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It was a beautiful spring day today across Sydney. It reached 26 in the city.

Tonight ... Charges laid over a v
heist at the Italo Club. Candidates close
vow to campaign until the polls Can
close. And, home buyers flood the evenin
Canberra property market. Good mon
evening, I' m Danielle Post. Four po
months after an armed robbery at a p
popular club in Canberra' s south - a
police have swooped on the man they was
allege is responsible. Tayo Emery C
was arrested last night outside the onloo
Casino - in front of a group of Ta
onlookers. Police allege this is
Tayo Ryan Emery. Captured on CCTV a Forrest
the Italo Australian Club in twenty-eigh
Forrest on Saturday, July twenty-eight. He' s seen here pacin in the foyer, officers say he spen befo
nearly half an hour in the club eleve
before making his move at about Emer
eleven o' clock. The court heard Emery was armed with a hunting knif Magi
and wanted cash. Today, the ACT alle
Magistrates Court was told Emery
allegedly stole twenty-one thousand dolla
eight-hundred-and-ninety-three approachi
dollars from the safe after arres
approaching an employee. He was char
arrested last night in Civic and charg
charged with theft. He was also controlled
charged with trafficking a o
controlled drug other than cannabis initially
on August sixteenth . Emery hi
initially sought bail but withdrew his application. Emery is expecte appear
to apply for bail at his next h
appearance in court. The magistrate also
has set down for late next week, assessm
also ordering a mental health Midgl
assessment be conducted. Ellena Midgley, WIN News.

The ACT' s political D-Day is pr
almost upon us. With polls to open lead
proper in hours, all three party
leaders admit they have election ev con
nerves. There' s also been fresh Par
concerns raised about the Liberal find
Party' s costings, with Treasury finding black holes in two policies polit
One sleep to go, Canberra' s political future on the line. I' ner
probably in a permanent state of nervousness and stress. +y I am guess
nervous. It' s that calm, I st
guess, before the big event. I' ll +
start that again, there' s no calm! for
+y The Opposition has extra cause p
for concern. Treasury has found the
party has underestimated the cost o th
its Autism School policy. Part of a
the Liberals plan to find savings - Smyth
also under costed. If Brendan Tre
Smyth was Treasurer said that the lowered
Treasurer' s advance would be Ze
lowered, that would be a saving. st
Zed Seselja and his deputy hit the
streets in Tuggeranong, rates top o the list of conversation. This i th
their only opportunity to vote on t
that tax reform. This was never put to the people. Katy Gallagher wen back where she held her first even p
as Chief Minister, making one last policy announcement, fifteen millio servic
dollars for outpatient health services. That' s clinics like th will
diabetes clinic where a patient they
will not be in the hospital, but
they' ll come to the hospital to se c
a specialist, Labor promising to continue campaigning until the fina vote is cast. We' ve gone in wit t
a view about what we need to do in we
this town for the next four years, d
we think that' s the right thing to fin
do. The Greens have had a quiet r
final week, preferring to let their Greens
record speak for itself. The vi
Greens Party has clearly put out a that'
vision for Canberra. A Canberra
that' s healthier, more liveable an the
better connected. Some believe conclusion
the election is a foregone wa
conclusion. Sportingbet has closed pa
wagers on the poll and has already Gallag
paid out those who backed Katy Gallagher.

For a final word WIN News has prove
managed to do something that' s trai
proven difficult on the campaign
trail so far. All three leaders hav Polit
sat down together with our ACT a
Political Reporter Luke Dufficy for an informal debate. Household rates controve
again proving to be the most controversial issue. Zed you' v campaig
based a a large part of your wil
campaign on this claim that rates wee
will triple but over the last few independ
weeks we' ve had a number of t
independent people come out and say aut
the claim is not true. One of the
authors of the table you use in you usi
advertisements said that you' re table
using the table incorrectly the table to misrepresented, how can yo rat
continue to make that claim that all
rates will triple when we' ve had all this talk about that it won' t. independent
ZS:If you look at the associ
independent experts ratepayers Liberals.
association KG: Who are are fini
Liberals. ZS: Well if I can just the
finish, ratepayers association is th
there to defend the ratepayers and see
they' ve looked at it as well and
seen the same thing. Even the perso tr
you quote disagree with us on the acknowledge
tripling of the rates has he
acknowledged rates has to increase refo
heavily in order to pay for this massively
reform. So rates will go up tripl
massively, we believe they will no
triple. The Government if they' re r
now disputing they' re not going to disagreein
raise heavily, they' re no who
disagreeing with their own expert o
who helped with the report. One way pa
or another Canberrans will have to thi
pay for this reform, and I don' t
think the Government can pretend yo reve
can lose $347 million a year in w
revenue shift it on to rates and it a
won' t have a massive impact if you t
actually put those numbers together an
the rates do triple. KG: Incorrect la
and it' s been just proven for the
last month by the Government who ha peopl
seen these changes but now the people who have authored the report the things things the Liberals won t tell you is the Government is no coll
collecting more revenue, we' re ch
collecting more revenue but we' re w
changing the way we collect it. Yes we are moving that in the first fiv cha
years on to the rates and we' ve i
changed the way we collect rates so o
it' s a much more complications set Trivilisi
of arguments of tax reform. communit
Trivilising and lying to the $
community ZS: Where are you getting Ses
$347 million? KG: That is what Mr the
Seselja has done and he' s pinned fa
the whole campaign on it and it' s true.
falling apart because it' s not wan
true. LUKE: Zed, you said you Yeah
wanted to clarify something. ZS: s
Yeah I did. +y ZS: Katy Gallagher
seems to be now saying yes they wil sa
triple over 20 years but well you said you' d replace it over 20 year milli
that, that you' d replace $347 million over 20 years KG: No we sai we would abolish stamp duty over 2 $347
years ZS: How are you replacing Canber
$347 million this is the thing t
Canberrans care about that you can' th
t answer KG So you tell them a lie Canb
then. ZS: No we haven' t at all, million
Canberrans are not mugs, $340 million means rates triple MH: And
this is also an issue that does nee h
to be picked up on. ZS: $3,500 per can'
household this is the thing they an
can' t escape, they haven' t given answers on this and not once have I rep
heard Katy Gallagher how she will to
replace $347 million. MH: Lets get ju
to the household situation what' s is,
just been said by Mr Seslja there b
is, there will be population growth the
between now and 20 years. We know w
there will be population growth, it a
will be spread over more households larg
as well. As we can see this is a righ
large tax reform, and economists thi
right across the country will say
this is where we need to move. If w are going to continue to deliver the services and quality of service and
that the people of Canberra want and expect we need to ensure that w
have a consistent line of revenue. luck
Thank you very much and good luck tomorrow. Thanks Luke.

The Bullet Train for Canberra Part throwing
made its final pitch today, ingredients
throwing some last minute ingredients into the political mix. hav
In tomorrow' s election you can we'
have your cake and eat it too. So le
we' re handing out cakes today and if
letting people know that tomorrow, if they vote for bullet train, it' not a wasted vote, because they ca a
vote one, two for the bullet train sev
and the three to five or three to bes
seven for the party they think is The
best going to run the assembly. isn
The party has campaigned hard but as
isn' t expecting anything as sweet no
as a seat this weekend. We might def
not get the most votes but we' ll w
definitely get the most laughs, and hi
we' ve won the battle with getting t
high speed rail front and centre in laughs
the community. Whether it' s decide
laughs or votes, Canberra will waitin
decide tomorrow. We' ve been grand
waiting longer than grandma and t
grandpa, it' s time to get a bullet bri
train for Canberra. w z We will bring you the election results live specia
throughout tomorrow night. Our th
special coverage will begin at six room
thirty. Then live from the tally on
room at seven thirty for a special par
one hour presentation. You can be usi
part of our coverage on twitter -
using the hash tag Canberra Decides pro
Next on WIN News ...The sporting And
program - with wind in its sails. And, ... on the up - the Canberra m
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This program is not captioned. i
movement. A hand glider was injured a
in a crash near the ACT border this f
afternoon. The thirty-five-year-old fracture
female suffered an upper arm S
fracture. Paramedics were called to Th
Springview, and transported her to
The Canberra Hospital. Traffic was standstill this morning during pea m
hour on Athllon Drive in Pearce. A thirty-five
man was hit by a car. The broke
thirty-five-year-old suffered a Canb
broken arm and cuts to his head.
Canberrans are flooding the propert prope
market - with agents reporting th
property buyers are showing triple tho
the interest in some homes. Three f
thousand dwellings are currently up for sale - and buyers have increase prop
by around twenty percent. The property market is just like the ol down
adage - what goes up, must come no
down. We' re at that interchange b
now where we' ve sort of got to the bottom now interest rates are comin so
down we' re going to start seeing
some growth now The past few week o
have seen a big leap in the number proper
of people interested in buying ris
property. Early estimates put the rise at more than twenty per cent. ha
People have been sitting on their what
hands and sort of waiting to see what' s happening the uncertainty i in
the marketplace but certainly the cer
interest rates coming down we' re at
certainly seeing a lot more volume mor
at the open exhibitions and a lot on
more people going out and spending a
on homes +y This house in Aranda is re
a case in point. Dave says for his fort
recent auctions, he' s had about
forty groups through before hand. I for
the month this one has been open twen
for inspection - one hundred and -
twenty-two groups have paid a visit contracts
- twenty-one have requested tha
contracts. Triple the normal five Kenne
that advise they' ll bid. Brett buyer
Kennedy is one of the potential Ca
buyers. My family and I moved to Syd
Canberra earlier in the year from suburb
Sydney and this was one of the se
suburbs that we decided was a nice the
setting, central, well located to
the city Brett' s been looking fo diffi
a few months - and says it was L
difficult to find somewhere to buy. but
Limited homes were up for grabs - i
but in the past three weeks that' s s
increased. I think there' s a few e
sellers that are hanging onto their
expectations from two years ago whe strong
the Canberra market was a bit Pri
stronger As for the future... skyrocketi
Prices are not going to go skyrocketing but there will be f
strong growth over the next four to five years

Palliative care admissions have past
jumped by more than 50% over the resear
past decade - according to new
research by the Australian Institut Ca
of Health and Welfare. Palliative AC
Care Australia says figures in the It'
ACT mirror the national report. It' s definitely a positive thing i car
more people are receiving better see
care. At the same time we want to i
see more people receiving that care w
in the community as well. We don' t hospitals
want people having to go to life
hospitals to receive good end of on
life care. The report also found only twenty five per cent of people car
who could be receiving palliative Educ
care had access to the services. key
Education and more funding is the c
key to reaching more people. What rece
could be happening is people are t
receiving good end of life care but addit
they are not able to access the car
additional funding for palliative h
care. Now we don' t want that to be facilit
happening because we want the w
facilities to be properly funded as b
well. Sailing' s popularity has
boomed since Australia' s gold meda O
winning performances at the London hav
Olympics. Two of the sports icons t
have launched a new sailing program today, encouraging Canberrans to hi the water. And they were off for
A new program - making it easier saili
for people to get involved with
sailing from as early as seven year d
of age. What Discover Sailing is u
doing is really pooling or being an prog
umbrella to all those individual clu
programmes, and showing the yacht pu
club and sailing clubs and general spo
public, how they can get into the he
sport. London Olympic gold medal launc
hero Malcolm Page gave today' s sa
launch, some star power. You can wat
sail anywhere, if you have enough als
water, you can get out there, and perceptio
also there' s always been a expensiv
perception that it' s a very
expensive sport and when you look a the mechanisms out there today, it a
s not really. Giving anyone with l
an interest in sailing, a chance to learn. I was exposed to sailing a Lak
a kid, just because I grew up on o
Lake Macquarie. So it was just part people
of the lifestyle there, so for ther
people who are not on the water,
there are just so many opportunitie on
now to get down and get out there I
on the water. There' s no barriers, wh
I mean look at me, I' ve come from wheel chair basketball and end up a ba
the paralympic games, there' s no Lake
barriers getting into sailing. v
Lake Burely Griffin provides a nice t
view to sail from. It' s right in m
the middle of Canberra, I mean, not we
many people, we all drive past it, we all look at it, but no one seems o
to be getting on it. So, we' re one Aus
of the biggest sailing schools in
Australia and there' s absolutely n reason why you shouldn' t be out i the water. Even though it may no do
always be smooth sailing, falling down and getting up again is part o the fun. Gemma Coombe WIN News.

We' ll now take a look at the last
electorate in our breakdown ahead o m
the election - Brindabella. A five th
member electorate, where Labor and the Liberals currently both have tw tak
MLA' s, the Greens - one. Let' s no
take a look. Closed captions are not available for this story

not available for this story Greg Wilso
with sport is next ...And Carly D
Wilson wants to stay a Capital. Yes reve
Danielle ..The sharp-shooter has retur
revealed she was thinking about next
returning to Melbourne - that' s won'
next. Plus - Why Jason Akermanis won' t be returning to the NEAFL. This program is not captioned. Jas
won' t be returning to the NEAFL. th
Jason Akermanis will not return to yea
the NEAFL Eastern Conference next w
year, after signing as player coach
with North Albury. The controversia f
Brownlow Medallist played one game season
for the Tuggeranong Hawks this thousan
season. He helped raise forty team
thousand dollars and steered the t
team, to their one-and-only win for fro
the season. Akermanis will travel t
from Melbourne to Albury each week, Mu
to lead the club, in the Ovens and Jesale
Murray League. Meanwhile, Alex wil
Jesalenko medallist Kaine Stevens tonig
will be looking to bag a double c
tonight, when the Queanbeyan Tigers Bart
crown their best and fairest, in full
Barton. Other contenders include full-forward James Kavanagh, player
coach Kade Klemke and Mitch Daniher Wi
Canberra Capitals favourite Carly
Wilson has revealed she had plans t 25
leave the club. On the eve of her ab
250th game, the veteran has spoken wants
about her career, and where she an
wants to end it. 30 years of age l
and still going strong at the elite level - Carly Wilson is still havin hundre
a ball, as she approaches two hundred and 50 games. Laughs, I' of
a bit embarrassed, its been a bit exc
of a big deal this week, which is excite
exciting, it' s making me feel club
excited. Canberra is her third r
club and Wilson always had plans to ca
return to Victoria. When I first wan
came here, I had always thought I Dandeno
wanted to finish my career in a
Dandenong, where the club I started change
around my family. Times have Cap
changed - Wilson has embraced the
Capitals - and Canberra has embrace her. Its really hard to leave an I think now, I definitely change m car
mind and I' d love to see out my any
career here with the Caps. +y Not
any time soon. My body just doesn t seem to mind all the training an t
all the minutes on court, so while stil
that' s happening and while I' m kno
still enjoying it, which I am you know, who knows, I' m thinking a fe up.
more years. +y If her body holds Wi
up.Playing in the WNBL since 1998, r
Wilson has some amazing memories to be
reflect on. I' ve been so lucky,
because I' ve been in some wonderfu championships,
teams, I' ve won some some
championships, I' ve played with s
some amazing players but I' ve made whic
some lifelong friends out of it, thi
which has been the most important b
thing. A win against Bulleen will back
be special, as the club welcomes They
back Lauren Jackson courtside. re
They' ve done some things that we' re not all that pumped about, in th
last few weeks and last few season la
we' re coming off two losses from th
last weekend we really want to get the W

The rock n' roll style of cricket te
returns to the Capital, With local Cu
teams battling it out for Twenty20
Cup. These sides early on, we pla t
Queanbeyan first up tomorrow, good ge
test for us and then the boys will like
get the measure of what they' re T
like. Queanbeyan are the reigning form
T20 champions. They have winning forma
form behind them, in the longer formats of the game. Yeah it was jum
really good to see the youngsters Qu
jump straight back on the ship for w
Queanbeyan and start off with a few victo
wins. +y To Men' s Hockey and
victories are vital for the Canberr Lea
Lakers, in the Australian Hockey curren
League, this weekend. The side co
currently holds fifth place on the th
competition standings, a week into header
the tournament. A tough double N
header awaits, against Victoria and to
New South Wales. Very nice weather Paxevano
to be out having a fish. Rob best
Paxevanos has the details on the
best places to drop a line. Inlan this week and if you can get out o the warmer days, there' s some goo mid-spring golden perch fishing. I yak
ve been around the region in the yak seeing which lakes are producin s
golden perch. I took in some great scenery along the way, and when the w
came on the chew, it was worth the wait. A good place to start is larg d
boulders that hold the heat of the mat
day into the evening. I dropped a came
mate off at one such spot and he s
came up trumps with this three kilo targe
specimen. Of course, if you can target lots of these spots from the c
small craft, even better. Expect to golde
catch at least a couple of nice a
goldens, each afternoon. Best spots Bur
at the moment, include Lake Hume, u
Burrinjuk, Winderemere, Canberra' s
urban lakes and Blowering.Best lure include spinner baits, deep divers f
rattling rapalas and also three to if
four inch storm proshade plastics, int
if you need to convert a shy fish into a taker. A big reminder, that
if you catch a murray cod, like thi one, that nearly took my kayak, yo sta
must let it go. And next week, I ma
start some free seminars on how to make the most of the fishing in thi t
region. Details on our website, in Satu
the meantime, I' ll see you 5:30 Fishing
Saturday as the new season of Pax
Fishing Australia. continues. Rob Paxevanos, Win News.

And ACT softball player Jesse Taws
will make his debut for Australia a Argentin
the World Championships, in Argentina. Thanks Greg - The weeken weather forecast is next ... This program is not captioned.

weather forecast is next ... A regio
beautiful spring day around the abou
region - There were a few clouds most
about in the Capital, but it was h
mostly fine, twenty-six degrees the twe
high. Right now, it' s sitting on ar
twenty-four degrees. Taking a look twent
around the region, Goulburn hit Tw
twenty-five after seven overnight,
Twenty-seven in Yass, Twenty-six th twen
high for Queanbeyan, Braidwood, th
twenty-five degrees. A fine day on degree
the coast, a warm twenty-eight
degrees in Nowra, Twenty the high i Batemans
Ulladulla and Moruya Heads, Twent
Batemans Bay hit twenty-three , Twenty in Bega. Drizzle on the Alps Rai
twenty-three and clear in Cooma, Per
Rain everywhere else, fourteen in Thredb
Perisher, a high of sixteen in a
Thredbo, Bombala nineteen . Looking clou
at the satellite picture, patchy cloud over northern and southeaster
New South Wales is triggering a fe ch
showers around the region. On the d
chart, A clear sky in the southwest pressure.
due to a weak ridge of high Coast
pressure. Tomorrow on the South twen
Coast, Bega will reach a high of sta
twenty-four , ten tonight,A foggy tw
start in Moruya Heads, climbing to twenty-two
twenty-three , Fourteen to i
twenty-two in Ulladulla, Twenty-six in Nowra.On the Southern Tablelands tw
Braidwood twenty-four , A high of toni
twenty-six for Yass after eleven t
tonight, Goulburn twenty-five . And twenty-
the Snowies, Bombala will top shower
twenty-one tomorrow, with late elev
showers expected, Thredbo windy,
eleven the top, Fourteen in Perishe twenty-thr
after five tonight, Cooma tomor
twenty-three . And for Canberra tomorrow, Heading for a sunny tonigh
twenty-six degrees after eight and
tonight. Light winds are expected
and the UV Index will be nine, whic f
is very high. Taking a look at the S
five day forecast, Rain expected on Sunday, twenty degrees, seventeen o o
Monday, The wet weather will clear Thursday
on Tuesday only to return on ho
Thursday. And that' s the WIN News tomorro
hour for this Friday. See you liv
tomorrow night, when we broadcast room
live from the ACT election tally p
room starting 6.30, for our special Da
presenation Canberra Decides. I' m
Danielle Post.....see you then, Goo night.

This program is captioned live. This program is captioned Hello. Welcome to A Current Affair. Ray Martin with a courageous young woman's story. It's so beautiful. The reason we live here.First - as the number of mobility scooters on our footpaths rise, so do the accidents. That is a huge problem if you are the injured person, because third-party insurance is not compulsory for scooter drivers.

They go so fast. It was very painfulment -- painful. It's Saturday morning elderly ladies leave their village to come here to church.