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(generated from captions) In government schools, 95%

In this part of Nepal, the caste system is still alive and well. These children are part of the lowest caste, known as untouchables - and none go to school.

We meet a family on the outskirts on the village in Birgunj. Of the a 14 people who live in her house, no-one had been educated. She spends her days doing chores and weaving bamboo to sell in the village. We in the village. We meet her mother.She's saying she doesn't go to school.

And the reason is the prejudice that happens to her, because other kids in the school think that she belongs to an untouchable caste.So if the teachers allowed it, she would send Sunena to school?

This is the Bageshwari Titrauna school. Localally, it's known as a sack school, because children have to sit on sacks under a tree. There is a fragile shelter that parents built themselves, and a few small school benches.

Sheikh Shekphul Mohammed is a rice farmer who has two daughters and one son in the sack school. He tells us it's not true that government schools are free - he has to buy books which cost $5 a month on average. He would gladly send his children to a bamboo school, if there was one here.

The debate over private versus public education will go on in Nepal. But across the country's social and economic divide, the aspirations remain the same.

Questions about his financial practices aside, it looks like he's doing a pretty good job to me. Next week - we start ramping up our US election coverage. We go on the road with a lively bunch of Republican campaigners as their man, Mitt Romney, goes neck to neck in the opinion eck to neck in the opinion polls with Barack Obama. We're going th Barack Obama. We're going to do some door-to-door, go talk to voters for.They're young and keen, but they've got their work cut out for them - polls predict the Democrats may win this state.I'm really worried about all of the social things that the Republicans seem to need to get into power. And still in North America - the comedy crusader - we meet a man whose comedy school is dedicated to helping those with mental illness. Whenever I'm depressed or bummed out, I go find someone who's really happy, and I suck the life force out of them.(LAUGHTER) I love every single person in this organisation.Me too.They're like family, xpt they don't secretly hate you.(LAUGHTER)

And from Thailand - taunting the tigers - one of the country's best- known tourist attractions, which aims to be promoting conservation, stands accused of exploiting the big cats.If you're calling a business like this a conservation project, if you're selling animal exploitation and a business as a conservation project, then I have a serious concern with it.Tonight's program will be available on our website shortly, and you can give your views about any of our stories there as well. That's at: Stay tuned for the Late News. Until next week, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - www.redbeemedia.cby Red Bee Media -

This program is captioned live. This program is captioned live. The third debate - Barack Obama judged the winner, but the White House race still too close to call.Every time you've offered an opinion you've been wrong.Attacking me is not an agenda.The latest Digger to die in Afghanistan named as Australian forces try to combat the threat from improvised bombs. A diplomatic coup for Gaza - the first visit by a foreign head of state since the Hamas takeover. And baby bonus blues - the coalition fends off new sexism claims against Tony Abbott. Good evening and welcome to the program. I'm Mariana Rudan. In boxing terms, it has been a tough, three-round fight. Barack Obama seems to have emerged as the winner of the debates with Mitt Romney. His greater experience on foreign policy has given him the edge on the third night. Whether that translates into vote remains to be seen. Our correspondent is in Florida. After two feisty encounters in the previous debates, a more civil tone tonight. Mitt Romney priest Barack Obama on a couple of occasions. The President was the more aggressive tonight. -- praised Barack Obama. Mitt Romney took him to task over his attacks. Round three. The final showdown for two men who are neck-and-neck at the polls. Barack Obama was on the offensive, accusing his rival of being all the mac.I know you have not been in a position to execute foreign policy but every time you have offered an opinion, you have been wrong.Attacking me is not an agenda. Attacking me is not talking about how to challenge -- deal with the challenges. Taken opportunity and stem the tide of the violence. Mitt Romney offered a dismal assessment of foreign policy. He highlighted the war with no end in Syria, the election of the Muslim government in Egypt and the US considered attack.We cannot kill our way out of this mess. We have to put a comprehensive and robust strategy in place to help the world of Islam and other parts of the world to reject this violent extremism which is a wrong.He also accused the president of running down the armed forces to levels not seen since the early 20th century. The President hit back, raising the all a laugh of the nave.You mention the Navy and that we have fewer ships the 1960 and. We also have fewer horses and bayonets. The nature of the military has changed. We have the aircraft carriers.The insults ran both ways. Mitt Romney accused the president of conducting an apology tour of the Middle East. He pointed out that he had bypassed America's most important ally in the region, is real.-- is real. You said America had been dismissive and derisive. You said America had dictated to other nations. America has not dictated to other nations. We have freed other nations from dictators.Let me respond. Nothing you said is true. That starts with the notion of me apologising. This has been one of the biggest lie is that has been told or the cause of this campaign. -- bigger slice.He pledged his support for Israel. He also said that Iran would not get nuclear weapons as long as he was president. Snap poll suggested that was Barack Obama pass back night. 53 % of people gave them the debate. Only 23 % awarded it to Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney did not disqualify himself, said one commentator, but, in this battle, he did not cover himself in glory either. To where the candidates hoping to impress? What was interesting was the tone of the debate. It was not as feisty. Both candidates must have had one eye on the female vote. Everyone says this election will come down to it. A number of women were turned off by the testy exchanges in the previous debates. In terms of the stand-out issues, I thought it was interesting that, as far as Benghazi was concerned, it was considered to be the president's Achilles heel but Mitt Romney did not kick it. Another reason why you could say that this debate went to the President. Tonight, political experts give their opinion on who they thought win the debate. -- won the debate. Voters are undecided. The edge in a debate on foreign policy usually goes to a sitting president. Political experts say Mitt Romney did not doing enough to buck that trend. There were limitations to his visions for the future.Each side did their best to put spin on the performance.I think the President did well tonight. He sank his Battle said.I think Barack Obama's foreign policy has failed. You can see why tonight. They were not the only ones watching. The people who truly matter with just weeks left in the race are the ones who still have not made up their minds. Are you undecided?The debate was awesome. I think it really added to my indecision. This suggests that this relatively close to David will do little to help the undecideds decides.-- relatively close debate will stop Barack Obama handled himself well.He was more presidential than Romney.Pretty good, pretty good. I just don't agree with them. He still dead pretty good. Men on the is a good guy and I will stick with him.Both sides should be relieved. The only thing worse than not winning the debate is clearly losing. The Department of Defence has named the latest Australian soldier to be killed in Afghanistan. Corporal Scott James Smith died when an improvised explosive device went off on a mission in the border region of Uruzgan province. He came from South Australia, but was based with Special Forces at Sydney's Holsworthy Barracks. He'd been in the army since 2006. Corporal Smith's death underlines the dangers posed by Improvised Explosive Devices, or IEDs. They're responsible for more than one third of Australian fatalities in Afghanistan. SBS Correspondent Karen Middleton reports from Afghanistan.

Just a Rose after one home-made bomb claimed an Australian life come in another part of the province, another device. -- Just hours after a. A different result, thankfully. A sophisticated surveillance system spotty four men lay in a roadside bomb. It was seven kilometres away in the dark. They were digging. We found it.In the morning, a convoy from the Alpha company headed out. The Afghan national police and army had cordoned off the suspicious section of road. The local section commanders says security is improving in the area.It is getting better from one checkpoint to the next. The insurgents are weak at the moment. We are getting stronger than them.In the south, another improvised device hidden in a compound like this one killed an Australian special forces soldier on Sunday. This device was designed to be vehicle driving over it. The reached the cordon. The Australian engineers, whose job it is to detect and disarm, sweep the area up. That is not stepping beyond the boundary. Anyone approaching by a vehicle or on foot is told to stop. This is the road where the device is located. They have got the engineers out. They are looking at it and searching to make sure there is nothing else around. Then they will decide what to do next. They are determined the device was remote control. It was a water container filled with plastic explosive.We check it for forensics and to find out what type of device that is. In some cases, we do not recover any of it. The only option we have is to exploded. But with everyone locked safely inside the vehicles, that is what they did.This engineer led the disposal operation. As at the fatal incident proved yet again, this is a dangerous business.It does not affect you as much as some people. Has you ever come across anything you were surprised by?Not yet. This was a good day. Good days go some way to making the bad days better. Coming up after the break, sink or swim - a plea for compulsory lessons in staying afloat for Australian children..

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The Emir of Qatar has arrived in Gaza for an official visit - the first by a head of state since the Islamist Hamas movement took over in 2007. The controversial trip comes despite deep reservations by the mainstream Palestinian authority. A red carpet welcome for Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani. He arrived from Egypt escorted across the Rafah Crossing into Gaza. He was greeted by the Prime Minister. Western diplomats avoid meeting Hamas officials. They say the organisation is a terror group. The sheikh is the first leader to break the political siege. Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas expressed reservations about the visit. A spokesman says the visit gives Hamas the impression that their rule is recognised and will further reinforce the split between the Palestinian factions. Israel is also not impressed saying the Emir has chosen his camp and it is not good. The visit comes as former US President Jimmy Carter expressed pessimism over the peace process saying it had reached crisis point. After visiting both President Abbas and Israel's president minister Shimon Peres he said Israel no longer appeared to be pursuing a two-state solution.That policy of promoting a two-state solution seems to be abandoned now. We are deeply concerned about this move towards a catastrophic, so-called one-state choice.

one-state choice.There's also been a spike in tension between Israel and Hamas. Just hours before the Sheikh arrived, an Israeli soldier was wounded along the Gaza border by a bomb blast. And two Palestinians have been killed in Israeli air strikes. Six people are dead and several dozen injured in leg and on. The western part of a writ has seen the army moving in. They want to -- be Ritz. They want to stop the civil war. -- B Ritz. The head of the BBC has appear before a parliamentary committee to answer questions about how the broadcaster has dealt with the sex- abuse scandal surrounding Jimmy Saville. He was once one of the biggest names and the corporation. The top news executive shelter a Newsnight investigation into the abuse. -- shelved. He has lost his job. The integrity of the BBC is in jeopardy.This is gravely serious. We can only look back at it with horror. His activities should not have gone on undetected as long as they did. It is a matter of grave regret to me.Prime Minister David Cameron says the nation is appalled by the allegations levelled against the former 'Top of the Pops' presenter. A rise in the number of young Australians drowning has led to a call for compulsory swimming lessons at primary schools. The Royal Life Saving Society says many children are leaving primary school without knowing the most basic swimming skills. Mother of four Sally Bardeleben came to Australia three years ago. Originally from South Africa, she and her family have also lived in Thailand and Vietnam. But when enrolling her daughters in schools here, swim programs weren't as prominent as she expected. There is a two week in 10 scores in this second year of school.-- intense course. My doctor had that. I am surprised it is not offered here.Children are taught from an early age that handling the water is a skill for life.Supervision, checking the barriers, emergency procedures, CPR. All those things will make children savour.The Life Saving Society says a growing number of 15-24 year-olds have drowned. This 2002, more than 370 have died. The number is expected to double over the next decade.It is those from a financially troubled backgrounds. Access is an issue. Those from indigenous backgrounds have problems.Swimming lessons should be a permanent part of the primary school curriculum. The Life Saving Society warns that 20 % of children who leave primary school this year will not be able to swim 50 metres or stay afloat for two minutes because few primary schools do not teach swimming. Swim Australia says there are schemes in place which can be replicated worldwide. A scheme has been put in place.We would have more of a chance to teach students.The Federal Government is considering including this is part of the physical education curriculum. Japan's justice minister, who recently admitted past connections with the Yakuza crime syndicate, has resigned after only three weeks in the job. Keishu Tanaka only joined the cabinet earlier this month. But a week later, he was forced to confirm his Yakuza links after they were revealed by a tabloid magazine. The government blamed Mr Tanaka's sudden resignation on health problems. The political debate over cuts to the baby bonus in the mini-budget has turned into another fight over sexism. Tony Abbott has made an apology after seeing the Government is experienced in raising children. The debate of a cut in the baby Boris has started a family feud. Labor announced the payment would be cut from $5,000 to $3,000 for a second children. The Treasury explained it this way.At the first child, your body court and the pram. Other items can be used again. -- you have already bought of the court.Tony Abbott said that you may still be using the court.You may need to get an extra court or a double sized pram. If the Government was more experienced in this area, they would not come out with club lines like that.Is that a reference to the Prime Minister not having children?The Prime Minister can explain.Draw hockey has likened it to the one child policy in China.There is a penalty for having a second child.This is pathetic.This whole rhetoric is pathetic. Come back to pirates stars. The government gives us -- come back to where it starts. The government gives us a lecture.Tony Abbott says Labour is hyperventilating over his comments. He maintains he was not referring to be Prime Minister but he will apologise if she takes offence. The Opposition still has not decided whether they will pose the cut or the other savings measures. -- will pose.We will look at them in full and make a decision on our attitude when the relevant legislation comes before the parliament.Labor says it is time they clarified their position.They are full of their usual negative huff and puff.She says in the past Tony Abbott has supported Labor's budget legislation. And the Australian sharemarket closed flat - investors awaiting key manufacturing data from China. Resource stocks did well as the price of iron ore recovered. Discovery Metals surged after a Chinese private equity group launched a hostile takeover offer. Online travel group was one of the best performers after it said the higher Australian dollar will be good for its business. In Japan, Tokyo's Nikkei closed higher. Markets in Europe are weaker in early deals. Shares on Wall Street barely moved following some disappointing earnings results. The Australian dollar is weaker against the greenback. It's also down against the British pound and most of the other major global currencies.

Gold are not allowed down. Three Astra not have blasted off on a Russian rocket for a mission to the International Space Station. -- three astronauts. It took off in Kazakhstan. On board, two Russian cosmonauts and the American astronaut. It will spend five months on the space station. It is the only way to get there after the space shuttle fleet was decommissioned. The weather is next. Also, the bicycle wheel turns full circle for Lance Armstrong.

The world cycling chief has hectare at that suggestion is that officials of the governing body should face sanctions in the wake of the Lance Armstrong scandal. -- has hit out at suggestions. There has been a damning investigation by E USADA. The announcement by the you see I was not unexpected but it packs a punch. -- the UCI. It will strip him of his Tour de France titles. He has no place in cycling. Lance Armstrong was the biggest name in world sport. In the wake of the damning evidence supplied by a USADA, this ruling rat defies his involvement in doping's Greatest swindle. -- ratified. All of his results are null and void. The Tour de France will be devoid of winners from the Sarah. -- this E Rush.

-- era. Sponsors are abandoning the disgrace champion. Now there are questions as to whether he should repay the Fortune made during his career. All prize money and corporate sponsorship could go. $8 million. The UCI was paid around $125,000 to cover up positive tests. That is an allegation. It has been refuted.No question that there was any connection between the donation and preferential treatment.The world body as long battled against doping. Many high-profile names have been eradicated. There is no guaranteed the sport will ever be totally clean.Can you guarantee that no people use substances in your organisation? The problem here is we are dealing with human beings. The Tour Down Under will come under particular scrutiny as the first race of next year's calendar. Lance Armstrong has remained tight-lipped. The only hint of resignation on his Twitter page. Seven-times Tour de France winner has been refused from his biography. The myth has been shattered. It is now up to authorities to ensure that cycling wins back its innocence and confidence.

And a low over South and Western Australia is triggering showers and storms. A high is leading to calmer conditions for New South Wales. In the major centres, mostly sunny in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. A few clouds for Canberra and Adelaide. Some sunshine for Hobart and Perth. Possible thunderstorms in Darwin. Looking further afield, cloudy in Wellington and Christchurch. Sunny in Auckland. Rain for Tahiti. In South East Asia, thunder in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Showers for Port Moresby. Overcast in Bangkok and Denpasar. Further north, cloudy in Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Fine in Beijing. Showers peppering Hanoi and Manila. Heading west, blue skies for Delhi and Riyadh. Cloudy in Beirut, Jerusalem and Mumbai. To Europe, few showers for London and Madrid. Wet in Athens and Stockholm. Berlin overcast. In Africa, fine in Addis Ababa, clouds over Algiers and Casablanca. Some rain for Dakar and Nairobi. In South America, wet in Caracas and La Paz. Drizzle for Buenos Aires and Bogota. Thunder in Rio de Janeiro. And for North America, clouds covering New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Vancouver. Fine in Denver.

That is all for now at. I will be back at the same time tomorrow. Good night.