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This program is captioned live. Tonight - what made a popular young elephant attack his keeper? Heat - back-burning becomes a blaze in Sydney's north. Australia's psych lists warned to come clean on drug use -- cyclists warned to come clean on drug use. Caulfield Cup - with win for Dunaden. Good evening, there are still no answers, but the elephant responsible for crushing its keeper is back on public show at Taronga Zoo. Pathi Harn's reappearance came as the condition of 40-year-old Lucy Melo improved from critical to stable. The elephants today were back wowing the crowds. Front and centre in the heard, Pathi Harn, two years old. It was another day at the zoo. A feed, a drink and a lie down in the sun.They looked really happy and healthy.The only thing missing, the elephant keeper, Lucy Melo. She's fighting for life in hospital after being crushed by the calf. The Taronga Zoo I should a statement today, saying that staff are relieved to be told by doctors that Lucy's condition remains stable. She is surrounded by her family, and an investigation into the incident is continuing.Those that have seen Lucy interacting with the elephants, and they are much-loved, and she loved the elephants - they'll be hoping for the best for Lucy.The 40-year-old was training the elephants to wash itself, when the calf turned and pinned Lucy to a fence. Why it happened no-one knows. Experts say it's likely Pathi Harn was just playing.The person he chose to play with, who maybe he got frustrated with - she's not big enough physically to actually sort of push back when he shoved her. The elephant's behaviour is monitored constantly and after yesterday's incident Pathi Harn will come under extra scrutiny. Much of Sydney was blanketed in smoke as the Rural Fire Service prepared for the summer ahead. Crews were kept on their toes when, without warning, a hazard reduction burn jumped containment lines. Ku- ring-gai National Park up in flames, creating a skyline threaded with thick, black smoke. For fire crews it's a race against time to prepare for summer.Before it's too hot and windy, we need to take advantage of it.The hazard reductions can become the real thing. This afternoon the wind picked up and some of the back-burn became ablaze. We are monitoring thunderstorm activity which may result in new fires.At Terry Hills, fire at the landfill site took hold. Volunteers diverted traffic as they contained Mona Vale Road. A helicopter attacked from above. On the other side of the city - a different picture.Well, it's been pretty hot. It's nice to be out in the lovely sunshine.In Parramatta families jumped at a chance for a day at the pool.You get to spend time with family and friends.The kids love it. It's good to see them have a good time.At this time of the year the weather is up and down.By Monday a blast of cold air will see temperatures plummet to as low as 12 degrees. For some, it will mean a welcome relief.We came down to escape the heat from home.A young Sydney woman has been killed in a motorbike action in the Thai resort of Koh Samui. 24-year-old Nicole Fitzsimmons worked as a PA on Nine's NRL 'Footy Show'. The program's Executive Producer, Glenn Pallisteer released a statement saying:

There's been a crucial development in the investigation into a mysterious double shooting in Sydney's west. Police extradited a 22-year-old from Queensland to face charges over the shooting, thought to have been sparked by a car crash. Aydin Ada, in hand cuffs at Sydney Airport, led through the terminal by detectives. His arrest in Brisbane and extradition came after a 2-month investigation into the Auburn shooting, allegedly linked to road rage. He's charged with two counts of shooting with intent to murder. On August 15, police claim Aydin Ada was in a minor collision with a ute at Kihilla Street. There was a fight between the male drivers, and Aydin Ada fired several shots at the ute. The 39- year-old driver, Hakan Goktas was hit in the stomach and took himself to Auburn Hospital. Another bullet grazed the head of his 27-year-old girlfriend, Danielle Yates. The injuries were not life-threatening. Aydin Ada made no application for bail. He's been charged with unauthorised use of a pistol, a small 22 calibre handgun.We anticipate a bail application Wednesday.Police say the 'Strikeforce' investigation into the shooting continues. A woman suffered burns to her face after a number of gas cylinders caught fire this afternoon at Colyton in Sydney's west. The 18-year-old was filling up a cylinder behind a convenience store when it ignited, setting two more alight. 15 firefighters were called in to ensure the cylinders didn't explode. It's believed static electricity was to blame. Australia's top cyclists have been put on notice "Confess to drug use or risk exposure down the track". The warning came from Sports Minister Kate Lundy, as disgraced Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong, made his first comments since the scandal broke. From cycling superstar to sporting outcast. Lance Armstrong spoke today publicly for the first time since being named as a doping ring leader. It's been a difficult couple of weeks for me. I have been better. I have also been worse.Lance Armstrong broke the silence at the 15th anniversary celebration of his cancer charity Livestrong.I am - and I think I can speak on behalf of the entire team behind me - truly humbled by your support.Here the scandal claimed two Aussie scalps, former cyclist Matt White and Stephen Hodge - both gone from Cycling Australia, after admitting to doping. Now the Federal Government wants to get tough on the sport. Minister Kate Lundy I should an ultimatum to cyclists fast and present - confess, or face the consequences.You're going to get caught anyway.She wants a review of Cycling Australia. Stronger powers for the US Anti- Doping Agency are being considered. The main thing is to restore confidence in the sport of cycling. Many believe the damage is done.It will have a negative impact and will affect the public's perception of cycling.There are concerns more of our cycling heroes will be exposed as drug cheats.Definitely more to come? Definitely.Others think cycling will overcome the scandal.There's a lot of good will in the sport. I think we'll go from strength to strength.The Australian anti-elitism protestor who disrupted the Oxford-Cambridge roeing race has been jailed in London. The judge said Trenton Oldfield's actions were deliberate and dangerous - and slapped him with a 6-month sentence.The criminalisation of protest and protesters is a reflection of the hyperanxiety of the bosses and ruling classes.The Sydneysider could be released in three months. Gai Waterhouse had the favourite in today's Caulfield Cup, but Australia's First Lady of racing missed out on the placings. Instead the day belonged to last year's Melbourne Cup champion, Dunaden - the French stayer brilliant in the $2.5 million classic. A perfect day, a crack field and a massive could. Caulfield was doing its best to drk crowd. Caulfield was doing its best to deliver its best. It is the richest race of its kind. Only the Melbourne Cup is bigger for part- time punt erts. There was plenty of -- punters. There was plenty of confidence for the punters. RACE CALL The speed was on from the moment they jumped. Favourite came from outside barriers to find a position. All 18 jockeys thought they had a chance.1,000 metres to go.In a perfectly-judged race, last year's Melbourne Cup winner Dunaden was put to sleep until they bolted for home. Alcopop had his ears pinned to his head. Davis Cup was ahead of them all.-- Dunn rr was ahead of them all. -- Dunaden was ahead of them all.Dunaden will start at short odds to make them back-to- back cups.Krige Wells signed off in style -- Craig Williams signed off in style.It's nice. Thank you. Dunaden paid $13 in NSW. He won't get those odds next time. They were known as the Desert Rats, the diggers who helped the allies to a decisive victory and changed the course of World War II. Now a group of old soldiers returned to the battlefield to mark the 70th anniversary of El Alamein. Peter Stefanovic went with them. The search for friends lost in war can be tough. When a digger found his old mate buried in the Egyptian desert, a once stoic soldier fell apart.I used to thing if you got killed, that was the end, it's alright, but someone is going to receive a telegram back home. I think it was harder on them.John Pocock struggled too, after seeing the headstone of his friend 70 years after he was killed. John wished he could say one thing to Doug Ross.Come and have a beer, Dougie. Come and have a beer. Yes. Sorry about you going, mate.The war in El Alamein was a costly one for Australia, more than 1200 men buried in this cemetary alone. Our troops were courageous and strong. Ultimately they forced the Germans from North Africa. Conditions are tough in any war. Out here in the desert, even more so. Not only is it hot and dry, it's wide open. On top of that you have to carry equipment, you have to fight and somehow try and stay alive. But these dusty battlefields are still capable of surprises. Here on this tour Jean Parry and Bruce Bridgman who hadn't seen each other since the war. Jean was a nurse who helped a young Bruce recover from his wounds.You were the little angel standing beside me when I woke up in hospital.It's a long time ago.Only 70 years ago. Especially remembering all that 70 years ago.And that is what can make the commemorative missions so worthwhile - new begins for friendships that until now were lost in the theatre of war. Today's sunny conditions didn't just have humans jumping for joy. A playful baby whale delighted boaties off Sydney's South Head. Further out to see Whale Watching Sydney caught up with a pod of them - all making the most of the warmth before heading home to icy Artist Director -- Antarctic waters. In the news ahead, a bewildered child rescued from his crushed bedroom. Also - how far would you go to stake your claim on a piece of land? And the chilling hit-and-run rampage.

This program is not captioned. Myer Orleans Ere cuff It was a close call for a little boy in Melbourne after a car slammed into his bedroom as he slept. Amazingly he was unhurt, but terrified and had to be rescued by firefighters. The crash was the result of a driver accidentally accelerating instead of using his brake. The 608-year-old driver suffered cuts to his fore-- 60-year-old driver suffered cuts to his forehead. The dream of owning a home is alive and closer to some families in the north-west of Sydney. High prices continues to cause change in the city's housing landscape. It looks every bit the happy community. These people have not moved in yet. This is just what happens when 26 blocks of affordable land are released in Minto.I spent 232 for a 570 square metres.This morning eager buyers poured through the doors of a display office, one by one claiming their lots.We got what are you looking for - we are happy.The competition was fierce. For the last five nights buyers got the street party started early, sleeping in the carpark to secure their vacant block.If you want your dream house, it's work.All the land will eventually be turned into houses. The biggest blocks 563 square metres. Building like this is no longer the norm in Sydney, detached houses representing one in five of new homes built.Higher housing prices, less housing supply means that the delivers are starting to change. Ex-- the behaviours are starting to change. Multifamily households jumped from 12,500 to 1991 to 40,000 last year. The expectation now is perhaps becoming more towards median or higher density housing.Try telling that to the ready-made community in Minto.We are talking about having barbecues.Syria is being blamed for a huge car bomb attack in Lebanon, leaving eight dead and 100 injured. A high-ranking security official was among the dead. The blast happened during rush hour in a predominantly Christian district of Beirut. A man is being questioned over a series of terrifying hit-and-run accidents in Cardiff. A 32-year-old woman was killed when a man driving a van targeted pedestrians across the city. 11 were injured, seven were children. The 15-year-old Pakistani girl shot by the Taleban is improving rapidly in a British hospital. Doctors say Malala Yousufzai is now able to stand and write.She has gone from being on her school bus, and the next thing she'll be consciously aware of is being in a strange hospital in a different country. She seems to have understood why she is no longer in Pakistan and what has happened to her.She was targeted by gunmen after publicly campaigning for girls to have the right to an education. Sport is next with Roz Kelly.Thank you. Things got a little messy and wild on the Gold Coast today. It had nothing to do with Schoolies week. Plus, the young Aussie taking surfing to another level. And outrage in England as a soccer fans gets away with this... This program is not captioned. (GENTLE MUSIC)

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Jamie Whincup is on top of the podium again. He won his eighth V8 Supercar race of the seep. In a crash-filled day -- season. In a crash-filled day on the Gold Coast, the Holden star extended his lead against Mark Winterbottom and Craig Lowndes. It's one of the more colourful event, international drivers paired with local stars. The drummers did not miss a beat. The foreign contingent did. The start of race 1 was chaos.Oh, my goodness.

start of race 1 was chaos.Oh, my
goodness.Take 2 was not much better.Another one, another one. Exactly the same.Third time lucky - minus a few starters, they finally got away. The Gold Coast street track was not done yet. Peter Kox into the fence. Championship leader, Jamie Whincup, couldn't wait to get behind the wheel. It was smoother than former F1 camp Mika Salo's exit to Will Davison, who went into a wall. Jamie Whincup held off fast finishes, Jonathon Webb, and Mark Winterbottom for the win. A mighty task for the Wallabies tonight. They play their final Bledisloe Cup test against the All Blacks in Brisbane. Nine's Tim Sheridan is at Suncorp Stadium with a special guest. Tim, hasn't this come full circle. The All Blacks had it all their way since last time you were there.That's right. The Wallabies 19 matches, six losses and almost 14 months ago at Suncorp Stadium they played magnificent rugby beating the All Blacks 25-15. George Gregan, it's a different team. If they can complete what they did here, that flavour of game is possible.If you look back to last year, the last 30 minutes - they were physical. The All Blacks lost people like Ritchie Mccow and Aaron.A few captains ago we had Hore, and we have Nathan Sharpe, playing his last match as captain, really respected cruise Australian sport.A guy like Nathan Sharpe is respected in the game of rugby. In Australia he's been relentless and consistent throughout his career. That is required for anyone who plays 100, let alone in the tight forwards.They'll follow him into hell. The Wallabies are fired up, the All Blacks going for a 17-th- straight record-equalling victory. I've claimed the remote. Tonight's historic A-League local derby between Sydney FC and newcomers, Wanderers, is a sell-out. Police in England are hunting a soccer fan who attacked the Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper. Chris Kirkland was knocked to the ground during the game against Leeds. Chris Kirkland recovered. Outraged officials are confident of catching the offender. Aussie Julian Wilson needed all his tricks at the Rip Curl Pro in Portugal. The 23-year- old spent most of his time in the air on his way to beating Brazilian Gabriel Medina, for his first world tour victory. Joel Parkinson still leads the world title race with two event to go. Sam Stosur is through to the semifinals of the Kremlin Cup in

to the semifinals of the Kremlin
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It was a sunny and windy day today.

Hot northerly winds will affect parts of NSW.

Before we go, here is a quick look at what is in store on '60 Minutes'. The reckless deception that rocked the building industry. The CTV building was ground zero of the Christchurch earthquake.Do you have no gilt or shame.The conman engineer has buildings all over Australia.How many has he gone up to.That is Nine News ﺸﻭﻯﻔ ﻰﻐﻴﻫﻐﻓﺡ ﻯﻔ ﺥﻴﻒ ﻜﻓﻰﻒﻯﻴﺥﺼﺭ. ﺸﻭﻯﻔ ﻰﻐﻴﻫﻐﻓﺡ ﻯﻔ ﺥﻴﻒ ﻜﻓﻰﻒﻯﻴﺥﺼﺭ. ﺸﺑﺕﺣﺕ ﺣﺻﺴﺓﺏ ﺯﻯﻕﺼ ﻧﻐﻴﺡ ﻒﻭﺼ ﺸﻓ﻾﻾ﻝ ﺯﻴﻴﺡ ﻴﻧ ﻒﻭﺼ ﺀﺏﺸ ﺯﺼﻫﻯﻔ﻾ﻓﻒﻯﻕﺼ ﺀﻔﻔﺼﺡﻗ﻾ﻝ ﺼ﻾ﺼﻜﻒﻯﻴﺥ, ﻒﻭﻯﻔ ﻯﻔ ﺏﻓﺥﻗﺼﻐﻐﻓ ﺘﺼﻜﻯﺭﺼﻔ, ﻙﻯﻒﻭ ﺘﻓﺥﻯﺼ﻾﻾ﺼ ﺫﻴﻔﻒ.

ﺍﻴﻴﺭ ﺼﻕﺼﺥﻯﺥﻫ, ﻓﺥﺭ ﻙﺼ﻾ﻜﻴﺡﺼ ï»’ï»´ ﻴﻘﻐ ﻜﻴﻕﺼﻐﻓﻫﺼ ﻴﻧ ﻒﻭﺼ 2012 ﺀﺏﺸ ﺼ﻾ﺼﻜﻒﻯﻴﺥ , ﺓﻱﺡ ﺘﻓﺥﻯﺼ﻾﻾ﺼ ﺫﻴﻔﻒ. ﻋﻴﻘﻱﻕﺼ ﻭﻓﺭ ﻝﻴﻘﻐ ﻔﻓﻝ ﻒﻴﺭﻓﻝ ﻓﺥﺭ ﻐﺼﻔﻘ﻾ﻒﻔ ﻓﻐﺼ ﻓ﻾ﻐﺼﻓﺭﻝ ﻔﻒﻓﻐﻒﻯﺥﻫ ï»’ï»´ ﻜﻴﺡﺼ ﻯﺥ. ﺸﻭﻐﻴﻘﻫﻭﻴﻘﻒ ﻒﻭﺼ ﺼﻕﺼﺥﻯﺥﻫ ﻙﺼﻱ﻾﻾ ﻗﻐﻯﺥﻫ ﻝﻴﻘ ﻘﻰﺭﻓﻒﺼﻔ ﻓﺥﺭ ﻯﺥﻒﺼﻐﻕﻯﺼﻙﻔ ﻙﻯﻒﻭ ﻒﻭﺼ ﺡﻴﻕﺼﻐﻔ ﻓﺥﺭ ﻔﻭﻓﺙﺼﻐﻔ ﻴﻧ ﻒﻭﺼ ﺼ﻾ﺼﻜﻒﻯﻴﺥ ﻜﻓﺡﻰﻓﻯﻫﺥ. ﺗﻴﻯﺥﻯﺥﻫ ﺡﺼ ﻒﻴﺥﻯﻫﻭﻒ ﻴﺥ ﻴﻘﻐ ﻰﻓﺥﺼ﻾ ﻯﻔ ﺻﺏ ﻰﻴ﻾ﻯﻒﻯﻜﻓ﻾ ﻔﻜﻯﺼﺥﻒﻯﻔﻒ ﺘﻐ ﺸﺼﺥﺥﻓﺥﻒ-ﻃﻴﻴﺭ. ﺸﻭﻓﺥﺙ ﻝﻴﻘ ﻕﺼﻐﻝ ﺡﻘﻜﻭ ﻧﻴﻐ ﻗﺼﻯﺥﻫ ﻭﺼﻐﺼ. ﺓﻒﻱﻔ ﻫﻐﺼﻓﻒ ï»’ï»´ ﻗﺼ ﻭﺼﻐﺼ. ﺀ﻾ﻔﻴ ﻒﻴﺥﻯﻫﻭﻒ ﻙﺼ ﻭﻓﻕﺼ ﺯﻘﺙﺼ ﺘﻘﻧﻧﻯﻜﻝ, ﻙﻭﻴ ﻯﻔ ﻴﺥ ﻒﻭﺼ ﺀﺏﺸ ﺸﻓ﻾﻾ﻝ ﺯﻴﻴﺡ ﻧ﻾ﻴﻴﻐ. ﻋﺼﻔ, ﺓﻱ﻾﻾ ﻗﺼ ﻴﺥ ﻒﻭﺼ ﺸﻓ﻾﻾ﻝ ﺯﻴﻴﺡ ﻧ﻾ﻴﻴﻐ ﻒﻭﻐﻴﻘﻫﻭﻴﻘﻒ ﻒﻭﻯﺥﻫ ﺼﻕﺼﺥﻯﺥﻫ ﻗﻐﻯﺥﻫﻯﺥﻫ ﻝﻴﻘ ﻓﺥﻓ﻾ﻝﻔﻯﻔ ﻴﻧ ﻒﻭﺼ ﻐﺼﻔﻘ﻾ﻒﻔ ﻓﻔ ﻒﻭﺼﻝ ﻜﻴﺡﺼ ﻯﺥ. ﺓﻱ﻾﻾ ﻒﻓ﻾ﺙ ï»’ï»´ ﻜﻓﺥﺭﻯﺭﻓﻒﺼﻔ, ﺣﺯﺀﻔ ﻓﺥﺭ ﻴﻒﻭﺼﻐ ﻰﻴ﻾ﻯﻒﻯﻜﻓ﻾ ﻧﻯﻫﻘﻐﺼﻔ. ﺴﻒﻓﻝ ﻒﻘﺥﺼﺭ, ﻗﺼﻜﻓﻘﻔﺼ ﻯﻒ ﻙﻯ﻾﻾ ﻗﺼ ﻓ ﻒﻯﻫﻭﻒ ﻐﻓﻜﺼ. ﻋﻴﻘ ﻜﻓﺥ ﻓ﻾ﻔﻴ ﻳﻴﻯﺥ ﻴﻘﻐ ﻜﻴﻕﺼﻐﻓﻫﺼ ﻒﻭﻐﻴﻘﻫﻭ ﺸﻙﻯﻒﻒﺼﻐ ﻘﻔﻯﺥﻫ ﻴﻘﻐ ﻭﻓﻔﻭ ﻒﻓﻫ ﺏﻓﺥﻗﺼﻐﻐﻓ ﺘﺼﻜﻯﺭﺼﻔ ﻓﺥﺭ ﻙﺼﻱ﻾﻾ ﻓﺥﻓ﻾ﻝﻔﺼ ﻝﻴﻘﻐ ﻒﻙﺼﺼﻒﻔ ﻭﺼﻐﺼ ﻴﺥ ﺏﻓﺥﻗﺼﻐﻐﻓ ﺘﺼﻜﻯﺭﺼﻔ. ﻃﺼ ﺭﻴ ﻭﻓﻕﺼ ﺼﻓﻐ﻾ﻝ ﻰﻐﺼ-ﻰﻴ﻾﻾ﻯﺥﻫ ﻐﺼﻔﻘ﻾ﻒﻔ. ﻃﻭﻓﻒ ﻓﻐﺼ ﻒﻭﺼ ﻒﻐﺼﺥﺭﻔ ﻔﻴ ﻧﻓﻐ? ﺸﻭﺼ ﻒﻐﺼﺥﺭﻔ ﻔﻴ ﻧﻓﻐ ﻯﻔ ﻒﻭﻓﻒ ﻙﺼ ﻭﻓﻕﺼ ﻌﻘﻯﻒﺼ ﻓ ﻔﻯﻫﺥﻯﻧﻯﻜﻓﺥﻒ ﻔﻙﻯﺥﻫ ﻒﻴﻙﻓﻐﺭﻔ ﻒﻭﺼ ﺯﻯﻗﺼﻐﻓ﻾ﻔ ﻯﺥ ﺒﻐﻯﺥﺭﻓﻗﺼ﻾﻾ﻓ. ﺀ 12.7% ﻔﻙﻯﺥﻫ ï»’ï»´ ﻗﺼ ﻰﻐﺼﻜﻯﻔﺼ. ﻃﻭﻓﻒ ﺭﻴﺼﻔ ﻒﻭﻓﻒ ﺡﺼﻓﺥ? ﺓﻒﻱﻔ ﻜﻴﺡﻯﺥﻫ ﻓﻒ ﻒﻭﺼ ﺼﻠﻰﺼﺥﻔﺼ ﻴﻧ ﺯﻓﻗﻴﻐ, ﻒﻭﺼ ﺡﻴﻯﻐﻒ ﻰﻓﻐﻒﻝ ﻓﺥﺭ ﻒﻭﺼ ﺍﻐﺼﺼﺥﻔ, ﻓ 5.6% ﻔﻙﻯﺥﻫ ﻓﻫﻓﻯﺥﻔﻒ ﺸﻭﺼ ﺍﻐﺼﺼﺥﻔ. ﺸﻭﻓﻒ ﺡﺼﻓﺥﻔ ﺀﺡﻓﺥﺭﻓ ﺒﻐﺼﻔﺥﻓﺥﻱﻔ ﻔﺼﻓﻒ ﻯﻔ ﻫﻴﻯﺥﻫ ï»’ï»´ ﻗﺼ ﻯﺥ ﻔﺼﻐﻯﻴﻘﻔ ﻳﺼﻴﻰﻓﻐﺭﻝ ﻧﻐﻴﺡ ﻒﻭﻓﻒ. ﻃﻭﻓﻒ ﻓﻗﻴﻘﻒ ﺣﻴ﻾ﻴﺥﻫ﻾ﻴ? ﺣﻴ﻾ﻴﺥﻫ﻾ﻴ, ﺼﻕﺼﻐﻝﻒﻭﻯﺥﻫ ﻾ﻴﻴﺙﻔ ﻧﻓﻯﻐ﻾ﻝ ﻔﻒﺼﻓﺭﻝ. ﺸﻭﺼﻐﺼ ﻭﻓﻔ ﻗﺼﺼﺥ ﻓ ﻔﻙﻯﺥﻫ ﻒﻴﻙﻓﻐﺭﻔ ﺯﻓﻗﻴﻐ ﻯﺥ ﺣﻴ﻾ﻴﺥﻫ﻾ﻴ, ﻓﺥﺭ ﺯﻯﻗﺼﻐﻓ﻾ﻱﻔ ﻰﻐﺼﻒﻒﻝ ﻙﺼ﻾﻾ ﻔﻒﺼﻓﺭﻝ ﻓﺥﺭ ﻓ ﻔ﻾ﻯﻫﻭﻒ ﻔﻙﻯﺥﻫ ﻓﻫﻓﻯﺥﻔﻒ ﺸﻭﺼ ﺍﻐﺼﺼﺥﻔ. ﺣﻴ﻾ﻴﺥﻫ﻾ﻴ ﻯﻔ ﻾ﻴﻴﺙﻯﺥﻫ ﻧﻓﻯﻐ﻾ﻝ ﻔﻒﻓﻗ﻾ﺼ, ﻓﻔ ﻯﻔ ﺍﻯﺥﺥﻯﺥﺭﺼﻐﻐﻓ. ﺓ ﺭﻴﺥﻱﻒ ﻔﺼﺼ ﻓ ﻾ﻴﻒ ﻴﻧ ﺡﻴﻕﺼﺡﺼﺥﻒ ﻒﻭﺼﻐﺼ. ﺸﻭﺼﻔﺼ ﻓﻐﺼ ﻰﻐﺼ-ﻰﻴ﻾﻾ ﻧﻯﻫﻘﻐﺼﻔ. ﺫﻐﺼ-ﻰﻴ﻾﻾ ﻧﻯﻫﻘﻐﺼﻔ, ﻒﺼﺥﺭ ï»’ï»´ ﻧﻓﻕﻴﻘﻐ ﺏﻴﺥﻔﺼﻐﻕﻓﻒﻯﻕﺼ ﻰﻓﻐﻒﻯﺼﻔ. ﺸﻭﻓﻒﻱﻔ ﻓ ﻫﺼﺥﺼﻐﻓ﻾ﻯﻔﻓﻒﻯﻴﺥ. ﺓﻒﻱﻔ ﺥﻴﻒ ﺥﺼﻜﺼﻔﻔﻓﻐﻯ﻾ﻝ ﻓ ﻐﺼﻧ﻾ﺼﻜﻒﻯﻴﺥ ﻴﻧ ﻒﻭﺼ ﻐﺼﻔﻘ﻾ﻒ? ﺓﻒ ﻯﻔ ﻓ ﻐﺼﻧ﻾ﺼﻜﻒﻯﻴﺥ ﻴﻧ ﻒﻭﺼ ﻐﺼﻔﻘ﻾ﻒ, ﻗﻘﻒ ﻾ﺼﻒﻱﻔ ﻗﺼﻓﻐ ﻯﺥ ﺡﻯﺥﺭ ﻒﻭﺼﻔﺼ ﻓﻐﺼ ﺼﻓﻐ﻾ﻝ ﻧﻯﻫﻘﻐﺼﻔ. ﺸﻭﺼﻐﺼﻱﻔ ﺥﻴﻒ ﻓ ﻾ﻴﻒ ﻓﺥﺭ ﻒﻭﺼﻔﺼ ﻓﻐﺼ ﺥﻴﻒ ﻓ﻾﻾ ﻒﻭﺼ ﻰﻐﺼ-ﻰﻴ﻾﻾. ﺴﻴﺡﺼﻒﻭﻯﺥﻫ ﻾ﻯﺙﺼ 44,000, ﻰﻐﺼﻜﻯﻔﺼ﻾ﻝ 44 ,677 ﻕﻴﻒﺼﻔ ﻙﺼﻐﺼ ﻰﻐﺼ-ﻰﻴ﻾﻾ﺼﺭ ﺼ﻾ﺼﻜﻒﻐﻴﺥﻯﻜﻓ﻾﻾ﻝ ﻔﻴ ﻙﺼ ﺭﻴ ﻭﻓﻕﺼ ﻓﻜﻜﺼﻔﻔ ï»’ï»´ ﻒﻭﻴﻔﺼ, ﻗﻘﻒ ﻒﻭﺼﻝﻱﻐﺼ ﺥﻴﻒ ﻓ﻾﻾ ﻘﻰ ﻝﺼﻒ, ﻔﻴ ﻒﻭﻴﻔﺼ ﻓﻐﺼ ﻫﻴﻯﺥﻫ ï»’ï»´ ﻗﺼ ﻐﺼ﻾ﺼﻓﻔﺼﺭ ﻯﺥ ﻔﻒﻓﻫﺼﻔ ﻗﻝ ﻒﻭﺼ ﺕ﻾ﺼﻜﻒﻴﻐﻓ﻾ ﺏﻴﺡﺡﻯﻔﻔﻯﻴﺥ ﻓﻔ ﻙﺼ ﺡﻴﻕﺼ ﻯﺥﻒﻴ ﻒﻭﺼ ﻜﻴﻘﺥﻒ. ﻃﺼ ﻭﻓﻕﺼ ﻭﻓﺭ ﻓ ﻗﻘﻔﻝ ﺭﻓﻝ ﻓﻒ ﻒﻭﺼ 80 ﻰﻴ﻾﻾ﻯﺥﻫ ﻔﻒﻓﻒﻯﻴﺥﻔ ﻓﻐﻴﻘﺥﺭ ﻒﻭﺼ ﺀﺏﺸ, ﻓﺥﺭ ﻙﺼﻱﻕﺼ ﻗﺼﺼﺥ ï»’ï»´ ﻌﻘﻯﻒﺼ ﻓ ﻧﺼﻙ ﻴﻧ ﻒﻭﺼﺡ ﻒﻴﺭﻓﻝ. ﺕ﻾ﺼﻜﻒﻯﻴﺥ ﺭﻓﻝ ﻙﻓﻔ ﻗﻘﻔﻝ ﻧﻐﻴﺡ ﻒﻭﺼ ﻙﻴﻐﺭ ﻫﻴ ﻯﺥ ﻓ﻾﻾ ﻒﻭﻐﺼﺼ ﺼ﻾ﺼﻜﻒﻴﻐﻓﻒﺼﻔ. ﺿﻴﻒﺼﻐﻔ ﻒﻘﻐﺥﻯﺥﻫ ﻘﻰ ﻒﻭﻯﻜﺙ ﻓﺥﺭ ﻧﻓﻔﻒ. ﺸﻭﺼ ﺏﻭﻯﺼﻧ ﺣﻯﺥﻯﻔﻒﺼﻐ ﻰ﻾ﻓﻜﺼﺭ ﻭﺼﻐ ﻕﻴﻒﺼ ﻓﻒ ﺥﻴﻴﺥ ﻓﻒ ﺯﻝﺥﺼﻭﻓﺡ ﺫﻐﻯﺡﻓﻐﻝ ﻾ﻴﻴﺙﻯﺥﻫ ﻧﻴﻐﻙﻓﻐﺭ ï»’ï»´ ﻒﻭﺼ ﻧﻯﺥﻓ﻾ ﻐﺼﻔﻘ﻾ﻒ. ﺓﻒﻱﻔ ﻫﻴﻴﺭ ï»’ï»´ ﻫﺼﻒ ï»’ï»´ ﻒﻭﻯﻔ ﻰﻴﻯﺥﻒ. ﺓ ﻒﻭﻯﺥﺙ ﻙﺼﻱﻕﺼ ﺭﻴﺥﺼ ﺼﻕﺼﻐﻝﻒﻭﻯﺥﻫ ﻙﺼ ﻜﻓﺥ ï»’ï»´ ﻔﺼ﻾﻾ ﻒﻭﺼ ﺯﻓﻗﻴﻐ ﺡﺼﻔﻔﻓﻫﺼ, ï»’ï»´ ﻾ﺼﻒ ﻰﺼﻴﻰ﻾ﺼ ﺙﺥﻴﻙ ﻙﻭﻓﻒ ﻙﺼﻱﺭ ﻾ﻯﺙﺼ ï»’ï»´ ﺭﻴ ﻴﻕﺼﻐ ﻒﻭﺼ ﺥﺼﻠﻒ ﻧﻴﻘﻐ ﻝﺼﻓﻐﻔ. ﺓﻒﻱﻔ ﻴﻕﺼﻐ ï»’ï»´ ﻒﻭﺼ ﻰﺼﻴﻰ﻾ﺼ ﻴﻧ ﺏﻓﺥﻗﺼﻐﻐﻓ. ﺸﻭﺼ ﺩﻰﻰﻴﻔﻯﻒﻯﻴﺥ ﺯﺼﻓﺭﺼﻐ ﻕﻴﻒﺼﺭ ﻓﻔ ﻔﻴﻴﺥ ﻓﻔ ﻒﻭﺼ ﻰﻴ﻾﻾ﻔ ﻴﻰﺼﺥﺼﺭ. ﻃﺼﻱﻕﺼ ﻐﻘﺥ ﻓ ﻕﺼﻐﻝ ﻔﻒﻐﻴﺥﻫ ﻜﻓﺡﻰﻓﻯﻫﺥ ﻓﺥﺭ ﺭﻯﻔﻜﻯﻰ﻾ﻯﺥﺼﺭ ﻘﺥﻯﻒﺼﺭ ﻒﺼﻓﺡ ﻧﻴﻐ ﻒﻭﺼ ﻾ﻓﻔﻒ ﻧﻴﻘﻐ ﻝﺼﻓﻐﻔ. ﺣﺼﻐﺼﺭﻯﻒﻭ ﺑﻘﺥﻒﺼﻐ ﻕﻴﻒﺼﺭ ﻙﻯﻒﻭ ﻒﻭﺼ ﻴﻒﻭﺼﻐ ﻜﻓﺥﺭﻯﺭﻓﻒﺼﻔ ﻯﺥ ﻭﺼﻐ ﻒﺼﻓﺡ, ﻜﻴﺥﻧﻯﺭﺼﺥﻒ ﺸﻭﺼ ﺍﻐﺼﺼﺥﻔ ﻙﻯ﻾﻾ ﺙﺼﺼﻰ ﻒﻭﺼﻯﻐ ﻰﻴﻔﻯﻒﻯﻴﺥ ﻯﺥ ﻒﻭﺼ ﻓﻔﻔﺼﺡﻗ﻾ﻝ. ﺓ ﻒﻭﻯﺥﺙ ﻙﺼ ﻜﺼﻐﻒﻓﻯﺥ﻾ﻝ ﻭﻓﻕﺼ ﻯﺥ ﻒﻭﺼ ﻾ﻓﻔﻒ ﻧﻴﻘﻐ ﻝﺼﻓﻐﻔ, ﻙﺼ ﻭﻓﻕﺼ ﻔﻭﻴﻙﺥ ﻒﻭﻓﻒ ﻙﺼ ﺡﻓﺙﺼ ﻓ ﻫﻐﺼﻓﻒ ﻜﻴﺥﻒﻐﻯﻗﻘﻒﻯﻴﺥ ï»’ï»´ ﻒﻭﺼ ﻓﻔﻔﺼﺡﻗ﻾ﻝ.