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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. No security, no government we are suffering every day.Lebanon's government in crisis as the country prepares to bury its security chief. Dozens of Australians injured in a US bus crash. No clear winner in the ACT polls but a big swing against the Greens.If Labor retains statement, it will be Labour's first win since the federal election.And the bitter presidential election which is dividing the ich is dividing the Jewish community like never before.Good evening, and welcome to the program. I'm Lee Lin Chin. Later, Mariana Rudan will join me with all the day's sport, including - an historic night for the A-League as Alessandro Del Piero ensures a memorable Sydney derby. Preparations are underway in Lebanon tonight for the funeral of the nation's assassinated intelligence chief. In just a few hours time ceremonies will be held for Wissam al-Hassan in Beirut's central Martyrs' Square. Thousands are expected to attend. Former prime minister Saad Hariri calling on people of all faiths to turn up to protest against Syria's regime which is believed to have had a hand in the murder. As a day of mourning was observed, Prime Minister Najib Mikati offered his resignation to Lebanon's President Michel Suleiman. But the President refused, saying political stability is the key priority in the wake of Wissam al-Hassan's assassination. After meeting with his cabinet, Mikati announced the explosion was linked to al-Hassan's recent investigation into a Syrian-backed plot to unleash attacks in Lebanon. He flatly rejected any suggestion he was involved in Friday's attack.

he was involved in Friday's attack.
To hold me responsible is unfair. I lost a personal friend and the friend of a nation who has done great things.The opposition March 14 coalition maintains the Hezbollah-backed government must go because the majority of its cabinet members are sympathisers of a group with close links to the Assad regime in Syria. It's a call backed by guns, as Sunni militants took to the streets of the coastal city of Tripoli for a second day.

In a sign of defiance against a government many believe to be out of control, protesters have blocked numerous roads around the country. The situation is terrible, no security, no ible, no security, no government. We are suffering every day.Moderate Sunnis gathered in Beirut, demanding the Lebanese government's resignation and that Syria's diplomats follow.

A vigil for Wissam al-Hassan is being held the bombing site, it's been announced he be buried next to slain former prime minister Rafik Hariri. His immediate family members, who live in Paris for security reasons, have returned home to Beirut for his funeral which begins in a few hours. A bus carrying mostly Australian tourists has crashed in the US state of Arizona, injuring 48 passengers. The American bus driver died but the Department of Foreign Affairs says none of the Australians was seriously injured. For more than 200 metres off Route 93 in Arizona, the coach careered out of control. The driver is believed to have suffered a heart attack, before hitting a ravine and bouncing over rough terrain.The road actually depresses in the right shoulder and goes back up into an elevated hill type area. Now this bus, when it left the roadway, hit the beginning of that hill and actually went up over that hill, and I think that's where a lot of the injuries were sustained.All 48 passengers were injured. Six flown to a Nevada hospital with cuts and broken bones, others went by ambulance. All of the Australians have since been released. Silver State Trailways says the passengers were part of a tour - conducted by the Grand Canyon Tour Company. They'd visited the spectacular gorge and were on their way back to Las Vegas when the accident happened. Tour buses have crashed on this stretch of road several times before. In 2009 seven Chinese nationals were killed and sixteen others injured when their vehicle crossed a highway median strip and flipped over. And in breaking news, Russian security forces have killed 49 militants in a security sweep across the conflict-riddled North Caucasus. Islamist separatists affiliated with Chechen separatists are expected to be the target of the operations. The Israeli military has stopped another ship from running its blockade of Gaza. Commandos boarded the Finnish flagged vessel, 'Estelle', taking the activists on board into custody. Israel says there was no violence. Activists say the 'Estelle' was carrying cement, basketballs, musical instruments and 30 doves. The ship was taken to the Israeli port of Ashdod under naval escort more than 10 hours after it was boarded by Naval commandos.They were on some kind of humanitarian provocation gig. We have boarded the ship quietly, successfully, there was nobody harmed, nobody was hurt.On board were 17 pro- Palestinian activists, including politicians from several countries. And a number of Israeli citizens. We are very proud that our children chose to be among those who are seeking to break the siege in Gaza. Activist leaders are calling for international help.We urge all the world to protect this ship, these people.In 2010 an Israeli naval raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla killed nine Turkish activists after commandos were attacked as they boarded. It sparked international condemnation that forced Israel to ease the embargo. But non-food goods are still heavily regulated. Israel has caught in the past, ships bringing massive amounts of weapons into the Gaza Strip. The fact is that all civilian goods today are sent over to the Gaza population through the accepted land crossing.Officials say the ship will be searched and the activists will be questioned and then deported. Fatah supporters are claiming victory after polls closed in the first West Bank election since 2006. The party claims to have won in most towns and villages in the regions ahead of the release of official results. Six years ago the Islamist party Hamas won in a landslide but it refused to take part this year after unity talks with Fatah collapsed. Six Afghan policemen have been killed after being poisoned by two colleagues in Afghanistan. They were shot dead after the poison left them unconscious. Their weapons then stolen. It happened in the Gereshk district of volatile Helmand province in the country's south. Still in Afghanistan, and Australia's top diplomats there have joined 10 of the nation's ministers, military and police chiefs in a landmark conference on the country's future. As SBS chief political correspondent Karen Middleton reports it was accompanied by a massive security operation. It's the biggest gathering of Afghan federal ministers and provincial governors ever held in Tarin Kowt, with security to match. Delivered in a convoy of armoured vehicles from the nearby military base, participants arrived for what the host, Uruzgan's Governor Amir Akhandzada, calls a 'unity of effort' conference. Lt's the first of its kind, a bid to link the provinces of southern Afghanistan with each other and the government in Kabul. They're focussed on development, governance and security.There are threats, there are challenges but a programmatic approach is needed both in terms of security development, law enforcement and good governance. Along with Uruzgan's police and army chiefs, 10 ministers and several deputies flew in from the capital. Also invited, US regional military chiefs, the Australian and Dutch ambassadors and Uruzgan's Australian chief civilian representative, with neighbouring counterparts. Gathering so many leaders in one place is a security nightmare. With an insurgent attack a real risk, Afghan soldiers and police lined the route between the military base and governor's compound, which was bombed last year. Mid-afternoon, what sounded like a blast nearby was initially thought to be a rocket attack. It was eventually blamed on a blown- out tyre. Coalition and Afghan forces insist security is improving. For all the security advances in Uruzgan, it lies between some of the most violent areas in Afghanistan - what they CLL the badlands to the east, Kandahar to the south and Helmand province to the west. But as far as Australia's mission is concerned, it's only here they have to account for. As the U S draws down, it's offering reassurance.We're not leaving. We're not leaving. We're just smaller.And there's still some concern the Afghan army and police dont always work well together. Inside, one political leader blasted the Afghan Army for not providing enough back-up when police were attacked. Their Australian mentors insist this cooperation is the best they've seen. Australia's also investing heavily in reconstruction.Once we are finished here in the province, donor funds will increasingly go through national programs and it will be these ministers talking to these governors about how those programs will be delivered..The national representatives came armed with promises for Uruzgan in particular - more district buildings and a new dam. And they'll seal the road from Tarin Kowt to Da Rehwood in the west, like they did north, to Chora last year - although some say that now needs repair due to roadside bombs. Now a quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world. Authorities in Hong Kong have confiscated nearly four tons of ivory worth over $3 million in their biggest ever haul of endangered species products. The smuggled ivory, from Tanzania and Kenya, was found hidden among bags of plastic scraps and beans by customs officers acting on a tip- off from officials in mainland China. More than 100,000 people have marched across Britain to protest against the government's austerity measures. They were voicing their concerns that the country was sinking under the cuts to public spending. French authorities have evacuated hundreds of pilgrims from hotels threatened by floodwaters in the Roman Catholic shrine town of Lourdes. The Lourdes grotto itself, where Catholics believe the Virgin Mary appeared to a peasant girl 1858, is said to be under 1.5 metres of water after a river overran its banks. There have been celebrations in Libya on the first anniversary of the capture and killing of Muammar Gaddafi, the country's dictator for 42 years. But the government says the country still needs to be fully liberated, with Gadaffi's former stronghold of Bani Walid still the scene of clashes. Meanwhile there's confusion over the fate of Gaddafi's former high profile spokesman, Moussa Ibrahim, after the prime minister's office reported his arrest, but a government spokesman later denied he was in custody and an online recording from a man purporting to be Ibrahim also denied the reports.

be Ibrahim also denied the reports.
The final ceremonies have been held in Egypt marking the 70th anniversary of the battle of El Alamein. A group of Australian veterans who made the journey will return home next week but not before one last significant visit to the Middle East. Veterans from around the world gathered at this war cemetery in El Alamein. It sits on the edge of the expansive desert where allied troops fought the Germans and Italians.I find it fitting that we are assembled today in this beautiful cemetery in which the fallen of so many countries are honoured.As wreaths were laid, El Alamein became a symbol of unity. A far cry from 70 years ago where 300,000 men engaged in mortal combat. By the end Germany and it's allies had suffered one of their biggest defeats of the war. It was a crucial victory and, at a time when Germany held much of Europe, provided much needed proof that the Nazis could be defeated. But those fallen comrades will never be forgotten.I tried to contact where he was buried and the war graves just told me that no remains were found, so his name is on the wall, and I was able to put a poppy against his name on the wall.With so few survivors from World War II, this ceremony could be the last of its kind. Those Australian veterans that made the long journey to reflect are now headed for an airbase in the Persian Gulf to meet Australian soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next - the ACT elections. No clear winner, but a swing against the Greens.I think the world needs Facebook like a snake needs a skateboard.Shortly, Facebook under fire for jeopardising police operations here. And later, diversity's the name of the game for Sydney's newest football team.

Partial results from the ACT's election The Liberal Party has recorded a major swing towards it in the ACT election. But it's unlikely to secure government on its own, with the Greens holding the balance of power. That paves the way the Labor to lead the a city in an historic 4th torn -- the Ohio.. Not quite a victory speech but not quite a concession, either. This was always going to be a tough election for Labor, seeking a fourth election victory after 11 years in government.It has given us the highest number of seats ever to be held by the Liberal Party in the ACT.Vote counting continues as Labor and the Liberals currently hold seven seats, and the Greens one seat.The result on the weekend in Canberra has been a pretty decisive rejection of the Labor- Greens alliance.We will be here for the next term, we will hold the balance of power.Two other seats are still in doubt. Overall the Greens have lost at least two seats and the Liberals have picked up at least one.It was a disappointing result, but it did come off the back of a very high result for us in 2008.Mr Seselja has refused to have the Greens in his cabinet. Labor's open to discussions. Whoever forms government needs to negotiate with the Greens, that's a reality.Ms Gallagher says it is too early to start negotiating yet. If Labor retains the ACT it'll be the first election won since Julia Gillard's narrow victory in 2010. Since then it's lost New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory. The federal Coalition is claiming the ACT result as a victory.The 6% plus swing towards the Liberal party in the ACT is a sign that people want change.But Labor's also upped its primary vote.An incumbent Labor government can get a swing to you and win the primary vote, and I think that is a good lesson for the Labor Party.The final results may not be known for weeks. Facebook has again raised the ire of police by refusing to remove a site they say endangers the lives of officers. The global media giant has agreed to a Tasmanian Government request to take down a site on Port Arthur killer Martin Bryant. But details of the location and number plates of unmarked Victorian police cars remain on the web. The site features a catalogue of photographs of under-marked cars, and plenty of anti-police vitriol.Our officers, having put in as lot of time and effort to investigate something might find that investigation derailed and might even have their safety jeopardised by it.But to the frustration of Victoria Police command, it's failed to convince Facebook to take it down.I think the world needs Facebook like a snake needs a skateboard. Effectively what we have got is an amateur data base being gathered that could be used by anyone for any purpose.In a statement, Victoria Police says it takes the safety of its members extremely seriously.

It's the latest in a series of run- ins between the global social media giant and Australia law enforcement authorities. Earlier this month, Facebook infuriated police by refusing their request to remove sites they feared could prejudice the trial of the man accused of murdering ABC employee Jill Meagher. There's been more success in cracking down on a page purporting to be the account of Port Arthur mass murderer Martin Bryant. Facebook agreeing to an urgent Tasmanian Government request to take the site down. But the all- pervasive spread of social media continues. In the United States it's been revealed, one in four colleges search Facebook and Google before allowing students entry. Most kids have no idea how important it is that their profile on line be appropriate to the admissions process. And in the competitive world of the US education system, colleges are often tipped off about a prospective recruit's posts by fellow classmates. Now to other stories in the news around Australia. Protestors have taken to the streets of Melbourne again to call for the end of offshore processing on Naura and Manus Island. The crowd told refugees were being subjected to overcrowded and unhygienic conditions. The demonstration comes as another four Sir Lankan men on Nauru have opted to go home saying they no longer want asylum in Australia. Five people including a child have been injured by an out of control vehicle which crashed into a roadside market at Blacktown in Sydney's west. The child was transported to hospital along with two adults - one of whom has serious injuries. Police are still investigating what caused the crash. Cricket commentator and former player Tony Greig has been diagnosed with lung cancer. The problem first emerged earlier this year. Greig rose to prominence during the World Series Cricket era when he championed the breakaway a competition and was sacked as England captain as a result. More than 500 people have joined an inaugural Harmony Walk to promote better community understanding and social cohesion. The journey through Coogee in Sydney included people from a number of ethnic and religious backgrounds. It's planned to make the walk an annual event. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney dispatched their running mates to court voters today, while the two contenders for the US presidency crammed for their third and final debate. It will focus on international affairs, to which many Jewish voters will be taking note. Some powerful figures within the Jewish community are spending big money trying to portray President Obama as an enemy of Israel.

Israel. Celebrating the Sabbath at the Beth Shalom synagogue in Miami Beach. Jews form just 3% of Florida's population but because they vote, unlike many other groups, they represent 7% of the electorate and in a state where the margin for victory may come down to just a few thousand votes, they could tip the balance, which is why they are being targeted so heavily. President Obama is embarrassed to visit Israel. Mitt Romney is proud to visit.These are just come of the ads that are flooding the local TV screens here.With Obama's waffling could a second holocaust be on the way, the message is hardly subtle. We can do better than Barack Obama.Paid for by some of Jewish America's richest men - the ads are supported wholeheartedly by Jewish Republicans.What happens in Jewish communities is the liberals intimidate anybody who says anything different.Sid Dinerstein is the chairman of the Republican party in West Palm Beach. He loathes President Obama only slightly more than he does the people in his community who vote for the President. He is particularly offended by President Obama's declaration that Israel should withdraw to its pre-1967 borders in order to secure a peace deal with the Palestinians.When we have our Seder at Passover, the very last 4 words are next year in Jerusalem, we've been saying it for 4,000 years. It took us 4,000 years to get back to Jerusalem, you think we're giving it up? So we're not. Sharlane Packar and Robin Strauss are active in the National council of Jewish Women. Lifelong Democrats, they are appalled at the portrayal of the President.It is absolute slander, it's absolute lying and distorting the truth and I find it very offensive as a Jew that other Jews are doing this.The ads may be dividing the Jewish community here in Southern Florida but are they having any effect? Recent polls would tend to suggest not - Jewish voters like the electorate as a whole more focussed on domestic than international ones.Certainly what we've seen are passions at a zenith.Brian Siegal represents the American Jewish Committee. It recently conducted a poll which revealed that 69% of American Jews still intend to vote for President Obama - down only slightly from 4 years ago.Our polling suggests that American Jews similar to other Americans care primarily about the economy, healthcare and national security and then there are other issues and America Israel relations area key factor for American Jews but they aren't top issues that people have indicated in our poll that they'll be voting on.The Obama campaign rejects claims from pro-Republican Jews that it will take a harder line on Israel if the president is re-elected.And I say wait for what, wait until when?But the Israeli prime ministers decision to star in one of the ads chiding President Obama over his failure to act against Iran's nuclear program does not bode well for future relations between the two men. Reform Jews here in Florida among those voicing concern at Prime Minister Netanyahu's intervention in the campaign. And join Anton Enus for our special coverage of the third and final Presidential debate on Tuesday. Live and online from midday in most eastern states. Check your local guide for details. It's been drizzling in the Arctic - typically it would have been snowing weeks ago. No one in Greenland would argue that climate change is happening, at speed. But while many elsewhere worry about the impact, in Greenland it's less clear cut. And many there are looking forward to the ice retreating.

to the ice retreating.You can look out your window and see something is going on.Outside the window in Kangerlussuaq this summer - this was going on. A key piece of Greenland's infrastructure dating from the 1950s carried away by levels of meltwater never seen before. But then there hasn't been a summer like this before.

a summer like this before. One of Green and's only road bridges destroyed. -- Green land. Yet, Yet beneath Greenland's vast ice cap and under its frozen oceans lies untold mineral and oil wealth. For an island nearly ten times the size of Britain, with a population equivalent to tonbrige wells, climate change brings huge economic opportunity. Apart from ice, what has Greenland got to loose?

has Greenland got to loose?This is lead. We have silver. That is why it is so shiny. And zinc.This is valuable staff?Yes. Former miner Jonas Neilsson is an expert in Greenland's mineral wealth and indifferent to climate change. Dreamland is rich in minerals - Diamond, gold, minerals - Diamond, gold, silver, lead.As he sees it, every metre of ice retreat, exposes new deposits and creates new jobs. But around in the fishing and hunting community of Uummannaq others want to defend a Greenlandic way of life. They feel Innuit culture faces a dual threat - climate change itself, but also the foreign investment, workers and wealth it may bring. Ole Jurgen Hammeken is a former lawyer, explorer and star of a new film about the power of Innut tradition.

Money rules. I might be called fashion. I felt in the past few years out the big world is approaching agreement and has got interested in the minerals. It is thin ice in any sense.This summer that ice got thinner than anyone thought possible. It forces a stark admission from Greenland's Prime Minister. That change is coming too fast.What we are not used to it is to adapt to consequences from climate change which is much more rapid than scientists foresee. That is a big challenge.By geographical accident the people of Greenland, and their arctic cousins are facing the sharp end of a changing climate. But how they adapt should interest us all. The realities of life in a warming world are coming our way

Nearly every language of the world is spoken in Sydney's Western Suburbs, including the language of football, where the A-League's newest franchise is attempting to find its feet. The Wanderers have placed diversity at the centre of the club, reflecting the make up of their fans. One in 11 Australians live in Western Sydney, but many weren't born here.How long have you got?Every wog has a story.The Giurgius now live in Sydney's north-west. But it hasn't always been home. Mario's family fled Romania in 1983, when he was just 10-weeks-old.To be able to come and eat a decent meal are the main memories my family have from their first moments in Australia.His wife Savadey's journey to Australia began in Cambodia as a 10-year-old girl searching for food and hiding from the Khmer Rouge. And despite those hardships, the Guirgus are focused primarily on feeling right at home.I'm a Camodian-Kiwi-Aussie. That's it.Through the hardships shone his family's love of football. Yeah, I started playing with my dad in the backyard, playing in an apartment, we were playing everywhere, just a ball at our feet. In this area alone 60% of children have both parents born overseas. Under this under making it in the grand final.With football as the World Game, Mario's love for it has been passed on to his children. I got this one for participation and this one for making it in the grand final. But the family's big focus is the new league team, the Western Sydney Wanderers, giving them a local team to call their own. Parramatta is not only the heartland of multicultural Sydney, it's also the hub of Australian football. Just a short drive from the stadium the childhood homes of the likes of Harry Kewell, Brett Emerton and Tim Cahill. But this is about more than just football, it's about building communities. The Giurgius are foundation members of the Wanderers. This day especially important in the club's short history, it's the first derby with Sydney FC. For grandfather Alexandru, it's a familiar feeling. You know you grow up with this and you can't give it away. You just keep loving and loving it.And with an atmosphere fitting of Europe's finest stadiums. It was one of Europe's favourite sons to break Western Sydney hearts. They may have lost, but his family is not the Fairweather Tiber.Don't raise your hopes for them, they just got started.They may be coming last, but what has been cultivated here in Sydney's west shows plenty of good things to come. Coming up next, Mariana Rudan with all the day's sports news. And saluting the supporters - Brisbane makes the long trip to Wellington seeking maximum points. And don't touch Richie, Kiwi fans irate after Scott Higginbotham roughs up the All Blacks' captain.



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Good evening. The first ever Sydney A-League derby has produced a decider from the man who has already revitalised the local competition, sending even the fans of the losing side home happy with the atmosphere, if not the result. In the F3 derby Emile Heskey did a similar job for the Newcastle fans, while Alessandro Del Piero's effort decided the issue at Parramatta. This afternoon Wellington and Brisbane drew. And in the late game, Perth beat Melbourne Heart. Perth hosted Melbourne Heart with both clubs looking for their second win of the season. The first half proved largely one-sided although many of the Glory's chances came from outside the Heart box. When an opportunity arose inside the area though, Dean Heffernan made no mistake. Melbourne defender David Vrankovic almost marked his starting debut with a goal early in the second half, while Travis Dodd wasted a dangerous for Perth with less than 15 minutes remaining.In the end, did not getWellington welcomed back its New Zealand internationals for this afternoon's clash with defending champions Brisbane, but it was the club's new Belgian striker who did the damage after 15 minutes.Text that one away.Mark Paston showed no signs of the injury cloud he'd been under, firstly stopping Besart Berisha and then Mitch Nichols from close range, but Roar's pressure eventually paid as Berisha fired the visitors level at halftime.What a one-up. He makes no mistake.Jeremie Brockie almost caught Michael Theo off guard after the break, while Jack Hingert wasted a good opportunity for Brisbane at the other end. But in a second period of few chances, neither side was able to land the knockout blow as the match finished all square. A sell-out crowd decked Parramatta Stadium in blue, red, black and white last night for the historic Sydney derby. After a scoreless first half, FC superstar Alessandro del Piero won and then converted a penalty only to be ordered back to the spot, and despite seeing his next attempt saved, the Italian wasn't to be denied. Wanderers missing a number of chances to snatch a point late on, as inaugural city bragging rights

rights went to the Sky Blues. While Newcastle marquee signing Emile Heskey's second goal for the club proved decisive as the Jets downed local foes Central Coast 2-1.

Meantime in the Premier League, Chelsea has made it a day of misery for former manager Andre Villas- Boas as they stayed top of the ladder, beating Spurs in a thriller at White Hart Lane. Elsewhere Fulham ensured Aston Villa's poor start to the season continued.

Fulham ensured Aston Villa's poor
start to the season continued. Liverpool scored a long awaited league win at Anfield, while the Gunners were stunned by Norwich. Swansea had their first win in six league games and West Ham had their fourth. Manchester United also put in four against Stoke, while 10 man Manchester City scored late to escape at West Brom. At White Hart Lane, Tottenham boss Andre Villas- Boas faced Chelsea for the first time, since he was sacked in March after only nine months in

Still fresh from ending Tottenham's 23-year Old Trafford hoodoo, Andre Villas Boas turned his attentions to the one victory he craved above all others. Ironically, though, it was one of the signings he made during the short stint at Chelsea, who came back to haunt him. One down at halftime, Tottenham hit back after the restart although William Gallas's equaliser looked to brush his arm, before the home side hit the front moments later. Stung into action, the league leaders had Juan Mata to thank for wresting the momentum back. The Spaniard striking twice in the space of three minutes to leave Spurs shell-shocked. Mata capping a man of the match display by turning provider for Chelsea's fourth, to make it a reunion to forget for Villas Boas. Goals proved just as easy to come by in Manchester, but United's Wayne Rooney starting scoring them at the wrong end against Stoke. The Reds star soon made amends though - to get the home side heading in the right direction, before his strike partner made it 2-1 at the break. Danny Welbeck followed Rooney's lead by grabbing his first goal of the campaign, but United's frailties at the back allowed Stoke's Michael Kightly to race through and reduce the deficit. Rooney had the final say, though, with his second goal to keep United four points behind Chelsea. Level on points is Manchester rivals City, despite going a man down when James Milner saw red and then a goal down at West Brom. Edin Dzeko once again proving the hero for the 10 man citizens, coming off the bench to grab both goals and seal a dramatic stoppage time win for the champions. Australia has ended the All Blacks 16-match winning streak, wrestling the World Champions to an 18-18 draw in the final Bledisloe Cup Test in Brisbane. The result could prove costly for Robbie Dean's injury hit side, with loose forward Scott Higginbotham cited and in danger of missing the Spring Tour, after clashing with Richie McCaw. Today it was confirmed that second- rower James Horwill will not travel to Europe, with Wallabies staff opting to give the first-choice skipper the full off-season to recover from a hamstring injury. The All Blacks brought the Wallabies to their knees in the first two Bledisloe Cup matches. This is a very special moment. After 111 test caps Nathan Sharpe was hoping to spark a Wallabies revival in his final game on Australian soil.What a moment for Nathan Sharpe, no ordinary test- match.And the Wallabies were gazing at no ordinary team. Both sides muscling up for the challenge. The Wallabies showing promise from the kick-off, Adam Ashley-Cooper almost stealing the opening try.A charge down, it's going to beat everybody.The All Blacks also missed their chance.Aaron Smith looses it over the line.Breakaways battled to assert supremacy in the tackle-zone. Richie McCaw the pick of the bunch.Wrestled the ball off Higginbotham.The gold flanker taking turn-overs personally, Higginbotham's response earning a citing.Oh, Scott Higginbotham.New Zealand was hardly squeaky clean at the ruck, Tony Woodcock sent off, giving Mike Harris a chance to kick the Wallabies ahead by six points at the break.Again they like it. Four from four.The home side defended courageously after the break, but their task was about to become more difficult with Michael Hooper shown yellow for a late hit. Off the ball, after the kick yellow. With tries impossible to come by, a juggling Cory Jane nearly plucked one out of thin air, the winger undone by the touchline.He almost stole five points.Dan Carter kicked the world champions ahead, but the Wallabies' Mr Reliable ensured the scores stayed level. Over it goes.With the scores locked and the match clock running over, the Wallabies tried to milk a penalty, but after 23 phases their mistake arrived.Penalty goes against the attacking team.The Wallabies failure to take a drop- goal almost proved costly, but Carter couldn't seize his chance It's wide. Keven Mealamu's 100th test and Sharpe's final hurrah on home soil finishing in a draw. The world's best racehorse, Frankel, has officially retired after his 14th straight victory and will now go to stud at the highest price in thoroughbred history. The four- year-old thrilled a sell-out crowd, including the Queen, at Ascot by retaining his unbeaten record in his final race, the Champion Stakes. For the real horses, this was the rich estate in British racing in. And for tish racing in. And for the fans, a chance to plant -- to e to plant -- to one manse where it's at the course. Nobody expects to see was quite like o see was quite like rankle. The greatest force for greatest force for regeneration, if not ever. You do not get rich backing Frankel. He is also the bookie's favourite. He is e's favourite. He is odds-on to in his career with a 14th straight victory. But the Champion Stakes is thought to be the toughest test yet. A little stage fright possibly, a slow start. But then , a slow start. But then the star performer and lived up to his billing. He moved through the field to beat his French rival by a length.

through the field to beat his
French rival by a length.

through the field to beat his
French rival by a length.

He makes his biggest challenge will look pretty easy.

He makes his biggest challenge will
look pretty easy.For those part of the journey, it was a fairy-tale ending.He is the best I've ever had. The best I have ever seen. I was very surprised, there has never been battle.For a goal has now won almost £3 million of prize-money. Far greater riches lie ahead. He said retired to stud and could end his owners £100 million. What a fortune has been for the few, his fame and or the few, his fame and his form will endure for the money. That report from the BBC. Now to motor racing and Will Davison and Mika Salo have won the Gold Coast 600. But Jamie Whincup finished second to extend his championship lead, inching closer to back-to-back titles. After an action packed race one yesterday, Jamie Whincup again secured pole position after morning qualifying, and there were again dramas off the line.Oh no, we've got another car stalled.At the second attempt, Whincup's co-driver Sebastian Bourdais led the field away, while Craig Lowndes's team-mate Richard Lyons took out a tyre bundle. Gianni Morbidelli and Tim Blanchard both found things a little hairy in the chicane, while Lowndes got even closer to the concrete walls. With 20 laps to run, Will Davison took over top billing.Good move, a really good move.While Jamie Whincup took on Tim Slade along the back straight, and came out on top. This is a game of chicken at 250km/h!In a frantic finish, he couldn't catch Davison though, who won his seventh race of the season. It's a great victory and it's great to share it with this man, he's a legend.But Whincup did beat home Lowndes and Mark Winterbottom to extend his championship lead. A first win for Ford since May. There are three races left in the season. To tennis and Sam Stosur has the chance to claim her first WTA Tour title in more than a year, with the Australian setting up a showdown against former world number one Caroline Wozniacki in the final of the Kremlin Cup in Moscow. Stosur struggled early and had to come from a set down against an impressive Ana Ivanovic. The top- seeded Australian's powerful baseline game and ability to keep the rally going helped her claw back into the match, as she claimed the next two sets 6-3, 6-2. If Stosur does defeat Wozniacki in the final, it will be the Australian's first WTA triumph since her break- through win at last year's US Open at Flushing Meadows. And that's the day in sport. Coming up the weather and a top tier guest list and a two day celebration for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg's Royal nuptials.

Heavy sand storms have lashed north-west China's Xinjiang Region. Strong winds and icy conditions brought visibility down to less than 100 metres. Local meteorologists say the unpleasant weather will linger for the next three days.

weather will linger for the next
three days. To the forecast, and cloud over the southeast interior, and cloud marking thunderstorm activity can be seen in the north, while a band of frontal cloud is approaching the southwest. In the major centres, fine in Adelaide and Cairns, and a hot 39 in Alice Springs. Showers for Sydney and Perth, and thundery in Brisbane It's looking unsettled across the Pacific, with rain in Tahiti and Samoa. Showers for New Zealand and Nadi. Noumea sees some sun. In South East Asia, cloudy but dry in Bangkok and Denpasar, but rain for Phom Penh with thunder for Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Further north, Sunny in Manila, but cloudy in Beijing, Tokyo and Taipei. Rain over Seoul and a few showers for Hanoi. Heading west, a few showers in Beirut and some thunder in Baghdad. Mainly fine for the rest. A sunny day in Islamabad. To Europe, rain over London and Moscow, and showery over Istanbul with thundery falls possible in Athens. Mainly fine elsewhere, although cloudy for some centres. In Africa, sunny in Addis Ababa, Algiers and Cairo. Rain or showers elsewhere, with thundery falls in Johannesburg and Lagos. In South America, partly cloudy in Lima and Rio. Wet weather affecting Caracas, La Paz and Buenos Aires. And for North America, showers in Vancouver and Havana. Cloud over Dallas and LA, but sunshine for the other cities.

Thousands of well wishers in Luxembourg have turned out to cheer on the country's newest royal couple. Although they were legally married yesterday, the 30-year-old heir to the throne and his 28-year- old countess held their Catholic wedding service today in front of Europe's elite. They're no Will and Kate but they can still whip up a royal wedding frenzy. Wearing a lace Elie Saab dress with a five- metre-long wedding train, Countess Stephanie met her prince in the Notre Dame Cathedral. The service began with a minute's silence to honour her late mother and was conducted in a mixture of French, German, and Luxembourgish.

It was a tender and meaningful ceremony. Sealed with a royal rock that would be the envy of any bride. Luxemburg's 30-year-old Grand Duke- to-be and the Belgian Countess drew a top-tier guest list. A Moroccon princess, royal couples from Sweden and Denmark, and Britain's Prince Edward and his wife Sophie. After the ceremony the extended family formed an orderly line up for the official wedding portrait. Then the bride narrowly dodged a train malfunction as she stepped out for the obligatory balcony kiss. Their two-day wedding extravaganza was capped off with a casual walk through the crowd and a spectacular fireworks display. Princess Stephanie plans to renounce her Belgian citizenship in order to one-day become Luxembourg's Grand Duchesse to her Grand Duke, when the couple inherit the role of sovereigns. And the Royal Family declared a traditional sleepless night in the Grand Duchy, which means the people of Luxembourg are expected to party until at least 3:00am. Recapping our top stories now. Preparations are underway in Lebanon tonight for the funeral of the nation's assassinated intelligence chief. People of all faiths are being urged to attend to protest against Syria's regime, which is believed to have had a hand in the murder. A bus carrying mostly Australian tourists has crashed in the US state of Arizona, injuring 48 passengers. That's the world this Sunday. You can get all tonight's stories on line, and news around the clock, at our website and follow us on Twitter. Goodnight. Supertext captions ter. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

ADAM: Back now to Tasmania,

and this gobsmacking piece
of coastal real estate

is the Freycinet National Park.

And right next to the park
is a farm.

32 hectares of the purest
salt water I've ever seen,

packed full of prime
Pacific oysters.

With a Tassie breakfast and lunch
already under my belt,

it's time for dinner.

I can't think of any food where
clarity and cleanness is more prized

than in an oyster.

And when you look at
these surroundings,

you can see exactly why the oysters
from here are so special.

The man who farms them
is the same man who dressed me,

and that's Giles Fisher.

One of the things that
we can do here, Adam,

is that we can eat the oysters
straight from the water.

The water's incredibly clean.

Have a crack at that puppy.

Don't think you get much fresher
than that, do you?

That's unbelievable.

The flavour of it is just amazing.

It's creamy, it's salty
from that sea water.

But it's just that pristine
clean taste in the mouth.

There's nothing else there...
That is nice, isn't it?

..other than just oyster flavour.

I've always preferred
a Coffin Bay oyster,

but after trying these
I might have a serious rethink.

Now, Giles reckons that the water
temperature has a lot to do with it.

The colder temperatures
mean slower growth.

That's obvious.

But also the flavours
become more intense

as things are growing more slowly.

How many oysters
have you got here?


4.6 million, I think,
on the farm at the moment.

is what most of us have
with potato chips.

I can't stop at just one.

And with that many oysters, I'm sure
Giles could spare a half dozen.

These oysters are so beautiful.

They've got a wonderful clarity
of flavour to them,

with that little metallic
cucumbery finish on the end.

Going to do something very simple

because I don't want
to detract from that.

Gonna do oysters with a vinaigrette
of cucumber, dill and gin.

Just start with some fresh dill.

Shred that very finely.

Goes into our jar there.

Next, some really nice
Tasmanian olive oil.

For our vinegar, we're going to use
a little bit of rice wine vinegar.

You could also use cider vinegar.

Also, just for a little bit
of a different flavour,

a squeeze of lemon.

Little bit of grated shallot.

And also a little bit
of cucumber as well.

Oh, hello.

There's literally a fish swimming
round my feet as I'm doing this.

Now, the oysters are really salty,

so I don't really need to add
too much salt to it.

But just a little bit of sugar

to balance out that vinegar
is really important.

And, lastly,
some beautiful local gin,

distilled right here in Tasmania.

Gin's got this wonderful
clarity of flavour

that comes from
the juniper berries.

I think it'll go really well
in this dressing.

That's a nice vinaigrette there.

You see how it's all combined -
the oil and the vinegar?

The grated cucumber and shallots
is really helping that to emulsify.

Little bit of rock salt
on my plate here.

Just throw these down on here.

Give our dressing
another little shake.

Spoon that over the top.

Just a few bits of this dill around.
There we have it.

Oysters with gin, dill and cucumber.

And that's the entree.

But now it's time to consider
the main course.

I won't have to cook, but I will
bring something along for the pot.

I'm collecting samphire.

It's known as sea asparagus
in some places.

So, it's a wonderful little
succulent, I guess.

It''s a plant that's
everywhere around here.

You can see this whole area
is all samphire.

But these purple tops
can be a little bit tough.

So if you go for the green shoots

they're really succulent,
really crispy.