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This program is captioned live. Tonight -
Blacktown market mayhem as an out-of-control car
crashes into shoppers. The transport boost
for Western Sydney with more express services
coming online. Retailers welcome plans
for 24-hour trading in the countdown to Christmas. Australian veterans make
an emotional return to El Alamein. And a sell-out crowd celebrates
Sydney's first A-League local derby.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Mark Ferguson. Good evening. Shoppers have described the horror
which unfolded when a driver lost control
of his car at a Blacktown market this morning. People screamed and jumped for cover
as it slammed into a stall injuring five people,
including a young boy. It happened without warning. At Blacktown's Trash & Treasure,
they suddenly heard screaming. This silver Subaru
had driven into a stall and its customers. The car came from out of nowhere and
just went straight through the shop. Just accelerated so fast,
I saw all the three guys jumping. Crashing into this van, it knocked down a 7-year-old boy
and his father and a 30-year-old man - all taken to hospital
with head injuries. Luckily,
they're not life threatening. A 60-year-old man was also struck
in the legs. It was scary. I was scared my husband get hit too.
My heart start beating fast. Still beating now too. Nox says
it missed her by just centimetres. Very lucky.
I'm still just crying inside. I said to my partner,
"Look, maybe this is my last day." Behind the wheel, a 69-year-old man. He'd been parked
just across from the stall. Witnesses say
they heard the car revving. He's very shaken up. Can't explain what's happened
to his vehicle. And there's nothing apparent to us to explain
the vehicle doing what it did. This is a popular market. and there weren't more people
seriously injured. Very lucky nobody died. Very lucky.
But it was freaky alright. The car's been seized
for examination. If we can't explain the accident
through any other means action against him
may be considered. Sydney commuters will have
new Penrith-Central express trains from tomorrow morning. A host of new timetable changes
are about to come into effect which will see
people on Sydney's outskirts benefit from extra services. The Transport Minister
counted the minutes and stood ready on the platform. Central would like to announce
the inaugural Bathurst Service. And then a train not seen
for 20 years arrived in Sydney. The new twice-daily
Bathurst commuter service brought its first passengers and a celebration. Beautiful. Fantastic. We've been waiting for this
for a while. Probably the most welcome Especially on those lines
that are heavily congested but especially from those areas that
are travelling longer distances. It means on a weekend, 8,500 extra seats between
Newcastle, Central Coast and Sydney. On the South Coast,
7,000 extra seats. On weekdays, four new daily trains
on the Eastern and Illawarra line. On the western line,
10 new services. From Penrith, new express services
to Central in the morning peak, paving the way,
the State Government says, to its major rail timetable
over-haul. Absolutely. You know,
all of this is the working area. I reckon it will clear the platform
a lot quicker. But tomorrow, some trains may not stop at
the stations they once did. Passengers should check
the timetable. Taronga Zoo
has cancelled its elephant show for a third straight day. The animals haven't performed
for the public since young male Pathi Harn
crushed his keeper on Friday. Lucy Melo remains
in a stable condition in hospital where family and friends
are maintaining a bedside vigil. A group of Australian tourists
has escaped serious injury after the bus they were travelling
on ran off a highway in Arizona. They were heading back to Las Vegas when the bus driver suffered
a suspected heart attack. A tearful Christian Meunier
is in shock after learning his brothers
Max and Jim, and Jim's wife, Yoland, were onboard the bus that crashed, carrying a group from the
Rodriguan Social Club of Victoria.

It's believed 30 members
were among the 48 on board at the time of the crash. The club president believes
six were injured, including Jim and Yoland. NEWS FOOTAGE:
Helicopters have been taking off, heading back to the crash scene with such frequency
throughout the evening, bringing those injured victims
back here to be treated. We are prepared to receive them
as fast as we need to. The bus came to grief
on Arizona's Highway 93, near the Nevada border, after a trip to the Grand Canyon. It's believed the driver died
of a heart attack. The undulating road may have
contributed to the casualties. This bus, when it left the roadway,
hit the beginning of that hill and actually went up over the hill and I think that's where a lot
of the injuries were sustained. While some of the Australians
will continue their holiday, others will return home
as soon as possible.

Sydney's struggling retailers
have welcomed plans which would allow them
to open 24 hours a day in the weeks leading up
to Christmas. Shoppers aren't sold on the idea but store owners say they need
all the help they can get. With two months left
before Christmas, it's only the highly organised
who've already bought their gifts. Are you doing
your Christmas shopping already? I've done it during the year. Most leave it to the last two weeks when the stores are packed
and the pressure is on. But, this year,
there will be extra time to buy with plans to allow 24-hour trading
in the final fortnight. That's where everybody wakes up
and says, "We've really gotta get
our weekend shopping done" so we've put it out for discussion. We'll see what the community think
about it. The State Government hopes the move will breathe life
into a flat-lining retail sector and stem the flow
to internet shopping. Would you go shopping
at like 2:00 in the morning? I probably wouldn't.
I'd probably buy it online. I think it's a pretty good idea 'cause I think the shops close
way too early nowadays. They're trying to make more money
out of us. Retailers have welcomed the plan as long as
workers aren't disadvantaged. We don't want the landlords, um,
in those major shopping centres saying to retailers
they have to open. The changes are part
of a series of reforms which will also affect
cafes and restaurants. They'll be able to get automatic
approval for outdoor dining areas, up to 20 square metres. It can be ticked off in 10 days rather than having to go through
six months to a year's agony going through the local council. A final decision on all the changes
will be made next month. Kevin Rudd has dismissed accusations
he was a ghost writer for a new book by journalist
and former politician Maxine McKew. It contains damaging allegations which are set to reopen
old wounds within Labor but Julia Gillard's backers say
she's strong enough to handle it. Maxine McKew beat John Howard
in Bennelong and now her new book
unleashes on Julia Gillard. She was a loyal Kevin Rudd supporter but the former prime minister says
he had nothing to do with it. For anyone to accuse a prominent
journalist such as Ms McKew of not being able herself
to write her own book is, I think, verging on sexism. 'Tales from the Political Trenches' is sure to reignite
leadership tension with McKew's version of the plot
to bring down Kevin Rudd. Maxine McKew's book
underlines the fact that Julia Gillard
has a lot of questions to answer. Her backers say
she has nothing to hide. Our prime minister has had to cop
more attacks than most people have. She's very strong.

The timing of this book
couldn't be worse for Labor. Tomorrow the Treasurer will release the Government's
mid-year budget review and it is still promising to deliver
its $1.5 billion surplus. than anyone anticipated at the time
we handed down our budget. The Government reportedly plans
to make up some of the shortfall by increasing the cost of visas
for backpackers and migrants. Two months after the Gillard Government
reintroduced offshore processing the message still hasn't reached
some asylum seeker departure ports. A Seven News investigation has found
people in Sri Lanka are unaware a number of those
who've made the journey have already returned home. In this Sri Lankan fishing village,
many people dream of a better life. And they believe
Australia is the promised land where they'll have access
to high-paid jobs and citizenship after a few months in detention if they arrive by boat. (SPEAKS SINHALESE) More than two months since
the Gillard Government announced the reintroduction
of offshore processing, none of the fishermen we spoke to
had heard of the new laws. (SPEAKS SINHALESE) INTERPRETER: I haven't heard
anything about this new rule. These are just some of the boats
intercepted in recent months. Yet many locals still believe almost all who get onboard
make it to Australia successfully and none of them have returned home. They have no idea
about the Sri Lankan men who chose to come back from Nauru, including another four who arrived
on this flight overnight. As revealed on Seven News
last night, the Sri Lankan navy believes
the situation will only get worse if Australia processes
the asylum claims of those
suspected of hijacking this boat. The Opposition wants the Government
to go further. They should find this vessel,
they should be tracking it and they should be ensuring that
it does not cross our sea border. The Government won't comment
on operational matters but says it continues
to make enquiries about the vessel. A group of Australian veterans has marked the 70th anniversary
of a deadly battle that was a real turning point
in World War II. The survivors from El Alamein
were overcome with emotion as they remembered their mates who were among the 1,200 Australians
who died in battle. 70 years on, ('LAST POST' PLAYS)

It all comes back now.

It just comes back now so vividly. These were the men who,
according to Winston Churchill, turned the tide of World War II. But 1,200 Aussies died
in the bloody battle of El Alamein. Today's service was all about them. We've had 70 years of life,
of wooing women, becoming engaged, married, dancing and these blokes are there. They never had the chance
to develop their potential. For the veterans, this trip has been physically
and emotionally tough but they say they felt an obligation
to come here. I represent all those
that didn't come back and have died since. They know it'll be their last time
at this brutal place which shaped their lives. We don't forget. We can't forget...and we won't.

Thousands of people enjoyed a
pedal-powered tour of Sydney today

Still to come tonight
in Seven News - the Sydney schools where children are claimed
to be at risk from cutbacks. Also, thrillseekers
reaching new heights at Western Sydney's
new adventure park. And Europe's last
bachelor royal heir marries his princess
in a spectacular ceremony. That's next.

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when you're hungry. Better? Better.

A new website has been launched
to let parents know which schools are being affected
the most by cuts to cleaning hours. Unions say the O'Farrell Government is slashing
school cleaning budgets over the next five years. Some are losing up to
27 hours a week of cleaning time. The real fear, if you're a parent,
is, ultimately, sending your young child
into a school that is dirty. And the real concern is,
is it clean, is it hygienic? Some of the worst-affected schools
include Castle Hill, Menai,
James Cook Boys' and Woolooware. The ACT
is heading for minority government with the final result
not likely to be known for days. The Liberals recorded
their best-ever result winning up to eight seats. The Greens were the biggest losers retaining only two
of their four seats. If the Greens keep Zed Seselja
and the Liberals out, this will be a sign that a vote for the Greens
is a vote for Labor. Labor also picked up seven seats. The major parties will need to
do a deal with the Greens to form government. Western Sydney
is home to a new adventure park which promises to challenge
even the bravest of dare devils. The Tree Top venue at Abbotsbury is promising
to get the adrenaline pumping while protecting the environment. Look - up in the sky.

Neither birds nor planes
but flying people.

Getting people out in the bush.
Doing something physical. None of the trees in the endangered
Cumberland Woodland Plain have been drilled or nailed - green tourism.

Whichever way you look at it, it's good for the environment,
it's good for the economy and it's fantastic
for western Sydney.

The kids like it too.

It was like if I was just
hanging off and flying. Just completely flying,
like Superman or something. There's a new system
to keep the young adventurers safe. But I think we still need to give them a little bit
of sense of adventure and even a little bit of sense
of danger. Are you going on the flying fox,
Premier? I thought I'd depute the minister. I'll go if you go. Righto, Premier, you're on. Gotta get harnessed and helmeted.

Then we're ready to fly. Well, they reckon
anyone who's still active can get into this sort of activity.

Almost anyone. I think I might be
over the weight limit. And it is a little high. Looks like someone got out of it. (LAUGHS)

Royals from around the world
have travelled to Luxembourg for the wedding of the country's
Crown Prince Guillaume. The 30-year-old
married a Belgian countess. Denmark's Crown Princess Mary
and Prince Frederik were among the guests. The wedding is the biggest
royal event in the tiny country in decades with many locals watching
the nuptials on a big screen. The newlyweds later returned
to the palace for the traditional balcony kiss before an evening fireworks display. 'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson
has touched down in Sydney. The British heart-throb
arrived this morning and was greeted
by a small group of fans. Wearing dark sunglasses and a beanie he was lead by security
to a waiting car and made a quick exit. He's here to promote the final film
in the vampire saga, 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2', at Moore Park tomorrow night. Sport is next, including fears
of a massive weight penalty for Cup champion Dunaden. Also, more V8 mayhem as Ford's Will Davison hits back
at the Gold Coast 600. Plus, the money men deliver again as the A-League produces
another super Saturday. And the Wallaby cited twice
for roughing up Richie McCaw.

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Ford's Will Davison has broken Team Vodafone's
11-race, 5-month winning streak but couldn't dent their championship
charge at the Gold Coast 600. As the chaos that marred
yesterday's race was left behind Jamie Whincup's second placing
extended his series lead. Mechanics gave up
on Ricky Taylor's car, buckled beyond repair after flipping
in Saturday's starting grid debacle. And this is what it looked like
from his point of view. Drivers pushed their machines
to the limit in qualifying, desperate to avoid
the back of the starting grid. After needing three starts
to get Race 1 away, it looked like more mayhem
for Race 2. COMMENTATOR:
Peter Kox has stopped. Oh! A bit of roadside service
and they were away.

It was tight at every turn as the international drivers
put on a show, working the width of the track. Turn 11's body count grew quickly. It wasn't much better in pit lane. Bang! Michael Caruso took off
without a rear wheel and had no idea. You guys have got tell me that.
How do I know what's going on? It's a 3-wheel model,
the way it is. Time to cool off for Canadian
co-driver James Hinchcliffe. At the front of the pack, Will Davison
held off Mark Winterbottom but most importantly pipped
Holden's top gun Jamie Whincup. Yee-hoo!

Dunaden's connections believe the only thing between them
and back-to-back Melbourne Cup wins is a weight penalty
after its Caulfield Cup victory. The French champion has also caused
a change in betting for November's big race. Fresh from his stunning
Caulfield Cup win, Dunaden's early morning trackwork was focused on
consecutive Melbourne Cups. The French champion has developed a healthy appetite
for Australian success. Connections now fear a weight
penalty in the Melbourne Cup. Two miles with a penalty -
it's going to be very tough. What sort of penalty
are you expecting? I don't think he should get one
at all, personally. He'll probably end up with 59,
I would have thought. They toasted their success
with an all-night party in the city. Dunaden! Again! To the Melbourne Cup! The Dunaden camp
also quashed speculation Craig Williams could quit
to ride Green Moon in the Cup. And one of Team Dunaden's
youngest members was still riding
the wave of success this morning, seemingly oblivious to the Cup's
$80,000 price tag. And after Dunaden's win,
the money's coming for European horses Brigantin
and Tac De Boistron in the Melbourne Cup. Pierro remains the favourite
for next Saturday's Cox Plate. Damian Oliver has chosen
not to challenge for a share of My Quest for Peace's
prize money in court. And Frankel has made it
14 wins from 14 starts, taking out
the Group One Champion Stakes at Ascot. Owners will now retire the champion. The Wallabies have prevented
a Bledisloe blackout but have a new villain
in the eyes of New Zealanders. The injury-hit Aussies
forced an 18-18 draw last night but Scott Higginbotham
is in trouble following a skirmish
with Richie McCaw. Quade Cooper
now has a new challenger as New Zealand's public enemy
number one. OMMENTATOR: Oh, Scott Higginbotham! I didn't see that, no. Must've been taking some notes
at the time. But the citing commissioner
was watching so too a fuming All Blacks coach. Oh, I saw the headbutt, yeah. Just another cheap shot on the bloke
sitting beside me. He seems to get them every week. It annoyed me at the time but I suppose if it was on TV
it'll get dealt with. For a test with no tries, blighted by humid conditions,
gutsy Wallabies defence and a ref who let no infringement
go unpunished, the climax was heart-stopping. At 18-18, Australia played
for a penalty not field goal after the siren. I was umming and ahhing. It's a difficult one, like thinking
back now I should've taken the shot. The All Blacks, instead,
got the penalty and from their own 22
chased a record-equalling 17th win with Dan Carter
given the shot at glory. He can't believe it!
It's a draw at Suncorp Stadium! An honourable draw
as a departing great was honoured. It's frustrating
not to take the points there but as I said,
I'm very proud of the group.

Marquee man Alessandro Del Piero
continues to pay his way for Sydney FC
and soccer's booming A-League. The Italian superstar
was the difference as the boys in blue edged out
the Western Sydney Wanderers to win our city's first local derby
1-0. They packed them in
at Parramatta Stadium as football fever hit town. COMMENTATOR: A little piece
of history in the making. And the man Sydney FC fans
had come to see didn't disappoint. Alessandro Del Piero
going close early. Just landed on the roof of the net. But it was the Wanderers with
the best chances in the first half. Adam...will shoot. And it was close. Real close. Sydney FC keeper Ivan Necevski
under siege but up to the task. They thought that was the moment. And there were tougher times
to come. Down he goes in the box penalty. Del Piero calmly slotted it home from the spot
only to be called back. Well, wait a minute, wait a minute. Take two
almost produced a different result. Scores on the follow-up.

We are happy
because we come from two down. This is the real atmosphere
of the derby. In Newcastle, the Jets' big money man Emile Heskey
had James Virgili to thank for grabbing the winner
against the Mariners. Aussie tennis ace Samantha Stosur is through to the final
of the Kremlin Cup in Moscow. The number one seed
did it the hard way in the semis as she came from a set down to beat former French Open champion
Ana Ivanovic. Sam will now play former
world number one Caroline Wozniacki in the final. World netball champions Australia
have crushed New Zealand in their quad series clash
in Sydney. The Diamonds were on top
from the start as the Silver Ferns struggled
to fire. The 68-48 win is a record score
for the team against New Zealand. The fact we can
just chuck on any combination and it just seems to be seamless
out there. Australia's now
the only unbeaten side in a series which includes South Africa
and England. Sydney's back-to-work
weather forecast is after the break. Then it's 'Sunday Night'
with Chris Bath. Thanks, Mark. Tonight - Kyle Sandilands,
never far from controversy. His turn to be grilled
and nothing is off limits. And five boys, one direction -
behind the hype and hysteria. That's next after Seven News.

It was a beautiful start to Sunday before cloud rolled in this
afternoon. before cloud rolled in
this afternoon. A late southerly change
dropped temperatures a little.

It was a clear night.

The fine conditions stuck around
today with westerly winds
making it quite warm. Most suburbs reached 27 degrees. Tomorrow - a late storm is forecast
for Brisbane. Melbourne and Hobart
can expect a morning shower.

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