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(generated from captions) storms forecast across the Top End.

Thank you. That is Nine News. I hope you have a good evening. Good night.

in tonight' s late 2 CC1 3 B15 f
Tonight ... The Liberals ahead with sorting
forecast seats, as preference s
sorting starts. Canberra' s economy sav
slips, as the Treasurer announced don
savings measures. And, What women Good
don' t know about breast cancer, Two
Good evening, I' m Danielle Post. clea
Two days on from the election, a Legis
clearer picture of the new look Legislative Assembly is emerging. A a
few surprises still may be in store week.
as preferences are counted this night
week. Early results on election fro
night saw very different speeches pa
from the three main leaders to the Ze
party faithful. Zed, Zed, Zed, -
Zed. A presidential style welcome
- with a gutsy claim to the top job I look forward to the opportunit resident
to be the first Tuggeranong resident to be Chief Minister of th vi
ACT. Labor unimpressed with the high
victory speech. We' ve won the increase
highest primary vote, we' ve s
increased our vote, we' ve held our towards
seats and we' ve seen a swing G
towards us. At the expense of the a
Greens. We had hoped we would see earli
a stronger trend for the Greens g
earlier in the night but let' s not ju
give up hope at this point, let' s fa
just see how it all pans out. So of
far the Liberals have seen a swing f
of more than seven percent in their six
favour, the Labor party one point equ
six per cent. It' s predicated to Liberal
equate to eight seats for the tw
Liberal party, seven for Labor and
two for the Greens. Because we' v we'
had over 58,000 electronic votes tho
we' ve distributed preferences in in
those votes, that' s given us some obvi
indication f the likely outcome, story
obviously that' s not the whole preference
story, there' s a lot more Brinda
preferences to go in yet. In
Brindabella, Zed Seselja secured on distributio
point six quotas, with a se
distribution of preferences likely L
see a further two Liberals elected. returned
Labor' s Joy Burch is set be Porter
returned. In Ginninderra, Mary comfortab
Porter has achieved a quota Chri
comfortably, fellow incumbent Dr spot.
Chris Bourke trailing in second o
spot. The Liberals received a swing an
of four per cent with Alistair Coe re-elect
and Vicki Dunne likely to be p
re-elected. Over to Molonglo, Early
predictions are Labor' s three seat achie
will go to Katy Gallagher, who achieved two quotas, Andrew Barr an Gungahlin' s Meegan Fitzharris. Fo Jone
the Liberals, candidates Giulia to
Jones and Elizabeth Lee are tipped sevent
to become first-time MLAs. The Ratte
seventh seat likely to be Shane w
Rattenbury' s. Because we have to
wait until Friday for all the posta ll
votes to come in the earliest we' Can
ll have results for the people of Canberra will be next Saturday.

Now for a look at what' s happened W
since Saturday night I' m joined by Du
WIN' s ACT Political Reporter Luke at
Dufficy. Luke, firstly let' s look hug
at the Liberal Party. There was a tea
huge swing towards Zed Seselja' s Gre
team but does he really think the Daniel
Greens may side with him? Well earlie
Danielle, ... I spoke with Zed earlier today, here' s

earlier today, here' s some of what
he had to say. We' ve never see ACT
a situation where a party in the ACT Assembly has had eight seats an un
been in Opposition. This would be tradit
unprecedented. It has been the mos
tradition that the party with the Government
most number of seats forms be
Government. It would certainly s
be preferable I think if we were to sort of, put a pause on it for 24 t sta
48 hours because once that count preference
starts in earnest and that you
preference count start in earnest y
you do start to see some trends and s
you do get an idea of which way it' be
s pushing. Certainly we won' t
be selling out our principles, I' v made that very clear. I' ve made i paramet
clear that there are certain ar
parameters that we will be putting goi
around negotiations, but I' m not tha
going to get into the minutiae of that at this point.

Now Luke, what about the Labor Party? Is Katy Gallagher

Party? Is Katy Gallagher Mini
confident?Here' s what the Chief
Minister said when she addressed th us
media today. They' re telling us the Green vote is going to Labor S
the Labor vote goes to the Greens. So you can see people who vote Gree L
as their first choice tend to vote Labor as their second and so I thin stron
in that sense there was a very Gree
strong progressive vote. The po
Greens are that central balance of Govern
power and whatever party forms the
Government will need to talk with th
them. So that' ll be up to them, I
think, around how they feel, whethe co
they want to see more of the vote discu
counted before they start those re
discussions. For Simon, again, hap
really early days. Strange things say
happen in Hare- Clark. I remember looks
saying that last week too. What mi
looks like being settled on Monday Frida
might not be what' s settled on th
Friday and we' ve just got to wait through that vote.

With preferences updated each
evening, we could even see Labor ge L
8 seats, the Greens one? Thank you Luke.

Luke. A number of candidates are do
looking comfortable today but that celeb
doesn' t mean they should start Gen
celebrating. ALP candidate Mick pain
Gentleman knows all too well the woul
pain of counting process. "You t
would have seen in the 2008 results
that from the pre-poll I was well i Brinda
front for a Labor position in en
Brindabella." He didn' t receive o
enough preference votes to pull him election,
over the line, meaning last Bu
election, he was bumped out by Joy wonder
Burch. "The Hare-Clarke is a around,
wonderful beast." This time com
around, Mick Gentleman is looking fiv
comfortable - he' s secured point
five of a quota - but says he won' votes
completely relax until all the votes are counted. Another candidat t
likely to be declared an MLA later be
this week - Giulia Jones. "I' ve bef
been through the counting process nerve-r
before and it' s always a bit best
nerve-racking, so hoping for the
best but just wanting to see the en number
of the count." +y There are a go
number of other candidates looking good after the first distribution o Brindabe
preferences, Andrew Wall in Ginni
Brindabella, Dr Chris Bourke in Molo
Ginninderra and Elizabeth Lee in Si
Molonglo. It' s unlikely incumbent off
Simon Corbell will be returned to s
office. He is currently the longest Ass
serving member of the Legislative
Assembly - having first been electe said
on a count back in 1996. He had quiet
said on Saturday he was feeling privile
quietly confident. "It is a fo
privilege to have been re- elected b
for the number of times that I have been but I never take any election elec
for granted and I must say, each election is just as nerve-racking a unl
the last." +y It' s also looking wi
unlikely Greens MLA Amanda Bresnan Car
will be re-elected. Her colleague
Caroline LeCouteur and Steve Doszpo from the Liberals also appear to b on the way out.

The Federal Greens say the slide
away from Meredith Hunter' s team i due to the Liberal Party misleadin Canberrans over the rate debate. W thoug
spoke to voters today on their thoughts about the obvious swing.. surprise
The results may have been a t
surprise to our politicians but not Canbe
to the people of Canberra. In muc
Canberra you' re not going to get much of a different result no matte system.
what, that' s the Hare-Clark made
system. While Tony Abbott only campai
made a brief appearance on the
campaign trail - he came out in ful ex
support of Zed Seselja today. I acce
expect the ALP and the Greens to percen
accept that there has been a 7 the
percent swing to the Liberals and part
the Liberals are now the largest have
party in the Assembly They may but
have the highest number of seats, but they' ll need to rely on suppor difficult
to get into power. It' s goin
difficult to say which way it' s Zed'
going to go but I think poor old h
Zed' s peddling uphill if he thinks onside.
he' s going to get the Greens country
onside. I think the whole f
country has been going conservative
for awhile if you have a look at th Queensland
outcome NSW, Victoria and seem
Queensland and now the ACT there r
seems to be a bit of a swing to the Christine
right across the country. Christine Milne has her own ideas o t
why the electorates turned against wit
the Greens. Zed Seslja came out r
with his total misrepresentation on
rate and so based his whole campaig on one frame which was inaccurate.

So the Territory again looks as gov
though it' s voted for a minority si
government. Of the eight elections party
since Self-Government, just one T
party has ended up with a majority. i
That was Jon Stanhope' s Labor team
in two thousand and four , which wo electorat
three seats in each of the s
electorates. The ACT' s electoral It'
system is the Hare- Clark system. it'
It' s a proportional system. What tha
it' s designed to do is give more that
than half the seats to the party If
that gets more than half the vote. hal
If a party doesn' t get more than
half the votes, then they won' t ge gen
more than half the seats, is the commiss
general rule. The electoral t
commissioner says the system is not Gover
to blame for producing minority Governments. It' s all to do with the
the ACT voters vote. That' s what was
they' ve chosen. Election Day Canb
wasn' t without controversy. The take
Canberra Liberals were forced to too
take down signs because they were of
too big. TAMS impounded thirty one were
of the party' s billboards which
were deemed to have broken electora ca
rules. Fifty one other signs from ran
candidates were also collected by rangers on Saturday. The majority o wi
them had either blown over in the loca
wind or were placed in incorrect s
locations. When we return: The ACT' stan
s economy slides in the national dif
standings. And, ... Planting of a Arbore
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This program is not captioned. for
Arboretum. A man is being treated more
for chest injuries after falling interna
more than five metres from an Apartment
internal shaft in the Nishi t
Apartment complex in New Acton late twenty-two-year-old
this morning. The b
twenty-two-year-old man was treated by paramedics on site, and taken to con
the Canberra Hospital in a stable investigat
condition. WorkSafe ACT is be
investigating. The ACT has slipped losin
behind the Northern Territory - e
losing its place as the second best th
economy in the Nation. It comes as
the Federal Government announces it say
mid year budget review - experts say the Capital has dodged a bullet It was predicted to hurt. Give brunt
the risk that the ACT bore the brunt of Government cut backs, that Treasure
s a bullet dodged Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan today delivere his mid year budget review. Furthe h
public sector job cuts were on the d
horizon - but there' s little to no bud
difference from the Government' s bigges
budget in May. Experts say the be
biggest blow is to ACT businesses, timin
because the company tax payment Then
timing has been brought forward. best
Then, there' s the battle of the slippi
best economy. Where the ACT is t
slipping behind. We' ve gone from
the second strongest in Australia t Northe
the third, Western Australia, Desp
Northern Territory and the ACT State
Despite this, Commsec' s latest
State of the States report shows th strong
Capital' s economy is growing reta
stronger.This in part due to the ta
retail sector - a result which has taken stakeholders by surprise. The th
say retailers have been reporting difficul
the current climate has been see
difficult. The household sector dep
seems to be growing strongly, the t
department stores have had a really
tough time for the last few quarter Th
and they continue to hurt a bit confide
The report indicates consumer spe
confidence is up. More people are continu
spending - a trend which will Del
continue leading up to Christmas. relea
Deloitte Access Economics today the
released its business outlook for th
the September quarter. It' s found the ACT economy' s got some momentu - mainly due to interest rate cuts low
We' re a big mortgage belt and
lower interest rates is an importan p
positive for the ACT Deloitte is constr
predicting the pace of housing construction is likely to die down.

Fire ripped through a double garag Fi
in Isabella Plains overnight. ACT tri
Fire and Rescue received multiple triple zero calls just before eight fr
Crews managed to prevent the fire house
from spreading to the adjoining gara
house and nearby properties. The T
garage and contents were destroyed. There were no vehicles inside at th a
time. The damage bill is estimated firefi
at eighty-thousand dollars and suspicio
firefighters say there' s no Belconnen
suspicious circumstances. A confisc
Belconnen man has had his car dri
confiscated - after he was caught limit
driving sixty ks over the speed t
limit near Braidwood. It' s alleged King
the ute was travelling along the six
Kings Highway at one-hundred-and- o
sixty-three kilometres an hour in a thirty-five-yea
one-hundred zone. The
thirty-five-year-old driver has los recei
his car for six month. He also received a two thousand dollar fine
A forest of a different kind was o to
display at the National Arboretum silhou
today - six thousand pink lady canc
silhouettes in support of breast the
cancer. Every day, 38 women learn they have the disease - a new surve shows what they don' t know is jus th
as concerning. We' ve all heard eight
the alarming statistic - one in br
eight women will be diagnosed with t
breast cancer. The figure many don' t know - one in four of those aren'
t aware of the risk of recurrence. tha
"I' m not surprised in the sense in
that as time goes on, some of that foref
information might not be in the Cance
forefront of women' s minds." figu
Cancer Australia has found, that figure of one quarter, is a nationa b
average. Here in the ACT - experts believe sufferers do know what they re facing. "I think most Canberr lo
women are well educated and ask a lot of questions and I think they' ma
be quite aware of what their risk ro
may be." Nine years ago, after a di
routine mammogram, Lucy Costas was "Shat
diagnosed with breast cancer. i
"Shattered. I was very disappointed o
in my healthy body baring the seeds a
of its own destruction." Lucy had a mastectomy. After further testing
over the following months and havin considered the risk of recurrence ot
she made the decision to have her eminen
other breast removed. "It' s eminently treatable this disease, i you
you get onto it early enough and someo
you have the right treatment as
someone said earlier, you' ll have y
normal lifespan and if you don' t, that."
you won' t. It' s as simple as that."

Greg with sport is next ...And
Canberra is struggling in the Hocke pace
Championships. They' re off the en
pace, Danielle, as the competition enters week two - that' s next. Plu m
- Canberra United fail to make the most of their chances. This program is not captioned. Unite
most of their chances. Canberra the
United failed to make the most of W-Leagu
their opportunities, in their Capt
W-League clash against Brisbane. stay
Captain Ellie Brush was lucky to
stay on the field, after receiving openi
yellow card, during a physical opening game. A grand final repla B
and a tense start for Canberra and h
Brisbane. New recruit Ariane Hingst was
had plenty of possession early.It conditi
was scrappy at times. The hot who
conditions favoured the visitors,
who had a golden opportunity, ruine Bru
by the Canberra captain. Ellie it'
Brush might find a big card here, ju
it' s only yellow, owee very lucky Brisba
just to get the yellow card. Reigni
Brisbane' s shot was off-line. Reigning golden boot winner Michell H
Heyman lead the Canberra attack. t
Heyman, ohh Michelle Heyman, isn' t wit
that close. Peppering the goals th
with urgency. Owe it was a cross
that wasn' t too far away. 18 yea old Georgia Yeoman-Dale joined in rust
Canberra' s round one radar was and
rusty. Caitlan Munoz, she turns and shoots. One last chance befor puts
half time, for no luck. Munoz dow
puts it down, drives and takes it save
down, takes a deflection, what a time
save right on the stroke of half the
time. The second half continued the way the first finished. Brisban f
created more opportunities only to h
fall at the final hurdle. Ohh the mov
header, off side, goodness what a Canbe
move. An incredible save left
Canberra reeling, late in the piece a
Munoz oh what a save what a save locke
a finger tip of Kishi. Scores locked at nil-all. Canberra heads t Newcastle for round two.

It was a heart-racing end for the
Canberra Capitals and Bulleen at th t
AIS Arena. Just like the election, Sa
this game went down to the wire on one,
Saturday. Canberra holding on by a
one, in Carly Wilson' s two hundred cou
and 50th game. Lauren Jackson was courtside, witnessing Jess Bibby to h
score with 21 points. The Capitals AI
have their next three games at the AIS Arena, starting with Logan, thi Bronso
Saturday Night. The future of Raid
Bronson Harrison at the Canberra While
Raiders is still up in the air. lip
While the club is remaining tight
lipped - Harrison has been linked t a move, despite being contracted a Zeal
the end of next season. The New inj
Zealand international has battled sign
injury this year. It follows the Jake
signing of bulldogs second rower Jake Foster, last week. The Canberr on
Lakes have slipped to second last on the ladder, after a tough weeken cham
in the Australian Hockey League a
championships, at Lyneham. Victoria
and New South Wales were too good. assignm
Two games in two days. First after
assignment Victoria on Saturday tou
afternoon - and it proved to be a wer
tough day out at the office. Wins t
were crucial for Canberra, in a bid wa
to secure a finals berth. Victoria Jewe
was in a class of its own. James one-a-piece
Jewell levelled scores at cro
one-a-piece in the 13th minute.
crowd cheers +y It was the only goa Vic
of the day for the home-side. As C
Victoria went on to post a 6-1 win. yesterd
Canberra was on the defensive fr
yesterday, looking to make a menz, Championship
from Saturday' s defeat. Wal
Championship favourites New South Wales threw everything at Canberra. Frie
Canberra had a chance. Ohhhh the
Friendly fire put a man down - as yello
the officials bought a touch of Wal
yellow to the match-up. New South
Wales made the most of it. Cheers Sam Pike was the only goal-scorer n
in the four-one defeat. The Lakers now second last - a rest day today before meeting WA tomorrow.

The Tuggeranong Valley Cricket Clu is working to set up a memorial, i wh
honour of Glen Thornton who died, Thornt
while playing in fourth grade. whi
Thornton suffered a heart attack, Hea
while batting at Chisholm Oval. passion,
Heaps of praise, on just his his
passion, his commitment, and just ph
his work ethic in the club is just teams
phenomenal. Players from both teams who witnessed the incident ar we
being offered counselling. They sa
were all struggling quite a bit, I Q
saw them all again yesterday out at
Queanbeyan, and they were holding u wil
very well. A minute' s silence ga
will be held before Tuggeranong' s And
game this weekend. To the NEAL, has
And Queanbeyan star Kaine Stevens i
has capped off a sensational season the
in the NEAFL, after being crowned y
the Tigers best and fairest. The 20 year old took out the Alex Jesalenk th
medal, for best on ground, during grand
this year' s Eastern Conference M
grand final win. Over at Belconnen,
Mulroony Medallist Shane Harris, wo the Magpies top award at their bes We
and fairest presentation evening. Weather is next ... This program is not captioned. than
Weather is next ... A cooler day r
than many had hoped for,The Capital
reached a top of sixteen after thre cl
overnight. Right now it' s partly Sou
cloudy and twelve outside. On the Bra
Southern Tablelands, Goulburn and Seventee
Braidwood, fourteen degrees. Seventeen for Yass. Queanbeayn a to Coast,Eigh
of sixteen . On the South Heads
Coast,Eighteen Nowra and Moruya degr
Heads. Ulladulla reached sixteen O
degrees. Bega, a high of seveteen . i
Over to the Snowies, Twelve degrees
in Cooma. Perisher, minus three las Si
night before a top of four today. e
Six in Thredbo. Bombala only got to pict
elven . Looking at the Satellite picture, Cloud is forming on the Ne bu
South Wales coast and ranges in a th
burst of brisk southerly winds. On movi
the chart, This showery cloud is chang
moving north with the southerly t
change. To tomorrow' s forecast, On cloudy
the South Coast a warm, partly Eight
cloudy day. Twenty-two in Bega. Th
Eighteen the high in Moruya Heads. shou
The Bay, seven to twenty . Nowra Morn
should reach twenty-one degrees. Tablela
Morning frost on the Southern Qu
Tablelands, Eighteen in Braidwood.
Queanbeyan, twenty degrees.A high o heading
twenty-two in Yass. Goulburn heading for eighteen degrees. On th Peris
Alps, Thredbo, minus to nine . degree
Perisher, minus four to twelve
degrees tomorrow. A little warmer i morn
Cooma, a top of twenty . A cool morning in the Capital clearing to l
fine day. A high of twenty after a will
low of freezing tonight. The sun L
will set just before seven thirty . Sun
Looking at the five day forecast, Top
Sunny days right up until Friday. twent
Tops ranging between twenty and twenty-six . Some rain predicted fo Saturday and a top of seventeen .

Saturday and a top of seventeen .
And that' s WIN News for this Monda night. I' m Danielle Post..... Fro everyone here Good night.

This program is captioned live. . VOICEOVER: For our final seven. We have been in here for so long you get home sick. VOICEOVER: Days. Weeks. We have been away from home for 11 weeks. Our scenery hasn't changed. We haven't seen our best friends or partners or anything. VOICEOVER: These strangers became housemates. Michael, nice to meetd you. VOICEOVER: Housemates became friends. Friends became family. We love each other. We're there for each other. We're family. VOICEOVER: But they have never forgotten the ones they love. I miss them VOICEOVER: And their memories of home. I speak to my Mum nearly everyday of my life. She's my best friend. Noo I'm so lucky. I love my family