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(generated from captions) "Here's my Funky Chicken, kids." Laura? Um, good luck. I think I have $20. Good on you. It's.. $20! Nice work! Oh, well. Oh, well.

Ohhh. Wow. So, was the baby in this particular
nursery a big, bouncing 50 grand? Geraldine, what do you think's in 1? I think I've got the $50,000. Let's see.
Pop the locks on 23. Mum's birthday, mummy boy.
Let's see what it is. Yeah!
Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! There's the 50 grand up there,
Geraldine! An extra $500,
making it $16,499 all up. Congratulations, Papa.
Let's see the money. Oh, good on you, mate! Get straight on down to the hospital
after this and let Nicole know the next bit
of good news in her life this week. Here's the lovely Geraldine
to help you celebrate. Thank you!
Mwah! Well done, Geraldine,
or 'Jellybean', as I'm sure the grandkids
are about to call you. Thanks for being with us,
everyone, mums and dads. See you next time!

This program is captioned live. Tonight - tears in court as a taser victim's family
speaks out over his death. A member of Bilal Skaf's
notorious rape gang to be released from prison. From $1.37 to $1.59 - how petrol companies are justifying
today's massive price hike. Back on dry land
and into Mum's arms - the rescue of a shipwrecked sailor. Plus, the world's biggest
outdoor art exhibition opens in Sydney.

Good evening. The family of the Brazilian student who died after being
repeatedly tasered by Sydney police has hit out at officers
who made the arrest. A coroner made the rare decision to allow a camera
into the inquest today as relatives
accused police of lying. The family of Roberto Laudisio
has waited seven months to give its version of his death. Not what the police wanted to hear. Roberto's sister accused
the officers involved in his arrest of lying to the coronial inquest. It's shocking the way
police acted like they did and their lack of integrity
disgusts me. She was addressing the court during
an emotional victim impact statement which featured
a moving video tribute to the young Brazilian.

Roberto's uncle claimed the police made sure
their stories would match. The policemen lied and colluded, thinking the people in this court
are stupid. Roberto died in Pitt Street
after being tasered nine times and delivered more shocks while
he was handcuffed on the ground. Roberto's sister said but cowards
when it came to telling the truth. Almost all the officers
never considered Berto's welfare but were all worried about
not getting their hands dirty. The police operating procedure says:

Not even the Premier knew
the meaning of the word exigent - a word on which lives depend. I don't know what 'exigent' means but I assume that given they're in
the police guidelines for tasers that police have been told
what they mean. The inquest
is expected to finish tomorrow with calls for plain language
to be used in police operating procedures and improved training. A member of Sydney's
notorious Skaf rapist gang is to be released from prison. Live to court reporter Jodie Speers. Jodie, when's this going to happen? Chris, 28-year-old Mohamad Sanoussi
will begin weekend release on Saturday, 27 October. Today, the parole authority
denied his latest application to be set free.

Instead, he'll be allowed out
every second weekend for the next few months. If that occurs without incident, then the parole authority will order
his full release from prison in January. Mohamad Sanoussi is 12 years
into a 16-year sentence over sex attacks
on three young women in 2000. He was one of 14 members
of the gang led by Bilal Skaf which carried out rapes
across western Sydney. He was 16 at the time. Sanoussi appeared today
by video link and cried
when the judge made the order. He'll be the third gang member
to be released, one of whom is his brother. Chris.

Petrol prices have surged to
their highest level in six months with some stations adding
25c a litre in a single day. They're blaming rising oil prices but the consumer watchdog says some of the hikes
are just over the top. It was a rude morning wake-up call
for drivers. Petrol prices were taking off... Just getting very expensive. Filling up today, about 100 bucks. They fluctuate all the time. They jump up by 20 cents.

..making it a tough visit
to the bowser... About a $1.70
on the fringes of Sydney. $1.60 the high about the metro area. ..sparking neighbourhood price wars
at least for a while.. At Drummoyne,
$1.58 for city-bound traffic but across Victoria Road,
it was 26 cents cheaper. I was on my way
up to the post office and I made a quick return
and went and got the car. You had to be quick for a bargain. Most didn't last for long. The fact prices have moved
isn't price gouging. What we've seen here is that lot of retailers
are selling fuel at below cost. The wholesale cost of petrol
has hit $1.40. The prices watchdog says
today's spike may be excessive. So at the bottom of the cycle, they would argue
they're not making any money but a 160.9 is still very high. The advice to drivers -
if they can, hold on. When we get to the weekend, we're gonna see
more reasonable prices. And probably staying that way thanks to the strengthening
Aussie dollar. Live to Chris Maher at one
of Sydney's cheapest petrol stations

A sailor rescued
from his stricken yacht after nine days adrift at sea now just wants to sit under a tree
for a while. Water police returned him
into the arms of his parents but he also has many others
to thank. While Australia slept, the moment Glenn Ey
was dreaming of - early this morning on dry land
in the arms of his family. When a monster wave picks you up
and dumps you like that is very frightening. My prayers have been answered. Five days into a trip,
Glenn's boat flipped, the mast snapped in a huge storm. There's floorboards floating around,
cushions floating around, food floating around. After seven days of ferocious seas,
he called for help and was spotted by passengers
aboard an Air Canada plane. I made a PA announcement
to the passengers, you know, "Please help us look." Finally picked up
by New South Wales police, Glenn endured
another 24 hours of wild seas before arriving in Sydney
without shoes, but safe,. I'd be quite happy
to sit under a tree for a while, to be honest. And this is what undoubtedly saved
Glenn's life - a $300 EPIRB. It couldn't tell him where he was but it could tell authorities
in Canberra the precise location of his yacht
as it bobbed around in the ocean. His boat is still out there. Yeah, I'm happy to... I'm happy to be alive. A lifelong yachtie
thankful for his rescue. These guys have been extraordinary. Australia's very fortunate
to have people like this. Honestly, it's amazing. The first man sentenced
over last month's Muslim riot has been given
an 8-month suspended jail term. 23-year-old Benjamin Homan will also have to perform 300 hours
of community service after admitting to affray
and resisting police. In sentencing, the magistrate said Homan's behaviour was ugly,
unpleasant and unlawful. You wrote in a letter
you were sorry for what happened. Are you sorry? Yes, I am. Homan also admitted he hadn't seen the anti-Islamic film
that sparked the protest. The former 'X Factor' contestant
stabbed in the heart on the weekend is recovering so well,
he's already rapping again. Jalel Edmonds, or 'Lazy J', says he feels blessed to have
survived the Oxford Street attack with his recovery
inspiring a new song. Jalel Edmonds is what the kids call
'fully sick'. (RAPS):
# Staring out of this hospital # Sittin' on this life support # Thinkin' what else I got to do
than spending my life in court? # He was stabbed in the heart
on Sunday. Today, he's back rapping. # I'm barely eating,
my chest is bleeding # The stab wound in my heart
is healing. # Jalel and his singing partner
got their big break on Channel 7's 'X-Factor'.

The duo was at a Sydney nightclub
early Sunday promoting a new single. During a scuffle outside,
Jalel was stabbed in the chest. It should have been fatal. You know,
there's a heart surgeon specialist just down the road
from where I got stabbed, so it was all fine. Friends and family have kept
a worried watch over Jalel. I've been getting
heaps of flowers sent, heaps of cards, heaps of love - even from Ronan Keating
on 'X-Factor'. Yesterday,
the new single went online. # It's taking over # I feel it it's taking over." Jalel's working on a new song
about his stabbing. That's all I got so far. He'll be discharged tomorrow. Labor ministers deny
Kevin Rudd is up to mischief again by conducting a TV interview while the Prime Minister's
on an overseas trip. Julia Gillard has been making
international headlines thanks to her other trip. Making news around the world again. It was the tumble we all saw
on the world stage. Lifted up last week
for her misogyny speech, this week, it's for falling down... Shoe got stuck in the grass there. ..while Kevin Rudd
was out and about in fellow backbencher Daryl Melham's
marginal Sydney seat. I'm Kevin Rudd
and I'm here in Hurstville. Mr Melham recently resigned
as Labor caucus chairman but said
he still supported Ms Gillard. As Mr Rudd did another TV interview decrying the state
of the political contest... There's a certain
terrible familiarity between whack, whack, whack
and whack. ..and saying the gender
wars is turning off voters. They are more deeply concerned
about the bread and butter, back-to-basics issues
that confront families. But Labor MPs sense
a certain pattern emerging. Six weeks ago with Julia Gillard away
mourning her father's death, Mr Rudd appears on television
as Newspoll goes into the field three weeks ago, with Ms Gillard flying back
from New York he appears again
three days before Newspoll and now, with Ms Gillard
returning from India, another interview - perhaps unaware next week's
Newspoll has been delayed. Mr Rudd's supporters said
it's just Kevin being Kevin but the message is clear - he's still around
if the party wants him. More than 100 sculptures
have been unveiled for the 16th exhibition
of Sydney's Sculpture by the Sea. Sally Bowrey's there tonight. Sal, what are we going
to see this year? Chris, the world's biggest free
outdoor art exhibition is what we're getting. The works of 100 artists
are now on show others have come
from as far as Iceland. The interactive artworks are popular
while some are just plain confusing. Sculptures set off by sand and sea stretching from Bondi to Tamarama. This year's winner, a 13-tonne barrel roll made of concrete, steel
and a few twigs It takes all my strength to do it. At the end of the day,
I'm pretty tired. Could this be
the world's biggest wind chime? Fuelled by Bondi's sea breeze, it took a team of 10
five months to make. So you're confident it will hold up? Reasonably confident, yes. Thousands flocked to the seaside
to see the sculptures today. Some of them were still getting
finishing touches. One, two, three.

There's something for everyone. And how about the...? Well, that says it all, doesn't it? But art is objective. I don't understand it
but I've got the book so I will go home and read it all. It's like a human keyhole
kinda thing. Even the show's founder
still gets stumped. Is this your favourite
out of all of them? No! Even the show's founder
still gets stumped. Are there any sculptures
that even you think "Hold on a sec - what's that about?" OK, where to start with that? I was about to think of three
at once!

Sydney's heating up for the weekend. I'll have the forecast soon. Still to come tonight
in Seven News - The reforms that could slash
your power bills but by how much? The over-the-counter pills that can reduce the risk of cancer
after all. And unveiling some of the world's
most expensive cars in Sydney. We'll show them to you, next.

VOICEOVER: We all know that:

The future of this state
depends on it. Our next generation of workers
are counting on it. But the O'Farrell Government is ripping the guts out of
TAFE colleges and public schools, and ripping off our kids with it. And more cuts to come for sure. What are we going to say
to these young people - "Sorry - your future
wasn't worth the investment"? No. No! We're going to take a stand.
(SCHOOL BELL RINGS) Get online and tell O'Farrell
to reverse the education cuts.

At Coles, more new products are coming down, down all the time! Like Coles Bakery block bread, down, down and staying down to just $2 a loaf. For down, down savings, get down, down to Coles. # Down, down, prices are down. #

The Productivity Commission
has found privatising the state's
electricity networks would save Sydney families
more than $200 a year. It also wants extra charges
for peak periods but unions say the reforms would
push prices higher in the long run. The power bills
in the Woolaston household rose so much,
they switched to gas. It hasn't stop the hikes. I would say it's gone up
by the hundreds of dollars rather than
the twenties or thirties. The Productivity Commission
has spent the year reviewing electricity. that there's over-investment. We're getting on reducing
over-investment. It says prices have risen
50% above inflation over the past five years,

Fixing these
could save households $250 a year. To cover just 40 hours
of annual use

Appropriate pricing has to be resolved in order to try to knock off peak demand.

Power prices are going up
in New South Wales because Barry O'Farrell is gouging
$1 billion extra a year from the electricity distributors. The report offers plenty of advice
for governments and little good news for customers. It says savings will come,
but long after the changes - though not everyone's buying
the privatisation push. has the highest power prices
in Australia. Victoria has higher prices
than New South Wales. America's FBI says it has foiled an attempt
to blow up the Federal Reserve bank in New York City. A 21-year-old university student
from Bangladesh was arrested after allegedly trying to detonate
a van packed with explosives - except the explosives were fake
after the FBI got wind of the plot. An undercover agent made sure
a harmless substitute was used to make the bomb. New York is top of the terrorist
target list in this country and I think
this just reaffirms that. It's the 15th
foiled terrorist attack on New York since 2002.

A decade-long study has found multivitamins can protect
middle-aged men against cancer. Researchers gave a daily pill
to 14,000 men aged 50 or older. They found
those taking the multivitamins were 8% less likely to develop
different types of cancer compared to those given a placebo. This is the only study
of a multivitamin testing whether
a standard multivitamin taken over the long haul can prevent chronic diseases. The results are surprising because previous studies have found
no health benefit from vitamin supplements. Speaking of middle-aged men, a flash car. In fact,
a whole motor show full of them. But with price tags over $2 million,
your dream car may stay just that. You can't have a car show
without the big reveal.

It's the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. In English, the sixth element. Obviously, for Carbon,
from the periodic table. Obviously -
most of its carbon fibre. 0 to 100 in 2.5 seconds - about how many
millions of dollars it costs. There are more accessible cars
at the show, even the odd educational ride. Traction control VSC. Some cars of the future, too. It's a 372 kilowatt
next generation hyper-drive chain. He means it's fast. So's this $2 million beauty. The owner's identity
is a closely-guarded secret. Engine sounds nice too, apparently. (VROOM!) (LAUGHS) It might be called 'Gotham' but this very set of wheels
actually starred in Batman. She goes alright. (ENGINE REVS) Send the information to Gordon.

Yeah, I could get used to this. (IMITATES ENGINE REVVING)

(CRASH!) Um, whoops! The show starts tomorrow. Sport now with Jim Wilson and the horror movie continues
for Lance Armstrong. Chris, it's a train wreck with more sponsors
and even his own charity axing him. Also in limbo, rugby league's biggest stars
demanding a bigger slice of the pie. Plus, things hotting up
ahead of Sydney's blockbuster derby at Parramatta Stadium. And stand-by for another gaffe
by who else by Anthony Mundine?

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Part dessert, part beverage.
Oh. It's a desseverage. It's like a warm hug but colder. It's like heaven died
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snapped frozen. It's everything
I ever imagined it to be. But if I had two imaginations... You know what it's really like?
Frozen Coke mixed with soft serve. Killed it.

McDonald's new Frozen Coke McFloat.

Refreshing frozen Coke under
creamy soft serve. From $2.95. Oooh, where's my jacket?

Australian captain Cameron Smith has called on league bosses
to sort out the salary cap or risk losing big names
to rival codes. Clubs had hoped to find out today
just what they can spend but there's been more delays.

Rugby league chiefs have talked up
the code's broadcast deal but players are yet to see
any of the cash and they're fed up. We almost doubled our broadcast deal
from the last one so let's pump up the cap a bit. Let's pay the players
what they deserve to be paid in comparison to other elite sports
in this country. To ensure
the stars remain in league - that means a massive rise. And for the code to remain
competitive against other codes, I think a million dollars
is a fair price. But the failure to finalise
the grants to clubs at today's CEO's meeting means more delays
in chasing marquee players. Everyone wants one and everybody does want to know
what the salary cap is. Marquee players these days are doing
3, 4, even 5-year deals. And the Tigers are desperate to know
what they have to spend as they look to lock Robbie Farah
away from Parramatta. Robbie's our number one priority,
as he should be as our captain
and leader of the club. While a decision on whether
to ban the shoulder charge has also been delayed, league great Darren Lockyer
is among those who say it has to go. I've always said
it's been like a spear tackle. You know, it has to be rubbed out
of the game. I mean, no parent and no mother want
to see their son go through that.

A sell-out crowd awaits the A-League's first ever
all-Sydney local derby on Saturday night. Sky Blues coach Ian Crook says with Del Piero and Ono going
head-to-head for the first time, anything could happen
at Parramatta Stadium. Sydney needs a derby. I think you'll see on the weekend, I'll think it be
a full-blooded affair. Despite boasting marquee signings, both sides are winless
after two rounds. Anthony Mundine is no stranger
to putting his foot in it and today, another giant-size gaffe. In a bizarre rant, Mundine questioned rival
Daniel Geale's Indigenous heritage. I thought they wipe all
the Aborigines from Tasmania out. He got a white woman,
he got white kids. I keep it real all day. Does there need to be a response? Don't worry.

You do where the average of light on your shorts.Yes, I do.That is probably just to wind me up. The Don't

Mundine will fight Geale in Sydney
in January. The injury woes continue
for the Wallabies. Prop Ben Alexander
has been replaced by James Slipper for Saturday's Bledisoe Cup showdown
in Brisbane after suffering a wrist injury. The Wallabies remain upbeat
despite a crippling injury toll. They beat us 2-0
at the start of the year so nothing's ever a dead rubber
against the Kiwis. Keven Mealamu
will start for the All Blacks, becoming only the third
New Zealander to play 100 Tests. The fall of disgraced cyclist
Lance Armstrong continues

News Justine, James O'Connor is out of the spring tour in November.

The fall of disgraced cyclist
Lance Armstrong continues with sports giant Nike the latest to sever ties
with the accused drug cheat. The company claims it was misled
by Armstrong for more than a decade. Armstrong has also stood down as chairman of his cancer charity,
Livestrong. Enough said about him. Cannot wait for the V8 on the Gold Coast.

for the V8 on the Gold Coast. We will have all the coverage on Seven over the weekend. It is good for middle-aged men.

Checking finance now and the share market is tonight
at a 15-month high thanks to a rally
among mining stocks. The ASX 200 closed up 31 points. Ten Network was down almost 2% after reporting a $13 million loss followed by the axing
of 100 newsroom jobs. And our dollar tonight buys
almost 104 US cents. Sally's back with Sydney's forecast and we're in for a hot start
to the weekend.

Chris, temperatures will climb
into the 30s tomorrow. I'll have the details
for your suburb after the break.

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It was a pretty warm night
in the city. Today stayed quite cool -
a sunny top of just 21 degrees.

There are lots of crowds here flocking to see Sculpture by the Sea, which has been running for 15 years.

We all pretty close to average today with tops of around 25
in Richmond and Penrith. Along the coast, a freshening
north-easterly sea breeze kicked in, keeping it cooler. From the satellite - we will see some patchy cloud brew across Victoria, New South Wales
and Tasmania tomorrow along with hot,
north-north-westerly winds which will push temperatures
well above average again. Around the nation:

On the water:

Tonight will be fine. The slight chance of a brief shower
tomorrow morning before clearing to a fine, warm
and partly cloudy afternoon with a top of 29 degrees. If those showers do happen,

expect temperatures to peak
into the low 30s through most of the western suburbs and even reach 33
in both Richmond and Penrith. Looking ahead - fine and warm on Saturday but a trough will bring
some isolated showers on Sunday and Monday before clearing on Tuesday and becoming fine and hotter again
mid next week.

And that's Seven News
for this Thursday. I'm Chris Bath,
thanks for your company. Ahead on 'Today Tonight', Geoffrey Edelsten's
big day in court, twice. That's next.

Good evening
and thanks for joining us. We begin tonight with the secret the finance industry
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I had absolutely no idea
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These are among thousands of cheques
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hidden fees and commissions they've unknowingly paid
on everyday bills. It's fantastic to be able
to get money back that I never knew
I could claim back. $870. I knew it would be good but never for a minute thought
it would be this good. The average family
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