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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Beirut blast. Chaos as a massive car bomb kills a top security official. Obama tells voters he's just what the doctor ordered as he gives his rival a mocking medical diagnosis. Tributes to mark the 70th anniversary of the battle of El Alamein. Typo trouble, the Dalai Lama's F-word drama.

Good evening and welcome to the program. Later, Michael Tomalaris will join me with all the day's sport. Getting on the bike. Australian rider Matt Renshaw confident the fight against drugs in cycling will be won. First, a massive car bomb has rocked Beirut, killing a top intelligence official and seven others. At least 86 people were wounded in the blast. The car bomb, packed with 30 kilograms of explosives, went off in a Christian neighbourhood. As the blame game gets underway tonight, Lebanese officials are trying to contain protests across the country. It was an audacious afternoon attack, timed to shatter the busy Friday rush hour and target the country's top intelligence official. Bee powerful explosives blasted through a busy residential square. Locals screamed into buildings for relatives as paramedics carried more than 100 to nearby hospitals.

The first large scale bombing in the country since 2008. Amid the carnage was the target, Major- General Wissam al-Hassan. He was a top intelligence chief who earlier this year uncovered and alleged plot against the government. At the heart of the pan, a Lebanese politician suspected of working on behalf of the Syrian regime. He also lead the investigation into the assassination of Lebanon's former prime minister Rafik Hariri which implicated Syria. Blame for his death was swiftly laid at the feet of Syria. We have to target enemy number one which is the Syrian regime.

which is the Syrian regime.This is probably designed to out a stop to the growing ability of the Lebanese state through the government to increase the efficiency and the reach of its security forces. Damascus has condemned the attack, calling it a terrorist explosion. The incident has triggered outbreaks of violence across the country which the military is trying to contain. The Lebanese government is holding an emergency cabinet meeting tonight. The Prime Minister has promised to bring the perpetrators to justice but observers say his position may be compromised following Becker's Asians his ing Becker's Asians his government was complicit in the bombing. -- accusations. Lebanon's Defence Minister was one of the few government members talking publicly in the aftermath of the massive bomb attack.

Opposition parties blame the government of Prime Minister Najib Mikati end say there is only one course of action.

Saad Hariri, son of the slain former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, told an Arabic news network the Syrian regime of Bashar Al-Assad was behind the killing. Regional experts say there's little doubt that the attack is linked to the Syrian conflict.Today's attack in the heart of vibrant Beirut marks a new chapter in the conflict. Something that both regional and international powers have been warming Lebanese politicians to be very careful not to step into.The US is among those powers. We have been concerned about increasing tensions inside of Lebanon, particularly sectarian tensions and tensions as a result of spill over from Syria.In 2009, NSW deputy police commissioner Nick Kaldas was seconded to Lebanon where he worked closely with Wissam al-Hassan on the Rafik Hariri investigation. It's an absolute tragedy. Obviously not only for Wissam Al-Hassan and his family but for Lebanon and the Lebanese community in Sydney.As day broke in Beirut a few hours ago, it appears the population is, for the timbering, heeding calls for calm. For some time now, the international community has raised concerns about the Syrian conflict spilling over to its neighbours. Inside Syria the violence shows no sign of ending. Pictures posted online claim to show parts of a Damascus neighbourhood wrecked by a government airstrike. Children were rescued from the rubble as people searched through the debris looking for survivors. The United Nations Arab League envoy in and the capital tonight. Lakhdar Brahimi is hoping to drum up support for a ceasefire during the four days of Eid celebrations. British doctors treating Pakistani shooting victim Malala Yousufzai say despite showing progress she's not out of the woods yet. In this latest photo, the girl shot by the Taliban, is seen recovering at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham where she was flown to for medical treatment.She is able to stand. She has motor control. Whether there is any subtle intellectual damage is intellectual damage is too early to say.To the US elections. Republican Mitt Romney is accusing President Barack Obama of rack Obama of engaging in petty attacks and silly word games. With just 18 days to go before the vote, Obama tried to use humour against Romney, turning his rival's name into an ailment.

ailment.I think it is called Romnesia. If you so you are for equal pay but keep refusing to say it with that you would sign a bill to protect equal pay, you might have Romnesia.Mitt Romney will visit Florida tomorrow amid signs he may be on course to lose the must-win state. The polls have the Republican ahead but experts - and even some from his own party - say Romney's stance on illegal immigration may cost him the state and with it his chances of making it to the White House. This report from our correspondent in Florida. It is an American state with a distinctly Latin feel. For decades, Florida has been a mecca for Cubans are escaping the Fidel Castro regime. The Cubans have helped Republicans reached victories. But recent immigrants have changed the demography and altered the political landscape. Over the past will fuse the Hispanic population here in Orange County has grown by a 100%. The vast majority are immigrants from Port Rico. They tend to vote Democrat. They are drawn to the Barack Obama a campaign because of the Republican stance on immigration. The Democrats have spent beat one voter registration among beat one voter registration among the population here. Among the -- according to the polls, 70% will vote Democrat. This is the Secretary of the Democratic party pours me a Hispanic caucus in central Florida, an area that has developed a that has developed a reputation for voting for the winner.We are going door to door asking if they support us. I have t us. I have not encountered hardly anybody is supports Mitt Romney. Recognising the importance of the area, the Democrats have fluttered central Florida, taking time out to visit Hispanic visitors.He is different from is different from a normal President. He has only been present for use and deserves another four years. Broadcaster Tony four years. Broadcaster Tony soirees is a registered Republicanes is a registered Republican and fiscal conservative. The first American of Broderick in a heritage to serve in the Florida State legislature, he is leaning towards the Democrats because of Mitt Romney's threats to stop illegal immigrants getting citizenship.They are talking about your family. Barack Obama it did something. He did not say he would wait to make a plan. Hundreds of thousands of kids are sold Americans.This is a political science professor in central Florida. She says the Hispanic community is being targeted might never before. targeted might never before.The Hispanic community is very influential. There are ntial. There are four large electoral folk States in the country and for that is the only one that is not reliably Republican or Democratic. That means if one committee comes together and they vote for a particular candidate they could tip the scales. Tony soirees agrees. More than es. More than 60,000 new Hispanic voters. No star Democrats. If they can get them out to folk it will be a big influence. The Democrats will win Florida. e Democrats will win Florida.If Barack Obama does, he is does, he is virtually guaranteed a second term. Join Anton Enus for our special coverage of the third and final Presidential debate on Tuesday. Live and online from midday in most eastern states. Check your local guide for details. Italy's former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has denied ever holding raunchy parties at his villa whilst in office. He made a rare court appearance to fight allegations of abusing his position for gain and paying an unmerge prostitute for sex. He arrived at the backdoor to the court but he couldn't resist the opportunity to press the flesh with his supporters. Silvio Berlusconi's been lying low since he relinquished power but he insisted on denying today's charges in person. He's accused of paying for sex with Moroccan exotic dancer Karima el Maroog when she was just 17. But Berlusconi says he was sure the girl also known as Ruby the heart stealer was 24. Although he also claims he never had an intimate relationship with her. But numerous other women claim to have seen her regularly at Berlusconi's infamous Bunga Bunga parties where girls stripped and sex was on offer. In court the former Prime Minister denied the accusations. I can exclude with absolute certainty that there were ever scenes of a sexual nature.

Berlusconi admits that he told authorities that Ruby was a the niece of then Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak when she was arrested for theft. But he denies pressuring police to let her go. He says he's the victim of a political witch hunt. The 76-year-old has been no stranger to litigation or controversy during his reign but he always had a remarkable ability to bounce back. In the end it was the country's economic crisis that was his undoing. But there's little sympathy for him.

Actor George Clooney had been a guest at Berlusconi's villa is due to give evidence at the hearing next week. It's not clear if the Hollywood celebrity will attend court in Milan in person. Now a quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world. An Australian protester who disrupted this year's Oxford versus Cambridge Boat Race on the River Thames by swimming into the path of the crews has been jailed for six months. The judge said Trenton Oldfield had acted dangerously, disproportionately and had not shown what he was actually protesting against. The inquiry into the late BBC presenter Jimmy Savile has now widened into a criminal investigation into allegations of child abuse by other individuals who are still alive. 200 potential victims have now been identified. A court in Hamburg has sentenced 10 Somali pirates to jail terms of up to seven years for hijacking a German flagged cargo ship off the Horn of Africa in 2010. The pirates had hoped to extort a ransom of at least $1 million. The judge rejected their claim that they had been forced into it. Dutch police have released video of the raid on a Rotterdam gallery in which thieves stole seven paintings worth millions of dollars. The grainy footage shows the thieves walking in and out of the gallery's rear door with the paintings by artists including Picasso and Monet.

artists including Picasso and Monet.
Police investigating the shooting of a British family in the French Alps believe a cyclist also found dead was the first person to be shot. The development comes from a report leaked to a French newspaper. It's then believed the killer shot Saad al-Hilli, his wife, and mother in law while they sat in their car. The couple's two daughters survived the attack. China is flexing its military muscles tonight, conducting naval drills in the East China Sea. It's unclear where the exercises are taking place. But they're likely to strain already tense relations with Japan over tiny islands known as the Diaoyus in China and the Senkakus in Japan, which both nations claim. It decent exercise, China says, is necessary to protect its territory. The drill involves 11 ships and eight aircraft. The Chinese state news agency says the manoeuvres are being carried out because patrol ships from China have been harassed by foreign vessels. China and Japan are in territorial dispute over the sovereignty of te over the sovereignty of the chain of islands near the waters with the exercise is taking place.TRANSLATION: The exercise his attempt at protecting China's sovereignty.In recent weeks, China nt weeks, China and Taiwan have been sailing in meant out of the seas around the island. Japan says the large volume of the ship traffic could lead to collisions. The latest rules take place less than a month after China commissioned its first aircraft carrier. The dispute over the islands was further aggravated by ther aggravated by the recent visit of Japanese cabinet measures to a controversial shrinasures to a controversial shrine. It commemorates the dead including Japanese convicted of war crimes. Japan called ar crimes. Japan called for calm after China said the visit was insulting. China's latest lting. China's latest naval drool is a sign it is not backing down over claims to g down over claims to the ardent. Beneath it is Japan. There are reports the country plans eports the country plans to hold a joint military exercise with the US in the coming weeks, one including the retaking of e including the retaking of a remote island. You're watching World News Australia. Coming up - an emotional return to the battlefields of El Alamein as veterans gather to mark the 70th anniversary of the World War II campaign. Shortly, American children living in a war zone. How Chicago is grappling with gang violence. Lost in translation. What the Dalai Lama did or did not say to shock his audience.

Australian and New Zealand war veterans have made an emotional return to the battlefields of El Alamein in Egypt. Their visit marks the 70th anniversary of the crucial 1942 campaign, which saw the allies start to turn the tide against the Nazis. Under a hot Egyptian sun, a lone trumpeter sounded the welcome to veterans as they returned to the site of one of history's most significant battles. The rows of graves tell the story of Australian war sacrifice. John Pocock's friend was killed by a shell at El Alamein as he boiled a billy for a cup of tea. Sorry about your going, mate. Come and have a beer, Doug. Come and have a beer.For many veterans making the pilgrimage, it was the first time they had visited El Alamein in the seven decades since. I couldn't believe it. Tears rolled down my face.Brings back a lot of memories.Memories of those killed in a battle that marked a major turning point in World War II. I went to school with him so I have known him all his life.The battle turned the tide against the previously powerful German Africa Corps and came at time when Allied victories were few and far between. But it came at a cost to the Allies. Today we gather for a time of remembrance, for a time of thanksgiving. We gather around the graves of Aaron.More than 1,200 Australians alone died at El Alamein. Their New Zealand colleagues also remembered. So many lives cut short with so much life yet to live. To defend the right of people to live in freedom and peace. It is a commitment that lives on to the present day.Wounded and hospitalised in the battle, Bruce Bridgman was re-united with those that nursed him back to health. I woke up one morning and I saw this little angel standing beside my bed and I thought, what have we got here?It's so wonderful to see someone that you nursed looking so fit and so well, especially out here in the desert.A desert site that's become such an important tribute to lives lost far from home. The Taronga Zoo keeper who was seriously injured by a young elephant remains in a stable condition at a Sydney hospital. 40- year-old Lucy Melo was pinned against a pole yesterday morning when she took the calf to be washed. Workcover will investigate the incident. The death of AFL player John McCarthy has been ruled accidental by a US coroner. He fell to his death at the Flamingo casino last month. The coroner would not say if alcohol or drugs were found in McCarthy's system, because the toxicology report is not a matter of public record. Pakistan has resumed culling 21,000 Australian sheep. A previous culling caused outrage after it was revealed some of the sheep were buried alive. The sheep had been declared diseased despite tests showing otherwise. In other stories making news around Australia. Polls have just closed in the nation's capital, with Labor tipped to win a historic fourth consecutive term. But it's unlikely Labor will win an outright majority in the 17-seat parliament. Prior to today's poll Labor had formed a minority government in the ACT with the help of four Greens MPs. A 2- year-old Melbourne boy has had a lucky escape after a car ploughed into his bedroom, missing the toddler's cot by centimetres. A man was driving his car out of a neighbouring driveway when he lost control, sending it crashing through the front wall of the house. The child and the driver were uninjured in the accident. A happy ending to a Sydney social media campaign. Buckie the Staffordshire Terrier is back with her owners. The dog disappeared 10 days ago. Her owners setting up a Facebook page which included CCTV of a child apparently carrying the dog. A tip- off from one of the page's 9,000 supporters lead the police to a home last night where the dog was recovered.

The US city of Chicago is battling a major and increasingly deadly problem of gang violence. Police say armed gangs are roaming the streets of certain neighbourhoods. More than 400 people have been killed this year, among them, innocent children. Tonight, there are American children living in a war zone.Why Martha does not like me going ha does not like me going outside because she fears former life. ecause she fears former life.A 6-year-old girl is killed in broad daylight sitting on the porch giving her hair combed. A 7-year-old girl. Shot dead salmon candy in the front yard. -- selling. Tens of thousands of Georgian just trying to grow up in these neighbours -- neighbourhoods where 100,000 gang members run the streets, some as young as 13, some shooting at random with a salt weapons. The mayor is in rage.Take your gain conflict away from 7- year-olds.What of the children in those neighbourhoods? This is Ralph. His house is a fortress. Day and night, down 5 wins out as the weekend approaches. He is so scared, he is afraid to play outside all walk home from school. Ralph's grandmother was shot dead last year standing outside her house.We used to eat noodles a lot. Each every time she ach every time she cooked me something I loved it. That was my graduation. He shows me how close the gunfire comes to his house when the Games go by.You see that Ali.They should bear. How often does this happened?Almost every day.To protect himself and his mother they have a gate, a padlock, two bolts. At the k, two bolts. At the back door he not only ports the locks but puts a bite in front of the door and D trash can in front of the bike and a chair in front of the trash can. The school lost her father.I keep telling them to stop but they won't stop. Children who hey won't stop. Children who say they just want a future too.

I'd like to be a brain surgeon. Please stop geon. Please stop killing people. The Naval Board will be totally different.I want to grow up, don't shoot.More people have died this year than US soldiers in Afghanistan. More revelations today over the American Embassy attack in Libya, in which Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed. Three other Americans died in the assault. Today, the 'New York Times' published the Ambassador's diplomatic cables from June - warning that Islamic extremism was on the rise. A year ago this weekend, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was captured and killed. Despite democratic elections, Libya is still struggling to overcome its past - with evidence that Gaddafi's supporters are still using torture. This man captured the dictator. His parents are proud and they miss him. He is also dead. One year ago, their son - wearing the brown leather jacket - was the one who found Colonel Gaddafi hiding in a drainage pipe. As a revolutionary hero, he posed with the firearm he took from the dictator. His parents still have it in their house. Their son died last month, after being captured and tortured by men still loyal to their dead leader. At the same time, this man was tortured for about 60 days, he says, by Colonel Gaddafi's people. He says he was hung upside down, whipped and given electric shocks. He says nurses cut the flesh from his ankles with a scalpel. Both men were held in the old regime's last refuge, at Bani Walid, near Misrata. This week, it's been under attack by the new order.

They helped prosecute the siege and now feels like a city state. This was at the centre of the war. Steadily, it is being reconstructed. They have a victory Museum here. Winning peace Museum here. Winning peace and unravel in the legacy takes time. Some have said that once Gaddafi was killed, Libya was like a bottle of Coca-Cola that had been shaken up for 42 years. When the top came off, everything just overflowed. Old grievances have been coming out. There have been armed clashes and people have been killed. But the civil war has not resumed. It could have been worse. In Tripoli, Colonel Gaddafi's old leadership compound is being used as a rubbish dump. The power vacuum has been filled by tribes of armed men, not democratically-elected leaders.

They guard the new parliament as it struggles to form a functioning central government. Dozens of militias have their own agenda. TRANSLATION: I do not believe this situation will deteriorate dramatically. Libya could always go back to tribal rule, which solves problems easily.

If Libya's Democrats cannot start governing soon, divisions in this country might soon overwhelm them.

The traffic flows in Tripoli, and so does the sense of hope, but time is not elastic. And for the third day in a row, there's been mortar and artillery attacks by Government forces on Bani Walid, the most significant town in Libya still resisting the country's new Government. Seven have died, 80 wounded - so far.

It's not usually a word you would associate with a spiritual leader. That's why an American university is scrambling to explain the Dalai Lama's apparent use of a certain 'F' word. What he actually said was lost in translation. Even though it was a word that also started with the letter 'F'. The university hired a transcriptionist to write out the Dalai Lama's speech as closed captions on the big screens at the convention centre, because, for much of the audience, it was necessary in order to understand the heavily-accented spiritual leader.

On one occasion I met some victims. But, when he ended his talk by saying - if the audience didn't agree with his views they could just forget it. The transcriptionist wrote an obscenity instead, which did not go unnoticed. Everyone just broke out and loved it. I was still sitting in my seat at that point, and everyone just sort of - everyone was tuning out. It was the end. Then everyone just turned back in as soon as they misread it, I guess.The error received so much attention on the internet, that even students who were not at the event heard about it.It is going around on Facebook. Though, nobody really believes the Dalai Lama would use that language, the school actually asked and learned - quote - "the Dalai Lama's last word of the day, verified by his personal translator, was 'forget'. The university regrets any confusion caused by the transcription. It's not the first time the Dalai Lama has been heard not swearing. The same word caused an issue for the 77-year-old leader last week at a similar event in Virginia.

Demonstrators in the Panamanian city of Colon have clashed with police. They're angry at a new law allowing the sale of State-owned land in the duty-free trade zone next to the Panama Canal.

Protesters fear the new legislation will cost jobs and cut incomes.

Briefly to finance - on Wall Street the markets sank at week's end.

The Dow Jones finished down. The NASDAQ down 2%.

Coming up next - Michael Tomalaris with all the day's sports news. Coach Ange Postecoglu gets all excited after Melbourne Victory win their first match in this season's A-League.

A remarkable win by jockey Craig Williams on Dunaden in the Caulfield Cup, raises hopes of another Melbourne Cup triumph.

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VOICEOVER: Some plan B's
are smarter than others.


Good Evening. A sell-out crowd is pouring into Parramatta Stadium tonight for the first ever A-League Sydney derby, with kick-off just over 30 minutes away. Last night, Ange Postecoglu secured his

Ange Postecoglu secured his first win as Coach of Melbourne Victory, in front of some fiercely expectant fans at Docklands.

Currently Newcastle is leading. They hosted fierce local rivals the Central Coast under contentious circumstances and entious circumstances and the Mariners conceded their Mariners conceded their first goal with less than five minutes having gone in this match. He took it upon himself to inspire them Mariner's response. He was denied. Central Coast looked dangerous in attack but struggled. The visitors were fortunate not to be two down at half-time.Back was a brave attempt.Last night in Melbourne the victory took on Adelaide looking took on Adelaide looking for its first win under Ange r its first win under Ange Postecoglu and it was that Red Sea during the thick of the action. He receive a yellow card. The best chance fell to Adelaide. It was a needless handball and gifted them a simple opener for the visitors. Having only just returned from the Socceroos, Mark Milligan levelled within two ligan levelled within two minutes. Archie Thomson should have done better after 63 minutes. But there were on hand to get the winner moments later. The coach was a picture of delight. Victory Cup campaign up and running. One player p and running. One player who is keen is Vince Grella, ending two years of limbo land by joining the Melbourne Heart. He's glad to be had back in his home State his home State and does not expect to be fully fit until the end of November.By general fitness is good and I need to get back into the work out and get into the medical team with the coaching staff and we will organise a good program.He's won 46 caps for the Socceroos and played in two World Cups. Meantime, in England, Sheffield Wednesday goal keeper Chris Kirkland needed medical treatment after being attacked by a spectator during the match against Leeds United. A cowardly strike from a spectator floors Sheffield Wednesday's goalkeeper Chris Kirkland.

Goodness, gracious! That is outrageous, that's assault.

The hooligan flees back into the stands, hoping to disappear amongst the Leeds supporters, even smirking after blind sighting the 31-year- old keeper.

Do that on the street and you would be locked up. You won't get away with it.Kirkland received pitch- side treatment, with the former England goal keeper completing the game but not before sending a message.

Hopefully, the police have got hold of him.The Owls' manager Dave Jones made a statement appealing for Leeds fans to be banned from away grounds. While Yorkshire Police have confirmed they will work with both clubs to identify the individual responsible.

The fixture finished in a 1-1 draw.

It's hot and humid in Brisbane tonight for the clash between the Wallabies and All Blacks in front of a sell-out crowd. The match will be the last on Australian soil for veteran Nathan Sharpe, with the Wallabies hoping to prevent the All Blacks winning their 17th consecutive Test.

It's not too much focus on this I just want to win. It would be great for Australia. To be part of that I'd be happy. Under these circumstances, every Test match is different. A good thing for us is that we determined to beat them.It was at Lang Park against the Wallabies 14-months ago, that the All Blacks suffered their last defeat in a Test match. The immediate career of Mark Renshaw and the three other Australian cyclists in the Rabobank team has been guaranteed despite the termination from next year, of the long-time sponsorship by the Dutch banking group. The decision by Rabobank came in the wake of the Lance Armstrong doping revelations but all contracted riders will still race in 2013.

Mark Renshaw was enjoying the off- season in Bathurst when Rabobank's bombshell announcement was made.

I am shocked, when I signed up for Rabobank, I had discussions with my wife and I was sure it wasn't a very safe team.After 17 years, the Dutch bank's involvement in cycling was the longest on the World Tour. But the publication of the report from the US Anti-Doping Agency into Lance Armstrong was the last straw.

Be it a black day for the whole of the cycling in the Netherlands and for international teams.After seven years of sponsorship, we cannot do anything more for making this sport healthier.Yet, all is not lost. Rabobank will be replaced by a yet-to-be determined entity with the view of finding a new naming sponsor in 2014. Contracted riders such as Renshaw and fellow Australian Jack Bobridge will still have jobs next year despite cycling taking a huge battering.

It's a difficult time for cycling. We pay the price for what happened in the past. I think back it is not good for cycling but it's probably something we need to go through. The Dutch team has been riddled with doping controversies. The most significant being in 2007 when Michael Rasmussen was kicked out of the Tour de France after returning a positive blood test when wearing the leader's yellow jersey. Scottish rider David Millar angrily tweeted that Rabobank was part of the doping problem, so how dare they walk away from young clean guys who are part of the solution. Meantime, Lance Armstrong has addressed a dinner for his Livetsrong charity among some close Hollywood friends. But no mention of the scandal which has rocked the sport.

By get asked a lot to ask how I am doing and I say, I say this every time, I mean this, I say I have been better. I have also been worse. Renshaw will represent his new team for the first time at the Tour Down Under in January. Cycling Central will explore the doping issues surrounding world cycling and a special panel will discuss potential solutions to the problems.

That's Cycling Central tomorrow at 5pm on SBS 1.

French stayer Dunaden has etched his name into Australian racing folklore, claiming todays' $2.5 million Caulfield Cup to add to last year's Melbourne Cup triumph. From barrier 22, Dunaden was superbly piloted home by Craig Williams, who clinched back to back Caulfield Cups.

A glorious day for the start of Cups season in Melbourne, with defending champion Southern Speed withdrawn this morning.

She'll instead target next weekend's Cox Plate. A start- studded cast, with thirteen group one winners and two Melbourne Cup champions. Glencadam Gold the pre- race favourite.

And they're racing. Glencadam Gold jumped well. Dunaden was snagged. Dunaden, from the outside barrier, was third last around the final turn. At the 300, 8-year-old Alcopop, in just his second race in three years, headed the field. Alcopop charges to the lead with 150 to go, here's Dunaden and Americain coming. Alcopop in front at the 100, but Dunaden, the Melbourne Cup winner, swallows him up. And Dunaden won the Caulfield Cup from Alcopop. Lights of Heaven might have grabbed third.

Dunaden saluting, carrying 58 kilos, carried just once by a winning horse in the last 30 years.He was great, he came out here, and I was that confident I had the right horse, the way he's working, and he delivered, he's great.The reigning champion now primed for an assault on back to back Melbourne Cups.

In the Norman Robinson Stakes, Hvasstan saluted in an emotional win, just days after the death of the father of trainer Peter Gelagotis.

It's Electric Fusion with Hvasstan coming up outside him, Hvasstan getting up to Electric Fusion, these are the two down to the line, Hvasstan is lifted by Bossy ahead of Electric Fusion. Nothing in that!

I thank you Dad, so much, and Mum, she'd be at home watching and in tears, Mum, be proud for Dad too, he was a superstar guy.

In the Tristarc Stakes, Randwick Guineas winner Mosheen was an overwhelming favourite, but couldn't place, Streama coasting home to remain unbeaten over 1,400 metres.

In surfing news, Australia's Julian Wilson has grabbed a wave in the last minute to win the world tour event in Portugal, for his first elite level victory.

The 23-year old Sunshine Coast surfer was trailing Brazil's Gabriel Medina from the start of their half-hour final at Peniche.

The conditions had made it a tough day in the semi-finals and final. The 18-year-old Medina had beaten world number Joel Parkinson in the semi's but was pipped on the last wave by a relieved Wilson.

I was lying down there at the end but the re at the end but the one behind that didn't have much left and I chased it down the beach and in three little terns and that's all it took out here. Australia's Mick Fanning still leads the world championship ahead of American Kelly Slater. The next event is at Santa Cruz in California next month.

The start of the V8 Supercars race on the Gold Coast was aborted twice after crashes from the opening two attempts. The most spectacular of the red flags came when Ricky Taylor's Holden ran into trouble on the first corner, of his V8 Supercars career.

The American's Garry Rogers Motorsport car clipped the debris fence and flipped onto its lid, after several cars stalled on the narrow track, with limited passing space.

Taylor and several other drivers were to play no more part in the race, but they did manage to walk away from the incident. After the starting grid was cleared of the carnage pole-sitters Jamie Whincup and Sebastien Bourdais went on to claim victory, extending Whincup's lead at the head of the championship standings.

Update on the A-League, Newcastle still leads the Central Coast 2-1.

Coming up - the weather, and Royal wedding fever sweeps the tiny country of Luxembourg.

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Heavy storms in north-east Spain have claimed the life of at least one person. Waves of 2.5 metres were reported along the coast. The region of Aragon was also hit by heavy rains, where several towns suffered flooding and widespread damage.

A band of frontal cloud skirts the south-east. Clear sky over Western Australia under a ridge of high pressure. Wet in Darwin and Alice Springs. Mainly fine in Adelaide and Perth. Thunder for Brisbane. Sunny in Noumea, but cloudy in Christchurch with rain for Auckland and Wellington. Partly cloudy in Bangkok. Showers for Phnom Penh. Thundery falls for Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. A drizzly day in Beijing. Showers for Hanoi and Manila. Cloudy but dry in Shanghai and Taipei. A sunny 33 expected in Riyadh. Showers for Baghdad, Islamabad and Jerusalem. Rain for London, Paris and Stockholm. Clear skies over Warsaw and Belgrade. Sunny in Addis Ababa and Cairo. Partly cloudy over Casablanca. Wet for Lagos and Johannesburg. Blue skies in Rio, but cloudy for the rest with rain for Caracas and Panama City.

Showers in Vancouver and Toronto.

Drizzle in LA. Windy in Havana.

It's one of the world's tiniest countries and is probably best known for its banks. But Luxembourg is making headlines for a very different reason tonight. The Crown Prince is getting married and he took a rather austere mode of transport to his civil ceremony. No time for wedding jitters in a day packed full of appointments. First, a government reception. Ordinary citizens who share the couples' birthdays were invited to attend.

Prince Guillaume spoke of the challenges young people face these days. The couple's biggest challenge today - keeping up with the change of outfits. There was a new one for the next appearance. Luxembourg's royals often mix with the masses But, it's rare to see any bride go by foot to her own wedding. With a population of just five hundred thousand, Luxembourg hopes this puts them back on the map. More than 100 media organisations have turned up, despite the lack of scandal. Prince Guillaume and his 28-year-old bride have known each other for years. Stephanie de Lannoy's a Belgian countess, trilingual with a university degree. She loves to cook and is seemingly good at her day job, too.

She does it very, very well.

A and B list royals attended a gala dinner But it's the second day of celebrations that will better fit the fairytale. A traditional cathedral ceremony, then the all- important balcony wave.

The honeymoon's still a secret. Stand-by for the paparazzi scoop.

Recapping our top stories. There's tension in Lebanon tonight after the death of a top intelligence official and seven others in massive car bomb attack in a predominantly Christian neighbourhood. Damascus has condemned the attack, calling it a terrorist explosion. It has also hinted at least 86 people. -- injured. Lebanese opposition parties put the blame on the government of Prime Minister Najib Mikati. Regional experts say there's little doubt that the attack is linked to the Syrian conflict.

As US Republican Mitt Romney campaigns in the key state of Florida, he's accusing Barack Obama of engaging in "petty attacks and silly word games". It follows Obama's claims that his rival is suffering 'Romnesia' on key policies.

Australian and New Zealand war veterans have made an emotional return to the battlefields of El Alamein in Egypt to mark the 70th anniversary of the World War II campaign.

That's the world this Saturday. It in get all the stories on the website. We leave you now with picture of the Muslim faithful, in Saudi Arabia for the annual Haj pilgrimage. Goodnight.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

So you think computer games

are more exciting
than old-fashioned toys?

Maybe you should think again.

With the help
of the Great British public,

it's time to liberate them
from the toy cupboard

supersize them,
and unleash their true potential.

This week, Airfix.

I take a bunch of unruly teenagers...

Was he what?

Was he mental?
He wasn't mental.

..and show them
the joy of modelmaking.

A bit more, like, for older people,
not really for kids.

Is it?

I also realise a childhood dream.

There's England upside-down.

And I have some work done on my face.

I prove that I'm
still down with the kids...

Who's Beyonce?
You don't know who Beyonce...?

You're actually joking me.

..all with the aim of building

the biggest model aeroplane
the world has ever seen.

Do you think it would be possible

to replicate
the simplest Spitfire kit

but scale of 1:1?


If I had to identify the most
important influences on my young life

then, well, my mum and dad
would be in first place, obviously.

And then a few outstanding teachers.

And there was a girl called Jane
who developed quite quickly.

But in fourth place,
in all seriousness,

would be Airfix.

This is a Hawker Hunter.

I know without having
to look at the plaque behind it.

If you're my age,
you probably know that as well -

because you made the model.

It was always very difficult
to get near real aeroplanes

but by making models,

you could have a whole air force
from all over the world

and it all fitted on a tabletop.

It was brilliant.

You might think
Airfix is just a cheap pastime

designed to keep kids off the street

and stop them knocking a policeman's
helmet off with a catapult.

But it's so much more than that.

It was actually designed
to be educational.

I mean, look at the things
you can't help learning about

if you make models -

aviation, military history,

automotive engineering,
space flight,

railway architecture
and rolling stock.

Human anatomy,
the Industrial Revolution,

lives of the saints,

and even - if you were a bit soft...


I think Airfix
is good character-building stuff