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This program is captioned live. Hello. Welcome to A Current Afair. We begin tonight with a harrowing attack on a young mother left for dead after a dispute with a neighbour turned violent, Sarah Leish mrk an thought her time was up. Her six-year-old had other ideas.

up. Her six-year-old had other
ideas. Paul said he would get the money back. Her story sounds like a scene from a horror movie.He kept coaxing us to come inside the house. I was like, no, don't do it. I kept telling him not to do it.This is not fiction.I turned around to look and I coped a machet te through the top of my head.27- year-old Sarah Leishman is the victim of an unprovoked attack.I copped it straight through the face, through the eye and the cheek.It left her physically and emotionally car scarred for life.My poor boy was crying and crying so much.This is one of the most incredible survival stories you will ever hear - of courage, strength and a brave little boy's love for his mother. It will always be there in my head. It will be in my head when I go to sleep, I dream about it. I have nightmares and I suffer really bad from anxiety.It was 7 o'clock on New Year's Eve and while many of us were out celebrating, Sarah was far from having a good night. In Unit 1, she and then husband Paul were having a terrible fight, so bad she planned to leave him. Her huss bapbld's friend, Trent McMartin, got there first. He oweed the couple $2,000 he previously stolen from their home. Instead of calling police, Sarah says they'd given him a chance to pay back. The time to collect had come, but sensing there might be trouble, Sarah followed her husband from the side walk down to Trent's flat. He tried to get them to go inside, but Sarah begged her husband not to. Her instincts were right. I started screaming and yelling at him to get out. Trent came across with a machete and started swinging at him. He put his hands up and he got cut across the fingers.Sarah tried to help her husband and that's when his crazed friend swung the machete at her, sliceing the top of her head. Sarah tried to get away and that's when he hit her with the machete again.Straight through the eye and the cheek. Sarah was covered in blood, her huss bapbld ran for his life, thinking she was dead. Her six- year-old son didn't run. He wasn't going anywhere without his mum. I look up and my boy was - Christian was there - and he was screaming and screaming at Trent to stop. He attacked Sarah again.As I reached for my phone, he brupbg the machete on top of my hand and cut it nearly clen off.Her brave little boy stood there watching on in horror.When I pulled my hand back, I kept telling Christian to go, to run, just to go, go, and he's like, "No, mum, no, no".When it was happening, did you think you were as good as dead? Were you worried about your son?I thought that he was going to get done next because he was watching the whole thing and Trepblt has gone for him. But it was Sarah he was hellbent on killing, grabing a jerry can and douzing her with petrol.He tipped it all over the top of me. It was burning and stinging. That's when I knew that was it. It would all be over.When her attacker reached for a lighter, Sarah somehow found the strength to get up, grab hold of her son, and run for her life. She made it as far as this pole, before the six-year-old dragged her unconscious, another 20m up the road for the driveway. He didn't want to go. There was no way he was leaving me there. It gave me the courage to get up.What happened next is still a blur. Pair ra medic, John Cooper will never forget what he saw that night.On her head she had some significant deep lacerations and I think at that stage we thought she had an underlying skull fracture.Sarah was unconscious and covered in blood.She had a partial amputation on her hand. It involved two fingers. They were still attached but had almost been severed. Was it a life and death situation? If we had a significant delay in getting to her, her condition would have been, could have been a lot worse than what it was.It was a race against time. The paramedics rushed Sarah to hospital where she underwent the hours of surgery that saved her life. I've still got bone fragments lodged in my brain and it's like, all my bone, I've got plates and everything in my cheek, holding it together. I don't have the feeling in my hand, and...This month, four years after the attack, the man who tried to kill her, Trent McMart was sentenced to 15 years. You consider yourself to be lucky? I am, I is had great doctors. I had great surgeons and the hospital do really well. They looked after me so well. Sarah blames herself in part for what happened. She got mixed up with bad people, a mistake she's determined to never put her children through again. My boy would still be okay, he wouldn't have the emotional scars that he's got. I would haven't the physical star scar r scars or emotional scars if I -- scars or emokal scars if I walked away. I thought this is it, time to be happy.

That poor little boy, what an horrendous thing to witness. Coming up - the mum and dad loans that are never paid back. And your sneak peak inside the cruise liner overhauled for Aussies. There's so much to do, it is packed with things to taste and try. The woman you're about to meet travelled to Thailand in the hope of constructing her dream body. She ended up with the opposite. It's a warning for anyone contemplating cheap cosmetic surgery. We should let you know some of the images in this story may be slightly confronting. Too look up, it was one to two sizes bigger than the other one. She's lucky to be alive. Elise Moat never thought she would look like this.I'd never seen something so disturbing in my life. It was really confronting to see. Prior to surgery, Elise was like any other attractive, outgoing 20- year-old. She was self-conscious about her small cup size and couldn't afford breast August men taigs here. -- augmentation here. She stumbled across an online company called Destination, Beauty Australia, offering cheap surgery and a trip to a luxury resort in Bangkok.It seemed worthwhile to spend on a holiday and the surgery.A breast lift and increase in cup size is what she planned for N the first few days she thought the surgery had been a success. Within a fort nielgt of arriving home from Thailand, she was battling a serious infection. An abcess had formed causing her immense pain.I had to go to the hospital because it ruptured and burst through my skin. Doctors discovered a flesh-eating bacteria was now attacking her right breast.They had to cut it out.The infection moved into her bloodstream and became life- threatening.She could have died, spent days in Westmead on aepblt buy yachtics, she's lucky to be alive. -- antibiotics and she's lucky to be alive. The emotional damage was immense. For the first week I would cry. I couldn't be around people because I was just too upset and wasn't ready to face people.In the case of Elise, we are disturbed about this tragic story. Martin Olsen is the CEO of Destination Beauty Australia.There are risks of infection. There are other risks with the surgery if you do breast augmentation. In less than one per cent of the cases you may be left with an undesierbl outcome.He said when Elise gave contact with her surgeon at the early signs of complication she ignored advice.She was in contact with the plastic surgeon. His advice was to remove the implants earlier, and it was disregarded. Elise says after the initial infection she was acting on the advice of her local GP.She needs full reconstruction. She's got breasts which have been se severely damaged.Leading cosmetic surgeon, DrMent Kurosh Tavakoli has taken on Elise.She is a salvage case. She will never have amazing breasts. She will probably need one to three lots of surgery. He says while there are success stories that come from cosmetic operations in Asia, the flip side is staggering.We see a lot of difficult jobs going through Thailand, getting ruined. Young girls as young as 18, 19, having botched surgery and needing multiple reconstructions to get fixed.

Thousands of young Aussie women fly to Asia to undergo similar cosmetic procedures every single year. Promises of a relaxing holiday and a whole new look too aluring for many to pass up. The main thing is advertising, marketing and the chance of a great holiday, rest, relax, come back, beautiful boob job, nose job. It's not like that.If you had any idea that this could be the end result, you wouldn't have gone through with it?Definitely not, I wouldn't have. I'm an impatient person and I thought this sounds great, yeah, going to do it and didn't think of the bad sides. I blocked that out and thought it will be fine, that won't happen to me. She's very young, very traumatised. She deserves better. What would you say to any girl thinking of going through the same surgery?I would say reconsider, it's your life at risk. It's not just money involved. A nightmare story. With younger Australians increasingly struggling to manage the cost of living, they're calling on handouts like never before. The problem is their parents are going broke in the process.

They do offer me money.Maybe, 1,000 bucks. I would say probably like two grand maybe. It's the bank that charges no interest, you won't pay any late fees... And it's just a phonecall away.Yeah, can you help me this week? But all other banks are saying no, and there is one ban thak will give you a yes and that's the bank of mum and dad. Welcome to the lives of Generation Y. They moved out of home but mum and dad are still paying their way. We're not spoiled. It's pretty good. I know they will say yes. I'm so taking advantage of that. Australian parents lend on average around $220 a month to their adult children. Most of that is for one- off expenses like phone bills or shopping. Then there is money for funding weddings - 43% want cash to provide themselves with a safety net. Others need help to buy a house.

Most of the time they're good about it. If I ask, they will ask why, but you know, sometimes mum will just slip me, you know, $100 the I need it without asking. Leon Richardson is 26 and lives on his own in Sydney. His pairpbltds, Andrea and Wayne live in country Victoria. He hasn't completely left the in effect.It could be a couple hundred here, 500 there. You know, it's not a regular thing. It's just when he gets desperate, we bail him out.Money is the way the world works. You need it to live.How do you feel when you ask them for money?I hate it. Leon works two jobs but his real dream is to be an actor. Andrea and Wayne understand it can be tough for him. They don't charge interest or set a time frame for paying his debt back.They don't keep a tally so far as I'm concerned. Mum has probably got a black book with, "Leon owes me" on it, but they never mentioned it to me.They're the best bank managers you've had? Exactly, yeah. No interest occurred. People think, you're crazy, you know, if you're going into overdraft or paying interest and things like that to do all this, to me, once you become a parent, you are a parent for life and to me that means you know, helping out when you can.You've got to remember, too, that we will be here as a parent, you will be heading into retirement yourself, sooner maybe than later and will that restrict you from your financial journey as well? Ephie Zarhos says parents need to set down ground rules.You need to sit down and talk to your children as to, okay, I'm happy to lepbld you this money, but when are you paying it back and how do you intend on paying it back? Especially as there's a growing trend for larger sums of money to be borrowed. In this day and age it's almost impossible for young adults to buy their first home. You're looking at $80,000, up to $100,000 as a deposit to avoid lenders mortgage insurance. It is tough getting a place of your own. Parents do feel obliged they need to give them that little push, that little help.It was a shock when we started looking for a house, particularly in the area we wanted to live in, because after paying the mortgage repayments, we probably would have had to live on noodles. Alison and Ricardo turned to their parents for help when they decided to buy their first home. They borrowed money nor the deposit and asked them to go guarantor for the loan.We try to do things ipbltly, but in this case it wasn't going to happen.With the latest research indicating most parents don't believe their children will be financially ipblt until they're 38 years old, the bank of mum and dad looks likely to be around for quite a while.It is the greatest bank, especially if you are the child of the mum and dad bank. Don't abuse it. I guess, it can work to your advantage and it's a great lesson for your kids when it comes to borrowing money in the real world. You really do need to put your foot down and make sure you do have repayment processes in place.

down and make sure you do have
repayment processes in place. We have more information on the website. If you have an opinion, let us know. When it comes to parking fines, councils don't exactly have a reputation for being compassionate. That may be changing.

It just pops out and bang. A few minutes late and the guy is standing there saying, just two minutes no, he wants his money. They are never welcome and always a source of frustration.I think our local residents reached a point where they were getting frustrated that no-one was listening to their concerns when they'd been issueed with a fine which they felt wasn't really valid.Finally, though, a chance for you to tackle those unfair parking fines. Has it affected your bottom line? We never focused in that area. It's never been about the money. It's called the Parking Review Panel. It's the brain of the Parramatta mayor.People will have a satisfactory answer. Anyone with a gripe about their fine can write in to have their case reviewed as long as they provide documentation to back up their claims. It's been a success.It has?It has. Statistics have shone that 50% of the people that have responded or they've wanted to have their fine reviewed have been removed. Since the program's been introduced, more than 1200 fines have been reviewed. Of those more than 700 were left off with a caution and 51 dismissed altogether. Surely with so many people having their fines overturned that means council Rangers were wrong to issue the ticket? Council says that's not the case, the tribunal is giving people the benefit of the doubt and letting them off with a caution. There are a number of grey areas, so they don't look like they are turning a blind eye, they will issue the fine and then they've got it in the back of their mind, knowing that if it's not justified, that that fine will be removed. Reporter Laura Tunstall spoke with some of those who had their fines overturned shortly after the program's launch last year.They had nowhere else to park with here. No-one but here. Debbie decided to write to the parking panel and ask for leniency. She was unable to manufacture her car due to medical reasons. We did break the law but had no other choice. It's not ignorance, it's compassion.Debbie was one of the lucky ones who had her $220 fine written off. The panel is being picked up by other councils and the mayor hopes others follow suit.I believe it's a program that gives local people confidence in local councils.

If your council is making changes to parking policies and you think we should know, give us a call or send us an email. After the break - inside the cruise liner for Aussies on a budget. You get your food, you goat your entertainment. Not only that you get some action adventure water rides. Everything is included.

This program is not captioned.

Cruiseing is fast becoming the holiday of choice for many Australians F you thought it was beyond your budget there is a ship that has your name on it.

Three footy fields long, 12 decks high... It's packed with things to see, do, taste and try. Okay folks, the holiday season is fast approaching.You have champagne taste, but a lemonade pocket. Well, stay tuned. Look at the value you can get in a cruise, it's extraordinary. You get your meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, 24 hours pizza and ice- cream, how could you not love that? Jennifer Van Der Creek is the excited boss of the Carnival Spirit which has made Australia its home port. They've Aussiefied nearly everything. Nothing says Australia like sports and beer.Except Guest Operations Chief, Mark Taymus.We have 14 beers, six on tap and they are all Aussie beers.They say it's about making us feel at home. My loungeroom is not like this. But the beer...Not for me, the boss won't let me drink on the job.Much of the food... Coffee...Can I have a coffee? Even the poker machines are from down under. Heavens, they're putting on a BBQ. Not everything is for the T-shirt brigade. Here is the restaurant. Then there's the theatre. I dare say ask what happens when 1400 people sit in the bow.A family of four can see a show free. Ship owners like to show off the swuets. -- suites. So, too, the standard cabins. Most have impressive scenery. What does all this set you back? Well, a ten-day South Pacific cruise around the islands is less than $1300 per person for a balcony cabin and $1100 for an inside cabin, that's $150 a day.When you think of $110 a day for your accommodation, meals, activities, your live entertainment, live shows, comedy club, that's an extraordinary value. But it gets better. A 13-day cruise a little closer to home, around New Zealand, has balcony cabins from $1250. Just over $,000 for an inside. That's $81.50 a day. As Mark put it...Climbing the Bridge for the price of that you can cover a couple days of your cruise.Should you tire of everything on board? Well, every second day or so you will visit a new port. And finally - there's this. This is the steepest, fastest water slide. Last one down is a rot on the egg. -- rotten egg. No. I'd rather be a rotten egg.

I think he'd rather the beer. The seniors unpaid super. Do you think he le serves to be treated like this?Treated like This program is not captioned. We're talking to people
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This program is not captioned.

Tomorrow night - a story to strike fear into the hearts of retirees. Seniors stripped of their super. Do others know you're not paying their super? Aussie seniors to go on the dole.I was furious.They have not been paid thousands in super.You know she's on welfare? Plus a Ray Martin special to warm your heart. Those reports tomorrow night on the show. If you would like to join in, jummp on Facebook or Tweet us. That's all. Good night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live.
VOICEOVER: Tonight on Big Brother -. I cannot understand how she is still here. VOICEOVER: Eight housemates left. She is saved every single time. VOICEOVER: So who's a friend? I don't trust my housemate. Vosvos and who's a foe? You can -- VOICEOVER: And who he's a foe? You can trust me. VOICEOVER: Layla's message from home, and happy birthday, big baby. (SINGS) # Happy birthday to you. # Bring Who wants coffee? VOICEOVER: There's a minor crisis for Angie this morning. Can I please have a coffee but yes you put more honey nit than you did yesterday? We are running low. VOICEOVER: She's struggling with the new sugar free diet using honey as a substitute. Why don't you have two spoonfuls instead or four, five, six? Just put one teaspoon in. Sugar? Yeah. That's sugar, Ange? Why not put -- might as well put four if you're going to have one. No. She may as well not.That's what I'm saying. VOICEOVER: The house honey supplys are running low. Oh my gosh. Yeah, one, two, three, go. Calm down. Calm down. I just don't understand what that means. It means that you're very... In the morning. Because I'm still half asleep. We've been treated to some Angie Estelle banter.Sorry guys. I'm pretty much about to - Sorry.

VOICEOVER: Even a musical wakeup played into the house can't lift Angie's mood.

Angie's mood. (MUSIC PLAYS). VOICEOVER: Estelle's cup is the pink one and it gets all the honey.

Then the honey remnants get hidden for next time.

for next time.
How many want a coffee? Angie. Thank you. That's OK. VOICEOVER: At least Big baby has slept in this morning. For this week's task the housemates have to look after her night and day. Oh, Big baby! Hi ya, Big baby. Morning. Who's been a very sleepy Big baby? Hello! (CRYING) Big baby! No men allowed in the kitchen. We've got mother's group. VOICEOVER: Yesterday was Father's Day. Today it's the mother's turn. Yay! Got to go. Mummy's day! Imagine if we - the five of us had a mother's group. I'll need someone's help getting up the stairs. Thank you, aunty Zoe. Aunty Zoe is very strong. What the hell is wrong with us? Why are all the boys going - seriously, since the moment we got in here, all the girls are like - these type of girls. And yet all the girls are still here. Silly season? Yeah. Every single girl in here, as much as I love - I think this is a benefit, to be honest. Wear pretty girly as it is. Yeah, we are. As in - now that - because he's - you are - what's the description of you? You are a - I'm a renaissance man.