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Welcome to the program. Today, on the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook, the halfway mark in the Government's Budget numbers. The Treasurer says he has made balanced numbers and retained the surplus, albeit smaller. The Opposition says it is cooking the books. This afternoon, interviews with great -- with Wayne Swan and Joe Hockey. One of the criticisms against the timing is the first instalment of the mining tax are paid today in the Government is trying to duck the numbers. I asked the Treasurer about it earlier.First of all it is due, it is almost 6 months since the last Budget. It is not unusual to have the midyear update at this time. In terms of what's going on in the global economy, we are clear about that and we won't get any resolution to that until the new here, so it is in the interests of certainty and in terms of making savings now and the Budget in 12-13, it was a good idea to get it sooner rather than later.There were controversial savings. The Opposition says one of the elements is cooking the books, the Government is looking for larger companies to pay on a monthly basis rather than quarterly and they argue it will artificially boost the Government numbers in an election year.There was nothing in the statement today to indicate this Government is serious about trying to give us higher economic growth, trying to give us a fundamentally stronger economy. There was nothing that would boost relativity, for instance, nothing that would cut red tape, for instance. What we saw that from this Government today is illustration that this is a Government, a Prime Minister and a Treasurer that has a political strategy rather than a real economic strategy.Coming up, the Treasurer, Wayne Swan, and the Shadow Treasurer, Joe Hockey, and our regular panel, Bruce Hawker and Grahame Morris. An Australian soldier has been killed by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. The 24-year- old comes the 39 casualties. The Prime Minister says it is a reminder of how dangerous Afghanistan is that we remain committed to the the mission through.Defence chief David Hurley delivers the grim news to a nation. I am here to advise you that a soldier was killed during a part in and mission in southern Afghanistan overnight. -- Department mission. The young soldier was killed by an IED.I offer my deepest sympathy to the soldier's family and friends. The family has asked that the soldier's details be kept private. He was 24, part of the elite special forces.He was a highly qualified soldier. His commanding officer described him as exceptional and he will be remembered as genuine, honest and dedicated.His loss will be mourned by the whole nation.The news brings Australia's death toll to 39 in Afghanistan, seven this year. It comes one week after Julia Gillard visited troops on the ground, reaffirming our commitment. Today the Prime Minister remains steadfast.The mission remains on track.The transition continues to be on track but that is not to say that the job is not difficult and dangerous.The bulk of Australian troops will be home by the end of next year. Special forces will remain in Afghanistan beyond 2014. The Queensland Government has overturned a ban on uranium mining. The ban on uranium mining in Queensland spent 30 years. The last mine was closed in 1982, but when the State's finances in a dire situation and support for the expert of uranium coming from the federal Labor Government, Premier Campbell Newman today and announced the state would allow the mining a gain. As the Prime Minister visited India recently to facilitate trade between the two countries, calls to overturn the ban began to fire up back at home from mining companies and regional leaders. The leaders have welcomed the decision, describing it as another mining boom, a boost to pull the state economy and Finance back into positive territory. Demand is expected to surge as more nuclear power stations popped up around the globe. It will need to be international demand for uranium that fuelled the growth in Queensland's industry. Two men have been arrested after heavily armed police swarmed UNSW. Police say officers investigating an armed robbery intercepted a vehicle in Kensington at 7:30 AM. Witnesses described police in full body gear. Two men were arrested, three others ran from the vehicle and are described as being of Pacific Islander or Maori appearance. Vandals have damaged smart meters in the suburbs. One elderly man says he suffered a stroke as a result of the shock.As a matter of fact, it had such an effect on me, when you live by yourself it does, you know, and when you are elderly, like we are, that is what it had to me.Authority said on more than 100 electricity smart meters have been damaged in less than one year, mostly around Footscray. Has been outrage following comments questioning the importance of the Kokoda campaign. A historian has created controversy by disputing that the Japanese were planning to invade the Northern Territory. Respected Northern Territory military historian Tom Lewis says the Japanese were preparing to invade the Darwin, the Northern Territory and Australia at the close of World War II.It is quite a well-known body of evidence known that is Matt -- known about the high command about invading Australia and that it was too expensive. However, at the end of... Military, it would have been done. I'm sure of that. You don't leave an enormous nation that is an ally to America.It follows controversial comment by controversial historian David Horner, who says the Japanese were never intending to invade straighter. He also questions the importance of the Kokoda trail.The whole equation is too important, whether the Kokoda warriors were defending Australia from invasion. The whole question of invasion is so interrelated that you have to look at it as a whole.Tom Lewis was one of the campaigners to commemorate the 70 -- 70th anniversary of the bombing of Darwin. He says it is important that Australians honour at and remember the battles fought on Australia's waterfronts. Cycling's governing body will announce tonight whether it will accept the sanctions imposed on Lance Armstrong. The UCI will reveal whether or not it will impose a life ban on Lance Armstrong and strip him of his seven Tour de France titles. The agency went public earlier this month with 1000 pages of evidence and testimony, including statements from 11 former teammates that have been used against Mr Armstrong. The decision comes as Armstrong addressed more than 4000 cyclist taking part in a fund-raising bike ride for his live Strong trusted -- Live Strong charity in Texas. Obviously it has been an interesting, and as I said the other night, difficult to week. People asked me a lot, how are you doing? I tell them, I have been better, but I have also been worse. We will have the decision lies at 10 PM Eastern Daylight Time. -- the decision live at 10 PM. Some of the world's most sophisticated warships will converge on Sydney next year to celebrate 100 years of the Australian Navy. Thousands of visitors are expected for the flotilla that will culminate in a massive fireworks display. Anchored off the Sydney Opera House, the HMAS Parramatta, a show of Navy might, a taste of what is to come this time next year.Next year we expect around 40 warships and a dozen or so tall ships from over 20 countries to enter the harbour. That is an activity that will take nearly all day to complete. The following day the formal fleet review will occur and I have no doubt it will be a spectacular day. Next to's fleet review will mark 100 years since the loyalist red and navy first sailed into the harbour. -- the Royal Australian Navy.Tends of thousands of sailors and their families from dozens of countries, in addition to visitors from interstate and overseas will come to Sydney to spend dollars, supporting local jobs and businesses.Warships are expected from right across the globe. The celebrations tipped to bring as many as 10,000 sailors to the city as well as boat watches, and for the public a week long parade culminating in a fireworks display from the Harbour Bridge.Already the Canadian and Malaysian navies have confirmed they will attend. A look at the weather forecast:

Back to Kieran Gilbert in Canberra. After the break, we will be joined by Treasurer Wayne Swan on MYEFO, the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook, and also the Shadow Treasurer, Joe Hockey, our interview with him.

Quite this is PM Agenda. We will go through some of the headline numbers from the budget review. We will put them up on the screen for you.

will put them up on the screen for
you. The government is retained its forecast for a surplus. This is the 2012 to 2013.

Employment, it remains at 5.5% of both next year and the following year. The same as in the budget. Let's look at some of the savings. The private health insurance was means tested earlier. It will be linked to CPI. The baby bonus, still $5000 to the first baby. After that it will be reduced to $3000 per subsequent child. That is saving $500 million. There will also be savings of one Lynn dollars in superannuation and in the outer years the government is going to have larger companies pay their tax on a monthly as opposed to quarterly basis. The Opposition are accusing the government of cooking the books. The government says it should be treated like small businesses and any other tax they are. I spoke to

businesses and any other tax they
are. I spoke to Wayne Swan earlier today. Treasurer, thank you for your time. Why did you deliver the update today and not wait for the first receipts of the mineral tax? It is due. It is almost 6 months since the last budget. It is not unusual to have a media update this time. I have made the point that in terms of what is going elsewhere in the global economy, we are pretty clear about that and we will not get any resolution to that until early in the new year. It is in the interest of certainty and in terms of making savings now, it was a good idea to get it done sooner rather than later. As for this criticism, it is just a furphy. We have written down the tax revenues substantially in this outlook. Why? Commodity prices are down dramatically. Profits based taxes which go up when prices are up and go down when prices are down, we have had a substantial of product based taxes. This criticism is just a silly, negative approach of the Opposition.Delivered on the same day as companies upping the first instalment doesn't it look like you're ducking it?

Will There would be any real indication of the...In the next day or week. The there was a suggestion in the next few weeks... Is that rates?I do not think it is right. There has been a lot written about resource taxes and Australia. It is clearly untrue. We have forecast in the update that we will get $9 billion in terms of taxation. That is there in black and white. There have been wrong so much lately in terms of staying in touch with China.That is wrong...The projections keep having to be revised.That is not right. That sort of criticism pretends that somehow the Treasurer should first be an impact of the biggest natural disaster in history. Forecast that before it happens. Or the Treasury should forecast before it happened about something with about instability in the European Union. The fact is that forecasters are assumptions and Stuart using procedures which are highly regarded. Our forecasters are some of the best in the world. They cannot forecast what is not known. This criticism is unreasonable and rational.It is part of the timing of this media update. Going to little bit earlier, a few weeks earlier. Is it to give the Reserve Bank bit of time... Two We are delivering this media update.

It is after two of the updates that were done by Peter Costello. The whole point of the media update is that it should ideally happen at a six-month point. That six-month point is up in two weeks. It is not radically out of kilter. A media update has happened well before now -- need-year update. It is just one of those points by the Opposition team. I think there were many good reasons why we were better off delivering earlier. To deliver clarity about our intentions, given that we push not have more accurate information about the global economy in the new year. It was be after it was due. It was better to certainty and make the says now that we can hit surplus in 2013. Given that $21 billion worth of revenue. It is a commonsense thing to do.In terms of the global forecast, you made a loss of the global headwinds and the uncertainty in Europe. Is 5.5% unemployment that has been forecast the next few years optimistic?It matches the forecast that we have. We are forecasting around trend growth and still forecasting that we are going to grow stronger this year and next. We have done really well on employment. We have created a 100,000 jobs while this government has been in power. We acted swiftly during the financial crisis to support small business. Our labour market has been far stronger. The nation has reaped the benefit. We still have a very sizeable investment pipeline in our economy. We still have solid consumption. All of those things that mean that we have solid growth around trends and when you have solid growth around trends, you can expect those employment outcomes. Immigration is up by a couple billion dollars because of the number of asylum seekers arriving by boat. It is going to be much worst that cost...It has been a substantial increase due to the number of the people coming by boat. That is why in January we made the offer to the Opposition to come to the table so we could get offshore processing up and running. It took the whole approach to get something through Parliament that we could get it going.Are you confident the cost will come off? Ekazhevo's continue to arrive.Yes, but we need to get more measures in place and I am confident that it will then stamp the number of people coming by boat. But if we go by the negative approach of Mr Abbott and the Opposition where they don't come to the table...We have an estimate on how much Nauru and minus will cost?We don't normally put those in the published papers. When the negotiations are completed, it will be accounted for.Monthly payments rather than quarterly, has been proposed but business groups? Or will it Combet surprise?It is a logical reform of the system and done elsewhere in the world. We said we would start at from 1 January 2014. We are giving plenty of notice of it. 14 months. We will engage with consultation with the business community. It is not about pay more tax...There will pay an extra dollar a day?No not an extra dollar a day. It will bring forward some payment.Baby bonus for the second, third, fourth...Except for multiple births.Why not go further? If it is about putting it on a sustainable footing, and the upfront cost is $5000, why go further?We put in why we decided on $2000. They settled on the rationale -- on a $3000. We have left it at $5000 to the first and most of the purchases are made them. We think $3000 is a reasonable figure.To make it entirely sustainable, will it have to come down further in the future?No, the government has here outlined its reasons and we think it is sustainable as a time.The private health insurance rebate will be linked to CPI now. Commercial increases less. That'll save you $700 million. Do you want it... Do personally believe to go entirely? No, am a supporter of it but it has to be sustainable over time. We put in place a means testing regime. There are plenty of people out there that struggle with private health insurance and want to keep it. That is why the rebate is there, the people that need help. We had to make sure the expenditure overtime is sustainable which is why the CPI measure is in place. Thank you for your time. As you had there, Treasurer Swan said it larger companies will not pay an extra dollar here. Joe Hockey, the Shadow Treasurer, it is agree. I spoke to Mr hockey a little while ago. Joe Hockey, thank you to your time. In April, he spoke about the need for the age of entitlement. Given that, do you support the efforts with the baby bonus?If you put this little -- total statement and what they are going through at the moment, this does nothing to help Australian families. In fact, it hurts them. It is absolutely nothing to grow the pi and make us more productive. There is no economic strategy to it. It is a hodgepodge of fiddles. The Australian families or pair heavy pressure it.You have argued, as has others, that things need to be put on a more sustainable footing. The baby bonus, and the private insurance rebate been linked to CPI, as they good structural element? The linking of the private health insurance rebate to the consumer pricing is at last being spent on health. The consumer pricing indexed in health is far higher than what it is in other parts of the economy. This is a government that is cutting out the NDIS, the education, spending nothing on Kosky. Australians are going to lose from this. It is a fiddle to trade to present a surplus. The worst part of it is that the government is gouging as $8 billion out of corporate Australia at a time when corporate Australia is having to less profit or even having losses. There are less pay opportunities for workers and this government seems indifferent. They have not consulted the business community about this.Corporate Australia are not paying any more... They are. They are paying in next is election budget, they are paying 14 months of company tax for a 12 month period. This is not money that doesn't exist.It is going to buy months... Quarterly.It means that the last quarter Du Pays is always in the next financial year. The June quarter is paid on 1 July. The government is trying to bring that payment into an election year. Business is going to have to find that extra...They are just paying it earlier. Month by month of the poorest to quarterly. -- As opposed to quarterly.If it is not real money, why is it turning a deficit in an election year into a surplus? It is real money, mate. People have defined this money. It is their taxes. These taxes do not come out of the ether. They need to be earned.The surplus figure looks about right there. The Treasurer says that it would adversely affect growth.That is his spin. We tell you the truth. For example, they are changing the treatment of superannuation. To deliver $555 million this financial year. If you go overseas the 12 months, Wayne Swan has his hand in your pocket. They are increasing the levies payable by 480,000 super funds. They are increasing the cost of that to try and get the budget into surplus. They're fiddling with the Future Fund. Taking $2 billion out of the Future Fund. It has never been accessed before. They have broken the seal on the Future Fund to trade to create the surplus.You have been very critical...There is plenty there.Your Shadow Treasurer, it is your job. If you look at the broad numbers, people say 3% growth in employment one of half percent, inflation... The broad indicators are good. This is still the strongest economy in the advanced world.It quickly inherited?This is five is later.Wayne Swan keeps talking about lost revenue. There is none. He inherited none. He says Patney on the back, it is going up to 5.5%.Overall, it is still the best in the developed world.His accumulated over to a half billion dollars in gross... There are no plaudits for this government. No economic strategy.When you look at the broader indicators, in this economy, when it imperative to the rest of the developed world, it is a standout.The reason the developed world is going to characters is that, in case you haven't noticed, it was...That is the context in which we still have a good economy. We do not live on an island, well...Every tee, Wayne Swan has excuses. No more excuses. The bottomline is that you need to grow the economy. The problem is that Wayne Swan has no economic strategy. We have a four-point plan to grow the economy. It focuses on growing the pi and focusing on opportunities in Asia.Thank you for your time. After the break, the report card from Chris Richardson of to low tax. Who is right? Who is wrong? Or is it both? Our panel this Monday. Bruce Hawker and Grahame Morris.

Thank you for your company. Coming up, our weekly panel with Is central's Peter Lewis, and the report card on MYEFO was -- with Chris Richardson. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says the Government's midyear Budget update shows its economic management is a failure. Earlier today the Government would -- announced it would make fixed -- over $16 billion saving over four years. Treasurer Wayne Swan made a change is to the baby bonus, the way big companies pay tax and more reforms to private health insurance. Prime Minister Julia Gillard says Australia has lost a great soldier, whose death will be mourned by the whole nation. She offered her condolences to the family and friends of a 24-year-old special forces soldier killed by a roadside bomb in an operation in southern Afghanistan overnight. He is the 39th Australian soldier to die in Afghanistan so far and the seventh this year. The Queensland Government has overturned a 30 year ban on uranium mining. Premier Newman says there is strong support from industry in light of recent discussions with India around uranium sales. He has announced a committee to kickstart sales of uranium. The known uranium deposits in the State are worth an estimated $10 billion. Fighting between opponents and supporters of Syria's residents are side followed the funeral of a senior intelligence officer, who was assassinated by a car bomb on Friday. Many blamed the attack on the at -- on the a side regime in the benign. The fighting has also spread to the northern city of Tripoli. Cycling's governing body will announce tonight whether it will accept the sanctions on Lance Armstrong. He addressed more than 4000 cyclist taking part in a fund- raising bike ride for his live strong charity in Texas, but the disgraced cyclist still refuses to elaborate on the doping scandal, facing the stripping of his seven Tour de France titles. A look at the weather forecast: Thanks for that. We will go to our weekly poll with Is scheduled Research. We saw in the Nielsen poll Julia Gillard's approval rating up substantially. What does your poll say?Our primary vote is also steady, two-party preferred 53-47.

also steady, two-party preferred
53-47. It has been stable for three weeks, locking in the advances Labor had in the previous month. You have the numbers on sexism as well, the number of people who have seen it and experienced it in the last month.This is in the context of the Prime Minister's speech. The feedback was that 61% of people say there is a blocked or some sexism/discrimination in politics. Also in the workplace, 55% of people, 62% of women, say that sexism and discrimination is still alive. In other areas, media, sport,

sexism and discrimination is still
alive. In other areas, media, sport, school, people still think it is an issue.Appreciate that. Now for the report card on the midyear economic update. Let's go to Chris Richardson from Deloitte Access Economics. Does it get a pass mark? Two things to think about. How big is the problem and what has the Government done? Treasury has said the problem isn't that big. Numbers were leaked on the weekend and it turned out there was some offsetting extended joke of savings in there already. It wasn't on the Treasury numbers, but I'm not convinced by that. The first mining tax payments are being made today. My fear is that the hole is bigger than Treasurer is estimating.They had estimated downwards on the mining tax, but you think it could be worse than that?It has come a long way, but don't forget that this tax is designed to be a turbocharger, tooth -- to cut in strongly when mining and oil prices are high and to cut out when they are lower. They are lower now, so my fear is not just the mining tax, but Treasury might have underestimated the size of the problem. I can't say I'm too happy with what the Government has done either. Some good reforms but they are not the dominant element of the Government's response.Quarterly payment for larger -- larger companies, moving from a quarterly basis to a monthly basis. Treasurer Swan says they are still paying the same dollar amount, that was his defence.Overtime that is true, but it means business pays earlier and it doesn't have that money in its hands, the Government has the money in its hands. It may be part of the reason all convinced the Reserve Bank to cut interest rates, not a done deal, but that would be part of the argument I would be looking at. It has also got a lot of accountants tearing their hair out. They would be earning their money! In terms of the carbon tax today, giving it room to move, do you think that was part of the reason they went early? The mining tax numbers, as you say, the first instalment is page today.It gives the Reserve Bank time to think about it before the next meeting, so that is a clear argument, and the other argument that has been advanced is that the Government would have more time to put the savings in place, except when you look at what they have done, actually, the policy decision has increased spending today, so believe it or not, today's decision in the Budget increased spending, it did not cut it.That is despite a few measures you alluded to earlier, like the reining in of the baby bonus. It will be $5000 for the first baby and then change to $3000 for subsequent full-time. You would welcome that as a good start but I guess you don't think they have gone far enough?It is a good start, but there are other things, such as in private health insurance. The Government is trying to wind back areas in which it is seen as too generous. But the dominant part of the Government response is not really reforms like that, it is mostly a timing shuffle out of company tax.So that is the big one. In your argument, and I have had that discussion with you before, for both sides of politics to recalibrate their thinking when it comes to that spending.For the better part of a decade China and the reels of gold that have flowed to Canberra for gave or most every bit of dumb policy either side of politics did, and those days have passed. The head of Treasury is going out and making speeches, trying to save the tax system won't support what the politicians are talking about.It can -- he can only go so far, Parkinson.Even properly... If you look at what he is saying, he is saying that the revenue base, the tax system is hollowed out compared to what it used to be.I put this to Joe Hockey. I want to get your sense of the overall numbers, 3% trend growth, 5.5% unemployment, that looks steady. What is your sense of where Australia sits at the moment? Obviously still stronger narratively -- comparatively, but vulnerabilities?It is worth underlining how strong we are compared to the rest of the world. If you compare us to almost any other advanced economy, they would swap for us in a heartbeat.I reckon they might. It is always good to get the inside. Thanks very much. We will be back with a talker and Grahame Morris. -- with Bruce Hawker and Grahame Morris.

This is PM Agenda, thank you for your company. Grahame Morris from Barton Deacon and are Labor strategist, Bruce Hawker. I watched short queue about the mid-year budget.And Queensland, they cut 14,000 jobs. Mainly out of hill. New South Wales just announced one place $7 billion in education and more to come. That is the brutal end of the scale. In this case, the government has moved pretty carefully in the changes they have made to ensure it doesn't hurt to many people.Graham, the message from the Liberal Party is to not believe what you are reading and hearing when it comes to this. They are trying to undermine the validity of the document.We will see. The whole point is whether the Treasurer can hit the surplus. That is what this is about. Politically he must hit a surplus. The frightening thing about all of the documents today is that the rest of the world has said to ask, here is half an hour work of economic sunshine as the government had the blinds down. We are about to fall off the cliff in the mining area. All of those things that we had pinned hopes on, that instead of seeing to go, the government has been saying no, slow. All of a sudden, we have missed it. All of that revenue and excitement and growth that we were going to get out of the resources and Cole and everything, it is slowing down. The Treasurer has got himself into one hill of a pickle. To the point where today he had to work families with health-insurance, mums. He had to work universities and businesses. You think, at this is not looking good.That is obviously their goal. They're doing their best to do it. Let's look at the polls. The Nielsen poll shows Julia Gillard's approval rating is up and Abbott is down. Then and other poll in the Australian by left-wing union showing that is Kevin Rudd came back as leader, they would win those three seats. This has been a bit of a boost to Julia Gillard. The gender speech and the reaction to it.It does seem that way. I think other factors are also in play. This is been an incremental improvement in the government's stake. However, we are still in a pretty low position as forest primaries are concerned. 34%. In two-party preferred, much better. I think the real loser in the Nielsen poll is Tony Abbott. He is down as preferred Prime Minister but there is a big gap between him and the Prime Minister of 10%. I think if I were him, I would be a bit concerned, it has at a heartbeat, I think the Liberal Party would get rid of Tony Abbott if they thought he was no longer driving down the government said.Let's get grams thoughts on that. Hoping this is not a trend we're starting to see. Looks, we are getting back to somewhere near normal. We are gradually getting closer together. We expected that. This massive gaps just cannot be sustained. Particularly, as most people are saying, was the heat got out of the carbon tax, automatically that anger and hostility was going to come down a bit. Conversely, I think the biggest loser out of today's poll is Kevin Rudd. Kevin Rudd's leadership ambitions are encountered. Dead. MOrt. It is going to be sitting on the back bench now. Is that really what Kevin Rudd wants? I honestly think that door that really opened the cavern is now shut closed in the Liberal Party -- and the Liberal Party is a happy for that. Quite do you think that some Labor MPs... Now that they are back within striking distance, is it a good thing to Kevin Rudd? The primary vote has improved and it means that MPs concerned themselves to a lost -- consign themselves to a loss. Clip that sounds like a rationalisation. I don't think the Caucasus thinking like that at all. They are saying that they do not need cavern anymore because things are getting closer and the instability of bringing back Kevin Rudd would be too great to contemplate.That is a valid point. If you look at these numbers, if Tony Abbott's approval rate remains low and it does drag down the Coalition vote, as you alluded to earlier, it puts Mr Rudd in a box there. I cannot see too many people risking a change.He has been in a box since February this year and he has made it clear that he will not challenge. The big challenge to the government is to try to build up their own primary vote. It still languishes, but in two-party preferred terms, it is much better than it was before. Getting back to what I said before, Tony Abbott is the person who is mostly to be worried about you. If as we suspect much of the Roosters has been received by the government in recent times has been about his personal attitudes on a whole range of issues, being very old-fashioned the banking 50s kind of guy, men and women are both starting to worry about. I think he is someone... It would overcome the problems of the Liberal Party and a second if he was removed and replaced by a Julie Bishop or someone like that. They obviously would not have the same problems with women that he does. I think this has a long way to go, the story about the leadership of the Liberal Party, anyway. I think we should see, we may well see a future in terms of the path between now and the election and certainly you alluded to the Galaxy poll that was conducted today. It was released today. That just goes to show what everybody has a ready then, that Kevin Rudd is the most opulent politician and the -- in the country. -- Popular politician. That is or is been the test that the government has had to live by. That is the test that he has to live by.It is interesting that Bruce Hawker mentioned Julie Bishop there. I don't think she has been mentioned in dispatches.(LAUGHS) it isn't going to happen. The interesting thing in politics at the moment is that this is a election and the role the Greens have gone backwards. -- In a row. The Labor Party can never again in this country anywhere in its own right without the Greens support. That Green support really is dwindling. We saw in the ACT election, although to the big election, we saw again at the weekend with the Greens they halved their numbers. The Labor Party again will have to rely on an alliance with the Greens and that is very uncomfortable for a lot of Australians as Labor voters.Your thoughts on the fallout of the ACT election?I presume Graham was talking about ACT election there when he talked about relying on the Greens. Certainly not at a Federal level without be the case except in exceptional circumstances as in the last year or so. I think the ACT election shows there is an increasing antipathy towards the Greens in the electorate and it coincides with times that are less certain an hour before. They are an indulgence of the betimes, rather than a necessity fit at half-time. Bruce Hawker, Grahame Morris, great to chat today. Good to see both. That is also PM Agenda today. The news is next. Live Captioning by Ai-Media