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(generated from captions) delicious; by the way. Tomorrow on the show Kym Johnston will be talking to us about dancing with the All Stars because they are coming down to the finals. A friend of mine is coaching four of the couples on the show. He sent me an Instagram of Kirstie Alley.You are so connected.She is doing really well.Are you wearing DVF today in honour? Yes. I am. My wife loves DVF. Who who loves DVF is the Fashion Police. David White hill will go whale watching where they watch the Beluga whale.The little white one?Yeah.So cute. They tuned for the Morning News with

This program is captioned live. This is Nine News. We begin with breaking news on the Craig Thomson scandal. In the last few minutes, police have raid said his offices at Tuggerah on the NSW Central Coast. It comes after his home was raided this morning as part of an investigation into fraud allegations involving the Health Services Union. What is the latest? Raids here at Craig Thomson's home around 7am this morning police arrived. New South Wales Police working in conjunction with vein police. 10 officers left after 10:00. 15 minutes later we heard fom Craig Thomson, let's hear from him now.Today, at the outset I have done nothing wrong, we are fully cooperating with the police in relation to this investigation. We think there is still some time for this investigation to go before it is concluded but we are, I am very much looking to concluding, hopefully, before the end of this year. That's where we are at today. It was part of the routine procedures that we fully expected.. We think there are is still some time before this investigation is concluded. I reiterate, I have done nothing wrong and very confident the conclusion of this investigation, that will be the conclusion the police reach as well. I don't expect to be charged in relation to this matter. I expect at the end of the day, the position where I have spoken for over an hour in parliament, I said for the last four year yz have done nothing wrong, I will be vindicated.What next for Craig Thomson?After an awful day for him and his family, he has two children here. His wife just drove down the street and ran over camera equipment as well, a very stressful day for them. He will be in discussions with his lawyer. He rerained calm and considered despite -- he remained calm. He has been charged with nothing and he believes in the end he will be 100% vindicated.Thank you, we will come back to you for an update but first to Canberra. What is the response there?Well, the Opposition Leader has this morning praised police for their work and urged Craig Thomson to cooperate fully with the investigations. He said the Prime Minister has questions to answer why it took so long for Craig Thomson to be suspended from the Labor party. A number of Government ministers have also reacted to the news, let's listen to them and then Tony Abbott.I certainly wouldn't be commenting on police exercising their duties, nor on court cases, whether they are civilian or potentially criminalCraig Thomson is sitting in the parliament, these are matters of huge public controversy, if you like but I think we have got do let these things run their course. He is entitled to the presumption of innocence.The police have shown a lot of diligence in trying to ensure that low-paid workers' money is not misused. I just wish the same diligence had been shown by the Federal Government. Let's not forget it was the Prime Minister saying for months and jeerer years she had full confidence ipCraig Thomson.What is it likely to mean for the Labor GovernmentWell, that depends on the outcome of the investigation and any potential future court action. To be disqualified from parl lment an MP must be convicted of a charge of more than 12 months. Craig Thomson has not been charged with any criminal offences but he is facing civil claims brought on by Fair Work Australia based on their investigation into alleged misuse of funds while head of the Health Services Union. They want Craig Thomson to pay significant amounts of compensation in fines, which raises issues about bankruptcy. They can't stay in the parliament if bankrupt. He mostly votes with Labor, for this to have an impact on the minority government's numbers in the house, there would have to be an outcome against Craig Thomson before the Federal election. At this stage, it seems fairly unlikely.Thank you, plenty unfolding on this story. Of course, we will keep you updated on developments. Fire has gut adhome in Sydney's west, also damaging a neighbouring property only put up for sale yesterday. Here are the details.Fire investigations will be on scene in Guildford today to try to work out the cause of the fire which destroyed one home and badly damaging a neighbouring property. It broke out about 11:00 last night. The owners are away and were due to return home next week. Neighbours heard and called the fire and called triple zero. They described what they heard were fire crackers going off. Some neighbours managed to capture the flames on mobile phones. The fireies had their work cut out for them. They couldn't stop it from affecting the neighbouring property, am owner has owned the home since 1979, he was in the bathroom and raced outside but certainly his home has been badly damaged. He only put it on the market yesterday, so certainly he has work to do before he can sell it. He is insured and he will be able to get it fixed up but there is a fair bit of damage.The back verandah is completely burned down and car and two cars and the granny flat on the outside, the bathroom is completely damaged. Firefighters were busy in Sydney's south last night in the suburb of Miranda, battling a blaze that began in a garage and spread to the home. Two people inside the home weren't hurt but a firefighter was lines came down on him and burned his face and neck. He kept fighting the fire and after the fire was put out his crew took him to the nearest hospital for observation. That fire is being treated assuspicious.Moon time in Queensland, blazes burn across the -- mean time in Queensland, blazes continue to burn across the state. Bring us up to date?Good morning. The situation here in Springfield in the Redbanks Plains area is under control, which is welcome news. The progress of the grass fire on the hill has been halted by a major road. In tact fact, this fire has been burning for over a week, one of two major incidents across the south-east firefighters have been working against. The other is in the Yous Nest area, in the Darling Downs. We have seen fire crews and water bombing helicopters working side by side to protect properties and homes. Thankfully no homes have been lost but there have been close calls. We have seen people evacuating their homes and in this area, a school was evacuated due to smoke. Over, across the entire state we have seen at one point up to 60 fires burning. They were started a couple of day uzgo by treacherous conditions -- days ago by treacherous conditions. The ferocious winds are making life very difficult for firefighters. What is frustrate sing the fact that a number of them were deliberately lit. They are working hard to get them under control. Sometimes it appears they are but the wind pick up and it starts the cycle all over. What they need is heavy rape to get on top of is-- they need heavy rain to get on top of this.We can see the smoke haze? I guess where the reverse is where there is smoke there is fire. These houses here in Redbank planes and Crows Nest are blanketed in smoke. It has shrouded the whole city in the thick heavy smoke. Police are warning people with respiratory issues not to go into the smoke and hold off until the fires burn out, we get the rain that stops the fires or the wind changes the direction and pushes the smoke from the city.Thank you for the update. Three people have been arrested and charged with a number of drug offences in Sydneypost south-west. Police swooped on properties in Fairfield Heights, mount Pritchard and Guildford. Two of the suspects in custody, a 38-year-old woman and a 20-year-old man, will appear in court later today. Australian universities will cease to exist in 15 years, unless drastic changes are made to the current business model, according to an earn & young report, the uni-- earnest & Young report. The report suggests universities should focus on teaching rather than research, to become more affordable. A kick look at the weather now. -- a quick look at the weather now..

There is plenty more to come, including the country's newest multi million dollar casino, one step closer to reality. The mini ipad gets a makover and later, a right royal premier for the latest This program is not captioned. Glad that one's over.
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Tomorrow, win $10,000 of petrol. And meet the Greek grannys sharing their secrets for the perfect family feast.Nice! Back to the morning news. We have more on the Craig Thomson story now. In the last 30 minutes, the Federal MP's office in Tuggerah was raided, following an earlier raid on his home on the Central Coast where police seized a computer and documents among other evidence. Our reporter is at Tuggerah. What can you tell us?The same police involved in the first search on the house basically came straight down to his office, his electorate office in Tuggerah, about a 15- minute drive and they have shut the doors to this pretty small building. It is basically made up of three rooms. I am looking in there and I can officers itemizing things they are obviously going to be taking from the office. It is expected it it is may last up to two hours. They were two hours in Craig Thomson's home. This is a pretty thorough search. Craig Thomson said police took from his property a number of items, some documents. He made it sound like they didn't take much but we saw the police leave the property and they were taking bundles of documents and boxes of documents. So it is expected they will do the same here.Following that raid at his home, there was a bit of dramax?Yes, really unusual, maybe frustration? I'm not sure. Zoe Arnold, the wife of Craig Thomson, he'd come out and had his meet with the media, he told his story and he went inside. Then Zoe drove away, with the car, whether she didn't see it or not, unusual, but there was a bag on the road and she literally drove straight over it. The bag belonged to one of the local cameraman and items in that camera bag were broken by the car going over the top of it. She didn't stop. She kept going. We haven't spoken to her about it, whether she did it deliberately or whether it was an accident, it is unclear.Thank you, there is plenty more unfolding. We will keep you updated throughout the bulletin. Sydney will soon have a second casino with the State Government set to approval James Packer's plans on Monday. Changes to the law has bipartisan support and is expected to pass through the Upper House. The cabinet approval would alim Mr Packer a casino licence worth $200 million. The Barangaroo casino is expected to start in 2019. President Obama is being hailed as the winner of yesterday's final debate which saw the candidates clash over foreign policy. Despite the win, the President and opponent, Mitt Romney, are still neck and neck just two weeks out from the election. In their final show down on foreign policy, President Obama reminded voters he is the commander-in-chief.Attacking me is not an agenda.Romney spent the night arguing America has lost its world influence, especially with Iran.The greatest threat of all is Iran, four years closer to a nuclear weapon.But both sides agreed on Iranian sanctions and the current policy in Egypt, Syria and Afghanistan.I congratulate him on taking out Osama bin Laden but we can't kill our way out of this mess. I am glad you recognise al-Qaeda is a threat because a few month ago, you said it was Russia.He went after weaknesses.Our navy is smaller than since 1915.We also have fewer horses and banets.They brought it back to the economy, in particular, US autojobs.You were very clear that you would not provide government assistance to the US Otto companies, even if they went through bankruptcy.The idea has been that I would liquidate the industry, of course not!The latest ABC News poll shows it is still close with the President carrying a 1 point lead.I don't think Mitt Romney hurt himself but President Obama may have helped himself.A smaller version of the ipad has been unveiled by Apple this morning in what is gearing up to be a busy week in the tablet world. The pencil-thin mini ipad will be available in Australia from next week. They said they would never do. Over the last few weeks it appear they might, tonight they did.I think tell by your excitement, you know what this is. This is iPad mini. It is an entirely new design with beautiful, aluminium glass enclosure where every detail is finely crafted and exquisite. The process by which the manufacturer, unseen in our industry. There is nothing as amazing as this.It would be unfair to say this smacks of desperation, but when you consider the once legendary Steve Jobs dismissed mini tablets as being too small to rival the ipad, I think at the very least, this suggests that Apple is feeling the heat.Apple has the first bite of the cherry but Amazon will launch its kindle fire tablet into the international on Thursday. It has been a great success in the US. Microsoft will follow suit on Friday with its surface tablet and Google is expected to offer up its nexts tablet on October 29. A busy week that could have a bearing on the future of the industry. Coming up still, claims of corrupt conduct, the investigation into Victoria Police's former police chief. The maker of a popular drink sued over the death of a teen anal girl. And lady in black, Taylor This program is not captioned.

Let's get the latest on the top story now. Detectives have raided Craig Thomson's office at Tuggerah on the Central Coast this morning. After leaving his home, as part of their investigation into the Health Services Union fraud scandal. Fraud officers from NSW and Victoria left with documents. They said it included examples of Craig Thomson's hand writing. Craig Thomson emerged insisting it is part of a routine investigation and maintenanceing his innocence. His wife and two children were home and there was some drama moments ago, when his wife ran over a cameraman's bag as she left the street in her 4-wheel drive. All the latest developments on that for you throughout the morning. In other news, Victoria's former police chief has been cleared of corruption allegations but it has revealed glaring problems within the service. Simon Overland was accused of paying a senior media worker $70,000 in hush money when they left the force. It was claimed he reappointed a senior officer without due process and was awarded temporary membership to the Melbourne Cricket Club. He was not found to have acted improperly but the ombudsman said staff have poor understanding of gifts and use of e-mail. Taylor Swift has walked the red carpet in New York. Looking every bit the pop princess, she wore a vintage black dress and her signature red lip stick. She said she is excited fans can get their hands on her CD.I feel with this record we took chances and were adventurous with it. I am, I am so proud of it. I feel like I can't wait to hear what the favourite songs are by the fans.'Red' is No.1 on the iTunes charts in the US and Australia. Still to come, we will go live to our reporter for the latest on police raids on Craig Thomson's home and offices. Also, rosgreen wood joins us with the latest inflation figures. -- Ros Greenwood. And the latest Bond film, This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: It mightn't look it, but Toby's actually being
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These are our top stories this morning... Craig Thomson's offices and home have been raided by police. A home has been gutted by a blaze in Sydney and Melbourne. Inflation figures for the September quarter are about to be released. If they are below target, they could trigger a interest rate cut next month. OK, we have more on the breaking news story now, former Labor MP Craig Thomson, insists he has done nothing wrong, despite police raids on his home and electorate office this morning. Let's go live to Kevin Wilde on the Central Coast. What does Mr Craig Thomson have to say?Well, he has once again repeated he has done nothing wrong, the raid on his home, which started at 7am this morning involving New South Wales Police in conjunction with the Victoria police, say investigation of the misuse of cash. Some someone under so much pressure, last week he faced the prospect from Fair Work Australia he could be bankrupted if they was fined $450,000. He was firm, stoic and calm and stayed true to his lines and said he has done nothing wrong. Let's hear from him now.I have done nothing wrong. We are fully cooperating with the police in relation to this investigation. We think there is still some time for this investigation to go before it's concluded. But we are, I am very much looking to concluding, hopefully, before the end of this year. I don't expect to be charged in relation to this matter. I expect at the end of the day, the position I have taken where I spoke for over an hour in parliament, I have said for the last four years I have done no wrong will be vindicated. I hope, after this statement, this is a family home, there is a three-year-old and one- year-old who live here. I would appreciate it if we can could treat it as the neighbourhood it is. Kevin, obviously, plenty more to come on this investigation but what does it mean for Craig Thomson on the political front?We know he was a Labor MP. He had a swing wards him at the last Federal election. I innot sure if he was to stand again he -- I'm not sure if he was to stand again he would receive such support but he votes with Labor in Canberra. Tony Abbott would like the situation to come to a head and for there to be a bi-election before the next election or prompt a new Federal election. But the mechanics of the legal system and the bankruptcy charging will seem to suggest Craig Thomson will hang around as an AM and go to the polls, next year. It will have some damage to the Labor Party. He was one of their members and is now an independent who votes for them.OK, thank you so much for that update. We will have all the latest developments on the raids of omtom's homes and offices during the day and -- Craig Thomson's home and offices during the day and at 6:00. A crime scene has been set up outside two homes in a Sydney street after fire ripped through the property just lfrbaefb lack clast last night. A home and a car was destroyed in a Guildford blaze while a neighbour's house was damaged.I was in bath room and heard pop, pop, pop and come out and look and saw the fire in the garage.Mean time, two people have been taken to hospital with minor burns after a separate blaze in Sydney's south. A car caught fire at the Miranda home before the flames spread to the garage. A firefighter was electrocuted after being hit by a falling powerline. He is in a stable condition. Two major fires threatening Queensland homes have now been contained. It took 55 fire trucks and two water- bombing helicopters to control a large grass fire at Redbanks Plains west of Brisbane. To the north, crews remained on scene at Crows Nest, which is now contained. It will be a tough day for asthmatics with a thick haze over the state. The latest inflation numbers are just been released. Our finance editor is in studio to break down the figures. Good morning. Thank you for coming in.They are bigger than what people expected. It could have an impact on interest rates next week. The key numbers of course, most Australians will recognise electricity prices, fruit and vegetable prices have jumped in the last quarter, in particular tomato prices have gone through the roof for people. During the last quarter, electricity prices up 15%, the price rises and the carbon tax was introduced. But the Australian bureau of statistics is saying they won't be able to quantify the impact of carbon pricing or compensation from the government for some time, it is too difficult to do. But the household gas pricevise increased by more than 14%, big things, vegetable prices up 10.5%, medical and health up by 4.5%. The biggest rise in the quarterly inflation since the March quarter of 2011.You mentioned interest rates, what impact is it likely to have?The interesting lieng watching the markets immediately you saw the -- interestingly, the Aussie dollar has jumped back to almost 103 US cent after being significantly weaker overnight thch the markets are saying there is less --. The markets are saying there is les chance of the interest rates being cut. Part of it might be the carbon tax, certainly, partly about electricity prices and fruit and vegetable prices but whether, on Melbourne Cup day, they decide whether it is enough to keep their finger off the trigger for the time being, I suggest that is what the market is saying.Thank you. Appreciate it.There has been a horror fatal crash in Queensland this morning. Two cars collided in Kipparing just after 5 slamming into a power pole. The driver died at the scene and the passenger has been taken to hospital. Police believe speed to be a factor. We head overseas now and the child sex scandal engulfing the BBC has widened with the corporation revealing ten former and current staff are under investigation for abuse and harassment. The director general of the company has been grilled for two hours into a an inquirerquiry that former TV show coast Jimmy Savile abused children at -- host Jimmy Savile abused children at the height of his fame. 37 days into his stewardship, after three straight weeks of increasingly damning allegations, the BBC's new director general set off to defend his handling of the Jimmy Savile affair.Do you accept in light of last night's 'Panorama', it was a catastrophic mistake?I came away, the view, it wasn't ready of transmission of the point, it should have been allowed to continue.We know the editor, Peter Rippon, hadn't seen the interview. He was first told about the 'Newsnight' investigation in a brief conversation with the director of news on second dast least year.Helen said to me, looking at Jimmy Savile or investigating Jimmy Savile, and if comes off and stands up words to that effect, it may have an impact on your Christmas schedule. I said, "Thanks for letting me know. Please update me.". What I meant by that was, on whether or not it would be going ahead.George Entwistle was head of vision back then and in charge of commissioning programmes. He was pressed repeatedly about his acute lack of curiosity.You didn't want to know someI didn't want to know. What was in my mind was a determination not to show, an undue interest.The end of the almost two hours of questioning, the MPs seemed frustrated by George Entwistle's lack of definitive answers.I am editor in chief, absolutely in the sense of that, I did take responsibility and accountability for all the BBC's journalism.In the end there were no knockout blows but his appearance raised as many questions as it answers, not least when did he first hear about the Jimmy Savile allegations? A former England football manager and former nanny for the Beckhams are suing the 'Daley ska mirror' over times when peers Morgan was the editor. He is now a big TV star, particularly in the US where he has his own talk show on CNN. But his former life as a tabloid editor here in the United Kingdom is coming back to haunt him. For almost a decade, he was the high- profile editor of the 'Daley Mirror'. During his editorship, journalists hacked the phone of the former England football coach, one of four new claimants alleging reporters working for the paper or the 'Sunday Mirror' or the' Sunday People' reg allly snooped on them. He has always denied any knowledge of phone hacking when he was editor. This is what he told the levson inquiry.Was this a practise we might add a third newspaper to the mix was taking place within the Daily Mail before 2004?I do not believe so, no.You don't believe so? Or you are sure?I don't believe so. To the best of my recollection, I do not believe so. Trinity ska mirror, which owns mirror says: Nevertheless, the fact the allegations have been made at all is damaging for the company. Its share price slipped significantly. Something which happened to news korp when the first hacking claim -- new corp when the first hacking claims appeared against News of the World. In high doses caffeine kn danger. US a law suit is being launched. Everyone knows caffeine can create a body buzz, make the hands shake, heartsplepitate but in high doses like those found in the energy drink Monster, can it kill? The Food and Drug Administration has received reports of five deaths possibly linked to the drink. It is investigating diligently but has not confirmed it is the cause. Wendy's 14-year-old daughter Anais Fournier died 16 days later and is one of the five deaths Food and Drug Administration is looking into. She had a 24-ounce Monster, that's it.This pick canture has been the rallying call against -- picture has been the rallying call.She drank two 24 ounce Monster energy drinks in less than 24 hours and it took her life.But is it possible for caffeine to be the true kill center Anais's death certificate claims: monster are up the top of the list for the most popular, more than a ska starbucks latte or four Cokes. They are build to chug with large opens in the can.We have seen health risks with high energy drinks, not necessarily coffee. One reason could be coffee is consumed while it's hot and more slowly. Here is the thing, the adult lethal level of caffeine generally recognised by doctors is 5 to 10,000 milligrams, it would take 31 to 62 cans of the 16-ounce monster, drank one after enough to reach that point. Still, physicals warn all that changes with people who are not healthy adults. As for Monster, is it says they have sold 8 billion energy drinks and is unaware of any fatality anywhere caused by its drinks. Twins are considered lucky in China sow a snow leopard must be a very proud mum. A zoo in the north-west has been hand-rearing the babies for three months, givering them special treatment baz they are so rare. Zoo staff called on the public to help name the animals from around 3,000 entries. Royalty and superstars are filled the red carpet in London for the world premier for the latest action-packed joplz bond movie, 'Skyfall'. On the red carpet at London's famous Royal alpert Hall, the stars of James Bond film, 'Skyfall'.To have the premier here tonight, it is great. I mean, I have been to premiers, but this... Head of the jube -- ahead of the jubilee tour of Australia, Charles and Camilla gave it the royal seal of approval and the stars seemed to love every minute.So far, wonderful, I haven't seen the film yet but so far going well.Pretty cool, only James Bond can do this in the centre of London, right?In 'Skyfall', Bond's relationship with M is under stress.I got to be fascinated with this world, you feel like a child when you see a James Bond movie.Iest so delighted I get this opportunity to be in one. Few films are as bankable as the franchise, which has earned billions of dollars at the box office. It is already claimed 'Skyfall' is the west best one yet. This 50th year is a special one. Most of the film was shot here. It caps off a wonderful year for London the Olympics and the diamond jubilee celebrations. The film is released in Australia next month. That looks fantastic. Can't wait to see it.I know you are only interested in Daniel Craig.This is true.When I grew up, you had a model Aston Martin and you pressed a button and toy machine guns came out. There myth be bit of fluff and bubble to it but interests lead nothing to the Cox Plate but today, the Geelong Cup. And in cricket finally wins in South Africa but the Marsh This program is not captioned. (UPBEAT LATIN SONG PLAYS)

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We could see the winner of the Melbourne Cup run around here because the last two Melbourne Cup winners came from here. It is a smallish field this afternoon, just seven runners, among them the big internationals in Brigantin and Gatewood. We are told the money is for Brigantin. A big day for Geelong too. Awash with colour, a public holiday down here. Thousands are expected trackside and they are lapping up the atinous mest fear. This spat between racing's biggest names, a trainer and an owner over the Cox Plate?An interesting one. The Plate this weekend, the one we are all looking forward to. A sniesnies stoush between Gai Waterhouse and John sing -- a nice stoush between Gai Waterhouse and John Singleton. He described her decision to pick gate 11 as suicide and 'Bloody madness and almost impossible to win'. She hit back and said her job is to get the horse to win and barrier 11 is the best choice. I am sure it might bubble on for a few days. Hopefully it is not a big distraction for connectionsch. I dare say, he will be there on Saturday with bells on. Good publicity for event. Get us a winner this afternoon, thanks.

winner this afternoon, thanks.
Ricky Ponting has warmed up for the Gabba Test mach against South Africa in style. He's notched up his first big score of the summer with a century for Tasmania in their Sheffield Shield clash against Victoria. His ton came against some top opposition. James Pattinson and Peter Siddle headline the Bushrangers' fast-bowling stocks. A disappointing end to the Twenty20 Champions League for brothers Shaun and Mitch Marsh, repeatedly dropped from the Perth Scorchers final game against Auckland.Players didn't play today who let the team down in preparation last week, that's what I have got to say.Even though the match was a dead rubber for Perth, they were chasing their first win of the tournament. Michael Beer picked up three wickets to knock Auckland out of semifinal reckoning. A tough morning for Premier League giants in the European Champions League. Chelsea suffered a shock loss in the Ukraine, whilst Manchester United was given a real scare against Portuguese side Braga. The Red Devils' theatre of dreams didn't take long to become the stuff of nightmares for Sir Alex Ferguson.Looking cross, Oh! A header in! Another disastrous start for Manchester United.Their woes doubled inside 20 minutes as Alain found the net for the second time. But this time, United didn't wait long to reply.Good advantage played. Fernandez has done it! Right on cue!A messy goal-mouth scramble saw Johnny Evans awarded the home side's second. But with half an hour still to play, Braga were still hopeful of at least a point.Hernandez, we won't get any because he has a second.Relief at Old Trafford for Sir Alex. But only pain for Chelsea this morning - conceding an early goal to Shakhtar Donetsk.A shot attempt! Alex! Inside three.The Blues' defence title was falling over quickly as the Ukrainian minnows slotted home a second.It's through!Oscar's late goal gave the home side a nervous final few minutes before confirming Chelsea's first loss of the tournament.The defending champions have lost in the Ukraine. The Blues now sit second behind Shaktar in their group, in real danger of missing the round of 16. And the world's lastest man has already begun frepairing for the 2016 Olympics. Usain Bolt toured Rio and was even given a key to the city by the mayor. 2016 could be a busy games for Bolt. He is considering adding the long jump to his repertoire. Whether he wins or not, wouldn't it be spectacular to watch?It there anything he can't do?He'd never come down.Thank you, see you soon. Soon, This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: It mightn't look it, but Toby's actually being
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Let's have a look at the weather details around the country now.

To finance news

To finance news now the All Ords is currently down 36 and the Aussie dollar has risen on the stronger- than-expect underflation figures.

And that's Nine's Morning News for this Wednesday. We'll have the latest on the Craig Thomson This program is not captioned.



This program is not captioned.