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This program is captioned live. Tonight, Sydney petrol prices soar, are the supermarkets to blame? Tears and fury from the family of the student Tasered by police. Extraordinary rescue for the yachtsman lost at sea. Why politicians fight over plans to slash your power bills. The amazing surgery that has helped Ken Sutcliffe and many more. Oil companies are tonight accused of a massive rip off with a sharp and unexpected rise in petrol prices right across Sydney. Drivers are now paying a staggering 25 cents more a litre for fuel and the finger is being pointed squarely at the supermarket Giants. Overnight, petrol took a flying leap.Before it was around 1.2 and now it is 1.60, 40 cents more.Ma what can we do?This morning without warning drivers were hit with $1.69 over Sydney.It looks like in Sydney it was Caltex that thread price cycle upBut some service stations chose to to follow. Among the lowest Private Pritchard at $1.33.There has been no major Geeo political event that would in any way justify an increase like this overnight.We think it is because the oil companies can get away with with it. We do not think we are getting equal informsColes and Woolworths offer massive fuel discount with shopper dockets around 15 cent a litre. The con summer watch dog is looking at had these extreme price rises being of are being used to offset the cost of super market deals. That will take more time but we will get to the bottom of it. There is something fishy going on in the Australian petrol market this weekAfter falling last week, we are now heading towards a peak in the pies cycle. The average Sydney price is $1.49 but over the next few days that will jump to $1.55.Motorists can wait until perhaps The end of next week they are likely to get foul at a better priceIt will's go live the Lizzie Pearl. It was a big hike overnight. Are we seeing a new trend in the petrol price cycle?It certainly was than a aggressive price hike. We are used to seeing increases of 12-15 cents on the first day of a new cycle but this 24 cents caught drivers by surprise. Coles has denied there is any link between the shopper docket increases and in the crease saying it is more due to ex personal factors, oil price and the exchange rate. The good news is for drivers, not all service station haves chosen to follow this price increase. There are still some offering petrol for around $1.30 a litre so if we so that, the advice is to take it.A fishing boat high Jacked off the Sri Lankan oozet by suspected asylum seekers is believed to be heading for Australia. Several fishermen had to be rescued after they were thrown overboard earlier this week. Former Penrith MP will be allowed the serve a 12-month jail sentence as home detention. She was found guilty of rorting parliamentary expenses. She could be subject to electronic surveillance. She says she will appeal. A two-storey home at Rowville Chase has been damaged by fire. The blaze broke out in the lounge with flames escaping through the roof Skaf Led a gang of apists that terroriset southwest Sydney 12 years ago. The men were sentenced to a total of more than 240 years in jail but now one is to be feed on parole. Simon Bouda is outside long bail jail. Who is being released?I can tell you it is 28- year-old Mohamed Sanoussi who is being held here in Long Bay Jail. He was one of 14 men led by Bilal Skaf Who pack raped three young women in Sydney in 2000. The Parole Authority decided the grant him weekend leave which he will take up possibly as early as this week. He hung his head and cried as he heard the news from his cell but the victim families are angry and devastated.Pretty upset. She has only just got her life together. It is OK for him an his family to be happy about his release but considering crime he has committed I do not think it is fair.Pete, obviously if he behaves himself on eke enleave then will be granted full parole some time early next yearA grieving familiar lip has launched a scathing attack on police over the death of a young student who was Tasered by officers on a Sydney street. Roberto Curi as sister today accused the officers involved in being cowards. Finally the heartache and the anger came pouring out. The sister of Brazilian student Roberto Curi telling of her painful search through hospitals and police stations the day he died.I even thought at least the police will find him he will be safe. What a wrong assumptionThey played a video trick fruit the honour Roberto Curi. # I hope you can hear me... The 21- year-old's other sister in tears at the memories before the family launched an attack on the police who fired 14 Tasers at Roberto Curi before he died.They are so brave and brutal at the night but so coward Lynn telling the truthHer uncle also accusing some officers of being dishonest in their evidence and treating court as if it was stupid. It was disgusting and I hated it All police have denied colluding on their stories. A practice that is forbidden in a critical incident like this. Roberto Curi's family rate the pain of hearing evidence at this inquest as an 11 out of 10 but say it will be all worthwhile if it saves even one person from a similar death. How can junior officers with only a few months experience be allowed to carry and use dangerous weapons at their own discretion?The Coroner will hear final submissions tomorrow and the findings could change the way Tasers are used in the state. There has been a dramatic and risky rescue at sea the save the life of a missing yachtsman. 44-year-old Glen Ey had been heading south to Eden when he was hit by a monster wave. Safe at last. Glen Ey hugs his mother. Still clutching did emergency beacon that saved his life.My prayers have been answered.It was a dangerous rescue mission. The police boat thrown by rough seas that for nine days tormented the experienced sailor.. When a monster wave picks you up and Davis Cup opens you like that, it is very frightening The massive storm flipped his yacht cracking did hull and snapping mast.The boat flood would water. Everything just floated around in the boat. I'm up to my knees in waterUnaware, Glenn drifted 500 kilometres in the wrong direction as he battled the get back to shore. Finally, he swallowed his sailor's pride and called for help. The conditions at the time I believe were extremely rough Marine authorities rallied two passing commercial airlineers to help search.There are a number of passengers that spotted itThis boat was undoubtdly a welcome sight for Glenn. But once safely on board, it took almost 24 hours to get back to dry land. Then, his own reward for a sailor home if the sea. A chocolate milk and a custard tart. Are you proud of him?Yes. Immensely.Sydney families are being promised cheaper power bills by rife tiesing the state's electricity assets. The call has come if the Productivity Commission today. Kevin joins us. How could consumers benefit?The argument is instantly $1 billion could be saved by selling off the poles an wires. It is a controversial idea and it could be years before it happens. The Premier says you could lower bills by capping wage rises for all electric workers to 2.5% and scrapping carbon tax. The Federal Government naturally does not think the carbon tax is a problem..It is the cost of the Pells and wires control by State Governments that are really driving higher electricity prices.This is a Federal Government that is not interested to solve the problem but winning next federal election. Speaking of elections - the next state election on March 2014 Barry O'Farrell knows if he will sell the Pells and wires. A lot of the money raised will be put towards a major new road so there could be a benefit of cheaper power prices and better roads but we will see. The first man to be sentenced over the violent city riots has been given an 8-month suspended jail term. 23- year-old Benjamin Homan says he regrets his actions.I'm very sorry. He will do 300 hours community service. The Ten Network will axe jobs and cut costs after plunging into the red in the last year. Ten today announced an annual loss of $12.9 million after making a $14 million profit the year before. Ten's slogan was 'Turn it On' this rear but viewers and advertisers turned off.Advertisers are spook would Ten because they cannot get people to in great volume to watch The network has only just recovered from a previous round of cost cutting. Now another 10 jobs will go, 40 from the Sydney newsroom. This will bring to over 800 the number of journalist hots have lost their jobs since JuneTen was this week dealt a financial blow when its planned sale of its outdoor advertising business fell through that. Caused the share price to plunge to just 32 cents a fifth of its value just two years earlier. The Murdochs, the Gina Rineharts have plenty of money and nous but maybe not yet in picking the right showsSince then, James Packer's investment cost him $75 million, Lachlan Murdoch, chairman of Ten sits on paper loss of $8 million. Australia's richest person, Gina Rinehart, who has nearly 150 million shares has dropped around $133 million. The big shareholders now face a choice - do they simply take the rest of the business over and make it private, try to get rid of the debt, a little like Nine, or do they guts it out and take the risk that their programming next year works? Ray Hadley got one of the best calls from list life today if his doctor. Suffering fluid on the lung specialists thought he Hay have cancer, a Besart Berisha disease or TB. Today the all-clear, most likely a bug.I dodge add bullet then thought about the people who got the call I did not want to get today saying "I'm sorry, it is not good news"Just the same the Hadley lungs are back in business. Supercars, family wagon, the odd ute gliej at the motor show at Darling Harbour. The chance is you will score a bargain with imports better value than ever before. A car launch with feeling. Ferrari treatment for a Corolla, everywhere you look the covers were coming off. The 700,000 Lexus. Mazda, CX9 and service new Jag. There is lots of new technology being employed by virtually every brand herePrices have never been better thanks to a strong Aussie Dom yar. -- dollar.If you look at the she around here there are some fantastic offerings at the moment Car companies are willing to spend a small fortune here because the market is booming. New car sales are expected the top $1 million this year. Is a record. Driving a lot of the growth is our demand for SUVs. This is Holden's 7-seater the Suv the Colorado built in Thailand. The market has increased in the past 12 months by over 3%. A Gold Coast man recently rewarded himself with this Aston Martin, one of only 77 in the world it cost $2 million. Next - a young Maryland rapper tells us how close he came to dying. Plus t amazing surgery that has changed Ken Sutcliffe's life A This program is not captioned. Morning, guys.
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A young rapper from Maryland has reliefed the night he was stabbed in the heart outside a club in the city. Rising star Jelal Edmonds had no pulse for more than a munt and says he owes his life to an incredible medical team. Sunday life support, today Jelal Edmonds walked around the courtyard in hospital. A recovery that shocked doctors.Everybody was scared thinking that this was the end but it isn't. I'm back!A 6-inch Scarborough across his chest will for ever be a reminder of how lucky he is. The rapper known as 'Lazy J' was stabbed on Oxford Street Paddington after a gig with his partner Big Guy.It was when I got into the hospital my heart stopped beating for a minuteHundreds of friend and fans have come to visit the 19 year-old former 'X Factor' contestant who wants to be out of hospital this weekend back working on musing. The duo's new single was launched yesterday and has had thousands of views online.I want to say thank you so much. I appreciate all the love and support. The to men arrested over the fight which spilled out of the 11 nightclub have been charged with aFay and police say they are looking to lay more serious charges now Jelal Edmonds is well enough to be interviewedThere has been a big surge in demand for hip and knee replacements with thousands undergoing surgery. Ken Sutcliffe went under the knife recently and says it has given him a new quality of life Ken's dodgy right hip blamed on genetics and wear and tear has been causing him grief for two and a half years.Sometimes you can walk and you get a jolt like a electric shock..It is more about being embarrassed and people saying, "What's wrong with you?"He turned to surgery and was fitted with this prosthesis, his doctor used an anterior approach where an in contradiction is made at the front rather than the back of the hip. Because the soft tissue damage is minimised and recovery is speeded up.Every day in Australia 20 people undergo surgery for a hip or fee replacement. The number of cases has jumped over the past eight years. For hips it has gone up nearly 40% while knees have gone up by nearly 64%. It is an aging population demographic. Their expectations of quality life in retirement is important for them. Ken was up walking four hours after his operation. A day later, he was out of hospital and back at work within four days.The fact you had this mobility so early on is just an absolute plus.It is day that will stick in the memory of this little elephant who fell in a well at a game park in Kenya. Mum was distressed and in a debter, a rescue team scaring her off while they loop add rope around the youngster and dragged him out. Off he went. Mum zeroing in for a wonderful reunion. Tonight our exclusive with Roosters new coach and why he thinks Sonny Bill Williams's critics will have to eat their words. Anthony Mundine's bizarre race rant aimed at Daniel Geale. I will have the weather from 'Sculptures by the Sea'. See you soon. This program is not captioned.

New Roosters coach Trent Robinson says he has no problem with Sonny Bill Williams joining club just weeks before the kick-off the next season. After meeting with Sonny Bill Williams Robinson is convinced he will be a smash hit. Meet Trent Robinson, a 35-year-old rookie coach charged with turning NRL's youngest team into a premiership force. In an age of disposable coaches he is not promising a miracle.There is no quick fix. You enjoy being together and value our time together is important.But when it comes to the star recruit he is prepared to make an exception. He says Sonny Bill Williams will not be distracted by his fight next month in Brisbane and a whole season of rugby in Japan. Thafrpbls will not be an issue. His fitness will not be an issue. He has played at the highest level in Rugby Union for a period of time. The now there needs to be a bit of finetuning to get back to league but he will be ready. He will not let himself not be ready. Robinson met Sonny Bill Williams in Japan last week and came away impressed.A true professional. He has taken professional sport to a different level the way he prepares. The addition of Williams and new coach captain and club boss all devoted the to the Roosters they hope will be a wishing recipe.Moved in here when I as 17 over my shoulder there. Then I spent my time in Sydney almost my time in Sydney as adult here in the east so feels like home Lance Armstrong is fast running out of friends with Nike dumping him ending a relationship which has earned him $40 million. Lance Armstrong was stood down as chairman of his cancer charity Live Strong It was always going to be one of the biggest fights in Australia's history, and today Anthony Mundine ensured this would be plenty of bitterness as well. The man took a racial swipe at Daniel Geale as the pair officially announced January's showdown. Anthony Mundine calls himself the original Aboriginal. But he showed little respect for the Indigenous heritage of Tasmanian-born Daniel Geale.. I thought they wipe all the Aboriginals out from Tassie. You have a white woman and kids Daniel Geale wears the colours of the flag than his shorts and Anthony Mundine's rant hit home.I do not like that. I love my heritage and where I'm from. I think there will be more said about that laterHe is the IBF and WBA world champion, the real deal has proven himself overseas against the best. Do you have more to lose than Anthony Mundine? Yes, of course but every fight I go into I have a lot to lose Daniel Geale's only defeat a controversial points decision against Anthony Mundine three years agoA cross between a pitbull and a Chinese doll.(LAUGHTER)People have both of them live on Sunday!I will be the ring announcer..The weather next. It is mild here but I will tell you about some serious heat coming to c
Next on WIN News. A Banks man - in
court charged with child pornograph acc
related offences, And will a new uni
accommodation block at a Canberra tight
university ease pressure on the tight rental market? Details next.

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This program is not captioned. A cloudy start to the day but a beautiful afternoon to check out 'Sculptures by the Sea' at Bondi. Now in its 16th year, the exhibition showcases more than 100 sculptures over the next two and a half weeks.

sculptures over the next two and a
half weeks. 13-23 in Campbelltown. Tops of 22 Liverpool and par a Pat ya. 15-24 in Penrith A low trough will direct hot northerlies into southern Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria tomorrow. This system will bring showers and storms to the north-east of the state. Around the country - mainly fine in Brisbane, 3 degrees, partly cloudy for Melbourne. Sydney tomorrow mainly fine day for 29 in the city. 10-31 Liverpool and Campbelltown. 12-23 in Penrith to the outlook

Campbelltown. 12-23 in Penrith to
the outlook - That is Nine News. Hope you have a good evening. From us all, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

Tonight ... A Banks man charged - pornograp
accused of possessing child r
pornography. Polls predict a repeat expe
result - hear from our political returne
expert. And an albino puggle, I'
returned to the wild.Good evening,
I' m Danielle Post. A fifty-year-ol Canberra
Banks man has appeared in a c
Canberra court on child pornography charges. Reporter Ellena Midgley ha summo
more. Shinobu Kanazawa was dete
summonsed to appear today, after mo
detectives searched his house last Te
month. The Criminal Investigations fif
Team had received information the al
fifty-year-old from Banks had been exploitat
allegedly accessing a child
exploitation website. As a result o the warrant, police seized a lapto othe
computer, three hard drives and Kana
other computer storage material. usi
Kanazawa is facing three charges, po
using a carriage service for child service
pornography, using a carriage possessi
service to cause offence and
possessing child pornography. He ha but
permanent residency in Australia on
but was arrested at Sydney Airport home
on September nineteen on his way br
home to Japan.Kanazawa made only a Magistrat
brief appearance in the ACT prosecut
Magistrates Court today. The u
prosecution asked for a longer than usual adjournment, saying more item
seized during the arrest have to b bai
sent from New South Wales. Seven surrou
bail conditions were imposed - the
surrounding Kanazawa' s access to the internet. He has surrendere cou
his passport, and will appear in court again in December.

The Opposition leader is fighting
for his political career. Polls sho tra
the Labor-Greens coalition is on e
track to be returned at Saturday' s s
election. Zed Seselja has called in Feder
some last minute help, with the hand.
Federal Liberal party lending a maintaine
hand. The prediction is a Tim
maintained status quo. A Canberra sugge
Times poll of 12 hundred voters suggests Labor will win seven seats Green
the Liberal Party six, and the i
Greens four. The Opposition, hoping goi
it' s full of hot air. I' m not arbit
going to accept one poll as the Saturd
arbiter of what will happen on k
Saturday. The poll also shows the shapi
key seventh seat in Molonglo is Gr
shaping up as a battle between the C
Greens and the ALP, rather than the a
Canberra Liberals. We don' t take gra
any day for granted, any vote for u
granted. Zed Seselja today teamed att
up with his Federal colleagues to even
attack Katy Gallagher. During an Gary
evening Senate estimates hearing the
Gary Humphries probed the head of cl
the Health Department. Jane Halton Commo
claims she wasn' t aware of the
Commonwealth' s promise to help fun C
ACT Labor' s paediatrics policy. bee
Clearly it' s been a deal that' s been stitched up in a back room by government that' s desperate to ge to,
re-elected. It' s a bit rich
to, once I' ve done all the work, t not
turn around and then say that' s G
not fair, I want it to. If Katy th
Gallagher has been working hard on the
this matter, it hasn' t been with T
the Federal Department of Health. The Canberra Liberals have matched Fe
the Chief Minister' s promise. The wit
Federal Government will negotiate outl
with either ACT party. Labor has wh
outlined its plan to protect jobs, tax
which includes raising the income dollars.
tax threshold to two million co
dollars. We want to maintain our
competitiveness as a jurisdiction o en
choice for small and medium sized new
enterprise and be able to attract Libe
new business into the ACT. The C
Liberal Party pledged to expand the plan
Canberra Balloon Festival. It' s Lab
planning to keep the blowtorch on u
Labor, in the hope of swaying those undecided voters. +

Voters have just one more day to t
make their mind up before they head politic
to the ballot box. WIN' s ACT
political reporter Luke Dufficy, ha spoken with a UC expert, to analys pa
the recent poll results, and each party' s performance on the campaig trail. LUKE DUFFICY: Well, I'