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(generated from captions) No. Who would you have gone with next? Um, 'cause it's my unlucky number,
I would have gone number 13. OK, Dad. You're on. I think I've got $2,000. Thank you, Dennis. It's... ..$20,000! So either you or Matt
has the $50,000. All about 26 at this point.
Your birthday, your lucky number. Knock on wood. But Matt, what do you think's in 14? I think I have the $50,000. Let's pop the locks on 26.

This was your something borrowed. $2,000! And there it was up there,
the $50,000, making it $19,000 all up
with the correct guess! Congratulations, team.
Let's see the money. Mwah! Cheers.
Almost got you on the lips then! Look at these two handsome men -
the older one, in particular.

And this gorgeous bridesmaid,
Miss Katie Mac, with our little gift to throw in
the bridal garter on the big day. Good on you!
Best of luck with it all, Matt! Good on you, Leah.
Lovely to meet you, Dennis. And thanks for being with us, people. No doubt we'll have something else
to celebrate tomorrow.

This program is captioned live. Tonight - police under fire
for misusing tasers on people who shouldn't be shocked.

What Tony Abbott said on 'Sunrise', forcing him to apologise
to the Prime Minister.

The world class medical institute
that will save lives in south-west Sydney.

Unmasking the Twitter trolls - what happened when Charlotte Dawson
confronted her tormenters.

Plus, will he take a dip
or cause a security scare this time? The itinerary for Charles
and Camilla's visit to Sydney.

This is Seven News with Chris Bath. Good evening. A new report into police tasers
has found officers are abusing their powers. The state's ombudsman
wants tougher regulations after discovering dozens of cases
where tasers were misused. Incidents were recorded on camera and we warn some viewers
may find the images confronting.

Step back, mate. Step back. This man is about to be tasered.

Police rush in
to take away his knife. He was threatening to kill them. Appropriate, says the ombudsman,
and so was this. Shoot me! police protect a man
from being bashed with an iron bar.

The majority
of more than 2,000 cases examined over three years
were justified but some were appalling. This man was mentally impaired. (SHOUTS) Taser! Taser! Taser!

He posed no physical threat,
only resisted arrest. In this instance, a man was tasered merely for refusing
to obey police directions and the same here... (SHOUTS) Taser! Taser! Taser!

We looked at every police record and we also reviewed and watched
every taser cam footage. The ombudsman reviewed
556 individual incidents and found 476 tasers
were deployed appropriately, 53 did not meet all criteria and 27 were fired
when they should not have been. If it's a training issue,
we correct it. If it's an abuse issue,
we deal with it. Despite that, the ombudsman found police had cleared officers
when they shouldn't have. Tasers have become little more than
a compliance tool used by police. Among the ombudsman's
46 recommendations, using tasers only to protect police
or victims from serious harm, limiting the stun to 15 seconds, no direct contact to the skin and it should not be used on people who are handcuffed, fleeing
or being non-compliant. The report's time frame closed before Brazilian
Roberto Laudisio Curti died after being tasered in the city
in January. The coroner is yet to make
her own recommendations. We have the checks and balances
in this state that when they are used, there can be scrutiny of the conduct
of the officer and the event. We're live now to Robert Ovadia. Rob, will this report
see a decrease in taser use? Police certainly hope the misuse of tasers will decrease but I had been speaking with senior police about the issue for months now and some have been telling me they anticipate Vera use of tasers will increase and that will be regardless of what the Ombudsman finding used or additional training or discipline. You may recall earlier this year, police campaigned against a pension. They were unhappy they wouldn't be financially protected and they are more willing to use a tasered rather than risk seriously hurting themselves. Tony Abbott
has apologised to Julia Gillard over comments he made
about bringing up kids. Mr Abbott said the Government
could do with more experience in raising babies,
prompting a "please explain" from the Prime Minister,
who's never had children.

Babies, always a bonus
on the campaign trail... ..and now Tony Abbott's campaigning
against the government's cuts to the Baby Bonus. The Government argues
second and subsequent babies don't cost as much because big items
like cots and prams have already been bought
for the first. I think if the government was
a bit more experienced in this area, they wouldn't come out
with glib lines like that. Labor members saw that
as a cheap shot at the childless Prime Minister... Well, I think Mr Abbott can explain
what he meant by that line. ..sparking another round
of the gender wars and more international coverage. "Misogynist politician in new row,"
said London's 'Guardian'. This is just pathetic. This whole rhetoric
is just pathetic. What are the Labor Party
gonna do next - ring up the Macquarie Dictionary
and get another definition changed? Taking to radio, Mr Abbott
accused Labor of hypersensitivity before apologising to Ms Gillard. If she wants to take offence, of course I'm sorry about that and if she would like me
to say sorry, I'm sorry. Tony Abbott's right -
these are sensitive times. But just like his "died of shame"
comment, either he meant what he said
and it's a disgrace Take your pick.

The name's been released
of the 24-year-old soldier killed in Afghanistan on Sunday. Corporal Scott James Smith
who was based at Holsworthy Barracks died when a bomb exploded. He was born in South Australia's
Barossa Valley, and is survived by his partner, Liv,
his parents and sister. Corporal Smith was described
as an exceptional soldier, Australia's 39th killed
in Afghanistan.

The keeper crushed by an elephant
at Taronga Zoo on Friday is making good progress
as she recovers from her injuries. Paul Kadak is at
Royal North Shore Hospital. Paul, what's the latest
on Lucy Melo's condition? Chris, the news is much better
tonight. Lucy's family says that
the 40-year-old, who's been in intensive care, is now alert and has reportedly been
able to speak for the first time is now alert and has reportedly been
able to speak for the first time since Friday when she was crushed
against a bollard by 2-year-old elephant Pathi Harn. As Lucy recovers, the elephant's behaviour
is being assessed by zoo experts while Taronga today
again cancelled its public show where the elephants
play with their keepers. WorkCover is investigating. It's already ordered Taronga
to put in safety measures to prevent a similar incident. Chris.

A Sydney truck driver has told how
he had to escape his burning truck in Kurnell this morning. Anthony Psaros was travelling
along Captain Cook Drive when he heard a bang, The 4 tonnes of rubbish
he was carrying in the back helped fuel the flames.

but the smoke was so thick that
I tried to get the fire extinguisher but I couldn't get it,
it was too thick, the smoke. Fire crews
quickly extinguished the blaze. The cause
is still under investigation.

Cancer patients
in Sydney's south-west now have access The Ingham Institute
at Liverpool Hospital will be home
to Australia's only machine that can more accurately locate
and treat tumours.

The Prime Minister helped release
200 butterflies today - the exact number
of medical researchers at the Ingham Institute, named after the man
who drove the project. I thought it was about time
we did something for Liverpool and the people of Liverpool. The Chicken King
couldn't be at today's launch but the facility became a reality after nearly $50 million
from the Federal Government. The work of institutes like this
improves lives, it saves lives. Like snaring a new MRI-Linac,
one of only three in the world. It's really exciting. Still in experimental stage
and yet to be used clinically, the machine can look inside tumours
during treatment to help direct radiotherapy. The better we concentrate
our radiation dose, the better cancer can cure
and the fewer the side-effects. the better the chance of cure
and the fewer the side-effects. Side-effects well known to breast cancer sufferer
Leanne O'Grady. It's like getting sunburn
on sunburn on sunburn on sunburn and you end up with blisters An Australian first
and one of the first in the world, part of what this facility hopes
will help attract ground-breaking medical research
to Sydney's south-west.

TV host Charlotte Dawson is
fighting back against online bullies

After being driven to a suicide
attempt by online tormentors she's now campaigning
to shame the trolls and support other victims who suffer
abuse from people they've never met.

Pleased to meet you.
You too. Charlotte Dawson
meets one of the trolls who sent her abusive messages
on Twitter while she recovered
from a suicide attempt. I suppose the first thing
I want to say is, because I'm face-to-face
with you now, if I turned around to you and said,
"(BLEEP!) you, ya (BLEEP!)," how do you feel? 20-year-old Jordan McGuire
sends messages like that to people he doesn't know on Twitter from behind the safety
of his keyboard. He mainly targets celebrities
like Guy Sebastian.

And Jack Vidgen,
who won 'Australia's Got Talent'.

They're just things that I say. They're things that I say on Twitter
and Twitter isn't real life. But for the trolls' targets,
it's very real and almost caused Charlotte
to end her life. Well, after being pushed
to the brink by vicious online bullying... Caspian Shields is another troll who's laid into Charlotte and others
online. I stand by the fact that, you know, I do say a lot of things
that aren't very nice. Where does that come from? Doesn't come from anywhere
in particular. It just comes. And do you think
that people like Charlotte should just have to cop
whatever you put out there? I think that, you know,
being in the public eye, you are going to get abuse. Sydney truck driver Ian Cameron
isn't a serial troll but he has sent tweets like this, calling Charlotte a "s---"
as she recovered in hospital. There's real-life you
and internet you. I think you gain a little bit more
confidence on the internet. It's fair game. If they put themselves out
in the media, I think they should be prepared
to cop some slack. Charlotte's response
has been to expose the trolls by forwarding their abuse to
her tens of thousands of followers. You posted where I work to 22,000
people to see all over Twitter. It's just exposing the nasty. It's not bullying you -
it's exposing you for what you are. That's what I do -
I expose people like you. And I don't necessarily mean
what I tweet half the time. It'''s not...'s what ..what my Twitter is
is basically just a bit of fun. Most reasonable people
find them highly, highly offensive and they can't understand
the mindset behind them or the logic behind them. OK.
How do you feel about that? Well, again,
that's their interpretation. I can understand why some people
would think that was disrespectful. However, me,
I have a very, very dull sense of what is disrespectful
and what isn't because I'm just desensitised to it and that's what
the majority of gen Y is. A generation with the ability to scream whatever they want
to the world with complete anonymity
and, often, no repercussions. The thing that I got
out of visiting these people and them agreeing to talk to us is the fact
that their online bravado is completely polar opposite
to what they are. Look, I think, after all of this, I will definitely, like,
reconsider certain things that I say to people. I apologise to anyone
who's taken offence to my tweets.

Prince Charles will play tour guide
to his wife, Camilla, when they visit Sydney next month as part of the Queen's
Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. as part of the Queen's
Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Royal watchers will have plenty
of opportunities to see the couple as they take in the sights. Prince Charles
is used to a mixed reception here. From the surfside kiss
that stole his heart... the gun scare
that almost stopped it. The welcome this time? I think the majority of people
will want to come out and greet their future king. Sydney will be a one-day stop
on their 6-day tour. It's enough to exhaust a person
half their age. Meeting war veterans
at Garden Island before Camilla heads
to a Government House reception, Charles jumps
from an art gallery function to meet the lifesavers at Bondi, then the NRL stars on the
Dream Believe Achieve program that mentors Aboriginal kids
through school and beyond. There's huge excitement,
we can't wait. We're so honoured to be
able to showcase our programs to his Royal Highness. It's the 14th visit for Charles,
the first for Camilla. Maybe not front-cover news... Look, we never say never. ..if the magazines
had their choice... You can't go past Wills and Kate
and Harry for a headline at the moment. Almost all of their engagements here centre around
two postcard backdrops - Bondi and Sydney Harbour - organised not for them
to see Sydney but for the millions following them
to see Sydney thanks to the international coverage
they will generate. The tour starts early November.

Still to come tonight
in Seven News - on patrol with the new police squad, we'll show what they'll be targeting
this summer.

Who won the final debate before Americans vote
for their next President.

Plus, 50 million reasons to get
to Sydney's luckiest lotto outlet before it's too late. That's next.

Auburn's Deputy Mayor
has avoided a jail sentence for crashing his Ferrari
into a mother and daughter at Lidcombe in January. The women suffered serious injuries when the $250,000 car
crashed out of control, Property developer Salim Mehajer,
who was elected in September, has been sentenced
to 150 hours community service for negligent driving. He was also disqualified
from driving for 12 months.

Previously banned jet skis
will return to Sydney waterways this summer. But before you get too excited, it's only police
who will enjoy the ride as they crack down on Harbour crime.

On the water...

..a fast acting... ..flying squad
of crack water police... ..who may just have
the best job on the force. They're banned on Sydney Harbour so we're pretty blessed that we're the only ones
that get to use them on Sydney Harbour. Jet skis -
a brand-new unit of 10 machines - handed over today - the most police have ever had for the first
Marine Enforcement Unit ahead of a busy summer. But that can be spoilt
at a minute's notice with hooligans that are out there, people that are drinking
and driving their boats. The jet skis
are at the forefront of a push to breath-test 13,000 skippers
this summer. The same rules apply for
drink-driving here as on the road. There'll be spot checks... Eh, boys. How you going? ..on registration and life jackets
too. You won't just see these jet skis
on Sydney Harbour. They'll be deployed
right across the state from the Tweed River right down to the Victorian border
this summer. We can strike at a moment's notice
at any waterway. With a top speed of 115km/h,
they retail for $24,000 each. The police fleet
has corporate sponsorship. An eye-catching machine
out to catch troublemakers.

Voters have scored Barack Obama
a narrow win in the third and final
US presidential election debate. Opinion polls had Mr Obama tied with
his Republican rival, Mitt Romney, heading into today's contest. The theme was foreign policy with both keen to prove their
ability to be commander-in-chief. Our Navy is smaller now
than in any time since 1917. You mention the Navy, for example, and that we have fewer ships
than we had in 1916, well, Governor, we also have
fewer horses and bayonets. It was the pair's final meeting
ahead of the November 6 election.

If you haven't grabbed yourself
a ticket for tonight's
$50 million Oz Lotto draw, you've got until 7:30pm to do so. The state's luckiest newsagent
has been under the pump today with punters hoping
to strike it lucky. Out at Penrith, everyone's got ideas
for how they'd spend the money. A dream home for my family,
somewhere close to the beach. I'd buy my son a house. Around a million Australians will purchase a ticket
for tonight's jackpot, which is on Seven during
'The X Factor' after 8:30pm.

Sport now with Jim Wilson and Lance Armstrong's
fall from grace isn't over yet. and officially stripped
of his seven Tour de France titles. But it doesn't end there - prize money, millions in bonuses
and an Olympic medal are also under threat. Plus, Warney's message
to Aussie selectors on Brad Haddin who stars again for the Sixers. And jail time for one soccer fan while tempers reach boiling point
in a junior game.

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It's the biggest drugs scandal
in sport and disgraced cyclist
Lance Armstrong has been banned for life and stripped of his seven
Tour de France titles. Armstrong also faces financial ruin and may lose his bronze medal
from the Sydney Olympics. Officials said they were sickened
by the extent of his doping.

According to the
official record books, the seven times Lance Armstrong
stood on the winners' podium never happened after the world cycling body stripped him
of his Tour de France wins. The UCI will ban Lance Armstrong
from cycling. Lance Armstrong
has no place in cycling. No-one climbed further in the sport
and no-one has fallen as far. No Tour de France winner
will be listed from 1999 to 2005. He deserves to be forgotten
from cycling. Armstrong continues to deny
drug doping but also dropped his fight
against the findings, saying this at his cancer charity's
15th anniversary dinner. I say I have been better,
but I have also been worse. He could also lose his bronze medal
from the Sydney Olympics. It's not only Armstrong's
reputation being battered, his personal fortune of $125 million
is also at risk. After a mass exodus of sponsors, now several are threatening to sue and he may be forced
to pay back prize money. Trying not to be swept up in the
scandal that has engulfed cycling, Trying to avoid being swept up in the scandal
that has engulfed cycling, today explained his dealings
with the same sports doctor behind Armstrong's doping program. He insists a meeting 12 years ago
was to test his climbing ability and insists
drugs were never discussed.

New Roosters coach Trent Robinson
is confident the club can juggle the books for the NRL to approve
the Sonny Bill Williams deal. The club's yet to sign off
on the deal with Williams as they try to come in
under the salary cap. The club's yet to sign off
on the deal with Williams as they try to come in
under the salary cap.

I'm not worried about that. I think for the club and the NRL,
they want to sort that out.

Shane Warne believes there's room for Brad Haddin
to play in the first test against South Africa. Warne says Haddin
could play alongside Matthew Wade despite Haddin's spectacular
glove work for the Sydney Sixers in South Africa.

Maybe there's a spot for him
as a batsman, you know. Maybe he can put some pressure on,
maybe they can play both. The Sixers remain undefeated after beating the Mumbai Indians
by 12 runs.

can turn the tables on All Too Hard
in the Cox Plate and kick-start her carnival. Pierro lost out
in the Caulfield Guineas but Gai is super confident
after drawing barrier seven. She also has More Joyous
and Proisir in the Cox Plate and can't split them emotionally. I don't. I'm their trainer.
You know, I'm mother. (LAUGHS) Godolphin's
Cavalryman and Lost in the Moment have arrived for the Melbourne Cup.

A soccer thug
has been jailed for four months for attacking a goalkeeper
in England. 21-year-old Leeds fan Aaron Cawley
ran onto the field and hit Sheffield Wednesday's
keeper, Chris Kirkland. COMMENTATOR:
It's an absolute disgrace. A former ball boy for Leeds, the fan had already been
banned twice from games. Trouble too on the pitch in Paraguay with both sides and their benches
sent off after a wild brawl
in a junior match.

They are pretty passionate in South America. Bernard Tomic is going to be playing in Sydney in January. It is the lead-up to the Australian Open. Hopefully he will bring his game face. And his attitude. Maybe not go there. Checking finance now and the share market
lost its early gains to close flat. Telecommunications stocks
were the best performers with Telstra putting on 1%. The ASX 200 closed up 2 points. Fairfax climbed 4% after a report
on breaking up the company found it's not worthwhile. Sally Bowrey is next
with Sydney's weather and this hot and cold weather is
making wardrobe choices a challenge. Chris, after the chill
things are warming up, Chris, after the chill,
things are warming up, with the mercury rocketing
into the 30s this week. I'll tell you the hot spots, next.

A calm day across the city
after some stormy skies. The gusty change
kept emergency crews busy overnight with over 200 calls for help, fallen trees and roof damage
were the main concern. The bullseye
was to the north of the city with most of the damage seen around Hornsby, Kur-Ring-Gai,
Gosford and Wyong. The wet weather dried up
early this morning with a mix of sun and cloud today. A top of 19. It was a pretty cool day
by October standards with southerly winds
keeping temperatures in the teens and low 20s. Gusty winds made it feel
several degrees cooler than what the mercury
was telling us. Not a lot of cloud on the satellite. We've got a high
hovering over the east whipping up cool, windy
but fine weather. Tomorrow it will stay dry but winds will swing around
to the north across New South Wales, pushing temperatures up. Temperatures will slowly warm up across the south-eastern capitals

On the water:

Clear skies will keep it cool
tonight, dropping down to 12. Warmer winds will push things up
to 24 tomorrow. It will be even warmer out west, hitting notes around 27 degrees
in Campbelltown, which is 2 to 3 degrees
above average. Thursday is going to be even hotter before a dry southerly change
hits on Friday, cooling things off
across the weekend. Chris. And that's Seven News
for this Tuesday. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. Ahead on 'Today Tonight', That's next.

Good evening. I'm Matt White.
Welcome to Today Tonight. First tonight, the bank that
is letting the good times roll, shouting its top employees to a 4-day holiday at a
luxurious South Pacific resort. The chosen 300
were sworn to secrecy, the bank aware
that if the soiree became public, it would not be a good look. Well, it has become public. David Richardson
has this exclusive report.

Is it finance of something?

Oh, OK. Sorry. No worries. Australian bankers'
ultimate bash gatecrashed. Inside the junket for 300 bank staff
in an idyllic pacific paradise. Inside the junket for 300 bank staff
in an idyllic Pacific paradise. I love it. It's free alcohol. I was told on more than one occasion not to tell anyone
who I was there with, what I was there looking at
and who the function was for. While average Australians
struggle to pay their mortgages, these bankers
enjoy the ultimate rewards - an all-expenses holiday to Fiji. If any company can afford
a 4-day, 3-night junket in this paradise, it's the Commonwealth Bank. Earlier this year,