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Good afternoon. First - one of the know for cuss Skaf Gang rapists who preyed on Sydney women has been grant weekend release from jail. Simon what are the details?What we can tell you is that Mohamed Sunisi who is 18 will be given weekend release ahead of him given total parole next year if he behaves. He was one of 14 men including the gang leader Skaf Who raped, pack raped three Sydney women back in the year 200. He was originally sentenced to 12 years jail. He has applied for parole than a number of occasions. Today e appeared before the Parole Authority who agreed the give him the weekend detention so it could prepare him for his release. If spoken the father of one of the victim of this gang and the family is absolutely furious. They feel devastated that this man will be able the rejoin his family yet they are still paying price of what he an his cohorts did to tease three women. As I say s he will be eligible for weekend release by the end of this month and given parole early next year.Thank you Simon Bouda. All the details plus the interview with one of the victim's fathers at 6 o'clock. An incredible tale of survival A rescue yachtsman is recovering this afternoon after spending five days adrift off the NSW coast. Safely on-shore with the cameras flashing this is not the welcome-home Glen Ey was expecting the. Hugs from his relieved parents who had feared the worst. The 44- year-old had set sail if Sydney's northern beaches earlier this month but it all went terribly wrong on Sunday.A huge wave, it just picked me up and rolled me over. I Samarraed into the roof of the yacht, the mast was down, it was in three piecesDrift wing a broken mast, 270 nautical miles off the NSW coast, Glenn set off his emergency beacon yesterday morning. I was very concerned. You think your number is upWith that a major search-and-rescue operation swung in the action. Maritime authorities asked to international flights to divert and look out for him. The first officer of an Air an today flight spotted him at 5,000 feet.I heard a flaming ahead the twin propelor and it was a distinctive sound. At that point it was wonderful.At midnight, relief as the NSW water police reached him off the coast.These guys have been extraordinary. Australia is very fortunate to have people like this. Honestly it is amazingIn the near future Glenis happy the stay on difficult land, but for now he is getting some treasured family time and having a milkshake and a custard pie A critical incident team is investigating how a motorcyclist died during in a police chase in northern New South Wales. The 42-year-old man was travelling west of Tweed Heads when officers began a pursuit. It lasted about a minute before the motorcyclist lost control and slammed finance a tree. He died at the scene. It is not yet noble why police gave chase Staff members at a National Australia Bank have foiled an armed robbery in Sydney. The man in his 60s was armed with a naive when he entered the bank in Bondi Junction and demanded cash but employees were able the pull the knife off him and hold him until police officers arrived. He is now being questioned over the incident The sister of open R, perto Curti has given a heartfelt tribute. Anna says she blocked out the pain when he brother passed away in mare everybody.It is by far the worst form of pain I have ever experienced in my whole life. During the days of the inquestt, after hearing what we have heard, we can just say it is shocking. It is shocking that police acted the way they did. And their lack of integrity disgusts meMr Curti died at the scene after several officers discharged their Tasers 14 times and forcefully restrained him. It is not known how he died A group of asylum seekers desperate the get the Australia has reportedly seized a fishing boat off Sri Lanka and attacked the crew Australian authorities are now on alert for the vessel's arrival. Let's to go Canberra. Good afternoon, what can you tell us?Good afternoon, Amelia. The Sri Lankan High Commissioner the Australia has this afternoon told Nine News a fishing trawler was hijacked and two crew members apparently attacked and thrown overboard. One of those men was quite badly injured. He had a number of cuts. He, as you can see, has a bandage around his stomach and is wearing a neck brace. Local media in Sri Lanka reports that boat is now headed the Australia. There were initial reports a further three crew members were missing feared drowned but we are hearing they may have chosen the stay on the boat. The opposition says not enough is being done the help Sri Lanka deal with the people smuggling issues.They are not asylum seekers the are pirates, this is the sort of demonstration of where this mad trade has got to understand this government's mad policyThe Government says it is working closely with Sri Lanka. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen was there a few months ago and met with senior Government leaders. In just the last fortnight, more than 20 suspected asylum seeker on a number of boats have been picked up in Sri Lankan waters, all reportedly on their way the Australia..On another subject - how are our chances looking for a seat on the UN Security Council?We are up against Finland and Luxembourgh for one of two tear seats on the UN Security Council. It is worth pointing out they have been lobbying for a decade whereas Australia only begun its campaign brought on by Kevin Rudd when e was Prime Minister in 2008. Foreign Minister Bob Carr is in New York for the decision and says even if we lose the effort has been well worth it.We do not know how we are going. We just know it is going to be close, it is tight.If Australia cannot come first or second, in the three-horse race involving Finland an Luxembourgh, there is something wrong with us. It would be absolutely disastrous. J Australia should always seek to have a voice on international matters. There is no question. The question is at what cost?We will know tomorrow morning whether our four-year $24 million bid has been successful. Not long to go now.The Federal Reserve Bank has been the target of an attempted terror attack in New York. FBI agents arrested man after he was caught near the building trying to detonate what he thought was a bomb. Robert Penfold has the details for us. This is very similar to several other arrests of would-be terrorists recently here in the US. It is the result of an FBI sting just like the others. They arrested 21-year-old Quazi Nafis standing a distance if the Federal Reserve building in New York near Ground Zero using his mobile phone trying to explode what he thought what a huge bomb, about 50 kilos. He parked it into a truck parked in front of the building but it was a set-up. An FBI agent had befriended him over the internet and convinced him he would help him. He had come to the US from Bangladesh in January this year as a university student but left after just one term. After that, he started to plan the bombing. The FBI undercover agent provided him with the fake explosives and then worked with him as well to carry through the plan. When they did, they got him this morning and they arrested him. Just really so that they could get this guy to incriminate himself we hear before they were to trigger the fake bomb t FBI informant helped him record a video message explaining his reasons for attacking and trying to kill Americans. He said the best way the hurt America was to damage its economy. Other terrorists caught recently have usually been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. The coastal walk to Bondi Beach will have extra visitors over the next fortnight with the 'Sculptures by the Sea' beginning in Sydney. Crowds were out in force for day one checking out more than a 11 pieces of art if the traditional to the unusual. The beachside exhibition is now in its 16th year. Still to come - the new drug that could help reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Also t world's latest high-tech vehicles down under. The heart- warming rescue and This program is not captioned. We're talking to people
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This program is not captioned. A murder investigation has been launched following the discovery of the body in a Gold Coast Hinterland. Bushwalkers made the grim discovery yesterday. The victim is male. Much of the evidence has been destroyed by a bushfire that ripped though the area recently.. We are exploring possibility of the fire and the remains are linked. Police are yet to determine who the victim is. There is an exciting development turn fight against Alzheimer's disease A drug trial in Melbourne on mice and humans has had than amazing effect on the degenerative illness. We cross to Vicky Jardim in Melbourne. What sort of a difference has this drug made?Researchers say the results so far are promising. VELO15 is now being trialled on humans after tests on mice showed significant changes in the brain. The drug actually reversed some of the changes which in the case of Alzheimer's disease leads to memory loss and differences in behaviour. David Knight does not know if he is taking the drug or a placebo but he an his wife noticed significant changes in weeks. Not only did his hemiimprove but he felt better generally.Devastating. Horrible. Yeah, but the trial he has been on the improvement has been unbelievable. Fantastic. We have nearly got the David back I very first met.The end of the tunnel is starting to get a bit clearer. So it can happen. We will get back to normal.The Royal Melbourne hospital here in Melbourne is seeking more people for the trial. There are currently no treatments on the market that stop or reverse Alzheimer's disease so this is certainly promising news.An exciting developmentEverything you could want on four wheels from the super-charge and super-expensive to the epbsible and affordable has gone on disat the international motor show in Sydney. Mark Burrows went along for a look.Welcome to the Australian International motor show. It seems to get bigger each year. This year no exception. 27 brand are represented here. Accounts for 95% of all cars sold. You will be able to see the new Jagt new lamb but betweeny but cars real people drive. The knew Corolla, the new Mazda CQ-9. And prices have never been better. Retailing might be in a slump but the motor industry here right now is peopling, thanks in part the strong Australian dollar and the European debt crisis. For instance, you can pick up a new Corolla for about $19,000 and that is thousands off as Toyota makes way for new sales. I think the overall event will deliver what we like to describe as an experience that will excite and entertain, inform and educate our show visitors to the latest offerings that the motor industry can provide.So lots of bargains here. Lots of cars to drool over including the big supercars, but also cars that mums and dads can look at, cars that they might want to replace the family truck for! 200,000 people will pass true the motor show in the next 10 days. There has been an elephant emergency at a game park in Kenya. A calf somehow fell into a well but staff could not get close because his mother was frantic. Once see was scared off they were able the drag the little guy out to freedom and for a reunion with mum. Still to come - stabbed on a night out. The young rapper speaks out about being attacked. A judge's scathing remarks about Jeffrey Edzus Treimanis and the American work he took to court. Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong dumped by his most high-profile sponsor. Right now, here is Tonight - petrol prices soar 24 cents in a day - why the big supermarkets are being blamed and where you can still find a bargain. Plus we're live from Long Bay as one of the notorious Skaf-gang rapists gets weekend leave. For the first time we hear from the family of the Brazilian student who died after being tasered by Sydney police. A wonderful welcome from mum and dad - and a custard tart - for the man who was nearly lost at sea. Anthony Mundine's bizarre racist rant. And the dramatic rescue of a baby elephant in the African wilderness. Join me for Nine News at 6:00.

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A teenager rapper has spoken about how close he came to death after he was stabbed in Sydney over the weekend. Jelal Edmonds also known as 'Lazy J' was stabbed in the torso following an alleged fight with two other men.My heart stopped beating for a minute. They cut my chest open, fixing everything. Everybody was scared thinking this was the end but it isn'tTwo men aged 21 and 22 have been charged over the incident Geoffrey Edelsten has won a court battle in Melbourne to silence an American woman. He has emerged from court happy the outcome, despite a dressing-down if the judge.The judge's judgement was what we wanted to achieve so I'm very happy thank you36-year-old sales rep Stacey da Silva testified via videolink from new justy that she used sugar daddy dot,and has ordered to pay Geoffrey Edelsten $,000 A Supreme Court Judge slammed the integrity of the pair saying they lied under oath. Following years of denial over doping allegations, today has been seen as the final down fall of Lance Armstrong. Long-time sponsor Nike has dumped the disgraced cyclist had has stood down as the Chairman of his cancer charity. Not so long ago Lance Armstrong than his partners at Nike Nick made fun of those who accused him of doping. Everybody wants to know what I'm on. What am I on? I'm on my bikeToday Nike is eating its words finding Armstrong guilty as well due to the insurmountable evidence that Lance Armstrong participated in doping and misled Nike niepbg for more than decade. If the very company that paid him an estimated $40 million.Nike deciding to cut their contract with the Lance Armstrong is the final death knell as Lance Armstrong as an endorserSeen in the '90s as a fresh-faced hero is seeing his legend erased. The iconic yellow wrist band once worn proudly by people around the world replaced by mocking cartoons. Sponsors all dropped today hike dominos. Fearing impact on Live Strong his multi-million dollar cancer foundation, Lance Armstrong announced he will step down as chairman.When asked by the team "How are you doing?" he said "If been better and worse". Lance Armstrong remains defiant still sticking about one of his "'Pain is temporary, quitting lasts for ever" Still to come, convicted triple murder Max Sica facing trial on child sex charges. Devastating news for workers at Channel Ten as the network reveals a multi-million dollar loss. The huge spike in petrol price thanks has drivers furious and the competition watchdog is investigating. Fire fibre climbing equivalent of Mt Everest in one day. The latest on his epic mission up Melbourne's tallest This program is not captioned.
Good afternoon, Police have charge chil
a fifty year old Banks man with I
child pornography related offences. It' s alleged he was accessing chil exploitation websites. The Liberal doing
have accused Katy Gallagher of Feder
doing a back room deal with the Federal Government to secure fundin sport
for an election promise.And in ha
sport, Brumbies prop Ben Alexander Bled
has withdrawn from the Wallabies Details
Bledisloe Test due to injury. Details tonight, 6:30.

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This program is not captioned. Julia Gillard has made international headlines for the second time in as many weeks. It has nothing to do with her high level talks in India Here is ABC America's take on the Prime Minister's fall caused by a pair of high heels. She is the first female Prime Minister of Australia, accomplished, well-spoken but not above the one thing all women know - heels and soggy grass don't mix. It is the third footwear fiasco for the Prime Minister. She certainly is not the first woman to fall head over heels so publicly. Cue sex in the city! Remember the catwalk tumble.My God she is fashion road kill. Runway are littered with road kill. Wobbles, tumbles and wipe outs. Lady Gaga showed she was not the practical rolling luggage type and ended up rolling her ankle but for the rest of us why do ebother than we know it can end like this? The man behind the sky-scraping red soles explained it to me like this. Some women are not comfortable with their body and if you not you are comfortable with your feetAt the time I was six months pregnant so he proved it to me.Hello lovers. I think I just lost five pound and 10 years. FabulousWhen you talking 7- inch heels practicality is not the point. They are not meant to be comfortable! With the higher heels come higher risks and lesson - looking good is the easy part it is what you do after the fall that really count! Here is what is making news across the east coast right now - convicted Queensland triple murderer Max Sica has been granted a judge-only tile to defend child sex charges A court ruling a jury cosh influenced by years of publicity in his recent murder case. One of Sydney's notorious Skaf Gang rapists has been banneded weekend leave from jail paving the way for him to be grant pad role. Victorian Premier has refused to intervene to help a Melbourne school forced to close due the massive debt. More than 50 student now face an uncertain future. Convicted triple murderer Max Sica has been granted Queensland's first judge-only trial when he faces charges of rape and engaging in an under-age relationship with an under-age girl. What is behind the decision?The judge found that Max Sica is really simply too well-known, too infamous I guess you say. The 42-year-old was con vilged and jailed only a few month ago for a record 35 years minimum jail time for the murder of the Singh sibling. Crime shocked Queensland and Australia. Their bodies were found in an overflowing bathtub in their home. It has made headlines ever sifpblts Max Sica though has not seen the last of a courtroom. He is now about to go on trial again. This time for child sex and rape charges, a completely separate case but today his lawyer successfully argued a jury may not be able to reach an unbiased verdict because he is so well-known. In fact, a simple Google search the court heard turned up about 4.5 million results if you Google his name. It took only the judge - sorry t District Court only a few hints to order a judge-only trial that. Means a jury will not hear this trial. His mother was in court. Let's listen to what was said outsideWould your son get a fair trial before a jury? I do not know. Depends how the judge feelIt probably is the most notorious I can recall in my many years in practice.The judge-only trial is rare. It has happened a few times since it was brought in in 2008. The circumstances really have to be quite exceptional Max Sica's trial will begin on November 12. Ashleigh will have more on this case in Brisbane's edition of Nine News tonight at 6 o'clock. One of the notorious Skaf Gang rapists has been granted weekend release from jail. Mohamed Sanoussi, who is now 28, will be eligible for weekend leave by the end of this month. It paves the way for him to be granted parole next year.. Mohamed Sanoussi was part of a group who pack raped women in southwest Sydney in 2000. The family of his victims are devastated over this decision It is a sad day for students, parents and staff at a school in Melbourne's north forced to close due to crippling debt. Chris white joins us now with the latest. Chris, good afternoon - how is everybody coming to terms with this news?To be frank they are pretty much devastated. The parents t children t students at the school are all angry and not to mention the staff. Some of whom have children at the school and who now have no school for their kids and no job. They were all told last night at a very quickly called meeting parents and staff were told on email an text to attend the school for the meeting and they were told they have eight weeks until December 14 when the school closes for good to find new schools in the area. But it is really a booming part of Melbourne, a growth area. Lots of people building their homes out that way and it will be very difficult to fine places in primary and secondary also in that part of Melbourne. The principal of Acacia College is just as shocked. Let's listen to him and some of the parents from earlier today.This is the sad test day of my life, this is my message to my community - promise me you will always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.There is nowhere for these kid to go. This area, there are not enough resourcesThe Uniting Church is the owner of Acacia College and they have spoken the media this afternoon at 1 o'clock and are able the tell us that the reasons for the closure are pretty complex, to do with a legal dispute with the deceased estate of the school's developer and cost overruns with a section of the school that is still being built so they are disappointed themselves and they say that the are trying to find a pieer.. The church is doing all it can to find a suitable provider. It is a sad day but the saviour may come if the Catholic Church who is expressing interest to buy the school.Let's hope so. A very uncertain future for hundreds of student and Chris white will have the latest on the future of Acacia College for our Melbourne viewers at 6 o'clock. We have come to expect the roller coaster petrol price cycle but the latest peak particularly in Sydney, has left drivers fuming. Let's go live to Lizzie Pearl for the details. Talk us through this price hike. How bad is it?It was a very aggressive price hike overnight. We saw roughly 25 cent increase in just 24 hours. The average across Sydney is $1.49 a litre. Here inside Northern Island ease west it has reached $1.60.9 which is a trend we are see in across the country. As usual, there are many and varied reasons for this increase. Some industrial insiders point the finger at the supermarket Giants Coles and Woolworths who offer the huge petrol discount vouchers with their shopping roughly around 15 cent a litre of a discount. The ACCC is investigating whether there is any link between price hikes and the existence of those discounts. We are yet to see any results of that inquiry. But here is Jeff Trotter from Fuel Track.There is something very fishy going on in the Australian petrol market this week. There is no connection with international price movements. We think it is very much linked to the battle that goes on now in the petrol grocery retailing market between Coles and WoolworthsTo the bad news for drivers is we are not yet at the peak of this current pies cycle. Is due to happen in the next few days. Look, there are some petrol stations right across the country who are still offering cheaper petrol. It is around $1.34 to $1.35 so if you see it fill up while you can.Good advice.For Sydney, Lizzie Pearl will have a breakdown of prices across Sydney plus where you can still find cheap fuel at 6 o'clock. Voluntary redundancies will be offered to staff at Channel Ten after the network posted a multi-million dollar loss in full- year earnings. Nine's finance editor Ross Greenwood joins me. These figures are not good. What has led to the result? Really it was a string of poor programs that did not fire for the network. Also on top of that it was having to repay advertisers who had been promised certain audience was those programs and so when they did not work, they had to be compensated for the failure of them. Is no strange territory for television networks. It happens to all of them from time to time. But it has been a string of failures for the Ten Network that has led to it. On top of this also they have had one set of cutbacks last year, so this is the second in almost 12 months. There will be 114 jobs lost largely in operations plus also in news rooms across the country and they will try to centralise their news output from Sydney in the future. You have seen the share price which has fallen. Its major shareholders including Gina Rinehart, James Packer, Lachlan Murdoch have all suffered significant loss as on paper at least anyway as a result of that falling share price but the job losss are of concern. It is not the only media company doing it today.This will bring to over 800 the number of journalist hots have lost their jobs since June. Is about 10% of the journalist community in Australia. Is obviously bad for the journalists but bad for the Australian community..The important thing about this, however, is just trying to figure out what Ten will do to try to get its programming back right again because obviously with its share price low, its bankers will be watching closely as will those very large shareholders. Tough times right across the industry. Thank youAustralian authorities are investigating a suspected attack by people smugglers on a fishing boat in waters off Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Navy rescued to men who say their vessel was hijacked by a group of asylum seekers who are now headed for Australia.They are not asylum seekers they are pirates. Is just the sort of demonstration of where this mad trade has got to understand this Government's mad policyThe Government says it is working closely with Sri Lankan authorities. An ambitious firefighter is about to complete the equivalent of climbing mount Everest from Melbourne. At 6am Scott McIntyre started to run the stairs of the city's Eureka with 164 steps it is the city's tallest building. Scott is talking about 20 minute to do a full lap up the stairs and around the sky deck. He will need to complete 31 laps and his crew have been cheering him on as he makes it to the final stretch. What an epic challenge.Take the lift!Good advice. We are talking about Geelong. A big trading week for them? No excuses for them next year. They have now secured every player they have wished for at trade week. This afternoon we will cross live to Tony Jones in Melbourne for all the Caulfield Cup news. The hype gee begins ahead of the biggest grudge rematch in Australian boxing in This program is not captioned.

The Gai Waterhouse-trained Glencadam Gold remains favourite for Saturday's $2.5 million Caulfield Cup. Gai has turned to Jim Cassidy to buy loot the 5-year- old to victory. Tony Jones joins us from Melbourne. There has been a change of jockey here, hasn't there? So Jimmy Cassidy is going to have to get to know this horse pretty quickly? Very quickly. From the mounting yard to the barriers because Jim Cassidy has never ridden Glencadam Gold before. I mean it is a question that has been put to gay Gai for the fast few weeks really but she said it is not unusual really for her to engage jockeys and just keep the track rider doing track work. Jim Cassidy himself said there is no need for any concern whatsoever because he is also thrown the leg over many a horse he has never ridden until race day. Glencadam Gold, it has not affected the market. The barrier draw yesterday 21 was not fantastic but Jimmy fund a positive in that saying he was born on 21 January. Soho will take a positive out of anything Jim Cassidy in a career which has been a little checkered. Look, he was almost drawn into the whole Damien Oliver affair today but played that with a straight bat saying he thought Damien showed great courage. He is up against at pretty quality field not least of it Craig Williams horse Doonaden and those two hopes faced off today.What are you going to do from 22 mate?I will have to sit down in my office on Friday, do my homework the work it a man to Pete you.If you follow me I will give you a good run-in.I will be following you but probably 12 lengths in you.. Will that make it harder if we go slow? Definitely.I will be going slow thenI'm not sure why the journos turned up to that because they did a great job quizzing each other. Mark Cavanagh was over at Flemington preparing for December Draw the bake his Caulfield hoodoo. His horse was all the rage in 2007 but suffered a gash then December Draw finished last. But something said that Mark Cavanagh does not feel under any great appreciate with December Draw again.There is no pressure, mate. All recovers do is keep fronting up, like another race, just keep fronting up. Sooner or later the wind will changeA pretty up-beat Mark Cavanagh. Americain is on we will watch because the connections will be walking Caulfield track because it is firm to say the least a very sunny day tomorrow, sunny on Saturday. If it is too firm they say they will take Americain out but we will keep you updated.Thank you, tonive. We continue the countdown to a great day of racing. It has been described as the biggest fight in Australian boxing history. There is no doubt a rematch of Anthony Mundine and Daniel Geale is one the fans of the sport want to see. As Erin Molan reports it looks like happening early next year.I'm here with Anthony Mundine at the announcement of his fight against Daniel Geale - this is big.Big, baby. Bigger than Ben Hur but I'm ready. I'm going to prove to the world and the nation I'm the top dog hereYou fought once before. You won that fight. It is his only loss in 29 fights. What makes you so good? How do you beat him? My hands. I'm going to work on my power, bring speed and power into this fight and bring - I'm going to be relentless as far as my output in punching and that is how I'm going to beat him. I want to stop him. Do. You have credibility in this sport? No doubt. Who has done what I have done, straight up? Tell me? I have dominated one sport. Blitzed another, dominated that for a certain period. Now I'm about to dominate it again.A lot of people say he is better.That is what they think. If he is better - I beat him in the first fight. If he is better he should beat me easily in the second fight but that is not going to happen. I'm going to prove I'm the best you will remember me. I will go to the next level.This is being billed as a big "Pick your side who do you go for Anthony Mundine or Daniel Geale". Who to you think the Australian public will support?I don't know. Everybody is different in their opinion but I know if you were a betting man, who would you be on? Who. You know who!Either way it will be a very exciting lead-up with lots of talk and hopefully a bit of walk as wellHell, I'm going to talk the talk and walk the walk. Let's do it!AFL - Geelong has completed its wish list signing North Melbourne ruckman Hamish McIntosh and diamond Jarrad Rivers. The Cats have gufpb the Roos pick 36 for McIntosh who managed only eight senior games in the past to cess Johns. Rivers heads to Geelong for a free agent having signed on for the incomet two seasons. The track is ready t cars are prep and excitement on the Gold Coast ahead of the weekend's 600 race. The streets of Surfers Paradise will prove a tough battle ground for three V8 drivers. Craig Lowdnes, Jamie Whincup and Mark Winterbottom are the front-runners for the championship.A bad run here Saturday or Sunday can break the championship. It will not make it. It can make it closer but it could break usMore than 180,000 people are expected through the gates. Should be a great weekend.Yeah, always is a massive weekend. See you tomorrowComing up after the break, the finance and the latest weather with Lavinia Nixon. It is warming up? Yes, 40-degree heat through the north of South Australia. Tomorrow the pornograp
Tonight on WIN News: child fac
pornography charges - a Banks man millio
faces court, and the new fifty at
million dollar accommodation block Canb
at UC - will it ease pressure on fo
Canberra' s rental market? Join me for all the details next.

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Good afternoon. It is a calm day for most of the country. There were only a few light showers in Western Tasmania. And on the Queensland a few millimetres. This morning there were storms around Darwin as much as 10mm in 10 minutes. Melbourne had a lovely day with just a little bit of high cloud drifting across and a top of 21 degrees. It will be

warmer tomorrow. In Sydney some of the 'Sculptures by the Sea' have a weather theme about them reflecting today's clouds. It was 21 degrees today. The sun broke through in the afternoon. Tomorrow northerly wind will make it a very warm day in east Australia. Perth will be cool with southwest wind and it will be dry across most of the country. Perth will have one or two showers that will clear towardsing and the weekend will be sunny and warm. Sunny and 26 in Adelaide getting up to 27 in Melbourne an fine a bit of cloud. 18 and cloudy in Hoye Bart. Partly cloudy in Canberra an reaching 28 degrees. In Sydney a light chance of a shower in the morning. Less than 0.2 of a millimetre then fine with sunny breaks and 29. Sunny and 29 in Brisbane A hot 39 in Alice Springs with a late shower. In Darwin a shower two and possibly a storm inland. Saturday, warmer in the West. Cooler in the south-east but most places will be fine. A shower or two in Hobart. There is a chance of a storm in Brisbane. A late shower in Darwin and Alice springs. On Sunday a few showers through the south-east a chance of a storm in Brisbane after a hot day. Sunny in Perth. Extremely hot in Alice

Perth. Extremely hot in Alice
springs. We will look at finance now. The share market has closed at a nearly 15-month high posted by positive economic figures from if US and China. The All Ords is up 30 point.

That is the our afternoon news for this Thursday. Our next bulletin is at 6 o'clock. Thank you for your company. Have a great evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is not captioned. Hello, everybody. Welcome
to Millionaire Hot Seat tonight. You know the show - 15 questions
will get you $1 million. But along the way, though,
you might not get the $1 million, you might just change your life or have a great life-changing
experience. Just like this bloke. This is one of my favourite episodes
ever in Millionaire. Remember this bloke? Anthony Bartl. He's 32 years of age.
He's a journalist, a public speaker. He was cleaned up as a 6-year-old
in a car accident and became a quadriplegic. Massive internal injuries, stopped
breathing, broken spinal chord, the whole thing. He's only one of five people
in Australia to be able to survive with the
amount of injuries that he's had. Well, he wrote this diary
in the 'Sunday Herald Sun' and off he went
on a magnificent holiday, went to central Australia,
fantastic. Alice Springs, Uluru,
the West MacDonnell Ranges. Went up in a hot-air balloon,
the whole thing. All thanks to his winnings
when he won $50,000 on Hot Seat. Give him a big round of applause.
(APPLAUSE) He's an inspiration.
Good on you, Anthony.

Absolutely inspiring is Anthony
Bartl. He's a great bloke. We've got six contestants. Let's hope something goes
good for them as well. Let's meet them tonight
and they are - Monica Cremona stopped traffic in
Italy when a man whistled at her. She caused a 3-car pile-up. (WOLF WHISTLES) To escape the flies while camping Paul Kelleher went for a swim
with crocodiles. Belinda Mee always wears rubber
thongs in electrical storms after being struck by lightning! After having polio,
Brian Benger defied the odds - they said he'd never walk or talk
again. Sandra Hilton knows
how to make a grand entrance - falling up the stairs
and out of her dress. And a younger Dr Ben Stevenson
once passed out a party and was pronounced dead!

There you go.

Let's go. First up tonight,
it's Monica Cremona.

Hello, Monica.
Hi, Eddie. Hey, our man Anthony Bartl
sat right there. It was of the most inspiring things. Did you ever see that
particular show? No, I didn't. I missed it.
Absolute ripper. Anthony was there, he had his oxygen
tank going, all the rest of it. Awesome.
He was just sensational. Doing great things.
And a good young journalist as well. Wish him all the best. Hey, Monica?
Is that what happened? Kind of like that, a bit like that. Those shifty Italians
when they come out. What happened? We were just walking down
to the beach one day and, ah, you know, passing traffic,
as they do, they like to whistle and what have you. Walking along and one guy
stuck his head out the car and didn't notice where he was going
and caused a 3-car pile-up. (LAUGHS) Served him right.
Yeah. We had a good giggle about it. Angelo is a bloke who doesn't mind
wolf whistling at you either. He's your partner for the last
two years. G'day, Angelo. Hey. How are you going?
G'day, buddy. You're a barista. Yep.
Good stuff, mate. What's your favourite coffee?
What do you like to make? Short black.
Short black. That's the way. Nice strong coffee. Hey, Monica, 15 questions,
$1 million. You wanna play Hot Seat? I do, I do.
Let's go. Go!


I know it's not a shindig
so I'm gonna lock in B, muster. It's a muster, locked in.
Correct, for $100. $200.


Well... (LAUGHS) ..VW is the car
kind and the dung is the other kind so I'm gonna lock in A, lady. Lady is locked in.
Ladybird is correct, for $200.


Um, it's definitely B,
paper folding. Paper folding is locked in. Correct, for $300.


Oh... Throne.
Table, chair, seat, throne.

Um, I'm not too sure on this one,
Eddie, so I think I'm gonna pass
on this one. You're a Sydney girl, aren't you?
I'm a Sydney girl. From Homebush.
From Homebush. Haven't been down to Victoria much?
Not often, no. Not often.
Nup. OK, sit out for a while. Thank you.
We'll see how we go.

G'day, Paul.
Hello, Eddie. How are you going? Welcome aboard, mate. Paul Kelleher is a police
officer with Victoria Police. Yes.
Used to be with the Feds, did you? Yeah. I did 2.5 years
seconded with the Federal Police. How long have you been with VicPol?
Ah, almost 20. Any particular department? I'm at Transit at the moment but I was based at the airport
with Federal Police. You worked on Christmas Island?
Yeah, yeah. What was that like? was good,
I had a great time. I did about six weeks over there.
Yeah. Really enjoyed it but, ah, worked on people smuggling
and detention centres. Good on you, mate.
Interesting work, that's for sure. Phillip's your mate. G'day, Phillip.
G'day, Eddie. Welcome aboard. Good luck tonight.
Thank you. OK, c'mon, Paul, let's go for it.
You must give me the answer here. You're a Victorian,
you should know this one. (REPEATS QUESTION)

I know this one, Eddie, and I know
that it's Arthurs Seat so lock in C.