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This program is captioned live. ANNOUNCER: This is nine News with Tim McMillan. Good afternoon. A young elfapblt attacked his keeper an Taronga Zoo. The female zoo keeper suffered cardiac arrest. Talk us plu.It was 11.30 this morning and the two-year-old elephant turned on his handler. The 40-year-old was pinned against a bollard. Her cries for help were heard by colleague managed to steer the elephant away. She was badly injured. These elephants weigh over 1,000 kgs. She was rushed to hospital and her condition in that journey apparently worsened. Paramedics had to desperately try to save her life. They did an amazing job. On the scene, paramedic crews were treating the patient and she went into cardiac arrest. She has pretty major chest injuries. She spoke to the paramedics to start with and informed them what happened. Then she has become unconscious. One of the younger elephants there was pretty well known?Yes, he's a very well known, particularly at this zoo. His name means 'Miracle' in Thai. Prior to its birth an ultrasound suggested no sign of life. He was born okay. The plfplt Shuffles name comes from the fact that when he started walking he walked like an old man. Lucy has been with him since Day 1 caring for this elephant and staff can give no explanation as to what happened.They were going through the normal routine t el washing. They moved the elfapblt calf away from the keeper that was injured and called the ambulance service immediately. There's obviously an investigation, but it is business as usual. The eight elephants are today still in their enclosure. People are able to see them this afternoon. For the staff and family and friends of Lucy, they're very concerned about her condition. The good news is, it appears she's still critical but the doctors they say that she has stablised somewhat. That is some pretty promising news. Thank you. We will have more from you in our bulletins tonight. The parents of Madalein Pulver has faced the man who attacked their daughter. In the sentence hearing the collar bomb device was shown. A surprise witness was flown in. Paul Peter's ex-wife, Dbra Peters said he was remorseful. The case captivated the country after Peters broke into the Pulver's Mosman home threatening to explode the device. A woman has been killed while her huss bapbld is fighting for life after an horrific chain of events on a Sydney freeway. Talk us through what happened? Having some problems there. We will come back to her later. To Canberra. Celebrations continue for the Gillard Government here and in New York after Australia won a prize seat on the UN Security Council. We cross to Canberra. Good afternoon. A sweet victory. When do we get down to work?Good afternoon. We will take up our seat at the beginning of next month. Our Ambassador to the United States, will attend Security Council meet - - UN will attend Security Council meetings before our active role begins in January. The Opposition criticised the money put in the campaign t Prime Minister says it's been $25 million well spent. Argentina, Australia and Rwanda are elected members of the Security Council. A knowing smile and a firm pat on the back, a typically Australian way to celebrate. It was a come from behind win that took even our own delegates by surprise. This was a big, juicey, decisive win and it's very, very sweet. We will take an Australian voice, an Australian accent into the Security Council. Arriving home from India, Julia Gillard this morning thanked the men and women behind the scene that made the bid possible. (APPLAUSE) Next on her long list to con deprach late, the man who started it all -- congratulate t man who started it all.I would like to than tk former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, for having the for sight to launch Australia on this campaign.His judgement has been vindicated.I think it probably owes at least as much to Kevin Rudd as Julia Gillard. Rupert Murdoch was quick to criticise. He tweeted that Australians don't care.I think Australians care about soldiers in Afghanistan. It's been 27 long years since a seat. The Government wants to use these two years to deal with our key priorities of Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, and North Korea. Now back to Dimity Clancy covering the horrific crash. Talk us through the details.At this stage we know that 64 -- a 64-year-old lost her life last night. She was inside the car with her husband Peter who was driving. He's now in hospital in a critical don digs with head, spinal and internal injuries. Katina leaves behind her two daughters and a three-year-old granddaughter. I spent most of the morning with dear family friends who were understandably shocked. They got that awful call at 3am. They say they are loving people, and they were a very close family. I don't know how she's going to hope and her daughters. They were close family. I mean, the shock. I cannot believe it that Katina has gone. And how did this accident happen?A bit of background. About an hour before this fatal crash, a semi- trailer lost its tail shaft 2km south of the Hauwksbery River Bridge. That caused damage to 18 cars. We understand an hour later was when this crash happened and an RFS truck called to that earlier accident was pulling out doing a U- turn to a northbound lane on the F3 when it is understood Peter and Katina's car crashed into the back of the RFS truck. On impact, Katina was thrown from the vehicle on the roadway and tragically run over by another car behind us. The RFS driver has been questioned by police today, but investigators say they may never know exactly why Peter and Katina's car crashed into the back of that car. He is critical in hospital. This investigation is continuing. Thank you. We will have a full wrap of this in Nine News for Sydney viewers at six. A woman has fall on the the death from herbal Connie in Ashfield. The 39-year-old suffered significant injuries yesterday afternoon. She died at the scene. A 40-year-old man who liveed with the woman was questioned by police but has since been released. Staff at a Brisbane Dominos have been terroriseed by a knifeman. He chases employees with a knife and demands cash. Police arrived in the crime. The defender ran, dropping the bag of cash in the car park. Police were not able to catch him. Little miracles are happening in Brisbane. Doctors are using world- first technology to save babies undergoing open heart surgery. We will cross to Brisbane. How does it work?Well, it's a patch that works similar to human tissue used to repair holes in babies' hearts. The two little boys, Benjamin and Kye have not undergone the surgery but they have con gerbgs nital heart disease. This could -- congenital heart disease. This could help them. We are told that the children who have had the surgery are doing well. It is a patch made from the heart membrane from a cow that prepares the holes in the heart, helping the blood flow more freely. The concept of the tissue patch is not new, but what is the way it's treated with a special ingredient that replaces callcy yum. Current products need to be replaced once a year, but this is hoping to reduce that, meaning the kids only have to go through surgery once or twice in their lifetime. Today tissue products, get to build up the calcium products on the fish shoe. Over time that tissue becomes hardened, doesn't grow with the patient, doesn't allow blood to go through it and generally doesn't promote the environment for healthy tissue regeneration.The strategy is to limit the number of operations required over a child's lifetime. When you walk in the operating theatre, you have the hand over the child, knowing the heart is about to be stopped, it's the hardest thing you can do as a parent. Now, this patch has been almost ten years in the making. It's incredibly exciting when you think one in every 100 babies here are born with a congenital heart defect. This will change thousands of lives. Now, something to raise your glass to - VB has returned to its original strength brew following the unpopular decision to lower it in 2009. The alcohol level was reduced to 4.6% to save money on excise tax. So bad was the backlash among drinkers, rival 4X replaced VB as the number one selling beer. After three years of campaigning, Victoria bitter is back to 4.9% strength. A special milestone for a new panda club. -- cub. This 11 week old from sapbld yay go took ilts first baby steps. -- from Sandiago took its first baby steps. When he's big enough he will venture into the zoo's enclosure. Still ahead - two people dead as a stolen four-wheel drive leaves a trail of destruction. Plus the new test that could help detect breast cancer 20 years before it appears. And This program is not captioned. At Coles, more new products are coming down, down all the time! Like Coles Bakery block bread, down, down and staying down to just $2 a loaf. For down, down savings, get down, down to Coles. # Down, down, prices are down. #

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A Perth taxi driver and a British tourist have been killed after a stolen four-wheel drive crashed into them. The tourists had arrived in Australia. Andrew Nelson has the details.Yes t horror crash happened about 2am at the intersection. A stolen Toyota FJ Cruiser was allegedly driven at high-speed and under police surveillance when it T-boned a taxi killing the cab driver and passenger. The 28-year- old taxi driver and a 36-year-old English tourist who had just touched down in Perth were killed instantly. The 23-year-old driver of the stolen car was taken to hospital with leg injuries. He's since been charged with two counts of manslaughter. Police allege the four-wheel drive had been stolen from a house in Secret Harbour two days ago and was involved in a string of other crimes. Let's listen to how the crash unfolded. A pursuit was authorised which was aborted on Canning Highway when the helicopter reported the vehicle now had its head light ts turned off. The police helicopter maintained observations of the vehicle which skwepbltly crashed. Police stressed -- subsequently crashed. Police stressed that a full internal investigation has been launched. The 23-year-old man at the centre of the crash is facing a manslaughter charges at a bedside hearing. The doping scandal gripping cycling deepened. The Vice President admitted to taking performance- enhancing drugs. Stephen Hodge raced pro-ally for nine years -- professionally for nine years. He advised the board on Tuesday. Breast cancer could be detected 20 years in advance according to to a new study. The latest research shows high levels of some hormones double the chance of getting the disease. Doctors are now evaluating risk prediction models in the hope of identifying women at high risk. The same report revealed a green tea extract can help stop tumours. It's news Victoria Secret fans have been waiting to hear - Australian supermodel, Miranda Kerr, has stripped down for the latest commercial. The stunning mother shows off the latest lingerie. She's been spotted in South Africa with huss bapbld Orlando Bloom. Next month she will strut her stuff down Victoria Secret's famous runway. Still ahead - the new laws that could make it illegal to touch your phone in your car. Remembering the World War II diggers. And a close encounter with a 270 kilo monster.

Live Thanks Tim. Tonight, elephant attack at Taronga Zoo - 40-year-old senior keeper Lucy Melo is critically injured by the young male elephant known as 'Mr Shuffles'. male elephant known as Shuffles'. We'll tell you how it happened and will have the latest on the zookeeper's condition. A strange twist in the Maddie Pulver hoax collar bomb case - a surprise witness is flown in from the US to testify. What she said that made Paul Peters cry. Tough new laws on mobile phones in cars that affect every Sydney driver The simple and quick test to determine the risk of breast cancer- 20 years in advance. And from supermarkets to frequent flyers And from supermarkets to frequent flyers - the smarter way to cash in your loyalty cards this Christmas. Join me for Nine News at 6:00pm.

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Welcome back. Tough new laws in NSW will soon make it illegal for people to touch mobile phones while behind the wheel.The new rule clearly states you are not to hold the phone. You can only hold it if you're legally parked or parking to get a passenger. The new laws come into effect next month. Fines for driving while on a mobile can cost you $298, and three demerit points. Australian survivors of the battle of El Alamein in 1942 have returned to Egypt to honour their fallen mates. Reminders of a war they once fought in, 18 Australian veterans on a tour of a museum that sits on the battlefield they once fought on. They look at the weapons and uniforms used in the fight for El Alamein, they can't help but take that trip down memory lane. Extensive memories. Wondering what the devil happened to most of the fellows that were there with us. These veterans have come here to mark 70 years since the battles of El Alamein that have gone down as a great Australian triumph.It wasn't the most pleasant work but you had a yob to do and that was it. You were trained to do it. The battles the Aussies fought were crucial and the losses were staggering as they did their best to hold off German and Italian advances. Those forces were heading towards the Suez Canal. But history tells us they never got a chance to get to because of the Commonwealth forces. For the next two days the vets will visit old battlefields that will culminate in a special ceremony to mark 70 years.

Talk about catch of the day - these fishermen in Queensland got more than they bargained for when a 270kg mar Lynn found it way in their boat. -- marlin found its way into their boat. The marlin made its way back in the ocean, making it the one that got away. Still to come - today's top stories, including Sydney's collar-bomb hoax, a surprise witness at the sentencing of Paul Peters. A keeper attacked by an elfapblt. Our reporter has the latest. Also, Russell Crow's transformation. And a would be James Bond's futuristic record attempt. This program is not captioned. unti
Good afternoon. With just hours ca
until Canberrans go to the polls - und
candidates are trying to sway the thos
undecided voters. It' s believed thei
those who still haven' t made up outcome
their mind will determine the than
outcome. A new report shows less
than a quarter of residents who die in an aged care facility had acces fa
to palliative care. And, Capitals wants
favourite Carly Wilson says she Ca
wants to finish her WNBL career in Canberra. Details tonight.

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An unusual site off the coast of California. A would be action man has attempted to make the world's longest flight using a jet pack over open water. Take one daredevil with a chiseled jaw, a con trapion and he shoots for a world record. The longest jet pack flight over open water - 26 long miles from Newport beach to Cassalina Island. No-one has ever tried this before. It's a personal flight. It's everyone's dream. It's who he is, like being a superhero. You are flying flu the air like Superman or Iron Man. You can go underwater. He has two fire hoses strapped to his back, pushing 1,000 gallons a minute of water, 30 feet up in the air, up to 35mph. It's called a jet lev, now commercially available for anyone with a lust for flight and $100,000. Invented by a genius who is a 007 fan.He saw James Bond 'Thunderball' and was intrigued, thinking that you could use water pressure rather than nitrogen. Dean was a banker and learned to floi a year ago. They say anyone can do it. And here we go.That's me, under training. Imagine you're swiming in the ocean and suddenly you take off. Swing to the side. You're centred. Now you can fly like me like a hippo, or like a humming bird.

On open water, a different story. Waves can easily interrupt the water supply to the pod on the ocean which pumps all those gallons up that pipe.You can be thrown into a back flip and you can go into the water.The boat unit gets lifted.If you are not prepared, it can throw you off. Four hours plus and his arms are numb, his butt is aching, his whole body is. Why, oh why?It's a matter of, can it be done? Is it a bird, it is a plane? No, he's now the world's newest record holder. He made it, just. He ran out of gas. You are watching the kch afternoon News. Here is what is making news. A female keeper at Sydney's Taronga Zoo is in a critical condition after suffering severe chest injuries after being crushed by a young elephant. An NRL star has been charged with assault after allegedly spitting at a police officer. The Catholic Church severely criticised by top level police at a Victorian inquiry into child abuse. A female zoo keeper is in a critical condition after being attacked by a young elephant and Taronga. What happened?Well, it's something that the zoo has not seen before. Two-year-old elephant, Parthi Han was born and raised and the handler, Lucy Melo was looking after him from the beginning. This morning the elephant almost took her life. He had her pinned against a bollard. The elephant weighs over 1,000 kgs. Other staff heard her cries. They managed to distract the elephant and Lucy was rushed to hospital. She was conscious but went into cardiac arrest. Ambulance officers revived her.On scene pair meic crews treated the patient. She went into cardiac arrest. She has major chest injuries. She spoke to the paramedics and informed them what happened. She's then become unconscious. And the elephant that many visitors to Taronga would be familiar with? Yes, a well-known elephant. 'Mr Shuffles' for the way he walked like an old man. Parthi Han means 'Miracle' in Thai. Before he was born her mother had an ultrasound and there was no signs of life and then the elephant was born okay. Lucy has known this animal from the beginning, worked with him every day. Staff are baffled as to why this has happened. It was in the barn. They were going through a normal routine, the elephant washing. They moved the calf away from the keeper that was injured and called the ambulance service immediately. This efe evening her condition is said to be critical but stable. She has family by her side, including her husband, Gary Miller, the Elephant Manager at the zoo. Thank you, we will have the latest on that story in Nine News at Six. A sentence for Paul Peters t man who attacked a Sydney schoolgirl with a fake collar bomb has wrapped for the day. We're joined from the court. Good afternoon. This was a case that captivated the country and the world. What happened?This was supposed to be a sentencing in a lot of ways. But it became very much not that. Debra Peters - Paul Douglas Peters' ex-wife from Kentucky in the USA - she turned up to give evidence on his behalf. She told the court how he suffered mood swings and manic behaviour in the years leading up to the attack. You remember the attack on Maddy Pulver. She was the Mosman teenager who had a fake collar bomb left around her neck and a note. We saw photographs of that fake bomb. They were presented to the court. We got hold of those. There were a number of photographs presented of of other bits of equipment that Peter used in the extortion hoax. You remember that he was arrested at Debra Peters' house in Kentucky last year. We heard today from evidence from Dr Bruce Westmore, a forensic psychiatrist. He told the court that Peters is a suffer of depression and also possibly bipolar. Whrorpblt that goes part of the way to explain what happened, we have to find out. The case is now adjourned until October 21st when the judge is expected to hand down sentence. Thank you. We will have more for Sydney viewers tonight. Manly Sea Eagles Star, George Taufua has fronted court. What can you tell us about the alleged incident?Well, it wasn't good news for a nervous George Taufua as he faced a Gold Coast magistrate charged with spitting at a police officer outside a Surfers Paradise night club this morning. After the brief hearing, he was given bail. As he left the Watchhouse, he went to lengths to hide his identity. What he was likely trying to cover up was heavy bandageing around his head and around his right eye. Now, in that hearing there was no mention of how the Manly Sea Eagle winger may have got those injuries. His lawyer suggested to us it may have been in the arrest. As I said, there were scant details in the hearing. We know that the incident occurred at 3.30am this morning outside the Shooters Nightclub after Taufua was kicked out. At some point an altercation occurred with police, during which he is alleged to have spat at an officer. There's been no word as yet from Manly officials. We know, however, that he wasn't here with a group of players, he was up in Queensland visiting family. Whatever he was doing up here, and however the incident unfolded, George was staying tight-lipped and we asked him some questions as he left court. No comment.REPORTER: George, will you plead guilty?No comment. Sounds like there may be more of a story. What's next for George Taufua?Before he left court he was forced to give a disease test which is obviously protocol in any spitting incident. He's also conditioned to some bail conditions, one being he's not allowed in any licensed premises in Queensland. We understand he was due to stay here over the weekend, so that may hamper his holiday plans. He will have reporting conditions. He must turn up to the Mount Druit Police Station every Monday. So that will perhaps be a reasonably interrupted preseason for him as he will also have to come back to qeebsland to face court again in jab. -- January. We will have more in Nine News at Six. A good Samaritan has been killed in a freak accident in Victoria's North East T man in his 50s called emergency services to notify them of a fallen tree. Moments later a truck, coming from the other direction, struck the tree, killing him. Quiet country road, middle of the night, dark, no lights. That's unfortunate. The driver of the truck wasn't injured. A police investigation is continuing. The Catholic Church has been attacked for allegedly destroying evidence of sexual abuse by clergy dating back to the 1950s. Police made the accusations at a Victorian parliamentary inquiry. Let's cross to Brett McLoed. What are the details?Well, police were the second witnesses at the first day of public hearings into that State Government inquiry into church abuse. It covers all abuse within all denominations but it is the Catholic Church that featured most heavily in an analysis, the first time Victoria Police has looked back at data between 1956 on this year on sexual assaults involving people in a religious organisation. The numbers are staggering. Of the 620 victims, 317 of them were Catholic. We found that there was evidence of -- they found there was evidence of information being destroyed and witnesses being tipped off. In all of this Graham Ashton, the Deputy Commissioner, was scathing of the attitude of the church.The process of adopted by the Catholic Church is designed to put the victim second. If a stranger were to rape a child in the grounds of the church, that rape would be immediately reported to the police, and action expected F that stranger happened to be a member of the clergy, such as a priest t matter would not be under the current experience reported. It's no wonder those appearing at the inqieshry called his evidence "chilling". The Archbishop of Melbourne has said that the police raised some allegations they have not heard before and they will investigate. It does stress that when people make a complaint to the church they have to sign a statement saying that they don't want to go to police. The church is sitting on some 600 files which police want to get their hands on of abuse allegations going back to the 1950s. Plenty more to come on that. Thank you. Brett McLoed will have a full wrap of Day 1 in Melbourne's news. Russell Crowe has shown off his new physique. He enjoyed he's enjoying his time filming. He is throwing himself into work after separateing from his wife of nine years. She and the couple's children have remained in Sydney. Tony Jones has this afternoon's sport from Caulfield. Good afternoon.Yes, it looks an absolute picture. Everything is in readiness for the big race tomorrow. Coming up - we will have the details. Plenty of other sport as well, including the next big thing in rivalry in Australian football. Plus - surfing's world title race shaken up This program is not captioned. Morning, guys.
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Now the new champion of Caulfield will be crowned after taking out the cup. Now, it really is a crack field. This field, many are saying is the best ever in the race's history, which goes well beyond a century and a quarter. But one of the horses, one of the star attractions and one of the fancies may have to be taken out because of concerns over the track. We're talking about Americaine and the connections are concerned the track is too firm. Stable Connections walked the track. At the epbldz of it he was erring on the side of yes, we will run, but he will speak with the French trainer when he wakes up in Europe tonight our time. He's saying at the moment there's two concerns - one being the state of the horse and the other one being the Melbourne Cup. We're looking to try to raise a horse. If we're sure we won't hurt him, this is the main plan to make sure that he will be improving to be ready. Perfect timing, because they're watering the track now, as you can see. This is a con trapion that is slowly going around, but as slow as it is, it's still only dropping 2mils and that will take sting out of it. We will see later what we can expect weather-wise. Another of the Caulfield chances really gaining a lot of affection is Alcopop, eight years of age. There's a hiccup because his best mate, Paint, who travels with him everywhere, may not be able to come to the Caulfield Cup. Stewart is saying there's too many horses to allow companions to come along. Now, Jake Stephens, the trainer was saying that if Paint doesn't come along, Alcopop goings to pieces. Fingers crossed they may relent. He's primeed to have a fair crack. I think he's one of those horses that's been up for so long that in my opinion he deserves one of the big runs. It's hard on the day, a lot of luck involved. So far it will fall into place. To other sport now. The rivalry is hotting up between two A-League teams based in Sydney. Those of course are Sydney FC and the new boys on the block, Western Sydney Wanderers. A-League officials hope there may be rivalry like in the AFL. Erin Molan joins us from Sydney FC training. Tomorrow night the first local derby in Sydney for the A-League will be played between the Western Sydney Wanderers and Sydney FC. Sydney FC's star recruit, Alessandro Del Piero is doing kicking practice. He's scored a goal. Other player also be sparked on. They will play ex-team-mates. There's a lot on the line.Such a massive game, it got sold out on Monday. We haven't got the results for the season. We had two losses. You know, we really want to get the win. Sydney FC have not had the best start. They are none from two, they conceded five goal sos far. The coach,' Cran --' ve Ian Crook Seguins it would hurt.It was our time but it's now a town being shared. We have to make sure we give our supporters something to cheer about.These two clubs hope their local Derbys and the rivalry will grow into something like what happened in Melbourne between the Heart and the Victory. They have massive crowds at the local games. They are successful matches. They go down to dog fights. They are hoping they will have similar success. The Melbourne derby's been brilliant. It's something that our game has been crying out for here that we need a Sydney derby. Now it's here.The Wanderers held their session this morning before tomorrow night's match. They have a lot of experience in their sight. The game will be played at Parramatta Stadium in front of a sold-out crowd that kicks off after 7.30. Good on you. Now to other sport. The Wallabies are are admitting they have nothing up their sleeve to supply the All Blacks with in their test tomorrow night. Australia put the final polish on their preparations today as they get ready for the toughest task in world rugby. New Zealand have not been beaten in four months and are aiming to equal a winning streak. The Gold Coast 600 is hitting -- heating up. Ford Racing fired the first shot over Team Vodaphone with will Davison posting the fastest time in practice. Jamie Wincup managed only the 11th quickest time in the morning session. No wonder the Sydney Sixers are furious that Shane Watson won't be around for the business end of the Twenty20 tournament. He starred ger again in South Africa take k two wickets a and then belting -- and then belting 47. It all but assures them a semi-final spot. They will have to do it without Watson, now heading home to prepare for the upcoming test series. A reminder that in Nine News at six, we're on an exclusive Movember photo shoot with Matthew Wade. Matthew also opens up to us about his cancer battles. And finally Queenslander Joel Parkinson has strengthened his grip on surfing's world championship. He advanceed to the quarter finals at the Rip Curl Pro in Portugal. Kelly Slateer was a shock loser and Mick Fanning was defeated by Owen Wright who scored a perfect ten.Mick is one of my heroes. He started quick, nines and sevens and yeah, I knew I could do it. I needed the better waves. Organisers are hopeful of completeing the event tonight. As promised, we have the weather and what is it going to do for the cup? It is looking good. We will have sunny breaks, and it will be mild.Ly have all the weather after cam
Tonight on WIN News: Last minute
campaigning to sway undecided voter election,police
ahead of tomorrow' s the
election,police arrest a man over a
the Italian Club heist. Join me for all the details next. This program is not captioned. Good afternoon. We're in Caulfield Race Course, where preparations are under -- under way. As we expected it's been warm across Eastern Australia. Melbourne's top was 28. What was unexpected was the line of thunderstorms this morning. They moved through quickly and produced 1mm of rain. In the afternoon it's been sunny.

Tomorrow the warm air will extend over NE NSW and Southern Queensland. 32 in Brisbane and unstable enough for a shower or storm. Sunny in Canberra and 26. Sunny and 25 in Sydney. Melbourne will be cloudy in the morning.

Suends lovely. We will see you tomorrow.

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Hello, everybody, and welcome
to the Millionaire Hot Seat tonight. Yes! 15 questions is all that stands
between somebody and $1 million. Hopefully tonight's the night
we're going to give it away. What do you reckon,
fellas and girls? (ALL CHEER)
Yeah? Come on. This is the night. We've got to give it away.
It's got to go sooner or later. May as well be tonight. Let's meet our contestants tonight,
and they are - this man with the hat. David Keane recently moved
to Alice Springs to work on our future
Indigenous leaders. Sharna Hughesman
got Per from Roxette's autograph, only to find out
it was Jimmy Barnes! What?! When Fiona Cameron
toured a Bolivian prison, an inmate was her tour guide. Andy Le - not that one - was too busy looking at
the great fit of his new jeans to realise they were women's jeans. Dyanne Francis
loves her city so much she volunteers
as a tourism ambassador. And Norman Giderson has a really bad
habit of yelling at the TV and watching Hot Seat and sport
and going mad!

Mate, what are you doing?

What are you saying, mate?
What are you saying? "I know that answer." "I know that answer.
That person's an idiot." Yeah. Alright, tonight is your chance.
True. David, ready to play?
Absolutely. Come on, buddy. Let's go.

Alrighty. David Keane is 38.
He's from Alice Springs. I am indeed. Now, David, you've been
in Alice Springs five minutes. What are you wearing the hat for?
Absolutely. You're from Sydney, mate.
Mate, otherwise I get sunburnt. (LAUGHS)
I haven't got a lot under it. But you've joined up the Alice
big-time, have you? I have indeed. Yes. Mate, you are doing
a fantastic job too. You're up there, you're working in
your not-for-profit organisation called Desert Song, working with
Indigenous leaders of the future. Yes, that's right. There's a lot of trouble up there
in the Alice at the moment. There is. Yeah, absolutely.
There's a lot of social problems. Yeah. Alice Springs is... Many people think
it's the heart of Australia, and in many ways it's like
Australia has a broken heart. Yeah. So the main reason we're up there
is to try and make a difference. I was up there myself recently, and obviously a lot of things
happening in the AFL world where we're trying to just help
as much as we can. What is it we need to do? You know, you've been up there
a little while. Look, I think, from my perspective, the big thing is that
there's just a lack of hope. Yeah.
So many people don't have hope. I mean, there's people
trying to deal with the symptoms - the alcohol, the drugs,
everything else. But really - it's all about hope,
isn't it? It is. And so that's really where we're
trying to work, is to give hope and some sort of life skills
to the next generation growing up, you know? Good on you, Dave. Well,
more strength to your arm, mate. Get stuck into it. We hope we can
help you along the way. Thanks, Eddie.
David's 38, as I said. His son is Caleb. G'day, Caleb.
Hi. How are you, pal?
I'm good. How are you? What did you think when Dad said, "We're leaving Sydney -
we're going to the Alice"? It's too hot.
(LAUGHS) How are you coping with it?
Um, yeah, it's alright. Had some cool changes,
raining a bit, but it's alright. It's hot. It's hot.
Good on you, mate. Good luck. You're doing a great job up there. Caleb's 16, Jacqueline's 13,
Julia's 9. That's right.
Mum - or your wife - is Tiffany. Yes.
And, mate, we wish you all the best. Are you ready to go?
Absolutely. Let's play a bit of Hot Seat. Go!

For 100 bucks.


I'm going to lock in A,
in the pipeline, please, Eddie. Pipeline is in. Pipeline's right for $100.



Wow. I'm actually going to pass this
one, because I'm not 100% sure. What do you think? It's been a long time since
I've looked at any nursery rhymes. Uh, it could be Little Boy Blue,
Wee Willie Winkie or Tom Thumb. It's not the Pied Piper.
It could be all of them. So I'll pass.
It's gonna be one of them. See you, Dave.
Thank you. Catch you later.

Hi, Sharna. Hi, Eddie. How are you?
Welcome aboard. Shiner Hughes... Shiner! Sharna Hughesman is 32,
from Taigum in Queensland. Where's Taigum?
Um, north side. OK. Um, near Carseldine, Boondall area.
Yeah? Fantastic. Up there in Brisbane.
It is. OK, you are a part-time
medical receptionist at the Newmarket Road
Family Practice. Danny is your husband of 10 years. G'day, Danny.
Hey, Eddie. Welcome aboard, mate. Lachlan's nine, Jackson's seven. Tell me this isn't true - that you
went up to somebody at the airport, you thought it was Per from Roxette, only to find out
it was Jimmy Barnes. I know. How could you mix up Jimmy Barnes
for some Roxette singer, Per? My friend and I were at the airport and we were big into Roxette
back then. Well, so we thought we were. And I said to my friend, I said, "Sarah, that's the guy from Roxette.
It's Per." And she goes,
"Yeah! Quick. Let's go over." We grabbed a baggage tag and said,
"Can you sign it?" He said, "Sure," and he signed it. And we're, like, "Jimmy Barnes"? (LAUGHTER) I'd rather it Barnesy
than Per from Roxette, I must admit. This is a great moment for you. A proud moment for you
was doing the waltz with your dad who'd had a stroke
when you were 14 years of age and he was able to do
the bridal waltz with you. It was a very special moment for me.
Good on you. Alright. Come on - let's make this
a special moment, OK? We have got a long way to go. 14 questions to $1 million. But let's take the first step now. Do you know your nursery rhymes?
I do, having two little boys. Alright, well, here's the question. (REPEATS QUESTION)

I'll lock in...