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We are on a big jet plane this afternoon.

We are on a big jet plane this afternoon. Perth, we're coming to get you. Can't wait. The share was coming out of Perth for the next couple of days.We are paying Warri in gambling chips.We will let the casino complex. A couple of great shows. See you.

This program is captioned live. This morning - Fraud Squad detectives raid the home
of embattled MP Craig Thomson. Apple reveals the latest gadget
in its IT arsenal. And Daniel Craig strolls
the red carpet at the world premiere
of the latest James Bond movie.

Seven Morning News with Ann Sanders.

Good morning. Police have raided the home
of former Labor MP Craig Thomson on the New South Wales
Central Coast. Rob, you were there when police
arrived this morning. How did the raid unfold?

It happened at about 7:20am. Two teams, one from NSW and one from Victoria, went into his street. They knocked on the door and asked for entry. They showed they had a warrant. From what I understand, he was completely co-operative and praised police for their behaviour this morning in their courtesy. They were inside for may be about 2.5 hours before they subsequently left to raid his electorate office as well in Tuggerah. Better of the things from the home about 15 minutes after the police left his home. It was then that he came out quite bravely to address a rather vociferous media pack. We will show you a bit of what he had to save. I am very confident that at the end
of this investigation that I will be vindicated in terms of the position
I have taken from the start. No amount of shouting from
the media will change that view or change the way
in which the investigation will go. These are legal maters and we are cooperating with police
as we have done today... REPORTER: But you haven't been
interviewed? I've volunteered documents.

By two

By two haven't been interviewed! Rob, do we know
what police were looking for when they raided his
home and office this morning? The seized a number of documents.

Standard procedure but they are looking for what may be the icing on the cake in their investigation. When police moved into this phase, it has to be assumed they have a significant amount of evidence that makes them confident enough to move to this stage so beyond if their work Australia investigation already political and -- ramifications, this has become a police investigation which puts enormous pressure on him. It has to be said he is innocent before being proven guilty but police certainly are quite strong in the direction at taking. Robert Ovadia on the New South Wales
Central Coast, thank you. Now for the reaction in Canberra and the federal political
implication of today's development, we're joined by political editor
Mark Riley. Mark, just what impact will this
have on the Gillard Government?

Good morning. We haven't heard anything officially from the Government. The Prime Minister

Government. The Prime Minister is in Sydney. She's about to leave to come back to Canberra to meet the President of the Philippines this afternoon and there are no plans for her to speak to the media before tonight which is a little unusual but in the short-term, it threatens to derail the momentum the Government has built up in the polls and put her back and the political frame of answering questions about a sleazy scandal. The nightmare scenario for the Government is that Craig Thomson is forced out of his seat and for a by-election. He would have to be charged and found guilty with an offence of a sentence of one year or more. That is unlikely to occur before the next election is due before the end of next year. This came as news to all ministers this morning. Certainly surprised at the defence minister, Stephen Smith, when we caught up with him. Well, these are matters entirely
for the relevant police forces who are exercising these matters. I, as I left my office saw
the report, that's as much as I know. And Mark, what's been
the Opposition's reaction?


Not unusually, they have. Tony Abbott says this brings into question Julia Gillard's judgement for standing by Craig Thomson. The 2.5 years of this 3-year-old a fair and for those first 2.5 years, she said she maintained full confidence in him. Mr Abbott says that brings into question the judgement because of what we know and what the police are investigating. He also called into the Government to declare it would no longer accept his take a boat. Of course, if that were to occur, it would put the Government in a perilous position in the parliament and possibly lose government so it is not going to do that but you is what he had to say. The police have shown
a lot of diligence, in trying to ensure that low paid
workers' money is not misused. I just wish the same diligence
had been shown by the Federal Government.

I think we will be hearing more of that from Tony Abbott today Andover ensuing days as the Government is put back into that frame of defending a sleazy scandal. Arson Squad investigators
are trying to work out what caused a fire that badly
damaged two houses in Sydney's south-west last night. The adjoining properties
at Guildford went up in flames just before 11:00. There were initial fears
people were trapped inside but all residents were later
accounted for.

There was one occupant in one house
and the other house was vacant. Apparently the owners
are on holidays. And at a separate blaze in Miranda,
in the city's south, a firefighter suffered
an electric shock when power lines collapsed
on top of him. However, he kept fighting the fire and was taken to hospital
after it was extinguished.

Police claim to have smashed a drug
network in south-western Sydney. Heavily armed officers
raided five properties, arresting three people
on numerous drug offences. MAN: Police, go, go, go! Police raid!

As well as drugs
they seized a stun-gun and other items
believed to have been stolen. With just two weeks to go before
the US presidential election, both candidates are making the
final sprint on the campaign trail. Most pundits say Barack Obama won
yesterday's final debate with Mitt Romney, but it continues to be a dead heat
in the opinion polls.

King of their final days towards the election, a split screen finish. Barack Obama zeroing in on his opponent's trustworthiness. Everything he is doing right now is to hide his real positions and to try to win this election. You can trust that I say what I mean. And I mean what I say.Mitt Romney arguing that President Obama's campaign is about attacks, not solutions.Weaver haven't heard an agenda from the President and that is why his campaign is taking on water and house is full speed ahead. With most polls showing the race deadlocked and early voters going to the polls, both sides are flooding the airwaves hoping their last-minute message will resonate. We are not there yet but we have made real progress and the last thing we should do is turn back now. The Mitt Romney campaign is touting its performance in last night's foreign policy debate.Mr President, America has not be dictated to other nations. We have a freed other nations from dictators.To emphasise his argument, the President unveiled a 20 page booklet detailing a series of previous positions from boosting manufacturing jobs to raising taxes on the wealthy. The top Mitt Romney adviser dismissed that as a class - - Corse panic button. Apple is expected to dominate
the tech market this Christmas with its latest release,
the iPad Mini. It's about two thirds the size of
the iPad and is as thin as a pencil. Mike Amor is in California's
Silicon Valley for the launch. Good morning, Mike. What's the verdict on the iPad Mini?

I think it's getting the rave reviews to come to expect from Apple products. As you mentioned, it is about four centimetres shorter and narrower than the regular iPad. As thin as a pencil, as light as a pad of paper. Apple says this is not a shrunken version of its regular iPad, it is a new design. It can use the 275,000 apps out there. The big question is, the price. $365 for the basic model. Apple stocks believe that is still too expensive to compete with the smaller tablets. Sales begin on Friday and delivery of the internet version a week later. But this wasn't one of the experts.It's very impressive. This device will be very popular and the market. The Vatican still won all the apps and hold it in one hand and it's got all the great features of the main sized iPad. The seven-inch market is a very popular market. We have seen the Kindle, the Google. Only a matter of time before Apple introduced this product.They have introduced a few changes to existing products? Some surprise today when Apple announced the fourth generation of its iPad just six months after revealing the last model. The iPad four will be twice as fast. It announced changes to its Mac Book pro but everybody is talking about the iPad. IPads have sold 100 million around the world. In just 2.5 years. Next in Seven News -
business and finance. Oz Lotto jackpots to $70 million. And the royal red carpet
Bond premiere.

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Oz Lotto will jackpot
to $70 million next week with no Division One winners
in last night's $50 million draw. 3.8 million tickets were bought
across the country. 12 lucky winners walked away
with close to $60,000 each after claiming second division. More than 640,000 of us
picked up seventh division - becoming $15 richer. The $70 million jackpot
is the biggest since the $90 million Oz Lotto
draw of 2009.

To finance now and joining me
is Huw McKay from Westpac. Good morning, Huw. The latest inflation figures
have just been released. What do they show?

They showed a 1.4% increase in inflation in the quarter witches are 2.0 % rate over the year. The major drivers of this number of course other rolling of the carbon pricing mechanism driving up utilities costs and the expiry of the private health insurance rebate for high income earners. That pushed health costs up considerably in the quarter. The underlying measures which are the ones that we focus on more so which aren't as driven by policy distortions, they were up 0.7 and 0.8 so nothing too dramatic there but certainly, policy had a big impact on inflation and a quarter.What does that make for Melbourne Cup day interest rate cut?We still think that a cut is on the cards on Melbourne Cup day. We have had won on that occasion more often than not over the last few years and we think that this year will be no exception. We don't think these inflation figures should be an impediment to the Reserve Bank delivering more Christmas cheer to the Australian consumer.Thank you.

Crowds were shaken and stirred at the world premiere of the latest
James Bond film, 'Skyfall', in London. The 23rd instalment even received
a royal seal of approval.

Cheryll Simpson was there.

We're on the red carpet tonight for the world premier of the latest
Bond instalment, 'Skyfall'. All the stars are here
in attendance - Daniel Craig, Dame Judi Dench,
Javier Bardem. And they are joined by one
special guest, Prince Charles. We just developed story and tried to make the story as
rich and interesting as possible. So, you know... I... just... I just do what's written. What's it like now
being an iconic Bond girl? It is, ah, absolute great
wonderful honour.

All the proceeds
from tonight's premiere will go towards supporting
real-life spies of the Secret Intelligence Service. This year marks the 50 anniversary of the release of the first ever
James Bond film, 'Dr No'. It's the longest-running film
franchise in history and critics have hailed 'Skyfall'
as one of the best of the series in years.

Quentin Bryce will stay
on as Governor-General The Queen has agreed to extended
her term until March 2014. Ms Bryce was due to finish
in the role late next year. She was the first woman to be
appointed Governor-General, in 2008. The Prime Minister praised Ms Bryce for carrying out her duties
with distinction.

Two very cute snow leopard cubs
finally have names. Meet Chen-Chen and Guo-Guo - the first artificially bred
snow leopards in China. The rare brother and sister
were born in July, with zookeepers holding
a competition to name them. After more than 3,000 suggestions,
the decision was made. And in case you're wondering, their
names mean 'the fruit' in Chinese.

Next in Seven News - sport, including the latest on racing's
war of words. And a morning of comebacks
in the Champions League but not for Chelsea.

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Trainer Gai Waterhouse says her feud with prominent owner
John Singleton is simply a lover's tiff. Waterhouse got Singleton's
blood boiling after she opted for barrier 11 for
More Joyous in Saturday's Cox Plate. Singleton says it was madness
and a suicidal move. Reporter Leith Mulligan was
at Flemington this morning.

It seems that Gai Waterhouse started something when she picked date Number 11 for More Joyous. It seems John Singleton is not happy, describing the mood -- move as madness and suicide. She has laughed that off, saying she has tried to do the best thing by the horse and to win the race, describing John Singleton's comments and her position as a lover's tiff.It was a lover's tiff. He called it mad, recorded suicide. Did he?Were we will see on Saturday.I think so.She had the choice yesterday of barriers 1-14. She has admitted that she might be staying clear of John Singleton for a little while until it all cools down.I find him terribly innovative. I love training for him. He gets a bit creaky sometimes but don't we all?It was interesting to note that the final word this morning was that pinko Pinker won the Cox Plate last year from which barrier? Number 11. This year, the fall guy head of the Melbourne Cup. The last two winners of the Melbourne Cup have won the John Cup. But as all from this morning at Flemington. The Perth Scorchers have won
their final match at the Twenty20 Champions League despite dumping the Marsh brothers,
Shaun and Mitch for disciplinary reasons
before the match. Perth defeated the Auckland Aces
by 16 runs in Centurion. Former test spinner Michael Beer
claimed three wickets to ensure the Scorchers ended
a disappointing campaign on a high. He's been in outstanding form

Flemington. And

Players who play today and players who didn't play today who have let down the team in preparation. It's understood the Marsh brothers could face
further disciplinary action when they return to Australia.

The Adelaide Crows
could face draft penalties over the messy Kurt Tippett
trade saga. It's believed
club officials have told the AFL they struck
a secret side deal with Tippett, when they re-signed the key forward
in 2009. It allowed Tippett to be traded
to the club of his choice, in exchange
for a second-round draft pick. The Crows didn't disclose the side
agreement to the AFL back in 2009 and could be investigated
for draft tampering. Tippett hopes to be traded
to the Swans.

The Wests Tigers could unveil
Mick Potter as their new coach this afternoon. Meanwhile, Roosters coach Trent
Robinson sees Mitchell Pearce as a natural leader as the club steps up its search
for a new captain. I have a lot of faith in Mitchell
and the way that he plays the game. He leads us when he's on the field and I think a part of that has to be
off the field as well. Robinson hinted that veteran
Anthony Minichiello could be the man to replace Tigers-
bound Braith Anasta as skipper.

It's a been a morning of dramatic
comebacks in the Champions League. Manchester United were in trouble
from the second minute against Braga. But the Red Devils fought back
to win with three straight goals. COMMENTATOR: In it comes, Herandez.

And United have coem from two down
to turn this game on its head! Barcelona were also heading
for defeat against Scottish champions Celtic but the Spanish giants surived 2-1. The was no comeback
from defending champions Chelsea, going down 2-1 to Shakhtar Donetsk
in Ukraine.

Serena Williams has overcome
an injury scare to win her first match
in the WTA Championship in Turkey. The Wimbledon, US Open and Olympic
champion appeared to pull a muscle in the first set
against Angelique Kerber. But Williams played down the injury
after winning 6-4, 6-1.

My ankle tape was just really tight so

so it was like my ankle was being squeezed and it went up to my hamstring so it was fine. The WTA Championship
is a round robin event.

Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

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Taking a look at the weather now.

A trough is spreading showers
and storms from Western Australia into South
Australia, bringing a cool change. Hot northerly winds
ahead of the trough are spreading into New South Wales
and Victoria.

And a high is moving in to clear
south-west Western Australia. Around the capitals - fine in

Fine in
Canberra. Melbourne,

Showers increasing
in Hobart. Adelaide,
a late shower. Fine for Perth. A late storm
in Darwin.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4:30
and tonight at 6:00. We'll have comprehensive reports

on the police raid
at Craig Thomson's home. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext captions by
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