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(generated from captions) Yes.
No. Tanzania. What is 58 + 15? 109.
73. True or false? The southern right whale
has a dorsal fin. False.
False is correct. Rearrange the letters
of the word 'grab' to get another word for 'boast'. 'Brag' is the answer. We're out of time on that. Checking scores for today first.
Nothing in it at all. Georgia, Nicolas, Anushree - St Anthony's have finished on
230 points in third place today. But, again, nothing in it. 240 gets Minchinbury second. That's Alexandra, Kaela and Jacob. Well done. Which means our winners today - Connor, Caitlin, Samantha,
from Illawong. 250 points,
with their noses in front. Congratulations, green. What about the week? Check this out. Whoa! How close! Illawong have finished 1,210. St Anthony's, 1,230,
failing by just 10 points. Which means Minchinbury, 1,240 points for the week,
are going through to the semifinals. Incredible week! We'll do it again next week.
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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - a Taronga zookeeper critical
after being crushed by an elephant. Parents of hoax bomb victim
Maddie Pulver face her attacker in court. One of Victoria's top cops
slams the Catholic Church And the Rolling Stones
on the red carpet celebrating 50 years together. VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with John Mangos.

Good afternoon. A woman has been critically injured after being crushed by an elephant
at Sydney's Taronga Zoo. The young male, known as Mr Shuffles
when he was born, pinned zookeeper Lucy Melo
against a bollard. Adam Walters has more.

John, while Taronga Park Zoo
wanted to stress that at no stage were
members of the public endangered, it was terrifying for the staff
inside the elephants' enclosure around 11:30 this morning. Seven News has been told
that a baby elephant, Pathi Harn, was refusing to take instructions
from his keeper before backing her into a bollard. She screamed for help. Two colleagues rushed to her side
but then, she blacked out. According to paramedics, she went into cardiac arrest
and suffered serious injuries. She had to be revived at the scene and was rushed by ambulance to the intensive care ward
of Royal North Shore Hospital where she continues
to undergo treatment. Our keepers did act immediately when
they saw the incident was going on. They moved the elephant calf away
from the keeper that was injured. It's a very difficult time for us. We're very worried about the keeper. Back here at the zoo,
an investigation is under way. It's believed Pathi Harn
is becoming increasingly stubborn as he moves into adolescence but the investigation says it's too early to determine
exactly what the circumstances were leading up to
this horrific incident. John.

A Sydney court has released pictures of the collar bomb used during an attack on a teenage girl
in her Mosman home last year. These images show the device
placed around Madeline Pulver's neck by Paul Peters. Maddie's parents
have come face-to-face with Peters at court today. A little bit of closure but frankly,
probably not expecting it. We'll see. The hearing was told
Peters can't remember the attack. A forensic psychiatrist
says he suffered depression. His ex-wife Debra wiped away tears
as she gave evidence, saying his mood swings
took a toll on their marriage. Peters will be sentenced
at a later date.

Police have accused
the Catholic Church of tipping off predators,
hiding files, and paying off victims, to hide decades of child abuse
by its clergy. A landmark
Victorian Parliament inquiry is under way in Melbourne. Dean Felton
has been to the hearings.

Yes, good afternoon, John. It got under way
with explosive evidence from one of the state's
most senior policemen. Deputy Commissioner Graham Ashton
said Victoria Police had analysed data
dating back to 1956 and some of the facts he reeled off
were simply astonishing. Police found 519 victims, 370 of them from within
the Catholic Church system. Almost 90% were aged 11 or 12 and there were no limits to where,
or under what circumstances, the abuse took place.

Houses, church locations such as classrooms, shower block, principal's offices, churches, including confessional. Parish houses, and victims' residents.

He says the church has deliberately
hindered police investigations by alerting offenders,
by hiding or destroying evidence

and by discouraging victims
from speaking out. Perhaps most disturbing, the length of time between the abuse and the victim coming forward
to report it - on average, more than 23 years. And Deputy Commissioner Ashton says
that despite what the church claims, he has every reason to believe
that abuse is continuing today and that we won't hear about it
for another 20 years. The inquiry's public hearings
continue on Monday, John. A British tourist who had been
in Australia for less than an hour has been killed in a crash in Perth. He was in a taxi that was hit
by a stolen four-wheel drive which was being chased
by a police helicopter. Alexis Donkin is in Perth.

Good afternoon, more details are starting to emerge about this tragic crash. Police say they started chasing the car when they realised it was stolen. Now they won't tell us how long the pursuit lasted but they know it was aborted when the driver turned off the head lights. At 2 am this morning, the stolen car T boned the taxi. The 36 passenger and driver were killed on impact. The passenger was a British tourist who had only just arrived in Perth. He had been here less than an hour. This latest pursuit has raised question about the quantum question about the question about the effectiveness of police pursuits. We spoke to the police. Are pursuits worth it? I don't think it does raise the question because the pursuit was aborted a long way from where the accident occurred. There is no evidence that this time to suggest the vehicle was being pursued at the time of the crash. The 23-year-old driver of the stolen car is recovering in hospital with broken legs. Police have charged him with two counts of manslaughter. It's believed he and others used the stolen Toyota in a series of crimes across Perth over the last week. It's also believed there could be further charges. Now, the police investigation is under way. There will be an internal investigation into what has happened here.

An elderly couple has died after a night of chaos
on the F3 freeway north of Sydney. The female passenger was
thrown from her car when it hit a Rural Fire Service
tanker at Berowra. She was then hit and killed
by a second car. Her husband was rushed to hospital
and remains critically injured. It's critical
that people wear their seatbelts. Seatbelts save lives. If you're not wearing seatbelts, you could be fatally injured
in a collision. The tanker had just been attending
to another major incident nearby when a semitrailer
lost its tail shaft, leaving 18 cars damaged. Prime Minister Julia Gillard
has thanked Kevin Rudd for his role in helping Australia secure a seat
at the UN Security Council. It means we'll now have a say in the council's votes on
peacekeeping, poverty and disarmament.

A green and gold moment
for Australian diplomacy. Australia, 140.

And this was a big juicy
decisive win, and it's very, very sweet. And a long time coming. Australia last held a seat
way back in 1986. The competition was tough but we got more votes than more fancied rivals
Luxembourg and Finland. This vote endorses Australia
as a good global citizen. A global citizen
which now has a say in UN peacekeeping, poverty,
sexual equality, sanctions, and disarmament. Back home, the Prime Minister went
to the Department of Foreign Affairs for applause from all levels. (APPLAUSE)

I hope at some point, you do get the opportunity
to raise a glass and to saviour the moment. And was careful not to ignore
Kevin Rudd's contribution. I would like to thank in order,
firstly, Kevin Rudd. The Opposition welcomed the win,
but with scepticism. Maybe now the United Nations
will help us stop the boats. Australia will spend
the next two years on the council. The Prime Minister says
the timing couldn't be better as we prepare to withdraw
from Afghanistan. And that will be on the table
at the UN Security Council. Australia takes its place
at the start of next year so, for now, there's celebration but the Foreign Minister won't be
popping the champagne corks. As soon as I can, I'll be having a generous cup
of hot water, boiling water, with a slice of lemon.

The first cars have hit the track
at Surfers Paradise for the Gold Coast 600. Thousands of motorsports fans
have travelled to the sunshine strip for the 3-day event. Amanda Abate is covering
all the action. ,

The diehard Ford and Holden fans have The diehard Ford and Holden fans have trafltd from across the kurp tri for day one of the Gold Coast 600. Close to 200,000 people are expected. You can see the balconies of high rise buildings draped with banners and banners and flags. It's not Indy any more but international race drivers, including some from the Indycar series are here, racing V8 super series are here, racing V8 Supercars. It's a unique concept for the Gold Coast that organisers hope will continue the into the future It's great weather, great beaches and great motorsport events. I spoke to a couple of people and they all said it's a fantastic event. So it's one of the things I'm trying out this year. The crowd as usual, at the Gold Coast 600 has been very colourful so far. Police are patrolling the track to ensure everyone is well behaved. There are two concerts this weekend forays goers before race one gets under way on track tomorrow

Stay on Seven. After the break, we talk to parents whose twin girls
were conjoined at birth. Also,
Aussie war veterans return to Egypt for a special commemoration. And the bra
that's worth $2.5 million.

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Australia's top medical researchers
will receive grants worth more than $157 million. Federal Health Minister
Tanya Plibersek made the announcement while touring a laboratory
at Sydney University where researchers are looking into
how sleep apnoea affects children. At the level we're looking,
it's probably one in 30 children - that's one in each classroom - and the issue we're addressing is how their sleep affects
their daytime learning capacity. The grant money will be split
among 281 different projects.

The parents of conjoined twins
in Britain say their girls are thriving 12 weeks after
they were successfully separated. A life-threatening blockage
in Rosie and Ruby's shared intestine meant the newborns
needed emergency surgery hours after they were born,
six weeks prematurely. If they didn't have it...
They wouldn't have survived. ..then that would have been
just as risky. They wouldn't have survived,
would they? The babies will need
further treatment but are expected to live
healthy, normal lives. Australian veterans
have returned to Egypt to commemorate a major turning point
in World War II. It's 70 years since Australia
helped defeat Hitler's troops in the Battle of El Alamein. Seven's Nick McCallum is in Egypt. Yes, the 21 Australian war veterans,
all in their 80s and 90s, kicked off what will be a very
emotional return to the battlefields with a visit to a local war museum. The Battle of El Alamein,
70 years ago this month, is considered a landmark victory
in World War II. in a counterattack. Jack Caple says
he was almost killed several times by big German artillery guns
like this one. One landed right in front of me
and buried me in. I found...I fortunately had the
chinstrap on the back of my head. Had it been underneath, I think
it would have taken my head off. Jack Calder was taken prisoner
by the Germans during the Battle of El Alamein. He was in a camp for three years. I'm probably more emotional
than a lot of other fellas because I spent three years
as a prisoner of war as a result of El Alamein.

There'll be a series of
commemorations for the Australians right throughout the weekend, including on Sunday
a special service Back to you.

Lingerie giant Victoria's Secret
has called in an angel to unveil its new $2.5 million
Fantasy Bra in New York. Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio
was the lucky model showing off the piece which features a floral
20-carat diamond centrepiece. The one-off is covered in amethysts,
sapphires and rubies. It's so unique. It's like this piece of art
you get to wear. It's got like 5,000 precious gems. And fellow angel
Australian Miranda Kerr has shot her latest lingerie
campaign for the brand. After the break,
a check on finance. Also, the Rolling Stones
rock the red carpet to celebrate 50 years together. And Shane Watson signs off from
Twenty20 Champions League in style and heads home.

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Melbourne police have arrested
a tow truck driver who fled after smashing into
a parked car at Oakleigh last night. The car was dragged
several metres down the road as the truck sideswiped
the front of a unit block. It's a compete write-off. It's absolutely cactus. The parked car is totally destroyed,
it's literally totally destroyed. The tow truck's kept on going. It's hit letterboxes
and a front fence. The driver's licence was suspended and he'll be charged on summons
with drink driving. Time to check the financial markets and the ASX-200
has gained 11 points. The Australian dollar
is buying just under 104 US cents and a $1.26 New Zealand.

for the premiere of a documentary
celebrating their 50th anniversary. They say
if you can remember the '60s, you weren't there. This film may help jog your memory.

Just like the old times,
and there've been plenty of those - more than fans have ever seen,
as it happens - the Stones on the red carpet tonight at the premiere of a new documentary
by director Brett Morgan containing footage
even the band didn't know existed. Just when we think
we've seen all the footage of you, we're told there's a documentary
with some unseen footage. I know there is.
What is it, Keith? I mean, Brett,
Brett Morgan pulled out some stuff. I never knew
there was a cameraman around. REPORTER: Well, uh, why?
Why did they start happening. Something sort of chemical
sort of reaction sort of happened, I don't know. 'Crossfire Hurricane'
tells the story of the last 50 years
of the Rolling Stones, much of it through footage
never broadcast with voice-overs
provided by the band. VOICE-OVER:
And the Beatles got the white hat. What's left?

The black hat. ('JUMPIN' JACK FLASH PLAYS)

Alongside their fans out tonight were those who were part
of the Stones' story, those who probably wished
they had been and those who never doubted
they'd get to 50 years. Oh, I knew they would. They're the greatest band
in the world. Can you say that there probably will be more
than these four dates this year? We can probably say that, you know?

I mean, let's get these things under
our belt, you know what I mean? But yeah, yeah, we're not doing this
just to get to Christmas, you know what I mean? Unless the Mayans are right. Despite controversy
over the ticket prices, a sell-out is expected as the fear
amongst their diehard fans is that each tour
could really be the last time.

Sport shortly, but first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines.

Hello.. The cyclist doping fiasco has claimed another scalp.
Cycling Australia's vice president and former ACT
cyclist Stephen Hodge has resigned.. after he admitted
he used performance enhancing drugs through his career. He says
he made bad decisions because of the pressures put on
cyclists to perform. One bookie believes the ACT
election result's already a done deal. Sportsbet has begun
paying it's odds early.. with Labor even money.. while the
Liberals are 5-dollars-50 to win. But.. the Libs say
the undecided voters could swing the outcome. Worksafe has shutdown
the site where a machine punctured a gas pipe and started a
fire in West MacGregor this morning. Police've slapped 2 truckies
with a fine..after they were caught with radar
detectors and tampered speedos at Marulan yesterday. speedos at Marulan yesterday. A Canberra grandmother warns
locals of the dangers of a surgical mesh.. as
she was left partially a surgical mesh.. as
she was left partially paralysed.. after the mesh
was used to repair her bowel. And our Capitals take a
break today.. ahead of their match against Bulleen on Saturday.

Hawthorn premiership player
Clinton Young is on his way to Collingwood. Young has agreed to sign
a 3-year deal with the Magpies ahead of today's
free agent deadline. Meanwhile, Adelaide and Sydney
are expected to finalise the Kurt Tippett trade today. The Crows will get Swans forward
Jesse White and a first round draft pick. In Brisbane, the Wallabies are hoping
their crippling injury toll will bring the best out
of the underdogs in tomorrow's Bledisloe Cup showdown
against the All Blacks. It probably fits
the Australian psyche a little bit. Then the back's against the wall, the guys like to show
their character. The Kiwis
are near unbeatable favourites for Nathan Sharpe's final game
on Australian soil.

to set the fastest time
in the opening practice session at the Gold Coast 600. Davison started from pole position
at Bathurst but crashed out
due to a brake failure. It's great for the confidence
to roll out fast.

Since Bathurst,
it's been a long couple of weeks. Been pretty fired up
to hit the track here.

the hot weather is making life tough
on the track. A track inspection will determine if 2010 Melbourne Cup winner
Americain runs in tomorrow's Caulfield Cup. Gai Waterhouse is hoping
to bounce back from defeat in last week's Caulfield Guineas with the favourite Glencadam Gold. It's such a prestigious race. There's so much depth in this race
this year. You've got horses coming
from every part of the world. You'd be dashed hard to win,
I can tell you. Shane Watson has signed off
from the Twenty20 Champions League in style, helping clinch a semifinal spot
for the Sydney Sixers. Watson claimed 2 wickets
and scored 47 runs in a 5-wicket victory
over the Highveld Lions in Cape Town. He's now heading home to prepare for the upcoming series
against South Africa.

The Sixers aren't that happy but I think, in the end -
for me, personally - it means I can get a week
to freshen up and get ready to go. Mitchell Starc
enhanced his test claims with an impressive 3-wicket haul.

11-time world surfing champion
Kelly Slater is out of the Rip Curl Pro
in Portugal. On a day of small swell
and high drama, Slater was sensationally
sent packing in round three. It's not the end of the world. Nobody died, I just lost a heat. That might be
the most frustrating heat I've ever had on tour. Mick Fanning's also out after losing
to fellow Aussie Owen Wright. The early exits have given
Joel Parkinson a golden opportunity to extend his lead
in the world title race.

Speak a peak for me tomorrow in the Caulfield Cup. Thank you for that, Simon. I'll take

After the break -

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Good afternoon. David Brown with your weather
from Caulfield, Melbourne on this warm and sunny afternoon.

At the moment, it's hovering around 29 degrees. But as we take a look at the weather cameras around the nation. the weather cameras around the
nation. First of all we head off nation. First of all we head off to Adelaide, mostly clear skies and sitting on 22. Sydney, a beautiful day at the moment, 23 degrees at the moment and in Brisbane, clear skies and a warm temperature of around 25 degrees at the moment. As we move on to the latest from the

highlights isolated showers
and thunderstorms drifting across
the south-east corner of the nation associated with
a low pressure trough. In the west,

a weak front is brushing
the southern coast of WA. Tomorrow is looking fine
across most of the country, although that front will bring
some rain to Tassie later in the day and the south-east corner
during Sunday. , Starting to warm up a little bit over the south east corner especially over the weekend. Let's look at the forecast for the major centres.

More sunshine in Sydney, a glorious day, 25 degrees, likewise in Canberra, Melbourne, a fine day, partly cloudy skies, a weak change towards evening, 23 degrees for the running of the Caulfield Cup and for Adelaide, fine, partly cloudy skies. That's the latest weather, we will have more weather details at

That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm John Mangos.
Have a great weekend. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

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