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, Drew Carrie American host of the Price is Right, in here with

This program is captioned live. This morning - safe at last. The amazing rescue operation
to save a stranded yachtie. Teachers and students devastated after their Melbourne school
runs out of money. And Julia Gillard's Indian trip
making world headlines.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven
Morning News with Ann Sannders.

Good morning. A Queensland yachtsman
is back on dry land after a mammoth two-day operation involving two passenger planes,
a rescue aircraft and a 1,000km round trip
to pick him up. The 44-year-old became stranded
off the coast of Sydney after being hit by a freak wave. After 10 days stranded at sea, this is the moment
Glenn Ey made it to safety. Go, go, go!

Rescued by New South Wales Police
500km off Sydney in the middle of the night. (YELLING)

As the inflatable was steered, onboard police launch 'Nemesis'
in wild seas. Glenn knew
his ordeal was finally over. These guys have been extraordinary. Australia is very fortunate
to have people like this Honestly, it's amazing 51. The 44-year-old had left Sydney
and headed for the South Coast two weeks ago.

After two days of stormy conditions, a freak wave rolled his boat
and tore the mast off. Let me assure you, when a monster wave
just picks you up and dumps you like that, it's very frightening. But the experienced sailor
was convinced he could make it back to Sydney using motor power
and a rigged-up sail. I'm not the sort of person
that runs for help. I wanted to try and do my best
and sort it all out. Glenn didn't realise
he was drifting east. And after nine days
with no land in sight, activated his EPIRB. That was on Tuesday morning. Rescue authorities
immediately diverted two airliners. an Air Canada pilot asked passengers
to look out the window as he dipped low over the sea. The passengers then get involved
in a real-life rescue and the aircraft descends
right down. Incredibly, they spotted the yacht. And, soon after,

Glenn heard the engines
of a rescue aircraft. It was absolutely wonderful.
It was beautiful. Water Police were on the way
but it took 20 hours to reach him. While he waited, a nearby container ship helped
to shield Glenn's crippled boat as the weather deteriorated again. Rather than being 60 or 70 miles
from the coast, I was 270 miles from the coast. It was extraordinary.
I couldn't believe it. Glenn's worried parents
were waiting on the docks when he stepped back on land
just after 3:00 this morning. "My prayers have been answered",
that's what I said to him. It's incredible to be back. You've got no idea of the difference
between standing on terra firma and being out there
in massive seas not knowing where you are. After sharing his story
on breakfast television, Glenn's in no rush
to go back to sea. I'll be quite happy to sit under
a tree for a while, to be honest. More than 700 students
have to find new schools after the shock closure
of a Melbourne college. Acacia College only opened
two years ago, but will close its doors for good in
December because of crippling debts. Christie Cooper spoke to parents
and students this morning.

Ann, it's been a very emotional
morning here at Acacia College. Parents were called
to a crisis meeting last night and told the school had debts
of up to $10 million and that it will close
in just six weeks' time, leave more than 500 students
from prep to Year 9 without a school and teachers without a job. Most parents say
they had no idea it was coming and are now anxiously trying to find
new schools for their children, which is particularly difficult because it is located
in a growth corridor. We offered to put in extra money,
we offered to pay more fees. We want to keep this school running. There's not a lot of alternatives for secondary school education
in this area and it's heart-wrenching. The school has only been open
for two years and it is still partly
under construction. The Uniting Church has told parents that the debt was blamed on
a legal dispute with the developer who has since died. The church says it will try to find
a way to keep the school open, but parents at last night's meeting
say they were told
the school will close. This is what the principal
had to say about it. I'll be working with our parents
and the Uniting Church to explore all opportunities
to keep this fantastic school open. This is, of course, the second private school in
Victoria to go bankrupt this year. To the US now
where the FBI has arrested a man over a plot to blow up
the New York Federal Reserve. Our bureau chief Mike Amor
joins me now. Hello, Mike. Authorities arrested a man as he was trying to detonate
what he thought was a 450kg bomb?

Yes, Ann, that is a frightening scenario. This man had driven a van which he thought was packed with explosives. Parked it, walked a few blocks and then made a mobile phone call he believed would set the both off. He moved to the US from Bangladesh, to try to form a terrorist cell. One of his recruits was an under cover FBI man. They even supplied him with bags that he thought were explosives. The court leard today he tried to detonate that bomb outside the Federal Reserve. Had that been a real bomb and it exploded in busy financial district in New York, it could have killed hundreds, maybe thousands of people. This is the 15th foiled terrorist attack in New York since September 11.

It's still very much a coveted target by terrorists. It's top of the list, New York, and this just affirms this. He
He claimed he had al-Qaeda links but police do not believe this was police do not believe this planned al-Qaeda terrorist attack, Ann. Thank you,

Queensland police are still trying
to identify a body found in the Gold Coast hinterland
yesterday. Bushwalkers made the grim find
on Mount Nimmel Road around midday. Police say
identification is difficult because the remains were badly burnt
in a bushfire which swept through the area
last week. Anyone with any information
should call Crime Stoppers.

Former doctor Geoffrey Edelsten
has won an injunction against an American woman
he met online but not before
some scathing comments from the Melbourne judge
hearing the case. Seven reporter Kate Osborn
has been following the proceedings.

Yefy Edelsten may have won today but it's somewhat of a hollow victory. He was seeking an injunction to prevent a American woman speaking about him to the media. After a three day trial last week, this morning, justice beach ruled in his favour. He granted a permanent injunction and also ordered de Silva to pay him $ to pay him $5,000. Edelsten was at court today, he was at court today, here is some of what he had to say. What sort of damage has this done to your reputation do you think? I think the judgment has resolved that. What about your marriage? It's fine, thank you very much for asking. But Ann, ed Stevenson doesn't come out of this unscathed. Justice beach was skating as he attacked his credibility, saying much of his evidence was unbelievable. It's a busy day, he will be across the road in the magistrate's court this afternoon on tax rolted

'X Factor' rapper Jelal Edmonds is being released from hospital
in Sydney today after he was stabbed in the heart. The 19-year-old, known as Lazy J,
was attacked as he tried to break up a fight
on Oxford Street near the CBD at the weekend.

He told Seven News he feels lucky
and blessed to be alive. Felling good. Just a bit painful in the chest,
but I'm doing fine. I've been walking around
so it's all good. I don't really remember
once I hopped in the ambulance and the whole time
that the operation... But I remember walking up
the day after and the incident the night before,
it was pretty, um, how do I say it? Dangerous, you know, lethal,
unexpected. I feel, yeah, very lucky, blessed. Everything turned out to be fine. Like, the best heart surgeon
was here. Julia Gillard is on her way
back to Australia after a successful three-day visit
to India. The Prime Minster's
most important meeting was with her Indian counterpart
last night, but she's making headlines
for a very different reason. Alex Hart is in New Delhi. , Well, unfortunately for Julia Gillard, her first visit to India as Prime Minister will be most remembered for that now infamous Indian trip. That Indian trip. That stumble at the site yesterday, received almost as much attention in the local media as her decision to award the country's cricket God an Order of Australia. The cricket God an Order of Australia. The Australian Prime Minister was caught on the wrong foot literally early today. She tripped and fell on the grass during a . This is after her shoe was stuck in the grass there. The Prime Minister very quickly got up back on her feet. She quickly got up back on her feet. was declared fit and carried on. A world leader has just become the latest Casualty of her high heels. Having laughed off the incident, Miss Gillard pressed on with a busy schedule, holding several high level meetings including with the president and the Prime Minister, including several other ministers, expanding defence links between the two countries. The Prime Minister and I have agreed that we will commence negotiations for the nuclear safeguard agreements, the civil nuclear clear agreement, given that Australia is now prepared to sell uranium to India. Just next month, she will visit Cam Bode a, Laos

And with Julia Gillard
out of the country, former prime minister Kevin Rudd has made
a late-night television appearance urging both sides of politics
to move on from the gender debate. But I believe

the appetite of the country is,
for God's sake, I want to know what the future
of our economy is going to be. It's probably a bit rich
hearing this from Kevin. You might remember he was the one who reduced an air force
flight attendant to tears. Kevin Rudd has spent the week
touring key marginal seats. Excitement is building
in Surfers Paradise ahead of this weekend's
Gold Coast 600 round of the V8 Supercars. Seven's Amanda Abate watched
as the cars rolled in earlier today. Ann, the V8 Supercars arrived
this morning a little worse for wear after a full-day test run
at Queensland Raceway. The drivers,
they will be taking it easy today while the crews go to work
preparing the cars and carrying out final checks with less than 24 hours
until racing begins. The Gold Coast 600 is the city's
iconic motorsport event. Organisers have revamped its image
in recent years to make it more family friendly. There's entertainment for the kids,
sun shows and freestyle motocross. It's expected around 200,000 fans
will walk through the gates from tomorrow.

It's always a good party atmosphere and something that people plan
their holidays for the year around. You know,
they come here for the week and just have an awesome week
with some racing and some partying. Fans have already started checking
in to hotels that line the track. V8 drivers say it's one of
the toughest circuits in the series, there's no room for error. They say the atmosphere, though,
makes it one of the best and the event
they most look forward to. All 28 V8 Supercar stars
and their international co-drivers will get together
for an official lunch this afternoon before their first practice session
on track tomorrow morning.

Next in Seven News,
business and finance. Why police tasered a blind man. as major sponsors desert him.


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To finance now and joining me is John Milroy
from Macquarie Private Wealth. Good morning, John. What's driving the local market
this morning?


Yeah,, up about 50 odd points or so here. Some disappointing results overnight from intell and also IBM, that weighed on the US market. Some very positive housing market, up 15% very positive housing market, up 15%. Certainly set the Cathay monks pigeons in amongst the housing stocks. The certainly the broader market was a bit better than the Dawson. Here we saw the resources March Dawson. Here we saw the resources market and things like copper, also seeing BHP and recent. Westpac supporting the market. Telstra is holding well above $ holding well above $4. Now important data on the Chinese economy is being released today. What is expected? Later on today, about 1 o'clock, we will get Chinese GDP, we are looking for about 7. for about 7.4% growth. Expectations are and markets are hoping to get some are and markets are hoping to get some signalling that we will have seen a bottoming of that slow down in China. That will see a better period. Industrial production. That will be another key one that investors are looking A Thank you,

A blind man in the UK
has received an apology from police after they tasered him. Officers mistook Colin Farmer's
white stick for a samurai sword as he walked to meet friends
at a pub in Lancashire. They'd received calls
of a man wielding a sword. The 61-year-old,
who's recovering from a stroke, collapsed in shock
when he was hit in the back. The people who came
to protect the members of the public nearly killed me. Police say
they deeply regret the incident. Nike is the latest sponsor to drop
disgraced cyclist Lance Armstong. The five-time Tour de France winner
is now standing down as chairman from his own cancer charity.

Though he is yet to admit to doping,
Lance Armstrong is paying the price. Stepping down today as chairman
of his Livestrong charity promoting cancer survivorship, symbolised by 84 million
yellow wristbands distributed around the world. The second blow came from Nike,
Armstrong's long-time sponsor. Ending its contract
with the athlete, citing:

A dramatic about-face from the firm
that defended Armstrong in ads as recently as 2009. The critics say I'm arrogant.

A doper. Nike has stood by other athletes. Tiger Woods during
tabloid revelations of his adultery. Kobe Bryant
facing a rape accusation. At Livestrong headquarters
in Austen, CEO Doug Ulman concedes the doping scandal
has been a distraction. We're spending a lot more time
thinking about it and talking about it than we ever hoped or dreamed
we would be. But the fact of the matter is,
since 23 August, we've served 16% more people
with cancer. And he says donations
are up by $250,000. In fact, Nike and Anheuser-Busch,
which also dropped Armstrong today, say they will continue
to support Livestrong.

Next in Seven News - A setback for the Perth Scorchers
in South Africa. And embattled jockey
Damien Oliver's quest for a piece
of the Caulfield Cup prize pool.

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2010 Melbourne Cup winner Americain
is no certainty to run in this weekend's Caulfield Cup. Connections are worried the
French stayer could injure himself if the track's too firm. Meanwhile,
embattled jockey Damien Oliver is pushing to be paid a percentage
of any prize money earned by My Quest For Peace
in the Caulfield Cup. Leith Mulligan reports. , Good morning, at Werribee this morning, keeping an eye on Caulfield Cup runner, Quest for Peace. Damien Oliver was booked to ride it in the Caulfield Cup but he was dumped April that betting scandal surfaced. He has gone and applied for a winning percentage from Saturday' Caulfield Cup, depending on how the horse fares with an appeal before Racing Victoria. He has got support from the jockey that replaced him on Quest for Peace. Corey brown. I do feel for him. I don't know the full circumstances of what has gone on. So I am not one to comment. I thought he was probably a little bit harshly done by. The connections including top cricketer sigh on O'Donnell aren't saying much leaving to to racing officials who have to make a reeling before the race. The before the race. The stewards are involved in that, it's Damien's right to do what he has done. The stewards will make an adjudication. An intriguing build up to Saturday's race. Oliver's betting scandal of course of course his win in the 100 guineas. This appeal for prizemoney for a ride he no longer has. It's like Oliver's twist. Back to

The Perth Scorchers
face an uphill battle to reach cricket's
Twenty20 Champions League semifinals after their clash with Kolkata
was washed out. Brett Lee struck early
for the Knight Riders, but Perth recovered to reach 2/91,
before rain intervened. The Sydney Sixers can qualify
for the semis with a win tonight. Patrick Cummins
is using the tournament as his first step
towards a test recall. Hopefully get some tests
throughout the summer which I'm obviously champing
at the bit to get into. Archie Thompson believes the Socceroos recaptured
their fighting spirit in their gutsy win over Iraq. The striker arrived home from Doha
this morning still on a high after heading home
the matchwinner. Delighted that the boys dug deep
like they did, coming from a goal behind and also having a lot of criticism
over the week. Thompson will back up
for Melbourne Victory in tomorrow night's A-League clash
with Adelaide.

Rugby league clubs are hoping
for a major cash windfall as they meet in Sydney today. Club chiefs are hoping to discover
what future grants will be after teams received a loyalty bonus
of $500,000 each overnight. This is a sustainable amount
that gets us through this year but I'm sure next year
and future years our grants gonna go up a fair bit
from what it currently is. The meeting will also discuss calls to ban the shoulder charge
from rugby league. The future of Swans
premiership coach John Longmire is secure until 2015. Sydney's win over Hawthorn
in the AFL Grand Final triggered a one-year extension
to Longmire's current contract. Meanwhile,
the Kurt Tippett trade saga appears close to being finalised. The Swans have offered the Crows
a draft pick and forward Jesse White in exchange for Tippett. Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the
weather details after this break.

Checking today's weather - a high is keeping Victoria
and New South Wales clear and calm. Troughs are bringing a few showers to South-East Queensland,
the Top End and interior. Very warm northerly winds
are affecting central Australia. Westerlies are bringing showers
to WA and Tasmania. Around the capitals - a possible shower
in Brisbane. Sydney,
partly cloudy. Some cloud
in Canberra. Showers
for Hobart. Dry in
Melbourne. Cloud increasing
in Adelaide. Perth may get
a shower. A shower or storm
in Darwin.

And that's Seven News to now.
I'm Ann Sanders. Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext captions
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