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(generated from captions) That is This program is not captioned. A seat at the top table - Australia wins a place on the UN Security Council. Chaos on the freeway - one person dead after a crash involving a fire truck in Sydney. 22 spoons full of sugar - the shocking amount our kids are eating. From Gold Logie to silver screen - Hamish Blake hits the movies. And pump it up - $20,000 up for grabs in Down Down Friday. Good morning, everyone! Welcome to the Today show on this Friday. It is good to have your company today. How good is Friday.It is always good. Especially when we have a voice!We have a voice! Hm? I don't know what she is talking about.Diana Rufus?Rachel Leahcar! Now you are talking!Are we bringing the show back?I hope so!Today?!What are you talking about, woman!I'm keeping it cryptic. It is Freaky Friday!I tried on the planes and stuff.Way too hard!Makes your brain work well. Good exercise.Clearly, mine is not working well!Not at this hour.It is great to have your company this Friday morning. We will let you know what's happening...WithToifz.Weather- wise right now.

Love confusing you! Very nervous! Now some news with Deb. Early morning head-scratching! Nothing like it. After a long and expensive campaign, Australia has been elected on to the United Nations Security Council. Nine's US bureau chief Robert Penfold joins us now. We were really considered an outside chance for this. Just how tight was the vote?Yeah, good morning, Deb. Well, actually I would think that the Australians in the UN at the time would have been somewhat surprised that it was such a solid win for Australia. In the last few days, promises were made from other UN countries and there was a growing confidence. But won so emphatically on the first vote, 140 votes out of a possible 193 votes - it was amazing. It means Australia will take a seat on the prestigious Security Council for the next two years. This is the real decision- making body of the UN. Here is how it went in the UN, in New York this morning. Having obtained the required two- thirds majority and the largest number of votes, Argentina, Australia and Rwanda are elected members of the Security Council for a two-year term. Australia spent a fortune trying to win the seat, about $25 million, officially. But a lot more behind the scenes as well. We should note that former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was the real driving force behind the bid in the early days, taken over by an equally enthusiastic Foreign Minister Bob Carr, who was there today. You wouldn't get a result like this, a big margin like this, unless you picked up support right around the globe. We did that. We cannot break secrets. But we are heartened by countries. We looked at the choice and we said, "We see Australia as a serious country." One Foreign Minister of a very important nation said, "We see Australia as a serious country."There it is. Australia has won a seat on the all-important UN Security Council. It is, of course, as he says, a sign the genuine high respect Australia is held in around the world.Great result. A shocking accident on a major freeway into Sydney has left one person dead and several others injured. A rural fire truck slammed into two cars as it was making a U- turn after responding to a 22-car pile-up. This is the horrible aftermath of a set of accidents here in Sydney on the F3. Now, we're on the northern outskirts. The F3 links Sydney to Newcastle. Around 9:30 at night, we had a truck lose its tail shaft. 22 vehicles then run into - ran into the debris. That led to traffic chaos, closed off all of the lanes heading southbound. An hour later, local Rural Fire Service volunteers were trying to head back to base after being involved in the rescue. Unfortunately, they have done a U- turn at this particular bay. They have collided with one, possibly two, vehicles.Basically, we saw the second car that had crashed as it crashed. It was only that the sparks went off that we were able to stop.One of the passengers in the vehicle, has, unfortunately, died. The Rural Fire Service commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons has been here. One of the volunteers is obviously extremely distressed, shocked at this. A chaplain has also comforted him. Crews that came to help with unfortunately have been involved in a separate accident.We did have one male driver trapped for some time. The accident is a fatality. It is looking like one person was ejected from one of the vehicles.Police, as you can see, are continuing to investigate. Most of the lanes, the six lanes here on the F3, have been closed for several hours. At this time of day, a lot of freight is heading north, heading south, and diverted on to the Old Pacific Highway. This will take a long time to clear, and to truly get to the bottom of. And in news just in, all lanes on the F3 are now open, both north and southbound. Sydney's gun crime has erupted again overnight with a suspected drive-by shooting in the city's west. Police blocked off a street in Merrylands at around 8 o'clock last night after reports that shots had been fired. A number of bullet casings were found on the street as forensic yofer iss searched the scene. A man arrived at hospital an hour after the incident, where he underwent surgery for a gunshot wound to the thigh. Police are trying to confirm if he was injured in the Merrylands incident. A group of Dominoes pizza workers had a fright in Brisbane last night after being terrorised by a robber with a knife. The intruder smashed his way through a locked front door, demanding money from staff at the Holland Park store.It no-one was injured. It is believed the offender suffered a small injury while breaking the glass.The thief fled but dropped the bag with the money he had stolen. A high seas hunt is underway for a Sri Lankan fishing trawler at the centre of an asylum seeker hijacking drama that police believe was an inside job. Authorities say three crewmen and the captain staged the hijacking to try to cover up the theft of the boat believed to bon its way to Australia. Two other crew members were injured and thrown overboard after they apparently had a change of heart. A sentencing hearing will begin in Sydney today more than a year after the collar bomb attack on months man schoolgirl Madeleine Pulver. Paul Douglas Peters has pleaded guilty to breaking into the family's home and chaining a hoax bomb around the 18-year-old's neck. The 50-year-old was arrested in the US state of Kentucky two weeks after the incident. Lawyers will make submissions to the court this morning. The Catholic Church is set to come under fire in Victoria today as a state parliamentary inquiry into child abuse gets underway. Victoria Police are expected to detail "horrific claims" that a ring of paedophiles had inflict abuse on young residents of Melbourne's boy homes. The Catholic Church has admitted its early response to abuse was inadequate, with church hierarchy reportedly talking victims out of reporting the incidents. The Prime Minister has arrived back in Canberra after an eventful and historic three-day visit to India. The PM was all smiles as she got off the plane after the Indian Prime Minister declared a new chapter in Australia-India relations. The leaders will meet annually to develop the relationship which will see military ties boosted and the first sale of uranium. Schapelle Corby's family has won its fight to access secret police files relating to her drug conviction in India. Mercedes Corby has been battling with the Australian Federal Police will release emails, letters and files relating to the convicted drug smuggler's case, but they refused, arguing it could reveal vital evidence about the way the organisation operates. Let's take a look at the finance markets now:

Crazy legs - and that famous horse- riding dance have taken over Tar Casino's Marquee Nightclub with PSY whipg out his signature moves. Sydney's well-heeled style set went Gangnam style during the Korean singer's big hit. Sing it for me, what?!Gangnam style! There he goes. The impeccably dressed Korean sensation. I think it is uncomfortable when you are filming a nightclub dance floor. Everybody looks daggy! Especially that angle!It discussn't help.In five months we will look back and think, "What the hell is that about?"Five months?! What about now, maybe.The kids were running around the whole schoolyard...Galloping. He has done a lot of good for the world! Bringing down obesity rates around the world. It all helps.They should do something together. Let's have a look at the national fly around for you this morning.

Ben is here. Give us a taste of what we can expect.I know you love boxing on a Friday morning. Anthony Mundine's low blow to Daniel Geale. And the Sydney Sixers, the winning streak gains momentum. Happy Friday. Back in a moment. This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to the program. Lovely to see you all this morning. The front pages - cut-throat asylum, says the 'Daily Telegraph'. Asylum seekers - suspected of hijacking a fishing trawler and slashing a fisherman's throat could make claim for protection in Australia. Detained boat people could expect to spend five years on Nauru. Uni dental rort. University of Queensland is embroiled in a fresh misconduct scandal. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' - the NSW Government will consider backing James Packer's vision for a $1 billion hotel and casino. Hobart mercury - Premier held back tears yesterday as she led the Tasman yain's parliament's apology for forced adoptions. A couple scooped up after winning a first division Lotto win - but each claimed they were the winner of the $300,000 prize. Nasty. And the 'Adelaide Advertiser' - SA's potato industry gets into full swing next week, as farmers pick the first of the season's baby spuds. Gorgeous photo. Top of the world, says the 'Herald Sun' - Scott McGraw was on the Today show yesterday. He completed his quest to climb the Eureka Tower's steps 31 times, 50,000 steps. 11.5 hours - congratulations to him! Good morning. The Sydney Sixers have extended their unbeaten streak in the Champions League Twenty20 cricket tournament. The Australian side making it three straight wins. They are doing well. They beat the Lions by five wickets in Cape Town. Mitch Starc, move, three wickets, including the removal of Gulan Bodi. Shane Watson didn't waste time in response. He has been terrific. The opener blasting it right around the park. COMMENTATOR: Wh a blow this is - straight into the grandstand. And rows and rows back.He eventually fell three runs shy of his half-century. Brad Haddin and Steve Smith getting the job done to all but secure our place in the semifinals. Closer to home and Adelaide United has axed star striker Sergio Van Dijk and Bruce Djite. In terms of inspiration, well, the players are just hoping that Ange Postecoglou, the coach, doesn't give them another spray.We were not up to standard. If I had come in and, you know, sprinkled some hugs around the place, the players would probably be questioning what I'm doing. The Victory will be boosted by the inclusion of Socceroos duo Mark Milligan and Archie Thompson, who arrived home from Doha just an hour before training. The Wallabies injury woes continue. James O'Connor ruled out of the ens-of-season European tour with a niggling hamstring injury. The coach was forced to make a second change after prop Ben Alexander withdrew. Reds front-rower James Slipper earning a call-up from the bench.It is a dream come true for me to eventually start against the All Blacks. Under unfortunate circumstances for Benny A, you know, I get the shot this week.Australia lost its last three straight encounters all against the All Blacks. Anthony Mundine has landed the first low blee on Daniel Geale ahead of the pair's first showdown in Tasmania. 'The Man' took a racial swipe at Daniel Geale, who proudly wears Aboriginal colours on his boxing shorts.I thought they wiped all of Aboriginals in Tasmania out. You have a white woman, white kids.I love my heritage.The mood was also serious against the ditch. Danny Green treated to a traditional Maori welcome in Auckland ahead of his bout with Shane Cameron next month. Hefrpblgts is not as big as me he willHe is not as big as me hrbgs ewill try to use his speed.The winner will take home the vaik apt IBO Cruiserweight title. On Anthony Mundine - I appreciate the fact that they say outrageous things to get us to talk about their fights. But of all things!Yes.Daniel Geale is a proud indigenous Australian. Wears the shorts and with pride. For him to rip into that and say, "He has a white woman and kids." Imagine if it was slipped the other way in! Unnecessary.I don't want to give him any air play. I'm zen like. It is Friday. I don't want anything to upset me today.I will run it again at 6:30.That is mean, Fordo! See you soon. Here is a check on the weather for the mainly centres.

After the break, all the Hollywood gossip with the one and only Richard Reid. Hello, Richard!Well, hello, guys! I have a couple of juicy things. League, movie star! That is right! Lady Gaga, movie star - she is practising her blue steel for her big screen debut. The the scoop, the scandal, the Gaga news This program is not captioned.

Get set, folks - it is Down Down Friday! Every Friday, we give away $10,000 Coles voucher. If no-one wins, it jackpots.Pick up the phone within five rings and say the magic words - "I wake up with Today."

We have a $20,000 voucher to give away later in the show. Now, seeing eye dogs can help change the life of a blind person. There is a new band of recruits coming through the ranks thanks to a major redevelopment of the Melbourne training facilitate.But we need your help. SONG: # Oh, darlin' # Stand by me #It is almost like being locked up in a room and somebody saying to you one day, "OK, you can be free and go anywhere you like." For me, it was very much like that.They might look all cute and cuddly, but these puppies are working hard to change lives. Just like new graduate Luke, paired up with James Bayliss, who had been using a cane for 20 years after losing his sight in a car accident.Instead of becoming a prisoner in one's home, one is free and out and about in the community.All because of Luke? Exactly right.You are a good dog! SONG: # Get up in the morning! # I can't keep it in # Now, hundreds of more dogs will be able to be trained, thanks, in part, to the give back campaign. For a month, Eftpos will donate to the Seeing Eye dogs every time you pay. It is hoped $1 million can be raised. It will go towards a $7 million redevelopment of the Melbourne facility.There will be pedestrian crossings, finding a seat in a restaurant, up and down closed stairs. The whole centre can be pushed around on wheels. There is only one way to truly test these labs.We are going to start introducing some obstacles, but we thought you might like to have a shot.Yeah, no worries. What do I have to do?You have to have a blind-fold.

Good girl! For James and his new pal, Luke, things are better than ever.It still frightens me now - it is a lot of independence, it is so precious. If there is one single thing that this dog has done for me, it has given me my independence.It is hard work, but these puppies would not dream of doing anything else. # Whenever you're in trouble # Stand by me! # Oh, oh! Gorgeous things! Great song, too. The Eftpos Give Back campaign runs from 24 November. Donate any time to the Seeing Eye Dogs, the details on our website.It is a good thing. Now some gossip.Good morning. Let's go to Richard Reid in Tinseltown! How are you doing? Nice to see you there, buddy boy. Two and a half reasons why Ashton Kutcher has a big smile on his face today?One of the reasons, for sure, is girlfriend Mila and the other 1.5 is that Forbes has revealed that Ashton is the highest paid man on television - $24 million. When Charlie was on 'Two and a Half Men', he was making $40 million. But it is pretty good for Ashton. JonCryer makes $30 million! Doing good!Big hit show, lots of money flowing through to the cast. Lady Gaga sings, writes, dances performs - can she act? Huh?Well! She betta be practising her blue steel! Lady Gaga is in talks for 'Zoolander'! That is right, Ben Stiller has put the offer out to Lady Gaga to play his leading lady. They will probably start shooting this time next year. Lady Gaga had better take acting classes. God knows she has charisma!She does indeed! I think I would pay to see that! Very good indeed. We will catch up with you in an hour. Thank you, boys. Coming up this hour - successful bid, Australia takes a two-year position on the UN Security Council. We talk to Tony Abbott later, and Bob Carr.And Korean pop star PSY rocks it out in Sydney! Sing it for me...what?!Gangnam style! Baggy pants, cut-offs - three quarters! He has it all! Good morning. Despite being rated an outside chance, Australia has won its bid for a seat on the UN Security Council. Nine's US bureau chief Robert Penfold has been following the story and joins us now from Los Angeles. Rob, this certainly was good news for Australia - a result that we were not entirely sure that we would pull off?No, certainly it is good news. I reckon it probably came as a surprise also to that, and it was a very solid win, a surprise, too, to those who were there. In the last few days, over, there has been growing confidence that we would win, but to have won so emphatically on the first vote, that was not expected. Australia won with 140 votes out of a possible of 193 votes. We beat out Finland and Luxembourg. It means Australia will take a seat on the prestigious Security Council for the next two years. This is the real decision-making body of the UN. Australia spent about $25 million, officially, but a lot more behind the scenes. Kudos has to go to former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, the real driving force behind the bid in the early days, and later taken over by an equally enthusiastic Foreign Minister, Bob Carr. Well, he was there today at the UN, to see it happen. Let's have a listen.Those people who whinge and say we shouldn't give aid or shouldn't have a foreign policy or express views - listen, listen. Australia is internationally engaged. We are a good, global citizen. So there it is. Australia has won a seat on the all-important Security Council, a sign, as they say, of the genuine high respect Australia is held in around the world. Great news for Australia today out of the United Nations in New York. Very good to see. A collision between a rural fire truck and two cars on a major Sydney freeway has killed one person and left several others injured. The emergency vehicle was making a U-turn on the F3 north of Sydney after attending another multi-car pile-up on the same road. We did have one male driver trapped for some time. The accident is actually a fatality - it is looking like one person was ejected from one of the vehicles.Two lanes of the freeway were closed but they have since been reopened this morning. Part of a Western Sydney street has been blocked off overnight after a suspected drive-by shooting. Several bullet casings were found in the Merrylands street, where police were called before 8 o'clock. An hour after the incident, a man arrived at Auburn Hospital with gunshot wounds to his thigh. It is not clear if he was involved in the Merrylands incident. Local residents are being interviewed to help identify witnesses. Police say they hold concerns for a Tasmanian girl who has gone missing in Victoria. 16-year-old remy Bishop arrived in the state with her boyfriend two months ago, believed to be living in the Geelong area. She was last in touch with her family on Tuesday, but has not been heard from since. Not so sweet news for parents with the new study revealing the sugar intake of Aussie kids is soaring above the daily recommended level. The research found 60% of children are getting more than 10% of their daily energy requirements from added sugar. Soft drink, cordial, chocolate and breakfast cereal cereals are being blamed with the overload coming from the hidden calories this the products. Teenage boys have the biggest sweet tooth, consuming an average of 22 teaspoons of sugar every day. Anger has boiled over in the streets of Athens with police going head-to-head with protesters furious over austerity measures enforced by the Greek Government. Demonstrators were kept at bay with pepper spray and teargas after hurling petrol bombs and stones at officers. VB drinkers have raised their glasss to the brewers as the old- style, full-strength beer goes back on sale today. Carlton and United brewerys dropped the alcohol level to 4.6% in 2009 to save money on exercise tax. It caused uproar among drinkers. Leading to XXXX replacing it. VB is back to its original 4.9% strength. Hear, hear! A look at finance now.

Let's get a hit of sport now with Ben. Happy Friday, everyone. The Sydney Sixers don't want Shane Watson to head home early for the Australian test season after the all-rounder again starred with the bat, guiding the Sixers to a five- wicket win over local South African side in the Champions League T20 tournament. Watson finished with a knock of 43, been on fire, smashing four 4s and three 6s - that was just one of them. New Roosters coach Trent Robinson says Sonny Bill Williams won't be distracted from his boxing.His fitness won't be an issue. I mean, he has played at the highest level in rugby yupion for a period of time. There needs to be a bit of fine-tuning to get back to rugby league. He will be ready to go.The Roosters will be hoping a new coach, new captain and new club boss will be the winning formula they need in 2013. Ford pairing Mark winter bottom and Power have joined exexexahead of the Gold Coast 600 this weekend. Grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney. There was a lake, no beaches. I'm not a beach boy at all!Winter bottom is the defending race winner, sitting third in the Championship standings. There you go! VB is back! We win a seat on the UN Security Council.They should be wrapping the two of them together.Probably will, later in the day!It is Down Down Friday, we could call you with $20,000 Coles voucher. Denzel Washington is in the captain's seat for his new film 'Flight'.Fascinating,, that.Here is why you should never try to bomb-dive into a fozen pool! Oh...Oooooh! An epic cannonball fail coming up in the Most Clicked.Oh, there is a whole lot of wrong in the entire segment.Did you find that?Oh, yeah. It appeals to your sense of humour? A crazy German guy!More of that later. Right now, though, a hit of the weather. Good morning. We are visiting the Ballarat Wildlife Park this morning. I'm going to get a tour of this magnificent establishment about an hour and a half out of Melbourne. Charlie, you love your snakes. What is this called?It is a diamond back.He is a python? Is that right? No? Yes? You will show us plenty other animals. I tell you what, Karl and Georgie, this guy is a guru. You will love him throughout the morning. Let's look at

at the maps.

Wow!Yeah, wow!

We will take a look at where the rain is falling today.

Well, our cheeky Muffin Man is out and about. He will be roaming the street. You want to know where he is? We have some clues for you. Let's guess. You can win $1,000 by guessing which city we find him in today. Here is your first clue.

We will have more clues for you throughout the morning. What have you got here? We have the snake, but who is in here, Charlie?! Who is in there, that is Gaytor, right? He is scary - are you scared of him? Oh, not at all! We will have some fun with Charlie once he warms up and a few of the other animals at the Ballarat Wildlife Centre later in the morning. Ready for a big day, Charlie?Yes!We will see you back here in half an hour. Give us a wave! (LAUGHTER) Oh! Cute little boy.Oh, what a star! Thank, Em.After the break, Australia takes a seat at the Security Council. We talk to Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott. Been a big week. See you in a sec. This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to the Today show. It is wonderful to see you this morning. Australia has won a seat on the United Nations Security Council for the first time in a generation. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott joins me now. Tony, good morning to you.Good morning, Karl. Although you were at first against this bid, you must be pleased now - it was all worth it?Look, I welcome the win, Karl. It was an expensive win. I think it probably owes at least as much to Kevin Rudd as to Julia Gillard. Nevertheless, a win's a win. I welcome it. Let's hope we put the next two years on the Security Council to good use. Kevin Rudd has been getting a lot of praise this week. You are praising him now?Look, Kevin Rudd quite sensibly has called on the Prime Minister to get away from the gender wars and to focus on the things that really matter to Australians. This, of course, is what I've been trying to do for the last two or three years.How long do you reckon we would hold on to that seat if you get into power? Normally, the term is not renewed. It's just a two-year term, what we won today, at the cost of many, many tens of millions of dollars. Some dislocation of our ordinary diplomatic efforts. But it is two years that we now have at this particular top table. Let's hope we can make the most of it.Let's move on to boat people. We read this morning you will be pursuing a fundamental shift in Coalition policy. Is that true? What will it entail?We are not putting particular time limits on how long people would stay on Nauru but we are making it crystal clear that it could be a very long time. We have to have a system which has got deterrents built in - that's why we will have temporary protection veez tas, to deny the people smugglers a product to sell, rigorous offshore processing at Nauru, elsewhere, and the willingness to turn the boats around where it is safe to do so. Five years is not out of the question. We could have the people on Nauru for five years. How will that differ from the average stay in detention now? Well, it is not out of the question, Karl. Although, obviously, we're not putting a specific figure on particular cases, prospective. We would work very constructivity with the Nauru government.Five years is an awful long time. Five years in a detention centre. Where will you put them all? They will be stacking up?And people need to understand that if they get on a boat to Australia, Nauru may not be just a brief detour on the way here. Look, the problem at the moment, Karl, is that we've got the flow becoming a flood. There's something like 2,000 illegal arrivals a month. The numbers are accelerating. The situation is getting worse. Our borders are out of control. The current government has totally lost control of the situation. We've got to say, "Enough is enough."Alright.That's what the Coalition would do.You are shifting directions to an extent. Did you raise this with the Indonesian President?I'm not going into the specific details of who said what to whom. But, yes, it was pretty full discussion with President Yudhoyono. There was a much fuller, more detailed discussion between Julie Bishop and Scott Morrison and the Foreign Minister.Did you raise the fact that as part of your policy, these people may be on Nauru for in excess of five years or a number of years, at least sthLook, I'm just not gopg to go into the specific details -- going to go into the specific detail. But as you can imagine, Karl, we were talking about the Indonesian context, the context in the seas between Australia and Indonesia, rather than the specifics or what might have been happening at dethe tension centres else y.- elsewhere. I understand. However, central to your policy is that you will turn the boats back. Surely you raised that with the President?I'm not going to go into the specific detail. The current government has got it itself into all sorts of difficulties by verballing the Indonesian authorities at different times. Suffice to say that the Indonesians very much understand what we are on about. There is going to be continuing and I'm sure constructive dialogue between the Coalition and senior people in Jakarta.I'm sure it was awkward. Leadership can sometimes be awkward, especially when you are trying to put your point of view across to someone who may not agree with it. Can you confirm that you did raise it with the Indonesian President? Look we had a very full discussion of the Coalition's position. Did we discuss every last detail? Look...Tony,It is not a last detail. To be fair, this is central to what you are doing. You are saying that it is going to be the difference between your policy.And, Karl, look, I don't conduct megaphone diplomacy. I don't verbal people. I don't have discussions with the Indonesians for my benefit. They're for Australia's benefit. We've got to stop the boats. After the discussions, first, between myself and President Yudhoyono, second between Scott Morrison and Julie Bishop and the Indonesian Foreign Minister. They know exactly what we intend, and I think they are comfortable with what we have in mind.They are comfortable in most levels of government, certainly at the higher levels, for you to turn back the boats?Well, they understand that what we need, and what we want to work towards, is much stronger cooperation between Australia and Indonesia when it comes to establishing maritime security. You see, Indonesia has a vast sea expanse to the north as well as to the south. It has very porous borders. I think there's a lot that Australia can do to be helpful to Indonesia and in so doing obviously Indonesia can be helpful to Australia.Finally and quickly, the boat load of asylum seekers from Sri Lanka, heading to what looks like our way, who have been involved in some kind of attack on a fishing vessel, do you think they should be granted protection?I think it is very important that this matter be fully investigated. If people look to have committed very serious criminal offences on the way to Australia, well, obviously people should be treated as those who have committed or at least allegedly committed criminal offences.Tony, always good to catch up with you. Thanks again, see you next week. Karl, it is a pleasure to be with you. Missed you last Friday.Go and fix your man cold! We have a doozy for you after the break - it is the man who is feeling a little sore and sorry for himself after this jump.Oh! (LAUGHTER) This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Huggies Pull-Ups
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Hoi good was that ad?Naomi.Worst celebrity ads! That is what that is about. I thought it was a pretty good one.It was OK.Yeah,I quite liked that one. I will have to have a word with the producers. It Let's have a look at the most clicked items on the net. This is top of the pops. The dive-bomb! You know what it is like!Oh, no!An epic fail - you know what? The pool is frozen solid!Oh, my gosh!What did his girlfriend do?Chuckled! Oh, no! Getting clicks at No. 2, this baby clearly has a preference for cats over dogs. Have a look. What sound does a dog make...woof, woof...What sound does a cat make? Meow meow...Oh,The baby! What sound does a dog woof, woof! What sound does a cat make, meow! Oh!(LAUGHTER) Oh, very scary! That is quite cute. Finally, who doesn't like a back scratch on a Friday. This cow does! Check it out. Oh, what in! Back scratch.Rrrrrr...Oh,A bit higher! Oh, oh, oh...YouGot it! You got it! That's the spot! Oh, oh!50 shades of inappropriate! News, sport and weather are next. Happy Friday. This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: It mightn't look it, but Toby's actually being
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Welcome back. Great to have your company this Friday morning. Now the news. Good morning to you. Australia has secured a seat on the United Nations Security Council. Despite being considered an outside chance, Australia had a decisive win over Finland and Luxembourg. Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, had been against the running but has welcomed the news.It was an xefs win. I think it probably owes at least as much to Kevin Rudd as to Julia Gillard. But nevertheless a win is a win. I welcome it. Let's hope we put the next two years on the Security Council to good use. Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, says it shows Australia is recognised as a serious country, and a good global citizen. There's been chaos on the F3 north of Sydney, where a woman was killed in a horror crash. Today reporter Alison Ariotti joins us now from the scene. This crash involved a fire truck responding to a separate incident. Describe to us how it unfolded.That's right, Deb. I guess the first accident happened about 9:15. It was a real mess. It was involving a semitrailer and about up to 20 cars heading southbound on the F3. Now, the fire truck was responding to that accident. We're not sure whether it had already been to the accident or was on its way. But it was performing a U-turn in the emergency U-turn be awhen it was then -- bay, when it was rear-ended by another car. The car had an elderly couple inside. The female passenger was thrown from the vehicle, and tragically she was hit by another car, which drove past. That car also struck the fire truck. Now, the two drivers of the fire truck and the third vehicle have also been taken to hospital. The man who was accompanying the female who died here at the scene, he's in a pretty bad way, with suspected spinal, head and internal injuries. So it was just an absolute nightmare for emergency crews. Put the brakes on to stop, a few metres in front of me, there were two cars that had crashed. Yeah, it was pretty full on. Overwhelming. But we got through it. Thankfully. Now, Deb, the F3 was moving very smoothly, about half an hour ago, when we arrived on scene. But just in the last 10, 15 minute, traffic has come to a basic halt, heading southbound. We are trying to find out exactly what has happened from traffic management, whether there has been another incident or a flow-on effect. We will try to get details on that and bring it to you. Very slow on the southbound at the moment.We will update you throughout the morning. Police are trying to determine whether there's any link between a man who arrived at a south-western Sydney hospital with a gunshot wound and a drive-by shooting nearby. Shots were fired in a Merrylands street before 8 o'clock last night. Several bullet casings were found at the scene. A man took himself to Auburn Hospital about an hour later, with a gunshot wound to his thigh. A parked car has been destroyed overnight after a tow truck ploughed into its side sending the vehicle into the frontyard of a nearby unit block in Melbourne's south-east. The driver fled the scene in Mount Waverley before being tracked down by police sniffer dogs.The letter box ended up on the other side of the road. Yeah, I couldn't believe it - I mean, he must have been going that quick.Meanwhile, another car took out a fire hydrant in the South Bank area, sending water high into tear. Conjoined twin girls have defied the odds, arriving home from hospital after being successfully separated by surgeons. 3-month-old British girls Rosie and Ruby Formosa were joined at the abdomen and shared part of their intestine. They underwent emergency surgery the day after they were born.It was really worrying. You just - you go numb, really. Now at home, the identical twins are getting to know their London digs, with the help of their mum and dad and their older sister. A look at finance now:

Now it is supposed to be underwear, but at a cost of $2.5 million, you probably want to show this bra off. Victoria's Secret has unveiled this year's Floral Fantasy bra, decked out with more than 5,000 rare gems, including a 20 carat white diamond. Brazilian model Alexandra Ambrosio has been chosen to wear the jewel- encrusted masterpiece. It does comes with its own scent - of course. The blinged out fragrance bottle itself will set you back a cool $500,000. A lot of pressure wearing that bra! (LAUGHTER) Thank you very much. The Sydney Sixers have all but secured their place in the Champions League Twenty20 semifinals after a five-wicket victory over local South African side the Lions in Cape Town thorpg. Mitch Starc picked up Man of the Match for his effort with the ball. Shane Watson continued his blistering form with the bat, blasting around about 47 runs. Lots of fours ands too. The Melbourne Victory will be boosted by the inclusion of mark Milligan and Archie Thompson with their place with top placed Victory. The Victory are without a win following last week's embarrassing 5-0 thumping. The Reds front rower James Slipper will make his first test start against the All Blacks on home soil tomorrow night after Ben Alexander was ruled out of the Bledisloe clash. He has a twist injury, despite switching from loose to tight end prop. He is confident he can match it with the wees scrum. You can catch it tomorrow night. We have some Today show T signs for Friday. Noah made us this T-sign. What is that? They are pine cones? Oh!A heap of pine cones at Evans Head in NSW. 8-year-old Sarah gave us a the tp today show T while skiing at Thredbo. Betty spotted this T-sign outside her front door at Monash in the ACT. Well, not youdz the front door. She walked outside the front door and looked up into the sky. That is better than Lisa's, what Lisa claimed was the best.You will never let it go.She does over- exaggerated from time to time.Oh, leave her alone!She will be back on Monday. What is the secret assignment?All to be revealed.It is a secret assignment! In five minutes, Hamish Blake takes the silver screen by storm. Anything he cannot do?!It is Down Down Friday - your chance to win $20,000 in Coles vouchers. Also, we meet the Conole family who are four generations of boys, who have welcomed a long-awaited baby girl. It is a beautiful story.It is, indeed.

We are in a ball at the Ballarat Wildlife World this morning. We have Charlie with some frogs. These are splendid tree frog, the biggest tree frogs that you can find in Australia in the Kimberleys. What sound does the frog make again? Riddit...niddip!We have a song to sing for you straight after we take a look at your weather!

A frog on the floor.Wow! Mummy!

Should we get him off the floor? OK, we will keep going!

Should we get him off the floor? OK,
we will keep going!

Can you tell us where to find this little guy today? You could win yourself $1,000 if you can guess where the Muffin Man's location is. The bot tannical gardens in this city wind around the river, a popular spot for joggers in the morning run. If you know which city the Muffin Man is, call or SMS your answer. Here is another frog for you, Charlie! But we have a bit of a song. Because we all know frogs go...Laddedadeda. Joey loves the animals here at the park. We will show you more of his favourites a little throughout the morning. Shall we have a frog hat? Frog hat! Oh! See you back here, Karl and Georgie. Oh, little Charlie!I have been scared of green frogs. When I was in Cairns, I went to the loo, I had to go to the toilet. There was a green frog in the toilet.Oh! Before or...IWas only, like, 5. I freaked out. I've had a problem with green frogs ever since. I cannot look at them. How are you with the cane toods.Oh, we used to hit them...Oh,We don't want to know about that! Move it along please, Dicky.We chat with Gin Wigmore and Denzel Washington takes to the skies in a new action thriller called Flight'. MOVIE REEL: Listen to me. Nose down! We This program is not captioned. After years away, the wandering
Ribena berry finally returns. He told tales of exotic lands where
a berry could want for nothing, save for one thing -
his beloved Ribena. There's nothing like it. Ribena, packed with
its vitamin C goodness, brought back
all the memories of home. And here was a big glass of "Ahh!" he thought. Come home to the delicious taste
of Ribena. Whoo!

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Good morning. James Bond's Kiwi connection and the first look at new movies from Hamish Blake and Bret McKenzie and a hot new thriller from Denzel Washington, an airline pilot turned American hero and turned criminal. It is called 'Flight'. Good morning, lainl. I'm the captain.

MOVIE REEL: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, I'm the captain. We are in a dive! Listen to me. Nose down. We will roll it.What do you mean - roll it?! Ready? Here we go.You saved a lot of lives.The plane was falling 30,000 feet. There are all kinds of news people out here. You are a rock star. Hfrblg se a real American hero. Why do we need a lawyer.You had alcohol in your system.I'm in awe of what you did. The simulators, recreated the event. You are the only one who could do it.That looks fantastic! 'Flight' in cinemas, early next year. MOVIE REEL: No-one could have landed that plane like I did. Frbg No-one.Next up, comedian Hamish Blake stars alongside Bret McKenzie of 'Flight of the Concordes' fame in a film called 'Two Little Boys'.We did everything together! I loved it.It is the story of best mates Dino and Nige. But now Nige means more than a mate with a matching mullet. MOVIE REEL: I've killed someone! You need an accomplice!I really enjoyed New Zealand. All it had to offer. That looks funny to transTasman buddy movie, 'Two Little Boys', out next month. MOVIE REEL: It is on!Dino is here. Dino is here! Come back to me! # He's got more # I'm so special # Sticking with the Kiwis for now, and the gal with that amazing voice, Gin Wigmore, has hit the big time. She's jumping on board the 007 train, featuring in a major commercial for Heineken, the beer behind Bond in the new movie ''Skyfall' 'Skyfall' 'Skyfall'.It is crazy! I was doing the video clip for it, the ads. It was with Daniel Craig there. It was all very Hollywood and fancy. And it was really cool! # You gotta wonder bout a man like that # The song 'Men like that' featureson the new album 'Gravel and Wine', an ode to the darker side of blues and rock and roll.I like the imagery around crosses and skulduggery, and midnight and rorting and all that liquor, sex and drugs - I like that stuff! # Girl you gotta-# Wonder bout a man like that # What a great voice! Gin Wigmore, the new album is out at the moment too. Look, on Monday, something really special for you - an exclusive interview with the delightful Taylor Swift.It is so exciting and I never xebted for things to happen the way they did, with the new single 'We are Never Ef Getting Back Together', the way it has the taken off all over the world, and radio, and - you know, the downloads of it. It has just been the most amazing gift the fans could have given me, the success of the song.Do the people who the songs are about know it is about them - do they get a plaque in the mail or something?I don't tell them. But I think they they - they make their own assumptions, for sure. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong. I'm not going to correct them. I'm not going to tell them. I think, you know, having those kinds of secrets are the only bit of privacy that I really get to honestly have, holding on to who the songs are about and never telling anyone. She goes further and says a whole lot more. Taylor Swift here Monday, ahead of the release of her new album 'Red'. Note to lads out there - never go out with a songwriter. Or if you do, don't break up with them.John Mayer...SheWas with a Kennedy too.She wrote a whole album with a Mayer.She is a sweet heart.A great girl. Nice interview too. Coming up after 7 o'clock, PSY takes over Sydney with the Gangnam style schtick. We have the exclusive for you - well, it is not an exclusive.We are back to 191, remember this by Big Audio Dynamite. It leapt to No. 1, it was a cracker. SONG: # I didn't get too high # Kept my feet on the ground # Situation no win # Rush for a change of atmosphere # I give in # Gotta get myself right outta here # Delightful, delightful # Rush for a change of atmosphere # This program is not captioned. SONG: # Whoa-oh-oh # Whoa-oh-oh
# Let's go # Whoa-oh-oh... # VOICEOVER:
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This program is not captioned. Welcome back to the show, Mortgage Monday is back. I love talking about a Monday on a Friday. Every Monday you can win $10,000 thanks to Westpac. If nobody wins, it jackpots.All you need to do is pick up the phone within five rings - and you know the magic words: 'I wake up with Today.'. To enter call or SMS:

Now, let's get the Money Minute, with Ross Greenwood. Yes, good morning to you Australia. We'll get a revision to the Federal budget showing the Government is on track to deliver a surplus this year. It depends on you to make it happen. Economic figures came out of China yesterday. They confirmed the anticipated slowdown in China's growth, in the third quarter 7.4%, the lowest since 2008. It's been reflected in lower commodity prices which are hurting Australia's economy. The good news out of China is the authorities think it's the low point in the cycle, it should pick up. The market picked up with big increases for the miners, along with a 1% gain, sitting at 103.68US cent. The Government, which had to make cuts because low commodity prices left a hole in the budget will say it can deliver the surplus. It's relying on you to start buying and building house, spurred on by lower interest rates. Enormous pressures have been lifted off households in the past 12 months. What you do with the money - save, spend, pay off the loans - is up to you. The government pundits that you will spend the dough. Thank you. Let's get gossip.What do you have. I have Richard Reid in Hollywood. He's on top of all things. The party has started for what could be the wedding of the year.Justin Timberlake, he bring sexy back to Italy. That's right. And a lot of cash. Word has it from my sources in Italy, that Justin and Jessica Biel could spend as much as $6.5 million on their week-long shenanigans - a wedding. We have our first picture. I'm - take my word for it, that is Justin and Jessica - outside Naples. They had a big old extravaganza, complete with fireworks, friends are asking. They have taken over five or six villas. It will be the wedding of all weddings.They are spending a pretty euro on that. That's a big bash. It seems everyone has something to say about the 'Twilight' kids, Rob and Kristin getting back together. Even Donald Trump.Even Donald Trump - can you believe it. It's the hot topic in America. Now the Cagillionaire weighed in. He released this statement:

Hids words, not mine. I can -- his words, not mine. I can say, I'm not sure I disagree.Yes, yes, all that stuff. What he's saying, what we're thinking. Britney Spears shells out big time for a love shack for her and whats his name?Jason - yes, that's right. She has brought a brand new mansion - $8.5 million, in the gated community of Pacific Palacades, five bedrooms, bath, cellar, and what else?Hopefully a screening room.Dang-dang, let's watch another movie.If this stuff goes bad, a career in real estate could be up your Ally.Do you know what, I've got it on the burner, baby.Thank you Richard Reid, we'll check in with you at the end of the show.He would be good at that. I would buy something off him - I don't know about a house but.Here are the top stories this hour on Today. A seat at the top table - Australia wins a place on the UN Security Council. Chaos on the freeway - one dead after a crash involving a fire truck in Sydney. 22 spoons full of sugar - the shocking amount our kids are eating. From gold Logie to silver screen, Hamish Blake hits the movie. Puff it up - $20,000 jackpot up for grabs in Down Down Friday. Good morning to you all across Australia. Thank you for your company today. It is Friday, 19 October. Australia has won a seat on the UN Security Council. The vote taking place in the last few hours. Here is how it unfolded.Having obtained the two- thirds majority and the largest number of votes, Argentina, Australia and Rwanda are elected members of the scoup for a two-year -- Security Council, for a two year term beginning 2013.Foreign Minister Bob Carr from New York. It was a very happy moment for you.It was a great moment. It was great to be there when Australia wins. It's hard for Australia in the international ballots, because we are not part of a major bloc like Europe or America. To have 140 out of 193 nations say "Australia's the one, you are the exemplary global citizen", it's a great moment.A bigger win than you anticipated.It was, indeed. We were very happy that we pulled in that level of support. Sometimes in these ballots you get a drop-out rate and the people pledging support do not always deliver support. Again, it demonstrates the record in which Australia is held - we Australians don't appreciate it. We are seen and valued as a leader. As an exemplary global citizens, demonstrating credit on the Australian Paes keepers.There would have been something wrong if we couldn't beat Luxembourg, and Finland.Canada was beaten by Portugal two years ago. Germany won by one vote two years ago. It is very competitive.Luxembourg beat Finland after our big victory. This reflects credit on the Australian peacekeepers, aid workers and military personal in Afghanistan - on the people who served in Solomon Islands, East Team your, East Timor - representing Australian interest. The world formed a view of our country. That is that we are a creative middle power, and the kind of country that does the good things and the right things. I want to drive it home. Instead of talking down Australia, at a moment like this we should reflect the regard in which we are held.Have you rung Kevin Rudd and congratulated him in the effort he made in securing this? No, I'm going to do that. I'll wait until people get up. I've been doing Meade ja, nonstop. I think Kevin Rudd's judgment in getting us involved in this has been vindicated. Prime Minister Gillard's speeches in New York last month - she gave five speeches on education, Millennium development goals - we are highly regarded and she conducted diplomacy with Heads of Government and heads of states around the world. The ambassador here in New York has done an outstanding job. This is a win, by the way, for Australian diplomats. It's a great moment for those that work in the embassy and consulates, and DFAT in Canberra.In relation to Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott was on the show earlier and said Kevin Rudd deserves most of the praise for all this. Would you agree with him?There's enough credit here - this is such a terrific vote - there's enough credit for it to be shared all around. Kevin Rudd deserves acknowledgment for saying we'll go for this and do it for this year. The competition was intensive. People were on the sidelines and the Opposition said "You have it wrong, it shouldn't have been this year, you are too ambitious". The fact is that the work of this Government to put Australia in that respected position has been vindicated. That's because of the policies we are implicating.Those policies implemented since 2007 - under Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard as well. They have given Australia a significant regard in the world. Just bear this in mind - 193 members of the General Assembly, 193 nation, the constituency - 140 of them said yes to Australia. Kevin Rudd will be a perfect person to send over to that UN council, wouldn't he?I think he wants to serve in the Australian parliament. Who will go?Well, our ambassador takes a seat. I as Foreign Minister expects to be there taking a chair in the debates of interest - climate change, security, on bringing greater opportunities to girls and women in developing countries, they are ones where I would like to take a part. By and large it will be Gary Quinlan, the ambassador to the UN, who pulled off the victory, taking the seat for Australia.A final one for you, on events back home. Asylum seeker, it looks like this group of Sri Lankan asylum seeker is heading our way after attacking a crew on board a fishing trawler. Do you have further information on that story, and can you comment whether they'll be able to claim protection - given the circumstances surrounding what may have transpired?I can't comment on that. You'll have to take that to the Minister for Immigration.Understand that. Good to talk to you Bob. Thanks for your time.My pleasure, thank you.It's slow going on the F3 motorway north of Sydney after a third accident in 12 hours. Today's Alison Ariotti is on the scene. There were two awful crashes overnight. One fatal. Now another. What can you tell us about the latest accident.Georgie, the latest accident happened on hour ago, involving a couple of cars. It was a prang a few kilometres south of the Hawkesbury bridge. For about 45 minutes two of the three southbound lanes were closed. It's slow going. The accident has been cleared. It was cleared 15 minutes ago. As such, traffic has started flowing better. There are still delays. For people heading southbound they should alow extra time.It's busy at the best of times. Tell me about the overnight accident. A fire truck hit two cars, we understand.An horrific accident overnight. It was one of two, as you said. The first happened at 9:15 when a semitrailer and up to 20 cars were involved in a multicar pile-up. The rural fire truck was involved in an emergency response for the first accident. When it was performing a U-turn in the middle of the F3 it was rear-ended by a car. That car had two elderly people inside. The female passenger was thrown from the vehicle. We understand she was hit by another passing car, which became caught up in the accident. Just an Hore iffic scene. She was killed -- Hore iffic scene, she was killed at the seen, the man at the scene was taken to hospital with head and spinal injuries. The driver of the fire truck and the third car were hospitalised. A mess overnight. Awful. Alison Ariotti. Thank you very much. There's been another drive-by shooting in Sydney's west overnight. Police were called to an incident before 8:00 and found bullet casings in a Merrylands street. A man in his 20s arrived at Auburn Hospital with a gunshot wound to the thigh. Officers are trying to confirm whether the two incidents are related. There are concerns for the welfare of a missing Tasmanian teenager who is believed to have run away to Victoria with her 21-year-old boyfriend. Remy Bishop spoke to her family on Tuesday, and has not been heard from since. It's thought the 16-year-old is living in the Geelong area, having arrived in the state two months ago. The cch will come under attack as -- Catholic Church will come under attack as hearings begin into child abuse, in Victoria. Joining us now is Justine Mackenzie. The police are expected to give damning evidence to the inquiry.Yes, they are. This is what many victims and their families have been waiting for for so long. The Parliamentary Committee received dozens of submissions detailing cover-ups and failures to support child abuse in chump organisations. We'll hear from -- church organisations. We'll hear from some of these groups. Victoria's Deputy Police Commissioner will be Graham Ashton to face the inquiry, following damning police claims that the Catholic Church hindered investigations into child sex abuse. One academic from RMIT told 'The Herald Sun', that he plans to lemed a formal structure for -- recommend a formal structure for tracking people that work in organisations, that could help child sex abuse. Gut-wrenching submissions no doubt will be from the victims themselves. They'll be difficult to hear. Broken Rights is set to name 40 abusive priests and religious leaders.Difficult but important. The church submitted a report admitting that its initial response to abuse was inadequate.It has, and says it will cooperate with this process. And is that it, in fact, welcomes the inquiry as an opportunity to clear the air. The State Government promised the inquiry will have the power to compel witnesses and span documents. Anyone onfuseing could -- span documents, it will pan into the New Year.Lawyers will make sentencing submissions for a man who changed a hoax bomb around the neck of Sydney schoolgirl. Paul Douglas Peters pleaded guilty to breaking into the family home, chaining a fake collar bomb to Madeleine Pulver. The-year- old was arrested in Kentucky -- the 52-year-old was arrested in Kentucky two weeks after the incident. An armed robber held up a Domino's pizza store in Brisbane. Christine Ahern joins me. Good morning to you. The man terrorised staff at the restaurant, with a knife.Yes, he certainly did. The incident happened after midnight. The pizza shop was closed at the time. Staff were cleaning up. This intruder managed to smash his way through the glass front door using a brick, and brandished a large knife and wearing a Halloween knife he approached staff demanding cash. They gave him the day's takings from the till. They demanded that they open the safe. They explained it was on a time lock. It would take half an hour to open it. He was happy to wait. A staff member managed to hit the panic button. Police arrived and the intruder fled.Sounds as though the thief didn't get away with cash.That's right. In this short pursuit on foot, the intruder managed to drop the cash. It was not a great night for him. He managed to escape. Police released a description of the man they are looking for - he is of Caucasian appearance, 180cm tall, khaki top, dark trousers and wearing a Halloween mask. Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers.A group of Australian veterans arrived in Egypt to mark the 70th anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein. Nine Europe correspondent Peter Stefanovic is with them as they remember their fallen mates. Reminders of a war they once fought in - 18 Australian veterans on a tour of a museum sitting on the battlefield they fought on. Looking at the weapons, and uniforms used in the fight for El Alamein. They can't help but take the trip down memory lane.Extensive memories. Wondering what the devil happened to most of the fellows that was there with us.This group of veterans came here to mark 70 years since the battles of 'Ellen', that have gone down as a great -- of El Alamein, that has gone down as a great Australian military tribute. It wasn't classified as pleasant work. You had a job to do, and that was it. You were trained to do the job.The battles the Aussies fought were crucial, and extensive. They held off German and Italian forces, which were heading to the Suez command. It was a vital shipping lane that they didn't get the chance to get to because of the Commonwealth forces. For the next two twice the vets will visit battlefields, culminating in a ceremony on Saturday, to mark 70 years since the battles took place. Peter Stefanovic reporting there. A spoonful of sugar might help the medicine go down, but 22 spoonfuls makes for unhealthy children. That's the average sugar intake of Australian teenage boys, according to a new study. Kids of all ages are getting more sugar than they need. 60% of children are getting a 10th of their daily energy requirements, and the blame is falling on pre-packaged products such as soft drinks, cordial, chocolate and breakfast cereals. Beer lovers will be heading for the pub after a successful 3-year campaign to restore VB to its full- strength brew. The alcohol content was dropped to 4 boy.6% three years ago to -- 4.6% three years ago to save the Brewer money. XXXX lovers were not happy and it was ousted as a favourite tipper. Hopefully after today it will be a bitter memory for VB faithful.Good decision.We said our prayers, and they came true.Do you know what else Australia loves - this bloke. We are psyched for Korean popstar Psy, he took his dance moves to the people in Sydney, and our own Airlie Walsh got her 'Gangnam Style' on just for you. Three little words -- # Opna Gangnam style.One global phenomenon. Wile you might not know the rest of the -- while you might not know the rest of the lyrics, we all know the moves. We have gone ga ga for 'Gangnam Style' thanks to this bloke, Psy. Who until three months ago was a struggling popstar in his native South Korea. Now he's wowed the web and the world. Asking in true 'Gangnam Style', he is performing that song and his trademark dance for some dedicated fans.Only we have behind the scenes access to the exclusive Marquee nightclub at 'The Star'.I love to dance. I love everything. You appreciate the fact that a chubby Korean guy united the world in song.It's like the next Macarena.Not even the Macarena had the same effect as this.Sing it for me # Opna Gangnam style.

Look at him go. Who are those people at the Knight clubs at those crazy hours of the knight.They are VIPSWhat is that.Very important people.Wasn't us. We didn't get invited.Clearly.Now a look at the front pages.Good morning. 'The Sydney Morning Herald' - - 'The Daily Telegraph' says asylum seeker who are suspected of hijacking a fishing trawler and slashing a crewman's throat could make a claim for protection in Australia.'The Australian' - detained boat people could spend five years on Nauru under a Coalition government. 'Sydney Morning Herald' - the NSW Government to consider backing James packer's vision for a $1 billion hotel and casino at Barangaroo. And top of the world says 'The Herald Sun' - firefighter Scott McGraw, who was on the show yesterday with Emma, completed a quest to climb the Eureka Tower 31 times. That's 50,000 steps or equivalent to climbing Mt Everest. It took 11.5 hours. Congratulations to him. That sweaty hug, Emma, was worth the effort you gave him yesterday.It was. 11.5 hours, that's a bit slow, isn't it. Not at all. We congratulate Scott.Look at the young fello.This is little Charlie at the Battle of El Alamein. He is a legend. Who is this, Charlie? Stumpy, right. He is a stumpy lizard. We have kangaroos we are playing with. He's giving me a guided tour and doing on excellent job of it. We'll look at the weather and see what is happening at your place:

# Where is the Muv in Man. You -- Muffin Man. You can win $1,000 if you guess the city that the Muffin Man is in. This is a look out called Mt Coot-tha. If you know where to find him call 1902 555 8hungs. SMS your name, answer

800. SMS your name and answer. Stumpy, you don't want to let him get away, rite. You have to hold on to him. Who are these? These are the roos. What does Stumpy ate.He eats crickets.The roos are acknowledging.He eats snails.And snails, alright. And snails. You love them. Buddy. We have King Island Kangaroos. Friendly at the Battle of El Alamein. And very enjoyable to spend time with them. Charlie - what are you doing with Stumpy - giving him a bath.He'll get a bath.He's a character.He's a package.'Most Clicked' is next. This guy is feeling sorry for himself. This is a Bond guy gone wrong.

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Blanket' Welcome back to the show, a bit of Black Keys to get you pumping. This is epic. You know how your dad did the dive bomb. This is in Germany - where there's ice. He's trying to get through the first layer. A little colder than anticipated.A little more solid. They told him it was frozen.He will crack his coccyx. Bruised coccyx.Nothing worse.Getting clicks at number 2, we reckon this baby has a preference for cats over dogs.What sound does a dog make, woof, whoosh. What sound does a cat make miaow. What sound douz a dog make woof, woof. Woof. What sound does a cat make miaow.Aren't they beautiful, the little faces. He is going be a dog person. Prefers dogs to cat.You are one