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This program is captioned live. This morning -

Australia wins a seat on
the United Nations Security Council. A woman killed as two major incidents close lanes
on a busy New South Wales freeway. And police investigate a
drive-by shooting in Sydney's west. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News
with Natalie Barr. Good morning. Australia has won its bid
for a UN Security Council seat this morning, securing 140 votes
in the first ballot. For the details, we're joined by
Seven's US bureau chief Mike Amor. Mike, how did we clinch the win?

Nat, a lot of lobbying and a lot of money. That's what it took. Of course, we clinched one course, we clinched one of two non-permanent seats up for grabs. There are 10 on the body, the body that makes the decisions for the United Nations. The other two candidates, Finland and Luxembourg were considered the favourites, we were the indog. This campaign started in 2008 with Kevin started in 2008 with started in 2008 with Kevin Rudd. It cost $ cost $25 million but a lot more in overseas aid to Africa where we were chasing the votes of that content. The Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister busy in New York during the general assembly, a few weeks ago, lobbying those votes. Let's listen to what the Foreign Minister had to say.

It is always good to Australia win and this was a big, juicy,
decisive win and it's very, very sweet. It's hard for Australia
in these international forums because we're not part
of a major block and we've gotta be good
to get a majority, we've gotta be super good
to get a big majority.

It cost us at least there24 million, a lot of Australians waking up saying why?And it is a good question. The Government is saying our standing in world affairs increases greatly. We have been on the council twice before but not since 1986. The Government will be saying it is a very big victory for it today.

Thank you very much, Mike Amor there.

There has been chaos
on Sydney's F3 freeway overnight with a woman killed
in a horror crash involving a fire truck and two cars. The emergency vehicle
had been responding to another major incident nearby
involving a semitrailer and 18 cars. All lanes,
both northbound and southbound, have now reopened.

A scene of devastation on the F3. Overnight, northbound lanes
on the busy motorway were closed as emergency crews responded
to the horror crash. Around 10:30, a fire truck, heading out to another
major multi-vehicle crash nearby, collided with two cars. Kim and Vanessa were travelling
behind and saw the drama unfold. Basically, we came over the hill and saw the flashing lights
from the fire truck, weren't really sure
if it was police or what so we slowed down, as you do. They were lucky to escape
the collision ahead. We saw the second car that crashed,
crash in front of us. There was no headlights
or anything like that. It was basically
just the sparks that we saw. Debris was left
scattered across the road. The male driver of the fire truck
and a woman suffered minor injuries while another man was taken
to Royal North Shore Hospital with suspected spinal injuries.

A woman, who was ejected
from one of the vehicles, was found deceased nearby. Just down the freeway
an hour earlier, a semitrailer car carrier
lost its tail shaft. 18 cars suffered damage,
running over it but no-one was hurt. Southbound lanes were closed
as crews cleared the area. The Metropolitan
Crash Investigation Unit has been called in
to investigate the fatal accident. Police are investigating yet another
drive-by shooting in Sydney's west. Officers were called
to Garnett Street in Merrylands just before 8:00 last night after reports of gunfire. Around an hour later, a man in his 20s
presented at Auburn Hospital with a gunshot wound to his leg. Police are trying to confirm whether or not he sustained
his injuries in the incident. A crime scene has been secured. Several bullet casings
have been seized as evidence. The search for a Sydney man
who fell from his boat in the New South Wales
Snowy Mountains is set to resume this morning. The 57-year-old was
on a fishing trip with his son on Lake Eucumbene

when he fell overboard
on Wednesday night. His son spent 40 minutes
searching for his dad before then having to walk
five hours to raise the alarm. The search operation was suspended
last night due to poor light and will get under way again
this morning. Foreign Minister Bob Carr has agreed that the personal attacks
in federal politics need to stop. Speaking on ABC's '7.30 Report'
last night, Mr Carr says he's in line
with former leader Kevin Rudd that Australians don't want
to hear politicians exchanging shots but instead
want proper debate on policies. I agree with him completely and so does the Prime Minister,
so does Julia Gillard. Julia Gillard touched down
back in Australia late yesterday after wrapping up
a 3-day tour of India. Forensic tests have revealed the charred body found in the
Gold Coast hinterland on Wednesday belong to a man

but police are no closer
to finding out who he is. They believe the body was dumped shortly before a bushfire
was deliberately lit nearby. Police have found some items
alongside the body. They're still at the scene
and they're still in situ, so once we get them out and we'll hopefully release them
to help identify the male person. Volunteers spent yesterday
combing the area for clues. The family of the Brazilian student
who died after being repeatedly tasered
by Sydney police has hit out at officers
who made the arrest. A coroner made the rare decision
to allow a camera into the inquest as relatives accused police
of lying. Roberto Ladisio's sister made an
emotional victim impact statement. It's shocking the way
police acted like they did and their lack of integrity
disgusts me. The inquest is expected to wrap up
today. A shark scare closed a Perth beach
yesterday afternoon, forcing swimmers out of the water. The 4m white pointer
came within 200m of Scarborough, clearly visible
from the Seven News helicopter. Swimmers and surfers
raced for the shore. It's been really encouraging to see people have been complying
with the warnings The State Government has ordered sharks can be hunted and killed
if they come too close. No order was made yesterday.

The Australian
International Motor Show gets under way in Sydney today and is set to be a big hit
with car lovers. But with price tags over $2 million,
your dream ride may stay just that. Damien Smith was given a sneak peek. You can't have a car show
without the big reveal. It's the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. In English, the sixth element. Obviously, for Carbon,
from the periodic table. Obviously -
most of its carbon fibre. 0 to 100 in 2.5 seconds - about how many millions of dollars
it costs. There are more accessible cars
at the show, even the odd educational ride. Traction control VSC. Some cars of the future too. It's a 372 kilowatt
next generation hyper-drive chain. He means it's fast. So's this $2 million beauty. The owner's identity
is a closely guarded secret. Engine sounds nice too, apparently. (VROOM!) (LAUGHS) It might be called 'Gotham' but this very set of wheels
actually starred in Batman. She goes alright. (ENGINE REVS)

Send the information to Gordon. Yeah, I could get used to this. (IMITATES ENGINE REVVING) (CRASH!) Um, whoops! The show starts tomorrow.

Now for your first look
at Friday's weather.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am, the desperate mums going online
to buy breast milk. But next on Seven Early News, the latest on the foiled
New York terror bomb plot. And a family's joy

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A new study has found soft drinks,
chocolate and cereals are pushing Aussie kids

over recommended
daily added sugar intakes. The research has shown
around 60% of Australian children are getting more than 10%
of their daily energy requirements from added sugar.

That's above the World Health
Organisation's recommended limit. Researchers found sugar consumption
increased as children got older. Teenage boys aged 14 to 16 are, on an average, consuming
22 teaspoons of sugar daily. Experts are calling
for better food labelling to help parents make
healthier choices for their kids. The parents of a Bangladeshi man charged with trying to blow up
New York's Federal Reserve building are insisting their son is innocent. The 21-year-old
allegedly tried to detonate what he thought was a 450kg bomb. But it was actually a dummy device
supplied by an undercover FBI agent. This individual came here for the
purpose of doing a terrorist act. The man entered the US on a
student visa paid for by his family. Five people have been killed
during a rescue operation in the East China Sea. A South Korean coastguard vessel
overturned after rescuing 15 crew members
from a sinking cargo ship. A second unit was able
to pull people from the water but five sailors
were knocked unconscious and later died in hospital. Authorities say those killed were
of Chinese and Filipino descent. Anti-austerity protests
have turned ugly again in Athens. A planned demonstration
quickly descended into violence as youths pelted riot police with
petrol bombs, bottles and rocks. Police responded
with tear gas and stun grenades, injuring at least 16 protesters
as they moved to disperse the crowd. A man in his 60s
died of a heart attack during the nationwide day of action. The parents of conjoined twins
in Britain have spoken of their relief after surgery to separate the girls
was a success. The babies underwent
the emergency operation just hours after being born. They're now expected to live
happy and normal lives. Twins Ruby and Rosie
are only 11 weeks old but already, they've had
enough medical treatment to fill a textbook. Now they're out of hospital,
back home in south London. Ruby and Rosie are sound asleep,
happy, healthy 11-week-old babies. But 24 hours after they were born, they had to be rushed
to Great Ormond Street for emergency separation. Ruby and Rosie were born at 34 weeks
by Caesarean section, joined at the belly button. They shared
part of their intestines. Daniel and Angela told me

their twins wouldn't have survived
without surgery. If they didn't have it, then
that could've just been as risky. They wouldn't have survived. It was dangerous,
the way they were joined. They probably would've been OK
for a little while. Because it was their intestines,
wasn't it? Their intestines, yeah. Daniel and Angela told me with Rosie and Ruby's sister,
5-year-old Lily. Pull your arm out! The surgery on the twins wasn't
as extensive as it might've been. It took only five hours,
but it was life-saving. The babies may've not survived because there was a blockage
of the intestines so there will be a necessity
to separate them to solve this blockage, so you cannot survive if there's
a blockage of the intestine. The twins will need more treatment
in future but there's no reason
why they shouldn't grow up healthy and happy children. Your first finance this Early News - Wall Street trading lower
this morning.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - why drivers are facing
soaring petrol prices. But next on Seven Early News, a leading jockey
facing a corruption inquiry on the eve of the Caulfield Cup. And Shane Watson's final fling powers the Sydney Sixers
into the semifinals of the Twenty20 Champions League.

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The stories we're following
on the Early News - Australia has won its bid
for a UN Security Council seat securing 140 votes
in the first ballot. There has been chaos
on Sydney's F3 freeway overnight with a woman killed
in a horror crash involving a fire truck and two cars. And police are investigating
yet another drive-by shooting in Sydney's west. Now it's over to Mark Beretta
with all the day's sport. Veteran jockey Jim Cassidy
will ride favourite Glencadam Gold in tomorrow's Caulfield Cup with the threat
of a fresh corruption probe hanging over his head. Racing New South Wales chief steward
Ray Murrihy plans to meet with
the Organised Crime Squad today to investigate Cassidy's links
to jailed drug kingpin Tony Mokbel. There are allegations Cassidy
received secret payments from Mokbel in return for inside information
on some of his mounts. It's against the rules of racing
for jockeys to sell inside information
on their rides. Shane Watson has provided
the Sydney Sixers with the perfect parting gift, ensuring their place in the Twenty20
Champions League semifinals. Watson delivered another brilliant
all-round performance against the Highveldt Lions, powering the Sixers' to a tense
5-wicket victory in Cape Town. He then anchored the run chase
with a powerful 47 as Sydney chased down
its 138-run target with five balls to spare.

Yeah, that's Watto's last game, so we wish him goodbye and get ready for the test series but we've got pretty good cover there.

Paceman Mitchell Starc enhanced his test claims
with another stellar performance. The tall left-armer returned
impressive figures of 3/19. Hawthorn premiership defender
Clinton Young is expected to link with Collingwood
today. The free agent reportedly agreed
to a 3-year deal with the Magpies last night. Meanwhile,
Geelong has traded pick 36 in next month's AFL National Draft for North Melbourne ruckman
Hamish McIntosh. They've also signed
free agent defender Jared Rivers who switches clubs
after 10 years at the Demons. Adelaide and Sydney
are expected to finalise a trade for key forward Kurt Tippett today. It's set to include out-of-favour
Swans forward Jesse White and a draft pick.

Gold Coast Titans captain
Scott Prince may have played his last game
in the NRL. Super League club Hull has tabled a 3-year offer
for the veteran half-back, beginning next year. Titans officials
will consider releasing Prince from the final year of his deal
if he wants to leave. Meanwhile, the NRL is under pressure to sign off
on an increased salary cap to ensure players
aren't lost to rival codes. The Wallabies' injury crisis
has worsened with star utility James O'Connor
ruled out of the upcoming
Spring Tour of Europe with a hamstring injury. The immediate focus is tomorrow
night's Bledisloe Cup showdown with the All Blacks
at Suncorp Stadium. Prop James Slipper has been
elevated to the starting side to replace the injured
Ben Alexander.

A test of our character as a squad, you know, the players coming in and filling in for, you know, the players that have been injured. So I guess it's my turn this week.

New Zealand's chasing a record
17th straight victory. A-League glamour club
Melbourne Victory will be out to notch
its first win of the season in tonight's clash with Adelaide
at Etihad Stadium. Archie Thompson
is backing up for Melbourne following his match-winning
performance for the Socceroos in Qatar. The Reds insist
they aren't rolling the dice by rushing Dario Vidosic back
from a hamstring injury.

I know what he's capable of as a player and I know when he's out and his injuries, so for me, it's not a risk at all.

Tomorrow night's local derby
between Sydney FC and the Wanderers will see Alessandro Del Piero
and Shinji Ono go head-to-head for the first time.

Just to cap off a massive weekend, Nat, the V8s are on the Gold Nat, the V8s are on the Gold Coast for the Gold Coast 600 this weekend. Esyes, next

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Now for a look
at how the weather's shaping up around the country.

And that's Seven Early News
for this Friday. I'm Natalie Barr.
Standby now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext captions
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