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(generated from captions) SONG: # Looks like I'm growing # I'm growing up beside you... # DR HARRY COOPER: Supercoat - nutrition tailored to the needs
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This program is captioned live. Royal support - young Australians turn their back
on the concept of a republic. The surprising role
of Kate Middleton and why some believe
the debate is now dead.

Race against time - why Indonesia's red apes
are on the verge of extinction. We join the frontline
in the battle to save them. Life with Bobby - a rare interview
with Ethel Kennedy - including a surprising admission
about Fidel Castro. And on your bike - Paul Marshall meets the man
riding across Victoria - yes, on a penny farthing! Prepare for a sore bottom
as Weekend Sunrise begins now. And I don't say that lightly. (SONG) # Reach out for the sunrise # Put your hands in
to the big sky. # Live from Studio 52,
this is Weekend Sunrise with Samantha Armytage
and Andrew O'Keefe.

Morning. Did you ride penny farthings growing up in the country. How old do you think I am? You know I am only 29. No, I did have a trike at one point. Simon, did you ride penny farthings. That's nasty, Sam. You are our silver fox. We only know he is a silver fax bus he has taken off his big hot and gloves. I did have a model T Ford. Hello everyone. We are not talking Chiko Rolls today. We are talking penny farthings. Don't bother watching most weekend, today is a ripper. We are going to have lots of fun. Let

Let's get things started
with a weather snapshot from James.

I have ridden the penny farthing. It is the dispound that is the danger. If you have a bad dismount, you can say nothing other than than whoop situate day situates. It just feels right. We are going to make you laugh and cry and we have got a full morning planned from Bondi Beach. First let's look at what is happening around the nation weather wise.

Showers across
the east coast today with the exception
of north Queensland. Scattered showers to the south, while Western Australia
is in for a fine day. , I'll have your weather in detail but here is Jess with the

We begin with some breaking news
and there are reports dozens of Australian tourists
have been injured in a bus crash in north-west Arizona.

Around 45 people were on board when
the bus skidded off the highway. The bus driver died at the scene. We'll bring you more details
through the morning. The Sri Lankan navy
is warning our government not to process the refugee claims of violent asylum seekers who
hijacked an Australian-bound vessel. Two Sri Lankan men have told
Seven News they were on the water when a group of pirates hijacked
their boat - throwing them overboard. We cannot allow the criminals
to get away by committing these
dastardly acts at sea. The Federal Government says
if the vessel reaches our shores it will be intercepted
and processed as normal. Thousands of people have marched
down the street in Melbourne where Jill Meagher disappeared
from last month. The march was part
of a long-running global campaign condemning violence and harassment
towards women.

This was a defiant show of support
by women for women. Every woman has the right
to live their life against violence, rape and fear. Mothers, daughters,
sisters and friends - fighting for their rights to live
freely and safely. Tonight is our night. With the memory of Jill Meagher still in their hearts
and their minds, as part of the Reclaim the Night
movement. The movement,
holds events around the world, protesting against violence and claiming public space
as a safe space for women. They started their march in silence.


But as they made their way down
the street where Jill disappeared, they chanted and waved signs
proudly in the air. Wherever we go, yes means yes,
no means no. For me it's just about getting
everyone together

A candlelight vigil was then held - a moment to reflect - remember
and hope for a safer future.

The family of a Sydney zookeeper
crushed by an elephant is keeping a bedside vigil
as her condition slowly improves. Lucy Melo was giving 2-year-old
elephant Pathi Harn a routine wash at Taronga Zoo when she was crushed by the animal
against a bollard. If he was playing and challenge is
part of playing, there's wrestling and "I'm bigger
and stronger than you". And he would have been reacting
to her like an elephant. Pathi Harn is being eased back
into normal life at the zoo. Civil unrest is spreading
across Lebanon Protestors have set car tyres
on fire to show their anger at the bombing - which killed eight people,
including a top security official. Lebanon's Prime Minister
offered to resign but was told by the President
to stay in his position.

Hundreds of pilgrims have been
evacuated from hotels, threatened by floodwaters
from a rain-swollen river in the Roman Catholic shrine town
of Lourdes. The grotto - believed to be the site where the Virgin Mary appeared
to a young girl in 1858 - is already over a meter under water. Visits to the site have been
temporarily suspended. And an American schoolgirl
has had a day to remember after her dad arrived home early
from Afghanistan to surprise her. 11-year-old Payge was in class, when her dad walked in
a day earlier than expected. The class had been practising their
'welcome home' when he arrived. It's so exciting to think
this is actually happening. I think it's just the best dream. Payge's dad had been in Afghanistan
since December. , Isn't that sweet. Terrific. I love his hat too. Very long ranger. What branch of the Defence Force is that? The penny farthing bringing order. Chasing those Taliban through the hills. Have you ever tried to ride a penny farthing through the mountains? It's very difficult. The way they go on about the Tour de France, that is the ride? Tour of Afghanistan. Tour deAfghanistan. No

Later this morning -
a rare interview with Ethel Kennedy. She talks about life with Bobby
and why things were never simple. , Never marry a Kennedy if you want a quiet Never marry a Kennedy if you want a quiet life. They had 11 kids. It sounds like their nights were pretty simple pretty

But straight ahead -
Simon has this morning's sport including a gutsy draw for the
Wallabies against the All Blacks. And JT hits the beach
for your local weather.

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, It's a massive week of stars on Monday, Kyle Sandilands opens up. Ben Affleck. Tuesday, Mel sits down with Robert Pattinson. Wednesday, while match box 20 rock out the studio, we are taking you live to the launch of Apples's new gadget. Shae Lloyd, and Friday, music sensation Alicia Keys. Only on Sunrise this

,.Big week. You are going to have a fun week. Guess who is going to play with the weekday - I was thinking about a sleep in tomorrow. No. You will be interest viewing Kyle Sandilands? Super. We go way back. We are going to be interviewing Ziggy Marley, son of Bob so there you go. If you are a Simon Reeve fan, you don't have to wait. He is on tap. You can have me right

The Wallabies have endured
soaring Brisbane temperatures, a host of missing stars
and a spirited All Blacks outfit to come away with a gutsy 18-18 draw in their Bledisloe Cup clash
overnight. New Zealand born Mike Harris slotted
five from five penalty goals - his last drawing Australia level
in the 75th minute. The Wallabies survived
a Dan Carter field goal shot four minutes after the hooter
for a bitter-sweet result. , Carter. Missed it. Klild, They put in, they were a good side. We're not satisfied ultimately.

The match was the last in Australia
for Wallabies captain Nathan Sharpe. Sydney FC have taken A-League
bragging rights in the inaugural Sydney derby,
trumping Western Sydney 1-0. Alessandro del Piero
was dangerous early before winning a controversial
penalty in the 52nd minute. He was made to re-take
his first shot while his second tested
his Italian cool. COMMENTATOR: Different side,
he saves it. Sydney FC are in front
in the Derby. And English international
Emile Heskey also scored again in the Jets' 2-1 win
over the Mariners at Newcastle. The hosts narrowly surviving
a Patrick Zwaanswijk header in stoppage time,
with an offside ruling. French stayer Dunaden
has underlined his prospects of back-to-back Melbourne Cups following a stunning performance
to win the Caulfield Cup yesterday. Dunaden's odds drifted
from $12 to $16 with the 7-year-old's wide barrier. But a stunning ride
by jockey Craig Williams and Dunaden's remarkable sprint
got him home. RACE CALLER: Dunaden,
the Melbourne Cup winner , He comes back to win He comes back to win the Caulfield

And English wonder-colt Frankel
has retired after making it a perfect
14 victories in the Champion Stakes at Royal Ascot.

, Nice

Holden's Jamie Whincup
has won a brutal battle on the streets of Surfers Paradise, edging him closer
to his fourth V8 Supercars title. Whincup kept Jonathan Webb at bay
for his 60th career win after the tight standing starts
caused chaos. RACE CALLER: Oh, my goodness. Red flag, red flag! 11 cars were caught up
in the 3-start mayhem.

And a courageous Sam Stosur
has fought back from a set down to beat Serbian fourth seed
Ana Ivanovic in the semifinal
of the Kremlin Cup in Moscow. The ninth-ranked Aussie
will now face former world number one
Caroline Wozniacki in the final. , I would like to have a piece of Frankel, $ Frankel, $1,000 a time if you want to butt your female horse with him. What cut is he getting out of that. Just a smile on his face. He is not complaining. I am sure he is not. He will be naying all the way to the bank. JT is our Frankel equivalent. I don't know where else I'm going with that. You are very kind. I'm going to move on, shall we? Beretts Introduced me to the Tour De to the Tour de Cure. I was so thrilled by what this o does. It's inspiring. It makes you laugh, it makes you cry and it does great things for cancer research, prevention. Now, let me introduce you to Robbie and to Megan. Now, sometimes along the tour, you hear some very sad stories, there are plenty of sad steeurs but if the inspiring stories that people are then drawn to do to promote what the Tour de Cure is all about. Robbie, you are a great support and your son Scotty was a wonderful sorter. He had cancer and around about a year and a little bit ago, he passed away. That's right. It was a really tough thing for you and everyone involved in the tour. The inspiring you, it has The inspiring you, it has driven you to do with the tour. Megan is going to do something incredible. Yes. You have such long luscious hair. I know. She is going to shave it off. Oh boy. We are going to shave it off on national TV? Scott passed away just over a year ago, while he was pretty much like a best friend and he was part of the family, my sister's boyfriend for a long time. I wanted to keep his memory going so I thought, why don't I just shave my head for charity. They've already raised $ They've already raised $1,000. Your if you go to the website. You can jump on-line and donate. Your money will go to this. The hair is not going to waste. No, the hair will be going to pan peen's beautiful lengths which makes wigs for cancer sufferers out of real liar. It will make a heap of wigs. So this morning, we are doing something really good and you can be part of it by donating. Have part of it by donating.

, So that's right, this morning, we're going to do a live head shave, this luscious length of hair will be gone by the end of the show. We will see you back here at Bondi Beach very soon. That's very brave. That's a lot of hair. Very brave. Way to go. Thank you, JT, see you soon You would need a blow torch to get all of that. You wouldn't get through all that Brisbane Lion cream. Dastardly. He took off on his penny fathing being pursued with a man with a blow

chlt l chlt


Ahead this hour -
the business of K-Pop - just how much money does Psy
really earn? But next -
the business of running China. Keith Suter on the big change
and it how impacts on us.

Morning, guys.
Hey, guys.
How you doing this morning? Water?
Keep pushing through.

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Major change is expected this week
in China. The ruling Communist Party is about
to hold a once-in-a-decade congress to unveil the next generation
of leaders. So what is it likely to mean
for Australia? Let's ask our foreign editor
Dr Keith Suter. Morning, Keith. How big is this for China?

It's important. In terms of what it means for us, obviously what we want is a leadership that remains very much in control of the country. There are thousands of demonstrations, most of which never get reported in the west of the thousands of demonstrations in China against corruption, about seizure of land et cetera. So the Chinese leadership needs to keep the lid on the political situation while allowing economic growth to take place. So, obviously what we want with Mr X, assuming he is going to be the new leader, will continue economic growth but with limited political reforms. The problem is, if you have too much political change in one go, the country starts to fall apart. In their tribal memory, they have a history of instability. 5,000 years, sometimes well governed, other times falling apart with war Lords fighting each other. This doesn't seem to have been a terribly smooth transition in the way they like to have one. It has taken a long time for anyone to be announced. There does seem to be a power play between hardline Communists and more moderate people. So, is there a power struggle going on. Absolutely. It's a power struggle which is in a remember restrained way. So it's not done in the streets. It's not done through the ballot box. Clearly you've got some factions that want to factions that want to push ahead with rapid economic change. Others saying no, we don't want to overload the system. It's very difficult to govern 1. govern 1.3 billion people. Within the system, you've got all sorts of negotiations which we don't see in the west. We know very little about the new leader. We think he has a daughter at Harvard under another name. We think - we know a little bit about his early life. He is called a principlesling, in in other words a member of the Communist Party. But we know actually very little about him, say Barack Obama or Mitt Romney who are subject to a lost scrutiny each day. The Chinese leadership is very difficult to

Australia's election to the
United Nations Security Council has been widely welcomed. Not so Rwanda
which was also elected. What's the issue there, Keith? , It just reflects the caucus system of the United Nations. The African caucus met and they decided they would have Rwanda. They were there 20 years ago. They put up one name, therefore it got elected. That's how with 193 members, that's how you simplify the voting system, the same with Latin American. Argentina, got straight through. One name. The western group, couldn't get their act together, that's why you ended up with three countries, Australia was a late entrant. Why don't people like Rwanda being there. Because it's involved or allegedly involved with some of the localised conflicts. It's certainly a great improvement over what it was 20 years ago but it's now involved in some of the local some of the localised conflict, they said we are involved in peacekeeping movements where as Australian has a movements where as Australian has reasonably clean slate, you can't quite say the same about Rwanda. Thank you very much. Keith. Good luck in your run for the Chinese premierer ship. I've got the right suit for it. Don't forget us when you are really famous.

Ahead this morning - Paul Marshall meets the man riding
a penny farthing across Victoria. , Have you ever ridden, a penny fathing Keith? Into, no I

Also coming up -
an addiction to shopping. It's no joke and nor is the cure.
Dr Az will be here. But next - why Psy
is only the start - inside the very big business
of K-Pop.

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Now back to Studio 52
and Weekend Sunrise.

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Shortly on the show - how to
beat an addiction to shopping. But right now,
it's news time with Jess. , Speaking of addictions to shopping. Have you got your credit card back yet. No, I

Returning to our top story now and dozens of Australian tourists
are believed to have been involved in a bus crash in Arizona. Around 45 people were
onboard the tour bus when it skidded off the highway. The bus driver died at the scene. If you look at the road,
the road actually depresses. That's where the injuries
were sustained.

It goes up to an elevated hill. It hit the end of that hill and went up over the hill and I think that's where a lot of injuries were sustained.

The bus was carrying tourists back
from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas. A Victorian man has been hit
and killed by a ute just moments before he was due
to be picked up by his brother at Winchelsea. It's believed the man was
walking along the Princes Highway after getting out of a car
during an argument with mates. He had called his brother to come
and collect him when he was hit.

He was walking towards Colac
to meet people coming towards him. The driver of the ute
was not injured. Two men are on the run

after a brazen ram-raid
in Brisbane early this morning. through the glass doors of
a shopping centre at Acacia Ridge. It's believed they were trying
to access an ATM inside the centre. They quickly fled the scene,
leaving their car. Thousands of people took to the
streets of Melbourne last night, protesting against violence
and harassment towards women. The Reclaim the Night movement
is a global organisation, holding protests around the world. Last night's march
was held in Brunswick - just near where Jill Meagher
disappeared. Violence against women has become
such a huge issue here in Victoria, especially because of the tragic
death and disappearance Organisers say they were surprised by the number of people
who attended.

The family of a Sydney zookeeper
crushed by an elephant remain by her bedside,
as her condition slowly improves. Lucy Melo was giving
2-year-old Pathi Harn a bath when the animal
pushed her against a bollard. There is an inherent danger
in working with animals because they just don't understand
what we're trying to do with them. Taronga Zoo's elephant exhibit
is still open. The pressure is
on our Federal Government not to process the claims of a group
of violent asylum seekers if they reach our shores.

Two Sri Lankan men
have broken their silence - describing how they were attacked
by pirates who hijacked their boat
to reach Australia. He has almost died, he has touched
death and come back. The chief of Sri Lanka's navy says they men should not be
granted asylum here. Tens of thousands of protestors
have rallied in London against austerity measures
and job losses. The noisy but peaceful protest
comes after government cuts
to public sector spending. There is more unfairness
in our society now than there were in Victorian times. We need growth, we need jobs,
we need to get people back to work. Similar protests have also been
held in Rome. Sydney FC have snatched their
first win of the A-League season, overcoming Western Sydney
by just one In a free-flowing affair,
it was Alessandro del Piero Finding the back of the net
from a controversial penalty. COMMENTATOR: FC are in front
in the derby. , Especially in the Derby.

And in Newcastle,
the Jets overcame the Mariners 2-1. Wallabies captain Nathan Sharpe has
played his final game on home soil in an honourable 18-18 Bledisloe
draw with the All Blacks. Aiming for a record-equalling
17 straight wins, New Zealand maestro Dan Carter
fired a field goal just wide after the siren to the relief
of the embattled hosts.

It was a pretty good contest , Right to the wire. Don't know how many minutes we played after the game but I'm bloody proud of my boys:

American driver Ricky Taylor
has survived a spectacular crash at the Gold Coast 600. It took three starts
to get the race underway but when it did - it was series
leader Jamie Whincup who prevailed for his 60th career win.

MotoGP championship leader Jorge
Lorenzo has produced a lap record in the final qualifying
for the Malaysian Grand Prix to seize pole at Sepang. Spain's Dani Pedrosa was next best while Casey Stoner
was fourth fastest, just seven weeks after returning
from ankle surgery.

And a final round shootout
is looming at the Perth International
at Lake Karrinyup. Argentina's Emiliano Grillo
led for most of yesterday before big American Bo Van Pelt
stormed home with this monster birdie on the 18th
to lead by a shot at 12 under. Aussie Greg Chalmers
is 6 shots off the pace.

You would have to be hunted, if your name was bea rurks Von Pelt. How are the Pav loaf as going. She has gone. The stack of Pav of as is out. She has taken her frurt and gone home. If he changed his name to bogan pelt which could be another name for a

, We are going to be shaving a full length of female hair at 9 o'clock to raise money to raise money for cancer. Standing down here, it's delightful, you know those days when you have to go to work, I want to go Ange hand out at the beach. Two beach, Andy and Brad, decided to make that their life for a while. And talk about the 101 best beaches in Australia. When you said to your mates that's what you were going to do, did they think you were having a laugh 678 It is hard work. That's a lie, it is not hard work. There are 11, There are 11,761 beaches in Australia. That's a tough job. So how do you cut it down to 101? How do you take 11 noug, How do you take So how do you cut it down to 101?
How do you

How do you take 11,000 bottles of red wine and judge a wine. We have been right around Australia to every beach over the last 30 or 40 years and whittled down the best, the best 101. I am very jealous. I am sure people at home are. Just give us three great beaches that every Australian should try and get to I should say Bondi, that's Australia's most iconic beach. It's still not Australia's favourite beach or it's best beach. I reckon get across to Western Australia, down the southwest of WA, Margaret River, the greatest waves in the world. I have been fortunate enough to get to Broome. Especially when they have the stairway to heave even. It's beautiful. Western Australia have got great beaches, Northern Territory has got them. I like a nude beach every now and then. Hello kids. Who have we got down here? These are my God children, Sam and Pat. Been I do locals. Let's look at the

Weekend Sunrise Weather proudly
brought to you by PoolWerx. Brisbane, possible
thunderstorm. Sydney,
a shower or two. Canberra, a possible
morning shower. Melbourne,
scattered showers. Hobart, with
a few showers. Adelaide,
cloud clearing. Perth,
mostly sunny.

A possible afternoon shower
for Darwin. , The book is called ' 101 Best Beaches. The book is called ' 101 Best Beaches.'. What is number one? It's up to the viewers. We are trying to find out what is Australia's best or favourite beemp. Professor short and I think it's one of teen. We have our favourites, we will get into a can of worms if we start determining what is Australia's best beach. My opinion, there are 11,000 that are just as good. All right, just have your say. We will see you back here in half an hour. JT Can you ask him if Wagga beach is in his book? Wagga beach? Wagga? As in Wagga Wagga, Beachley. There is a beach. Is that a nudist beach. Sammy is saying there is a beach. It's not a nudist beach so Sam doesn't know about it. Don't open your nude can of Don't open your nude can of worms. We are shaving a head at 9 o'clock to shave money. The problem with nude beach, it's never the nudists you hope are going to be there. I thought you were going to say the sand? What is wrong at the sand. Nude in the sand. This one has a bun print in it, I can't sit there.

So silly. You just expect flocks of gorgeous young people to be there but they

Unless you've had your head
buried in the sand for the last few months, you'll know
all about 'Gangnam Style'. But is the Korean Pop sensation
just the tip of the iceberg? We sent our own James Tobin to find out whether K-Pop
is here to stay. ('GANGNAM STYLE' PLAYS) It's the song that's taken the world
by storm - number one in 34 countries, it's had nearly half a billion views
on YouTube, making it one the most popular
videos on the site ever. 'Gangnam Style' is thought
to have earned Korean rapper Psy in excess of $13 million. But are we about to see Korean Pop,
or K-Pop, take over the world? are already huge -
just not over here. Girls Generation have
sold 30 million singles and nearly 5 million albums -
mostly in east Asia. K-Pop is already big business and Matthew Bywater
from Four Promote knows why. These aren't just kids
off the street ,

, these kids are trained. They spend $ , these kids are trained. They spend $400,000 or $ $400,000 or $500,000 a person developing these kids. They are well choreographed well. They are in sync with the rest of the group. Their bodies are sculpt pured to be a ideal body. These kids can speak three or four languages which engages the local crowd. What do you like about the group? Their stage performerers, their hot body x their talent as well? Wait a minute. Psy and began minute. Psy and began nam style doesn't exactly fit that description. He is 34, slightly chubby. So why so popular? It's obviously isn't it? He is 34 and slightly chubby. In his video, he performs in ridiculous outfits, in blizzard, in stables and in saw nas and on the toilet.

Shiny, off-the-shelf K-Pop it isn't but it has opened our eyes
to a whole breed of pop stars for the first time. So K-Pop is mroe
than just the music?

It's the lifestyle for people. We don't understand what they're saying. Their music is a lost meaning to people. It's very meaningful but in western society, it's all about parties and drug, it is talking about love. You have to dance to the music, you have to dance to it. For example, like in lose fer, it goes like that, you remember it. What have you got. To the side. Move your hips around. That is so much fun.

'Time Out' music editor
Andrew P Street thinks K-Pop is here to stay. K-Pop should be taken
as seriously as any other

It's very electronic, very poppy, the lyrical themes are positive and up beat.

They're calling it
the Asian Century. It could be the K-Pop century
as well.

K-pop, Sammy. It's here to say. I had never heard of it before now I can't stop talking about it. It has been huge for a It has been huge for a couple of years now. It sounds very much like a breakfast cereal. It makes me feel hunky. Maybe it would be the name for that peanut butter chicken. Don't bring me into that. I have I've trademarked the name, peanut batter. As opposed to

Owe Sate. Klild

And later in the show -
a very different style of music. We'll be joined live
by reggae star Ziggy Marley - yes, son of Bob! But next - addicted to shopping? It's a serious problem.
Dr Az has the solution.



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Most people don't take shopaholics
all that seriously. But those who max out
their credit time and time again could be suffering
from a valid mental illness. So is shopping till you drop
a legitimate problem? Let's bring in our resident
psychiatrist, Dr Az. Good morning.

, Welcome back from your shopping spree in

There's much debate on whether
overspending is a leisure activity or something more sinister. What's your take on things?

Well, compulsive buying disorder or shopping addiction has reappeared in the psychiatric literature this month is nothing new. 1950, we had the disorder, it meant manic buying. Since then it has been called shop holism. The controversy is, is this a disorder or just a manifestation of another general disorder characterised by compulsive buying. Or is it just a leisure activity. Retail therapy, that's a real thing, isn't it. If you look at the proposed features of shopping addiction. You've got a preoccupation with shopping. You've got impulsees to buy stuff, and spending Ex spending Ex I have amount of spending Ex I have amount of amount of shopping. Lining any addiction. It's the inability to control the urge. To shop. With the compulsive buyer, there are an interplay of internal feelings. Feelings of depression and anxiety, combined with external queues, Boxing Day sales, advertising, and these two things combine to result in poor self regulation and a difficulty in resisting the impulse to buy stuff. Does the person who is unable, then regrets the purchases If you track the emotions, you start off with predominantly negative feelings of emotion, and then these get replaced by more positive emotions, leading up to the purchase. Once the purchase has been completed, these nice positive feelings, then get replaced by feelings of despair, shame, regret which the come Ului I have shopper, sometimes deals with by either ignoring the purchases or hiding them even. Or go out and buy something else. There is a flipping between depression and euphoria, in relation to their buying activity. So what can you do to help a shop aholic. Well, there's not really much evidence. There is no conclusive evidence based treatment so things people are trying, antidepressants. Cognitive behaviour, debtor as anonymous, it's a self help group but there are simple things everybody can do. Try and reduce the amount of available credit you have, so cut up your so cut up amount of available credit you have, so cut up your credit cards. First of all, admit you've got a problem. Then cut up your credit cards. Go shopping with a friend or relative who can cry and kerb your shopping and I think find something else to do. Increasingly, we associate shopping with just spending our free time, let's go to the shops. Where as try and do something else with your free time. If you are hanging around shops, you are going to buy stiff. We live in a capitalist society. The emphasis is on consumerism. Some people would be guilty of that thing, you see something you like u can you feel to have to have it. You deserve it. Do you think there is a societical element to this Of course there is. There is nothing wrong with that it becomes a problem when you - when you are continually in debt and you have a house full of stuff and you don't want and you don't want to feel bad about it. Mm. Thank you, az. Why do you always look at me like that with these segments. Give me a call after the show. Do you want to know. Sam doesn't have to shop because the designers are just throwing stuff at her. Lucky you. Take that and get out. I never want to see you in this boutique again. Thank you, az, lovely to

This morning's news and weather
isn't far away. We'll also cross live
to Martin Frizell in London. Also coming up -
how far will this penny go? A most unusual way to tour Victoria. And should this preacher of hate
be allowed into Australia? We test the definition
of freedom of speech.

Glad that one's over.
Yeah, I know what you mean. Gonna have a ciggie. You coming? Nah, you go ahead. I'm giving up. Again?
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To London now where the post-Olympics honeymoon
is well and truly over. Tens of thousands of people
have marched through the streets to protest against government
spending cuts. Our UK correspondent,
Martin Frizell, has all the details. What can you tell us?

Yeah, it's raining as well which makes it doubly difficult and unpleasant, believe me. We had 100,000 or so, marching through London, all about austerity, this follows on from Greece and Spain and Portugal and Ireland. The UK is not as bad but a lot of these people are public service people, firemen, school teachers, they are having their pensions cut. They have had a wage freeze for the past 3 years and they are not happy. They want the government to less austerity and to spend more. They reckon that by spending more, you create more jobs and that's the way out of our debt

, So they want the government to become shop

Moving on, and Australian Trenton Oldfield
has spent the first of many nights behind bars. The Sydney man is serving
six months jail for disrupting
a world famous boat race. Is that a fair sentence? , It is, a lot of people are saying that probably was unfair. A lot of people are agree, he should have been up in court, he smiled all the way through court which the judge was clearly unhappy about. Perhaps that may have had some influence and when she sent him down for six months, one of the headlines in the papers here was " papers here was "that will wipe of smile off your boat race. Goff smile off your boat race. Goff, Mr Trenton who comes from Sydney, he went to Sydney university, he has been in London for ten years, he think Britain is elitist and deeply divided. A lot of people after his court appearance, if it's that bad, why don't you go home. After six months after Her Majesty's pleasure. Sure. That's where he went to school. Was that the reason that he disrupted the boat race, to make a statement about elitism. He he doesn't like the fact he was born with a silver spoon. He was out there making a point, Britain is run by an elite crowd. They don't get much of a look in chlingt He has replaced the silver spoon in his mouth with a paddle. He nearly got all his teeth knocked out by the others. out by the other OarsI

And finally, the world's greatest
race horse has called it a day. but it's not Black Caviar?

Frankel, they say, he is being called today, not Usain Bolt, but Usain Colt. He is the fastest thing on four legs. Scientistss are saying he is the end of the life for evolution in racehorsees. There has been nothing like him and I know Black Caviar has won more raced than him. But Frankel has won 9 group one races which are the toughest ones to win. Yeah, he has gone out to stud at $ at $150,000 a pop. If you can use that phrase. What people are saying, what would happen if he and Black Caviar met up, what sort of offspring. That offspring. That has got to happen. We need to take to black caviar's obers. Where do they do it all of the your place or mine. We are not sending her to England again. Frankel will have to come to Australia. Aussie goes wild when they go to England, they England, they will have a ball. She has to play hard to get. Martin, we are discussing the sex lives of horses now. Thank you for bringing this into our show. Probably an all-time low. Thank you,

Coming up - a curious question
for freedom of speech. Should we let far right extremists
into Australia? Plus - a rare interview with
the widow of Bobby, Ethel Kennedy, is on the way.

But right now,
it's news time with Jess. Good morning.

The Department of Foreign Affairs
is awaiting confirmation Australians were onboard a bus
that crashed in Arizona. Around 45 people were hurt -
6 of them seriously - when the charter bus
veered off the road. The driver died at the scene.

the road actually depresses
on the right shoulder and goes back up to an elevated
hill-type area. This bus, when it left the roadway, hit the beginning of that hill
and went up over the hill. Investigations are underway. Queensland police are searching
for two men after a daring ram-raid in Brisbane. The men tried to run their car
through the glass doors of an Acacia Ridge shopping centre
early this morning. It's believed they were trying
to get access to an ATM inside the centre. The men fled the scene.

A Victorian man has been struck
and killed by a car just moments before he was due
to be picked up in Winchelsea. It's believed the man got out of
the vehicle on the Princes Highway after an argument with his mates. He called his brother
to collect him. Unfortunately, he's been struck
by a Holden ute

, Unfortunately the male person has suffered

The driver of the ute
was not injured. Australian veterans have attended
a moving memorial service for the 70th anniversary
of the Battle of El Alamein. It was the bloody battle in Egypt which turned the tide
of World War II. Nick McCallum was at the service.

Jess, it was quite a stirring sight as the Australian veterans now aged in their late 80s and early 90s, marched back into the desert for the service. They laid wreaths to honour the 1200 Australians killed in the Battle of El Alamein, 70 years ago, memories just came flooding back. All comes back now.

It's just comes back now so vividly.

I will never forget. (Last post plays)

We don't forget. You can't forget it. We won't. It has been physically and emotionally demanding for these veterans to come back here but they say it's the least they could do for their friends who never came back. I represent all those that didn't Dom back. And have died since you know. These blokes, we had 70 years of life, of wooing women, backing engaged, married, dancing, raising children, getting grandchildren and these blokes, you never know, there may have been a cure for cancer there. The veterans will return to Australia tomorrow, Jess.

Thousands of people have marched
down the street in Melbourne where Jill Meagher disappeared
from last month. The group, made up of men and women,
marched to show their solidarity - calling for an end
to violence towards women. ALL: (CHANT) Yes means yes!
No means no!

The march was part of the long-running global
Reclaim the Night campaign. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen
is pushing ahead with a planned visit to Lebanon
this week despite growing unrest. There are fears Syria's civil war
could spread to Lebanon after a car bombing in the capital which killed eight people -
including a top police official. Protestors have blocked roads
and set car tyres on fire following the attack. The country has declared
a national day of mourning.

And now with sport,
here's Simon Reeve.

I looked at your vision, I am jealous of your bag there It's my old bag light. What
What about the boys. You don't need a bag light. For your own good. You don't get one. We could get you a little book light shining up your nostril: Budget cuts, sorry mate. Thank

The Wallabies have denied
the All Blacks a record-equalling 17 straight wins, coming away with an 18-18 draw
in their Bledisloe Cup clash at Suncorp Stadium. At $6 outsiders, a gutsy Australia
looked home leading by 9 late in the match. But Dan Carter's boot got
the visitors back in front until Wallaby Mike Harris levelled
scores in the 75th minute. The Wallabies just held off
a final New Zealand surge. COMMENTATOR: Carter! Dan Carter!

Missed it.

Sydney FC coach Ian Crook has
admitted he began doubting himself following his side's first two
losses of the A-League season. The relief came last night when star import Alessandro
del Piero scored the only goal for the Sky Blues' first win in their inaugural derby
with the Western Sydney Wanderers. You keep questioning yourself and thankfully today
the boys performed. In the other derby, a disallowed
Mariner's goal in stoppage time has given the Newcastle Jets
a tough 2-1 win. While on Super Saturday
in the English Premier League, Chelsea remain atop the ladder following a superb double
from Juan Mata. to clinch a 4-2 victory over Spurs. A late Edin Dzeko strike got
a 10 man Manchester City home over West Brom 2-1.

And Man United have beaten Stoke
4-2. Last year's Melbourne Cup runner-up,
Red Cadeaux, has touched down ahead of the country's biggest race
in just over two weeks. It comes as the stallion
who beat him by a nose, Dunaden, kept his unbeaten Australian record
in tact yesterday, RACE CALLER: Dunaden,
the Melbourne Cup winner comes back to win the
Caulfield Cup from Alcopop! And the horse rated the best
in the world - super-colt Frankel - won at his final appearance
overnight at Royal Ascot, retiring undefeated with 14 from 14. And it was complete chaos
on the streets of Surfers Paradise yesterday as the international contingent
of V8 drivers struggled with the standing start
in race 1 at the Gold Coast 600. Championship leader Jamie Whincup
and co-driver Sebastien Bourdais stayed clear of the drama when
the race finally got under way. Will Davison hit the wall as the Holden Vodaphone pair
triumphed again. More action from the glitter strip
today on Seven and 7mate. , Sam and Jess will be watching. Glitter strip. It's a bit glittery. Did you make that name up. It's known as the glitter strip. Maybe that's a good name for your light Yes. On the glitter scip. On the glitter scip

, This is more the glam or strip. We are on Bondi Beach. This big island continent is framed by 1176 beaches. Andy Short have found Andy Short have found 101 of the list. Bondi makes the list. It's the best beach in Australia according to some people. One of the most iconic. I know at the moment, the council are developing for the future but back in the day, this place looked completely different. completely different.N't Sand dunes right back to Rose Bay. This place - people wouldn't buy here. You would have to pay people to buy here. Now it's one of the most expensive post codes in Australia. It's the most urbanised suburb on the coach. Public transport. The tramway, it brought the masses, right down to the beaches. That's why it gets so crowded. It's sardines later on today. We are going to talk about the beach

, So there was a time that people weren't allowed to swim at the weren't allowed to swim at beach? Can you believe that. 110 years ago, if you went into the beach and swam, they would arrested you Tell us the story about the bloke from the paper He was the editor of the Manly daily, 1902, dared the authorities to go swimming in the ocean. He looked very closely and he was arrested for swimming in daylight hours. Incredible. He set the precedent for what was to become the beach culture in Australia. Thank you. OK, thank you, JT. Can you just let Brad know, somebody sent in a picture of picture of Wagga beach on the river. There is some sand. Where? We have had a viewer send in a photo of Wagga beach. Maybe that needs to be in volume 2. It should be 102 Australian beaches. That's the clothed section That's the clothed section of Wagga beach. That's not the nude section so Brad probably doesn't want to go there The nude section of the river is down at bar 'em buttock, isn't it? down at bar 'em buttock, isn't it?!

Now to a question of how far we go
to protect freedom of speech. A far right and very controversial
Dutch MP has been given a visa to carry out a speaking tour
of Australia. Geert Wilders is openly anti-Islam
and has attracted harsh criticism for his outspoken views
on the religion. Mr Wilders has said
that he 'hates' Islam and describes it
as a retarded culture. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen
says that our society is robust enough to cope with what he calls ignorant
and offensive views.

We're joined now from Sydney
by Andrew Horwood - a spokesperson
for the little known group that's bringing Mr Wilders
to Australia - The Q Society. Good morning to you.

Geert Vilders in his own country has been an extremely device I have character. Let me give awe brief introduction in the squchlt Society. We are a group of ordinary Australians who are wanting to uphold Australian values. We are none political. If what do you mean by Australian values. If I could finish, we are secular, we are concerned about Islam and how it will change Australia and we need to look over to Europe and see how Europe is changing. Europe is a far different place now to what it was 20 years ago. We're concerned that the same sort of things are going to happen here in Australia. So we are just a group of order Australians who want to make sure that we can pass on the gift of living in the greatest country in the world to our children and hence we have asked Mr Will children and hence we have asked Mr children and hence we have asked Vilders out here. He is living in Europe. Things are different in Europe. They will come here because slam is coming here. To be fair, we have looked at the To be fair, we have looked at the Q Society's website. It's more than simply promoting secularism. It's promoting the anti Islamisation of our society and claims to be based on the Christian heritage of Australia. I think another way of looking at us, we need to stand up for this country for our children. Everyone is talking about why do we get a man out here who has some different opinions? Well, I would say let's actually stand up for this country and for our children because if we don't now, we will start to go the way of Europe. If I just give you ... What is the evidence that that is happening here. Some of the things that are happening in Europe, say, for Britain is a good example. They have many similar laws to us. They have a similar culture. They already in similar culture. They already England have 85 what they call Sharia law courts where slemic people can go to have family and business matters held under Islamic law. They are starting to go down a path that they have two laws for their country. That's not what we want for her. We want to have one law for all Australians. They also have for instance, in England, a place called lieu tonne is a good example. That's about 50 kilometres north of London. It's about 50% Islamic. When you walk into the area, they are trying to enforce this thing called Sharia law on the local population. If I could give you some basis of the law, I am sure the ladies won't appreciate it but under the foundation of sha a law, a woman is worth half that of a man. That's not an Australian value. A woman is allowed to be beaten in marriage, that's not an Australian value. Nor is Sharia law being applieded. This visit is obviously setting out to be This visit is obviously setting out to be controversial and it will be that. It will deeply offend thousands of Muslims who are Australian citizens. What possible good can come from this? The possible good that can come from that is that we are going to continue to pass on the gift of living in this democracy and free country to our children. If - just because someone's controversial, doesn't mean we can't talk about it. Because if that's the case, that means we can't talk about anything. I am sure as a journalist, you are getting on the media and not everyone is going to agree with what you say but it doesn't mean you can't say it. That's what Mr Vilders is saying in regards to Islam. It's beyond - he is not just saying that we ought to live in a secular society. He is saying that Islam has no place in an integrated western society. He would prefer that people who are of Islamic background leave western societies. So, by offering him the right of free speech, he is seeking to deny others their rights to freedom of speech and re Dom of religion. I think Andrew, excuse me, the important thing here to understand is why is he saying that? You are not understanding it. Many Australians aren't understanding it and that's why we are asking him to come out. You have to understand he lives in a country where there's a far high proportion of Islams there. They have a lot more problems. He is also the leader of a party that has over 15 seats, over 15 seats,. A million Dutch people voted for him at the last election. There is a reason for that. A lot of people here don't understand that but that's the charter of the Q Society. We want to create discussion, we want to educate Australians about what Islam is about and how it will change the country. We have to talk about it. We can't have a country that continues on for the rest of time where we walk on eggshells because it Mayo fend someone. These rights rooi on thes in Sydney that we had, a few weeks ago, we can't have that, we can't have young boys holding up signing saying behead those who mock Islam. It's poorly understood here. It's poorly understood by the politicians. We need to get them out here to talk about it and we would love to have our prom actually ask him to come and talk to parliament when he comes here because it's different in Europe. We don't want all that here. We accept that most mum lists in Australia are great people, they are playing a great role. Q believes we should invite all races and religion toss this country but we have one big thing that when they come to this country, they obey our laws. We have to have one set of laws. That's how it works. That's what is happening. It's I don't understand why you feel so appeared by the presence of Islam in Australia because by and large, Muslim people in Australia are obeying our laws. To the extent to any extent here, Sharia law will never apply here. Ras I come back to Britain, Britain has virtually the same laws to us, virtually the same culture, they are 20 years ahead of us and because of this political correctness that pervades all western governments, they have got a dualistic system that is starting to go down that path. We can't have that here. Just quickly, there's a pool in Melbourne. Can I just pick you up there. That is not what is happening in England. You say that is what is happening but it's in fact not what is happening. You are spreading disinformation. The English courts have made it very clear that any Sharia practice can only be undertaken to the extent that it does not conflict with English law. So what you are saying is happening is not happening. That's quite correct. That's the letter of the law but what is actually happening is that under the Sharia courts, the woman are forced to go to the courts and they are forced to have forced to have Sharia law applied. I was listen to go a BBC law the other day where they are trying to get Islamic women trying to get out of the system. They can see how they can have equality under the western system. Please get us out of this system. We want toffee quality. We don't want to have Shraia law. Yes, to the letter of law, English law is above it. That's not what is happening in reality. We have to wrap this up but look, we are a multicultural society. That's correct. Surely, just quickly, the way to encourage Muslims to integrate into society which has to happen, is to be inclusive and friendly, not to stir them up and spread hate any further. So does that mean we don't talk about issues? Does that mean we don't talk about protecting equality of women? Does that mean we don't have women beaten in a marriage? I don't think that's how it should be. I want to pass on this gift to my children of one of the greatest countries in the world. If it countries in the world. If it means we need to discuss something. That's what we will do. Yes, Andrew, to the Ex Yes, Andrew, to the Yes, Andrew, to the extent that certain people may practice something different to the law in reality, we would all agree that we should reality, we would all agree that we should be upholding laws that protect people's freedoms. Of course we should. I think that's that most of our viewers would agree with as well. But you have taken a particularly anti Islamic on this, as his Geert Vilders. There are other examples which simply haven't been mention the. Are you bringing out a anti Catholic speaker to talk about the various ways in which the KAK lot church has considered itself to be above the law in pedestrian file claims? No. Why not There
There is a institution that considers it receive to live under different rules. Q's charter is to educate Australians about Islam. That's what it is about. Andrew, thank you for joining us. Thank you very much. Thank you. It really is important I think that we do discuss these things if they are out there, we should be discussing them. Freedom of speech. That's what we are

Later in the show - the race against time
to save the big apes of Indonesia. Also this morning - the moment
she fell in love with Bobby - Ethel Kennedy
in a rare TV interview. But next - they're not
the most comfortable of bikes - try riding one across Victoria.

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Now to a story about a man
and his bike - not just any man
and not just any bike. Our Paul Marshall fills in the gaps.

The painful bit... Funnily enough, I used to read
the encyclopedia before bed when I was a kid. Seen this penny farthing and I thought, "Wow, what
an amazing contraption." Dan Bolwell - he's the bloke
in the Woolworths commercials.

Dan's been on his penny farthing
for the last eight days - an 800 kilometre ride
around Victoria. And then back in 2005,
when I was on the farm we had a drought year. Things were a bit tough

and I spent a fair bit
of time in the workshop and I thought to myself, "You know, I really want one
of those penny farthings, "I reckon I could build one." And that's when I set
about building one, mostly from photos
gathered off the internet. They were invented around 1870
when bikes were more like scooters. No chain, gears, brakes
or even air in the tyres. The name comes from old money - the big British penny
and the little farthing. I think this come about
as someone's looking at his bike thinking, "This is great fun,
how do I go faster?" And then he's looked down and gone, "How long are my legs?
How can I go faster?" And he's gone bigger wheels. So what are they like to ride? Very stable, actually. Because it doesn't look like that. No yeah, you whip around
a little bit. It's a long way down and they're prone to throwing
their riders over the handle bars. (CRASH!) One of our biggest days
in kilometres today. 5:30am in Hamilton. Morning, mate.

And a 130 kilometre ride to Horsham. We're all going down
to Safeway first, meet down there. Dan's with a group of riders
from Woolworths and Victoria Police. They're raising money
for Cops 'n Kids camps in Ballarat, they're for kids with cancer. Who wants a nana? Fast in its day, the old Penny's
a bit slower than a modern road bike and Dan leaves first. Thank you! See you down the road. (APPLAUSE) He does it a bit tougher than
we do, he's got no gears at all. If we give him a head start we catch
him a little way down the road. You guys are faster. Not much. (LAUGHS)

The ride was Shane Darroch's idea. Mum and Dad are big volunteers
at Cops 'n Kids camps and they looked after kids
with cancer. Mum passed away in February
with cancer this year and I thought what can we do just to
give a bit, keep her legacy alive. G'day. There this is the support
driver for the bikes. How ya going? Dan's 12-year-old son, Caleb,
came for the ride. He brought his mountain bike
but he has a penny farthing too. The whole family does. Dan's wife, Charee,
and daughter, Molly. I guess it's inevitable that my kids wanted to get
their own bikes and have a go. Charee used to ride
a normal bike around and one day she turned around and said,
"I really want a penny farthing" so I built one for her. So the whole lot of us
have got them now.

Once the lycra's got you, though,
it's hard to go back. What's better - two racing wheels
or one big one. Oh, two racing wheels,
much, much better. So now you have to get
a penny farthing? Oh yeah. I think I'll just stick on mine, it's closer to the ground
when you fall. (LAUGHS) But what about the view
from up there and all the attention. Yeah, I get a lot of looks.
Everyone stops and waves. Lot of photo taking, lot of phones
coming out of windows. Even had an elderly man
with a couple of girls in the car yell out cheeky comments. Right through to, you know, 16-year-old teenagers
with pants pulled down and they've got
something to say too. Eight days on a penny farthing. When he said, "I'm going to ride
a penny farthing around Victoria", that was OK. Yeah, that's Dan. (LAUGHS)

, That's just Dan. What a good fellow. Paul marshal should have road a penny fathing. He would be a penny fathing rider.

But next - inside the Kennedy clan. A rare interview with Ethel Kennedy as she remembers
a very different time.

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Good morning. A group of Australian tourists
are believed to have been injured in a bus crash in Arizona. It's understood the driver
of the tour bus lost control after possibly suffering
a heart attack. He died at the scene. As many as 45 people
were onboard the bus when it skidded off the road. At least six
suffered serious injures. The bus and its passengers
were returning to Las Vegas after a trip to the Grand Canyon. Two men are on the run after a brazen ram-raid in Brisbane
early this morning. The men tried to ram their car through the glass doors of
a shopping centre at Acacia Ridge. It's believed they were trying
to access an ATM inside the centre. They quickly fled the scene,
leaving their car.

Thousands of people took to the
streets of Melbourne last night - protesting against violence
and harrasment towards women. The Reclaim the Night movement
is a global organisation holding protests around the world. Last night's march
was held in Brunswick, just near where Jill Meagher
disappeared. Violence against women has become
such a huge issue here in Victoria especially with the tragic
death and disappearance of Jill Meagher. Organisers say they were surprised by the number of people
who attended.

Parts of Queensland will be
on bushfire watch again today with more hot and dry conditions
expected. A wedding in the Lockyer Valley
almost didn't happen yesterday - when a blaze jumped
containment lines. Bushfire started down there and we've all had to evacuate down
to the dam. It's expected to reach 30 degrees
in Brisbane today. And it was a dirty fight
to the finish line at a very muddy and gruelling
obstacle course in Austria. More than 1,000 people took part in the annual Wild Pig Run
near Vienna. Competitors crawled through mud,
ran through electric cables and climbed over logs. It took some runners five hours
to finish the race. , Why would you do it? Where were the wild pigs at the time? I think the people become the wild pigs. Not old bags but wild pigs. Speaking of old bags. We have come up with a solution, meeting fire with fire. With my new little light here. Look at that with fire. Wit