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(generated from captions) average. A trough moving in from the West will director northerly winds across much of the state tomorrow, hot and windy conditions forecast. -- will direct. A total fire and in place for many areas around Sydney. Around Sydney it will be 30 degrees and above 35 in the West and a cooler change is expected tomorrow night. Around the country, nice in Brisbane, 28, Melbourne, 20, Canberra, 27 and 27 in Perth. Warm and windy in Sydney tomorrow with moderate to fresh northerly winds, 36 in Penrith, Richmond, Liverpool and Parramatta. 11 above average. Cooler in 36 nice in the City as well. -- to her in Cronulla.

in the City as well. -- to her in
Cronulla. -- cooler. Masterly, thank you for joining us. That is Nine News for this Wednesday. -- Natalie. I'm Peter Overton, I hope you have a good evening. From us all, goodnight. Supertext

Tonight ... The incumbents hanging majo
on, as more votes are counted. A Museu
major overhaul for the National N
Museum, And - Manuka Oval' s Friday m
Night Footy debut. Good evening, I' clo
m Greg Thomson. The ACT is edging make-
closer to finding out the final
make-up of the Legislative Assembly t
Preference distributions have gone thought
the way of three sitting MLAs a
thought to be on the way out. There are still a handful of contests tha Po
are too close to call, WIN' s ACT
Political reporter Luke Dufficy. th
Well this shows how unpredictable wh
the Hare-Clark system can be. Just opened
when you think a candidate has votes
opened up a big lead on primary an
votes, preferences are distributed n
and the whole game changes. It' s a Assemb
nerve-racking few days for all eight
Assembly hopefuls and with just counted,
eight of the 80 booths fully
counted, the situation could well b Whil
turned on its head yet again. yet
While many candidates don' t know A
yet if they' ll be part of the next Oppo
Assembly, the Chief Minister and Opposition Leader are safe. With th Greens holding off on negotiations it' s given the two some down time than
It' s certainly a lot quieter weeks
than it' s been in the last few m
weeks. I had a brunch date with my wife this morning which was good
It' s also given them a chance t seei
analyse the vote. We' re also conser
seeing a concentration of more conservative votes south of the lak vo
and perhaps more of a progressive Liberal
vote north of the lake. The ov
Liberal Party remains ahead on the margin
overall count by the barest of separa
margins, just twenty two votes do
separate the major parties. That that
does take away one of the claims particular
that the Labor Party made, Looking
particularly on the night. +y electorates
Looking at the individual sin
electorates - things have changed
since yesterday. In Molonglo, a hug Gallag
flow of preferences from Katy ahead
Gallagher has put Simon Corbell Dos
ahead of Meegan Fitzharris. Steve colleag
Doszpot is edging out Liberal colleague Elizabeth Lee, while Shan the
Rattenbury looks to have sewn up Liberal
the Greens' spot. Down South, favourit
Liberal Andrew Wall is still Amanda
favourite to beat the Green' s
Amanda Bresnan. While in Ginninderr the
Meredith Hunter is just ahead of act
the ALP' s Yvette Berry. That may actually be good news for Labor whe Govern
it comes down to who' ll form g
Government. Meredith and I have a good, solid friendship really. It' unusual in politics I think but he al
and I have worked well and we get 15
along. When people have served with
15 years like in New South Wales we
with New South Wales Labor I think c
we some pretty bad outcomes for the relea
community. Elections ACT will di
release another list of preference distributions tonight.

A former employee of the Italo Clu a
in Forrest, has been arrested over a heist at the venue in July. The 2 year old from Bungendore, will fac P
court tomorrow charged with theft. i
Police allege this man, Tayo Emery, securi
is his co-accused. Captured on foyer
security cameras, pacing in the h
foyer, officers say he spent nearly alle
half-an-hour in the club, before c
allegedly making his move. He faced T
court last week charged with theft. twenty-on
The court heard Emery stole
twenty-one-thousand dollars from th safe. Police are hoping to identif Po
another man captured on CCTV. ACT Policing has released images, of th hittin
man allegedly responsible for bottl
hitting a security guard with a bottle, after robbing a liquor stor s
in Calwell earlier this month. It' f
s alleged the man stole two bottles from the shelf - and then when aske to pay for the items he struck the man
security guard over the head. The around
man is described as caucasian, t
around 180 centimetres tall, medium Na
to solid build and brown hair. The loo
National Museum is hoping a fresh
look and new exhibitions will ensur Cult
it thrives despite budget cuts. coun
Cultural institutions across the country have been in the firing lin fo
- as the Federal Government looks for a surplus. It' s been open fo eleven years and has become one of C
the most popular attractions in the fif
Capital. Around seven hundred and Natio
fifty thousand people visit the keepin
National Museum each year, but Ove
keeping it open is a challenge. expensi
Overseas exhibitions are very Ins
expensive and difficult to mount. i
Institutions all over Australia and lookin
in fact all over the world are ow
looking to what they have in their deci
own collection. The museum has W
decided it' s time for an overhaul. entry?
Where better to start than the it'
entry? This is our entry space, space
it' s also importantly our exit he
space as well. People will come in
here and go, wow! They' ll also whe g
they leave they' ll go, that was a bac
great experience, we want to come back, we want to tell our friends. Having been under-utilised over th b
past decade, the grand hall is now staff
being put to use. Large objects no
staff have struggled to place will now greet visitors when they arrive thing
There were lots of different
things we looked at and we wanted t bring out some of our large object othe
which are only very rarely seen An
otherwise like at out open days. a
Another new exhibition is providing artef
a behind the scenes look at how s
artefacts are cared for. Guests can prot
see how conservators restore and protect the items. There have bee b
other instances in other countries but I think not quite like this. We a
ve bought all our conservators and
all our labs into the one exhibitio that'
space. It' s not just inside museu
that' s getting a makeover, the work
museum is also hoping to install T
works around the Acton Peninsula. somethi
This really is chapter one of t
something which' ll be ongoing over the next few years.

Five staff from the ANU School of manage
Music have been sacked - after t
management today advised they didn' positions
t meet the criteria for new National
positions in the school. The has
National Tertiary Education Union has condemned the action. It claims Schoo
the Vice-Chancellor and Head of thei
School have failed to live up to woul
their claims that existing staff d
would retain their roles. The staff wh
didn' t accept redundancy packages uni
when management offered them. The Sc
union says it doesn' t believe the opera
School of Music can effectively studen
operate for new and continuing Sout
students next year. With the New
South Wales Government re-evaluatin the benefits of department branche pushi
in regional areas, Goulburn is is
pushing to buck the trend. Council e
isn' t planning small - it wants an r
entire department to move in. The
region has development and a growin bu
population.Which according to the business community adds up to a goo tak
investment. We' ve got what it h
takes to have a vibrant city, it' s underg
here now. Goulburn though is Li
undergoing a level of uncertainty. Like many regional cities, its Stat u
Government department branches are rec
under threat of closing. The city Offi
recently lost its Small Business wasn
Office to Wollongong, because it Goulburn
wasn' t considered viable. l
Goulburn has gone through a time of +
losing many Government departments. bac
+y It appears to me we' ve gone
back to New South Wales standing fo and
Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong to
and the regions are again left out u
to dry. Despite this, the city is undergoing a phase of renewal. Sinc big
securing it' s water supply, the up
big end of town is quickly setting c
up shop. That attention is what the T
community wants to capatalise on.
They realise what' s going to happe mus
sooner or later the powers to be in
must realise they have to move out decentra
into the regions. That means bee
decentralisation a word which has been a swear word for a long time i s
Sydney, they have to realise that' W
s the answer to their problems. Governme
We have a sprinkling of most wou
Government departments but what I bo
would like to see Government do of cen
both ilke is to use Goulburn as a
centre for a major department. Th better
Mayor believes the city could corre
better utilise it' s police and corrective service presence. To m Goulburn
it seems logical to promote precinct
Goulburn as maybe a security a
precinct and have a Department such mo
as Corrective Services or the like move here.

Still to come - The changing role ...
of uni students in the workplace.
... AND the Canberra marathon runne he
with a pacemaker - named a global hero. This program is not captioned. R
hero. A "very high" Bushfire Danger Southe
Rating has been issued for the Wal
Sou Wales i
Wales tomorrow. All permits to burn Go
in the Palerang & Queanbeyan Local suspended.
Government Areas have been
suspended. People in the area shoul tha
stay alert. And report any fires truck
that are not attended by a fire stu
truck to authorities. Hundreds of toda
students in New South Wales have s
today taken out their calculators - e
sitting the extension one HSC maths st
exam. More than fifty six thousand ov
students across the state had just fo
over an hour and a half to compete t
for the best marks. When it comes
to algebra and geometry, Johnny top years-old
his class. At just sixteen exam
years-old, he' s sitting the HSC have
exam early. " Next year I wont ki
have to do as many subjects, so it +
kind of spreads the stress around." tha
+y Johnny is part of a select few o
that are accelerated. Intense weeks mo
of study were put to the test this Ma
morning, sitting the Extension one
Maths exam paper. " Every day I g aft
to the school, go to the library stud
after school to study and then I holidays
studied every day during the subject
holidays." +y Out of nineteen list.
subjects, maths almost tops the st
list. More than fifty six thousand j
students across New South Wales had prove
just over an hour and a half to However,
prove they knew their stuff. stumpe
However, one question had them th
stumped.. "What do you think was The
the hardest part of the exam? ... ques
The last question." The last question is always hard, but other o
then that not too hard." However, w
opinion was divided - some students we
were more confident. " I think I paper
went alright, it was an alright coupl
paper, fair." "There were a s
couple of tricky ones, yea I reckon than
seventies." +y " It was better hap
than I expected." Most are just
happy that today, is all over. "G much."
home and I don' t know not do extensio
much." For the first time, cho
extension maths included multiple the
choice in the exam paper. Despite confiden
the new format, teachers are
confident the paper was fair. "Th particular
papers were quite good in particular extension one, very, ver go
reasonable. The general paper was somet
good although they did throw in y
something they haven' t used in ten brightest
years." While some of the in
brightest young mathematical minds tomorrow,
in the state can now relax, busine
tomorrow, students will tackle h
business studies and music. "They
have lots of ways to deal with thei just
stress, some get anxious, other just work really really hard. We' v run
got a couple of students who are the
run down because they have worked exam
them selves so hard. +y The last A
exam is on November eight. Natassia Apolloni, WIN

A Canberra man has been named a dow
global hero. The honour is handed foun
down by an international medical f
foundation,for athletes who benefit
from medical technology.Lance Purde a
was fitted with a pacemaker at the age of twenty five - but still runs Purd
full marathons. Watching Lance thi
Purdon run, it' s hard to believe hear
this small device is keeping his dev
heart pumping. A pacemaker' s a rhythm,
device you get if your hearts not
rhythm, your natural pacemaker is Lan
not working Fourteen years ago, si
Lance began to develop symptoms of wher
sick sinus syndrome. A condition
where the heart begins to slow down minut
dropping to below 40 beats per eve
minute - and in extreme cases can wer
even stop. Some of the symptoms l
were dizziness, light headed, quite from
lethargic and basically it stems from there In 2003 - he was fitte slowing
with a pacemaker. Instead of increased
slowing things down - he' s runn
increased his speed. I started my
running to try and spend time with pro
my now wife Jodie Barker who' s a
prominent tri- athlete in Canberra ma
six months later I did my first marathon and it' s just stemmed fro runni
there you know I' m in various an
running groups throughout Canberra La
and the Australian Defence Force week
Lance now runs around 12 hours a h
week, clocking up an impressive one
hundred and fifty kilometres. Makin Me
him the perfect candidate for the Ev
Medtonic Global Hero' s program. medical
Everybody with an implantable prog
medical device can apply for the actuall
program and them we choose or and
actually the medtronic foundation p
and Twin Cities foundation chose 25 i
people from around the world to run marathon
in the medtronic twin cities marath
marathon Lance completed the g
marathon last month and was named a r
global hero. While humble about the
recognition - he says completing th race comes second to meeting other from around the world who haven' t given up.

To our weekly business report now. u
And we look at the changing role of workplace.
university students in the hospi
workplace. Gone are the days of today'
hospitality and retails jobs -
today' s students are tackling the advanc
real world' , both for career of
advancement and to combat the cost thi
of living in the ACT. More than th
thirty-four thousand students call poo
the Capital home. That' s a major local
pool of potential employees for taki
local businesses. Students are s
taking graduate positions in public inte
service they' re taking a lot of business
internship roles in a lot of lo
businesses that are offering and a stemmi
lot of employment is obviously day
stemming from that Gone are the hospitality
days of casual retail and
hospitality work - today' s student t
are taking on jobs that compliment their chosen area of study. I wor studying
at Manuka pharmacy and I' m T
studying my masters of pharmacy
There definitely seems to be a shif deg
I guess retail type jobs to more de
degree specific and I guess career d
developing specific work. It' s sta
difficult for people at different yea
stages of their study, most first th
years would have a hospitality job exp
then hopefully they' d build some Par
experience and get a job maybe at
Parliament or in an office somewher platfor
Canberra provides an ideal t
platform for the sector - with both servi
the Commonwealth and ACT public make
service large employers. It also c
makes future full time workers more the
competitive. If you can work in the same field that you' re studyin th
in you' re already one step above tryin
the rest of the people that are trying to get through People ar profe
always looking to compete on a o
professional level so there' s lots b
of demand for jobs in law firms and stud
businesses like that There are me
students who struggle to make ends
meet despite working extended hours pe
Research has found close to sixty percent of those aged under 19 - ca only afford the basic necessities. betw
Forty-nine percent of students 13
between 18 to 25 working more than neces
13 hours a week to afford those necessities as well

Immunisation against the deadly
Hendra virus is now one step closer develope
The Hendra vaccine has been i
developed and is set to be released to
in coming months. Equine vets need semin
to undergo specialised training a
seminars to achieve accreditation - exception
and Canberra' s vets are no Hospit
exception. The Canberra Equine horse
Hospital says it believes every vaccinated
horse in the ACT should be e
vaccinated. The virus doesn' t just ri
effect horses - humans are also at wor
risk. Some of Canberra' s hardest recognised
working students have been We
recognised at the 2012 Children' s inc
Week Awards. This year' s winners Melro
included Year ten students from Hig
Melrose, Stromlo and Telopea Park Com
High Schools. They received Youth toget
Commitment Awards after working a
together to promote respect, equity Other
and diversity in their schools. Out
Other honours handed out included Endeavour
Outstanding Courage Awards, Developmen
Endeavour Awards and Child w
Development Awards. Ellena joins us
with sport - And a Queenslander wil Y
make his debut for the ACT Comets. on
Yes Greg - And there are big wraps next.
on the off-spin-bowler, that' s A
next. Plus - Switch on the lights - Frida
AFL is coming to Canberra, on a Friday Night. This program is not captioned. fi
Friday Night. Welcome Back. To AFL wil
first up - and friday night footy
will make its debut in Canberra nex year. The AFL announced the NAB Cu p
fixture today, with the GWS Giants Ov
playing host to Essendon at Manuka Oval. Two Essendon greats will be i w
rival coaching boxes. Kevin Sheedy Ai
will lead the Giants, while former Essendon
Ainslie player James Hird is Essendon coach. The Giants will hos The
the Swans in Blacktown first up. t
Then travel to Wagga Wagga, to play tw
the Brisbane Lions, in the opening competit
two rounds of the pre-season R
competition.Former AIS cyclist Mark sponso
Renshaw is now without a major a
sponsor, as companies pull funding, dr
as a result of the Lance Armstrong spoken
drug doping controversy. He' s
spoken out about the dark days ahea worl
for elite cycling. It' s made world-wide headlines. Now Australia do
riders are speaking out about the Of
doping scandal in world cycling. b
Of course I' m clean you know I' ve now
been in this sport for nine years h
now I think my results speak that I
haven' t done anything extraordinar positionin
I think my talent is more perf
positioning rather than athletic performance. Mark Renshaw has bee one of the biggest names hit by th spon
web of deceit. His team' s main a
sponsor Rabobank has axed funding - and the AIS product is annoyed he' s
paying the price for someone else' b
s actions. At first I felt angry,
but now i' m frustrated because thi neve
is the period of cycling that I never I didn' t have much to do wit t
so now it seems like we' re paying cycl
the price. Fellow professional w
cyclist Dean Windsor, has been left without a team for next season. I be
m in a bad position at the moment spo
because my team have pulled their take
sponsorship and they' ve sort of and
taken a few of the British riders jo
and the rest are now looking for a five
job so I think it' s up to about
five or six major sponsors that hav pulled out of cycling and I can se Windso
that' s just the start. For Windsor the extent of doping came a th
a shock. Honestly I' ve been in e
the cycling game I' ve been over in seven
europe to and from for the last t
seven years and I just did not know an
the extent of the drugs in cycling h
and you know you hear a few rumours t
here and there but it' s phenomenal be
the depth and how many people have been involved in it. Both riders al
believe the sport can bounce back,
although they admit it won' t happe overnight. Greg Thomson, Win

Wallabies coach Robbie Dean will the
tomorrow name his squad to tackle
the European Spring Tour. Pat McCab gree
is a certainty to remain in the vice-
green and gold. While, Brumbies optimis
vice-captain Stephen Moore is injur
optimistic he' s recovered from cha
injury, which cut-short his rugby f
championship campaign. Australia' s Ru
first game is against last year' s Rugby World Cup finalists France, i Olym
Paris on the tenth of November. Stu
Olympic medallists Shane Rose and Canbe
Stuart Tinney will headline the
Canberra International Horse trials and
at Deakin. More than two hundred int
and 30 riders from the region and week
interstate, will compete at this disciplin
weekend' s event. All three dressage
disciplines of show jumping, on
dressage and cross country will be on display. Local rider Nat Blundel hor
will take to the course with her imp
horse Algebra. Queensland cricket de
import Josh Connolly will make his spin-bo
debut for the ACT Comets. The follow-in-th
spin-bowler is aiming to Lyo
follow-in-the-footsteps of Nathan a
Lyon. And it all starts from Monday fro
against New South Wales. Moving prov
from Brisbane to get a chance to excee
prove himself, Josh Connolly is
exceeding everyone' s expectations. brin
He' s what where about really, th
bringing the young players through
the system, trying to have them her for a couple of years, develop the makes
and send them on. Probably w
makes the move that little bit more t
worthwhile um, so it' ll be good to supp
top it off, with a few wickets I s
suppose. The former tennis player H
signed with Queanbeyan this season. a
He wants to make a name for himself and emulate form Manuka Oval curato like
Nathan Lyon' s career. I feel c
like in the next couple of years, I first
can perform well for the Comets
first of all and Queanbeyan and pus time
for claims in a couple of years jo
time, that' s the goal. Connolly Dean,
joins Queanbeyan team-mate Jono t
Dean, who will captain the side, in seas
their first four day game of the season, at Manuka Oval, from Monday is
Queanbeyan wicket keep Aaron Ayre the
is in fine, touch, belting 97 for te
the Bluebagd after a pre-season of thos
technical practice. He' s done f
those things, played a bit of short gam
form cricket which has suited him playin
game now so the test he' ll be a
playing on longer version and being peri
and to sustain pressure for long A
periods and still score runs. The l
ACT Meteors head to Adelaide, after So
losing all three games against New did
South Wales in round one.Injuries thro
didn' t help. All trained well be
throughout the season and straight g
before the game, bang half the team thos
gone it seems like, so hopefully Twenty
those girls recover quickly. Frid
Twenty20 games will be played on gam
Friday and Sunday, with a one day expectati
game in between. Have the t
expectation that we go away winning play
three games, um and where we' re ver
playing Park 25, it' s very flat,
very good. Greg Thomson, Win News

Finally Greg - Canberra' s nationa end
hockey championship campaign has Queensland.T
ended with a 6-1 loss to wi
Queensland.Thanks Ellena. A strong tomorrow
wind warning is in place for fo
tomorrow - we' ll have the weather forecast after the break. This program is not captioned. Have you stopped taking your
cholesterol-lowering medication? You could be at risk
of a heart attack or a stroke.

Don't leave it too late. Make an appointment today
to go back to your doctor.

This program is not captioned.

forecast after the break. Another s
sunny day around the region. A cold before
start, freezing in the Capital degrees.
before a top of twenty three degr
degrees. Right now it' s fine 19 tw
degrees. To the Tablelands, Twenty B
two degrees the top in Goulburn and Yas
Braidwood, 23 and mostly sunny in zer
Yass and Queanbeyan, Lows between Coast,Now
zero and two . On the South degre
Coast,Nowra topped twenty seven si
degrees, Ulladulla twenty , Twenty of
six in the Bay, It didn' t get out
of the teens at Moruya Heads. To th d
Snowies, Minus one to twenty three P
degrees in Cooma, Two to fifteen in Thredbo
Perisher, Twenty the high for jet
Thredbo. On the satellite, Bright wes
jetstream cloud crossing from the to
west, is not bringing any rain due chart,
to dry northerly winds. To the chart, It is mostly clear elsewhere New
with cloud over the far northern th
New South Wales coast clearing. To the
the forecast now, Mostly sunny on headin
the South Coast tomorrow, Bega degre
heading for a top of thirty two f
degrees, Windy and a warm top of 33 se
for Batemans Bay and Nowra, Twenty Tablelands
seven in Ulladulla. On the headi
Tablelands, Braidwood windy and degrees,
heading for a top twenty six
degrees, Twenty seven for Queanbeya A
and Goulburn, Yass, twenty eight . for
A strong wind warning is in place t
for the Snowy Mountains and the ACT
tomorrow. Gusts of up to one hundre Twe
kilometres an hour are expected. 14,
Twenty three in Bombala, Perisher Capit
14, Cooma, twenty four . In the degre
Capital, A high of twenty seven se
degrees is expected after a low of Lo
seven , The UV index will be high. Fin
Looking at the five day forecast, Tops
Fine conditions for the weekend. d
Tops between twenty and twenty four hou
degrees. And that' s the WIN News t
hour for this Wednesday night. From I
the team, thanks for being with us, I' m Greg Thomson..... Good night.

This program is captioned live.

Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. First tonight - the drunk cabbie scandal that has the taxi industry up in arms. Saiful Lazu has been charged with drink-driving on three separate occasions. He's now banned from driving any vehicle, and his taxi licence is cancelled - which is why we were stunned to catch him getting behind the wheel of his cab again. You've recently lost your licence. Yeah.Yet you're driving today. Who?You're driving.No, I'm not driving.It's extremely serious.

Who?You're driving.No, I'm not
driving.It's extremely serious. You're not driving?No.It's an absolute disgrace.We've got video of you driving that taxi down the road.Who said that?This cabbie shouldn't be driving. His name is Saiful Lazu, and he count have a licence. -- doesn't have a licence.