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(generated from captions) with tops of around 25
in Richmond and Penrith. Along the coast, a freshening
north-easterly sea breeze kicked in, keeping it cooler. From the satellite - we will see some patchy cloud brew across Victoria, New South Wales
and Tasmania tomorrow along with hot,
north-north-westerly winds which will push temperatures
well above average again. Around the nation:

On the water:

Tonight will be fine. The slight chance of a brief shower
tomorrow morning before clearing to a fine, warm
and partly cloudy afternoon with a top of 29 degrees. If those showers do happen,

expect temperatures to peak
into the low 30s through most of the western suburbs and even reach 33
in both Richmond and Penrith. Looking ahead - fine and warm on Saturday but a trough will bring
some isolated showers on Sunday and Monday before clearing on Tuesday and becoming fine and hotter again
mid next week.

And that's Seven News
for this Thursday. I'm Chris Bath,
thanks for your company. Ahead on 'Today Tonight', Geoffrey Edelsten's
big day in court, twice. That's next.

Good evening
and thanks for joining us. We begin tonight with the secret the finance industry
doesn't want you to know about and the cash you're missing out on. Everyday bills have hidden charges
you really don't have to pay and, as Helen Wellings reports, if you have a mortgage,
superannuation, insurance, investments
or you're on the pension, there's money waiting to be claimed.

I had absolutely no idea
it was $6,000 over five years. That's fantastic! I've almost got $20,000 back
in the past two years.

These are among thousands of cheques
going out to ordinary Australians. People like horticulturalist
Geoffrey Duxfield, personal investor Catherine Rule, schoolteacher Ben Blake, fitness trainer Tamara Kerr all found out how to get back
hidden fees and commissions they've unknowingly paid
on everyday bills. It's fantastic to be able
to get money back that I never knew
I could claim back. $870. I knew it would be good but never for a minute thought
it would be this good. The average family
could get back $1,700 a year. Paul Brady is CEO of commission-broking company
YourShare which claims rebates for clients on all sorts of financial products
virtually everyone has. You might pay a premium on
your car insurance of $100 a month and you're pretty much
losing $7.60, $20 every month in fees and commissions. That's right. Car and travel insurance, home and building contents disability and income protection, investments, mortgages, superannuation or a pension. Chances are
with every premium, every payment, you're slugged fees
and ongoing commissions pocketed by a broker or company
instead of you. Very easy money. I don't do anything. I filled in the one form and every year around December,
I get a cheque. For Catherine Rule, almost $10,000 a year back
in fees and commissions from super and investment funds. And 28-year-old Tamara Kerr
is getting back $240, just from last year's
private health insurance premiums. It's a huge surprise to be able
to get so much cash back. We're expecting a cheque return
of about $1,000 this year. Father of three and schoolteacher
Ben Blake claimed back fees
and trailing commissions on his family's private health
and car insurances, and super. And it'll go up to $1,500-$2,000
next year when our home loan's
through YourShare as well. With us having a young family,
it is a big deal. Looking at this client database, you can see the fees and commissions
charged by companies can be incredibly high. Up to 35% of the insurance premiums
you pay can be commissions. And that's money
that you can be getting back. We calculated that there's
over $14 billion every single year that Australian households lose
in fees and commissions to unknown third parties. They're a legacy of the old system where, basically,
advisors were insurance salespeople paid by commission, getting a chunk of the money
that you pay for your insurance. Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon
of 'Smart Investor' magazine says rebates won't apply
to all financial products, nor if you're getting
good ongoing service from a broker or company
who deserves fees. Otherwise, make a claim. 'Smart Investor'
surveyed how it's done. YourShare is actually 1 of 11 comprehensive commission
rebate services that 'Smart Investor'
has recently surveyed. Now, it's among one of the best but there's certainly
others out there like Refund Easy,
Commission Refunders and MyMoney that will rebate even someone with average
financial arrangements some $2,500 a year.

You're entitled
to get that money back. I mean, I haven't rung my broker
in 20 years. You know, it's a no-brainer. you need to use
a commission rebate specialist. YourShare charges
50% of the rebate you receive but $295 is the maximum you pay.

There are several things we'll definitely be putting
that money towards. Like what? and with Christmas
just around the corner, Christmas presents, of course. Helen Wellings reporting. For more information and a rundown on all the companies that offer to track down
your missing money. head to our website.

Now to the courtroom sagas
of Dr Geoffrey Edelsten. This morning,
he was called a liar by one judge but won his case. Then, this afternoon,
he was before another judge in another court on another matter. Clare Brady reports on a big day
for the flamboyant doctor. There's no red carpet
on the Supreme Court steps but, nonetheless, when your name is Geoffrey Edelsten,
the cameras are still there. His Honour's judgment
is what we sought to achieve and I'm very happy, thank you. A win for Edelsten. Now we'll never be able to hear
New Jersey's Stacy Da Silva speak about their case. REPORTER: What about your marriage? It's fine -
thank you very much for asking. But it was a win
with slap from the judge. I mean, the judge has called
Geoffrey Edelsten, and the other woman, called them both liars and I would hate to go through
my life having a judge say,
"You are a liar."

I don't consider my husband a liar. Barrister Jonathon Korman
represented Ms Da Silva in the case.

Well, it was a rollercoaster. There was a lot of surprises - lot of surprises for us,
surprises for the other side and, who knows, perhaps even surprises
for His Honour. But what surprises
this barrister more are individuals that want to switch
from high to low profile overnight. Well, I made the point
in my closing submissions that people who keep a high profile have an obligation to ensure that
their conduct is beyond reproach. A husband legally seeking privacy on a matter after making their lives
so open to the world. Young wife Brynne is practical
and knows the drill. Unfortunately,
we do a lot of things publicly and I guess
that's part of what comes with it. It's been very difficult
to deal with this, with all this publicity. After years of lying low, Edelsten reappeared
in spectacular style, he and his new girl, Brynne,
catching my eye. What do you think
of your lovely lady's dress here? I think it's extraordinary. You won't catch a cold? No, it's long sleeves. From that day,
their lives were on show. From wedding plans... There is a significant age gap
between the two of you - 40 years. Does that make it difficult at all
or do you notice it? I don't.

When you fall in love with someone,
you love them and we have so many things
we love to do together. the big day. Geoff, you may now kiss your bride. And if that wasn't enough, their public lives
have gathered momentum - his new wife landing her own show. Here, this deep.
Come on, let's go. Well, I am that deep,
when the waves come. Come on! there's bound to be a pothole or two
along the way. Today's court date was one of them. Derryn Hinch has always
followed Edelsten with interest. But Edelsten, and for whatever reason. I mean, he is a liar,
we know he's a liar. I've been chasing Geoffrey Edelsten
for about 30 years. "Public" and "private"
aren't just healthcare terms. They certainly apply to the home. I think sometimes
people cross that line and don't have enough respect
to say, "You know what?
These are private matters," and leave it alone but at the same time,
you take the good with the bad. Oh, and how did Geoffrey Edelsten
finish his stressful day? By pleading guilty to not providing enough information
to the Tax Office. He'll go home
with a 12-month good behaviour bond and more than a $3,000 fine. Thanks, guys.

Jet skis are a lot of fun but they are also very powerful
and dangerous when not used with extreme caution. Just last month,
Australian Tyson Dagley faced a US court
on manslaughter charges after he was involved
in a jet ski accident which killed a 16-year-old girl. Now, another case
involving a Queensland woman has led to calls for jet ski laws
to change. Damian Hansen has more.

It's basically smashed
my whole tibial plateau and severed the patellar tendon. They're the motorbike
of the water, capable of speeds up to 90km/h, and when they hit something
like a windsurfer, this is the result.

Very unable
to even walk down stairs, I'm unable to crouch down, I can't walk down hills
at the moment, and if that will ever change,
I don't know. It's unlikely Linda Pesschier,
a 2-time state champion windsurfer, will ever windsurf again. I don't remember the impact,
as you don't with major trauma. But Linda's recollection
of her slow recovery is vivid. The golf course groundskeeper
hasn't worked since the horrific accident
in February last year that almost severed her leg. She now has no income
and no compensation because the jet ski hire operator's
insurance company went under. So there's no insurance monies
available. The jet ski rider
threatened to go bankrupt too then, somewhat conveniently, the hire company
went into voluntary administration. So there's no hope
of any recovery against the company in terms of the other rider. Unfortunately it's not a system where there's any insurance
available to the user. But what's perplexing
is the hire company's still here - same name, same building,
even the same staff. Was it liquidated
because an insurance claim or money being paid to a victim
of an accident might have sent you guys under? I suppose that contributed to it. There was a lot other things
that contributed to it as well, lots of other things - old skies,
just the usual story. We have a liquidator that would know
all of those types of details if you'd like to contact them. Jetski Safaris
is a family business. Heath Mitchell and his mother Lea are the current directors
of Jetski Safaris Pty Ltd. At the time of Linda's accident,
the directors of Pippy Pty Ltd, which traded as
Jetski Safaris, were Zane and Kurt Mitchell. In terms of the previous company,
Pippy Pty Ltd, were you the director
of that company? Yeah. That has now gone into liquidation?
That's right. A jet ski is just as much
of a dangerous weapon as a car in the hands of someone
who doesn't know how to operate it. Maria Skordou is from Shine Lawyers. For Jetski Safaris it would appear to be
business as usual. Also unchanged
are the rules of the sea - among the most pivotal to this case is that vessels should always
maintain a good and proper lookout and do all that is safely possible
to avoid a collision. Out on the water,
power should always give way to sail but for the novice
in a panic situation, that is easier said than done, Without forward propulsion,
jet skis lose the ability to steer and are very difficult to stop. I did actually see the jet ski,
but about 60m away. But that was the last time,
because I have to look forward. You do scan through the sail
as you can see through the sail but you'll always have a blind spot,
there is a blind spot there. Linda says the man she collided with
was inexperienced and should not have been allowed
behind the controls of such a high-powered
water craft. Come and live in my shoes
for a few days and see how much pain
I have each day and what I've got to go through. While it appears to be business
as usual for Jetski Safaris, life will never be the same
for Linda who says Australia's waterways
will only be safer when mandatory licensing
for jet skiers across all states is introduced.

It was a very unfortunate incident
that occurred, and again, you know, there's a lot of
unanswered questions. It's still before the courts. That was Damien Hansen reporting. A 90-year-old woman left with a mess
at her commercial property after a bitter eviction dispute now has an army of helpers
by her side. Natasha Majmajewski
had a long battle getting Sam Aria off the property
left to her by her husband. He wasn't paying rent
and was finally evicted last week, leaving a massive mess to clean up. They should be
ashamed of themselves, ashamed of themselves. Taking advantage
of that elderly lady who virtually can't fend
for herself. Reverend George Capsis
is organising the clean-up, getting the block ready for sale
and selling the scrap metal to try claw back some of the $60,000
Natasha estimates she lost in unpaid rent.

Natasha, I just wanted to assure you
that there are people who care. A lot of people saw the story
and were greatly moved and we just wanted you
to be assured that we'll do all we can
to try and... There was a time
not all that long ago that a designer with the reputation
of Roberto Cavalli wouldn't be seen in a Target store. How times have changed. Now he's designing for them. Madeleine Kennard reports on
his range of low-cost, high fashion designed especially
for Australian women. It looks very expensive
though it's very affordable. My name is Roberto Cavalli. His designs are loved by Liz,
hailed by Halle and have made Beyonce
even more bootylicious. It's the dream and being able
to have a piece of that. Now Italian designer to the stars
Roberto Cavalli is producing runway pieces
for runaway prices, teaming up with Target to make high-end fashion
accessible to everyone. when Target offered me
to create something for the Australian girl. It's the first time he's ever made
a range exclusively for Australians. The campaign is fronted by
supermodel Karolina Kurkova. It's really for a woman who's bold, who's not afraid of patterns
and colours and there's a lot of
beautiful pieces I really like. But what I love about
the collection for Target is that it looks very expensive,
though it's very affordable. Roberto Cavalli is very well known
through Europe and America. He's probably got
a smaller following in Australia because of the price point so this is a great opportunity
for him to enter into our market, show people what they can do
at an affordable price. The 42-piece collection
is priced from $49 to $99. Editor of 'Marie Claire'
Jackie Frank is giving us a sneak peek before it lands in stores
at the end of the month. For the prices that you're paying,
it is great quality. And if you have a look
on the runway, he's got lots of long-flowing
maxi dresses and this is, I think,
his giraffe print. You know, really easy to wear. Great jean, signature Cavalli
in terms of the zebra print and then, the gold shoes. Personally, I love a bit of gold,
I love a bit of bling, so I've got my eye on those shoes. These shoes are $79,
pants $69 and the top is $59. It's very Almalfi Coast,
it's very Capri, it is very European, this look. In time for summer, this swimming costume is $59,
and jacket also $59. This top is fantastic. You can wear it over your swimsuit or do it up
and then wear it with your jeans. This is really exciting. Why?
Because of size. Size does matter
and it's not just - people always ask, designers,
you know - it's always for petit girls. It's not. They've actually covered
the full gamut of sizes which is fantastic. Each piece will be available
up to size 16, like this dress for $89. It's a wrap dress,

Our Cavalli range is literally
less than 10% sometimes the cost if you were to buy
the most exclusive one-off designs that he does in Europe.

Managing director of Target
Dene Rogers has been working closely
with Cavalli for the past six months to get the clothes spot-on
for the Australian woman. When we worked with Cavalli,
we said, "Look, Australians dress
slightly differently, "have slightly different shapes
to Europeans, "certainly use - and want -
different fabrics" so he was very accommodating. I hope to see you soon, Australia, and I hope you enjoyed wearing it
as much as I did. That Cavalli range is in stores
from October 31 but only until it sells out. After the break on Today Tonight, the types of pain
you can't afford to ignore. I escaped death by minutes. What they show
is going on with your body... Severe bursting headache
for the first time. The signs to look for
that could save your life That's next.

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Welcome back. Our bodies are designed to
heal themselves from many ailments and we have built-in detection
and warning systems for when things are going
very wrong. So what are the signs
to look out for? Tonight, the five types of pain
you can't ignore because they can literally
save your life. Adam Marshall has more. Don't ignore the alarm bells! It's the worst pain ever,
the worst headache ever. Don't look at me.

I have no idea what caused it. It can mean the difference
between life or death.. I just escaped death by minutes. They're the five aches and pains
you shouldn't ignore. It's nature's warning -
get to hospital. Cardiologist
Professor David Colquhoun says the warning signs are obvious. If there's a new - this is the key thing
in all these pains - a new problem,
which is significant to you, get help. The first
is that pounding headache. Severe, bursting headache
for the first time. That could be an aneurysm or an artery in the brain
that explodes. That requires urgent attention. Number two -
tightness around your chest. It could be more than just reflux - you could be suffering
a heart attack. Often people find it hard to express
but they can show you here. A crushing, pushing feeling -
not necessarily pain - feeling that classically radiates
across the chest, up to the jaw. Three is acute stomach pain - appendicitis,
an infected intestine, a swollen gall bladder
or an ulcer could be the problem. You need treatment, otherwise it used to be fatal,
100 years ago. Next, number four,
is for expecting mothers - stabbing pelvic pain. You just never know. There could be a problem
with the baby. The placenta could be lifting away
a little bit, so you certainly need to get
to your obstetrician, get into hospital. Finally, at number five -
a sore, swollen leg. That could be a clot. Clots can go to the lungs.
That could be fatal. Sometimes the pains
aren't always that obvious, though. They can be masked
by other illnesses. He was actually
suffering a heart attack. And if I hadn't have gone
and seen the doctor and had that blood test, I may not be here today. And when it comes to
these aches and pains, I was scared I was going to die. 18-year-old Matthew Durham
needed urgent attention on the golf course. Fourth hole, three up after three,
fourth hole, hit my tee shot
and started walking and got dizzy and started going blurry
and speech was all slurry. He was having a stroke. His symptoms were severe migraines. Just over 12 months on,
he's still not 100%. I can't move
any part of my hand at all. Do you think
you'll ever get that back? Nope. It's gone, I reckon, now. If you've got family history
of early diseases, well, then, you could be at risk. It's a risk
you don't want to take. Completely changed my life.
It's nothing like it was before. I'm on the road to recovery,
I'm on the upside now. Been down the low side
and it's not the place to go. The best way to find out,
"How am I? "Score my health, doctor," is go and see
your general practitioner. Good advice. It pays to look out for the signs. Adam Marshall reporting. When we come back, a sneak peek at
a modern-day medical breakthrough. Stay with us.

I always said -
you've got to think big. King of the road. Giddy up! Honk! Honk! Must be pretty thirsty.

Wait till the guys see me
in this monster.

Morning, Harold. He's still mad because
I beat him last week.


Tomorrow night, the medical breakthrough where liposuction
meets stem cell technology to produce remarkable results. If I walk long distances,
I'd be crying. Tears running down my face. It was just excruciating. One injection will be enough. It'll stop the pain,
it'll stop the stiffness. It's fantastic.

They certainly are THE therapeutic
miracle of this decade. The stem cell has just got to be
the way of the future. It's just amazing. That's tomorrow night. But that's it for now. I'll be back on deck at 6am
for 'Sunrise'. Have a great evening. Goodnight. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

I told Casey how I felt. And I know it had to be done,
but it was excruciating. Why?
I don't know. There's this part of me that wonders if things could ever have worked out
in the long run. I can't have you in my life anymore. You don't mean that. Now you know where you stand,
you can... ..get on with your lives. There's some pretty cool things
about having separated parents. Like what?
You know Travis? When his folks split up, he used to
get away with heaps of stuff. One parent said no to something,
just go ask the other.

Yeah! Whoo-hoo! Everyone at school is gonna think
we're so awesome! Yeah, I know, eh! JOHN: Awesome? You reckon? That's not the word I would use.

Do you have any idea
how dangerous that was? VJ, you could've been killed. You could've killed someone
or started a bushfire. I mean, you're lucky
no-one called the police. I'm sorry. Yeah, you are gonna be sorry
when I give you your punishment. And for starters,
you are not competing tomorrow. I've been training... Do you really want to argue with me?

Go and wait in the car.

Do you have any idea
how this happened? I mean, I thought they were
training with you? We all got a different story. Well, luckily no-one was injured. Thank you for calling me.

Now what? Well, I suppose I give Alf a call and let him know
we'll be running short on fireworks. What about Guy Fawkes over there?

I'll go along with
whatever punishment you decide. You sure? Well, we're not working effectively
as a team at the moment, so you may as well go it alone.

According to John, it was lucky
no-one lost their flamin' heads. I tell you what, if they were
my kids, I'd tan their hides. Really? Would you, Dad? Because I seem to remember a story
about a young Alf Stewart letting off fireworks
around a Hills Hoist. That was different. I mean, for a start,
it wasn't illegal. And secondly, that has got
nothing to do with this. This is all about keeping
a better eye on young Jett. Well, you know, John and Gina have been going
through a difficult time lately, so no harm was done. Just the odd tree... Ow!
Hey! Oh! How did your dinner
with SIDS and Kids go? It was great. They'll send someone
to pick up a cheque tomorrow. I think we should make an official
presentation after the races. Yeah, that's a good idea.
Who'd do it? Well, I was thinking
Heath and Bianca. Do you think it's too soon? How the hell would I know? I haven't seen either of them
for a couple of days. Neither have I.

Take a seat.

Do you have anything to say
about what happened?

What I did was...wrong
and really dangerous. I shouldn't have gotten VJ
involved either.

Why did you do it?
I don't know. I just wanted to have a bit of fun.

I figured you wouldn't care
what I got up to. Of course we care.
No, you don't.

You don't care what I get up to
when I'm with John and John doesn't care
what I get up to when I'm with you. No, that's not true. Yes, it is. That's why it was so easy for me
to trick the both of you. I knew you wouldn't check my story because you never talk
to each other. was a stupid thing to do.

I wanted to forget everything...
for a little bit.

I guess the past few weeks
can't have been easy for you. What's my punishment?

Well, you seem to have
learnt your lesson. But you pull a stunt like this again
and you will be in serious trouble.

Hmm, OK.

OK, I want you to start at the pier, then go down to the beach and then finish off
at the Surf Club. There won't even be
that much litter. You are not to talk on your phone, talk to any of your friends or
watch any races until you're done. Actually, give me your phone now. I might get in trouble
and need to call you. Nice try. Give me your phone. And I'll be checking up on you
throughout the day, OK? Alright, go. I didn't even know they'd broken up. Yeah, well,
it's not exactly common knowledge. Poor thing. She's hardly
left her room the last few days. Well, is she looking after herself
at least? Well, she's not really, love. She hardly eats, she doesn't sleep. She just sits there
and stares at the walls.