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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - no place in cycling - the fate of disgraced cyclist
Lance Armstrong, sealed. Wayne Swan's Budget squeeze
felt by families and big businesses. And Sydney's grey skies fail
to dampen enthusiasm for 'Twilight' star
Robert Pattinson. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News
with Natalie Barr. Good morning. Lance Armstrong's spectacular
fall from grace is complete, with cycling's world governing body stripping him
of his seven Tour de France titles and banning him
from competing for life. The International Cycling Union says it supports
the US Anti-Doping Agency decision to erase the past 14 years
of Armstrong's career after he was found to be at the centre of the biggest crisis
the sport has ever faced.

The decision confirming Lance Armstrong's ban from cycling and stripping him of his Tour de France victories completes fall from grace. Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling, they told a press conference today. They had been sent a report that accused him of cheating throughout hiss career. Their President described the report as sickening.Lance arm strang has no place in cycling.The US district attorney charged -- USADA charged him with the most successful doping program the sport had seen. Lance Armstrong described it as a whithunt and his foundation Livestrong will continue. The Tour de France is not expected to award his titles to another competitor because so many have been tainted by drug accusations.

The Opposition has likened
major cuts to the baby bonus in the mid-year budget update to China's one child policy. The Government is promising it will return the Budget
to surplus this year, but families and big business
will take a hit to pay for it. Six months in the making -
the tough update from a Treasurer determined
to return the Budget to surplus. The fact is that we have put
in place, in this Budget, some very substantial
structural reforms. But it's confronting reading - the global outlook providing
a hit to government tax revenues and to pay for it,
a whack at families and business. The private health insurance rebate
is being cut by $1.1 billion - costing the average family
around $30 a year, and the baby bonus slashed
from $5,000 to $3,000 for the second
and subsequent babies. Now the Government
seems to want to penalise anyone that has a second
or third child. REPORTER: Is there...? I think that worked quite well
in China, didn't it? While there's plenty of criticism, the update could be an historic win
for the Government - would be the biggest turnaround
in a single year for six decades. I think we are sending a message of
confidence by coming back to surplus and I think,
in the current environment, that's pretty important. The bottom line is - $8.3 billion doesn't appear
in Wayne Swan's accounts if it isn't coming out
of someone else's pocket. And the review could provide
some good news for families. The Reserve Bank would be interested
in a rate cut off the back of the decisions
announced. A Melbourne Cup Day cut,
now a fair bet. The Defence Force is preparing
to bring home the body of the 39th Australian soldier
to die in Afghanistan. The 24-year-old commando
from South Australia was killed when an improvised bomb exploded during an operation
in Uruzgan Province. It's the 39th time
in the Afghan war, our military chiefs
have had to announce the worst. An exceptional soldier who will be remembered
as genuine, honest and dedicated. The 24-year-old
was a Special Forces soldier searching a suspected
Taliban compound when he triggered an IED,
or Improvised Explosive Device. His remains will be
brought home to family. My very loving thoughts
are with them at this time of great stress
and distress for them. It happened on
the Uruzgan provincial border but details are scarce because the Prime Minister, who was
in Afghanistan just last week, says the mission is still underway. We didn't need one but today is another reminder that Afghanistan
is a very dangerous place. Of those 39 troops
so far killed in Afghanistan, 14, or more than a third,
have been claimed by IEDs. The Government insists the news won't impact
the December 2014 withdrawal date. Completing our transition mission
in Afghanistan is in Australia's national interest.

A man will face a court in Sydney
this morning after police found
almost 2.5 kilograms of cocaine hidden inside tins of baby formula. The stash was uncovered during
a raid on a house in Greenacre. Officers also found $80,000 cash
and more cocaine. The drugs are worth
more than $600,000. A 36-year-old man handed himself
into police yesterday. Two houses and car were damaged last
night as wild winds lashed Sydney. Emergency services were called
to a house in Northbridge after a 40-metre tree crashed down. Both homes received roof damage and
a car in the driveway was crushed. The SES responded to around
150 calls about fallen trees
and minor roof damage -

mostly in Sydney's north. A 27-year-old man
will face court today charged with lighting dozens
of fires west of Brisbane over the past three months. It comes as firefighters continue
to monitor blazes across Queensland, which threatened homes yesterday. The fire front arrived so quickly, catching residents
of Collingwood Park by surprise. About 15-20 metres away, then it was right against the fence
within just a few minutes. Neighbours armed with garden hoses
and buckets formed a line of defence... Water? firefighters moved in
and took charge... More hose! ..the Forsyth family
was relieved to see them. Just as it reached our house,
they just got here. She'd been preparing to flee. I had the dogs in the car. I grabbed whatever clothes
and paperwork I could and just went to leave. Several properties
were under threat. That was freaky. Freaky. I've never been through
nothing like this in my life. It got really hot
and really thick with smoke. 30 firefighters in eight units
were needed to put out blazes
on numerous fronts. Our staff put themselves
between the fire and the houses to save those houses. It's the third fire
in this region in recent days and firefighters fear
it's a sign of a long summer ahead. It's really made us think about
what we need to do now in case it actually does hit
our house next time. We need to have a better plan
in place. Back-burning operations
were underway to contain an outbreak
at Springfield. A 27-year-old man was charged following a series of up to 70
deliberately lit fires around Laidley since July. The situation will be monitored
in the Ipswich area. Firebreaks have been built
and residents aren't taking chances. The threat should ease with
the arrival of south-easterlies. Firefighters
are looking forward to it. A cool change would be good,
rain even better.

And 80 firefighters, water-bombing
aircraft and bulldozers battling a major bushfire
in northern NSW. Strong winds are helping fan
the inferno, which has already destroyed
more than 30,000 hectares. Weather forecasters are predicting
gusts of up to 60km/h into the morning.

The Rural Fire Service fears the
blaze could spread closer to homes if conditions don't ease. A Victorian family is homeless
but thankful to be alive after fire destroyed their home. Peter Fonua used a chair
to smash a window before dragging three
of his young children to safety after the fire started in
the nursery of their Werribee home. The 28-year-old's partner and other
three children had already escaped. I think we'd be looking at
a very different case at the moment if he hadn't have done that, um, quite considerably,
three lost children. If he hadn't been around,
we'd have had three bodies in there. It's believed the children
accidentally started the fire playing with a lighter. Hollywood star Robert Pattinson
has braved Sydney's rain to spend time
with his Australian fans. He's only Down Under for a few days to promote the final movie
of the Twilight series, which opens in cinemas next month.

The rain didn't deter
the 'Twihards'. (ALL SCREAM) You heard Robert Pattinson
before you saw him. (SCREAMING) He's so gorgeous and I love him. Girlfriend and co-star Kristen
Stewart and her cheating scandal were left behind in LA. 'R-Patz' spent 30 minutes
signing autographs to promote the final movie
in the series that made him famous but told 'Sunrise'
he still gets nervous, especially in Australia. I'm always so self-conscious
in Australia about beaches and stuff
because everybody works out so... everybody's in good shape
in Australia. The new movie opens November 15. Bella is now a vampire but life
in Forks doesn't get any easier. BELLA: I thought we would be safe
forever. There wouldn't be much money
in that. 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' raked in
$139 million in one weekend. Movie bosses are pinning their hopes
on 'Part 2' to lift ticket sales
out of a 20-year low. And 'Sunrise' will have more of Mel's interview
with Robert Pattinson, soon. Now for your first look
at Tuesday's weather.

the capitals -

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - how the Wiggles will help keep kids
safe on our roads. But next on Seven Early News - calls to make swimming lessons
compulsory. And - under pressure - Barack Obama and Mitt Romney prepare
to do battle in their final debate.

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State and Federal governments
are being urged to make swimming lessons compulsory
for Australian children to try to curb the number
of drowning deaths. The Royal Life Saving Society says 371 people aged between 15 and 24
drowned in the past decade. That's a 25% increase
on pervious decades. It fears that number
will continue to rise because too many children
aren't being taught to swim or about water safety. It's launched a national petition to have swimming lessons made part
of the national curriculum. US President Barack Obama and his
Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, will face off
in their final debate today. The latest opinion polls
place them neck and neck in their race for the White House,
just 15 days from polling day. The showdown will focus on foreign
policy with the crisis in Syria, security in Libya,
and the Afghanistan war top of the agenda. It's expected to be the most-watched
90 minutes of television in the entire campaign.

Millions of hopeful punters
across the country are expected to spend up big on tonight's
$50 million Oz Lotto jackpot. Only four people have ever claimed
a win of $50 million or more in Australia. During today's peak - lotto terminals will be churning
out almost 700 tickets every minute. If you need a tip - numbers 1, 5, 6, 7, 19 and 45
have been the most frequently drawn. Your first finance this Early News - Wall Street is trading lower.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am -
how cameras are helping cyclists turn the tables
on dangerous drivers. But next on Seven Early News - Scott Higginbotham pays the price
for his Bledisloe Cup brain snap. And the Sydney Sixers look
to maintain their unbeaten record in the Twenty20 Champions League.


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TAFE colleges and public schools. And ripping off our kids with it. And more cuts to come for sure. When these kids can't get a job, are we gonna say, "We knew what
would happen, but did nothing"? No. No! We're going to take a stand.
(SCHOOL BELL RINGS) Get online and tell O'Farrell
to reverse the education cuts.

The stories we're following
on the Early News - Lance Armstrong's spectacular career
is officially over, with world cycling's governing body The doping scandal has been labelled the biggest crisis
cycling has ever faced. The Opposition has likened
major cuts to the baby bonus in Wayne Swan's
mid-year Budget update to China's one-child policy.

The Government is promising it will return the Budget
to surplus this year but families and big business
will pay the price. And Tween hero Robert Pattinson
has braved a damp Sydney evening to promote the fifth movie
in the 'Twilight' series.

Now it's over to Mark Beretta
with all the day's sport. Thanks, Nat. Good morning. The barrier draw for this weekend's
$3 million Cox Plate will take place at Moonee Valley
later this morning. Meanwhile, French stayer Dunaden
will have to defy history to win back-to-back Melbourne Cups
next month. He'll carry 59 kilos after copping a weight penalty
for his Caulfield Cup win. Racing Victoria says Dunaden's commanding Caulfield Cup
win demanded a penalty. I mean, I think
even with the one kilo, which equates to about
two lengths in distance, that he's still gonna be
very hard to beat. Only Rain Lover has carried
more weight to win the Melbourne Cup back in 1969.

So, it's a big challenge for him. Punters believe Brigantin
could be the horse to beat Dunedan. Carrying 6kg less, he'll run
in the Geelong Cup on Wednesday alongside fellow international
Gatewood, looking for a win
to qualify for the Cup. so he'll run well, Wednesday. And the international campaign
stepped up late this afternoon with the Godolphin stable flying in
Lost In The Moment and Cavalry Man. Overnight, they sensationally sacked
famous jockey Frankie Dettori. And the Spring Carnival
isn't all about the multimillion-dollar
internationals. Trainer Paul Beshara
is pretty low-key but he's confident Happy Trails
could put him on the map in Saturday's Cox Plate. He's not as high profile as some
of the other big expensive horses. He's only an $11,000 buy. Happy Trails
is currently a $31 hope. Could be a $3 million kiss. Wallabies flanker Scott Higginbotham
has been suspended for two tests after pleading guilty
to striking Richie McCaw at a disciplinary hearing
last night. during Saturday night's
Bledisloe Cup Test. He'll now miss arguably the most
important tests of the spring tour against England and France. Selectors are weighing up whether it's worth taking
Higginbotham to Europe, given he'll miss
two of the four test matches. Cricket Australia is refusing
to comment on reports a leading player has received
an unofficial warning over an incident
involving alcohol and cocaine. Meanwhile, the Sydney Sixers have
maintained their unbeaten record in the Twenty20 Champions League with a 12-run win
over the Mumbai Indians in Durban.

Sydney struggled to score
in the absence of Shane Watson, managing just 7/136. But an inspired bowling performance enabled the Sixers
to defend their target. COMMENTATOR: Oh, he's bowled...

Well, what a big wicket, what a big over this is.

Sydney restricted Mumbai to 8/124
from their 20 overs. Australia's 2011 Tour de France
winner Cadel Evans has moved to clarify his dealings with the doctor linked to
Lance Armstrong's doping program. Evans admits he met disgraced doctor
Michele Ferrari 12 years ago for a series of tests. He insists doping
was never discussed

and maintains he hasn't had any
contact with the Italian since. Evans says
the only reason he met Ferrari was to determine whether
he was capable of making the switch from mountain biking
to road cycling. An English soccer fan has been
jailed for 16 weeks for attacking a goalkeeper
during a match. The Leeds United supporter
ran onto the pitch and struck former Sheffield
Wednesday keeper Chris Kirkland in the face. The 21-year-old pleaded guilty
to pitch invasion and assault.

Nasty one.Yes, terrible, Beretts, see you soon. Next a closer look at the weather in your part of the country.

Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up
around the country - hot air over the interior
is keeping temperatures up in eastern Queensland,
with north-westerly winds. A trough's bringing a cool change
with showers to South-East Queensland
and eastern New South Wales. A high's clearing Victoria
and Tasmania, while warm northerlies
push through South Australia. Cool and showery in WA. Around the capitals -

And that's Seven Early News
for this Tuesday. I'm Natalie Barr.
Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext captions
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