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Hello and welcome to the Contrarians I am Peter van Onselen thanks for your company. Shortly we will be taking a close look at congratulations Australia, are joining the rather insignificant ranks of the non-permanent members of the UN Security Council. We have Bob Carr to thank for that. Kevin Rudd yes he certainly got the bid going the Prime Minister made that clear to avoid problems on that front but at the end of the day let's be honest if Kevin Rudd was still in charge of this bid with his personality skills there is almost no chance that we would have been successful. We will discuss that and a range of other issues, including MYEFO, the whole issue of where the budget is going when we get to our so-called surplus in May next year. All that coming up shortly. First let's take a look what's making news.A female trainer at Sydney's Taronga zoo is in a critical condition in hospital after being pinned against a post by young Thai elephant Parthi Hahn. She suffered severe back and chest injuries. The zoo is investigating how incident occurred. Sky News Sydney reporter Price price has more from taranja.At around 11:30 during a routine training session a young male elephant known as Parthi Hahn pressed a female zoo keeper up against a bollard she screamed and two other zoo keepers ran to her aid but she suffered critical back and chest injuries. Paramedics treats her inside the enclosurer, at one stage the 40-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest before she was rushed by ambulance to the Royal North Shore Hospital.Focus is in the care of the keepter and the staff who are upset and concerned for her as I am absolutely.Visitors to the zoo were unaware to the incident other than the loud speaker message to let them know the show had been cancelled.The elephants are in the paddocks calm and comfortable. I can assure you that Taronga's elephant programs are by world standard.The zoo is being keen to stress no members of the public were at any stage in danger.It's believed this individual elephant has been exhibiting stubborn behaviour as it moves into adolescence but has never before shown any violence. These are termed domestic elephants because since they were come from families. They are brought up with humans.The zoo has launched an investigation into the incident. Foreign Minister Bob Carr says Australia's success in gaining a seat on the UN Security Council is a sure sign of our international reputation and a stepping stone to involvement in making crucial decisions on the global stage.The Government spent more than $24 million on the bid, and came out ahead of rivals Luxembourg and Finland. Our priorities now, the crisis in Syria and ongoing aid projects in Africa. Sky News political editor David Speers is at the UN in New York, he filed this report. Heading into the vote this morning, here at the United Nations the Australian delegation weren't terribly confident. They left nothing to chance. A little chocolate koalas were left on every desk here at the UN. In the end they then worried so much, it was a comfortable victory.Australia, 140. Luxembourg, 128. It is always good to see Australia win.And this was a big juicy decisive win.And it's very, very sweet.Sweet or juicy, a win was a win and Foreign Minister Bob Carr was clearly excited with the result. The support for Australia came from three main blocks. The South Pacific nations in our region, Caribbean states as well liked the fact we were going to be there representing in part the small island states but crucially the African block. A lot of African support for Australia which.Ed push us over the line. That gave us the support we needed to beat Luxembourg and Finland. Finland was the big surprise here. They bombed out. Didn't win a seat at all. So this means Australia from January will have a two year seat, a non-permanent seat on the security council, what will we do with it? Well according to Foreign Minister Bob Carr we will be using our voice as a middle power to push a number of goals.Well, we advance our agenda. It's an agenda that includes building the on the rights of women and girls in developing countries, getting a small arms treaty that restrains the growth in Kolashnikovs and other destructive weapons around the world.He praised all Australian diplomats peacekeepers and soldier whose fought in Australia's name but particularly gave praise to Prime Minister Julia Gillard and former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Who launched this bid four years ago.The man of the hour though he said was Australia's ambassador to the UN, Gary Quinlan, has put in the most work on the ground here New York to deliver this outcome and will become the first Australian to sit around the table at the security council in some 26 years. The last man who did that job for Australia, the well-known rel respected diplomat, Richard Woolcott, was also here in New York in the final stages helping with the lobbying effort. He told me a little earlier today that he too is very excited to see Australia take up this opportunity.Well I'm personally delighted myself, because I was afraid that I might go to my grave as our last representative on the security council if we didn't win.This result is a victory for the government and does put Australia on the main stage. The most powerful table at the United Nations and will mean its voice is listened to on a whole raft of issues not just the big issues like Syria, and Iran, but importantly also the changing power dynamic in our region. As China's economy and influence grows and the ripple effects that will have throughout our region. It means Australia is now a player at the table. And the full coverage of the UN vote and reaction from New York and here at home press red on your remote and look for our dedicated channel on Sky News multi-view. Tensions have reached boiling point within the South Australian Liberal Party, with the leadership spill called for next week.Sky News Adelaide reporter Ashleigh Steele has details from outside Parliament House. After months of internal destabilisation, a leadership spill has been called against South Australian Liberal leader Isobel Redmond. With the required number of signatures gathered and presented to the party whip Steven Griffiths this morning. Opposition health spokes man and of course former Liberal leader Martin Hamilton-Smith will challenge Ms Redmond with a ballot next Tuesday. There are reports Mr Hamilton-Smith has secured 12 votes, Ms Redmond has seven and six are undecided in the 25 member party room.The move comes after a number of public gaffes by Ms Redmond including her offer to stand down for former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer. We heard from Mr Downer today who said the state does need a change of government but that won't necessarily come from a change of leader.South Australia does need a new government. The Liberals can provide that government, but it's not just about changing the leader the whole time, it is about developing a program and developing policies and that's what they have got to concentrate on --.Ms Redmond has also been under enters pressure on her comments over public sector job cuts and admission she continued a move to federal politics to fill a seat left by Mary Jo Fisher. The ballot has been confirmed for next Tuesday. The former wife of Paul Peters, the man who strapped a fake bomb around the neck of school girl Madeleine Pulver has broken down in court. Deeb ra-Peters Deborah Peters travelled from Kentucky in the US to give evidence in his sentencing hearing today. In a tearful address she described the state of mind the 51-year-old following their divorce in 2007.She testified he developed a drinking problem in addition to violent mood swings. Madeleine Pulver's parents were at court and said today was a chance for closure.A little bit of closure but frankly probably not expecting it but we will see.The court is also expected to release photographs of the collar bomb, but a suppression order has been made on those that show Maddeline and the collar bomb on the night of the ordeal. A parliamentary enquiry in Victoria has heard damming evidence against the Catholic church as it investigating abuse allegations.Sky News Melbourne reporter Loretta Johns has the details. A packed room at parliament for the start of today's hearings, Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner jam Ashton singed the out the Catholic church in his evidence accusing it of putting PR and its reputation ahead of victims. Police looked at sexual crimes by non-government organisations from 1956 to June this year. They identified more than 2,000 crimes against 519 victims in Victoria p the bulk of ot fending occurred within the Catholic church of church. The data showed most victims were boys aged between 11 and 12 years old and were mostly abused at schools and churches even in the confessional. Mr Ashton says the church hindered police investigations by alerting suspects to allegations against them, sending alleged perpetrators to other parishes or overseas, destroying evidence and discouraging victims from reporting abuse. He says to date Victoria Police has not been referred a single abuse case by the church.Then asked if he thought the offending was continuing today, he said yes. Mr Ashton's submission was described by the enquiry as chilling in its details of a culture of denial and cover-up.The enquiry is due to report to parliament by the end of April. A taxi driver and his paejer have been killed after -- passenger have been killed after being hit by a stolen car near Perth airport. The car had been chased by police but police say they had already called off the pursuit when the fatal smash occurred.Sky News Perth reporter Michael Hopkin is at the scene and has the latest. The taxi was turning into this intersection on its way from Perth airport into the centre of Perth in the early hours of this morning when it was hit by a stolen Toyota Cruiser four-wheel drive that ran a red light. The 28-year-old driver and his 36-year-old passenger were killed in the impact. The passenger a visitor from Britain had been in Australia for less than an hour. The 23-year-old driver of the second car received a broken leg. He was taken to hospital where police charged him with two counts of manslaughter, at a bedside hearing this morning.The car had previously been involved in a police chase, but police insist that they called off the pursuit several kilometre as way from where the crash happened.This pursuit was aborted on Canning highway in Victoria Park when the helicopter reported the vek now had its headlines turned off.The police helicopter maintained observations of the vehicle, which subsequently crashed some time later at the Cutar intersection. I want to emphasise that there is no evidence that this time to suggest the vehicle was being pursued at the time of the crash. This incident will nevertheless inflame the debate over police pursuits. In April a 50-year-old Perth driver was killed when she was hit by a police car chasing a stolen vehicle. That led the Police Union to threaten a boycott of high speed chases unless the state government could promise legislation that would protect its officers from prosecution in such events. Quick look at sport now and cycling's doping scandal has claimed another high profile casualty. Cycling Australia's vice president, Stephen Hodge has quit after admit ing to taking performance enhancing drugs during his racing career. Hodge raced in Europe between 1987 and 1996 before being elected vice president five years ago.His resignation comes two days after men's road coordinator Matt White was sacked after revealing he used performance enhancing drugs while riding for Lance Armstrong's US Postal Team.The weather:

We will have more for you a little later on now back to Peter.Thanks. We will take a commercial break. When we come back my rant plus the panel. Don't go away because normal we we only have one crazy right winger on the show today we have two. Back in a moment.

Welcome to Contrarians this is the only show on Sky or anywhere else we truly involve you the viewers by reading out your tweets and e-mails. Bravo, to Bob Carr, on securing Australia a non-permanent position for the next two years on the security council of the UN. Now this actually is seriously a significant achievement for Australia. Personally, I have been very critical of Bob Carr's performance with gaffes since he's been Foreign Minister, I have also been critical of his performance as premier in NSW and equally I happen to think the UN is one grand waste of time and I'm not sure a non-permanent membership to the security council when you don't have veto power really means all that much either. And certainly when you think about it I'm not sure your average punter or voter really thinks it matters that much whether or not we again access to the security council but despite that this is certainly a win for the Gillard Government and let's be honest when you don't have many wins you have to take what you can get. For Bob Carr however cynicism should be put to one side because this is very impressive. Julia Gillard went out there today in her set speech and deliberately quite forcely deliberately thanked Kevin Rudd for getting the ball rolling on this shot at a security council position for Australia. But what she didn't do because she can't but I will, is she didn't also thank him for stepping aside as Foreign Minister in February because if he had been there for the last eight months let's be honest there is not a hope we would have picked up this seat in the security council. Kevin Rudd lobbying people? Kevin Rudd sucking up to people? Kevin Rudd being nice to people? The guy cooperate even garden sh the numbers to stay Prime Minister in his -- couldn't even garden sh the numbers to stay Prime Minister in his first term. Bob Carr owns this and he should be congratulate ed for owning --.. Kevin Rudd owns the decision to throw money on something we were late on the scene to which we were unlikely to win but kudos for him to step aside not so graciously as Foreign Minister we are in a situation where Bob Carr could get the job done on this particular front. Let's hear what the panel have to think about this and other issues as well. Julian Leeser, Greg O'Mahoney and Rohan Dean good to have you on board. Two crazy right wingers on the one show. I represent the Greens on this show.Don't our Twitter followers know it. Starting on the UN Security Council. Julian Leeser you have been a long time sort of Liberal advocate in terms of international relations you throw realism to one side. What's your view? You are a fan of this and the fan we of the fact we have this position.Three country, Togo, Azerbaijan and Morocco are three of the current members of the non-permanent of the security council.I haven't heard of those three.I'm not sure exactly what they have done to increase the diplomatic standing of their countries what they have done improve peace and security in the world.What's the relevance of that to whether or not we should be at the table.It's a big question whether you actually get anything by sitting on the table when you have the permanent members having veto powers..We are there now so we should... Why run a partisan line and try to put the thing down inI'm not running a partisan line in relation to it I'm telling you I don't think in my view it was a particularly great thing for us to... If you are putting a partizan line are you failing in your duties. Rohan you run a partisan line.The bottom is what are we going to do with this position . It's a tricky table to be sitting at it's failed abysmally over Syria in the last 12 months. In two years time hopefully we can look back and say we achieved something. Bob Carr described it as a big juicy win today t it is not a win for Australia, it say juicy win for Bob Carr who are now position himself as the man between Rudd and Gillard as he goes up... I have already talked about that that. Let's spend a bit of time on that for a moment. This does elevate him as Rohan says it is a bit smart atticy to say, he's in the Senate but at the end of the day at the moment Gillard looks safe her polling has improved, Kevin Rudd's fortunes have certainly waned. However, if she has a tough summer and Rudd is looked at in the mix, Carr becomes the blocking candidate the same way Latham was for the screen people against Kim Beazley doesn't he?You have got to say he has been incredibly impressive in his media performances both view comes from...I disagree.The last two months he has been a phenomenal intellect.He is using a Foreign Minister position to attack domestically.He goes to domestic issues too often.Part of his job was being for Australia abroad and I feel comfortable for the fact he is representing us.We go abroad and attack the Opposition, it seems a strange ways... We will get to that. What about the Opposition as recently as Senate estimates during the week, trying to talk about Bob Carr jet setting and wining and dining. At the end of the day Julian Leeser, let's have a fair crack at this. This is garbage. Oppositions all do it. Labor did it to the Howard Government, now the Liberals in Opposition are doing it to the Labor Party but it is pathetic politics isn't it?The question here is how are we best serve Australia's interests? Do we serve Australia's about interests best by negotiating things through the large and unwieldy multi-lateral forum of the UN or do we do the best things by developing strong bi-lateral relations particularly in the region. What being on the security council essentially does is put us in the middle of the big battles between China and the US. Where a lot of the economic and strategic issues in the future are going to be - it is going to be very important we manage that relationship properly.That statement was a good segue into most recent tweet from Elmo. Julian vomits Abbottose lines get him off he -- Abbott's lines get him off he can't link think.That's harsh from Julia's sister. But I have to say I think this idea this is anything short of an unambiguous victory for Australia is laughable. In my life tame the most dramatic foreign policy developments was the intervention in Cambodia and East Timor, we have heard Rohan talk about, it was... To my understanding there was no foreign policy intervention that involved that.We heard Rohan say for 12 months the UN has done nothing over Syria. The great success story only occurred as a result of two UN skourpt decisions, 1970 and the stopping of the massacre in Benghazi.That is not a great thing what has happened in labia. The Arab spring is not turning out how everyone has hoeb hope pdThe point is we are now being wedged between China and the US, so that every decision that happens on the security council we now have to favour one or the other. Whereas very recently Bob Carr was saying we can have it all. We can be friends with both and that's the line that Labor have been coming out with. I agree, it is great we are on it but we have to be judged by what we achieve.You are saying that through gritted teeth. I don't understand. Itdz the Coalition's approach to this issue.It raises as well as the good things. You look at both sides of the argument.We love hearing from our fans from Tweets and e-mails. Shannon your opinion is one big waste of time Peter. Julian, why do we get you sitting there on that table? All that pours out of your mouth is BS. Keep the tweets and e-mails coming.It's a shameful thing we are potentially having a Foreign Minister Julie Bishop who doesn't seem to think it's a wonderfully good thing we are on the security council.Why is it so wonderful we are on a body that has not achieved as much as action between individual nations as achieved.That's just not true. Saved more lives in the last year than probably any country. Those two resolutions in Libya stopped a massacre.E, dough know how that is going to go. -- we don't know how that is going to do. That essentially you can't get action because China and Russia are vetoing doesn't matter the fact we are going to be there, they are not going to get any change in policy on Syria because China and Russia have a veto, we don't, we have just there like a ping pong ball to be played between the major powers that are on that.The fact...Negatives as well as potential positives.The voting record presumably will be one of the negatives.That's so inassertive.The Chinese will take it very seriously if Australia lines up with the States on every single issue and first verse gentleman.You two are right we should pull out of the whole foreign policy space all together. It is a lot easier.We should back our natural and national interests and we can do that quite rightly as Bob Carr says by being friends with both US and China and that's by avoiding issues that we don't have a particular... We could abstain in a vote on the security council. Any vote we like.Can I say flag waving, great day for Australia, in some ways it is but in other ways it throws up potential problem PsThere is a potential we offend China just as we offended when Gareth Evans put Cambodia on the map China weren't happy. Was it the right thing to do? Absolutely.I was as cynical about the purpose behind the bid, bothering to get involved, we were late comers the fact it cost a lot of money. As clearly the two right wing fanatics are on this but it's a bit rich and partisan when we do win. Once you win you say, let me finish, once we win I think it is reasonable to say look even if you didn't think it was a great idea bothering to try because there is a good chance you won't succeed, now you have actually won the thing, better to have it for the next two years than not in my view.Sure.Everyone is saying look, wonderful, it is a win for Australia. It is like winning the Olympics for foreign policy nerds I suppose at the end of the day. So it is great. But, it's a question what we do while we are there. Carr's priorities today he announced were things around the seas.We will discuss these priorities when we come back for a break. We will take a commercial break. We come back and look as Bob Carr's priorities in terms of the UN Security Council. Don't go away. Back in a moment .

P Ashortly we will continue on the Contrarians discussing the range of issues including the presidential debate between Romney and Barack Obama. First let's take a look at what's making news. A female zoo keeper is in a critical condition in hospital after she was pushed over by an elephant at Sydney's Taronga zoo. Paramedics were call to the scene to treat the woman who was reportedly conscious when they arrived. But she went into cardiac arrest a short time later. The injured woman is aged in her 40s, and is being treated in Royal North Shore Hospital for back injuries. It is believed the Thai elephant Parthi Hahn is the animal involved.Prime Minister Julia Gillard has thanked all those involved in Australia's skoesful bid to secure a non-permanent skeet on the UN Security Council. Julia Gillard paid particular attention to the work of Kevin Rudd, highlighting his vision to commence the bid during his time as Prime Minister. Foreign Minister Bob Carr described the victory as decisive and sweet. South Korea, Argentina, Luxembourg andro-Rwanda are the other countries to get a seat on the council. After months of speculation a leadership spill has been called by the South Australian Liberal Party to oust leader Isobel Redmond.It comes after reports that former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has been rumoured to take over the leadership. Ms Redmond will face a leadership ballot on Tuesday, after health spokesperson Martin Hamilton-Smith prepared a formal challenge motion to all MPs. Paul Peters former wife has told a Sydney court about his deteriorate ing state of mind in the days leading up to when he strapped a fake bomb around the neck of school girl Madeleine Pulver.She also testified he developed a drinking problem in addition to violent mood swings.Madeleine's parents were also at the court and said today was a chance for closure. Peters is facing a sentencing hearing after he pled guilty to two charges, including aggravated break and enter. A Victorian parliamentary committee has heard damning evidence against the Catholic church as it investigating abuse allegations.Hundreds of submissions have been made with many calling for legislation that ensures ump churches are compelled -- ensures churches are compelled to report abuse to police and properly support and compensate victims. The landmark enquiry was launched by the Victorian government earlier this year after a campaign by victims groups. And in sport, Melbourne Cup winner Americane could still be scratched from tomorrow's calf eld Cup. The French galloper will be withdrawn if the track is too firm. And taking a look at the weather:

I'm joined by Julian Leeser, Greg O'Mahoney and Rohan Dean. Now, I did say before the break we will go to Julian for his five point plan about what Bob Carr plans to do but we will not do that because we do not want to lose any more viewers. Let's move on. Romney versus Obama who won the second debate?I think Obama did and I think by slightly more than I think some of the mainstream press has been indicating. It was a xhonding performance --. He did what he didn't do in the first debate. That is express himself in a assertive debate and take Romney to task some of the statements he's made in this campaign and previously and he did a good job in highlights Romneys numbers don't stack up.The incumbents have to run on their good record and even a good record can oven be unpicked. A more questionable record, whether you like him or loathe Obama, if you like him that's the circumstances of the GFC if you loathe him you say no it's not, it is his mismanagement but either way he's got problems on the track record. So in light of that increases the margin of the win I suppose in your view Greg if you think he won anyway.That's right and if you look at Romney's strategy it is all about what you just said. It is all about drilling for the debt levels.You can't blame him for that.The unemployment rate and in the face of that I mean, Rohan is sitting there smiling and laughing but in the face of that for the President to win the debate is amazing. Speaks volumes for problems of Romney's policies.Is is hard to know who is worse at managing the economy, George Bush or Barack Obama.George Bush did not do a great job with the economy obviously but the point about the Romney Obama debate, I don't think obomba won it at all. He had a huge task there and that was to stop Romney's momentum. He hasn't done it. Romney is still going up in the the polls in all the key states. It failed for the simple reason that Obama has no hope to offer.Let me ask, Rohan's point is not a bad one. Obama may have won the debate and done it relatively decisively but he hasn't halted the momentum yet it admittedly it just happened but it is hard for him to do that under almost any circumstance of winning the debate because at the end of the day he has sided over four different years.He was so much further behind was to change the momentum of the campaign and that's what he did with the first debate. The task for Obama in this debate was to level the score a little bit and to dent some of Romney's momentum but its Romney got ahead because people were surprised after the first debate how well he had done. What's impressed me about American political debates compared to our political debates, in terms of campaign, is how policy rich they are and how they seem to be more or less genuine interchanges in a way that ours aren't. Whose fault on our side is that?I think one of the post stories to the debate has been that unfortunately use of words the binders of women. That Romney referred to and Obama has made a lot of that on a very personal level says this... It is just words distinguishers. More of the same stuff.I think I think the level of substance in presidential debates is quite low. When I watched them they tend to be using platitudes much more than actual details in my opinion. It might be worse here, but it's certainly not good over there. They are talking to a very general audience.Plait you'ds but it does seem to be about -- plaity tuds but it does seem to be about kolsy issues.Motherhood statements about policy issues. You wouldn't accuse them of getting too granular.For example Romney was asked about what his plan was for finding jobs and he told is his plan was to find ex million number of jobs. We never got to what the plan was. Which was the essence of the question and Obamaas dwlt of the same thing over and -- was guilty over the same thing over and over again.You got that in the price presidential debate, which was quite policy focused but at the end of the day what's happened with our debates they have become package you sound bight affairs and that's true to some degree of the. Debates.If he did lose that debate, you did a lot of uni debating. So did Greg, how did you used to fight back from those defeet?I used to give him a couple of rounds in the locker room. That was always the best. No, I think that what - I don't think Romney has lost the edebate. I really don't. I think he needs to go to the final debate and do well.Thought it was a draw?I thought it was closer and the expectations on Obama were much higher in this debate so he had to do so many more.Did you think Romney won inHe won it because it looks like he will win the election.Fox news were convinced that Romney won the debate. The.The exit polls a lot of them show he did win.He won it because the polls are still good. There are two different questions --.He will win the election Greg. You better get ready for it.I won't be crying in a pillow.Is Tony Abbott deeply unpopular. That's what the polls tell us? In certain polls yes. Certainly. There is that issue.Unsuitable to be Prime Minister because of such severe unpopularity.Of course not and the way that Labor hand attacked and attacks Abbott is disgraceful. Calling someone a misogynist saying they hate certain type of person, is disgusting. The definition has changed now.It's disgusting and defamatory and vile and the Government is responsible for the standard of the debate in the country. Not the Opposition. And the government have lowered the standard of degate bait and they do it every day.I'm in agreement I hate to say, but I'm in agreement on that because yes the Opposition has been robust, Oppositions almost invariably are. The ones that aren't fail and don't get elected but the job of Opposition is by definition to smash the Government. You need to make the Government look like it is not worthy of re-election so you expect Oppositions to do that. That is the title of what they do but the Government to beat the Opposition usually doesn't have to get into the gutter with it. And smash back. Now doesn't matter who started it the Government is in the gutter with Tony Abbott and they are fighting there. I reckon that they will be better off to stay out of it and try to promote themselves on a whole range of other fronts, whatever they might be, by getting in the gutter that's not Abbott's bad, that is the Government's bad.I think - can I jump in I think they are all tainted with the same problematic brush. There are five members of their Coalition front bench, I would like to know Julia and and reason's view on this, five members for the last two years have spoken many times about the fact that Gillard doesn't have a child, referred to her as childless, barren and therefore not in a position to understand... Not for a long time though. Really you are talking people like Bill Heffernan. Not a wider...Helen Coonan did if.She is not in the parliament.Abetz has done it and a number of people have raised it. I think it is crossing the line.This is school playground stuff. You have the Prime Minister of Australia in India, and all that anybody - all Indians are talking about... I will not have you sit there and attack her.I agree with Kevin Rudd this week. The standard of political debate is really bad and I agree with you Peter that it's up to the Government to lift the standard. We talked about Bob Carr a bit earlier in the day, what Bob Carr was good at doing when he was premier of NSW was ignoring the Opposition. He would just rise above the attacks and ignore hem them.Like for example in" where he was attacking Kerry Chikarovski over the deepness of her voice. AHe didn't have the Opposition for a lot of time he was premier.That's a harsh statement Greg. Tune in to Australian agenda on Sunday where Peter Debenham former NSW leader of the option is joining us on the panel. Liberal Party in South Australia Julian you were telling me due the break you will be happy to endorse Martin Hamilton-Smith. What factional grubby deal have you got going gogI was a huge fan of his when he was leader last time. He was the one state Opposition Leader around the country during his period as Opposition Leader who had done an ear enor -- enormous amount of policy work.What was the mistake he made that saw him have to step down?I honestly can't remember. He is a person who has real vision for South Australia particularly what he will do in Adelaide to reenliving the area of the CBD, new a hospital he it a big tax forum what you could do to lower state taxes. Itdz he will provide tremendous leadership and I very much hope that he's elected when the leadership ballot occurs next week.Rohan? II was hoping Alexander Downer was going to get the gig. It would have been hilarious.He is very supportive of the UN.There you go. Everyone would have been happy.It would have been great.Greg you are a close fan of South Australian politics you always have been. Take us through if you can Martin Hamilton-Smith's career I guess and what's got him to where he is now he is challenging Isobel Redmond.I haven't been able to get to the state this week and I would like to do that before a show like this where we talk about such a important issue but I think the big issue faces South Australia right now is it is front and centre in terms of the down turn of the mining sector. BHP moments ago basically backtrack on the huge Olympic Dam promises it had made for the development of that site. And whoever wins is fair to say will have to answer a lot of tricky economic yeses. It was a state that five years ago was a bit of an economic tiger in this country and right now it's looking increase ing likely a has been.I was looking up, what it was that Hamilton-Smith had to resign for. It was the dodgy gate affair which saw him falsely accuse Labor of accepting split donations from the church of Scientology. That's your candidate?He has done his penance now and... He has been a serving member of parliament ever since then.He has the exact business skills that are necessary to bring South Australia out of its doldrums. He's run a series of very successful childcare centres, he's been a senior army officer, its he will be a tremendous premier for South Australia.Do you take the same view of Troy Buswell the chair sniffer out west. Is he eligible to rise to the leadership?It is clear that Colin Barnett... it was embarrassing I will not... He served his penance Greg.Colin Barnett brought...Wiped out.From his time on the backbench to being Treasurer and a minister again. He was successful as Treasurer and he will be a good Treasurer again.Speaking of what you have got to do to get wiped off being called a great Australian when we come back from the break, the Australian Catholic lobby have had their conference during the week and good old Jim Wallace is of course headed that. The Prime Minister wasn't able to go. Just incidentally was she ever able to go. Hasn't she been overseas all week?It would have been cheeky logistically.She saw him dumb remark and thought I have got my excuse. We will come back after the break and discuss Jim Wallace. Back in a moment.

Welcome back. I'm joined by Julian Leeser, Greg O'Mahoney and Rohan Dean keep the tweets and e-mails coming. One of the viewers, who be fair to say is not a fan of you or I Greg says I could listen to Rohan and Julian all the time Greg O'Mahoney is a stupid moron with no political credential entials. A bit of feedback.It has cut me to the core. RhyceMulldoon who said Romney would win. $10 # osays otherwise. There you go feel free to tweet Rhyce and take him up on that bet which is in violation of the betting rules. Julian you seem to take it quite personally when the tweets come in attacking you.I'm happy to enjoy anyone's tweet, I wish Tim Wilson would find a better thing to do on a Friday afternoon. Troy bus well on air you have to expect a certain bit of pushback.Ur think Troy Buswell could become Premier in Western Australia.You know the Western Australian political scene better than I do, I would have thought if Barnett retired he would have to be a serious contender now Christian Porter is gone.You think chair sniffing is not something that excluding you from leadership.I think he made a stupid mistake. I thought it was crazy when he did that but that's now three or four years ago he's been a responsible minister since that time, and served well in his portfolio. He deserves as most Australians do to get a second chance.I tell you this, it wouldn't be a four year jail sentence to be charged for chair sniffing. So why can't he come back after four years of penance and he's paid a high price for it. He's a bloody good Treasurer and flankly a better Treasurer than Christian Porter. He stepped out because of further ig ever indiscretions he's back in the job. He says he's a reformed man.I think Porter has been a fantastic Treasurer and I'm not sure that's right but it's an interesting question. What do you have to do in public life to rule yourself out of leadership. I would have thought that's an embarrassing cross to have to bare and for Julian to say it was three years ago, if it was eight years ago you still did it. It's a deeply offensive thing to do and I'm not sure the passage of time necessarily cures it.Kevin Rudd, he has appeared on late night television, is he back lobbying for the job? It seems like every single time Julia Gillard goes overseas he miraculously appears --.There must be a white board in his office and has all the key days when Julia is away and we will do this and have max even McKew bring out her book and Robert McLelland coming out and said what Kevin said in his night line interview being scathing about Gillard's strategy, of vilification and pointing the finger very strongly at the political staffers and saying I have got a better strategy that this. My strategy is that I will talk about policies. We are talking earlier. Rudd is playing that card very strongly. He's not doing it for the sake of doing it --. Isn't the untold story in the whole debate about sexism and misogyny that not only has Julia Gillard been firing the shots directly at Tony Abbott, but in a sense Kevin Rudd can't take her out now if he does he's a misogynist?It's a phony war. They are both attacking Tony Abbott but there are really fighting against each other. Rudd and Gillard that's the real bottle.I think the funniest thing about the Australian politics right now is the way Rudd holds himself out as this elder sage statesman capable of takes the Labor Party back to its roots and it must take us all for Muppets. As if he with have forgotten he pro sided over the most dysfunctional Prime Minister's office he was so passionate about the carbon price he couldn't speak to Bob Brown for two years. He couldn't speak to his senior colleagues, many cabinet ministers apparently didn't speak to him for a year and a half directly. The idea he has the keys to the cabinet of good government is just so laughable it's hill areasus.That's not the point the blue collar worker will far prefer to listen to Kevin Rudd than skrg screeching on about misogynist of next and that's the reality.Screeching on about misogyny.You are right Rohan Rudd is right in terms of what people want to hear. They don't want to hear the beltway debates with I have been having but at the end of the day he is not endearing himself to his colleagues I imagine.One of the things that vase of has stirred the troops is Gillard's impassioned speech the other week in parliament.Time is running out for Rudd. You define that speech as screeching? Yes.I think it was the most heartfelt moment.I am somewhere in between you.A contrive ed moment.I wouldn't call it screeching.For her to in parliament be faced with the language used in those incredibly offensive marks why wouldn't you snap.They are not that offensive one by one.She hasn't done that speech yet and Abbott in a sense has gotten away with this because of the way the debate moved on to oesht issues but him using the frame died of shame about the government twoer to three times, irrespective of the way he used it before the Jones thing. It was stupid.Yes I thought it was stupid. But that's not the point. Julia Gillard built her entire attack on attacking Abbott for miss only next which is a completely outrageous -- miss only next, a completely outrageous claim, I call it screeching and stand by that.Julian were you saying to us off air you were happy to violate the internal rules of the Liberal Party and give us the polling how the party is looking at the ACT election.I don't have the polling but I think it the ACT Opposition will do much better than people expect them to do.Will they win?It is impossible for anyone to win this their own right in the ACT, the 'Once Upon a Time' has the Labor Party won.-- They will be in a position to be.Will that allow them to form government and will that allow a position where they are unlike to pick up the rest of the support.It depends on the minor parties particular willy the Greens and independents like -- like the Greens and the morist party. The ACT turned out all sorts of interesting independents over years. There was Paul Osborne the form er footballer they had for some time the no self government party there, so it is an interesting electorate there. Very difficult because they have the Hare Clark system and they have three electorates to the aeflg state election.Apparently you can see results and updates here on Sky News throughout tomorrow evening or in fact you can do anything else with your life. Let's...Aren't you running a live blog as well.I am I will be tweets all night. As I'm glued to my seat to watch it. Sorry Kieran. Jim Wallace your good mate. Did you go to his conference during the week?It was two weeks ago.I thought you said before it was on air it was this week.Two Sundays ago.Did you go .No, I didn't? Had --.The first one Julia's missed.I am not a member of the Australian Christian Lobby, as a Jewish person that might surprise you.I am surprised you weren't there.We We have a minute and a half left on program. About the right amount to spend talking on boats. We had, I might stumble for a minute and a half. We had Tony Abbott visiting ind nichya why didn't he -- Indonesia why didn't he raise the issue of boats with the President?He said it would be discussed at a lower ministerial level, precisely as Julia Gillard said uranium would be discussed and she trumpeted the fact that in India it would be discussed at a lower ministerial level. So exactly the same rules, Abbott plays as you should diplomatic proet co-says you don't raise any -- protocol says you don't raise every single issue. You go over the big area and that's called leadership.He has a rare opportunity to spend a little bit of time with the leader of Indonesia the last thing you want to do is get the guy massively off side. Forge a friendship of trust and it is ridiculous he is suspect subjected to this.I find myself in the same as Greg entirely on this matter. You want to keep these conversations private, they are conversations that occur government to government or opposition to government, the Indonesian President would be very clear as to what the Opposition's policy is. He would have advisers talking to him about it. We should allow our governments to tell the navy exactly what they want to tell the navy without the permission of another government.Julian once again you stole the last word on the show. Julian Leeser, Greg O'Mahoney and Rohan Dean thanks for your company and thank you for your company. Tune in and tune into 'Australian Agenda" Penny Wong is our political gift and we will have the forum of ex leaders to join us. Final tweet to take Outteridge, there is more chance that Julian will take over as host of Contrarians than Rudd taking over from Gillard. There you go. Thanks for your company. Live Captioning by Ai-Media