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(generated from captions) make it.Good to go. Thank you. Live in our traffic chopper this morning.

Australia has won its bid
for a non-permanent seat on the
United Nations Security Council. We beat Luxembourg and Finland
in a secret ballot overnight at the UN in New York. Let's get some reaction now. Our regular Big Guns
are overseas at the moment, so we have some special guests
today - Trade Minister Craig Emerson and Liberal frontbencher
Sophie Mirabella. Good morning to you both. Craig, why was it so important for
us to be on the Security Council?

Well, this is an enormously important body in seeking to maintain peace and stability around the world. In our own area, the United Nations Secuity Council was involved in setting up the arrangements in East Timor. We've got North Korea, where people are very worried about the acquisition swrigz of nuclear weapons. A bit further abroad, Iran, Syria, all these are challenges to international peace and of course, governments have a responsibility to maintain peace and we will be at the main table. It is a great victory. We thought we would be battling it out with three countries and we could come second, hopefully out of those three. Thankfully, we came first. 140 out of 193 votes. Thanks to everyone who was involved. The foreign affairs team, Kevin Rudd, of course, who initiated this bid, and Julia Gillard for going to New York a little while ago and talking with those countries, that obviously had a very positive effect.Sophie, your views, $ views, $24 million spent over five years, Tony Abbott said it would be disastrous if we lost.It is great to have an Aussie win. It was an expensive win. It is 100 millions in indirect and direct aid but now we have it, it is important to make the most of the opportunity and serve with distinction over the next two years. Work well with the other non-permanent members lycra wanda and Argentina and make a -- like, Rawanda and make a contribution.How can the Government garn uranium is only used for peaceful purposes? Shoo it is what we do when we enter into arrangements with other countries, you are right, that uranium is used for peaceful purposes. The Labour Party changed its platform on this to allow it to happen and negotiations will start in earnest. It will take some time to make sure we get it right but India is now the third largest economy on the earth with 1. economy on the earth with 1.2 billion people. That trip was very important in forging closer relationships. We will take all the necessary care and time to make sure the agreement is watertight.What is your view, Sophie? Is there a risk? Do you understand that some voters are a little nervous?. I can understand the whole issue of uranium sales is controversy but we need to ensure in our dealings with our neighbours we treat them with respect. I think this visit was important because some damage had been done to the relations when the decision was made to stop any sale of uranium to India and at a time when the Foreign Minister didn't even know. So I think it is important that, whether it is Indonesia, whether it's India, that we deal with them on an open basis, on a no-secrets basis and we maintain very good relations. This was part of rebuilding some of that damage. Thank you.Can I just add there, we haven't actually stopped uranium sales, there haven't been uranium sales, this facilitates the sale to uranium to India for peaceful purposes.It has been a big