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This program is captioned live. Mortgage Monday. 10 grand up for grabs and Taylor Swift in an exclusive kiss-and-tell interview. # We are never, ever, ever... # Getting back together # We are never, ever... Good morning. It is lovely to have your company. Hope you satisfy wonderful weekend.I. Did I had a very whirlwind trip on a secret story we are going to show the viewers shortly. A secret? Yes. It is not, you know...A secret story. Yes. Went the France for it You cannot just tease us like that.I can.You went to France for a secret story? Yes, for a few days. We will probably break it up into two to make it worthwhile. The six best minute of your life when we eventually show itGood to have you home.Nice'nt there a Bond story coming out soon.Wasn't there a Royal Wedding on the weekend?We will guess all morningSix minute right there. Good to be back Let's see what your Monday is looking like on 22 October 2012.

We begin with news from the US where there are reports of a mass shooting near a major mall in the state of Wissam al-Hassan. Seven people have been gunned down at nearby spa. They have been taken to hospital. The Brookfield Square mall is right now in lockdown with the gunman still on the run and we will bring you more on that story. Julia Gillard's speech helped bolster the PM's reputation an helped her popularity back home. She has widened the gap against Tony Abbott as preferred Prime Minister in the latest poll. Her support is at 50%, 10 points ahead of the Opposition Leader on 406789 on a two-party preferred basis Labor's vote has risen for the fourth consecutive point to 48% but the Coalition remains ahead on 526789 while the Prime Minister's vote has fallen it holds the led over Labor. The Federal Government is today expected to announce changes the the budget after losing around $4 billion in revenue. Wayne Swan has forecast billions in spending cuts to ensure Labor can deliver on education and Disabilty Reform. The revenue fall has been blamed on weaker commodity prices and company tax but the opposition says border broke tension is behind the cost blow-out. The Greens have called on the Government the wait until next year to bring the budget back into surplus. Classes at a primary school in Sydney's west have been called off today after a blaze ripped through a year one classroom. The inferno erupted at the Holy Family Primary School at Emerton yesterday sparking the evacuation of 50 people at a church service. Around 30 firefighters batted the blaze which is believed to have been started by an electrical fault. Classs are set the resume tomorrow. The Holy Family Primary School preschool will today remain open. Two cars have been destroyed in a blaze at Dover Heights in Sydney's east. The first vehicle erupted in flames after being torched at 2am. The fuel tank splits as a result causing fire to spread to another car parked nearby.There was a explosion from balcony. Saw smoke and the house on fire. Just found a car burning.One of the cars was parpbged over a water hydrant hampering effort to put out the blaze. The fires were out in under an hour Brisbane has been rocked by a string of violent robberies and break-and-enters overnight with several Subway restaurant and an icecream shop targetted by bandit A woman armed with a blood-filled syringe threatened staff at a Subway after 9 o'clock before escaping with kafrpbl it is believed the same woman then Robed a nearby shop at Camp Hill. She is blonde what slim build. Two men have used sledge Hammers to break into restaurants of Subway. A man has plunged to his death from a hotel balcony on the Gold Coast falling if the 6th floor at Broadbeach on the an awning. Police ring investigating Firefighters are on alirpbt Queensland with another scorcher on the way today. The past 24 hours has been busy for crews with a number of blazes burning out of control. Firefighters spent the day battling a large grass fire at Redbank Plains which was brought under control. Cruise were backburn in in greenback overnight where a large fire has been burning since last Monday. The fire danger will remain high today. The autopsy results will be examined today of a Victorian father of two who was killed by a car while walking home from a party early Sunday morning. The body of Richard Purcell was discovered south-east of Melbourne. Police believe the drivers of these two cars could be of help.. Any driver driving along the road may not have seen the person and may have heard a bump and continued on Investigators say the lack of clues at the scene has left them baffled. WorkCover investigators are poring over security camera footage taken before and after the moments a young elephant crushed its keeper at Sydney's Taronga Zoo. Lucy Melo was pinned against at bollard by Pathi Harn suffering injuries to her chest, heart and lungs. The incident was not capture on tape because of the position of the cameras. Lucy is critical but stable. Pathi Harn is being cared for as normal. There is outrage among Paul Cochrane veterans with claimed the planned Japanese invasion of Australia was a myth. A prominent war historian has said Japanese troops had no intention of storming Darwin during world war 26789 Professor David Horner says Australia tend to exaggerate. The important transof military battles following the reference afforded soldiers in Gallipoli. The claims come in what is the 70th anniversary of the Kokoda Track campaign. Hundreds of Lebanese protesters have tied to storm the Prime Minister's office in Beirut. Soldiers fired guns and tear gas after the crowd broke through police lines. Angry morn yours turned after attending the funeral of a top security officer killed in a car bomb last week. George Clooney is being called as a witness in the trial of the country's former Italian leader. Silvio Berlusconi made a rare appearance at his own trial Friday claiming superstar George Clooney and his ex girt friend had helped him prove he never had sex with an under-age dancer and now the defence is calling both of them to the stand.To have a big movie star come from Hollywood all the way the Italy to testify on your behalf, that is credibility for youThe stakes are high. Silvio Berlusconi faces up to 15 years in prison if he is found Gillive paying a showgirl known as Ruby the Heart Stealer for sex more than dozen times when she was just 17. Silvio Berlusconi admits he gave her nearly $80,000 but says the money was for a beauty salon she planned to open. The 76-year-old media mogul is charged with abuse of power for allegedly springing Ruby from jail in 2010 telling police she was the Egyptian President's niece.I had one evening with Silvio Berlusconi that was one of the more amazing evenings of my lifeIn an interview with 'Time' magazine Clooney said he met Silvio Berlusconi but never part quid with him and would say it under oath.I spoke the their people and say I will testify government they like because I was not at the party that I was said to have been at. I was not at his bunga-bunga partyThose parties alleged to have been lavish orangeies Silvio Berlusconi hosteding his Villa. Ruby said she saw Clooney an his 'Dancing with the Stars' act with one of the notorious bashes. The defence hopes Clooney's denial will boost their caseIf George Clooney says he was not there it casts doubt on the credibility of the other witnesses. It could give some respect the the defence itselfThe financial markets now

markets now - What if they have sales? We could get the graphic guys to work on that. He is the huge hairy beast that has captured imaginations for generations. Now an American man has come forward describing his encounter with what he claims was Bigfoot. The man claims it was hurling rocks at his car a van police in central Pennsylvania investigate and alleged vapbld in the woods but this is no ordinary criminal. This one is tall, hairy, walks hunched over and goes by the name of Sasquatch. That is according to John Reid who claims he saw Sasquatch walk past his motor home window while camping with his girlfriend.What I saw as something walk by the window like this but I could not see the full thing. To me it looked like it might have been going like this but the top of the head and the shoulders were about here.John Reid says the creature tossed rocks at the leaving his mobile home. John jumped into his truck alongside his girlfriend and made special Bigfoot calls in an effort to he Kate the creature.As soon as I did it, something stood up on her side of the truck. Something stood up. She saw the eyes glaring in the light of the truck. Stood up and went up this way into the woodsJohn a self- described Bigfoot tracker since the 10 says the latest sighting is his third. He is the founder of the Sasquatch Hunter and posted - John Reid's Bigfoot encounter left his motor home with smashed tail lights and windows and while police believe it may have been vandals from John it was a warning from the Sasquatch to get off his territory.. I think take that advice A self- described Bigfoot tracker at 10 he would have been very excited.A life's work. What happened to his girlfriend? Did he eat her? I think she might have seen the light.I think he ate girlfriend the big fella! Not Bigfoot. He D there he is, look at him. "Get in my belly". I don't think coy can say that.I don't think so either!No one is watching now!That is true.Get in my belly. Hello Steve Jacobs. Bigfoot, big story, Karl. Good to see

see youTwo Danes Paris! Not a bad day. In Queensland

What is a bunga-bunga party?No didn't make it to Italy. The A- League and the spills and thrills from This program is not captioned.

Developing news out of the US with reports of a shooting in Wisconsin. Seven people have been injured, three critically but no reports of fatalities. The mall has been evacuated and police are hunting the gunman. More as soon as any more details come the hand. Time to have a look at the front pages - Gillard puts Abbott to shame. The Prime Minister's personal standing among men and women has soared since her attack on Tony Abbott calling him sexist ard doing the latest Neilson poll. The 'Age' reports jewel has opened a 10-point margin over Tony Abbott as preferred Prime Minister. Her biggest lead since February 2011. High income earners, employees who salary saki files, university and my grant will be the target of spending cuts as the Federal Government fights to save its promised budget surplus. The Australian reports more than $20 billion in budget savings will not be enough to guarantee a long-term return to surplus with Treasury calculations blown off course by the China downturn. Kokoda insult - the daily 'Telegraph' says world war veterans who defended the Kokoda Track are outraged by the claims of a prominent war historian the planned Japanese invasion of Australia was a myth. The 'Adelaide Advertiser' features Isobel Redmond who predicts she will win by a single vote in term's leadership showdown. The 'Hobart Mercury' says Hobart has joined the world's amounts list making the 'Lonely Planet''s guide top 10 cities of the world largely because of its world class museum of old and new art.Art is cool at the moment, isn't it?To the West Australian show as pair of teenager shark hunters up close and personal with this propbtz whaleer they caught off the coast. Well done, lads, keeping seas safe!(LAUGHTER)Let's get sport now.I have changed, I'm not Ben.

not Ben.Casey Stoner in his second race back from ankle injury he managed to finish third. The same could not be said for Ben Spees crashing out as the wet Sepang circuit claimed its victims. Series leader Jorge Lorenzo almost lost it but managed the stay on two wheels. The Spaniard calling for the's to be called off. He did have his wish with organisers pulling out the red flag on lap 13.I highly considered not doing the race W the foot injury it is so easy to crash and I'm not at 100% Sophie tweak my foot that is the end of my season. There is no way to come back before the endCasey Stoner's team made Dani Pedrosa passed Jorge Lorenzo and held on for his third straight win this year. The Perth Glory have been knocked out of the Champions League Twenty20, needing to win both remaining pool match yes the West Australian side suffered a three-wicket match to the Juan Martin del Potro. Shaun Marsh and Simon Katich built a solid partnership piling on 73 runs by Agit Agacar snared them both in successive overs. More did the rest finishing with 3/19. In reply Virender Sewag brought up his half century with a six and a bit of luck.

luck. Perth Glory has scored a 2- nil win over Melbourne Heart. Last year's runner-up found the net before the break. Billy Memmet sealing the match to keep the Perth Glory unbeaten at homeCOMMENTATOR: Billy Memmet. Is the goal they have been looking for. Job is done Earlier the Phoenix held Brisbane Roar to a 1-all draw in Wellington Bo Van Pelt is $2 million richer taking out the Perth international golf tournament. The American traded strokes for stroke with Paul Duffield throughout the final round but it was Bo Van Pelt who came out on top carding a 4-under-par to finish 2 shots clear of Dufner at 16 underCOMMENTATOR: Yes, well done Bo Van Pelt. Good on you. Bo is best in the west. A double bogie to Greg Chalmers cost the local West Australian the shot of a top three finish settling for 10.That was good. That was really good.I would be nervous if I was BenWe do need the save costs Just saying. Don't sleep in!That is what happensLet's see what the weather is doing around the country.Good morning. We have a few showers about the south-east of Queensland. Alpine snow for Victoria and Tasmania and a few showers in the southwest of WA. Let's look at the main centres to see what is happening at your place today.

I will be heading right there some stage this morning. We will broadcast tomorrow from Ayres Rock over the next few days. Might have the take some short it is going to be hot.. Service flies and stuff I love those hat s with the corks. They have a screen now. They have moved past the '70s.I will just wear pike helmet. It makes you like Skinner as well.That is true. I have noticed that. I tried to wear one on the so before. But no!Or a balaclava. After the break t Hollywood gossip with Richard Reid. What is happening? I finally got one, right? Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got married over the weekend. Thank you lord! What we know and how they kept it a secret. This program is not captioned.

Mortgage Monday is back. You can win $10,000 every Monday thanks to Westpac and if nobody wins it jackpots.Just pick up the phone in five rings and say the magic words 'I wake up with Today'.To register for our next draw call or SMS your details. TheWe are going to giveaway $10,000 in cash later in the showExpress gossip time. Bonjour, we have Richard Reid with a rapid-fire early-morning hit-out. Jessica and Justin went to extreme lengths to keep their wedding private?We are talking private jet. Where are you going in we know they were getting married in Italy but if jet containing all the guests landed in Berlin germ tonight. People were like "What?" Justin and Jessica did not want anyone especially paparazzi to know the exact location. So from there guests got on a private jet and through the rest of the way to Italy where they celebrated the wedding. No wedding pictures so far. They have an exclusive magazine deal. We should see the pictures next few days.Get onto that please. We would like to see them.I'm mad about that!Good. Get mad. Family feud - the Lohans at each other's throats once againOnce again. OK, get this - over the weekend Lindsay Lohan's father Michael tied to stage an intervention. You have got a drug and alcohol problem, little lady. Lindsay did not feel that way so she went right to court and now want to get a restraining order against her father! About a week ago she wanted one against her mother. Pretty soon she is going to be just retrained. Someone needs the restrain Lindsay. Is what needs to happen.What a mess. One more, sadly, arties of the year Adele, finally, happy days is a mum!Happy, happy days. You know what, she is probably the last of them. There seems to be something in the water for so long. Adele is the last of my baby watch. Yes, she had a little boy last Friday. Just before the weekend. She and her fiance welcomed a bundle of joy. We do not have many details or know the name but as soon as she sings to it the world I will sing to it you!You can stand down some of your baby watch operatives nowVehicles ex pen sifpltsI'm sure they are.See you soon. Coming up - Wayne Swan's drastic measures to keep the budget in surplus and what it means for your hip pocket. Taylor Swift's kiss-and-tell songwriting. The country star opens up about her ex boyfriend. # We are never, ever, ever # Getting back together... So there! A gunman has opened fire near a major showing centre in the US state of wise con sifpblt at least 7 people are believed to have been gunned down at a nearby spa. Three are in a critical condition. The area is in lockdown with the suspect Stilton lose. The reports are that officers had guns drawn. The SWAT team and hostage negotiators are helping the operation. We will bring more as we get it. Julia Gillard and her famous speech has resonated with voters. Support has jumped 10 point to 50% against Tony Abbott's 40%. Labor's voted has risen for the fourth consecutive month to 48% on a two-party preferred basis but the Coalition remains ahead on 52%. While the Coalition's primary vote has fallen to 43% it holds the lead overlay were's 34% Treasurer Wayne Swan appears determined to get the budget back the surplus and is expected to announce billions worth of spending cuts. It follows a loss of $4 billion in revenue. Weaker commodity prices and company tax are being blamed for the falls but the opposition says Border Protection is behind blow-out. It is understood overseas workers, backpacker its and some migrant will be forced to pay more for visas. Classes at a primary school in Western Sydney have been called off after an inferno gutted a year one classroom. Alison Ariotti has the details 50 people were evacuated. What happen would this fire?. The friar was at Holger Badstuber in Emerton behind me you can see the remains of one building which was very badly burnt. At the Holy Family Primary School.

Holy Family Primary School.There is nothing official from firefighters who will hope to confirm the cause of the blaze there will be no classes today. There is a notice on the school website as well as putting signs that they have stuck to the perimeter to alert parents. The preschool will be operational but normal classes will resume tomorrow. A woman has threatened staff with a blood-filled syringe during robberies at two Brisbane businesses overnight. The they have, believed to be in her late 20s, held up a Subway before escaping with cash. She then helped up a nearby shop sin camp hill. Two men have used a sledgehammer to smash their way into several Subway restaurant.

restaurant. A politician is under fire after referring to another politician. She has new apologiesed. The slur flies in the face of Prime Minister's recent attack on the Opposition Leader where she labelled him sexist. Consatble Daniel Barling has condemned the comments as disgraceful. Australians are downing more soft drink than ever despite health warn ups against drink too many fizzy drinks. We consume on average 10 litres of soft Ding per head a year. It has prompted calls from one dentist the restrict soft drinks to special occasions only with growing number of teenagers and kids suffering from rotten teeth.

Positive signs for Casey Stoner an his second race he finished third at the Malaysian Grand Prix. A little slippery. It claimed lots of casualties but Dani Pedrosa was untroubled hanging on for his third straight season victory. Will Davidson admits it will take a miracle for him to make a late title push in the V8 Supercars series. The Ford driver ended an 11-race woning streak by Team Vodafone pairing Jamie Whincup and Graig Lowndes taking out the Gold Coast 600 yesterday. Tennis - Sam Stosur has gone down to Caroline Wozniaki in the final of the Kremlin Cup in Moscow after losing first set Stosur fought back to level it up but was unable the match the Dane losing in three defending Melbourne Cup winner Dunaden is expected the gain a one- kilo weight penalty following his brilliant Caulfield Cup riefpltd he is successful in defending cup crown at 59 kilos it will be the highestt weight carried to victory since 19. Dunaden in action over the weekend. Lots of people enjoying race.Creamed oats.I think that is too much weight. Is a shame would freight to see him go back-to-back.Too much?I think jockeys say weight stops you and that is too much.You are going to hold back with your bet?Yes, by I'm zeroing in.Let us know!I will. Coming up, online attack - YouTube sensations become the victims of cyber bullies. George Clooney called to testify at the tile of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.You butchered that Lisa.I completely ruined it! The diver who got a bit too close for comfort to this shark. More details on that story in the Most Clied.Scary toughTime for a check of the weather with Stevie.A few storms about the border of New South Wales and Queensland. A few storms in the south-east of Tasmania today.

Love all that technical stuff. And lot of rain around Australia. Fairly expensive flooding I would have thought Julia Gillard fights back in the polls. The latest from Canberra.. Then the man who claims he was attacked by Bigfoot. Very hairy tale! There he is. # This program is not captioned. SONG: # Bad boys, bad boys # What you gonna chew? # What you gonna chew # When they come for you? # Bad boys, bad boys # What you gonna chew? # Food and drink can cause pH levels
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This program is not captioned. After years away, the wandering
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An update on the story out of the US, where there are reports of a mass shooting in a mall in Wisconsin. There is a lot of confusion but it is believed 7 people have been injured and three are in a critical condition. Police stay gunman is Stiltonless and there are reports of officers having guns drawn. The swat them and hostage knee tpworb qua for have been called into assist with the the open risk and we will bring you updates as soon as they come to hand. Wayne Swan has warped people to preys themselves for spending cuts. His expected to announce $4 billion in cuts as he attempts to deliver the promised budget surplus. Kerrie Yaxley is up bright and early. We love a budget. Do we know where the Government will make these savings? We do not know exactly where the cut backless come from at this stage. But we foe as the Treasurer said they will be significant. But he has said that low to middle-Nick earnerless be protected. As for revenue racing measures we understand the Government will increase the cost of some foreign migrant workers as well as backpackers and family reunion visas which will raise half a billion. It has been suggested to be to be tax will go up by 25% and we understand that the Government will move to close a loophole this allows a small group of workers to use salary sacrifice to get refunds on the straight said and the theatre but all will be revealed later.There has been talk about China and the slight downturn. A slowing down of the economy in so far as the resource sector and mining. But what else has been blamed for the budget black hole? That is basically it. The Government is not getting as much revenue as forecast which is to do with the global economic problems and falling commodity prices. The slow down in China's economy too. The Government is looking at a revenue short fall of $4 billion for this year and $21 billion over the next year. As you said, Wayne Swan is determined to stick to his promise of delivering a budget sure police but the opposition says that the Government's budget framework is off and that they are repeat offenders in over estimating income. The Prime Minister has received a boost in the polls?Yes, according to the Neilson poll the Prime Minister as increased her lead over Tony Abbott in the preferred Prime Minister stakes up 3 point to 50% while Tony Abbott is down 4 points to 40%. Is the biggest need Prime Minister has had over Tony Abbott since February. In the two party preferred the Coalition is still ahead but Labor's vote has risen while the Coalition's has fallen but very slightly, a fall of an increase in 1%. Labor's primary vote remains on 34% while the Coalition's is down 2 point to 43%. So not a lot of movement there but certainly some good news for Julia Gillard in those Prime Minister stakes.Interesting poll about Kevin Rudd if he was in charge of the party they would win the next election so the polls say.To Brisbane where police are investigating a crime spree overnight with Subway stores a major target. Sophie Walsh joins us with the latest. We understand police are hunting a bandit wielding a blood-filled syringe? That is right. Look, a pretty terrifying ordeal for the to female attendants who were threatened at 9 last night when a woman walked into a Subway armed with a blood-filled syringe. She demanded cash to the female cashier and left on foot with a small amount. Half an hour later the same woman who had changed outfits entered an icecream shop at Camp Hill. To young girls were closing up and it was the same routine. She threatened them what blood-filled syringe. No one was hurt. The woman was wearing a hoodie, a yellow cap, believed to in her late 20s with slim build and blonde hairAnother three Subaghini stores were targeted too?Yes, a pretty rough night for Subaghini stores across Brisbane. Police do not believe they are linked to the syringe hold-up. At 11pm two menus add sledgehammer the smash their way in to a Subway that triggered alarms and they left empty handed. They drove to another Subway at Salisbury and smashed their way in and got away with cash. Finally, their spree wrapped up at 12.40 and smashed their way in to a Victoria Point Subway. They were driving a red hatchback that could be a Swift. No arrests have been made.The number there for Crime Stoppers on the screen. Up next t most clicked including this epic Jedi battle.

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A diver filming his friend spear fishing off the coast of WA has had a close encounter her. The 27-year- old had to fend off the bees with the his camera after it tried to steal his fish. The shark circled his bat and swum off. The diver said the encounter was a really good buzz. We were teethed to Brad and his new Chanel No.5 ad.That is enough.The folks at Saturday Night Live have paid tribute to Brad in this sketch.. It is not a journey. Every journey ends but we go on t world turns and we turn with it. Plans disappear and dreams take over. And then dreams wake up and Smail at reality. I'm sorry, is there really no script?I'm talking to myself for two hours straight and I'm starting to sound insane. You want me to sound less coherent? Really? OK, I can just start making up words? You like that? Alright. Splendiferous. Magnificous. I'm sorry, is it just me or do I look super-homeless? Rock n' roll. Chanel number 5.That is very good. They are so cleverPoor Brad.Do I look super Homeless? That is going to be hard to top. At number 3, a television reporter.He got a bit too friendly with a fish.This is about 12 pounds but they can grow. What does she have on?Wiring a dress fishing!A mini skirt!A man in the US is hunting a big hairy suspect. This is serious, who he accused of vapblgd liesing his 973 Dodge. John Reid said he was camping with a girlfriend # He has girlfriend drbl when he saw the creature walk last his window. It might have been going like this but the top of the head and the shoulders were about here. It is always a give-away. He says the Bigfoot known as Sasquatch, reportedly threw rocks at his mobile home to escape discover I can so this is obviously a concern at the moments in the US. Bigfoot sightings, a worry.. There is a stoner alert there too. Some sort of alert. Have a look at this Jedi dog taking on its master in an epic light Sabre battle. Clever dog.You have to get me!When you were a kid do you think it was Dark Vader?I was not a kid then!He was always in the dark.. He was.Dark Vader. Jy thought he as very mean.I suppose you could call this one Bark Vader!You could. If you were really clever you couldThat was Stevie - it was very good. News is next lug the latest on another mass shooting in the US. The latest. Stay with us.

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Haven't we changed this music yet? I thought we had.We have not changed Holiday Tuesday, it is back.

It will be you plus, plus, plus. You could take the entire family or just do it four times over yourself. It is the bottom of the hour.The US state of Wisconsin has again been rocked by a mass shooting spree near a major shopping centre. The gunman opened fire at a nearby spa an is on the loose. 7 premiere have been rushed to hospital in a critical condition. There are reports that swat dreams have surrounded spa with guns drawn. Hostage negotiator have been called into help with the unfolding emergency. The Prime Minister's popularity has soared since her speech in Parliament maybe link the opposition leader as a sexist. The findings of the poll show Labor is clawing back support. The Coalition would still win if an election were held now with the Government's vote 34% to the opposition's 42%. The Gillard Government is at 48% to the Coalition's 52% on a two-party preferred basey. Julia Gillard's support stand at 50% 10 points ahead of Tony Abbott on 40%. Billions worth of spending cuts will be announced when Wayne Swan hands down his mid-year review following a $4 billion loss. Weaker commodity prices and company tax have been blamed for the fall but the opposition says Border Protection is behind blow-out. It is understood that overseas workers, backpackers and some migrants will be forced to pay more for visas. Police believe arson is to blame for a fierce blaze that destroyed to cars in Sydney's east. Crews rushed to the inferno in Dover Heights to find the vehicles in flames. One of the cars was torched after 2am the fire quickly spreading.I woke up to what I thought was a gunshot so I dialled triple zero then heard two more bangsCrews were able to extinguish the blaze in under an hour. Brisbane police are investigating a string of violent robberies and break-and-enters overnight with several Subway restaurant and an icecream shop targeted by bandits A woman armed with a blood-filled syringe threatened staff before 9 o'clock at a Subway before escaping with cash. The same woman then robbed a Baskins in Camp Hill. She is blonde with a slim build two men have used sledgehammers to break-in to Subway restaurants but it is not clear if they stole anything. An electrical fault is believed to have sparked a fierce blaze at primary school in Sydney's west. 50 people have to be evacuate food the school's church as fire for through a year one classroom. 30 firefighters fought the blaze which broke out before 5pm. Classes have been cancelled at the Holy Family Primary School but the preschool is still open. The Pope has named seven new Saint including the first native American. Thousands of people made the trip to St Peter's Square in it through witness the ceremony. Saint Kateri known as Lily of the Mohawks lived between the border of the US and Canada. Kateri Tejajwitha was born into this New York State in 156 of 6. Who gave her a sense of the living GodA French missionary the Madagascar and a Spanish nun are other new Saints. It marks the Year of Faith for the Vatican.

The sky above China has been filled with bright green sea creatures, dragons and snakes. The 2012 National Kite Flying Championships featured 36 of the best kite flyers from around the world. More than 400 cites took the skiesz. It was not just for the professionals, even the kids got their own set of wings.I love cites. Very therapeutic.If you do not get it caught in the temporaryJust getting it up is hard, I'm hopeless A lot of running.It is not good when you cannot do it in front of the kids, you look like a loser parents.I run around a park for half an hourHow did you go?No good. Can kids were just laughing at me. That is why the beach is good. You can usually get an up- wind. I'm just no good at it, sorry about that.I have all of this to look forwardIt is great Fordo. Perth Glory has secured their second victory on home soil defeating Melbourne Hart 2-nil. The hosts scored either side of the break the sit second on the table behind Adelaide United while the Roar were held to a 1-all draw in Wellington. Casey Stoner says he considered pulling out of last night's Malaysian GP mainly due the horrible conditions. The Honda rider managed to stay upon two wheels and placed third unlike many of his opponents who failed to finish. Team-mate Dani Pedrosa took out race honours. The Juan Martin del Potro have ended Perth's Champions League Twenty20 campaign. The scorchers defeated by three wickets in Cape Town. Virender Sewag top score would 52. An Bo Van Pelt has won the inaugural Perth International by two strokes over Jason Dufner. Van Pelt fired 7 birdies for a 4-under-par 6 to take home the $2 million win. Greg Chalmers finished a disappointing 10th dropping three shots on the back nine. Our. The signs - Jet and Chloe from Taree. Is a light Sabre. Jade, Mez and Tani competing in the Northern Territory surf life-saving championships. Well done girls.

championships. Well done girls.
Let's see what the weather is doing as estart the weather with Stevie.

as estart the weather with Stevie.
A bit of wet weather for Tassie and WA. Let's to go the main centres to see what is happening right out side your door!

side your door! In south-east Queensland northerlies pushed the temperatures up and smoke haze from some burn-offs so a tough weekend for a lot of people but this is a southerly coming through the afternoon that will clear the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast by this evening.. Let's get some entertainment now Something special for you today. Would you date her? You would do so at your own peril I reckon. Taylor Swift uses her personal life as inspiration - Taylor Swift talks about men and music up next! # We are This program is not captioned. Sleepovers are great fun
when you've got a secret weapon - my Huggies DryNites. They're real absorbent and
they fit snug to help stop leaks. (WHISPERS)
So I don't have to worry about yucky stuff in the morning. Except maybe breakfast. Eugh!

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She has gone from country sweetheart to international superstar and the love story continues. Taylor Swift is one of the world's highest-selling artists and continue her Jill for writing country songs with a brand-new album 'Red'. I spoke to Taylor Swift earlier How are you doing? Doing great. How are you.I'm terrific. Things are good here in Australia. How is Nashville? Really great. It has been amazing getting ready but I miss my Aussie friend. I refer to you as the artist with a Midas touch. Everything you put out works. Thank you for saying that that is so nice. I'm so excited about the album and it is a lot different to anything I have done before I'm not the only person who says that. 'Rolling Stone' says about you she is one of the few genuine rock stars with a flawless ear for what make as song click.I did not know they said that. Yeah, they D 'Rolling Stone' magazine June 2012. Awesome, fantasticYou have thin credible connection with your fans. Every breath you get a reaction though.There is good and bad in that. The only downside to it is that there is a huge magnifying glass on everything you might do or say wrong or any flaw but I mean the ballance of it and the trade-offs, I would not have my life any other wayEverything you put out works, but are there a lot of rejects? Do you write a some and think "That is never going to fly"? Yes, I write so much some songs I think that is not easy the relate to, I have already covered this topic and said it better in another song so picketing songs for the album is a very difficult process. # We are never, ever getting back togetherYou obviously write about personal experiences, stuff that has happened to you, yet you want to keep your personal life so private. How do you balance all of that? I think in my mind it makes more sense to sing about my personal life rather than talk about it in interviews. I would rather have my personal feelings in the form ever a song rather than 'In a magazine article Do the people who the shoppings are about know that they are about them? Do they get a plaque in the mail or something? I do not tell them but I think they make their own assumption, sometimes right, sometimes wrong. I'm not going to correct them or tell them. I think having those kind of secrets are the only bit of five say that I really get to honestly V it is holding onto who the songs are about and never telling anyone One of the things that reckon you must be very proud of, billboards Woman of the Year! I would think that that would be quite empowering to have that tight tell pestoed on you?It was. I will always remember and look back on that because I never focused on when I was consider add girl or a woman or a teenager or a young woman. I just focused on trying to grow up in the most natural - at the most natural pace. I wanted to be 18 when I was 18. I was not trying to 25 when I was 18. The same goes for right now. Being 22 I just want to focus on being 22 and how ever people see me, whether it is a girl or a woman are a young woman or whatever, it is - it does not really matter to me. I let other people label me however they feel like it because they are going to anyway. # Some daily be strong enough... The BOB song Both of Us, big hit pwheer. Man!Thanks. That song was so much part to be a part of because Bobby Ray is so awesome and sweet. I have been a huge fan of hip hop t fact that got to be a part of it being a hip hop music video I was really excited about You have gone if the Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville to being one of the biggest artists in the world. Do you ever stop and think "Coats things are OK"?I have that moment a lot. It is crazy when I talk about it with my mum and dad because they remember everything. They remember how much of a long shot we thought all of this was. It was a long shot and it is crazy that it actually worked out. I cannot believe it myselfTaylor Swift, thank you. See you down ear soon and thank you for your time today. We really appreciate it. Thank you so much, have a good one. She does everything right, does she not? Taylor Swift, her new album 'Red' is out tomorrow and the other e sighting news is she is coming here the Australia in a few weeks performing at the ARIA Awards, how cool that is going to be? November 29, tickets on sale now. It will be great to s her in the country. She can do no wrong can she?She is growing up!She still as hert feet on the ground.When you have a teenager daughter it is great to know girls are out this as a role modelGreat interview. Coming up after 7 o'clock - how the Government spending cuts will affect your family budget.YouTube sensations the Janoskians fight back at cyber bullies. We have the details after 7 o'clockRemember this, back in 19835UB40 and Chrissy Heinz scored a number 1 hit with this great song "I Got You Babe". Sing along.

# Babe, I got you babe... # I got you babe... # They say our love won't pay the rent # Before its spent our money's all been spent # I got you, babe...

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Did you marry a truck driver? Well, I didn't marry your mother. Room for all my tools, huh? There's not even room for me. Thousands of cars listed every day. BOTH: Hmm.
Visit Gumtree to find your next car. Yes!
Or two.

This program is not captioned. At Coles, more new products are coming down, down all the time! Like Coles Bakery block bread, down, down and staying down to just $2 a loaf. For down, down savings, get down, down to Coles. # Down, down, prices are down. #

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These pictures are in from Wisconsin in the US. Police have surrounded a day spa at a major shopping centre, where it is believed the gunman is on the loose. The gunman opened fire inside the centre, we understand, injuring at least seven people. Over three of them are in a critical condition. We will have more for you on this developing story after 7 o'clock. Frightening situation. Here is Ross Greenwood. Yes, good morning to you all. The Government today will reveal up to $20 billion of cost savings in the next four years to fill the hole from-in-the Federal Budget. There shouldn't be a big surprise to you about this here. We have told you about it many times. It will put more pressure on the reserve to keep on cutting interest rates. The Government has put its foot firmly on the economic brake. It might be progress but whether it is sensible is another matter altogether. The Government wants other parts of the economy to be stimulated to make up for the fining shortfall. It should study the World Bank rankings on how easy it is to do business around the world. Australia is 15th. Sounds OK. But New Zealand's No. 3, our main competitor in banking and financial, spor, is No. 1. It is the second easiest country to set up a business, but after that it gets hard. It is 65th at protecting investors, 53rd when it comes to taxation, 37th for the ease of getting the electricity switched on. Frankly, it is not good enough. For a country with first-world expectations, there are tiny countries, even Third World countries, that score better in the areas. If the Treasurer wants to get this country working, that is where he should start. Solid carve-up! I love a carve-up on a Monday morning!You have to have one!We are No. 37th with the electricity being switched on, given the the amount of money they make out of us! Alright, let's mix it up this morning! We are off to Hollywood to find out what is going on over there! Justin Timberlake is a married man!Well, if you want it you betta put a ring on it! Jessica Biel has done that! We have a picture of Justin's wedding ring! The morning after! That's right! You know, he might have been the kind of dragging it a bit, but his ring was blingy! In the next few days we should have pictures of the fabulous Italian extravaganza wedding. We have to settle for the ring for now!Very good. Happy days for those two. They look like a terrific couple - I must say! Pippa Middleton! Is she the only person who doesn't know what kind of sparked her global fame?Well, you know, I think she's aware of it. But she just can't believe it. OK, it is the bum that launched a thousand websites and Tweets! Conv come on! She has a great bum, she knows it! She is pushing her party girl book 'Celebration'. She says, "It is startling to achieve global recognition before the age of 30 based on your sister, brother-in- law and bottom." I don't think she realises how good it really is! That was quite a moment. No doubt about that! Hey, listen, moving on to another kind of - well, interesting couple, I guess that is the only way to describe them. Katy Perry and John Mayer! They have a lot in common, but the on-again- off-again crazy kids are keeping us guessing?That is the longest toss you have done in the longest amount of time!I'm stretchin'!I'm tellin' ya! Happy birthday Katy, turning 27 this week. She had a fright with Mr John Mayer! That's right! She threw a Halloween-themed birthday party, of course, she was a vampireess! John, we are not quite sure what he was - a big old chin, headless something on his stick. But the two are obviously having a good time. Clearly, enjoying each other's company.So we are officially declaring them a couple, are we?Well, I am! I think you are still out on this jury! Well, well, you know, one day she says they are not...Well,The jury is out!The jury is out! I'm not on it. But...(Laughs)Where is that jury?!I'm the foreman! The judge and jury! Laftlft Interesting to see where that one --(LAUGHTER)Interesting to see where that one heads! Daniel Radcliffe, AKA, Harry Potter - a popular young man, even more so now that he is single again!It is kind of sad. Little Daniel Radcliffe and his girlfriend, OK, she was a production assistant on a couple of the Harry Potter movies. Met, fell in love. She moved to New York to be with him. He was the toast of Broadway! Well, you know what? The spark has fizzled out. She was seen over the weekend moving out of his luxurious New York penthouse apartment. Two years - a pretty good run. Daniel will be back on the market. I'm sure, you know, taking interviews for his next girlfriend. Gee! Richard! You are a cynic! What?! I want nothing but the best for him.Exactly!Thank you, Richard. Thanks for all those blessings. We will see you later in the show.Oh, he is in sparkling form!Monday morning! Here are the top stories on Today. Budget black hole forss the Government to cut $4 billion in spending. Brisbane crime spree - police hunting a syringe bandit. Troll crackdown, the Janoskianss threatened with violence by cyber bullies. The defence calls George Clooney. Interls - oh! - Silvio Berlusconi - oh! And Taylor Swift in an exclusive tell-all interview. # We are never, ever, ever # Getting back together # It is Monday 22 October. Good to have your company this morning. Well, we begin with the developing story out of the US, where a gunman is on the loose after opening fire near a major shopping centre in the state of Wisconsin. At least seven people were gunned down at a nearby spa, there are reportedly three of them in a critical condition. The area is now in lockdown, there are reports that swat teams have surrounded the spa with their guns drawn. Witnesses have told local media they saw a bare-foot woman running through a car park screaming for help. Hostage negotiators have been called in to help with the emergency and we will bring you more details as they come to hand. A frightening situation for all those people involved. Wayne Swan here at home will today announce drastic spending cuts to the tune of $4 billion. Julia Gillard is staging a major fightback in the latest polls. Joining me now is Kerrie Yaxley and Today finance editor Ross Greenwood. Kerrie, the PM has increased her lead over Tony Abbott?Yes, according to neeps the PM leads Tony Abbott by 10 points. Now, that is her biggest lead since February last year. Now, as for the two-party preferred, well that remains relatively unchanged. Labor's vote has risen by one point. The Coalition's has fallen by one point, well within the margin of error. But, as you can see, the Coalition is well in front. Its primary vote is significantly higher than Labor's, which remains unchanged on 34. This poll is the first taken after Julia Gillard's misogyny speech in the parliament, which went viral on the internet. Now, it is impossible to say whether that speech had any impact on the polls, because Nielsen asks who they think makes a better PM. Plenty of analysts and politicians will have a lot of thoughts.I know you love a budget update, especially on a Monday morning. The Treasurer is set to announce major spending cuts. Where will he find the savings?Well, Karl, we don't know exactly what will be targeted at this stage. But Wayne Swan says the cuts will be significant. However, low-to-middle-income earnings will be protected. The Government is expected to announce $4 billion in savings and revenue measures. We expect they will increase the cost of some popular migrant visas to bring in around half a billion dollars of revenue. It is suggested tobacco tax will be increased. But we will know all the details in about four hours.Good on you, Kerrie. Ross Greenwood, how will the sux affect the average family, do you think?-- spending cuts affect the average family? Where people will perhaps see it a couple of areas, No. 1, they are likely to try to tweak the fringe benefit tax. There are reports that people who take tickets to events may suddenly find they are not able to do this any more.A salary sacrifice.A salary sacrifice-type thing. Some of the big projects that State Governments have announced - in particular, roads and rail pronls around the place, NSW in particular, has a big agenda for that - they are thinking about changing the formula so that states have to put in 50% of the money. In the past they have had to put in less amount of money. This is important. Some of the big projects that are vital for the big cities to get themselves moving and get the growth going, transport infrastructure and corridors going. If they are not around the place, quite clearly that will have a big impact on those cities and societies.It has been coming for quite some time. We have forbgs and talked about the fact that -- forecast and talked about the fact that China has eased off a bit, the boom is finished. Is that why there is a shortfall?That's right. The surprising thing that will come out of this report today is, in fact, that the economic growth of Australia is likely to be on trend - around 3 to 3.25%. But the interesting part is that it is the revenue from mining that will be down. Taxation revenue coming. So the Government is absolutely committed to try to get back into the black this year, which is a good aspiration. But the business community is now saying if you are going to kill the economy, be careful. And the one thing that will happen as a result is that it will still keep the Reserve Bank's resolve in cutting interest rates very much firmly in place.We will will break it down tomorrow morning this same time. To Brisbane now, where there has been a crime spree overnight with a series of smash-and-grab robberies and two armed hold-ups. Nine News reporter Sophie Walsh joins us with the latest. Frightening situation. We understand that police are hunting a bandit wielding a syringe?That's right, Lisa. The young woman walked into the Witchart subway around 9 last night armed with a blood-filled syringe. A female attend was threatened and forced to hand over cash. The woman fled on foot. Half an hour later, she reappeared in a different outfit, entered the basscan in and Robbins ice cream shop. They were threatened with the blood-filled syringe. The woman got away with cash. The woman was wearing a hoodie and a yellow cap. It is believed she is in her late 20s and has blond hair.Another three subway stores were targeted?Yeah, look, a very busy night for police up here. The three break-and- entheer thes are not believed to be linked to the syringe attack. They used a sledge hammer to smash into the Carindale Subway. They were lucky at the Salisbury subway, breaking in and stealing cash. The final spot was Victoria Point subway. We don't know whether they managed to escape with cash. The two men were travelling in a red hatchback, believed to be a Suzuki Swift. They were wearing balaclavas. Police are asking for anyone with any information to contact Crime Stoppers. Classes at a primary school in Sydney's west have been called off after a fire gutted a grade one classroom. Alison Ariotti is at the Holy Family Primary School in Emerton. Do we know how the fire started at this point?Good morning, Karl. At this stage, suspicions are that it was thanks to an electrical fault but, look, fire crews certainly say that nothing is confirmed at this stage. It is hoped investigations will be able to be completed today. Certainly, it was a big blaze for them to battle yesterday. 30 firefighters were out here. They responded to a number of calls to 0000 just before 5 o'clock. They had to evacuate 50 people. They were here at a church service in another area of the school, so they had to be moved out. Certainly, there will be no classes today. The school has put an information note on its website as well as sticking notices around the perimeter. The preschool will be operational. It is hoped classs will be able to resume tomorrow. Fire crews did a good job of containing the fire. Upsetting for those communities when this sort of thing happens. Well, Aussie teenage boy band Janoskianss found fame on YouTube and Facebook. Now, the boys are the victims of a serious cyber bullying campaign. Today reporter Christine Ahern joins us from Melbourne. Chris, these boys are so popular that we understand in this situation the boys have been abused, stalked and threatened with violence? Yeah, Lisa, it seems like it has been quite a consistent and nasty bullying campaign. The Melbourne boys have announced that they are actually leaving Facebook because of too many hate-filled posts. One hate page in particular, which has been set up, which has 19,000 fans, has been posting racist and homophobic slurs and uploading YouTube videos threatening violence against the boys. There has been dozens of people turning up to one of the boy's home in Melbourne after his address and home phone number was posted on the Facebook site. An online charity fundraiser has reportedly been hit after one troll bid almost $20,000 for a signed guitar and then, of course, refused to pay. Now, the Janoskians for those who don't know, shot to fame after posting a serious of harmless stunts online. They have signed a record deal with Sony, have a single in the 20, and thousands of female fans.The boys are not sitting idle. They have fought back with legal action?The Janoskians have placed an intervention order against one of the these trolls for stalking and also harassment. Sony has named this person as Melbourne man Tristan Benchmarker. It is not clear whether he is the same Tristan Barker associated with the hate site. A lot of trolls use assumed names. Victoria Police won't confirm whether they are looking into this hate page on Facebook. The Janoskians have deemed it so serious they have taken out an interveption order. Good on the boys for standing up to it. Good young fellas. Well, today is mofrpl. It is your chance to be -- Mortgage Monday. It is your chance to be a winner. Just like Anne Powell who last week won $40,000. But it took some time to convince Anne that she had won. $40,000!Yes! I didn't think I was registered today!Wow!And it seemed the Mortgage Monday-winning Anne Powell still quite couldn't believe she had put her entry in.Anne Powell! Congratulations! Not even when I showed her her name in the big book of Mortgage Monday winnerers! And she would only be convinced by a re-enactment of her victory. Anne Powell of Charlestown!Hooray! Finally! It was time to discover why Anne Powell did not believe she was a wish.I had just finished registering for next week. I had an argument with my sister who was here that I had not registered.Oh! What is your sister's name?Maureen. The part of Maureen will be played by Mike Dalton.I'm sure I have not gone in this week's competition. Yes, you did! You registered yesterday!The phone is ringing...perhaps I had better answer it.Answer it! It is the third time.I wake up with Today! I'm a winner?! Yeah! I told ya!Lucky Maureen said something!Lucky she was here!Her sister has been a regular visitor. After Anne's husband, Greg, passed away at a young age.Greg died when he was only 48. So I've been on my own for 22 years. That's been a long time, really.Over 45 years Anne has raised seven children and now regularly looks after the grandkids like Tobin. And sister Maureen looks like she is off to join Anne's first overseas holiday.We have paid off the bank. The house is all mine! Beautiful news! It means that 40K is play money for Anne!Yes, I suppose so!Well, it is so!Oh, dear!I hope it makes a big difference for you!It sure will!It already has. Anne now believes she can win anywhere, any time. 13... Legs 11... Two little ducks, 22...Bingo!We have a winner! Oh! Well done, Anne! Mike Dalton is a seriously weird cat, by the way! We will be making a Mortgage Monday call after 8 o'clock. To register for the next call, call this number.

You too could have Mike Dalton around your place - don't let it dissuade you! Today is Pink Ribbon Day, a day to raise awareness about breast cancer. Helen Zorbas is here, the CEO of Cancer Australia. She join us from the Big Pink Ribbon Breakfast. We have to believe that we can cut through, it is fairly loud. Today is a big day for breast cancer awareness. That is what Pink Ribbon Day is about.Absolutely. It is about raising the profile of the disease, which affects more women in Australia than any other cancer. But we thankfully have extraordinarily good survival rates compared with other countries in the world.The survival rates have actually gone up since the '80s. Why is that?Yes. Look, in about a generation ago, about 72% of women who had been diagnosised with breast cancer would be alive five years after diagnosis. Today, it is 89% and rising, year on year. So we do enjoy the best survivals in the world, because of early detection and because of the availability of all the latest treatments.And all of that money that has been raised over the years through the Pink Ribbon campaign, has made sure that the research has improved those numbers. Tell us what is on the agenda for the rest of the day? Well, this morning the theme is about staying well after breast cancer. For all those women who do get diagnosised, and who are post- treatment, want to stay well and healthy, we have some really important information about the value of physical kift in reducing the risk of the cancer coming back, and reducing the risk of death from breast cancer.OK, Helen, you have a great day. It is an important one. Thank you very much for your time this morning.It is a pleasure.Of course, as you are out and about today, you can go out and buy one of these pink ribbons, which have been at the forefront of raising awareness. This is a fantastic thing - I really get behind this up with. This is the Australian Women's Health Diary for 2013. It is full of great information. It is a handy diary. All of the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia. It is a really good one. Time for a check of the weather! Good morning to you. We have the pink ribbons on today. Not a bad day to start the week to buy the pink ribbons - a few showers here and there.

Just quickly, I was at the Mildura Show on Friday night in mill dur ya!That is a great night!I promised a fella that I would give his business a plug - there are no kickbacks!Yeah, sure!It is the Droppla Second Hand Store, quality second-hand furniture and more. Grab a bargain!That is the place I could disappear into for hours! When you see small businesses around the country, anywhere around Australia, you know, it is always nice to try to do something for them! They are all struggling at the moment. If anyone asks me when you see me in the street, go and ask.Make sure you give him a business card as well.I do Christmas parties and weddings!You have to thing against Bat Mizvahs! I've done a couple of those - they went well! Taylor Swift talks about her famous ex-boyfriends.And one man's scary encounterwith Big Foot.

ﺏﻓﺥﻗﺼﻐﻐﻓ ﻭﻓﻔ ﺭﺼﻜﻯﺭﺼﺭ, ﺡﻴﻐﺼ ﻒﻭﻓﺥ 250,000 ﻰﺼﻴﻰ﻾ﺼ ﻭﻓﻕﺼ ﻕﻴﻒﺼﺭ ﻯﺥ ﻒﻭﺼ 2012 ﺼ﻾ﺼﻜﻒﻯﻴﺥ ﻓﺥﺭ ﻯﻒ ﻾ﻴﻴﺙﻔ ﻾ﻯﺙﺼ ﺯﻓﻗﻴﻐ ﺡﻓﻝ ﻗﺼ ﻗﻓﻜﺙ. ﺸﻭﺼ ﺯﻯﻗﺼﻐﻓ﻾ﻔ ﻙﺼﻐﺼ ﻒﻭﺼ ﻗﻯﻫ ﻙﻯﺥﺥﺼﻐﻔ, ﺸﻭﺼ ﺍﻐﺼﺼﺥﻔ ﻒﻭﺼ ﻗﻯﻫ ﻾ﻴﻔﺼﻐﻔ. ﻃﻭﻓﻒ ﻭﻓﻰﻰﺼﺥﺼﺭ, ﻙﻭﻝ ﻯﻒ ﻭﻓﻰﻰﺼﺥﺼﺭ ﻓﺥﺭ ﻙﻭﻓﻒ ﻯﻒ ﺡﺼﻓﺥﻔ ï»’ï»´ ﻝﻴﻘ ﻯﺥ ﻓ ﻔﻰﺼﻜﻯﻓ﻾ ﺼ﻾ﺼﻜﻒﻯﻴﺥ edition of WIN News tonight This program is not captioned. Today has teamed up with Crown to give you the chance of one of seven luxury holidays. It includes return flights, two nights' accommodation. And break fast daily, complementary drinks and canapes, restaurant vouchers and day spa treatments - it goes on!

Nice sheets at the Crown!They are not bad!Good pillows, and good nasi goreng. A dive filming his friend spear- fishing off the coast of WA had a close encounter with a 2m bronze whaler!That is not close!He had to fend off the beast with his camera, after it tried to steal his fish and tried to circle the boat before going off.Oh, gee, it went for him! They are OK, though, aren't they?They, can cause minor injuries.A bit gumy.A bit gumy! If it came after you, I don't think you would say that. You may remember that last week we were treated to Brad Pitt's new Chanel No. 5ad.Oh, good a.Every journey ends but we go on. That is enough, Lisa!Oh, do you think so? Yeah, you are probably right. 'Saturday Night Live' have paid tribute.It is not a journey...every journey ends but we go on. World turns and we turn with it...Dude! Plans disappear and dreams take over. And then dreams wake up and smile at reality...I'm sorry, is there really no script?! I've been talking to myself for two hours straight and I'm starting to sound insane, you want me to sound less coherent?! Really?! OK...oh, well, I can just start making up words. You like that, alright? Splendiferous. Yeah? Magnificus. Bitalicio, us. I'm sorry, is it just me, or do I look super homeless! Chanel No. 5... Didn't understand a bit. That's clever!Very good! They have such good writers!This TR reporter got a little bit too friendly with a fish with some consequences.This one is about 12 pounds but it can grow...ah! Whoa, whoa...Oh,Hello! Whoa, whoa, whoa... Oh!Look at the smile on his face. Oh, inappropriate! A man in the US hunting a Big Foot who he is accused of vandalising his 1973 Dodge Winnebago! It says that the best - oh, hang on a moment! Where is our story?Kind of like this, but I could not see the full me, it looked like it might have been going like th