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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Police raid, authorities search former Labor MP Craig Thomson's home and electoral office.I don't expect to be charged in relation to this matter.Final leg, Obama and Romney head to the battleground states with just two weeks to go. You know me, you know I mean what I say.Calling for unity, an Arab head of state visits Gaza for the first time since Hamas took power. Saying goodbye, diggers in Afghanistan hold memorial services for their fallen comrade.

for their fallen comrade. Good evening. I'm Janice Petersen. I'm Anton Enus. Also tonight, more damaging allegations as the BBC struggles to contain the sex scandal surrounding former radio and television star Jimmy Savile.I believe the system as a whole seems not to have got this right.And later, as the 007 movie franchise celebrates its 50th anniversary, we take a look at the evolution of the Bond girl. NSW police have raided the home and office of MP Craig Thomson in relation to the alleged misuse of union money. The former Labor MP turned independent says he's co- operating fully with investigations. Mr Thomson's lawyer has lashed out the media and Opposition for the treatment of his client, which, he says, amounts to a witch-hunt. Police haven't laid charges. Just after daybreak police swooped on Craig Thomson's Central Coast home. NSW police conducted the raid on behalf of their Victorian counterparts. The embattled MP was playing it down.It was part of the routine procedures that we fully expected.

expected. About 20 detectives also raided Craig Thomson's electoral office, seizing documents and computer equipment.The NSW police facilitate the process. Our colleagues from Victoria are with us, and anything that is seized will be returning to Victoria with them.They're investigating claims Mr Thomson used his Health Services Union credit card to pay for travel, prostitutes and cash advances. Those offences allegedly took place when he was the Union's National Secretary. The independent MP says the raids were part of broader investigations into the HSU and not specifically about his actions. Today was in relation to the national office of the union. I don't expect to be charged in relation to this matter. Mr Thomson says he is cooperating fully with police and even volunteered handwritten documents to prove he did not sign credit card statements. Nobody has been eliminated from our investigation at this point in time. The Opposition says Labor should distance itself from Mr Thomson. This is a tainted vote. It is a tainted vote that is absolutely crucial to this Prime Minister. These are matters for the police and I don't intend to comment on them at all.Mr Thomson quit the Labor party in April. But the Coalition wants the government to stop counting on his vote in parliament.This is someone who is found by Fair Work Australia to have misused the money of low-paid union members. If Mr Abbott has evidence of that he should come forward forthwith or he should shut his mouth.Craig Thomson's lawyer says his client is entitled to the presumption of innocence. He thinks someone tipped off the media before the raids.We will not tolerate our client being condemned by innuendo or ageing student politicians mouthing off. Victorian police put out a statement condemning the tip-off too. The raids come after the leak of two Slater and Gordon reports into the dire financial state of the HSU. The reports show that union officials, some standing for re-election, oversaw a $7 million collapse of the organisation in just two years. HSU elections will be held next month. To American politics now. A majority of polls have declared Barack Obama the winner of yesterday's debate. That doesn't look like having any effect on the polls, he and Mitt Romney are still running neck and neck. The President and his Republican challenger are back on the campaign trail, hitting the battleground states.

states. With just two weeks to close the deal President Obama has embarked on a three day tour of six swing states. In Ohio unveiling a glossy booklet outlining his second term agenda. The president picking up from where he left off last night dismissing Governor Romney as untrustworthy.If you say that you love American cars during a debate, you're a car guy, but you wrote an article entitled let Detroit Go Bankrupt you definitely have a case of Romnesia.Governor Romney in Nevada repeating a line he used at the debate.Attacks on me are not an agenda. The President, we have gone through four debates now, we have gone through four debates, with the vice-presidential debate and my debates, and we have not heard an agenda from the President.

heard an agenda from the President.
And that is why his campaign is taking on water and our campaign is full speed ahead.Despite what the post debate polls say the Romney camp is happy with their candidate's performance yesterday believing he showed that he has what it takes to be the Commander in Chief.Syria is Iran's only ally in the Arab world. It's their route to the sea.Governor Romney apparently oblivious to the fact the fact that Iran and Syria do not share a border and that Iran has two coastlines of its own and so is not dependent on Syria for access to the sea. Although the race for the White House is down to just the two main candidates, in most states they are not the only names on the ballot. The so called third party candidates, having been denied the opportunity to take part in the official debates, tonight facing off in a debate of their own.There is only a couple of voices being heard here and it's Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.Former CNN stalwart Larry King moderating the debate in Chicago, the topics vastly different from those raised in the mainstream debates.Neither of them even dares to talk about getting rid of this disastrous failed war on drugs. Neither of them talk about catastrophic climate change and neither of them talk about poverty. None of the candidates will get more than a few per cent of the vote, but in an election so close they could affect the outcome. As you can imagine, the debate on foreign policy was watched closely around the world. Reaction over the past 24 hours has been much like what you'd find in the US in this extremely tight race - mixed. In Beijing Barack Obama and Mitt Romney entertained the breakfast crowd at this cafe.America needs friends. I think that Obama builds friendships and he does it very well.The idea of friendship is something that's also important to China's government which hopes to build stronger economic ties with the US. Which is why the government here was not happy to hear both candidates talk about the need to get tough on China's alleged trade violations.

violations.US politicians from both parties should view China's development in an objective and rational light, and they should be responsible for China-Us relations and contribute more to mutual trust and cooperation which is also in the interest of the United States. Russia also had reason for concern after listening to Romney call the country a geopolitical foe.

country a geopolitical foe. The debate on foreign policy dominated headlines in Israel and with good reason, much of it concentrated on how the US has dealt with this region during the past four years and what would happen under a Romney administration.Definitely I believe Obama is better, not only for the Israeli people, for the all Western world.Just who showed the most promise is still a matter for debate.

debate. The real question here and around the world isn't who they would prefer, but who they'll have to deal with - to be decided in just two weeks. Qatar's Emir has called for Arab unity on the first visit to Gaza by a head of state since Hamas took power. The Emir urged reconciliation between Hamas and rival Palestinian group, Fatah. But Israel has condemned the Emir's support for Hamas, which it labels a terrorist group. For the leader of Hamas this was a moment to savour.

savour. Ismail Haniyeh was clearly delighted to have a head of state in Gaza.

Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani came with money and a message. He's given Hamas $400 million for building projects and pleaded with the Palestinians to make peace, for rival groups Hamas and Fatah to sort out their differences.

sort out their differences. In recent years foreign politicians who have visited Gaza have avoided all contact with Hamas because of its refusal to recognise Israel and renounce armed struggle. The Emir's visit is a break with the past. It hasn't gone down well in the West Bank or Israel.It's definitely not a good one from the Fatah perspective. Fatah is not happy with this visit. They're concerned that this trip is going to strengthen Hamas' legitimacy.By thus hugging Hamas publicly, the Emir of Qatar has thrown peace under the bus.Peace may already be under the bus. In the latest violence, a Palestinian group claimed responsibility for a bomb that seriously wounded an Israeli officer. Two subsequent Israeli air strikes killed two Palestinians and wounded seven others.

wounded seven others. And activists on board a ship intercepted by Israel on its way to Gaza say they were mistreated by Israeli forces. 30 activists, including two Greek Members of Parliament were on board the Estelle when they were intercepted at the weekend. The activists claim they were tasered and violently apprehended. The Estelle is the latest in a series of vessels protesting Israel's naval blockade of the Palestinian territory.

territory. An Australian lawyer working for a mining company in Mongolia has been stopped from leaving the country and taken in for questioning. Sarah Armstrong, chief legal counsel to a company controlled by Rio Tinto, is believed to be a witness in a tax case involving her company. Foreign Minister Bob Carr says the government is providing consular assistance.She's had the presence of an Australian Consul General, who has had conversations with her on three occasions and is very eager to see this through to accompany her with any meetings she is required to have with Mongolian authorities.Mr Carr was in Mongolia earlier this month. He says Australia's relations with the country are very good and he hopes for a swift solution. And electricity prices rose a whopping 15% last quarter, the first since the carbon price was introduced on July 1st. Higher than expected inflation numbers for the September quarter have seen markets pare back their expectations for when the next official interest rate cut may come. It's the biggest jump in consumer prices in nearly a year and a half. Inflation up 1.4% in the September quarter, 2% up on a year earlier. The critical core figure was a quarterly 0.75% or 2.5 % annualised in the middle of the Reserve Bank's target band. The new carbon tax clearly had an impact, what's unclear is exactly how much. Consistent with Treasury modelling, the carbon price is only expected to result in a 0.7% increase in consumer prices in 2012-13.Less than a third of the impact of the GST. Overall, the Treasurer says inflation is contained. Due partly to the new tax, electricity prices rose 15% in the quarter.This is exactly what the government wanted. They wanted to increase the price of electricity. They have got their wish and they're pretending it is not happening.The average price has gone up by 35%. The price of electricity has gone up by 130 %. Explaining a 90% hike over five years, the competition regulator blames half on network charges and wants urgent reforms.The regulator is very constrained in what it can look at to assess the appropriate level of expenditure.Electricity accounted for the biggest prices hike last quarter. Gas and other household fuels rose 14%. Vegetables 10.5%. International travel, 6%.

travel, 6%. The big question is, is inflation still weak enough to deliver borrowers another interest rate cut on Melbourne Cup day? Economists say what was a virtual certainty now isn't. It's now an even money bet.We think the Reserve Bank has become more concerned about the slow in growth momentum. That will win out. It is a close call. Most pundits think an end of dits think an end of the rate cut is still odds- on, perhaps in December.

on, perhaps in December.Now a quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world. Syrian activists say 20 people have been killed in an attack by government forces on a bakery in the city of Aleppo. The news came as former Syrian officials under the banner of the National Democratic Initiative met UN-Arab League Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi in Damascus. Mr Brahimi also held talks with the Iranian ambassador. 8,500 striking miners have been sacked after ignoring demands to return to work in South Africa. Around 100,000 workers have downed tools over the past few months. Police killed 34 miners in the worst unrest in August. Relatives attending an inquest into the deaths fainted after being shown footage of their final moments. Mourners have gathered to remember nine security personnel killed in a gun battle with insurgents in Afghanistan. The district police chief was among those killed. His convoy was attacked by Taliban fighters in Herat province.

fighters in Herat province. Still in Afghanistan, and Australian forces are preparing to formally farewell their fallen colleague, Corporal Scott Smith, with a ramp ceremony at Tarin Kowt later this week. But some of his mates are already holding their own memorial services at bases around the country.

country. He died in another part of the country, but soldiers are soldiers wherever they are and mates will always be mates. Last night in Uruzgan's west they played the Sapper's Lullaby and paid their respects to another soldier gone, Corporal Scott Smith.We are gathered together tonight to commemorate a memorial service for a fallen digger and brother in arms. A Special Operations Engineer, Corporal Smith died on Sunday after a home-made bomb exploded during a compound search in the province's south. At Forward Operating Base Hadrian, they lit a candle as the padre told them darkness would never overcome the light. Soldiers, he said, took a road less travelled and fought for the freedom that all should enjoy.Scott Smith chose such a path, to be a light in a dark place. We gather to honour him.

dark place. We gather to honour him.
Able Seaman Clearance Diver Ashley Semmens spoke for his mates.He said the 24 year-old engineer inspired him to be better.You left us doing something that so many would shy from and will be remembered as a son, a brother, a partner, a mate and a soldier who took on this job without a question to travel here and serve your country. For this I say, thank you my friend. The world will not be the same without you.In memory of a fallen soldier, for his family and for those things that we will take from this place.And among those whose dangerous work goes on, a prayer for the living.Support us, Lord, all the days of this troublesome life. Until the shadows lengthen and the evening comes. There'll be more memorial services like this over the next few days, wherever Corporal Smith's colleagues and mates are based. The formal ramp ceremony to send him home to his family will be held in Tarin Kowt later this week. Coming up, a push for energy drinks to carry health warnings. A BBC veteran assesses the danger of the current violence in Lebanon. British food no longer a laughing stock across the Channel.

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stock across the Channel. Young people should think twice before consuming energy drinks, according to some Australian doctors. That advice follows the death of an American teenager from a heart attack, which her family blames on a popular energy drink.

a popular energy drink. They are accusing the drink's maker of not warning consumers of potential dangers. Australian medical experts warn teenagers should think twice before consuming energy drinks as it could trigger a fatal heart condition. It comes after the family of a US teenager who died sue the maker of a popular energy drink, marketed as a killer energy brew. Anais Fournier drank just two cans of Monster Energy in 24 hours. Six days later she was dead and despite having a pre-existing heart condition, her mother blames the company that made the drink.Just need to get the word out there so that this never happens to anybody else.Anais's official cause of death was cardiac arhythmia due to caffeine toxicity. And many Australian teenagers could be heading in the same direction.The problem is up to one in 500 people in Australia may have an underlying genetic heart condition, and if you have that underlying heart condition, a trigger like an energy drink can cause very serious arrhythmic problems and sudden death.The national standard for one caffeine drink is set at 320mg per litre. But add in other ingredients like guarana and taurine - that cap seems to be irrelevant.There is certainly evidence of some drinks having 500mls of caffeine.US authorities have received five reports of deaths in the past year, claiming victims had consumed Monster drinks. What's frustrating for medical experts is how readily available these energy drinks are. Teenagers can make their way to school, stop in their local convenient store - you've got red bull, V, and of course Monster, not to mention the heavy promotional material pushing these products. There is now a working group reviewing the guidelines around how much caffeine can be used in products. But already there are calls for more action.I would very firmly believe that there should be some age restriction on who can have these energy drinks, not sure what that age is but it would be at least 16 years of age.The working group is due to release its findings in 2013. Now to other stories in the news around the country. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has reiterated the strong bond between Australia and the Philippines during her meeting with the country's president. Benigno Simeon Aquino arrived in Australia early this morning. He'll meet dignitaries and members of the Filipino community in Australia during his three day visit. The Governor-General, Quentin Bryce, has had her term extended until March 2014. The usual term for a Governor-General is five years although extensions are often granted. Ms Bryce was sworn in as Australia's 25th Governor-General in September 2008. Both the Government and the Opposition support the move. A woman paralysed 20 years ago has walked for the first time in front of her family. Amanda Boxtel's new found mobility comes thanks to a $150,000 battery powered bionic suit. The US inventors are hoping Australian hospitals will consider using the technology for other spinal damage patients.

patients. About 200 diplomats, scientists, and policy makers are meeting in Hobart, planning how to protect Antarctica's marine ecosystems. 10,000 species call the region's oceans home. They face the prospect of overfishing, ocean acidification and climate change. The commission has pledged to agree on a network of marine protected areas across the Southern Ocean by next week. Australian universities are being warned they won't survive if they don't change the way they do business. Ernst and Young says institutions employ too many back- up staff at the expense of teachers. Critics say the study is an attempt to privatise the education system by stealth. Top Australian universities have been a popular destination for overseas students and locals alike, with a reputation for quality teaching and spacious grounds.Australia is famous for it. But with the increasing competition from overseas, there are warnings the bubble could soon burst with an uncertain future for many over the coming decades.If they don't integrate digital technology, if they don't address their costs and their asset base, if they don't understand the impact of the international market becoming more competitive, I think they will struggle enormously to survive to 2025.While their picture isn't quite as gloomy, higher education experts agree many universities will need to change in the long- term.I suspect we are looking at some transformation but the stronger institutions, which have always had status in the major capital cities, they will continue to draw large numbers of families and students. There will still be value in their degrees.But the report has warnings for even the strongest campuses. The authors surveyed 15 institutions and found all but one had more back-up staff than academic staff. They say that ratio must change for the future viability of universities. That could mean a fundamental shift in operations and a break from long- held academic traditions. We would like to see that ratio shift quite dramatically towards much more resources going into teaching and research effort, and less on what I call support services. It requires them really changing their existing business model.The Greens have attacked the report. They say what's really needed is adequate funding for public education, not business- speak.It really does grease the way for the private sector to move into our universities. The result will be that staff and students will bear the brunt of it.If nothing else, it has opened up a debate about the future of our higher education

The late Jimmy Savile was once one of the best known faces in the British entertainment industry. He fronted popular television shows, including 'Top of the Pops' and the make- a- wish programme, 'Jim'll Fix It'. But police say Savile was a predatory sex offender. They are pursuing 400 separate lines of inquiry, from 200 potential victims, across 14 forces. And when the BBC current affairs programme 'Newsnight' dropped a story on the police investigation, it sparked a scandal that's reached Parliament. Channel 4's Paraic O'Brien has been following the story.

Let's put it plainly. This is a story about an organisation that decided to listen to the men and women in suits, and as a result decided not to listen to survivors of abuse. So finally attuned to what management thought, it couldn't hear a word that the weak and vulnerable were saying. Channel 4 News has obtained an email, written by Newsnight journalist Liz MacKean. Shortly before her report about Jimmy er report about Jimmy Savile was dropped. She writes:

Liz MacKean is clearly annoyed. Emotions here are running high. Then, talking ng high. Then, talking about her editor, Peter Ripon's reluctance to run the piece, she goes on to say:

The BBC told us that because of its independent reviews it can't comment on this email. George Entwistle deployed his can't pre- empt an inquiry Shield several times today in front of a committee of MPs, with varying degrees of success.Mr Entwistle, do you now accept in the light of last night's Panorama, that the decision to drop the Newsnight investigation was a catastrophic mistake?I came away from Panorama firmly of the view that that investigation, even if it was not ready for transmission, that it should have been allowed to continue.There are also questions about how Jimmy Savile got away with it for so long, also he said that the BBC are investigating nine allegations of sexual harassment, a sock or inappropriate conduct regarding current staff or contributors -- or contributors -- assaults. Then the key question, did he lean on the editor of Newsnight to drop the investigation because of the scheduled Jimmy Saville tribute. He said no.The system as a whole seems not to have got this right. The system failed women like this, she said she was molested by Jimmy Savile in the Seventies in Jersey and she watched the select committee.It is OK not to have all the answers. It is the irritation that he seems to suffer from not knowing, that strikes me. To me he is not coming over, I don't know but I will find out, that kind of attitude. I don't get that passion. Back in Westminster more difficult questions, what did head of news, Helen Boaden, and her deputy, Steve Mitchell, know about the Newsnight film? One of several awkward questions.I don't know the answer to that.Have you been asked that question?No.Will you ask that question?Yes I will.Would you like us to prompt you to ask any others? After a committee, out of the frying pan.Why are they not standing down?And into the fire. British prime minister David Cameron has not ruled out the possibility of a public inquiry into the sex-abuse allegations levelled against Sir Jimmy Savile. Fresh violence on the streets of Lebanon threatens to push the country into the kind of conflict not seen since the Civil War of the Eighties and Nineties. One government minister describes it as the most dangerous moments in the country for 70 years. There's been fighting between pro and anti- Syrian factions since the death on Friday of a senior security official. Veteran Middle East correspondent, the BBC's Jeremy Bowen, assesses just how bad the situation is. 50 miles North of a route, along the mountainous coast, is Tripoli, the second city. It was a violent flash point before the assassination of nt before the assassination of General Wissam al Hassan. -- a route. After it to the guns came out again. -- a route. It is an all Lebanese clash in Tripoli between gunmen who blame Syria for the assassination and President Bashar al-Assad's supporters. The fighters are a barometer of the religious and political rivalries shaping the ical rivalries shaping the new Arab politics. The feeling across Lebanon is that the killing has pushed the country once again into the country once again into uncharted moments since the Independent's -- uncharted territory.It is one of the most dangerous moments since the Forties and Fifties. We have had many civil wars. The most important head of security was rtant head of security was assassinated in the middle of the city. What more danger do you want?The army has deployed on e army has deployed on the streets in Tripoli and across the country. Its trusted by the people, which makes it good at calming things, at least until the next crisis. But road blocks are no kind of long-term solution. Lebanon has -term solution. Lebanon has been through some bad times since the assassination of the former prime minister in 2005. But its r in 2005. But its leaders have always found a way to restore a certain kind of quiet, sometimes with foreign help. What makes it more difficult this time is the civil war in Syria, a short drive from here, and the uncertainty rightre, and the uncertainty right across the Arab world. People often don't know what's going to happen next month let alone next year. In the offices of one of the most powerful Sunni politicians in Tripoli the message is stark, the Assad regime is the enemy.TRANSLATION: Tripoli is targeted because it supports the Syrian rebels, so the Syrian regime wants to create tension here.And in Beirut this retail district should be full of late-night shoppers this night shoppers this week getting ready for the Muslim holiday. But troops are out instead partly because the Lebanese are split for and against the Syrian regime. The maximum ambition here is "Don't make matters worse", but with Syria's walk feeling h Syria's walk feeling much closer it's not even clear how that can be done. Hezbollah, has rejected calls in to an international probe into the killing of macro -- of tethers. British food of tethers. British food has long been the subject of derision but they have gone under n but they have gone under the Food Revolution. -- of Wissam al Hassan. British produce is now grabbing the attention of the French across the Channel. If you're serving traditional British fare, in the gourmet capital of the world, you had better be good at it. The rows bakery has t it. The rows bakery has proved so successful they are now three of these cafes in Paris. -- Rose Cafe.Bacon and eggs, salmon and scrambled eggs, eggs Benedict. ed eggs, eggs Benedict. People were a bit dubious but e were a bit dubious but very quickly people understood we were talking about quality and quality is the same language all over the world. Britain has been through a food revolution, and the French are beginning to sit up and noticed. At today's food fair in Paris it was the high value premium products in demand that France finds surprisingly good. Jacques Chirac once said of the UK that you can't trust a country with such bad food. Well the French have grown an appetite, these days they even buy our cheese. That's right, Stilton and Cheddar in France! Since 2001 exports to France have doubled, last year the French for half a billion pounds worth of whisky, cheese sales have soared from 19- £68 billion, and after the disaster of BSE British meat is welcome again. Last year £59 million worth of beef and veal crossed the Channel.I can't translate it directly into jobs but we know the food and drink sector is the largest employer in the UK and that economy is growing. It is making major contributions to reducing unemployment.One of the flag carriers for e flag carriers for British food is Marks and 20 essentially quintessentially British. -- Marks and Spencer. -- quintessentially British. They opened their second store in a year. I like store in a year. I like the sliced ham and the Christmas cake. I am sending a photo to my mum now I have seen they have got some.The little cakes that you have got, I love them.Simply food, it is the Marks and Spencer's it is the Marks and Spencer's slogan, but these days it is the ethos for many a British producer. Good quality and good value and on recent evidence good enough for the ever fastidious French. Christian Fraser there in Paris.

Coming up next, Craig Foster has all the day's sport including some late drama in Spain as Celtic pushed the Catalan giants Barcelona all the way. Also the evolution of the Bond girl, how the image has changed over the years.

Now a brief look at some of these stories making news in finance tonight. Groove has called for a government intelligence agency. -- Huawei. Speaking in Canberra, John Lord has called for a National Cyber Security Evaluation Centre to check for ation Centre to check for suppliers for ME, activity, including his own. The struggling Fairfax media empire... -- illegal activity. The company's board said it is acutely aware of shareholder anxiety over its sliding his over its sliding his share price. After a slow start Facebook's effort to... -- sliding share price. It recorded another quarterly loss but it made a $150 million in sales from mobile advertisements. -- $150 million. It is facing mounting investor

is facing mounting investor
pressure about its growth. The Australian share market avoided the heavy falls et avoided the heavy falls on Wall Street last night but still finished lower.

Joining us in the studio is Craig Foster with Champions' League action. The big guns left it late. They did. Barcelona waited until the very end before escaping with all three points against a persistent Celtic nst a persistent Celtic side. A late winner from Jordi Alba sunk the Scottish visitors to keep Barcelona his perfect record over three matches intact. Manchester United also made it three wins from as many matches, Valencia and Bayern Munich won on the road with Spartak Victoria's in h Spartak Victoria's in Moscow. Galatasaray also drew. Holders Chelsea were given a wake up call by Shakhtar Donetsk.The pain in Ukraine started within three minutes and never looked like ending for Chelsea. Shakhtar was easily the better of the two sides, the Brazilian influence that dominates on show for everyone to see. This strike did the most damage, Shakhtar always in control, despite a late consolation from Chelsea's Brazilian import.Oscar has got one back.2-1, Shakhtar's unbeaten run stretches to 11 months as Chelsea's title defence is compromised. A rude awakening for Manchester United who were forced to produce a dramatic fightback. Two goals inside the opening 20 minutes from Brega, and United was on the brink of an embarrassing defeat. Not for the first time this season, Alex Ferguson's side was forced to claw its way back. Hernandez Lynette the forward line sparkle. His contribution was contributed by that of Johnny Evans. Fernandez delivered the clincher in clinical fashion. And Barcelona's 3-year unbeaten home record is safe, but only just. afe, but only just. Samaras producing the touch that gave Celtic the unexpected breakthrough.This is staggering.But Barcelona's never- say-die attitude was never more evident. Iniesta produced an equaliser on uced an equaliser on the stroke of half- time. Just as Celtic was poised to leave The Nou Camp with a well deserved point, Jordi Alba insured the Scottish champions would leave empty handed.How unlucky is that, Jordi Alba is claiming it!

Barcelona saving their best until last.

Plenty of drama this

Plenty of drama this morning and there's more in store tomorrow morning when Borussia Dortmund takes on Real Madrid. Our coverage gets under

gets under way from 5:30am. Alessandro Del Pierro will play a lorry in the A-League on Sunday. -- Alessandro Del Pierro will play his 800 match in the A-League on Sunday. -- 800th. -League on Sunday. -- 800th. He says there's more to come.After five weeks I think I am happy to eks I think I am happy to stay in this condition. I want to his condition. I want to help to do my best for the next few weeks.He says he is adjusting to the more physical nature of the A-League compared with his years in Italy. Miguel Indurain has expressed his support for Lance Armstrong over the doping scandal that saw the US Ryder strip of seven Tour de France titles. He says Armstrong is innocent because he never produced a positive test. -- stripped. He won the Tour de France five times between 91 and 95. A former team-mate of Armstrong has admitted to mstrong has admitted to doping when representing the US Postal team at the Tour de France. He says he used EPO and cortisone.

The Norwegian he systematically doped during the Tour de France in 20021001. -- says he. The perk Scorchers victory in the Champions' League has come before reports of of the field disciplinary problems. -- 20021001 -- 2002 and 2001. -- Perch Scorchers.Last week against Delhi, there were players in our side that ers in our side that didn't reach the standards of preparation that we require Scorchers.tion that we require Scorchers.Auckland's join them on the plane home while -- Perth Scorchers. Mick Potter is coach of the Tigers to replace Tim Sheens. Coming up we will have the weather details and from glamour puss to girl power, the evolution of an icon.

Jamaicans are bracing for a possible hurricane after a tropical storm gained strength in the southern Caribbean. Forecasters say the storm will also hit eastern Cuba on route to the Bahamas, and a warning has been issued for

warning has been issued for Haiti. Let's check the forecast and a low is causing thundery showers in the NT, West and SA. Dry northerly winds are directing heat into the interior leading to fire danger in Queensland and SA.

The world's most famous spy will again take to the cinema screens following the overnight premiere of the latest James Bond film. 'Skyfall' is the 23rd Bond movie, and as movie, and as ever it features its fair share of beautiful women. While they have remained cautious over the years, even the Bond girls have changed with the times.My name is Bond, James Bond.You just found me. A woman! t found me. A woman!James Bond may have saved mankind from global destruction on several occasions but he has been less than kind to the women he has met on the way.Men talking!In the 22 films preceding 'Skyfall', 007 killed 352 people and took 52 lovers. It is not giving much away to say that he manages to increase both totals in his latest adventure. The movies are supposed to be sexy and having that sexual tension, along with the danger, is very important.Now you made me miss it! Younis gay de me miss it! Younis gay son became the first not Jon Bon's bed post after some putting practice in 'Dr No'. Half- a-century later she recalls a more modest dress recalls a more modest dress sense was needed before the Bond movies began.We had to wear what they call a modesty rows in our bosom because we weren't allowed to show any cleavage.-- rows. When I saw myself in n I saw myself in 'Dr No', I thought she was beautiful. She didn't mind getting dirty. -- when I saw Ursula Andress. The blonde woman always goes out and does something. And she retains her own your. Obviously when I did it in the early Seventies, we were very politically incorrect.Fiona Fullerton's bubbly Russian double-agent was easily outsmarted by 007 in A View To A kill.There has been a subtle change and they are making the women's roles suitably strong the. Marion was cast as a woman who did not always play second fiddle -- suitably stronger.Women today are matching Bond, no question. From the moment Michelle came on the screen, she was better than Bond. With Judi Dench assuming the role of M, 007 had finally encountered a woman he tered a woman he could not put under his thumb.I think you're a sexist misogynist dinosaur. They become Bond women now. They have always been extremely ey have always been extremely beautiful women. They may or may not come to a sticky end.With all respect, M, I don't think you have the balls for this job.Perhaps, the advantages I don't have to think with them all the time!The Harry Potter series is the only friend tries to make more money than James Bond, and his girls. To another big name who has made a lot of money, Korean pop sensation Psy. He met fellow Korean heavy weight Ban Ki-moon at the United Nations. Of course he gave him some dancing lessons, busting out the essons, busting out the moves that have made him an internet sensation. The UN head is more likely to stick to his day job, although he admits he is a bit jealous of the rapper because he is no longer the most famous Korean in the world. Very cool. Rate-capping the top stories and former Labor MP Craig Thomson says he does not expect to be charged despite a police raid on his home and electoral office. Police have seized a number of documents, Mr Thomson said he is co-operating fully with investigations. Mitt Romney and President Obama are back on the campaign trail after the foreign policy debate. Obama was widely declared the winner but polls show the rivals remain neck and neck. The Emir of Qatar has called for Palestinian unity during a landmark visit to Gaza. He is the first head of state to travel to the coastal territory since 2011. And that 2011. And that is the world this Wednesday. The next bulletin will be at 10:30pm on SBS one. You can get tonight's stories on line at the website. You can also follow us on Twitter. Good night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media --

Endangered cats in South Africa...

I really connect,
it's like my inner animal comes out.

So I, I think I have a gift.

Injured marsupials in Australia...

I'm happy because I've helped
a lot of animals.

If you get too attached to them

and they have to be put down or
they die, it gets a bit emotional.

And abandoned alligators
in the United States...

How can I do that
with another animal?

He's been with me all my life.

Caitlin, Shania and Samantha
have already devoted

much of their young lives
to saving endangered animals,

to becoming their friends.

They have become amazing ambassadors
of humanity to animals.

The Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary,
near Cape Town,

is one of the few South African

to specialise in the rescue
of big cats.

At Jukani, 13-year-old Caitlin,
her elder sister Bianca

and her parents share their lives
with 38 big cats.

They see them as part of the family.

This is Angelo,
the white Bengal male.

He's blind, starting to get blind

because of genetic problem,

He's already night blind and
starting to go blind in the day.

So we give him medicine

just to make the process
a little bit longer

so he doesn't go 'boom'
and he's blind.

We got them at six months

and they slept inside the house
for about five months,

inside the living room with us.

They slept on the couches
and the pillows and blankets

and we sat at the table

because they always took everything
from us.

Last year they started... they
were big enough to stay outside.

We have a special
relationship with them,

they're my babies,
I really love them.

I'm like their Mummy.

Now I have to visit him every day

or I will feel really guilty.