable prices. It strikes me the main cost risings are those things that Government, state and federal - have a hand in regulating - electricity, health, gas, childcare. The exception - vegetable prices. Based on this, thank God the Government cannot control the weather!(LAUGHTER) Such a good point!A mixed bag! I think they are working on it, though, aren't they?! Richard Reid controls the weather, amongst other things, with photos of Jessica and Justin's big day at last?Oh, my gosh! The wedding of the year so far! Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel. Here is their magazine cover. Holy Moses! She is wearing a pink wedding dress! It is not pink - it is bright pink! Check it out. 'People' magazine has the exclusive shots. Justin serenaded Jessica as she walked down the aisle in this dress. It was a fabulous night! They danced until 5am. Justin says they were the last two to leave the dance floor. Man! Their heads were hurtin' the next day when they got on the aeroplane!Happy days for them. Good luck to them too! Double diva alert - could two of the biggest names in the busiest be teaming up for a good name of romance?Holy League! Holy Lady Gaga! She has hinted that she and Beyonce will hit the studio again. Kind of a sequel to their big hit 'Telephone'. They said it was a career high for them, they had fun playing off of each other. The video was crazy! Don't be surprised if a collaboration takes place on Gaga's next album 'Pop Art', which comes out next year.Good together, those two. An unlikely combination, but it works. Another day, another drama. For you know who - Lindsay Lohan up to her old tricks again. Hello! Can you stay sticky fingers. The producers of 'Scary Movie 5' say Lindsay, when she left the scene, somehow $15,000 worth of designer clothes went missing! They are doing an investigation. They think Lindsay made off with the clothes! Boy oh boy, she can't help herself. Funny, that! Thank you, mate. We will check in with you before the end of the show. You got it. Thank you, left hand side. High energy, as always! Here are the top stories on Today. Closing in - police consider criminal charges against suspended MP Craig Thomson. The great electricity rip-off - the ACCC finds we are paying $3 billion too much. Medical breakthrough - the Aussie scientists who have cracked the code of a deadly cancer. Royal romp - Charles and Camilla party with their favourites. Free fuel Thursday. Your chance to win $10,000 worth of fuel. Great to have your company on this Thursday 25 October. Victoria Police are a step closer to charging former Labor MP Craig Thomson after seizing a number of items from his Central Coast home and an electoral office. This morning, Government minister Simon Crean says that Labor has distanced himself from Thomson but that he deserves the presumption of innocence.He has gone to the cross benches. In one sense, he has certainly stepped aside from the Labor Party. He is not bound by any decisions we make. The second point I would make, Lisa - and this just goes to the fundamental rights of any individual in circumstances - no charges have been laid. People shouldn't be asked to do anything until such time as either they are or are found guilty. Certainly, they shouldn't be pre-judged. I think we've just got to let the investigations run their course. Well, the Prime Minister has always said that she has full confidence in Craig Thomson. Given what you have just said, does that continue to be the case?No, I don't think she has says that, since the point at which he moved to the cross bench. I think she said that the line had been crossed. The reference to confidence went sometime back. I think, again, if we are being accurate in the reporting of the sequence of events, that point needs to be made. She hasn't expressed confidence in him of recent times. He has gone to the cross benches.At this stage, though, the Government is still happy to take his vote, though? Ha, well, so is Tony Abbott! I mean, it was only two weeks ago, the man that is now calling for the Government not to rely on his vote was canvassing it for himself. Firefighters in Queensland will continue to Baltimore than 60 fires burning around the state today, with the Bureau of Meteorology issuing another severe fire weather warning. Sophie Walsh is at the headquarters of the Queensland Rural Fire Service. What is the situation with the major fires? Well, Karl, the biggest fires are at Ravensburn and Greenbank. No homes are under threat. They are burning safely, within containment lines. A couple of crews, about three, monitored them overnight. The the bull of course the crews will be returning at 8am today to keep watch. Yesterday, they made the most of favourable conditions, strengthening containment lines. As well as the more than 60 are burning right across the state. They were forced to call in three water bombers at Ravensburn and issued a watch-and-act message to residents to prepare to evacuate. They cancelled it around 6:30. The situation has calmed somewhat. Police were called in to control traffic at the Gateway Highway after smoke from a fire at Nudgeep affected other areas. We are looking at a top of 28 degrees in Brisbane today. But of major concern is the Channel Country, expecting a top of 41 degrees, winds of 40km/h. They are keeping a very close eye on that area.Nasty. Have your plans in place if you live in those affected areas. It is Queensland's worst fire season in years. In the midst firefighters facing budget cuts.They are facing budget cuts right across Australia. The Department of Community Safety in Australia is realigning its positions, and hundreds of positions will be affected. The fire line is one part of the community safety. But it could not have come at a worse time. We are being told that we are looking towards one of the worst fire seasons we have seen in years.We run on the smell of an oily rag - we have done for years. With the recent proposals, they have taken away the oil.So true. Emergency services need to be looked after. Meantime, there's a very real fire danger across NSW today as well with a total fire ban in place across Sydney, Hunter, Illawarra. Temperatures are set to soar to the mid-30s ahead of a cooler change tonight. Firefighters are bracing for windy conditions. There's been traffic chaos on Melbourne's Monash Freeway this morning after a pedestrian was struck and killed by a car. Inbound lanes south of Berrick have been shut down. Major crash investigators and emergency crews are at the scene. Teachers in SA will be told to stop identifying students in photos on school websites, and to avoid publishing pictures of children on their own, or in swim suits. It is part of the education department's new social media policy, which will be circulated to 600 schools today. Under the guidelines, students can be suspended or expelled for threatening online behaviour towards other students, teachers, staff or other people associated with the school. The new policy is designed to protect students from online predators. We will have more on this in 'What's Making News' later this hour.Now to Queensland, where there has been a major medical breakthrough with scientists unravelling the DNA structure of the genes that drive pancreatic cancer. That means opening the door for better treatments and an increase in patient survival. Professor Sean Grimmin made this remarkable discovery. Good morning to you, Professor. Congratulations. T Can you start by talking us through the findings. Sure. The study has been carried out to really try to understand what has been the molecular basis of causing cancer in a series of about 100 patients. The patients have come from Australia and from North America. I guess, by way of introduction, over the last 20 years, they have come to understand that cancer starts because you accumulate damage to your DNA. Your DNA is the hard drive in your cells. If you get enough damage, sooner or later, you lose control - like the computer loses control when the hard drive is broken. We have gone through one patient at a time and looked at the genetic blueprint of the tumours and worked out what were the causes of the cancer in that full set of 100 patients. I guess, the key findings from that is that we understand what are the key drivers, or what are the things that normally happen within pancreatic cancer. We have found they use a number of tricks that other cancers might use to start. We have found new ways that are special to pancreatic cancer, insights into why pancreatic cancer is so invasive, aggressive, and as to why the traditional way of using drugs has not really worked that well for pancreatic cancer.How is this research going to help doctors in treating patients with pancreatic cancer in Sure. So I mean, the first instance, given the fantastic reference, or an atlas for us to make sense of what is going on across a large number of patients, one of the things we have seen from this is that even though we may not be able to see some of the standard drugs working for a one-size-fits-all, it has opened our eyes to treating the patient, and what has gone on with that patient, that individual, rather than treating the disease. In a small percentage of the patients, 15% to 20%, where identifying things in their tumour, an Achilles heel, we might be talking about using five or 10 different drugs, depending on the mutation, it may be something that occurs rarely, but it may be a whole opportunity for us to start to tackle this deadly disease.Will this open the door to treating other types of cancer, do you know? So the approach we are taking here is, I think, a good example of what we can start to do with some of the cancers which have a very poor outcome. Where our standard therapies are not doing well. There is a wide variety of those cancers - mesothelioma, that is a an example of where they are not effective. If we take the guesswork out of chemotherapy, and maybe a whole new chapter to tackle at least the disease in some of these patients.It sounds like wonderful news. Thank you very much for your time. Well done on such a very significant discovery. Pleasure. Thank you.Of course, great news for our own Peter Harvey there. If you missed his report earlier this week, he is back on the job while undergoing chemotherapy treatments. He was diagnosised with pancreatic cancer earlier this month. Doctors told him if he felt going back to work, to go for it. Lucky for us, he has. All the best, Pete. We have massive crushes on Peter Harvey. We love you, mate. The ACCC has revealed Aussie consumers are being overcharged for electricity by as much as $3 billion. Power bills have gone up by a whopping 60%, and the last five years alone. Joining me now is Rod Simms. Good morning to you. We have been banging on about it for some months now. Why can't we get the electricity prices down?Prices have gone up for a range of reasons, Karl. There's a few of them that are really inappropriate and unnecessary. Half the bill of the people watching this room is the poll poles and wires - getting the lek thrisity from where it is generated to their -- electricity from where it is generated to their homes.Everybody is going, "Why has my bill gone up by $300, $400."35% of the cost of power is generating it. 50% get its to your home. 15% is to the retail. The poles and wires costs have gone up by a hell of a lot. They have gone up for a range of reasons. But one problem is the way the regulator has to regulate them, which was set in train by governments five or six years ago, limiting the ability of the regulator to properly constrain the monopoly poll poles and wires increases. Largely, the regulator has to accept what the poles and wires companies put it to it. It doesn't have the discretion.When it works to retail, costs are passed on to the consumer, as a result of using the poles.You cannot avoid using the poles.Yes, we all accept that there is maintenance and upgrades and things that need to happen. When this happens, like Deb said, "Our last electricity bill was a whopping $1,289, which has doubled in the last year." They said, "We were on holidays for the six bill." Vanna said, "Last quarter our bill was $237. This quarter it was $452 our bill was running late and we were only given 13 days to pay." She's on maternity leave. She is struggling to pay the bill. The problem is that we accept that there are going to be increases in how much it costs to produce that, the power, but these are going exponentially higher than that, double the price. Why can't we control what those people like AGL or power suppliers are doing?The big problem is the inability of the regulator to properly police the monopoly poles and wires costs. That is the fundamental problem. The other problem, Karl, is governments three or four years ago, at each of the states, particularly NSW, pushed up the reliability standards that the network companies have to meet. So you have seen in NSW the expenditure on the poles and wires business between one five-year period and another tripled. That has flown through.It sounds like you are apologising on behalf of the power suppliers. You are not doing that, are you?I'm saying that the regulator has not had the ability that it should have had to control the prices of the power network companies.In terms of that, the head of the AGL has said there will be no more discounts for customers. It has said that it may even hold back power from the supply because it is that upset the State Governments have been intervening. What would you say in response to that?The problem they are facing is the strains put on the system right across the board because the network poles and wires prices have gone up so much. There is pushback from the community, and that is squeezing the retailers, which is leading to that response.How do we fix the problem?We fix the problem by changing the rules under which network power companies are regulated. The rules that should be the same as for any other monopoly business. They should have to prove to the regulator why the prices go up, not the other way around. That is the be big change.It makes enormous sense. Let's hope something gets done. Appreciate your time today