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This program is captioned live. This morning - the Opposition racks
up its attack on the Government for cutting the baby bonus. A delicate rescue

after an out-of-control truck
crashes into a Brisbane house. And Lance Armstrong wiped
from cycling history, stripped of his seven
Tour de France titles.

Seven Morning News with Ann Sanders. Good morning. Tony Abbott faces a new sexism row

for suggesting the Government
wouldn't cut the baby bonus if it had more experience
in bringing up children. The comment has been seen as a
direct reflection on Julia Gillard, and Labor ministers
are demanding an explanation.

This morning, both parties
hit the airwaves - the Government flying the flag
for its revised budget, the Opposition attacking
planned cuts to the baby bonus. It'll shrink from $5,000 to $3,000
for second and subsequent children. In our family,
every child is a golden child. I think if the Government was
a bit more experienced in this area, they wouldn't come out
with glib lines like that. If he's talking about the Treasurer well, he's got several children,
I've got several children, so what's he really on about? In other words, was it
a dig at the Prime Minister? Well, I think Mr Abbott can explain
what he meant by that line. The Opposition Leader slammed other measures to get the Budget
to surplus, but stopped short of saying the
coalition would vote against them in Parliament. We don't like them. We want a look at them in full and we'll make a decision on what
our attitude to these will be when the relevant legislation
comes before the Parliament. He says the Government
has lost billions in border security blow-outs and wasted money on the national
broadband advertising campaign. Really and truly,
this is a government that spends money
like a drunken sailor. But the Prime Minister
doesn't believe the Government's gone overboard. And all of that gives the Reserve
Bank room to move on interest rates, if it chooses to do so. If it does, householders could have
a win on Melbourne Cup Day.

A truck driver is
in a serious but stable condition after his rig crashed into a home
in Brisbane's southern suburbs. Emergency services carried out
a complex and delicate operation to free him.

Carly Waters is at the scene. Good morning, Carly. Police are amazed the driver
came out in the shape he did? A absolutely. Authorities say

A absolutely. Authorities say the 38-year-old is extremely lucky to be alive. At around one o'clock this morning, he lost control of his truck and a slammed into the bottom section of the house. Eight people were inside the home. Incredibly, they were not hurt. Neighbours said they heard a loud noise, the house shook and they heard the truck driver screaming for help. It took four hours to remove him from the truck. He was trapped by the legs and was taken to hospital in a serious but stable condition. Here is a police described the operation. "The operation, as I said earlier,
was extremely complex. It took over a number of hours. It was a joint operations between
all three emergency services and I'm proud to say
it came to a successful conclusion. Any knowledge at this stage
about why the crash occurred?

Not that this stage. Police are still trying to

still trying to establish what happened. Locals say this is a dangerous section of Ipswich Road. Similar accidents previously. Residents living next door have installed their own safety barriers after a truck hit their property. The truck involved this morning has been removed and it took several hours with fear the house could collapse. It has been stabilised as engineers assess the damage. There's a big cleanup on
the Hume Freeway near Broadford after a beer truck crashed. One southbound lane has been closed as smashed beer bottles
are cleared away. The beer truck was heading
towards Melbourne when the driver lost control
around a bend.

The truck's load shifted and spilled
along 100 metres of the freeway in central Victoria. The driver managed to regain control
of his rig, but not before he'd lost most
of the beer he was carrying. from repeatedly using their tasers
on a fleeing suspect. In his second report on taser use, Bruce Barbour says
the device should only be used if officers are in danger
of serious harm. The report follows the death
of Brazilian student Roberto Curti, who had tasers fired at him 14 times
in March. The Ombudsman says they should never
be used in drive-stun mode when it's fired directly
onto the skin or when a person is in handcuffs. Lance Armstrong has gone from
one of the world's best cyclists to being banned from the sport
for life. Cycling's international
governing body has also stripped him
of his seven Tour de France titles, wiping him from the records.

It is one of sport's most epic a false.International Cycling Union would strip him of his seven titles. Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling.The man whose place was for so long on top of the podium a raised from the record books.He deserves to be forgotten from cycling.This morning from Geneva the governing body upheld the ruling of the International Cycling Union that Armstrong led a massive doping program. That report contained incriminating statements from 11 of his former team-mates and led to a mass exodus of his sponsors.It been a difficult couple of weeks for me, for my family, for my friends.At the 15th anniversary party for his Livestrong Cancer Foundation, he alluded to the controversy.I have been better but I have also been worse.The international body will now almost no winner for the Tour de France from 1999 to 2005 or Franz now try to separate him from the accusations.I'm disappointed but I still think he is a heck of an athlete.A BMA has to ride the finishing line.Once famous for being the world's greatest cyclist, now charged with what the US Anti- Doping Agency calls one of the most sordid chapters in sporting history. Forensic investigators are at
the scene of an explosion and fire which destroyed a Sydney restaurant. The Turkish eatery at inner city
Glebe erupted in flames about 10:30 last night.

The fire spread quickly
and the building was well alight when firefighters arrived. They were able to stop the blaze spreading to neighbouring homes
and businesses. There's no word
on what caused the blaze.

80 firefighters, water-bombing
aircraft and bulldozers are battling a bushfire
in northern NSW. Cooler conditions are helping
firefighters attack the fire, which has already destroyed more
than 30,000 hectares near Armidale. Firefighters have been backburning in the hope of preventing the flames
from reaching properties. And wild winds made for a busy night
for SES crews in Sydney. Emergency services were called
to a house in Northbridge after a 40 metre tree crashed down. Two homes received roof damage and
a car in the driveway was crushed. The SES responded to around
150 calls about fallen trees and minor roof
damage - mostly in Sydney's north. The severe cold front
has now passed.

Royal Life Saving wants swimming
lessons made compulsory in primary schools to prevent more
young Australians drowning. It warns drowning deaths
could double in the next decade because too many children
have poor water safety skills. Royal Life Saving says

young Australians who miss out
on swimming lessons are ticking time bombs
at extreme risk of drowning. No child should miss out on learning
to swim and survive. But figures show
many are missing out. One in five children
leaving primary school can't swim 50 metres
or float for two minutes. And we're calling on
education departments, governments across Australia to work
with us to find a solution. 371 people aged between 15 and 24
drowned in the past decade - an increase of 25%.

Royal Life Saving wants swimming
lessons made compulsory, warning the number of drowning
deaths could double in a decade if nothing is done.

Private swimming lessons -
about 20% of children receive those. That's fantastic. Their parents pay for those lessons. But we're finding
that cost is a barrier and many, many thousands of children
are missing out. Royal Life Saving
has launched a petition to have swimming lessons made part
of the national curriculum. You can find a link on our website.

As President Barack Obama and
Republican challenger Mitt Romney prepare for their third
and final debate, most polls say the two men
are in a dead heat to become the next President
of the United States. US bureau chief Mike Amor
joins us now from the US. Mike, just how important
is today's debate?

It is crucial. Not since perhaps Ronald Reagan used these debates to defeated Jimmy Carter have they played such an important part in deciding who will take the White House. Mitt Romney thrashed Obama in the first debate. It brought life into his cocaine -- campaign. Obama hit back, beating him in the second, not as convincingly but stepping back. The third debate, whether winds it, could end up winning the White House. What issues are likely to dominate? Foreign policy will be the topic tonight in

-- Florida. Expect to hear about pulling out of Iraq and killing Osama bin Laden. Mitt Romney will concentrate on the US ambassador who died in Libya. This is a strong point for Barack Obama. Mitt Romney will try to pull it back to the US economy. Obama was criticised for his lacklustre performance in the first debate. He rallied in the second. What about this time? I don't think it is going to be as fiery. They are going to be seated behind desks. You will not see them like in that second debate, stalking each other on the floor like boxers and pointing their fingers. They go to be a bit more subdued. Everything is on the line for both candidates tonight. Both are going to played super, super save. Next in Seven News - new details of the royal tour
by Prince Charles and Camilla. Also Daniel Craig talks about
his new movie as James Bond. save.

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In breaking news, defence officials
have revealed the name of the Australian soldier killed
in a bomb blast in Afghanistan. He's 24-year-old
Corporal Scott James Smith. He was based
at Sydney's Holsworthy Barracks. He's survived by his partner, Liv,
his parents and sister.

A man is facing a Sydney court today

To finance now and joining me is John Milroy
from Macquarie Private Wealth. Good morning, John. How's the local market opened today? How's the Australian dollar doing
after dipping yesterday? a morning trade saw the bank's higher and resources a bit better.

higher and resources a bit better.
A elsewhere, the healthcare sector. Weighing up some of the impact from that budget media review yesterday. Also, some negative news out from the likes of a GL and Judy. Overall, the markets are for that 20.. How are as the Australian dollar doing? It is holding up. About 103.3. To a key and the end tomorrow for the CPI figures for the September quarter, a pretty benign reading. Some room for the Reserve Bank to cut rates again when they meet on Melbourne Cup day by 25 basis points. That has some implications for the Australian dollar. It might see it slip that our rates are high compared to international rates. Thank you, John. Plans have been finalised for Prince Charles and Camilla's
visit to Australia in two weeks. The Melbourne Cup
is their major event. The Duchess of Cornwall will even
present the Cup to the winner. While in Melbourne, Prince Charles
will also attend a cricket clinic. And Camilla will support
Osteoporosis Australia. In Sydney, the royals will meet
Defence Force personnel recently returned
from the front line. There'll be a food and wine event
in Adelaide. Sheep shearing in Tasmania.

And wreath laying at
the War Memorial in Canberra, on the eve of Remembrance Day.

The star cast is arriving in London ahead of James Bond's
latest instalment. 'SkyFall' will have its world
premier later tonight and its star Daniel Craig
is thrilled it being released during such a big year for the city.

The opening sequence alone took five months to bring to the screen. Little wonder James Bond is winning the reviews of his 50th film career. 007 reporting for duty.Where the hell have you been?Enjoying death. Skyfall should have been released last year that studio bankruptcy meant a year of delay.Bond. James Bond. It's nice that this movie is set very much in London and it's about coming home. Westminster council were incredibly corporate of allowing us to close it down. You see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. To take the shot.It is Craig's third outing as Bond but the second time Dame Judi Dench has played the head of MI6 and it is clear why she thinks James Bond has lasted half a century. -- 7th.A iconic British man. Good looking and wild with the goals.It has been encoded your palm prints.Alongside the girls other gadgets, the cars and a classic Bond villain. That may be, but Daniel Craig has said he is on track for two more Bond films. Next in Seven News - Brisbane Lions AFL star Jonathan
Brown taken to hospital after being hit by a car. Also, Gai Waterhouse's Pierro
draws perfectly in barrier seven for the Cox Plate.

Brisbane Lions captain
Jonathan Brown has been cleared of serious injury after being hit by a car
on the Gold Coast. Brown was hit while riding his bike
early this morning and he needed 10 stitches
to an elbow. He was able to walk away
from the crash before being taken to hospital. Brown has had a wretched run
with injury in recent years, missing much of last season
with facial fractures.

Saturday's $3 million
Cox Plate at Moonee Valley will see a rematch between star
3-year-olds All Too Hard and Pierro. The pair met
in the Caulfield Guineas where All Too Hard upstaged
the favourite, and the return clash was locked
in after trackwork this morning. Leith Mulligan reports.

Long before people were enjoying coffee and sausages here at the breakfast where six of the Cox Plate runners were parading themselves in front of the crowd, across town at Flemington, some of the big guns were doing track work. All Too Hard among them. Team Hawkes decided to run. The match with Pierro. It also went around, impressing with the gallop on the course. Now we are all set for the Cox Plate.I would love to see Pierro have a great run, and us. It would be great for racing, racing would be the winner.Gai Waterhouse is ready for that rematch. She has got three in the Cox Plate and is hoping they can do good things. The Spring Carnival has not been so kind to her so far, but in the light changes on Saturday.An outstanding horse, really outstanding. I don't think he lost one-track the other day. I think the distance will suit him better. I think the race will suit him.Gai Waterhouse's other runners, at Gate 10 and she surprised the room by picking gate number 11 for More Joyous. She wants to keep it out of the early race hustle and bustle. Another surprise on Saturday by having her three brothers offering a trifecta. Wallabies flanker Scott Higginbotham
has paid the price for his Bledisloe Cup brain snap. Higginbotham pleaded guilty to kneeing and head-butting
All Blacks skipper Richie McCaw at a disciplinary hearing
last night. He was hit
with a 2-match suspension, ruling him out of tests
against England and France on the upcoming spring tour
of Europe.

The Sydney Sixers will head into the Twenty20 Champions League
semifinals undefeated, after downing Mumbai Indians
by 12 runs in Durban. The Sixers could only manage
a modest 7/136 in their first match
without Shane Watson. But a brilliant bowling
and fielding performance preserved their unbeaten record.

Were have got a semifinal now. We have just got to make sure we're doing the basics better than anybody else. Brad Haddin showed test selectors that his wicket-keeping
is as sharp as ever, taking a brilliant catch
off the bowling of Pat Cummins. Aussie youngster Bernard Tomic
is the latest big name to commit to playing at the APIA
International Sydney in January. The 20-year-old will be part
of a hot field that includes world number
seven Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and fellow Frenchman Gael Monfils. Our top ranked female player,
Samantha Stosur, is also using the event as her
lead-in to the Australian Open.

Australia's Tour de France winner,
Cadel Evans, has moved to clarify his dealings with the sports doctor behind
Lance Armstrong's doping program. Evans admits he met with disgraced
doctor Michele Ferrari 12 years ago. But he's adamant the meeting was
simply to test his climbing ability and insists doping
was never discussed. during his career.

Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

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Checking the national weather now. Hot air over central Australia is making eastern Queensland
very warm. A high is clearing Victoria
and Tasmania while a front is bringing
a cool, showery change to WA. Around the capitals - mostly sunny
in Brisbane. Partly cloudy
in Sydney.

Sunny for
Canberra. Fine in
Melbourne. Mostly sunny
for Hobart. Adelaide,
mostly sunny.

Fine in Perth. And thunderstorms forecast
for Darwin.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4:30
and tonight at 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext captions by
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