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This program is captioned live. This morning - Julia Gillard's sexism speech
gives her a boost in the polls as her Treasurer
prepares to announce billions of dollars of budget cuts. Australian tourists recovering
after a bus crash in the US.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News
with Natalie Barr. Good morning. Julia Gillard's powerful
parliamentary speech accusing the Opposition Leader
of misogyny seems to have given her a big boost
in the popularity stakes. The latest Nielsen poll shows the Prime Minister's surged to
a 10-point lead over Tony Abbott - her biggest since February 2011.

The Coalition is still ahead
of Labor on a two-party preferred basis but the Government
is steadily closing the gap. Julia Gillard's also scored
her highest approval rating since March 2011. In contrast, disapproval
of Tony Abbott is up to 60% - a new personal record high. The results are likely to further
shore up Ms Gillard's leadership despite fresh debate about her role
in the 2010 plot to bring down her predecessor,
Kevin Rudd. It's been sparked by a book
by former MP Maxine McKew, which some claim was ghostwritten
by Mr Rudd. He's rejected the suggestion. And the Government will be grateful for all the positive publicity
it can get ahead of the release of its mid-year
Budget review this morning. Major cuts are expected with Wayne Swan still determined
to return the Budget to surplus this financial year. He's warned of significant cuts
to offset declines in revenue due to the weaker global economy
and lower commodity prices. Public spending is likely
to be slashed by $3 billion but low and middle income earners
will be protected. Some of the savings may be
made by raising tobacco tax and increasing the cost of visas
for backpackers and migrants. South Australia's Opposition Leader
has broken her silence, saying she will fight
to hold onto the Liberal leadership. Isobel Redmond has been dubbed
'Inviso-bel' for avoiding the media for two days. It comes after her Health spokesman,
Martin Hamilton-Smith, called a spill. Yes, I am standing again
for leadership of the Liberal Party and I'm very hopeful of having the
numbers to retain the leadership. One of the central criticisms
levelled at Ms Redmond is that she's too passive. She'll take on Opposition Health
spokesman Martin Hamilton-Smith in a leadership ballot tomorrow. It was a dramatic end to the Gold
Coast 600 for all the wrong reasons with 12 people arrested
after a brawl. Police were called to an apartment
complex on The Esplanade in Surfers Paradise

just after race celebrations
finished. Up to 30 people were involved
in the fight. Paramedics treated two men for
lacerations to their face and necks. It's believed
they may have been stabbed. One man was taken to hospital
in a stable condition. Police spent the night
questioning those involved. Investigations are continuing into
a brawl in Sydney's eastern suburbs. The fight, involving up to 20 people
erupted at Maroubra beach early yesterday morning. Bottles and steel poles
were used as weapons. Two men needed hospital treatment for injuries
to their heads and arms. We are looking for the public's
assistance, in relation to identify the people
who were involved in that brawl and if the could ring
Crime Stoppers. No-one has been arrested
over the brawl, though police did detain a man at
the scene on outstanding warrants. Investigations are underway
into the cause of a fire which destroyed part
of a Sydney primary school. The blaze broke out
in a Year 1 classroom at Holy Family Primary school
at Emerton late yesterday. Around 30 firefighters
battled the flames but couldn't save the building. The school will be closed today. All Australian tourists involved
in a bus crash in the United States have been released from hospital. The 48 passengers suffered
only minor injuries when their driver died
of a suspected heart attack on the way to Las Vegas.

A tearful Christian Meunier
is in shock after learning his brothers
Max and Jim, and Jim's wife, Yoland, were onboard the bus that crashed, carrying a group from the
Rodriguan Social Club of Victoria.

It's believed 30 members
were among the 48 on board at the time of the crash. The club president believes six were injured,
including Jim and Yoland. NEWS FOOTAGE:
Helicopters have been taking off, heading back to the crash scene with such frequency
throughout the evening, bringing those injured victims
back here to be treated. We are prepared to receive them
as fast as we need to. The bus came to grief
on Arizona's Highway 93, near the Nevada border, after a trip to the Grand Canyon. It's believed the driver died
of a heart attack. The undulating road may have
contributed to the casualties. and actually went up over the hill and I think that's where a lot
of the injuries were sustained. While some of the Australians
will continue their holiday, others will return home
as soon as possible.

I hope everything goes alright Five people, including a young boy,
are recovering after being hit by
an out-of-control car in Sydney. The victims were at a market
in Blacktown when a driver lost control
of his car yesterday morning. People jumped for cover as
the Subaru crashed through stalls, knocking down a 7-year-old boy
and four others. It was scary.

I was scared my husband get hit too,
my heart start beating fast, still beating now too. All five were taken to hospital
but their injuries weren't serious. Police spent yesterday questioning
the 69-year-old driver and will forensically examine
his car. Police in Victoria are appealing
for the public's help to find the car involved
in a fatal hit and run. Father-of-two Richard Purcell
was hit and killed less than a kilometre
from his Mornington Peninsula home yesterday morning. Police believe he may have been
lying on the road when he was hit and the driver may not realise
they struck a person. Any motorist driving along the road
may not have seen the person and may have heard a bump
and continued on. and want to speak to any drivers
seen in these pictures. Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong has made his second public
appearance in as many days. He welcomed more than 4,000 cyclists taking part
in a fundraiser bike ride But the 7-time Tour de France winner
didn't have much to say about his doping scandal, repeating the exact lines
from his previous speech. Obviously it's been an interesting,
and as I said the other night, at times very difficult few weeks. People ask me a lot,
"How you doing?" And I tell them, I say, "Well, I've been better
but I've also been worse." Cycling's governing body
will announce tonight whether it'll accept
or appeal Armstrong's lifetime ban and loss of his titles.

One of three Tasmanian devils on
the run from a West Australian zoo has been re-captured
after a wild bush chase. But Scratchy wasn't happy about
losing his freedom - and left his mark
on his rescuer's house. His two brothers are still at large. (SQUEALS)

Meet Scratchy... (SQUEALS) ..the Tasmanian devil
has been on the run for six days. He escaped after a tree fell
on his home at Peel Zoo in Pinjarra. His two brothers also got away. Mates Robbie and Johnny found the
little devil 5km north of the zoo when they were looking for foxes. Thought it was a piglet
to start with and heard about the Tassie devils
getting out last week so...we just chased it down
and...caught it. They cornered him
near the Murray River. We thought it had run off, so we shined the torch
and there it was sitting. Johnny went
to throw the towel over it. it sort of started swimming away, I just jumped into the water
and picked it up by the tail. Zookeeper David was woken at 3am
by the phone call. "Might have some good news for you,
mate!" "Right?" "Got one of your Tassie devils." I'm going,
"What do you mean by 'got'?" "It's in my bathroom" And lo and behold when I got there,
it was in his bathroom. He just started digging
at the tiles. Lucky he hasn't gone
straight through the cavity. The zookeepers say
Robbie and Johnny are pretty lucky the Tasmanian devil
didn't attack them. There are still two more out there. They can be aggressive so the advice is not to corner them but keep an eye on them
and call the zoo. Good work, boys.

Hollywood's favourite silver fox,
George Clooney, has been recognised for his
charity work in Los Angeles. The actor was the guest of honour
at the Carousel of Hope Ball at the Beverly Hilton.

With glamorous girlfriend
Stacy Keibler by his side, Clooney played down his achievements but other VIP guests
had plenty to say. It is really nice to come out
and support Barbara and all the good work she is doing. She is doing some amazing work with
diabetes, so it's fun to do that. He is a rare combination of a gorgeous, handsome,
dreamboat heart-throb. With this very keen sense of humour.

Socialite Barbara Davis founded
the organisation with her late husband, Marvin,
in 1977 and has raised almost $100 million
for children with diabetes.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am -
a royal wedding spectacular. But next on Seven Early News -
the Pope names seven new saints. And a funeral turns to violence
in downtown Beirut.

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It's been a busy night
for Queensland firefighters after lightning strikes
started several new blazes. Overstretched crews were already
battling dozens of bushfires across the state,

some of which have been burning
for days. No homes have been lost but thick smoke choked
the south-east all weekend. Last night's storms brought wind
and lightning and almost no rain. A severe fire danger
is still current but there should finally be
some relief this afternoon when a cool change
moves through the state. Lebanese soldiers have fired guns
and tear gas to push back hundreds of protesters trying to storm the government
headquarters in Beirut. The crowd came from a funeral for
a top Lebanese intelligence official who was assassinated in
a massive car bombing on Friday. The protesters are blaming Syria
for the murder, saying their own government
is too close to the Assad regime. Protesters got within 50 metres
of the palace entrance before the army pushed them back. 80,000 pilgrims have
flooded St Peter's Square as Pope Benedict canonised
seven new saints. Many wore feathered headdresses
and leather tunics in honour of the first
Native American saint - a 19th century Franciscan nun
who cared for leprosy patients in Hawaii.

Several of the new saints
were missionaries, with the Pope hoping
others will follow their example. He praised each of them for being
heroic and courageous examples for Catholics across the globe. Crowds of people have gathered to watch China's national
kite flying championships. The 2-day event let the best
in the world showcase their skills, with 36 teams on display. Between them,
they had more than 400 kites. The biggest measured more
than 220 square metres and the longest was more than
two football fields long. The organising committee
set up a special zone for the audience to learn
from the experts. Your first finance this Early News - Wall Street is trading lower.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - 'Home and Away' star Ada Nicodemou
opens up about becoming a mum. But next on Seven Early News - the Perth Scorchers
try to stay alive in the Twenty20 Champions League. And rain causes chaos
at the Malaysian MotoGP.

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The stories we're following
on the Early News - Julia Gillard has surged
to a 10-point lead over Tony Abbott as preferred Prime Minister, following her now-famous
sexism speech in Parliament earlier this month. The latest Nielsen poll also shows
Ms Gillard leads Mr Abbott as preferred prime minister. Dozens of Australian tourists
are recovering after a bus accident in Arizona
in the US. The bus was heading back
to Las Vegas after touring the Grand Canyon. And Lance Armstrong has made
his second public appearance in as many days. He told cyclists that
it's been a difficult few weeks. Now it's over to Mark Beretta
with all the day's sport.


a bit of an understatement? I think so.

A Melbourne Cup weight penalty
for last year's winner, Dunaden, will be handed down today. The French stayer is likely
to be penalised a kilo for his Caulfield Cup victory, meaning he'll have to carry 59 kilos
in the Cup. Connections admit the penalty
will severely hamper Dunaden's quest to go back-to-back. Two miles with a penalty,
it's going to be very tough. REPORTER: What sort of penalty
are you expecting? I don't think he should get one
at all, personally. He'll probably end up with 59kg,
I would have thought. Craig Williams has confirmed he'll be riding Dunaden
in the Melbourne Cup. The Perth Scorchers
have been eliminated from the Twenty20 Champions League after losing to the Delhi Daredevils
in Cape Town. In an ominous sign
for the upcoming Test series, Proteas paceman Morne Morkel
starred for the Daredevils. The Scorchers could only manage
5/121 from their 20 overs. Their bowling attack fought
hard to defend the modest total but Delhi was able to scrape home
with three balls to spare.

its probably the end of our tournament but we still got a lot of pride to play for and get our first winner.

Perth's final match
is against Auckland on Tuesday. Perth Glory has moved into equal top
spot on the A-League ladder with a comfortable 2-0 win over
Melbourne Heart at NIB Stadium. Dean Heffernan scrambled home the
opening goal deep in the first half, Billy Mehmet struck late
to seal the win. COMMENTATOR: Flicked on by Mehmet! And that's the goal they've been
looking for, Perth Glory. with the Phoenix.

The Wallabies are preparing
for forward Scott Higginbotham to be rubbed out for several matches at a SANZAR judiciary
hearing tonight. Higginbotham kneed
and then head-butted All Blacks captain Richie McCaw during Saturday night's Bledisloe
Cup Test at Suncorp Stadium. He's likely to be sidelined for at least part of next month's
season-ending spring tour of Europe. Kiwi coach Steve Hansen labelled
the incident a 'cheap shot'. Samantha Stosur has gone down to
Caroline Wozniacki in the final of the Kremlin Cup
in Moscow. Fans hoping for an Aussie victory
had a reason to believe when the top seed bounced back from
a slow start to force a decider. Stosur grabbed an early break
in the final set but ran out of steam,
going down 6-3, 4-6, 7-5. COMMENTATOR: She's done it! A terrific win
for Caroline Wozniacki. It's Stosur 12th defeat
from 15 WTA Tour finals. Casey Stoner has finished third
behind team-mate Dani Pedrosa in a rain-marred Malaysian MotoGP. The wet conditions caused chaos as riders pushed their bikes
to the limit. Cal Crutchlow was walking away
from his own crash when he was joined by
Randy de Puniet. Jorge Lorenzo almost came to grief before the race was red-flagged
on lap 14. COMMENTATOR: No! A miraculous save by Jorge Lorenzo. Back home, Jamie Whincup will take a 209-point lead
into the final three rounds of the V8 Supercar season after finishing second behind
Will Davison in race 23 of the season
at the Gold Coast 600. American Bo van Pelt has taken out
the inaugural Perth International. Jason Dufner pushed his compatriot
all the way in the final round
at Lake Karrinyup. But Van Pelt maintained
his composure, closing with a 4-under 68
to win by two shots. COMMENTATOR: Yeah, well done,
Bo, good on ya! Bo is best in the west. Van Pelt pocketed more than $300,000
for the win.

Gee, they love their golf in the west and great looking weather too. Yes, of course, the beautiful lake. Next the weather in your part of the country.

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And that's Seven Early News
for this Monday. I'm Natalie Barr.
Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext captions by
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