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This program is captioned live. This morning - a Special Forces digger killed
by a bomb in Afghanistan. His commanding officer described him
as an exceptional soldier who will be remembered
as genuine, honest and dedicated. The Treasurer confirms
a budget surplus as the PM gets a boost in the polls. And three people shot dead
at a US shopping mall.

Seven Morning News with Ann Sanders.

Good morning. An Australian soldier
has been killed by an improvised explosive device
in Afghanistan. The digger was clearing an insurgent
compound in Oruzgan Province when the bomb went off. The Special Forces soldier
is being described as genuine, honest and dedicated. He was just 24.

The soldier was clearing a compound
when an IED detonated, killing him instantly

I offer my deepest sympathy to the
soldier's family and his friends. His death is Australia's
39th fatality since 2000 - the seventh this year. We didn't need one but today is another reminder that Afghanistan
is a very dangerous place. The Prime Minister
is feeling the death more keenly after making a surprise visit
to our troops last week. But she says there's no way of being
in Afghanistan without risk. The Government very strongly
continues the believe that completing our transition
mission in Afghanistan is in Australia's national interest. The soldier was part of a joint
operation with Afghan troops, targeting insurgents
on the Oruzgan border. No other soldier was injured. The mission is ongoing. So I cannot provide specific details about the location
or the mission itself without risking the safety
of this young man's comrades. The digger's family has
also requested his personal details remain private.

The Treasurer has warned
of significant spending cuts in today's mid-year Budget review. It's just been handed down
in Canberra. Mia Greves joins me
with the details.

Good morning, Mia. Where will the Wayne Swan
find the savings? Good morning, Ann.

The Government plans to immediately
slash public spending by $4 billion so it can keep a promise to return
the Budget to surplus this financial year. This Budget review has come
a little earlier than expected, forced, in part, by a need
to recalculate following a global downturn
and weaker commodity prices. The Government intends
to make some extra cash

The Government intends
to make some extra cash by charging more visas
for backpackers, migrants and foreign workers.

when he has to admit that they haven't been able to
achieve the surplus they promised. China is a problem for us. Not a huge problem,
but it has been so good for so long that all it took was for China
to slow down a bit that Australia really has run
into some headwinds. We will always look to the impact
on the economy and that's what we have done
in this mid-year review. And Mia, Julia Gillard's
now-famous misogyny speech may have lifted her
personal standing's in the polls? Yes, Ann.

Voters are continuing to warm
to Julia Gillard - the latest Fairfax Nielsen poll gives her a 10-point margin
over Tony Abbott as preferred prime minister, her biggest lead
in more than 18 months And she's seen by half the voters
as their preferred choice. Labor has also made up ground
in the two-party vote stakes - the party is up for
the fourth consecutive month but the Coalition still holds
an election-winning lead. So Ann, whether it was the
misogyny speech that made the difference or not, these poll results
may be enough to silence any more speculation
of a Kevin Rudd comeback. Thanks, Mia.
Mia Greves, there in Canberra. Heavily armed police have arrested
two men in Sydney's east. as a police helicopter hovered above
during the operation. A number of men remain on the run. Witnesses saw a man running
from the scene. They say he was jumping over fences
as he tried to get away.

A woman's been attacked as she slept
in her western Sydney home. Two men forced their way
into the Auburn property just before 3:00 this morning. They threatened the woman
and ransacked the house. REPORTER: And strangled? Yeah, yeah. And they take some money
and the iPhone...iPhone, laptop. And how's she feeling? She feeling no good.

Police are examining the scene
but are yet to interview the victim. A woman has used a syringe
to rob two fast-food outlets in Brisbane overnight. She entered a Subway store
at Wishart at around 9:00, threatening a female worker with what appeared
to be a blood-filled syringe. The woman fled the scene
with an amount of cash. An ice-cream store at Camp Hill was
robbed about half an hour later. No-one was injured
in either incident.

Three people have been killed
and four injured in a shooting rampage at a day spa
in America's Midwest. The gunman was found dead inside
the salon after a 6-hour manhunt, when he turned the gun on himself. Mike Amor has the details.

It's believed his ex-wife worked at this salon and spark in Brookfield, was concerned. This is believed to be the accused. When he walked into the Somme, workers they noticed he had a hand gun and they feared he was going to rob them. Instead, he shot at least seven people, including a heavily pregnant woman. People across the road at the shopping centre heard the shots and lots of screaming just before lunchtime. Then they saw one woman running from the building being chased by a man with a handgun. Apparently he was the subject of a domestic abuse claim earlier this month that resulted in a restraining order against him. Police were prevented from going into the building after they found what they describe as a bomb.The investigation is ongoing. We have a number of scenes we are working on as we speak. Not only the salon, but the suspect's residents.The shooting happened less than 30 kilometres away from the scene of a massacre at a Sikh temple, where seven people, including the gunmen, died.

An Australian tour group is hoping Three Australians remain
in hospital after the bus ran off the road
heading back to Las Vegas, when their driver had
a heart attack. As there are only three people
left in the hospital, the other 29 people will proceed
with their tour because they are now going on
a Hawaiian cruise and hopefully the change of scenery
will help them to get over the horrible experience
they had earlier. The bus driver died at the scene. Today is the day to think pink
and support breast cancer research. Events are being held across
the country to mark Pink Ribbon Day with new research showing lifestyle changes can reduce the
chance of breast cancer returning. Sarah Coates has more.

Her theme of the pink ribbon breakfast here at four seasons Hotel in Sydney is staying well after breast cancer. Research shows that one in four women who have been treated for breast cancer are not aware that by making some small lifestyle changes it can significantly reduce the risk of the cancer returning.The error some empowering information about how they can stay well.

some empowering information about
how they can stay well. Just

some empowering information about
how they can stay well. Just by doing about three hours of exercise per week.Sadly, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Australia, with about 14,500 women expected to be diagnosed this year.For so many years I have been aware of breast cancer - every year we do stories about breast cancer. Now I am on the inside looking out and it gives you a very different perspective.Breast cancer survivor Sharon was the first woman to climb Mount Everest after beating the disease.

Mount Everest after beating the
disease.I was watching all the physical changes go through my body. There where I felt, emotionally. I just needed

There where I felt, emotionally. I just needed to stay focused and have a goal.Let's hope it is sooner rather than later that we find a cure. Next in Seven News - finance and the
reaction to the economic outlook. Violence on the streets of Beirut And disgraced cyclist
Lance Armstrong admits it's been a difficult time.

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Firefighters in Queensland
are facing another long day after lightning strikes started
several new blazes last night. Exhausted crews are already
battling dozens of bushfires across the state. Some blazes have been burning
for days. No homes have been lost, but thick
smoke is choking the south-east. Temperatures are forecast to reach
the mid-30s again today before a forecast cool change
later tonight.

A house has been badly damaged by
fire in western Sydney this morning. Three trucks were called
to fight the blaze in Auburn. Flames quickly took hold
of the single storey cottage and thick smoke filled the area. One resident was checked
by paramedics for shock. Crews remain at the scene.

Soldiers have fired warning shots
and tear gas at protesters in Beirut as they tried to storm
government offices, demanding the prime minister
stand down. It happened

after thousands attended the funeral
of Lebanon's security chief, who was assassinated last week. (RAPID GUNFIRE)

The shots police fired
were in warning... (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) ..but the warning signs
are there for all to see. Tensions never deeply buried
are bursting on to the streets. Amid clouds of tear gas,
clashes close to the parliament as angry crowds tried to storm
the Prime Minister's office. Lebanon's government this weekend
has teetered close to collapse. And now, violence, after a day
of mourning, and mass protests. (ALL SHOUT)

This was a funeral procession for the country's
top intelligence chief - his coffin,
cloaked in the national flag. He was an opponent of Syria,
murdered by a car bomb, planted, many believe, by Syrian
agents or their local allies. Opposition groups claim their own government
is dominated by factions all too willing to do
President Assad's bidding. The Syrian leader himself met the
international peace mediator today. Lakhdar Brahimi wants
to negotiate a ceasefire but needs all sides to sign up. As they talked, a car bomb killed
13 people in central Damascus and seemed to wreck hopes
for a truce. But for once, the concern is not
Syria but its neighbour. Former US senator and presidential
candidate George McGovern has died at the aged of 90. He challenged Richard Nixon
for president in 1972, with his fierce opposition
to the Vietnam War. But he suffered one of the biggest
defeats in US history. Former president Bill Clinton and
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both got their starts in politics
working for George McGovern. They said the world has lost
a tireless advocate for human rights and dignity. He died in a hospice in South
Dakota, surrounded by his family.

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong
has revealed it's been a difficult couple
of weeks for him. He welcomed more than 4,000 cyclists taking part in a fundraiser bike
ride for his LIVESTRONG charity in Texas.

But the 7-time Tour de France winner didn't say too much
about his doping scandal, repeating the same lines
from an address two days earlier. Obviously it's been an interesting, and as I said the other night,
at times very difficult few weeks. People ask me a lot,
"How you doing?" And I tell them, I say, "Well, I've been better
but I've also been worse." Cycling's governing body
will announce tonight whether it will accept or appeal
Armstrong's lifetime ban and the loss of his titles.

To finance now and joining me is Bill Evans,
global head of economics at Westpac. Good morning, Bill.

As we've heard, the Treasurer has just released
his mid-year Budget outlook. Commodity prices fell more than

Commodity prices fell more than
expected in the Budget. They have modified their outlook from 5.75 % up to 5.85 %. With these volatile commodity prices, 1% is not something that you would fight over too much. The bottom line is that they need to find about $3 billion between now and the end of the year to move from the $1.5 billion surplus they thought they had, after losing $3 billion, to get back up to a $1 billion surplus. That will come to a range of smaller initiatives around some tax issues, some around the baby bonus, some around private sector medical insurance. It's not something I think we'll have a big impact upon confidence. That was the important thing. We don't want to have a negative impact on confidence, given its fragile nature at the moment. It improves the case for an interest-rate cut in November, given that we are taking another 3 billion or so out of the economy. The Reserve Bank would see that as a further contraction decision by the government.How has the market responded to the sell-off on Wall Street?That's the big news. It really affected the market more than these budget initiatives. The US market was down by 1.5%, we are down by 0.9%. When the US market falls or rises we don't tend to follow it in the way we did in the past. Particularly when some of the moves in the US market have been associated with technology, when we don't really have Technology exposure. The markets are down, 1.2% in Japan, 1.2% in Europe. We will follow that gown, but we have escaped any really brutal pain.

French stayer Dunaden has to carry
59 kilos in the Melbourne Cup after copping a one-kilo penalty
for his dominant Caulfield Cup win. It's been over 40 years since a horse carried that much
weight to victory on the first Tuesday in November. Tom Brown has more.

No horse has won with that kind of weight since Rain Lover in 1969. The jockey at the moment, Craig Williams, will definitely get the ride.He's in great shape. Two miles with a penalty. It's going to be very tough.The focus is on the internationals here at Werribee this morning in quarantine. This horse has been heavily supported and will carry up to 6.5 kilograms less than the other horse.It's going to be to their advantage earning less weight.We will get a good gauge of this horse's potential... Date would will need to win to qualify for the World Cup. The is a track Gallup for him. He is really bouncing out of his skin. He will run well on Wednesday. Damien Oliver was sacked from the Caulfield Cup. Corie Browne is looking forward to being in line for that ride.

Perth Glory has moved into top spot
on the A-League ladder with a 2-0 win over Melbourne Heart
at NIB Stadium. Dean Heffernan scrambled home the
opening goal deep in the first half and Billy Mehmet struck late
to seal the win. COMMENTATOR: Flicked on by Mehmet! And that's the goal they've been
looking for Perth Glory. In Wellington, Brisbane Roar played
out a 1-1 draw with the Phoenix. While in the UK, a Leeds United fan
has been arrested following the attack on Sheffield
Wednesday goalkeeper Chris Kirkland.

The Wallabies are preparing
for Scott Higginbotham to be rubbed out for several matches at a SANZAR judicial hearing
tonight. Higginbotham kneed
and then head-butted All Blacks captain Richie McCaw during Saturday night's
Bledisloe Cup test in Brisbane. He's likely to be sidelined for at least part of next month's
season-ending spring tour of Europe.

The Perth Scorchers are out
of the Twenty20 Champions League after losing to the Delhi Daredevils
in Cape Town. In an ominous sign
for the upcoming Test series, Proteas paceman Morne Morkel
starred for the Daredevils. The Scorchers amassed
just 5/121, but their bowlers almost managed
to defend the modest total. Delhi scraped home
with three balls to spare. It's probably the end
of our tournament but we've still got a lot of pride
to play for and to get our first win up. The Sydney Sixers are through
to the semifinals, regardless of the result
of tonight's clash with the Mumbai Indians.

Samantha Stosur has lost
to Caroline Wozniacki in the final of the Kremlin Cup in Moscow. Fans hoping for an Aussie victory
had reason to believe when the top seed bounced back from
a slow start to force a decider. Stosur grabbed an early break
in the final set, but ran out of steam,
going down 6-3, 4-6, 7-5. COMMENTATOR: She's done it! A terrific win
for Caroline Wozniacki. It's Stosur's twelfth defeat
from 15 WTA Tour finals.

Casey Stoner has finished third
in a rain-marred Malaysian MotoGP. as riders pushed their bikes
to the limit. Cal Crutchlow was walking away
from his own crash when he was nearly taken out
by Randy de Puniet. Championship leader Jorge Lorenzo
had his own problems before the race was red-flagged
on lap 13. I highly considered not doing
the race today at all. With my foot injury the way
I have it at the moment, it's so easy to crash. Dani Pedrosa won the race,
with Lorenzo second.

Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

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Checking the national weather now - a trough is causing storms in the
south east and central Queensland. Southerlies between a high
over the Bight and a low off the coast
of New South Wales are bringing showers
to Victoria and Tasmania. And a cold front is causing showers
in south-west Western Australia. Around the capitals - a possible thunderstorm forecast
for Brisbane. Sydney,
windy and showers A late shower
in Canberra. Melbourne,
showers clearing. A mostly cloudy day
in Hobart. Adelaide,
mainly sunny. Showers easing
in Perth. And a late shower forecast
for Darwin.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll leave you with pictures
of the launch of the Australian Navy's centenary
celebrations. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext captions by
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