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This program is captioned live. Giant bal battle for Sydney zoo keeper after being crushed by an elephant. Breast cancer breakthrough. The test to help reveal a woman'sry can 20 years in advance. The rocket man - meet the Perth driving.

Perth driving.It's Saturday 20th October. Good to have your company. It's a bit of girl power here on the coach this morning on Weekend Today.We are like angels here. Cam is in Melbourne for Caulfield Cup. I think you'd be Kate Jackson if you were the Hells Angels. She had a little bit of a flick, yeah.Good morning, Australia. 20th of October. I've been looking forward to this cup for a long time, it's Caulfield Cup. 20,000 fans expected to go see Glenn amongst others take on the cream of stayers and international stayers for the big race. Great coverage across the Nine network today. It's all happening down here at South Gate today. I'm going to show you some of my favourite haunts around the South Gate area of Melbourne. It's a beauty, I can't wait to take you around. First, let's get a quick look at the weather. Hot with a chance of a late storm in Brisbane. A beautiful day in both Sydney and Melbourne. There may be a few showers in Adelaide and sunshine for Perth. A top of 27 degrees.Now it's news time with Deb Knight.A woman has suffered second degree burns to her back and arms after an horrific attack in Melbourne overnight. The 40-year-old and a friend pulled up in a car in a unit outside Collingwood after 7:00. A man approached the pair and set her alight. The woman's friend was able to extinguish the flames and was rushed to hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. A toddler has escaped unharmed after a car smashed through his room in Melbourne's north-west. The vehicle lost control and slammed into the St Allbans home just before midnight narrowly missing the little boy's caught. He was trapped in the wreckage of the room and was eventually rescued by fire crews.We discovered a small child standing up against the door. The door couldn't be opened because the structure had been weakened and we entered through a broken window and brought the child back outside.The driver of the week vehicle was apprehended at the scene. Lose Meldrum has -- Lucy Melo has spent the night at hop after being attacked at Taronga Zoo.Lucy Melo spent the night in hospital in a critical but stable condition having suffered serious crush injuries to her chest and damage to internal orgians. She is expected to remain there today. She was rushed to the hospital yesterday afternoon after 2-year-old elephant pinned her against a Bollard in its enclosure during a routine washing session. We believe she was teaching the elephants to watch. He may have been trying to challenge his keeper. Two other keepers were in the enclosure. They herded the elephant away and called an ambulance. Lucy was conscious and talking when the first lot of paramedics arrived.Such a terrible incident. Do we know the latest from the zoo on the young elephant this morning?As of late last night the elephant hadn't been separated from the rest of the herd. She was still with the eight other elephants in the enclosure. They appear to be calm and comfortable. That exhibit is due to reopen today, where the baby will still be a popular attraction. She had been a popular attraction. Lucy Melo is responsible for raising him and the other calves. They appear to be quite close. She has spoken of her love of animals saying they are almost like family to cover. Work Cover attended the zoo to inspect the zoo. What will happen to the elephant remains to be scene. The search is under way for a young boy missing south-east of Canberra. 10-year-old Jayden Osmialowski left his home in Jerrabomberra around 7:00 last night following a minor family dispute. Authorities were told of his disappearance three hours later after he failed to return home. He was last seen wearing a grey and white T-shirt and blue shorts. A man has been charged after allegedly damaging a hospital waiting room in Sydney's oath. He smashed six glass panels at the Prince of Wales. The 25- year-old allegedly shattered a glass screen above a counter separating staff from patients. An Australian man has been jailed for six months after a dangerous protest at this year's Oxford rowing race. Trenton Oldfield delayed the race for 25 minutes after swimming in front of crews in the race in April. He was found guilty of being a public nuisance, prompting his wife to ple for support.Make your concern known as much as possible but to also many others who are currently otherwise being criminallised for protesting. Her hunt won't be deterred from protesting again. Multiple stkphents Oklahoma where 16 people were injured on a highway. The choking dust is believed to have been caused by freshly ploughed dirt blowing across the road. Locals have never seen dust quite like this. There may be fierce political rivalry. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney enjoyed laugh together in New York. The pair traded jokes many at each other's expense.We are each lucky to have one person always in our corner to lean on and a comforting presence without whom we wouldn't be able to go into the day. I have my beautiful wife Ann and he has Bill Clinton.Polls predict next month's election will come down to the wire. Of course we saw the boss Bruce Springsteen backing Barack Obama again. They are bringing out the superstars.He has all the cool supporters.They tend to come out for the Demacrats. We'll have your weather and sports news next. First, find out which Australian stunned the field to score his first This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to glorious Melbourne. Caulfield Cup here. I know Roz Kelly is looking to that as much as anybody around the country. Glench still the favourite but easing. It's certainly a big day for Jim Cassidy. He will ride the favourite in today's Caulfield Cup in what's effectively a comeback to the big time. He has spent more time in hospital than racetracks recently after his brother was involved in an accident. He is hoping to ride Glencadam Gold to glory for Gai Waterhouse. Last year's winner has been scratched. The Melbourne victory has its first win of the A League season. After conceding a penalty the victory hitback with a powerful Mark Milligan header. The team was destroyed by Brisbane last week. They scored the winning goal in the 67th minute. It was the Reds first loss of the season but a very welcome three points for Melbourne. Wallabies captain Nathan Sharpe will play his last test on home soil against the All Blacks tonight. Australia needs to play its best game this year to have a chance. The Kiwis are going for a 17th straight test win to equal their own record set in 1969. Queensland surfer Julian Wilson has won the Rip Curl proin port began and gone to world ranking number six. He scored 8.43 in the final against the Brazilian Gabe Maddington to get the job done. It was the 23- year-old's first world tour victory. Joel Parkinson was eliminated in the semifinals. He moves much ahead of Kelly Slater in the world title race with only two events remaining. The V8 supercars will go full trothal in the Gold Coast in qualifying for this afternoon's 300 kilometre race. There are showers and storms forecast so it could be extra difficult course to navigate. Case Stoner says he's he feeling much better and the times showed that as he was second fastest in the Malaysia GM trials. He was behind Dani Pedrosa team-mate. And finally n golf former Masters champion has missed the cut at the Perth international tournament. The South African won't be playing the weekend. Arch teenian leads the $2 million event at 11 under par. -- Argentinian. Back on the A-League, an historic day for the Sydney teams to the competition, the West Sydney Wanderers with their superstars.I reckon there could be a bit of feeling in this one. It's been Sydney FC's turf and,000 the west is coming to get them. -- now the west is coming to get they. A great day here in Melbourne. Let's welcome Emma Freedman to a fantastic morning. It will be picture perfect for the Cup. Absolutely. Couldn't have put it better myself. It will be a cracker day for the world's richest mile and a half. The BMW Caulfield Cup with 18 runners taking to the field today. It's a little bit cloudy here in Melbourne at the moment that. Will fine up and be a lufly 23 degrees. One of the days that racing fans across the country and the world really enjoy as well. We'll get straight into your fly around and see what's


There are a few of our equine friends doing a little bit on the track of Caulfield Cup. There will be nine feature races which we are looking forward to broadcasting. For us we have fashion and food all of the action from the David Jones Jones marquee.Emma, you will be on your feet all day. How do you stand there in heels. Can we look at your feet?I don't have heels on at the moment. I have flats on.You don't wear heels on grass. We learnt tra from the Prime Minister this week. My legs don't look long enough in heels so I had to make them look even shorter.You are a little lightning gem.A sperm donor has been made custody of a child in Queensland. We'll have that This program is not captioned. Presenting Macca's new
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This program is not captioned. Presenting Macca's new
Serious Angus Burger with a new home-style beef patty
made with garlic, parsley, onion and 100% Aussie Angus. And your old
Angus favourites have gotten serious too. (McDONALD'S THEME)

This program is not captioned.

A sperm donor won the right to raise his 7-year-old daughter after a bitter custody battle spanning four years. This is an incredibly complex and emotional situation. How is it different from other sperm donor cases?In most states if someone donates their sperm the law does not recognise them as the father. In fact, it's presumed that the donor is not the father. What this means is that they have no rights whatsoever in respect of the child. And also no obligations. Like wise, the child has no claims against the father. The biological father, for instance claiming in that person'sest state as an inheritance or whatever. The laws says if you donate sperm fine but you have no rights. What happens after that is that the woman's husband if she's married goes on the birth certificate or if in a relationship, the person she's with goes on the certificate as the parent. However,

parent. However, this was a private donation. These people don't go through the process of signing consent documents and that's where the area opens up to problems. In a lot of cases however private sperm donors and the person receiving the sperm enter into an agreement that sets out the rights that each might have in respect of the child.So in this case the mother knows the sperm donor. You have to wonder, this must have wider ramifications for other sperm donors?Absolutely. If you go through a sperm bank the donation is anonymous. If you do a direct donation where you know the person involved, everybody knows who the biological father is. Which is probably a good idea. If some illness occurs in the future you might need to go back and check the biological father's history of medical history to see what happens there. If there is an agreement however what happens is that from time to time as we've seen in this case and it happened earlier in 2002 and 2006, the Family Court will look into what rights the biological father should have. In this instance they grant him full custody of the child.What this case does underline is how precarious these parenting partnerships can be. What advise would you give to people entering? Really give serious consideration to what rights they want the biological father to have. Do they want him to have contact, want any financial assistance, when do they want to tell the child who the biological father is, what other sort of arrangements need to be put in place. This has to be put in writing. You need an agreement. It's not an a agreement to knock up yourself over the coffee table. It should be a properly drawn up agreement. If push comes to shove down the track you need to show the court that we have an arrangement. Without that biological father's got nothing.Look, I think the great advice is to trade carefully when entering one of these contracts. Coming up - Richard Wilkins, movie of the week. This week he's looking at 'Savages'. It sounds pretty good. I like this kind of fishing. When the fish throws themselves at the boat. Fishing the real way. This program is not captioned.

Making news - three people have been rushed to hospital after a major crash west of Melbourne overnight. It's believed men driving a stolen car ran a red light and collided head -on with another vehicle.The woman was very lucky with the vehicle appearing to have run a red light, T-boned her and it could have been worse. The offenders fled the scene. They are still on the run.40-year-old Sydney zoo keeper Lucy Melo has been crushed by a young elephant at Taronga Zoo yesterday. She was pinned against a post while teaching the animal how to wash himself. He weighed more than 500kg. Up to 300 staff from the Commonwealth Bank are being treated to a holiday in Fiji. The bank is reportedly spending $5 hundred thousand on the island trip. Staff are being sent on the 4-day holiday as part of a reward scheme. It's a reward for hard working bank staff. A Sydney street was taken over by Hollywood last night for Hugh Jackman's latest blockbuster. A lane way was transformed into a Japanese street. More than 60 people crammed into the small area filled with signs and cars but unfortunately there was no sign of Hugh Jackman. We'll have to keep spotting him in the area.Where was he?At the gym working out.I was hoping to see him Deb. Next bull elt-in we want a shirtless Hugh Jackman.I don't know why I'm barking orders.I'll take those sort of orders, baby.Victory have lived up to their name defeating Adelaide 2-1 from auto gel down to beat their fierce rivals who were guilty of poor defence.

guilty of poor defence.We have to play the best game we've played this year by a way. And we are aware of that. We have had a great week of preparation. If we can translate into the performance on the field tomorrow night we'll give ourselves a shot. New Zealand is chasing 17th-straight test win. Australia prevented them from reaching that record before in 2010. Caulfield Cup champion has been scratched from today's big race with owners deciding to save her for the Cocks Plate instead. The trainer says that the field is one of the strongest in years and the international success may be set to continue with Irish import who has been prepared by Gai Waterhouse the favourite. Of course all of the action from Caulfield Cup here on Channel Nine. Onto the surfing. The 23-year-old beat Gabe Maddington and prestige in the car park was a motivating factor.? Sthoo From the first day I want to park further out.He is now world number six while Joel Parkinson continues to lead the title race after making the semis.-Oldian's Michael Caruso was ahead in practice on the Gold Coast. There are 11 Formula 1 drivers and ten IndyCar drivers. It's good news for Joel Parkinson. He has moved much further ahead chasing his first world title T would mean so much to win it in the Kelly Slater era before he ends up retiring. He has come so close so many times.He is an Australian boy. So popular.He would be stoked.I'm sure that would pop out a few times. We better get the weekend weather now with Emma Freedman. Just for you, I have got the heels on. We have entered the exclusive Dave Jones marquee here at Caulfield Cup. This is where all of the fabulous people will spend their day. Inspired by a Paris saloon. And also the food and drinks which everybody will enjoy later in the day. This is the place that you will want to spend your time in. You want to pick a winner today? It's a tough field in the Caulfield Cup. We have a guru to give you the thoughts


Jake has come here to show us how to pick a winner. For punters at home that don't usually bet what's your tips?Winning form is good form. If you find a horse with 1, 2 or 3 next to its name. As is a barrier closer to number one. The less distance a horse has to run, the better chance of winning. And a jockey horse combination.Glencadam Gold has the outside draw and we can see the marker here. Maybe a couple of horses that friends at home can look home for today.I like December Draw. This is his grand final day today and he's ready.That's Mark Kavanagh and he may get another winner in this big race. Otherwise, I will behaving a little bit of each way money. So many important horses running around in the Cups these days. Thank you Emma. Looking forward to joining you out there at Caulfield Cup later today. The heat is very much on swimming administraters at the moment. The question refer braiting after the London games. We are speaking to somebody who got it very right,els kutskuts. This program is not captioned. Morning, guys.
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any harmony pfplt coffee lovers, I'm going to show you Melbourne's best-kept secret that's out there in the open. You can have a little guess of where I may be taking you next. If you're in the need for a thrill - it could be that 'Savages' is the movie for you, it has love, drug, all-start cast. We don't want to go without Richard's verdict. Let's have a look at his movie of the week.Just because I'm telling you this story doesn't mean that I'm alive at the end of it. It's that kind of story.

that kind of story. And the lady who completes the love triangle...? Yes, I'm with both of them. She loves Sean. His best friend is his brother. It's a set-up which gets more complicated when she gets kidnapped by the drug cartel the boys are doing drugs with. Played by Salma Hayek. I found their weakness.She's such an incredible actress. To see her against these strong men and you see this tiny five foot tall woman tare these men apart. She's scary. Look who is in there as well, John Travolta. It's a fascinating game of cat and mouse, betrayl and of course love. Seven of my men dead. I told you they'd come for me.I want them to come and say that was exciting. I'll remember that movie, it stays in your memory. If you like 'em big, glossy and punches check out 'Savages'. It's a jungle.It's a cracking action film. Make sure to go see it. A big breakthrough in the battle against breast cancer. Details in 30 minutes. Up next - one hell of a fish tell - four Australian blokes in an epic battle against a Marilyn. This program is not captioned. Years ago, when the inventors
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This program is not captioned. against a Marilyn. Time to take a look at Most Clicked. A German orchestra surprised onlookers with a fantastic rendition of 'Star Wars'. Have a look at this.

Wars'. Have a look at this. Maybe a few more dollars would be left behind in that hat. Check out these finermen who caught a 250kg Marilyn in a bit of a different way. Woh it's jumping in the boat. Everything's gone. And he definitely was the fish that got away. At least they have proof of it. He just took off and gone. Amazing. Imagine the boys getting home. It was this big, no, it wasn't. Yeah, it was.I've got the video.And finally, to some unlikely friends - friendly. I used to have a cat that cleaned our dog's fur and he came out with this incredible hair-do with the hair licked off its face. Dogs and cats can get along.I love cute cat videos from the internet.And dogs. And finally - amazing vision of a simple camera.These guys are nuts. Amazing setting.Woh.I don't ski. I don't ski like that.Now you know what it feels like.That's what they are so good at.You can put the camera anywhere.In fact, when I jumped off a 26-storey building I had one of those attached to my head. It was supposed to be taking in the view. Was there any audio attached to that.The sound guy told me that you may not be able to use all of that audio. You dropped a few clangeers on the way down. Anyway, that was our Most Clicked. Australian diggers return to the site of one of the most important battles of World War II, that story is coming up next. First Michele Mahone in Tinseltown. Robert Pattinson is having difficulty doing something. I'll tell you what, coming up. # Drinks on me.

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This program is not captioned. MAN: (GERMAN ACCENT)
We are Opel, from Germany. In our 150-year history,
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This program is not captioned.

Let's get some Hollywood gossip with Michele Mahone. What's being said?They are going to throw it down. They are celebrating 50 years, the Rolling Stones as a band. They are going to do 70 tracks.What?He said they could do 30 but they're going to make it 70. He said they will do two shows in London and two in New Jersey. If you've never been, it's the armpit of America. They are just going to party like whipper snappers. And they have the stamina. They are fit guys.I wanted to bring this to new the news. I've held back - breaking news. Who is off the market?Just Tim and Jess Beale. It they were married yesterday in Italy. They have been dating since 2007 and she closed the deal. It's rumoured that they were married in Italy. We won't know the details because 'People' got exclusive pictures and they are coming out next week. She is lucky and he's hot.She's pretty hot too.It's an all-girls coach here, Michelle. What is Robert Pattinson finding hard to do with Kristen Stewart.Trust her. Can you imagine? What is that about!I love all of the ladies. Let's make this the whole show. Let's just get comfortable. She wants to get married. He's thinking maybe not. He wants the relationship to be just before she was caught cheating. Good luck with that one.Let me set the rules after I cheat on you. Have a seat. So he's like maybe not. I don't know.Move on, Rob earth. Come on.Thank you very much, we appreciate that.Justin Timberlake and Jess Beale. I like it.We have all agnoised over text messages sent to us by boys. We've all that conversation. Does he like me? A new website called he texted says it can help decode the messages. It's not just texting. It's email. It's voicemail. It's snail mail. That's regular mail.Whatever, none of it's working.Movies depict it. So often your girlfriends give you the advice you want to hear, not what you need to know. So where does a girl turn? How about He the site you take a screen grab of your conversation, post it and then wait to see what people think. Like here.They wanted to share a strudel with her. She's asking what it means and we're saying say no to the strudel. Others write into the site for more personal attention.I told the situation, I told him I work with the guy, he's really nice, I assume that he just wants to grab a friendly cup of coffee.You didn't want to give him the wrong idea and I didn't want to be rude.No way, I have a boyfriend. So I'm wondering does he like me as a friend since we technically went to clefrpbl together or like me more than that? Chris decodes the text messages or email exchanges.What do you think it is about text messages that creates such ambiguity that girls need to have them deciphered by another guy.Simple. When you text message there's no emotion because there's just a quick glip. I can see your facial ex pregs and that's why we use a smiley.Say yes to coffee, it's too obvious quard if you don't.Be sure to drop your boyfriend over the next few days. It was really good advice.Sexy and single. I'm just logging in to decode my messages. I'll let you know what we mean.Why do we sit there and analyse.That's what you do with a break-up. You have to chew the curd over that sort of stuff. A modern take.Here are the top stories on Weekend Today.A giant battle for a Sydney zoo keeper after being crushed by a an elephant. Breast cancer breakthrough - the new test that could help reveal a woman's risk 20 years in advance. Australia's rocket man - meet the Perth driver aiming to become the fastest man on four wheels. And inside a K pop factory. How Korean music schools are pumping out hits like Gangnam Style. # Sexy lady. Good morning. It's Saturday 20th October. Good to have your company. It's a bit loany here on the couch this morning. Cam is down in Melbourne.I'm on the river. Thankfully Peter from Melbourne Water Taxis brought me for a jaunt around the city. Particularly early in the morning when there is nobody else except the rowers. Fantastic. $10 gets you a day pass on one of these little numbers. It's a nice way to move around from point to point. The current mayor of Melbourne says if he's re-elected we'll see a lot more of these beauties. It will be a busy day because of Caulfield Cup here in Melbourne. There is plenty happening along the banks of the river. We'll show you some of those activities a little later in the show.You are looking very 007 on that bet. Let's get some news first with Deb Knight.A woman has been doused in petrol and set alight in Melbourne. Suffering second degree burns to her back and arms. She drove with a friend to a unit in Collingwood. The woman's friend extinguished the flames and she was rushed to hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. A 31-year-old suspect has been taken into police custody. A toddler is lucky to be alive after a car crashed through his bedroom in Melbourne's north- west. The vehicle slammed into the St Allbans home before midnight. The car missed the cot the child was sleeping in by 1m. The boy was rescued by firefighters after being trapped behind a door. The driver of the car was apprehended at the scene.The elephant enclosure at Taronga Zoo will be open to the public today despite a keeper being attacked by a calf yesterday morning. 40-year-old Lucy Melo was pinned against a post by 2.5-year- old Paddy. Taronga Zoo maintains the elephant program posses no risk to the public.There was never any risk to the public at any time nor is there now. Our elephants are calm and comfortable. Lucy Melo suffered injuries to her chest in the incident and is in a critical but stable condition in hospital.A car bombing has killed eight people and injured 78 in Lebanon. The attack in the capital of Beirut was reportedly targeting a top intelligence official. No group has claimed responsibility. It's the most serious blast in Beirut for more than four years. There's a major health scare for Australians who have undergone hip or knee replacements or breast implants over the past decade. 300 deaths have been linked to dodgy prosecution tethics. It's up to manufacturers to declear the safety of their own devices. If you are planning a trip to Queensland and have some spare change we have the accommodation for you. Kevin Rudd has opened up his beach house as a holiday rental. Near noosea it's being advertised as offering amazing ocean views. An off-peak stay will set you back $480 per night.I think it's very much safe and secure.It is one of the most prestigious races in Australia and Jim Cassidy is thrilled to be riding the favourite in today's Caulfield Cup. He has spent more time in hospital than on the race course recently when his brother was hit by a truck. Last year's winner has been scratched and about target next week's Cocks Plate. The A-League will have its first Sydney Derby tonight. Adelaide has seen plenty of Victory, Victory won 2-1 when Mark Milligan's powerful header took them to the advantage. It was the Reds first loss of the season but a very welcome three points for Melbourne. Wallabies captain Nathan Sharpe is hoping for a winning send-off in Brisbane tonight. The clash with New Zealand will be his 112th test and last on home soil. He admits the injury-defeated Wallabies have to play at their best against an All Blacks team chasing a 17th-straight victory. Queensland surfer Julian Wilson has won Rip Curl proin port began and gone to a career-high ranking of world number six. He scored 8-43 in the final against the Brazilian young gun. It was the 23 recalled yes, sir first world tour victory. Joel Parkinson was elittlenated by Joel Wilson but he moves further ahead of Kelly Slater in the world title race with only two events remaining. One of the big drawcards for the Perth international golf tournament has had an early exit. He can spend the rest of the weekend sight seeing. The Argentinian leads the event at 11 under par. Jason Dufner is close behind. There are showers and storms forecast for the race up on the Gold Coast. Michael Caruso was the fastest in practice. Case Stoner is shaping up as a contender despite feeling pain as his brokian ankle mends. He was just behind Dani Pedrosa. Shane Watson is on his way home from South Africa sent back from the tournament by Cricket Australia to have some rest bfrt test season begins in three weeks time. I would like to know your thoughts. Do you know the cricketers are playing too much cricket or not enough? Let's get some weekend


Good morning, Sarah. Inside the exclusive Dave Jones marquee here at the Caulfield Cup all of the guests will have these delicious bites to nibble on throughout the day. This is a lovely little strawberry tart. We have a little French tent. Everything in the marquee is influenced by France. A lemon herrening cupcake which a surprise inside.

Luke and Tom have arranged the drink are -- for us today. There's white peach in there. I'm very tempted to try this. I'm told they are superb and this is what all of the guests will be enjoying as we watch Caulfield Cup go by. Coming up - you want to look race-day ready with your hair and make-up. We have all of the tips for you.Go on, Emma, it's midday somewhere in the world.A big breakthrough in the battle against breast cancer. We'll speak to Dr Ross Walker in three minutes time. First to Sydney's Taronga Zoo. Where keeper Lucy Melo was crushed by an elephant and is now fighting for her life. Joining us now is Amelia Ballinger from the zoo. What do we know about Lucy's condition this morning?Sarah, she spent the night in the hospital in a critical but stable condition after suffering crush injuries and possible brokian ribs and damage to internal organs. She is recovering with her family. She was rushed to the hospital yesterday afternoon after she was pinned in an elephant enclosure by a 2-year-old during a routine washing session. We understand that she was teaching the elephants something to watch, as she did every day. Somehow the elephant turned on her, crushing her against a fence post. There were two other keepers in the enclosure at the time. They heard her screams and rushed to her help. When the first lot of paramedics arrived she was conscious and talking but did lapse into unconsciousness and cardiac arrest after five minutes. We understand her husband who is also a head elephant keeper here at the zoo had to watch on as paramedics tried to revive her. They got her heart beating after some time and took her to hospital.We understand that Lucy Melo was a much-loved member of staff there. What's the latest from Taronga Zoo this morning?Yesterday afternoon the zoo launched an internal investigation into the incident. A work Cover investigations with launched. She was a much-loved member of staff and this has very much upset the staff and management. She was an experienced elephant keeper, working at the zoo since 2004. She has been very responsible for this calf. She helped him through a very difficult birth, he had a lot of weakness on his left side which made it difficult for him to walk. She helped him learn to walk among other staff, she's barely been away from his side ever since. She's spoken about the elephants as being part of her family. You can understand how upset she must be. What they were doing was a daily routine. What prompted the elephant to turn on her yesterday, we don't know. The elephants yesterday appeared to be calm and comfortable. The 2-year- old is still in the enclosure with seven other elephants and that exhibit will reopen today.Thank you very much for that update. Such a terrible incident. Our thoughts are with Lucy Melo's family and colleagues today. Returning to one of the most important battles to World War II. A medical breakthrough that could reveal a woman's risk of breast cancer 20 years in advance. It's incredible. Today doctor Ross Walker joins us. Good morning. How promising is this new research? This has come from the Nurse's Health Study which has been going on for 30 years in Harvard. In one sub-set they took east again and DHAS and measured this 20 years ago, 10 years and now. Those who had the highest levels were in the top risk of breast cancer.

of breast cancer. It could certainly ring alarm bells. Just because you have a problem doesn't mean you will go on to have the breast cancer. So yes it just is indicative. I think it's importantly. If you have high hormone levels you should have more regular surveillance than somebody who doesn't need it as often. There's the concept of hormone replacementtherapyy. Many women suffer from the symptoms of menopause. Maybe you are the person who is appropriate for replacementtherapyy.Which would be useful to a lot of women.In terms of the hormone testing how invasive is it?A simple blood test every ten years. The point s it's such a good predicter down the track. I think it's important research.So a 20-year warning. How soon is the ability to determine whether you get breast cancer at the moment? Right now. You can have the test immediately. These are simple tests that have been available for years and they were available 20 years ago. We now have these very important results.How accurate are the current breast screening procedures?85-90% accurate. There's no test in medicine that is 100% accurate.We suggest women starting at age 50-70 should have a mammogram every two years. Maybe with these blood tests we can separate the women who need the tests more often.Terms of medical Bruce it's sometimes before we see it in regular practice.I think it's just more evidence in our fight against cancer.Let's hope it gets the grounged.Promising research.Great news for women everywhere. Alicia Coutts winner of five medals in London joins us live in two minutes time. First to one of the most important battles of World War II. The Australian diggers who led the allys to victory return to the battlefield in Egypt and Peter Stefanovic is there as well.On a search for his old mate through the dusty war semetry Bill finally found him and the emotion spilled out. Mr Dowling was 23 when killed in action.

was 23 when killed in action. John needed a hug to settle down after finding the headstone of a friend he hadn't seen when he was killed in the war 70 years ago. We worked well together. Never argued. Jack came here to see the grave of his school mate Lloyd, they had been on a mission together in 1942 before Evans stepped on a landmine. The worst part was when I got home his father asked me all about it. That was pretty difficult. That's part of war I suppose.It may have taken a while but the vets who made the trip here feel like a weight has been lifted. It offers another chance to say goodbye. We've seen a dozen veterans who have seen the head stones of old friends who died in the war. There are more than 1200 head stones representing brave Australian soldiers who were lost in the war. 21 Australian veterans are here to mark 70 years since they sought here. Walking over the old battlefields casts the memory a long way back.When the onslaught started through the night you could read a book. In the light created by the flashes of the guns. Near the old railway two members of this touring party had met before, seven decades ago gene was a nurse.You were the little angel standing beside me when I woke up in hospital.That's a long time ago. That was only 70 years ago.Fancy remembering all of that from 70 years ago.Wonderful surprise in the dessert 70 years after the war, which is what can make these missions so valuable. So far from Australia but so important to our history and so much of our DNA is tied up in that battle. Let's move on now on Weekend Today to a battle of a different kind. Our sporting administraters particularly swimmers are under a lot of heat at the moment as the refer braigss from perceived failures in the London swimming pool continue to be a success.

As we hear more and more stories coming out of London.I went to the event to give it everything I had and that's all I concentrated on. It was all about getting out there and performing and doing the best job I could on the day. I can't speak on behalf of anybody else and how their experiences were and how they adapted to the Olympic environment.It looks like swimming is moving forward and it will be a big camp in Queensland early next year to get everybody back on side. It seems there was a little by of a fraction in the camp during the London experience. What's on your plate today? You have a lot happening in Sydney today?I'm here in Sydney by Rocks for the health and well-being exhibition this weekend. It will be an action- packed two days. It's a free event to anybody who wants to come down and be involved. There will be product sampling, manicures, onsite, makeovers consultations. We also have the mind area where we will have some experts speaking about their experiences and we have some ambassadors coming down. I'll be here this afternoon with my medals if anybody wants to come and have a chat and look at those. We also have her Kerr's yoga instructer here doing some classes. It will be an awesome weekend.

an awesome weekend.You wear those five medals well. Thank you very much for being with us today.Thank you.South Korea's latest pop sensation Psy has left everybody with Gangnam Style fever. He's not the only one making chart toppers. We are going inside a K-pop factory to find out how they are cranking out the viral hits.The sensation Psy has gone to the top of the American charts. The video garnering more than 4 million hits. But Psy is just the leading edge of the South Korean pop invasion. #A wave of super groups with sleek moves. The hottest act, a nine- member girl group called Girls Generation complete with multiple languages. Lucrative endorsement deals and millions of hits on YouTube. But like generations of American super bands these bands are not born but rather built. Starting at a kind of boot camp run by the largest record company SM Entertainment. Every week hundreds of want to be stars o flock to casting calls to sing. And dance for a chance at K pop's stardom. Those lucky enough to be discovered sign long-term contracts and spend years in a trainee program. Learning discipline, perfecting every pitch, mastering every more. This is the first time cameras have been allowed inside the hit factory for a crash course in idol training. To test my own K pop potential, first stop the recording potential. # I decided Never to walk in anybody's 145oe It turns out that it's not as easy karaoke. But it's clear hip-hop is not my forte. The most challenging class a lesson in Korean. I'm showed how it's done. It kind of stings a little bit.For the lucky handful of successful trainees they are cast in one of the SM signature super groups and are rolled out like Hollywood blost busters with sales topping $3 billion per year this perfectly packaged K- pop poised to become one of the biggest exports. A bit of a slap on the tummy.We're tough enough for it, Deb. And we talk to the Australian daredevil out to beat the record. And the heist of the decade. Thieves made away with $300 million worth of art. How did they do it? Like in the movies. We'll speak to one of the top art investigaters ahead on Weekend


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It's certainly lovely here at Pony Fish cafe, the only cafe literally on the river here in Melbourne. Very quiet at the moment. They opened up especially for us. The boys are very modest. I asked if they won any awards for coffee and they said not so much. It's a great place to stop and the coffee is good. Checking out in the 'Herald Sun' today about the betting scam that's hit the AFL. Making money at the races seems easy, there is something going on, you would expect. More details to emerge in the news. Just a quick scene-setter. This is the pedestrian bridge which was a gift to Melbourne City. The Prince's Bridge up above, you can assume that they are saving for another bridge. I think that one came pretty cheap. It's a beautiful deities Caulfield Cup day. Fantastic. You are one lucky man. Time to get the news though with Deb Knight.Good morning to you. Car thieves have caused a major crash west of Melbourne overnight. Police say men driving a stolen car ran a red light before smashing head I don't know with another vehicle at Dear Park.She was very lucky. With the vehicle appearing to have run a red light T-boned her and it could have been worse.The offenders fled the scene, they are still on the run. A Sydney zoo keep injuries is surrounded by her family in hospital after being crushed by an elephant at Taronga Zoo. Lucy Melo is in a stable condition with serious injuries. She was pinned against a point by 2.5-year-old elephant. Experts say the young elephant may have been challenging his trainer. The enclosure will remain open to the public today. A blaze destroyed a home north of Brisbane every night in the front room of the property around 1:00. Crews fought the flames from the street and were able to bring the fire under control. A candle may have been the cause. Fierce political rivals Barack Obama and Mitt Romney may be neck and neck in presidential race but they let their hair down a little bit at a charity dinner they both attended in New York.I went shopping at some stores in mid town, I understand the governor went shopping for some stores. The pair will battle a third and final debate before election di next month. Yes, a Hollywood power couple has tide the knot with Jess Beale and Justin Timberlake saying I do in an intimate service. 'People' magazine was told that the wedding was beautiful and special. After five years of being engaged and going out it's good that they have tide the knot. Justin apparently sang during the ceremony. Michele Mahone I bet will have the gossip.Congratulations to them. Good morning everybody. If you are just joining us. It's an historic night with the first Sydney Derby featuring Allesandro del Piero. They have lived up to their name for the first time this season defeating Adelaide 2-1 from a goal down to beat rivals worp guilty of poor defence. The Reds coach says it was a game that got away. Kau Cup last year's winner won't race today. The field is one of the strongest in years and the international success may be set to continue with Irish import Glencadam Gold who has been prepared for by Waters. Julian Wilson has broken through for his first world tour victory in Portugal taking out the Rip Curl pro. The 23-year-old beat Gabe Medvedev with a last-ditch ride and prestige in the car park was his motivating factor.They park our cars in the ranking system and from the first day I wanted to go up that way and park further up. He's now world number six while Joel Parkinson is car park number one. He continues to lead the title race after making the semifinal. Sam Stosur is into the semifinals in Moscow. She crushed the Russian 6:1. Some stars of world golf have been upstaged by a 20-year-old from arch tinna in Perth. With 22.5 million prize money. He's eying off his first professional victory. World number 10 Jason Dufner is only five shots back in a tie for fourth. Michael Caruso was fastest in today's practice on the Gold Coast. Indiay drivering will Power is among 28 guest drivers getting behind the wheel along with 11 past Formula 1 drivers. We asked you if you thought Australian cricketers were playing too much or not enough. People are getting fiery about it, our couch selecters at home. Most say as much cricket as possible. If you thought the V8s were fast you have to watch this story coming up in six minutes time. We chat to the Australian who was out to become the fastest man on earth. He wants to hit speeds of more than 1500km/h. We'll have more on that story in six minutes time. Scary stufplt first - time for the weather with Emma Freedman. -- scary stuff. It's important when heading to the track to have your hair and make-up done to perfection. We're lucky in the Dave Jones marquee that you can come and visit the Bobbi Brown pamper room.We'll take you through the tips The

It's all about long-wear make-up at the moment. A great jd to line your eyes with something like this and use a glistening shadow to make your eyes pop. Also a sheer and low foundation helps you to stay youthful and radiant and of course a lip gloss in your bag is a terrific idea. For hair - a slick ponytail is always a great bet because most hats will fit with that kind of trend. You don't get affected by the weather and wind and rain too much. Everything stays in its exact place. Coming to the fashion though. It's going to be a lovely day here at Caulfield Cup. Sunshine all day. What you should bewaring is coming up in the next little while.Still to come on Weekend Today - one of the biggest art robberies in history. How do the thieves pull it off? Like a great movie heist? We'll have what's making news up next. Find out how to book a room in House.

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An Australian race crew is hoping to set a new land speed record in a car. But the Australian invader is no ordinary car. Joining us from the Sydney Moat Show is Rosco McGlasham. Good morning. We are looking at these pictures. It's a flash looking set of wheels. Talk us through all of the bells and whistles.This is a very special project, darling. We have been on the job for probably 45 years to make the world's fastest car. Basically this is a model of what it will look like. The world's most powerful car. Acceleration rate of 125km/h in 2 seconds. The complete car is not quite ready yet. To give you a run through. It has a helium bank in the front of the car that blows liquid oxygen tank with 2 ton of helium blowing through the car, underneath the driver's compartment. The fuel comes together into the motor and a big bang, full power, in 5 miliseconds. A very exciting bit of gear.It would be pretty costly to fill up?Not really. It's probably the greenest race car ever built. The thing we're most excited about it, we have he only got our hands on these. The first wheels in the world 1,000km/h wheel. They have taken years and years of development. These wheels turn at over 10,000 RPM. These are the heart and soul of the speed, apart from having the power to do it. It's a V3 rocket motor. Injecter has been tested and run. And as I say, the performance on the car, standing start to 1600km/h in 20 seconds. Also a CD player and fancy cup holders I hear.Ross co, you are hitting speeds at 1.5 times the speed of sound. Why?It's there. It's been my lifetime mission. And I suppose I asked that question a lot. It's not an ego trip for me or the crew. We don't have egos. We want to achieve this for God and country. We hold the world water speed record. We want to hold the land speed record. It involves science, technology, engineering, mathematics, human endeavour and everything you can throw at it. I say look at the Olympics. Here's something that's going to enhance the whole human race with what we are out to achieve and it's a very exciting project. It's not an ego trip for myself. If anybody wants to have a drive of the car, they can do it.You hit high speeds in this thing. How dangerous is it travelling at that speed?Obviously it's like anything, darling. We'll test the engine next year. You don't sit your bum in the car, it's a huge testing program. The first time the car leaves the trailor it will go 400km/h in a test program. We'll sneak up on the 1,000km/h. You don't sit your bum in the consider and go 1,000km/h. You sneak up on it.It must feel incredible travelling at that pace. I've got the title of fastest Australian on earth. It's a really amazing sensation. This car will be going faster than a bull yet out of a handgun. Nobody's ever gone there before. I say to people if they say am I fit enough or strong enough or handsome enough, who knows, let's see.It's a pretty sweet hide. Absolutely, Sarah.We are having a wonderful ride here on the banks of the river on Caulfield Cup morning. What's making news? Melbourne has really turned it on today. It will be a great day. But a lot of people will be unhappy when they hear about this Commonwealth Bank junket, staff being sent to an all-expenses paid holiday in Fiji. They are not passing much of the rate cuts on to us. I think we have a right to be a little oe fended.This is a bank that made $7 billion profit and it goes to show the contempt that they have not only for customers but staff as well. It may be OK if you are one of the chosen 300 on this great trip. But it comes off the bank of normal staff struggling to hold onto their jobs. Forced every day to upsell products that people don't need. And it goes to show the contempt that this bank has for not only its customers but average staff as well.I think Commonwealth shareholders who have done well is thinking is that the best use of money. I think from all sides it looks a bit rough that one.Unless of course you are on the trip. Happy days.The Security Council appointment, there was great euphoria in political ranks about. This but Rupert Murdoch has tweeted feelings along my way of thinking which is big deal. Bob Carr would disagree. It matters we won. Australians like to win whether it's the cricket or swimming at the Olympics. Australians like to win. I think people are a little bit proud. They don't know what they're proud about. They are proud that we are there. I think people think it's good that we have a seat at this time. I think people don't know what it's going to do for us. To be honest, we have a pretty feeble voice at that table. I don't know if that was $25 million really well spent. Let us know on social media whether you think the Security Council seat is a big one in your life. Kevin Rudd, he has a nice pad at Noosa and we can all stay there.This is $3 million holiday house. I love when you hear of people whose holiday houses are worth that. What's his normal house worth? Politicians must be paid pretty well these days. I love the idea that we have jumpists from Canberra trying to stay there. And try to get all of the Kevin Rudd secrets and notes on how to take back the prime ministership etc.I think there may be a document shred-year in the office.Skinny dipping sailors. Is this a big deal?They say that these sailors are on a two-drink per dayration. Clearly some have gone over that. I think it was hilarious that they had to apologise to the society of Christmas Island because it was so embarrassing that the sailors did T I think some of them were probably quieten joying the view.It's the only way to swim I reckon.Thank you very much. Polar bears may soon disappear. That's in our next 30 minutes. And how did thieves steel paintings worth billions of dollars. We speak to the world's top art Next


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Welcome back. It is great to have your company. For years, Hollywood has glamorised art theft with famous scenes like this.

By the skin of his teeth he gets away. But it happens in row life as well. This week, thieves stole masterpieces worth nearly $300 million. How did they get away with it? We have a former FBA IJ and -- agent and now art theft investigator or Robert Whitman. You have been involved in some high-profile cases of art theft over the years. The European one that happened in the Netherlands, it was a big one. How did they get away with it?They had it well- planned out. Video has been released, it shows them going into the back of the Kunsthal Museum, which is an exhibition hall. It is an open exhibition hall where the pieces were being exhibited for the first time by a private company. Within two minutes, they were in and out. They stole seven paintings. It was a well thought out Heister but not like the Thomas Crown affair. Not as co-ordinated as that. What will happen to the works that were stolen?I do not think that we will not see them again. 90% of these very valuable paintings that are stolen, they do come back at some point. They are recovered when the thieves tried to monetise it. At some time, they would try to make money. When they do that, whether it is to law enforcement, or attempted sale at auction or through delays, they will be recovered. -- through dealers. They are better criminals than they are businessmen. They do not think about what they do with the pieces after they have stolen them. You have been involved as an undercover agent, trying to crack the markets. How do they go about trying to sell the pieces? You cannot exactly put them on eBay or the open market.I can tell you about a number of cases. I recovered more than $300 million through my career at the F B I. I have been doing investigations were 25 years. I had done undercover sting operations. To give you an example, in one situation in Sweden, there was a painting that had been stolen at gunpoint. In 2005, which was five years after it was taken, it was taking in 2000, we didn't undercover sting operation to recover the $35 million painting. It took five years to finally find a buyer. And the buyer was the FBI. We have seen the movies, we had shown clips of them. Is it really how it goes down? Is the security that intense in some galleries?One of the things that I do, in my company, we do a security survey for museums and work with institutions. Good security is made of three different things. It is a combination of hi-tech surveillance, hi-tech electronics, it is also a combination of human resources, it is Guards, and also procedures, procedures that have to be followed. In this case, there were no guards on seeing, I do not think the cameras were forensic quality, they see the pictures but they do not recognise any facial expressions, and one of the doors looks like it was Open. It could have been that the procedure for locking the doors was not done correctly.It is extraordinary crime and let's hope that we do see some of the art works again. It is interesting, he is an art lover as well. I cannot imagine him going to a gallery and just enjoying the works, he will be checking out the security and whether it is good enough. Christina Aguilera has revealed she does not like wearing something. What is that question mac -- what is that Chris marker she likes to go commando because she likes to be as free as possible.I do not even own a pair of underwear. I do not like it either.That is just not hygienic.It is too early for that. 'Wedding Bells' are ringing in Hollywood. Who has tied the knot? That would be Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel after years of dating and a little feuding thrown in for good measure, they got married in Italy. There are all kinds of rumours going around that he sang at the ceremony and little bits and pieces, but everyone is being very tight lipped. They had sold the photos to People magazine and they will come out next week. We have won big our coming up on weekend today. The top stories: Million dollar scam as racing season kicks into high gear. Some of our top AFL players are caught out by a betting scandal. Pushed to the brink of extinction. Why polar bears are vanishing from Earth and what can be done to save them. One giant leap. I face my fear of heights to drop off the edge of a skyscraper. But it is all for a good cause. Happy birthday to Keith Urban. We will look at how he made it big overseas and how Australians finally caught on.

It is Sunday 20th October. First it is time for the news. Good morning. A woman has suffered second degree burns to her back and arms after an horrific attack in Melbourne overnight. The 40-year- old and a friend pulled up in a car outside a unit in Collingwood, just after seven. Police say a man then approached the pair before dousing the victim in an accelerant and setting her alight. The woman's friend was able to extinguish the flames and she was rushed to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. A 31-year-old suspect has been taken into police custody. The elephant enclosure at Sydney's Taronga Zoo will be open to the public today, despite a keeper being attacked by a calf yesterday morning. 40-year-old Lucy Melo was pinned against a post by Pathi Harn. Taronga Zoo maintains the elephant program poses no risk to the public. There was never any risk to the public at any time and nor is there now. Our elephants are in the field, they are calm and comfortable. Lucy suffered injuries to her chest in the incident, and is in a critical but stable condition in hospital. A little boy has had a lucky escape after a car smashed through his bedroom in Melbourne's north-west. The driver lost control of the vehicle and went straight through the wall just before midnight. Firefighters had to climb through a broken window to reach the toddler. We discovered a small child standing up against the door. The door was jammed close because of the structure being weekend. We entered through a broken window and retreat to the child. Police are now questioning the driver. The nation's jobless could soon receive a welfare cash boost, with Employment Minister Bill Shorten backing a growing push to increase payments for the unemployed. Mr Shorten said it must be diabolically difficult for welfare recipients to make ends meet under the current Newstart Allowance. It's a quite a back flip for the MP, who has previously said the dole should remain low to encourage the unemployed to search for jobs. A car bombing has killed eight people and injured 78 in Lebanon. It is believed to the security official killed in the explosion had recently exposed a Syrian bomb plot. The attack has been described as the worst of the city has seen him more than four years. Doctors say the Pakistani schoolgirl who were shot by the Taliban is now able to stand and write just days after arriving in the UK for hospital treatment. She was shot in the head while riding on the school bus. She was targeted by the Taliban after publicly campaigning for girls to be able to get an education in her country. Hospital officials say they are astounded by the teenager's progress. There was a street turned into a film set for Hugh Jackman's latest Blockbuster. It took on a complete Japanese flavour as more than 60 people crammed into the small area. Unfortunately, there was no sign of the star himself.

Sarah also requested it as well.It goes without saying. We are going wild without camera -- Cameron. We need him to come back. Maybe Hugh Jackman is in Melbourne, getting caught up in spring racing Fever. Jim Cassidy will meet his right for the first time in the mounting yard. He has spent more time in hospital than at the racetrack after his brother was involved in a truck accident. He is riding the favourite, Glencadam Gold, for Gai Waterhouse. Meantime, last year's winner has been scratched and will instead target next week's Cox Plate. The Melbourne Victory has picked up its first win of the A-league season, beating Adelaide United 2-1 at Ethiad Stadium. After conc