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(generated from captions) A special reunion
for the Rolling Stones. Plus, the dog you helped rescue
from Afghanistan. That's at 6:00. See you soon.

It's not about the money. It's about honour. It's...oh. What you think is in there, Marco? The $100, I reckon.
$100. Mark! It's one or the other.
Boys. It's gonna be the $100.
Hey, it's your choice. Hey, don't worry.
I've always got you. OK.
I'll back you up. Ready? Ready? Come on, Marco!
Come on, Mark! Come on, Mark. Come on, Mark. Yeah! (ALL CHEER)

That is my boy! Yes!
There it was, $50 in there. Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! I always knew
he'd amount to something. Let's see the money.
Oh, yeah!

Oh, you've turned la miseria
into la gioiosa! Beautiful! Beautiful work, kids. Have a ball.
That'll get you your tickets. Oh, well, no, it's all
spending money, isn't it? So 10 grand will go a ways
in Sicily. (ALL CHEER)
Have fun, boys. Thanks for being with us, everyone. Look forward to your company domani. Supertext Captions by
Red Bee Media Australia An experienced keeper critically ill following an elephant attack
at Taronga Zoo. Revealed - the fake collar bomb that was strapped around
Madeleine Pulver's neck. An extraordinary chain of events
on the F3 ends with an elderly woman's death. New laws and big fines
just for touching your mobile phone. And he's here at last - the dog rescued from Afghanistan
thanks to you. This program is captioned live.

Good evening. A female keeper at Taronga Zoo is in a critical condition tonight
after being crushed by a young male elephant. She was pinned against a bollard by
the zoo's miracle baby, Pathi Harn, formerly 'Mr Shuffles', but now weighing
more than half a tonne.

Lucy Melo's heart
stopped for five minutes after being crushed
by the elephant calf known as Pathi Harn. When ambulance crews arrived, the patient was conscious
and talking to them. She did briefly say
what has happened. But then, she blacked out. The patient
then went into cardiac arrest. A second paramedic crew was called. The crews worked on
the female zoo worker and they got her heart beating
again. The quick thinking
of Lucy's colleagues may have saved her
from even more serious injuries. Our keepers did act immediately when they saw the incident
was going on. They moved the elephant calf away
from the keeper that was injured and called the ambulance service
immediately. She's in a critical condition, being seen by a team of doctors
here at North Shore Hospital. Lucy and Pathi Harn
have been constant companions since he became famous
as 'Mr Shuffles', the miracle baby elephant
thought to have been stillborn 2.5 years ago.

The 40-year-old is Taronga's
most experienced elephant keeper. He's doing great,

and, like all Aussie kids,
this summer he's been keeping busy by swimming
playing with his toys, having the occasional ice block. There's a very close bond
between our staff and their animals across all sections of the zoo. Seven News has been told Pathi Harn
is becoming increasingly stubborn as he moves into adolescence. An investigation
has already established that this morning,
he was refusing to take orders, deliberately backed the keeper
into a bollard and could easily have killed her. It is surprising and, you know, we'll be reviewing
the situation very carefully to understand
what might have caused this. The zoo wanted to stress
the public was never in any danger. We saw the elephants. How did they seem? Fine. They were calm.
Just standing around. They were very docile. People were around the cage,
you know. It was very nice. This is the most serious incident
at the zoo since a keeper died after
being mauled by a tiger in 1988. Two years ago, an 11-year-old boy
was bitten by a sea lion at Taronga. Live now to Adam Walters at Taronga. Adam, what's likely to happen now
to Pathi Harn? Mark, it's too early to tell. There has been a suggestion
that he will be isolated and there's even been talk
of him being moved to Taronga's Western Plains Zoo
at Dubbo. In the meantime, WorkCover investigators
have been brought in and their findings could mean
changes to safety procedures here at Taronga Park Zoo. Mark.

Photos have been released
of the fake collar bomb that was strapped around the neck
of schoolgirl Madeleine Pulver during her terrifying ordeal
last year. Paul Peters is being sentenced
for the hoax that shocked Sydney - a crime he says he doesn't remember.

This is the collar bomb that was tied around the neck
of schoolgirl Maddie Pulver for 10 long hours. Photos were tendered as evidence
in court today at the sentencing hearing
of collar bomber Paul Peters. They show X-rays of the device as well as the bike chain
used to attach it to Maddie's neck. Today, her parents fronted court
to face Peters. A little bit of closure but frankly,
probably not expecting it but we'll see. in August last year, attaching the fake bomb
to 18-year-old Maddie's neck. He left a ransom note
demanding money and threatening death. Today,
Peters' psychologist told the court he'd admitted to the plot but claimed he didn't know
the Pulvers or Maddie and didn't remember the attack.

Peters' ex-wife also gave evidence. She said the investment banker
had become a heavy drinker, suffered from mood swings, and became obsessed
with writing a dark novel which involved kidnapping. Peters sat in the dock
dressed in a business suit. When his ex-wife broke down
in tears, he wiped one from his eye while the Pulvers watched
his every move. You spent a lot of time
looking at him. What did you see there? You know, sadly,
you don't see a great deal. I mean, a man
who's obviously fairly terrified, in a horrible situation. The family wants Peters now
to explain why. The sentencing hearing continues
next month.

A 64-year-old woman has been killed
and her husband is fighting for life following a tragic chain of events
on the F3 north of Sydney last night. The couple's car collided
with a Rural Fire Service truck which had just left another job.

The RFS truck had only just
responded to a traffic emergency before it was snared in its own
with devastating consequences. A Corolla, driven by
76-year-old Peter Mihailidis, smashed into it at speed. His wife, Katina, was thrown clear,
run over by a second car and killed. We saw the second car
that crashed in front of us. It was only - there were no headlights
or anything like that - it was basically just the sparks
that we saw. The RFS truck
had initially responded to a big rig that had lost its tail shaft, badly damaging 18 cars
following behind. The fire truck drove south before
completing a U-turn at Berowra. As it merged into
the northbound right lane, the Mihailidis' Corolla
slammed into it from behind. 64-year-old Katina was thrown into the path
of a 24-year-old Mazda driver. Unfortunately, she has collided with the female
who was lying on the road. She is now suffering stress
and shock. The RFS driver was also in shock. Peter Mihailidis suffered critical
spine, head and internal injuries. Stunned. I can't believe it. George and Georgia Sidiropoulos
have been friends with the victims for 32 years. I don't know how he's going to cope,
and his daughters too. They were a close family. Our thoughts go out
to all involved - our Rural Fire Service personnel as well as the families involved
in this accident. Live now to Robert Ovadia by the F3. Rob, do police know
who was at fault? ,

No, they don't yet, Mark. Crash investigators are very circumspect about the accident at the moment, these u-turn bays are designed for Max I am visability, the rural fire service driver, says he was you under lights and sigh Reynolds that he saw the other car coming but he said it was a long way away. The question for them to determine, did he give the driver enough time or did the 73-year-old - should the 73-year-old have seen him in time. The best person to look at that would be the 24-year-old woman driving in the Mazda. She is too upset to speak to investigators at the moment, she will do so in due course, Mark. Thank you,

Sydney drivers face
tough new road rules making it illegal
to even touch a mobile phone unless it's mounted in your car. Chris,
how does this change current laws? Mark, holding your phone while talking and driving
is already illegal but these changes go much further. Transport for New South Wales
now says

or if it's connected via bluetooth
or a headset. So if your phone
is on the passenger seat or in your lap

and you're talking on speaker phone, that will be illegal
from November 1. You can use bluetooth,
you can use earpieces - those earpieces
that you click to answer, they're all fine - but if you need to touch the phone,
it needs to be in a cradle. The theory is

they want your eyes up at road level
at all times. So it's fine to operate the phone
in the cradle or press the bluetooth buttons
on the steering wheel or on your headset but they don't want you looking down
to dial or answer any calls. The fines will stay the same -
$298 and three points. Mark.

Manly rugby league player
Jorge Taufua has been arrested on the Gold Coast, accused of spitting
at a police officer. He'd been out with friends
in Surfers Paradise when it allegedly happened. Taufua faced court today with a patch over his right eye
and a bandage on his head. He was granted bail and banned from local pubs and clubs until his next court appearance
in January. Manly officials will meet with him
early next week.

Julia Gillard says all Australians
should feel proud tonight after we scored a seat on
the United Nations Security Council. The bid cost taxpayers $25 million but the Prime Minister says the privilege
of helping shape world affairs was worth it.

The magic number of votes
for a seat at the top table was 129. Australia, 140.

Savouring the taste of victory. This was a big, juicy, decisive win
and it's very, very sweet. A moment the Prime Minister shared with staff at
the Department of Foreign Affairs... (APPLAUSE)

it was her predecessor's idea when she rattled off the thank yous. Firstly, Kevin Rudd. The Security Council
has five permanent members with veto rights.

Australia takes one of 10
2-year rotational seats with Argentina, Korea, Rwanda
and Luxembourg. The Opposition's reaction
was lukewarm... It was an expensive win - many, many
tens of millions of dollars. The Government says
it cost $25 million. Julia Gillard says it deals Australia in
to big decisions ahead on Afghanistan, East Timor and Syria
among others. Not everyone's impressed, though. Media baron Rupert Murdoch tweeted:

But does it pass the pub test? I don't know much about it,
actually. I don't pay much attention
to that sort of stuff, I suppose. At least we've got more of a say
in what's going on in the world. Give me the $27 million!

He was literally a dog of war,
ill-treated by the locals but won the hearts of our diggers
in Afghanistan. Now, AJ has begun his new life
in Sydney after the generosity
of Seven News viewers paid for the cost his journey
to Australia. After four long flights
and months spent in cages, AJ is finally here. Hey, buddy!

Reunited with Corporal Nathan Browne whose patrol rescued him
from a dog-fighting ring who'd cut off his ears and tail. We had a bit of a chat there
and then and had a bit of a talk
to the owner and we agreed
to take him back to the base and look after him. When their deployment
was coming to an end, Nathan and his comrades knew
they couldn't leave AJ behind. Operation Get AJ Home. That's right. They needed $4,000. Nathan's fiancee appealed
to Seven News viewers. They were quite worried
that if they leave him behind, he'll be a bit bereft and maybe won't get taken care of. Within hours,
$12,000 had been donated - enough to bring AJ home
and help other dogs too. I just want to say thank you so much
from the bottom of my heart. You don't know what this means to me and like all the other boys
that were over there. This is, you know, like one good
thing that we took away. We first met AJ
in the Afghan capital Kabul. Since then, he's grown. But AJ here is just one example. There are still dozens
of other dogs waiting to come home from Afghanistan. It's going to be a positive
reminder. It's going to be a reminder that we
did do good things over there and we did make a difference. To help defence personnel
bring their dogs home, visit our website.

Still to come tonight
in Seven News - The action demanded
by Western Sydney councils to fix traffic congestion. The Rolling Stones
at their own movie premiere with pictures they've seen
for the first time. Plus, Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr
as you've never seen her before. That's next.

Western Sydney councils are demanding
better roads and public transport in areas
where the population is booming. While welcoming the North West,
and South West Rail Link, they say the State Government's
Transport Master Plan is too focussed on the CBD. Traffic jams
stretching for kilometres, With an extra million people,
we're facing extreme challenges. Councils
from Campbelltown to Blacktown, Auburn to the Blue Mountains today called the Government's
draft Transport Master Plan too focussed on motorways
and the CBD. The majority of people
who live in Western Sydney work in western Sydney. Putting transport into the CBD does not address the problems
they suffer in terms of transport disadvantage. They want the focus to shift
from funnelling people to the city to better north-south connections
between key centres, to Western Sydney's
universities, hospitals and jobs, using a light rail network
connecting Parramatta with everywhere from Castle Hill
to Cabramatta, having the Cumberland line
from Campbelltown extended to Penrith and the Parramatta-Epping Rail Link. The Federal and State Government
need to stop their bickering. They need to get on with the job. Western Sydney councils are worried that even if the Government's
transport plan is fully implemented, travel times by road
will still be worse in 20 years. They say

focussing too much on motorways
condemns Sydney to traffic gridlock. The Transport Minister insists
the west is key to the master plan. We know we have to play catch-up but we're also committed and recognise the growth happening
in Western Sydney.

Half a century
of Rolling Stones history has been condensed into a 2-hour
documentary which has premiered in London. Despite having been there
throughout the 50 years, some band members are grateful for the reminder
about their journey. It's hard to believe any part
of the Rolling Stone's 50-year story has gone unseen but today, they appeared
at the premiere of a new documentary that contains footage
they didn't even know existed. It's a good film.

Looks like it's a mad ride,
a lot of fun. 'Crossfire Hurricane' relives
the band's five decades at the top with voiceovers
from the band members. The Beatles got the white hat. What's left? The black hat.

Especially good for those who struggle to remember
the early years of the Stones. It's amazing. Brett Morgan pulled some stuff. Never knew a cameraman was around. To celebrate their half century, the Rolling Stones
have two documentaries coming out, a new single and a concert tour

that, unfortunately,
so far doesn't include Australia. How are the rehearsals? Rocking. Really rocking.

Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr continues to be one of the world's
most sought-after lingerie models. She's even gone topless
in some scenes of a new advertising campaign
for Victoria's Secret.

The 29-year-old mum will also star in the famous
Victoria's Secret runway show in the lead-up to Christmas. Sport now with Simon Reeve and Simon,
an apology from Anthony Mundine? Mark, I'm not sure
if Daniel Geale would call it that. We'll let you be the judge
after the break. Plus, the Sixers storm into
the Champions League semis but Shane Watson's on the way home. The V8s take on the concrete canyon. The latest on the Gold Coast 600
next. And King Kelly's shock exit -
how Portugal wiped out Slater.

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for oily to combination skin, new Garnier B.B. Cream Oil-Free - for shine-control
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Shane Watson is on his way home following an order
by Cricket Australia to pull out of the Twenty20
Champions League in South Africa. Watson and Mitchell Starc have guided the Sydney Sixers
into the semis but they've been warned against
counting it as test preparation.

No-one wanted to let
Shane Watson go. He's been having too much fun. The Sixers aren't that happy but I think in the end,
for me personally, it means I get a week to freshen up
and get ready to go. He took 2 wickets
and smashed 47 off 38 balls to sink the Highveld Lions
by five wickets. COMMENTATOR: What a blow this is! Straight into the grandstand! Now he's coming home
to rest up for South Africa. I'd like to see him do well against
South Africa in test cricket and blow the Twenty20. Geoff Lawson says even the feats of Mitchell Starc
need to be qualified. Another bag of three, impressive but he'll need more stamina
for our summer. Oh,
he's wrecked those stumps again. Hopefully he'll maintain
his four-over form into test match form. Even if I did go home,
I'd have to keep bowling as well so I'd rather do that in games
than in the nets. Brad Haddin continues
to lead the way for the Sixers, despite ongoing speculation
about his test future. He blasted 32,

including 3 straight
over the boundary. He's back,
he's ready to play test cricket and he should be given
that first opportunity in Brisbane.

Wallabies' coach Robbie Deans
has broken the ice with disgruntled fly-half
Quade Cooper but he's put talks on hold until after tomorrow's
Bledisloe Cup dead rubber in Brisbane. Yeah, we've spoken.
We'll talk again as well. Are you confident things
will get sorted out? Yes.

The All Blacks
are near unbeatable favourites for Nathan Sharpe's final game
on Australian soil. have backed Shinji Ono
to be the star of the show in tomorrow's first local derby
against Sydney FC. 20,000 fans
will fill Parramatta Stadium to watch Alessandro del Pierro take
on the Wanderers' Japanese recruit.

He'll just get better and better but he's certainly fitting into
how we want to play. He's enjoying himself and I'm sure that's going to show
on the pitch. Both sides are chasing
their first win of the season.

Holden's Michael Caruso
has set the pace in practice for this weekend's Gold Coast 600. Will Davison bounced back
from a horror Bathurst to be quickest
in this morning's opening session but it's Caruso
they'll all be chasing tomorrow in qualifying. It gives you, I guess, the right approach
for the rest of the weekend. You're confident,
the boys are confident. Both 300km races
right here on Seven.

Anthony Mundine has apologised
for yesterday's bizarre rant in which he questioned
the Indigenous heritage of fierce rival Daniel Geale and claimed all Aborigines
in Tasmania were wiped out. I know there are a lot
of Aboriginals in Tasmania that are proud of their heritage,
just like me. Australia's one
of the racist countries here. I want to move forward. I want to unite the people. After an apology like that,
fireworks are certain in January when Mundine challenges Geale
for his IBF Middleweight belt.

11-times world surfing champion
Kelly Slater is out of the Rip Curl Pro
in Portugal. On a day of small swell
and high drama, Slater was sensationally
sent packing in round three. It's not the end of the world. Nobody died, I just lost a heat. That might be
the most frustrating heat I've ever had on tour. Mick Fanning is also out after
losing to fellow Aussie Owen Wright. The early exits have given
Joel Parkinson a golden opportunity to extend his lead
in the world title race. , Mark, sometimes I think Anthony just should zip it. He probably should but probably won't. Simon,

Sally Bowrey's next
with Sydney's weather. Sally,
is it staying hot for the weekend?

Mark, it's staying warm
but it will also be wet. I'll tell you when
to have the umbrella handy next.

Picture perfect skies
across the city today and it will stay that way
for the start of the weekend before some wet weather rolls in. A bright and sunny 26 degrees today. Right now, it's 21. Along the coast, the gusty sea breeze kept us
a little cooler but away from the sea breeze, the mercury shot up
to 31 in Liverpool. Even hotter in Richmond - 32. From the satellite - isolated showers are spreading east
towards northern New South Wales. Tomorrow, expect a southerly change to move through
the southern half of the state cooling things off. Around the nation:

It should be a pretty nice day
to be out on the water tomorrow.

We will drop to 17 tonight then a sunny start to the weekend
with a top of 25. Some late cloud
will brew in the afternoon but it won't trigger any showers. The morning will start off warm,
especially in our west, but look out
for that southerly change which will hit in the afternoon because that will cool things off. The change will hit
the south coast first and that will stop it
getting as warm as the rest of us. Looking ahead - that change will push some showers
through into Sunday and it will get wetter on Monday
with gusty winds pushing through. But it will be short-lived, Mark, with warm weather
making a quick comeback. Have a great weekend, Mark. That's Seven News for this Friday. Ahead on 'Today Tonight' - how liposuction is being used
to treat chronic pain. That's next.

Good evening, thanks for joining us
on Today Tonight. I'm Kylie Gillies
filling in for Matt. Shortly, the breakthrough trials getting great results
and bringing enormous relief to people suffering
from chronic joint pain. ,It's brought life back to me, it's

A treatment where liposuction
meets stem cell technology. That's coming up. But first, the home invaders heading your way
with the warmer weather. Highly resilient termites
causing millions of dollars damage are on the march. But, as Lynda Kinkade reports, they're not the only pests experts are warning
to watch out for.

This time of year, general pests and termites are
definitely on the increase. (MACHINE BEEPS) That's pretty much off the scale. It is. That's a massive reading. Termites, all through Australia,
they're quite endemic. These termites are eating
entire homes and they're on the move. Undetected,
how damaging can they be? They can do quite a lot of damage
through that 6-month period. Of all the pests,
termites are the worst home invader. There's 350 species, on average,
infesting 1 in 5 homes.

The damage bills the termites cause