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Thank you very much. Your cheque, my friends,
for $43,000. Happy marriages!
Thank you! Thanks for being with us, everyone.
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This program is captioned live. Tonight,
MP Craig Thomson remains defiant after police from two states
raid his home. Cost cutting in the M5 East tunnel. Why the air filtration system's
being switched off. Power and fresh food prices spike. How that will impact
on interest rates. What CityRail passengers did
to a commuter who hit and spat at them. Plus, how do you move a shark
to its new Sydney home? Very carefully. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Chris Bath. Good evening. Fraud police from two states

Police have been involved in a crash. One line was closed in both directions while Cruise treat one injured person.

Fraud police from two states have raided the home
and electorate office of Craig Thomson, seizing evidence. The Federal MP says
he's done nothing wrong as officers investigate
his alleged role in the Health Services Union
corruption scandal. This report from Seven's
crime reporter Robert Ovadia, who broke news of the raid
on 'Sunrise'. Craig Thomson's claims he'd been cleared of fraudulently
spending union money on himself were shattered just after 7am. Armed with a warrant, New South Wales and Victoria
fraud squad detectives rifled through his belongings, taking documents,
including samples of his signature. They emerged three hours later, followed 20 minutes later
by a very cool Mr Thomson. Can I say at the outset that
I've done nothing wrong and we are fully cooperating
with the police in relation to this investigation. Mr Thompson, have you been advised
that you will be charged? No, there are no charges today. Police are investigating claims Mr Thomson used his union credit
card on prostitutes during his time
with the Health Services Union and used hundreds of thousands to fund his personal
political ambitions. Last week, Fair Work Australia
launched civil action against him, alleging he'd breached
workplace laws 37 times and misused almost $500,000. Nobody has been eliminated
from our investigation at this point in time. I'm not in a position to state
what particular time if anyone's gonna be charged. Police hauled even more evidence out of Craig Thomson's
electoral office at Tuggerah as the MP claimed that a raid on his home
and his electoral office, seizing his belongings,
was not about him. Today, it was in relation
to the national office of the union that the police were here. MALE REPORTER: Mr Thompson,
this is led by Victorian detectives. Victorian detectives
are specifically investigating you and your involvement. As I said, there is an ongoing
Victorian investigation in relation to the national office
No, into you! Thomson's wife, a former journalist,
didn't do him any favours... MAN: Oh!

..running over
expensive camera equipment and not stopping
to inspect the damage. Thomson's lawyer says
the raid is politically motivated. If you haven't done anything,
you tend not to get charged unless, of course,
there's a hung parliament and student politicians
who haven't grown up are baying for your blood.

Live now to
Robert Ovadia in Bateau Bay. Rob, his lawyer's also upset
you were there first for the raid? Yes.

Chris McArdle has been
very vocal defending his client and I'm sure he'd have preferred
we didn't find out about today's raid at all. Craig Thomson is innocent
until proven guilty but the fact remains
he has gone on record suggesting he's been cleared
by police. This morning's raids
suggest otherwise. It deserved to be reported
swiftly and accurately. We did that,
and at no time did we hinder police.

Thanks, Rob.

Now to political editor Mark Riley. Mark, will today's developments
have any effect on Julia Gillard's Government? Chris, it won't do its reputation
with voters any good, but it won't affect Labor's hold
on power in the short term. Julia Gillard will still effectively
command Craig Thomson's vote, even though her party has exiled him
to the crossbenches. But the cloud of this scandal will
hang above the government's head all the way to the election.

The Prime Minister says he's already crossed
a political line. Now it seems Craig Thomson's crossed
the thin blue line. This is part of
a routine investigation. REPORTER: It's hardly routine!
Police coming knocking at your door. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Julia Gillard
would be feeling sorry too, the news breaking
on Seven's 'Sunrise' as she entered her Sydney office. Her government
again mired in scandal. Tony Abbott zeroed in on her earlier staunch defence
of Mr Thomson. I've got complete confidence
in the Member for Dobell. I think he's doing a fine job and I look forward to him continuing
to do that job for a very long, long, long time
to come. She now needs to explain
how she could say that. He says Julia Gillard
should now rule out accepting his crucial vote. This is a tainted vote. Mr Thomson would only be forced
from Parliament if convicted of an offence
carrying a year's jail or more. But he hasn't been charged
with anything so far and any proceedings would stretch
well beyond the next election. don't immediately threaten
Julia Gillard's hold on power, it does threaten the government's
recent momentum by plunging it back into a debate
about sleaze. Ms Gillard arrived back in Canberra
this afternoon, meeting Filipino President
Benigno Aquino. Not commenting, but sticking to
the political adage - when you're going through hell,
just keep going... (LAUGHTER)

..and smile.

To other news now, and drivers who
use the M5 East Tunnel are in for a shock with the air
filtration system being shut down. State political reporter
Lee Jeloscek is near the tunnel. Lee, why is it being scrapped? Chris, The roads minister says
it simply isn't working, so it will be shut down
in a few months. For the past 18 months the CSIRO
has been analysing air samples from the tunnel and,
according to Duncan Gay, the filtration plant
has made very little difference. The $65 million system was fitted
by the former government in 2010 due to community concerns
about the pollution inside the 4km tunnel.

The government's
alternative strategy is to use cameras to track
down the worst polluting vehicles, and to fix them, paying half
of the mechanical costs - otherwise drivers risk fines. Even though the effect is minimal, we will continue to run
the filtration plant for at least until the new scheme
starts to take effect. Two months ago,
a Seven News investigation revealed the dangerous levels
of pollution inside the tunnel. to install pollution warning signs
for drivers and make internal test results
publicly available.

Sydney families are paying more for their household bills
and groceries, with the cost of power, gas,
fruit and vegetables all soaring in the September quarter. Inflation has risen 1.4%,
higher than economists expected. Been fruit and veg shopping
or paid a power bill in the last three months? Well, confirmation today
of what you already know. Electricity is up -
I just got my bill. It's about $800 more
than last quarter. Everyday things - I just bought beans
and they surprised me with the cost. The higher-than-expected
inflation result driven by a 15.3% jump
in electricity prices as the carbon tax was factored in. The increases in cost of living
are directly a result of this government's
decision and actions. The government says the carbon tax's
share of the hike is temporary. We won't necessarily have
all the impact of the carbon price in this quarter - we'll certainly have
the great bulk of it. Also taking off, the cost
of international holidays, up 6.6%. Medical and hospital treatment
costs 4.5% more. And bad growing conditions have seen vegetables up 10.5%,
fruit 9.7%, with bread also higher.

Fuel just hit
its highest price in months, but for the quarter it's fallen 4%. The cost of pharmaceuticals
also down 2.6%. And here's the number the
Reserve Bank will be focussing on - 2.5% -
that's underlying inflation and it's smack-bang in the middle
of where the Reserve wants it to be but economists say there's still
room for an interest rate cut next month. It's very likely we'll probably get
one rate cut in November and after that the Reserve Bank will probably
sit on their hands.

Pictures Justin of the crash involving a police car. A man has been treated at the scene and taken to hospital.

Senior police are warning young commuters could become
victims of serious crime by wearing headphones
on trains and buses. They're less aware
of what's happening around them and as our new transport police
are finding there are some passengers
who need to be avoided. She pushes, she shoves, she spits... ..swears and punches. You piece of (BLEEP)! Come on! Whoa! Don't (BLEEP) hit him! Meet the CityRail passenger
from hell. You wanna (BLEEP) throw water,
you little dog? You're the dog. This woman was monstering passengers on the Illawarra line
near Hurstville. Whao, whao, whao! Eventually they lost patience,
throwing her off the train. Get her off the train.
Get her - get rid of her. She's now one of hundreds in the sights of the new
Police Transport Command. More than 300 officers
on the rail and bus networks fighting crime 24/7, targeting assaults,
drug use and dealing, graffiti and other vandalism,
robberies and sex offenders. Real police trained with
full police arrest powers on our network. Sydney's south and south-west
are a priority as the command builds towards
a planned strength. And police say
there's a lot commuters, especially younger ones,
can do to help themselves, and they can start
by taking off their headphones. Well, travelling with ear phones
in your ear and not paying attention
to what's going on around you is not a really smart thing to do. But the smartphones
can live up to their name if users take advantage of the command's new
eyewatch Facebook site featuring advice, emergency numbers
and its own most-wanted page.

The Taronga zoo keeper crushed by an
elephant is off the critical list. Three grey nurse sharks
are tonight settling in to their new underwater home
at Sydney Aquarium. Sally Bowrey was there
for their big move. Sal, exactly how
do you relocate a shark? With a great deal of care, Chris. A 6-hour operation was carried out
here at Sydney Aquarium, moving the sharks into their new
multimillion-dollar home. A special crane was used,
and every precaution taken to make sure both the sharks
and the staff stayed relaxed. Getting a shark out of a tank is pretty much like scooping
a goldfish out of a bowl. You just need
a bigger plastic bag to put it in. Today was moving day
for three big grey nurse sharks at Sydney Aquarium.

A massive job
needing a team of 30 experts. Even the neighbours came to watch. Just bring it up a little bit, guys. We've got people
monitoring oxygen levels and the shark health and behaviour
all the way through. Just wait.
Can we get a hose under the gills? Once the sharks were caught,
the crane came in, winching them through the city sky
and dropping them into the new tank, which has undergone
a $10 million overhaul. A risky operation,
but the team had plenty of practice. They've already moved 50 sharks
into the new tank. The shark has a lot more power
than you so it could get dangerous, so we don't try to manhandle them. After a 6-hour operation, the sharks can now call the new
$1.5 million litre tank home. Oh, all in a day's work! And Chris,

I'll be back soon
with Sydney's warmer weather, including a total fire ban.

Oz Lotto will be worth a whopping
$70 million next Tuesday Still to come tonight in Seven News We'll take you inside
the $100 million addition to Sydney's Star casino. Apple bites back at competitors
with an iPad that fits in your hand. Plus, another royal rendezvous
for 007 at the Bond movie premiere. That's next.

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The Taronga zoo keeper crushed by an
elephant is off the critical list. at Royal North Shore Hospital,
but her condition's improving. The 40-year-old, who was injured
by Pathi Harn last Friday, has also been sitting up in bed
with help from nurses. Sydney is odds on
for a second casino, with State Cabinet tipped
to approve a James Packer resort at Barangaroo next week. But The Star at Pyrmont already
has the jump in the casino wars, revealing exclusively
to Seven News its new
rooftop entertainment centre. It fits 4,000 people,
cost $100 million, has slide-away grandstand seating and is covered
in a distinctive glass shell. Then there's the view. The features that you've got in here throughout the world, we haven't seen these type
of facilities before so it's a bit of a surprise
for Sydney. The final phase of the Star casino's
$870 million makeover is nearly finished and will be open for business
early next year just before
the Sydney Entertainment Centre closes down for its own facelift. The quality, the positioning,
the amenities, and the location here in Sydney has to be one of the top
destinations in the world. The Star's bosses say
their casino is now a world beater and it may have to be, with the government said to be
considering a James Packer plan to build a second casino
just across the water. Cabinet is expected
to vote its approval on Monday for a 6-star resort,
hotel and casino at Barangaroo. But Star's Echo Group has the exclusive New South Wales
casino licence until 2019 so James Packer will have to
pay a premium for compensation to the Star, buy enough Echo shares
for a takeover, or bide his time.

Apple has snuck in ahead
of rival Microsoft It's 4cm shorter than the iPad
and is as thin as a pencil.

Experts say the mini version will be
more expensive than some its rivals. The fact you can still run all apps,
hold it in one hand and has all the great features
of the main iPad will make this popular. Prices start from $369
and you can order one from Friday.

He starred with the Queen
at the London Olympics, now actor Daniel Craig
has had another royal appointment, welcoming Prince Charles
and Camilla to the premiere of his new James Bond movie. 'Skyfall' is the 23rd 007 film and comes 50 years after
the first flick 'Dr No'. I mean, it's quite incredible. I've been to a couple of Bond
premieres, this has to top the lot. It's Daniel Craig's third movie
as Britain's top secret agent. He'll be here for
the Sydney premiere in three weeks. Police, firefighters and sailors
took time out of their day today to brighten the lives of some kids
at Sydney's Children's Hospital at Randwick. For nine years
senior constable Marc Osborn has been collecting donations
to give to the children and their families. Movie tickets, bikes, toys
and gift vouchers were all donated from shopping centres
and companies across Sydney. Police horses and
puppies-in-training were also at the hospital,
putting big smiles on little faces.

Sport now with Jim Wilson and there's a lover's tiff
in racing. Chris, that's how Gai Waterhouse
has described it but her old mate John Singleton
is fuming. Coming up, Singo's sledge
over Gai's choice of barrier for More Joyous, calling it a mad
and suicidal decision. Plus, a new coach at Wests Tigers but how will Mick Potter
turn things around? And Del Piero set for a magical
milestone in a spectacular career.

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New Wests Tigers coach
Mick Potter says Robbie Farah and Benji Marshall
won't be running the show. Potter's been given a 2-year deal and the former Dragon
intends to let the players know just who's boss. I want some senior blokes
to have their say, but ultimately as a head coach
you gotta run the show. To avoid a $900,000 payout,
the club's hoping sacked coach Tim Sheens
takes up an offer to set up
their Western Sydney academy. It wouldn't be in a role
looking over Mick's shoulders. But Royce Simmons will return to
the Tigers as an assistant coach. Meantime, Roosers' BJ Leilua
has been cleared of assaulting his ex-girlfriend
at a south Sydney hotel.

Trainer Gai Waterhouse has called it
a lover's tiff but prominent owner John Singleton
is fuming ahead of Saturday's Cox Plate. 'Singo' has told Seven News
Gai ignored his instructions to gain an inside barrier
for More Joyous. He says her decision to opt
for gate 11 is mad and suicidal. They've been friends for 40 years but after Gai Waterhouse
disobeyed instructions, John Singleton fired off
a series of furious text messages. "Are you mad?"
I just didn't believe it. When he gets cross with me, I think sometimes
it's best not to ring. (LAUGHS) More Joyous oblivious to the row. Singo and Gai agree
it's a lover's tiff. No wonder I'm out of lovers
at the moment. (LAUGHS) Pain in the arse. Singo says anyone else
and would have been sacked. Gai's a genius
and geniuses do funny things. We can still win but it will be because of
Nash Rawiller and despite Gai. But Gai wouldn't budge
about her barrier choice. A mare won it last year. What barrier did she have?
Any of you remember? I'll tell you exactly - number 11. If she and Alan Jones had a kid, it would be absolutely perfect
on every subject at all times. If gate 11 delivers the Cox Plate
for Singo, Gai expects champagne treatment. He might have to shout me
more than the bar. (LAUGHS) I won't shout her anything. But a win's a win, and the owner is prepared
to cop it on the chin if Gai's pulled the right rein. I've never been so keen
to look like a goose in all my life.

Jockey Glen Boss
has produced a great ride and Gatewood is into
the Melbourne Cup after winning
this afternoon's Geelong Cup. Gatewood was too good for
Chateau Margaux and Brigantin, who was third. RACE CALLER: He's hanging in!

Star import Alessandro Del Piero
assured Sydney fans his best is yet to come,
with the Juventus legend to play his 800th professional game
against Perth at ANZ Stadium on Sunday. I was there
for the rugby league final. I don't know if we
have 80,000 people Sunday - I hope. Their cross-town rivals
remain winless but upbeat. There's no one sitting here
picking fight or anything like that. It's been pretty cool. Western Sydney Wanderers
play Brisbane on Saturday.

Serena Williams has overcome
an injury scare to win her first match
in the WTA Championship in Turkey. The Wimbledon, US Open
and Olympic champion appeared to pull a muscle in her straight sets victory
over Angelique Kerber.

Right ankle taped was really tight, and the pain went into my hamstring. It was fine. Up The WTA Championship
is a round-robin event.

Back to Sally at Darling Harbour
for Sydney's forecast and it's going be a nice day
to go swimming tomorrow, Sal.

And hopefully no-one
will run into these guys, Chris. Parts of Sydney
will swelter tomorrow.


Maltesers. The lighter way
to enjoy chocolate.

Back to our breaking news, and a man's been arrested
after a crash at Wahroonga which followed several
police pursuits on the F3. The wanted driver
crashed into traffic lights and a van on Pennant Hills Road. He was injured, taken to hospital
and will be charged.

A total fire Ben across the city today. Sharks and a dugong were moved today, though the dugong was trickier than the sharks. Clear skies across the city
with a pleasant top of 23 degrees. Today, those winds
swung back towards the
north-west, pushing temperatures
in the west. From the satellite, getting hot ahead of a trough
moving through the south. Tomorrow, even hotter. North-west winds
to sweep into New South Wales and inland Queensland, bringing much hotter
but fine conditions. Around the nation - cold and wet in Hobart, Melbourne
and Adelaide. On the water:

Tonight will be fine and clear
with a low of 14 degrees. Then summer will make
a brief comeback with a top of 33 degrees
in the city. It will be red hot
across the suburbs.

Along the coast,
it will be hot early thanks to the
north-west winds with a sea breeze to cool the
afternoon off. Then a cooler change
will push through on Friday. Partly cloudy conditions
will continue into Saturday but there is the risk
of a brief shower close to the coast on Sunday, clearing on Monday.

And that's Seven News
for this Wednesday. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. Ahead on 'Today Tonight' - how children are at risk
from TV sets. The new warnings, next.

Good evening. I'm Matt White. Thanks for joining us
on Today Tonight. First this evening,
a shattered mother's plea, urging parents to protect
their children around the home. Her 5-year-old boy was killed when a television toppled over
in their house and, as Clare Brady reports, this devastated family
want to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. (CRIES) I'd give my heart
to have my boy back. Blood frothing from her mouth and there was quite a lot of blood
at the side of her head. Every year, there are many children
killed in homes. Sadly, little Peter Gelisson
is now one of them. He was getting dressed. Mum was doin' the dishes and...yep, he climbed
on the drawers or something and the television fell back
and hit little Jeb on the head and he had a brain haemorrhage
and was taken away from us. His mum, Lee-Ann, and dad Peter can't believe
that such a simple thing has killed their little boy. Affectionately called 'Mucka', he'd been watching TV in his bedroom
similar to his siblings' ones here. His big TV
fell from a chest of drawers and onto the 5-year-old
yesterday morning. He didn't stand a chance.