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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This program is captioned Hello. Welcome to A Current Affair. Ray Martin with a courageous young woman's story. It's so beautiful. The reason we live here.First - as the number of mobility scooters on our footpaths rise, so do the accidents. That is a huge problem if you are the injured person, because third-party insurance is not compulsory for scooter drivers.

They go so fast. It was very painfulment -- painful. It's Saturday morning elderly ladies leave their village to come here to church. Didn't hear her. I didn't know she was there.When they step out of their car, this's where their nightmare steerry beginning. -- story begins.Blood was running down my face and someone called out, "Get it off her, get it off her". Walking along the footpath, there was no warning, no sound and no indication that two of them were about to end up in hospital. Too much pain.Very unreal. The whole thing was just unreal. How is the pain?It's... It's okay.

It was a life-changing accident, pensioner Leslie Nicholson never saw coming. Another elderly woman running her down.She'd been catapulted into the air and landed on the verge of the footpath.On top of her injuries, there's fears she may never walk again.She's got both ankles fractured. She's had dislocation of the left ankle. Some of the smaller bones in the left foot are broken.I hope she can walk again.The 92-year-old scooter driver then hit her friend, 80- year-old Jess Moat, with so much force she was smashed against this brick wall. Jesse's collarbone snapped in two:It was in a right angle. It was up on my shoulder. It was excruciateing pain. What is more unbelievable is that while these two women are lucky to be alive, the elderly driver who crashed into them is still free to keep riding her mobility scooter. When I looked up, all I could see was this lady's face, grey-headed lady, and she was still hanging on to the handlebars and the wheels were spinning. Now, adding financial insult to their debilitating injuries, news they can't claim compensation, because, incredibly t crash is viewed under law is a pedestrian accident.There's no doubt that now is the time to review the laws that govern motorised wheelchairs or scooters on footpaths.With a norm Mall car accident, there's third- party insurance to help you with your recovery. This accident, everything is coming out of their pocket.For Leslie and husband Charles, becoming the innocent victim is a bitter pill to swallow. You will have a break? You okay? The 66-year-old has only just won a long and painful fight against breast cancer. Yet, once more, she now faces months of surgery and rehabilitation.It's started to feel better. Now this happens. No good.She never thought the simple act of walking to a church breakfast would nearly kill her. You're always aware of what is going on infront of you. You don't know what is going to come up behind.What makes these women angry is there are no laws requiring a licence or registration. They think they can do whatever they want. It's not fair. While there are no laws to govern the motorised scooter or wheelchair at the moment... A lawyer says the law needs to catch up with the rising numbers using scooters.More are using them. More are at risk of being injured as a result of that. Ballina Police are telling the pensioners charges are unlikely to be made against the 92-year-old woman. What the victims really want is tighter regulations and licensing. You are not allowed to run over people with shopping trollies, so shouldn't be allowed with a scooter. Jess says some drivers' sense of entitlement means they hoon around shopping centres and that has to stop.They missed out on their early life, so they are getting it now and being a hoon. Mum and dad will be out of a lot of money. It shouldn't happen.Leslie's family hopes the Government will listen and says her battle against breast cancer shows she has the courage to campaign for new laws as well as learn to walk again. Rest assured, despite the financial burden, Leslie will never give up. She's a brave woman.Sme is. She is a fighter. She will keep fighting.

Doctors hope to operate on Leslie on Monday. Superannuation is every employees' right -- employee's right. As we near retirement it becomes crucial. When we learned an employer wasn't playing by the rules, we stepped in. How much does he owe you?About $7,000. At 64, Sandy Meyer is forced to go on the dole. I want to ask you questions...No thanks.Her retirement money has gone missing.When you are on your own, my age, that is a lot of money. In is the man responsible.I will not answer anything. Do you think she deserves to be treated like that? Treated like what? The hard-working grapbldmother has been a loyal employee at this bakery for 12 years. On top of the compulsory superannuation payments that are supposed to be made by her employer, Sandy was also topping up her superfrom her salary as well.I started off at $10 a week. I found I could afford that and put it up a little bit. It got up to $80 a week. Timmy Drumm ond was her boss. He owe r owns the Sunshine Coast bakery.He was a good boss on the whole.So she thought, until discovering he had not been paying anything into her supersince early 2010. He still showed on my payslip. Instead, she says, Tim Drumm ond told her he's spent money on other things.He was going to the races and casino. I thaulgt this is not how you treat your staff. Wondering if you have a chance to pay off the superyou owe her, the $7,000. The situation became so uncomfortable, Sapbldy says she was forced to resign.He was so close, I thought, yes. He said, "What do you want me to do?" I said, "I want you to may that money into the superfund straight away". He walked out.While he won't pay her super, her former boss is not short of a dollar. He's so flush with funds, he's bought a second bakery a couple of suburbs away and he's promoting it with television and ray yo ads. By Tim Drumm ond's own admission, it's not just Sandy he's short- changing. Do the others know you're not paying super?Yes, they do.Why is that? All I can see to be honest, that is what he was doing.Want to ask you a couple of questions?Sandy is being paid out, most of them are being paid out. Everyone else that hasn't is aware. Anything else above that is none of your business. He says he's short of cash, but here he is this week shouting some staff a celebration dinner. He drives around in this luxury vehicle.I asked him at one stage, "Don't think me cheeky, what about if you sold your car and you could pay off your debts?"Michael O'Neil from National Seniors Australia says this is not an isolated case. We know from the Tax Department records about $294 million of unpaid superfalls into this category in 12 months.Sandy contacted the Fair Work Ombudsman. The ATO sent a letter to Tim Drumm ond, ordering him to pay. When we confronted him, he said he was paying Sandy's supertoday.It will be paid on Friday.It is paid?It was paid on Friday.Any proof?Not to you, you're nobody. How can I tell you will pay this on Friday?You don't have to.Have you spoken to Sandy? So we got Sandy to call the tax office. So far, her account doesn't show any deposit from her former boss. You noi she's retired and she's living on welfare?I retire early and live off the savings. I was a loyal employee.He's exploited a vulnerable person in a vulnerable situation and really that's probably as unAustralian as you can get. Are you going to tell us when you can pay it? All kn sandy can do is to stay on the dole and wait. Keep our fingers crossed. Hope it will go through.Hopefully you get your money back?Can I relax and be able to sleep at night. You think she deserves to be treated like that?Treated like what? She's at retirement age.

The Tax Office says it may take 28 days for the money to show up if her former boss pays the money. Earlier we told you and 15-year-old anorexia survivor, Kirsten Hertog. She's managed to over come her fear of summer and is dedicateing her time to helping others. Ray Martin caught up with her. One year, 12 months, 365 days later, I look down at my body. I have gained weight, but I don't mind. Amaze whaing can happen in a year. For nearly -- still only 15, Kirsten Hertof looks bright and bubbly and pretty enough to be a Northern Beaches beauty Queen. Just one year ago she was in hospital fighting for her life, crippled by anorexia. Today she's a social media therapist. She helps hundreds and hundreds of girls here and around the world. No matter what she looks like, they know that she's been there, too. I don't think I would be where I am today without her help.Really? Yeah.That's big.Yeah. I'm not a health professional, but I am an expert in my own life and experience. Through her website, Kirsten has been a life-saver for 16tkwreer old Phoebe.We message each other almost every single week. "Your message made my day, I've been really down. I lost weight, but it would be great to see you soon". Today is a big day. They are about to meet for the first time. You look terrific, how are you?I'm good.Out of ten, how would you rate today?An 8.That's good. What about yesterday?A 6. Or a 5.Not a good day?No.What brings it on? Girls and how they talk to me, treat me. Not a good spot to be in. Kirsten has been in that spot, too, not so long ago.I was unable to stand up, let alone barely even wanted to eat meals. Now I eve got shorter hair now and I dyed it. What about the hair, what does that mean?A few weeks ago I cut it off and decided to dye it pink as a symbol of letting go of my eating disorder, because when I starved myself my hair would fall out. That's a symptom. I cut it off, new healthy me. Was your problem the fact you didn't like yourself, you almost hated yourself?People think eating disorders are all about the food, having a fear of food or being skinny. But there is also a very big factor and that is dealing with emotions. You might be failing at school, having fights with your family. Hey, you can still control your food. It was a control issue. Kirsten's recovery, since we first met six months ago, has been remarkable. Tell us what happened after?On my website, I got 37,000 views.How is that?It was overwhelming. I got hundreds of messages and six months after my website it's had half a million views plus. Can you believe that?It's amazing. To think that it's from 73 countries as well. It tells you I must be doing something right. It's given me a purpose. A purpose beyond my eating disorder. I think girls feel comfortable talking to me because I'm a teenager. But then I always direct them to get professional help. Yes, yes? Kirsten doesn't look underweight. She doesn't look skinny or anorexic. But most people think, "You don't look it so you don't have disorder". What do you say?I tell them that it's not about the way they look. It's a mental illness. Now you talk to parents on the website?I troo try to talk to parents. The most important thing is to believe in your child's recovery, please believe in your child's recovery. The most important thing for recovery is the support of family, the circle of love around them. When they fall down, pick them up.It doesn't matter if you try and try again and fail. It matters if you Troy and fail and fail to try again. So tonight, Kirsten launches her free app on the world, a daily cyber safety net. You are amazing. For thousands of Australian girls, sunshine drives them inside, inside their heads. Summertime means the beach and the perfect body. Does that dominate your life? Summer pushes me over the edge. I need to look good in a bikini, that pressure.Is this the cause of your eating disorder, your anorexia?At first it started as being about losing weight. I almost lost my life. It's more than just losing weight. When I sent her that message, she said, "This made my day, I've been feeling down rately".Phobe, a star student, has been suffering from anorexia for the past two-and-a- half-years. Today she's excited about meeting Kirsten, the confidante and councillor for the first time.-- consellor for the first time.How are you?I'm going to cry.Oh, me too. Oh, Phoebe. You're allowed to cry, darling.I want to hug you. I was looking at our messages today.I told you I was going to cry.You're so pretty. You're more pretty in person. Believe it or not, these girls are virtually the same age, but at a different stage of their illness. Phoebe is being plagued by her demons, the angry, bellowing voices in her head, telling her how fat, ugly and stupid she is. They attack at night.So you can't go to your room and get away?No, but music helps. Is that what you do?Yes. You put on loud music?Yes. I broke a pair of speakers for having it too loud.Her tragedy reminds us this is not about girls just skipping a meal, but life and death.I remember one message really well, when you told me that you didn't really want to live any more, and I think that really struck a cord with me and that made me want to help you.When you have those happy days, you see the reasons of living, and that's the best feeling. The best feeling. You happy now, you've met this amazing woman?Yes, it's the beginning of a friendship. I'm sensing it, girlfriend.Cheers to that. It's not like a broken arm or something, where you can say, "Oh, now it's heal". This is a constant journey towards finding things to manage it and finding things to silence the voiceingss a and continuing to progress.

And the project is available for download free at iTunes. Details on the website. After the break - the church threatened with a million-dollar fine for feeding the homeless. If they put that on us, there's no way we can afford it. A lot of our people are pensioners. The great thing about dogs is
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VOICEOVER: We work hard
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Welcome back. Now to a rather unGodly neighbourhood dispute. A small church is facing closure after noise complaints from neighbours. The pastor has been ordered to stop feeding the poor and close his senior's craft group or cop a $1 million fine. Apparently their noise is deafening. I love it, it's my day uet. -- out. What do you think? Well, the bureaucratics say they're too rowdy. I was very lonely until I found this group. Oh, and the neighbours next door. The noise is seven days a week.Yes. Seven days a week. So the Baptist Ladies Craft Group has been slammed with a threat. A threat of $1 million fine.For them to have this threat is absolutely devastating.In the church adjoining the craft hall, Pastor Andre is wondering how he will ever raise so much from the church plate. It costs us $125,000 every day we don't adhere to their injunction to cease our activities.He is going to need divine intervention.If they put that on us we can't afford it. A lot of our people are pensioners. We just don't have that money. But it's not just the craft class under attack. One cooked meal a week.You would think feeding the poor would be worthy of praise. No - this lot are apparently unZairelings.I get a lot out of it -- undesirables. I get a lot out of it.What would happen if they close this down? Well, a lot would be absolutely alone, on our own. The church's Sunday night soup kitchen is not the only activity on the local council's hit-list.Dance classes and craft classes, band practice and the like.As Peter Morrison, the Compliance Manager for Stirli in, g City Council complains...Rules apply to everyone.When it opened there were Sunday morning services. Churches do a whole lot more. There-in lies the noisy problem for neighbours like Geoff and Barbara.You brought a house next to a church.Exactly. It's not a church.There's no love thy neighbour round here.They want to come into our church and decide for us which activities we do - which they deem to be religious. For now the Baptists will defy the order to close down, because... They make things good. They make things that go to orphanages. Our society does have people who need to be fed. For its part t council is caught between a rock and a hard place. They're just upholding the state law they must abide by.It's not a pleasant situation for any party. Unable to reach compromise, council and church have agreed to have the dispute heard by an independent tribunal to try to resolve this unholy row. We can only hope and pray it works out well.In the meantime... Ladies, please! Keep it down! We will keep you posted. If you have an opinion on that story, please let us know on our Facebook page or you can send us a tweet. When we come back - scandal surrounds the celebrity wedding of the year. You were in Bali? How was it? A nice resort for someone bankrupt? This program is not captioned.

On Monday night, the controversial wedding gift. The celebrity wedding of the year. Who invited this grub? Alist guests and thousand-dollar a night hotel suites. We catch up with the footy manager shamelessly living it up. How was your holiday?After dudding this man of millions. And that's all from us. Have a great night.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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This program is captioned live.

VOICEOVER: Tonight on Big Brother. That's like the best thing that's happened to me in the Big Brother house, so thank you. VOICEOVER: Ben and Estelle call a truce. I'm really sorry that over the last two days I have felt that I have had this idea of you change. Well, I don't know how to be any other way. VOICEOVER: Sam tells it how it is. I know they talk behind your back, they talk behind my back and I know they talk behind Estelle's back.Oh, of course. VOICEOVER: And Michael is desperate for a shower. To the shower of your dreams! Oh! VOICEOVER:

-- VOICEOVER: It's a house with a hangover this morning. Benjamin and Estelle were warring all of yesterday. And Zoe's still wondering who stole Pumba, the toy warthog she sleeps with every night. I can't find Pumba anywhere. Can't find Pumba? No. When did you last have him? Did you take my Pumba? No, I didn't take your Pumba. I thought you might have had to give something away for the photos. VOICEOVER: -- VOICEOVER: Oh, no. Sam is fibing. He hid Pumba in ex-change for photos from home. I can see why you think it might be me. No, no. Only because of the photos. Yeah. It's the only thing that could actually add up in some little way. VOICEOVER: The housemates will soon find out how well they looked after Big baby this week and whether they passed the task.

But first, the boys have to arrange breakfast in bed for the tired mums. I am going to have the best day of all time with no negativity. Starting with this poison breakfast. (LAUGHTER) I don't know. Who prepares this? Frblgts I'm surprised that -- I'm surprised that, Sam, you stole Pumba to get those photos. I didn't steal him. She just asked me. Oh, did she? A busy day. Jam-packed. It was, wasn't it? Have the spoon dream.

I do get the feeling that it was in my best - it's in my best interests to not get frustrated by Estelle. And go back to my place of love. Love? What is this love?

Oh -- oh, my God! Shut up - -- shut up! No way! No way! No way, no way, no way!

It's hard not liking the captain's quarters. -- it's a hard life in the captain's quarters. It certainly . VOICEOVER: Angie chose to take Stacey into the captain's quarters for a night of luxury leaving Ben as the only housemate who hasn't spent a night there. Like, I feel horrible for not swapping with Ben. Don't worry. But it's just at that stage where you need it.You need it. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. Like, of course, baby. You won anyway. Like, heel understand that. -- he'll understand that. I think yesterday I gave in to feeling sorry for myself that I didn't win the cap's challenge and that I was then looking over all the things that I have lost in my life and feeling as though I have lost them and that is my path. When I was growing up my brother and I were very close in age but he was 18 months older than me. So, he was